My Wife's Success-A Sissy Cuck Tale

My Wife’s Success

My Wife's SuccessCover.jpg
Hi, my name is Sam. I used to be an accountant but now I just stay home with my wife, Lilith. She works from home now since she started her business, whatever that is. She’s been very successful and my salary became meager next to hers so she thought it would be better for us if I stayed home and took care of things while she worked. It worked out pretty well at the start, and I guess, as it is now, it isn’t bad, but my life has been changed dramatically. This is my story.


“That’s it Sam. See? Now doesn’t that feel better than wearing your jeans around the house? Besides, you look so much more professional that way.”

“But honey, I feel silly dressed like this.”

“You’ll get used to it. By the way, your skirt is lifted in front a little, as usual when you’re dressed this way, so I think you’re thinking it feels pretty sexy.”

Lilith got up from behind her desk and came over to me. She kneeled in front of me and lifted my skirt. She pulled my panties down with her long manicured nails touching my cock, teasing me. “Mmm, see how happy she is?” She looked up at me while she stroked it with her soft silky hand while her other hand pulled on my globes. She took me between her painted lips while I watched my little cock get shiny and wet as her head bobbed up and down on it.

The feeling of standing there in those high heels, silky stockings on my fully epilated, silky smooth body, garter belt, bra with 34D gel inserts that made me see cleavage from between my v-neck sweater, the feeling of the earrings dangling from my double pierced ear lobes, the smell of the perfume she scented me with, was all, incredible. Looking in the mirror on the wall, my reflection spoke not of a man having his cock sucked, but a beautiful woman having her cock sucked. “Ungh, ungh, yea Lilith, please, let me come today, please!”

Lilith deftly brought me to the edge of coming, like she has all the times in all the days too numerous to count, actually for seventeen days now, since the last time she allowed me to come. Seventeen wonderful, yet torturous days, of her bringing me to the edge while dressed like this. No dressy, no sucky was what Lilith said. So of course, I dressed this way everyday. I was stubborn and didn’t get my ears pierced for a while and that cost me a whole month without coming until I got them pierced. “Oh please Lilith!?”

She took her lips off my cock and left it throbbing in the air while precum oozed from it. After a pause she pulled my panties back up and dropped my skirt. “Samantha, you know what you need to do to be able to come. You can be coming as often as you want if you would just obey me.” She stood in her power suit, dressed like she would when she used to go into the office. She flipped her long black shiny hair over her shoulder.

I used to love fucking her when she came home from work dressed like that and we’d have dinner and drinks and then do it. It was good for me but I could never make her come. I’d enjoy myself immensely, in the short time it took me, and she said she liked how it felt but it wasn’t enough for her. So now, I don’t get to do that anymore. “But Lilith, why do I have to go out dressed like this in order to come?”

“Samantha, you know why. You need to function like a lady now since that is what you look like. Well, kind of a lady, but with a little sissy faggot cock, ha ha ha! Goodness knows you look incredible as a woman! Much better than you were as a sissy, nerdy man with your little sissy cock that would come as soon as it entered me!”

“Well, I really want to come. Where do I have to go with you?”

“Just to the mall. I can buy us some new pretty things. You know how you like wearing women’s clothing now and how good it makes you feel regardless of what your stupid male ego inside of you says about it. If you go, you can touch all of it and pick out your own things. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Just the mall? Okay, I guess that’s worth it. When will I get to come?”

“Soon sweetie, soon. Now go upstairs, clean out your pooper in the shower like you always do, put in the next size butt plug and then put on that pretty sundress I got for you. The one with the real nice feeling material.” Lilith looked at me and shut down her computer to get ready to go. “I’ll wear the blueish one and you can wear the reddish one. This will be such fun! Two girls going shopping.”

I went upstairs, showered and cleaned out my bottom. I lubed it up and put in what Lilith said would be the largest butt plug I needed to use. She made me put it in for at least a few hours every day for some reason. I felt the plug as it caressed my insides as I walked to the bedroom.
I slid on a fresh pair of super sheer, silky, suntan stockings, that made my legs feel like they were in heaven, with a red satin garter belt to hold them up, and a red satin bra with my gel forms that made my cleavage. I slid on the silky red panties and sat down and put on the strappy red five inch high spike-heeled shoes. I walked over to the bathroom mirror feeling the butt plug rub me inside deliciously and my aching cock rubbing against the panties.

