Leigh Anne - Chapter 21

Leigh Anne - Chapter 21
By Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author’s Note: I am sorry it has been so long before I wrote another chapter. I wasn’t at all well, but I am better now. I will continue in bold type as I can’t see the font unless it is in bold type. Please accept my apologies. Thank you all for reading and commenting. Barbara Lynn Terry,)

Midland police took the arrested parents before the Midland County district attorney. Assistant district attorney Jim Watts drew the Gaynor cases.

“What do we have here, Joe?” Jim Watts asked officer Hines.

“Jim, this is David Elliott, who was apprehended by myself, attempting to break in to a hotel room, occupied by a minor female. This minor female is a member of the Hampton Lady Tigers, who are here practicing for the state tennis competition at MSU. This man, made bail, and then jumped bail by leaving the jurisdiction of the court. You will see by the complaint we drew up, the seriousness of the charges against this particular defendant.”

“Yes, Joe, I can see that he fathered a considereable amount of people to come and wage war against defenseless minor girls. Mr. Elliott, you are being charged with fleeing the jurisdiction of the court; inciting to riot, and, attempting to harm minor female human beings. If convicted, you stand to spend the rest of your life in prison. Is your mental state such that you think you can always get your way?”

“Fuck your pig ass. I haven’t done anything wrong. I was just trying to get the Gaynor regional tennis trophy that rightfully belongs to the Gaynor Senior High Lady Cougars.”

“So, you were going to violate the law to get what you want, regardless of the consequences. That is very interesting. I have heard that the Michigan High School Athletic Association is conducting an investigation in to your allegations. If it is found by the Association that you are ebtitled to this contested trophy, Gaynor Senior High School will get the trophy. But, you will still be charged with these crimes. Joe, give this information to Jaime, so she can draw up the complaint.”

“Right away, Jim.”

Midland police officer, Joe Hines, took the information in to another room and gave it to a shapely, blue eyed blonde. This is Jaime Hendrickson whose job it is to draw up official complaints for the district attorney’s signature. After about ten minutes, and four pages long, Jaime was finished typing the complaint against David Elliott.

With the complaint in hand, Jim Watts signed the complaint.

“Let’s go and see the judge,” Jim Wayyd daid, standing up authoritativel

When they arrived at the courtroom, David Elliott was placed in a holding cell. They waited until the present case was over, or adjourned. Two hours later, they were allowed to address the court. David Elliott was brought before the judge.

“Your honor, this is a complaint against the defendant, David Elliott for jumping bail, inciting to riot, attempted theft of property not belonging to the defendant, i.e. a tennis regional championship trophy now being held by the Hampton Lady Tigers. There are other charges as well, your honor, as you can see by the complaint.”

“With regard to the bail charge; bail is hereby revoked and the defendant is remanded. This court will review the other charges and issue the appropriate warrants. This court will entertain a return date of May 9th, 2017. Are there any objections?” Mr. Watts said that was fine and the court was adjourned.

At the Hampton Lady Tigers were assembling on the courts of the Midland Tennis Center. Four more days of practice, and they would go directly to Lansing for the state tournaments. Fifty states, including Puerto Rico would vie for the coveted state tennis championship trophy. Debbie Constantine of the MHSAA would be attending these last four days of the Hampton Lady Tigers practice sessions.

What the Hampton Lady Tigers didn’t know, was at this very moment, Gaynor Senior High School students were conniving on how to get to Lansing, and make the Lady Tigers stress out, so they would lose the tournaments.

What Gaynor didn’t know, was that the Hampton Lady Tigers were being taught discipline as well as practicing their tennis. As was in other games, the Lady Tigers showed non-emotional discipline in every game and every school they played/ Mrs. Madison was very proud of her team. She felt that they were ready for the state competitions now, but, they would take these few days before state, to hone their skills.

As the Lady Tigers played, they practiced their chip shots, or, what is today being called a drop ball. It is the same play, regardless of what the play is called.

“Alright, ladies, I want Colleen and Patricia to take court one, and Donna and Susan on court two. Patricia it is your serve, and Donna it is your serve.”

Both girls served their balls and each was retrned. Each volley only lasted a few minutes when Donna hit her return out, and Patty hit her side of the net.

“Love - 15 for Patricia’s court and Love - 15 for Donna’s court. You may serve again.”

The girls served their second ball and this time the volleys lasted about eight minutes when Patty chipped the ball and it fell over the net. Colleen could not return the ball.

“15 - 15 for Patricia’s court. Love - 30 for Donna’s court. Patricia, that was a perfect chip shot. Now toy all see just how defenseless your opponent is against a perfect chip shot. Alright, ladies, you may serve when ready.”

Patty and Donna served the same shot, which was not returned.

“30 - 15 for Patricia’s court and 15 - 30 for Donna’s court. Ladies, you are playing well. This is the kind of aggressiveness I want to see at state. Serve when ready

Patty served her ball for an ace.

“40 - 15 for Patricia’s court.”

The volley between Donna and Susan was still going on. Donna then chipped the ball and it rolled off of the top pf the net, onto Susan’s side. Susan was not fast enough to get to the ball to return it.

“15 - 30 for Donna’s court. You’re all doing fine, ladies. Keep up the good work.”

Patty served her next ball. It was called out, so Patty served her second ball. This shot was called as an ace.

“Game, Langston.”

Donna and Susan were still going tooth and nail to win their game. This has lasted more than eighteen minutes, and they were still going strong. The volley ended when Patty hit the ball to the far right corner of Susan’s side.

“30 - 30 for Donna’s court.”

Donna served her next ball for an ace.

“40 - 30 for Donna’s court. Donna, you have double game point. You may serve when ready.”

Donna served a chip shot for an ace.

“Game, Sanchez. Beautiful work ladies. We will break for lunch and then come back here for more pracrice.”

They all got in to both cars and headed for Bob Evans. If you have never been to a Bob Evans restaurant, you should go to one. Someone had called it a graduated Big Boys. It is much more than that, in my humble opinion.

As they pulled in to the parking lot, they had to park way n the back, as the parking lot was almost full. They a;; went in as a group, and the waitress pushed two rables together. The topic at lunch was the upcoming tournament.

“Leigh, are you ready for state?” Susan Whithers had asked.

“Yes, and I think we are all ready for state. We did great at practice, and all everybody needs to remember are the plays we have nastered.”

“Do you think we are ready for state, Mrs. Madison?” Donna Sanchez asked the same question, but to the tennis coach.

“Yes, Donna, I do think you are all ready for state. You have one more day of ptactice here, then we head for Lansing. Sp, let us prepare for one more day, and make sure you practice the plays that you have been.”

With that, they all settled down to have their lumch. The topic then turned to girl talk about this and that. They talked about fashion, makeup, hair styles and other sundry things that girls talk about.

Their lunch was a large fruit bowl to share between them. Bananas, oranges, cherries, grapes, musk melon and watermelon. They ate what they could, and decided to take the rest back to the hotel. Mrs. Madison paid the bill and they all left