I brushed the bimbo bleached blonde, shag haircut Lilith made me get, and fluffed it upside down putting in some hairspray. Then I hung two sets of dangly gold earrings in each ear. Hey, I can pick out my own earrings today. I sprayed perfume in my hair and on my legs. I went back to the bedroom (walking with the butt plug with heels on felt so good!) and put the perfume in my purse. I slid a red satin garter up one leg. I went into the bathroom and did my makeup putting on eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, blush and lipstick. I had already shaved what little facial hair I had when I woke up, as Lilith had instructed me to do every day. She said I would get electrolysis soon.

Back to the bedroom, feeling it all as I walked, I slipped into the silky, short, ruffled dress with the red flowers on it. My cock was so hard I was lucky that the dress had ruffles on it that hid it. It was sinfully short but if I was careful when I sat down it would cover me okay.
Lilith was in the bedroom now and dressed in her blue rose patterned dress like mine and she looked darn hot. “Lilith, you look amazing. So feminine and sexy.” I walked up to her in my five inch heel, strappy, red sandals and put my arms around her. She felt my hard cock against her. “Do you think I can try to fuck you now?”

“Oh sweetie, don’t even think about it. All you’ll do is get my motor running and shut it off. Maybe we can find me a yummy man at the mall to take care of me and you can watch him and see how a real man does it?”

“What? Watch you and another man?”

“Well, either that or don’t watch, but I do need to be taken care of. You see how it feels to not come for so long. Imagine being me and being married to you for all these years.” She stood firmly, looking at me.

I looked down at my painted toenails peeking out in the sexy shoes I wore. I shamefully understood her completely now that I hadn’t come in so long. I would be being selfish if I didn’t allow her to come somehow. But with a “yummy” man? I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle watching that, or even knowing she did that. My cock throbbed as I thought about it though. Wow. My wife lying on her back moaning and coming on a big cock. My little cock slid it’s head against my panties as it throbbed and begged for release as it got all the more excited imagining her with a real man. As scary as the thought was, it was terribly exciting.

My wife put her hand on my shoulder, shook me back to reality, smiled at me, and winked as if she knew what I was thinking. “Now get your purse and let’s head out.”

Lilith drove as she always did now. I’m not even sure where my keys to the cars are these days. She took the DB9 and I felt the sensualness of the leather seat against the back of my thighs. Lilith drove it like a man, hard and fast.

She looked over at me with my leg crossed and bouncing, “Samantha, you can play with your clitty if you like until we get to the mall. You don’t have to worry about it showing with that dress. In fact, I think you should slip the panties under your balls and let them hold you up. Why don’t you do that for me now. That will feel really good as you walk through the mall with your slitty against the silky dress.”

I reached under the hem of my dress and felt my long fingernails as they scratched the skin of my balls when I slid the silky material under my globes. It did feel nice that way. I put the hem of my dress back down and stroked my cock under the ruffles of the silky, stretchy fabric of the dress. I looked over at Lilith.

She smiled happily. “That’s a good girl. Now don’t you come or you’ll be in big trouble. But you already know that don’t you. Then you’d have to wait twice as long to come next time.”

“Yes dear.” I heard myself say from my modified vocal chords that now could never sound like a man. I remember not coming for forty five days when she wanted me to get that surgery and I wouldn’t. How stupid it was of me to be stubborn like that. All I did was torture myself and my new voice matches my body much better now.

I think soon, Lilith might make me get breast implants. That will really be the end of me as a man. I sure don’t feel much like a man anymore. The way it’s going now though, I’m not sure it would matter, and the thought of always having my own boobs, not gel inserts, to sleep in and touch, well, that was rather exciting to think about. I wondered if they could make my nipples larger and then I could get them pierced. My mind went through the possibilities and strange wonderings as to what size I would get as I looked out the window. Before I knew it, Lilith took my hand off my lap where it was sliding against my cock.

“We’re here sweetie.”

We bought all sorts of pretty things at the mall. Shoes, lingerie, dresses, skirts, stockings and garters, earrings, and bracelets. With the money my wife was making now we sure didn’t have to worry about spending too much.

As we were getting into the car leaving the mall, Lilith came up with an idea.“Honey, let’s get something to eat while we’re out okay? Then you won’t have to cook tonight. Let’s give you a break.” She leaned over to me in the passenger seat and kissed me on my painted lips. “Okay?”

“When do I get to come?”

“Oh sweetie, soon. Go ahead and play with it while I drive.”

Yeah, play with it. I sure couldn’t do that much. After seventeen days of coming to the edge but not coming. After all day today walking around the mall buying clothes that were now exciting to me. After listening to Lilith talk about each hot guy that went by and how good his cock would feel inside her or, how she’d like to play with it, or how the bulge in his pants was bigger than mine was even when it was hard and he wasn’t even hard.

Well, my cock throbbed and slid against that dress all day as we walked in the mall and the butt plug pressed and massaged my prostate, the male g-spot. My little, aching, hard cock left wet little trails on the underside of the skirt that I could feel when we sat down. I ran my hand gently over the tip as we drove and it made me shudder imperceptibly. I couldn’t stop doing it though. I needed to come soon. It was torture!
We drove another half an hour further away from home. I wasn’t sure where we were going. Lilith finally pulled into a private bar. The sign said, “Lady’s night tonight.” Great.

“I think this will do. Let’s go in and get something to eat.”

“It’s a private club.”

“That’s okay sweetie. They’ll let us in.”

I grabbed my purse and stepped out of the DB9 onto a gravel parking lot. My heels tried to find good footing, but we both had to walk on the balls of our feet in order to get to the door without getting our heels stuck in the gravel. When we got to it there was a huge bouncer holding it for us and gawking at my wife’s boobs and my cleavage made with the bra and the silicone gel forms. “Hello ladies! Glad to see you could make Lady’s Night. We need to get more ladies like yourselves here because there are always too many guys.” He held the door for us and I felt his eyes on my ass as I walked past him clicking my heels on the cement floor.

“Lilith, let’s go, did you here what he said? This place will be crawling with guys soon. They’ll be all over us. They might find out about me and beat me up.”

“Oh Samantha stop or I’ll never let you come.” Lilith took a seat at the corner of the bar—the first seats you see as you walk in. I sat on the high barstool and smoothed my dress under me as I sat but I could still feel the cool of the stool on my bare thighs. This dress was a little too short for this neighborhood. I sprayed on a fresh spray of perfume on my legs and hair. It smelled like heaven and made me feel pretty and sexy.

We no sooner were seated and three guys came in laughing and joking. They got quiet when they got near and saw us though. They were all tall. Much taller than me. I was five foot nine in my four inch heels and Lilith was five foot eight in hers. I was sure they were all over six foot two or three. Lilith jabbed me with her elbow in my ribs gently and whispered in my ear. “The one with the blond hair and the black shirt has a nice bulge showing as he walks, don’t you think? How would you like to see him fuck me baby? Or any one of them. Or all of them!”

“Uh, I uh...”

The one she talked about seemed to be leading the group and stood before us as we sat at the stool. Lilith rotated hers around and revealed her thighs as she slid the dress up higher while crossing her legs. The clasps of her garter belt on her stocking tops showed their blue bows. She leaned forward to show her cleavage better as she flipped her shiny, black hair back over her shoulder.

He moved closer. She held her long red fingernailed hand out but kept it close to her body so he would have to come closer. He took her little hand in his huge one and her leg rubbed against his. She slid her leg against him. “Lilith is my name and this hot little lady is Samantha.” She turned me on the rotating stool to face him and she slid my dress up a bit higher, showing my stocking tops. “Don’t you think she’s hot? We’re looking to celebrate tonight.”

His eyes were wide open as were his friends. One of them handed shots he had ordered from the bar to each of them and placed a shot in front of each of us. “Celebration, yeah, that’s what we do everyday. Life is a celebration, isn’t it? Wasn’t that some kinda song?” He tilted the shot-glass back and poured it into his mouth. He made a face, grimaced and growled, and then showed his white, wide smile.

He shook his head shaking his black curly hair that went down to his shoulders. “Mmm, good stuff. I put one for each of you on the bar by you if you’d like to join us. You can call me Joe.” His blue eyes looked into me like they knew my secret.

Lilith now had her hand on the crotch of the blond one, the first one that came in, and he was huge. His cock was hard under his silky shiny pants and it was the size of a hairspray can! She kissed him deeply as he leaned down. He felt her breast through her dress, squeezing it.

I felt Joe’s hand run up and down my thigh. “And you are a pretty thing. Are you two related?” He reached for my shot and handed it to me. I held it between my forefinger and thumb with my pinky out. My long pink nails looked hot. I smiled nervously and went straight for the shot. Carefully, so as not to mess up my lipstick, I raised it to my lips and poured it in. I swallowed it and smiled handing it back to him.

I definitely needed the courage it would give me. “That was pleasant. Might I have another? To answer your question, no, we’re just a couple of girls out for a good time, not related Joe.”

Joe leaned down and I felt his long hair as it caressed my bare shoulders. He sniffed my hair and around my neck. “Mmm, you smell wonderful. Mmm. Sure, I’ll get you another, you sweet thing, you.”

The third of the group, a tall, wide, muscular black man was now alongside of me introducing himself and Lilith was giving him the same warm welcome as she rubbed his cock through his pants and kissed him while the first guy came over to me. “Samantha, my name is William. Like Shakespeare but my spear goes deep and wide.” He smiled an evil grin as he ran his hand over my stockinged leg. He took my hand and put it on his crotch and I could feel his huge cock throb, so I squeezed it and felt myself get hard under my dress.

For a while, I had lost my hardon with my nervousness, but the excitement of touching his cock overcame that. I was still nervous though and nearly shaking.

William handed me the shot Joe ordered that was just delivered from the bartender. “You look a little nervous Samantha want another one?” He held it before me. I took it quickly and held it between my sexy fingers as I tossed it down and smiled. I wiped the little bit of lipstick off the glass with my napkin.

William pulled my legs together and rubbed the front of his pants against my knees. “Wow. You didn’t even make a face or any noise with that shot. You’re more of a man than me.” He put his hand in my hair and felt its silkiness, stroking it. He leaned into me, smelled me, and kissed my neck. “Mmm you smell so good I could eat you.”

“Uh, uh, in answer to your question I’m more of a man than many, yes. I can do shots well.” I laughed nervously starting to feel the effect of the shots. I looked over at Lilith as she sucked the black man’s face as his hand went inside of her under her dress, making her hips push against his hand.

William lit a cigarette and offered it to me. “In a private club like this we can still smoke. Want it?”

I looked over at Lilith again then back to William. I took it from him and held it daintily. “Thank you.”

William took out another and lit it for himself. “His name is Bo. He’s really good with his fingers, and other parts too. Ha ha.”
Joe came back after he had left unannounced for a while. His long black curly hair flowed as he walked toward us and his hard cock showed through his pants with every other step. “I got us a room. They had mine and Lilith’s favorite one available. It’s upstairs.”

I looked at him shocked and he noticed. His and Lilith’s favorite? Had my wife been doing this for a while? And what would happen if we got into a private room if all of this went on at the bar?

Flustered, I looked for an ashtray and William slid one down to me. I felt his hand go under my dress and I quickly crossed my legs to keep my secret. “Uh, uh, maybe, could I have maybe a long island iced tea?” Bo was pumping his hand into Lilith while she moaned softly against his shoulder and she looked at me rolling her eyes.

Joe laughed and William gave him a dirty look and a scowl. “Of course Samantha, anything to relax you a little. You’ll see you’ll have fun tonight.” I felt his hand on my shoulder as he waved the bartender over with his other hand.

Joe took my left hand in his, looked at my nails, and ran his thumb over the skin on the top of my hand. “Such pretty nails and such smooth skin. You must have an especially good job to have such perfection. These would feel so nice on a man’s uh...” He kissed it gently and smiled up at me as he did. His blue eyes glistened. “I had some drinks sent up to the room. We can head up there now. They should have it ready.”
Joe held my hand to lead me off the seat.

I put my purse on my shoulder and straightened my dress. I tapped on Lilith’s shoulder and she opened her eyes while she shuddered on Bo’s hand. She bit her lip as she came on his had shuddering.

“Lilith, the room is ready.”

Her eyes opened wide, she stopped Bo, and pushed him back. She whispered in his ear and rubbed his crotch. Bo took her hand and helped her off the bar stool, grabbing her purse for her. William took my other hand and he and Joe led me upstairs with Bo carrying Lilith in his huge arms.

The room was lit in a black light and an eighties style mirrored ball making red lights reflect around the room. A red lava lamp was on the nightstand next to the king-sized bed with red satin sheets and pillows. A red satin covered church kneeler was in front of the bed facing the side. Joe handed me my long island iced tea off of a bar in the corner. I drank it down from the straw in one long drink without interruption. Joe seated me at the bar and he and William flanked me.

Bo tossed Lilith on the bed like a rag doll and he removed all of his clothes revealing a shiny, hard, black body with a cock like a flag pole. Lilith quickly scrambled on her back like a crab and positioned herself on the bed. She lifted her breasts from the bra and dress and let them sit above them in the air as her eraser hard nipples poked into the air, aching to be sucked.

She raised her legs in their stockings, garter belt, and high heels, behind her head while she arranged her dress on her stomach out of the way. She held her legs back and looked at Bo. “Fuck me big boy! Fuck my brains out! Fill me with your cum baby!”

I sat at the bar shocked as I watched my wife. Bo’s huge cock slowly slid in and out as he held it. It came out dripping wet. I never saw her wet like that before. Then he held her legs pinned down with his huge hands on her thighs and entered her again. He started to stroke in and out while her eyes rolled back in her head and she squeezed her nipples.

I crossed my legs as I felt the alcohol finally relax me. My heart stopped racing. My cock was hard under the ruffle of my dress. Joe looked at me and took my hand. “Want to try out that kneeler by the bed? The view is even better there.”

He gave me a little tug and I followed as I watched Bo bang my wife. I kneeled on the soft padding and put my arms on the satin covered railing. Joe went to the other side and took all of his clothes off as did William. They both stood before me as I knelt on the kneeler.
Their huge cocks were being stroked by their huge hands. Joe moved my head forward and presented his cock to my lips. I never did this before but I wanted to so badly. I took it between my long painted nails of my thumb and forefinger and then wrapped all of my fingers around it. They didn’t meet on the other side, it was so thick!

Joe moved my head gently toward it and I licked the tip flicking it with my tongue. I could taste the salty sweet precum and felt his hands hold my head as he pushed it gently into my mouth. It felt incredible! All velvety and warm. I never would have imagined how good it would feel to do this. My cock throbbed under my dress and I reached down to release it from being stuck to the dress while I sucked his cock.

I heard my wife as she called out Bo’s name and talked to him. “Oh, Bo, baby! Just like last time. Fuck me hard and see if you can make me have a new record on the number of comes with you. Ungh God! Yes! Give me six! UNGH! FUCK ME!” Bo rammed her so hard, I thought she’d break.

Joe brought my attention back to him as he pulled out of my mouth so he wouldn’t come, and William put his cock in my mouth. William’s was longer and thinner but no less pleasant. I tugged on his shaved balls and he held my head tight as he fucked my face. I could see Bo and Lilith when I looked to the side, with my eyes only, and all of this excitement was beyond my imagination. I was actually loving all of it.

I bobbed my head up and down on William’s rod. I would run my tongue over the tip each time I was at the top and make him twitch. I loved the feeling of making men react—much more than I could ever make a woman react. This was for me. I just needed to keep my secret.
I heard Lilith as she called out, “New record Bo! Let’s see if the other boys can beat that. Eight comes for me. Now cum inside of me baby!” Lilith looked over at me and winked while I sucked cock like a pro.

I felt the butt plug as my hips now gyrated, automatically rubbing my cock under the dress. I couldn’t come though, or I would have to wait forever again. I stopped and thought of baseball while I sucked William.

All of a sudden he grabbed my head and held it tight. I heard his moans and then, “Oh fuck! I’m coming Samantha! Don’t waste any!” He rammed me and I ran my tongue over his tip each time I could reach it. I felt it gush over my tongue and I struggled to swallow it all. Salty, a little bitter and a little sweet, thick and rich, and a lot more than I ever ejaculated. "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Fuck! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Ten times he gushed. He pulled out and held my head as his cock throbbed in front of me and dripped on the removable satin covering of the armrest. He wiped it on my bleached-blonde, shag hair.

I looked over at Lilith and saw the come gushing out around Bo’s cock as he finished his final thrusts into her. He rolled off her exhausted and Joe pushed him out of the way as he took Bo’s place and slid his big white cock into Lilith. Lilith put her long nailed hands on his hard ass, jamming her nails into him and set the pace for him to penetrate her at. Bo’s come glistened on Joe’s cock as he retreated and then pummeled her hard and fast. Lilith responded immediately. “Fuck yea, coming, ungh! One!”

Bo came over to me and stood with his dripping cock before my lips. His deep growling voice came pouring out of his huge chest. “Clean it up Sam and get me hard again. I want to come in your mouth too.”

I started on Bo, the largest of them all, even half flaccid. I could taste Lilith on him and smell her sweet scent. His huge hands rested on my head as I bobbed up and down and pulled on his balls rolling the tennis ball sized objects around in their sack. “Oh yea Sam, that’s it. You know how to do it. Fuck yeah, white girl!”

I sucked that beautiful cock like there was no tomorrow. Lilith came ten times with Joe, setting a new record for Bo and William. When she had finished coming and Joe came inside of her, they both fell into each other’s arms and wrapped up on the bed together. I sucked Bo happily for another ten minutes or so, and he came like a fountain in my mouth.

I couldn’t handle his floods of come as he fucked my face hard and nearly choked me. Some got on my chin and dripped down onto my breast and chest. When he was done coming, he continued to stroke into my mouth and he twitched until he stopped after a few more minutes. I felt his cock get softer but never really limp.

He pulled out of my mouth and it made a popping sound. “Nice job, little white girl. I’m Bo by the way. I take it you’re Sam? Next time I want to fuck you sweetie. I need some new challenges. Your wife is too much work. Ha ha ha. And you are a gorgeous little sissy faggot.”
I looked up shocked. He knew! William sat at the bar naked, sipping a drink. He stroked his cock which was now getting hard again. “Think you got one more in you Sam? We have the room for a half hour more. For a guy dressed like a girl, you really do suck cock nice. I can’t wait to fuck you. Your wife is right. You are hot. She said if you came with a cock in your ass, that it would be okay for you to come. I think I want to be the one to do it. Pop your cherry, baby.”

Joe walked over with his cock swaying in the air. He took my hand and led me to the bed. “Gotta take the plug out baby.”

Oh my God! What was happening? I took the butt plug out carefully and tossed it into the trash can by the bed. Lilith moaned quietly as William pushed her and Joe aside to make room for us, and Joe slid to keep his cock inside of her as he did.

I was going to have a cock fuck me in my ass, I mean, my pussy, and I was gonna come from it. There was no doubt in my mind. I needed that cock now like nothing else in the world. If this is how she wanted me to come, then so be it. I wanted to feel what Lilith just felt. I wanted to come on a cock.

Joe lowered me to the bed and arranged my dress about my waist as he ripped my panties off and lifted my legs. I felt a wet spot under my back from all the come that came out of Lilith from her and the guys. He put his full weight on me as he kissed my lips deeply and caressed my hair. I could taste the whiskey on his tongue and I felt his cock rub against my stockinged leg. I moved a bit, to try to get it closer to where it needed to go, but William weighed too much. My cock pressed against his hard, hairless, silky leg. William whispered in my ear filling it with the heat of his breath. “This is going to feel so fucking good to you. I’ll be gentle.”

William lifted himself and positioned himself above me as he moved his cock close. I lay on my back with my legs back and William’s hands now held my thighs pinned back. He freed one hand briefly to rub his cock in the remaining lube from the plug. I felt him push against my hole and enter. He passed the tight point and then slid right in. It felt so fucking good!

I moaned and held onto his big arms as I looked into his eyes. “Oh, William,” I heard myself say in my feminine voice. “Your cock feels sooooo good. Fuck me and come inside of me. PLEASE!!!”

His big blue eyes told me how good it felt for him. He stroked deeper and a bit harder with each thrust, watching my reaction, which was one of total bliss. My little cock throbbed and dripped in the air between us above my garter belt. His long blond hair draped around our faces. I could smell his cologne.

Lilith rose on her elbow and watched us. I continued to look into William’s eyes as I now put my hands on his hard, smooth ass and made him go faster. “Fuck me William! Fuck me hard! Make me come! Please!”

William grunted as he picked up the pace. My legs flailed in the air around my head as I felt him pound my little sissy ass.
I heard Lilith, “Fuck that little sissy ass and show her what she’s meant for! Fuck her William! Fuck my little slut sissy husband! Fill his sissy ass with come!”

William picked up the pace even more and I had to put my hands on the headboard to keep from breaking my neck as my head banged against it with each thrust. My little cock bounced to and fro with his thrusts. I could see my feet in their high heels as they waved in the air and sometimes banged the headboard. His eyes got wide. “I’m gonna come inside of you Sam! Ungh! God you feel so fucking good! Nice tight sissy ass! Mmmmm. Fuck.”

I felt William as he approached the point of no return as did I. I could tell by the way my whole body tingled that I would come like I never came before and at the same time as William. “Oh William, your cock feels so good! Come baby and I will too!”

William rammed me hard and deliberately with separate strokes pounding each penetration in to the hilt, hard and firm, so I could feel his balls slap my ass. I felt his cock harden further and his ass muscles tensed as he shot his come into me. I felt my pussy get lubricated more and felt him go deeper as I came at the same time, spewing my first flood of seventeen days of built up come out onto my garter belt.

He pulled out and rammed me hard again and grunted as he did. He grimaced as he hit bottom inside of me and I felt another fill me. Immediately, I jettisoned another huge stream out of my little cock that hit me in the face. He filled me deep again and I felt his come slide out and run down my thigh as my gush hit me on my breast. Again, he rammed it into me hard and my surge hit my hair. Again, as William’s come ran down my ass into the sheets under me, he pushed it all the way in and looked me in the eyes. My sissy cock shot another hot stream into my hair and across my breasts.

Four more times of William ramming me with his cock and coming inside of me and four simultaneous white streams from my sissy cock. I was exhausted. William laid down next to me and I fell off to sleep.

When I awoke Lilith was putting my cock into a metal cock cage with a lock. “There. Now wasn’t that worth waiting for? William said it was great, and so we need to keep you at your highest libido at all times until it’s time for you to squirt that sissy cock again. Don’t you agree you little sissy slut, cock sucker husband of mine? I know I said you can come anytime, but did you really believe me? Now I think you need this cage to make it easier for you to not come. Especially when you’re getting fucked and it’s not your time yet. Here, take this pill.”

She handed me a pill. I took it with the water she gave me. “What’s that for?”

She smiled. That’s for men with erectile dysfunction. It’s a twenty-four hour pill. You only need to take one a day.”

“But I don’t have erectile dysfunction.”

“No, but this will help keep that cage nice and tight on you. You’ll see, when you are allowed to have it off you’ll really enjoy it even more than you did tonight. Trust me, momma knows best. By the way, you earned your first paycheck tonight girl. Congratulations. You have a purpose now.”

I looked at her realizing this wasn’t a dream. Or was it. “Anything you say sweetie, anything you say.”
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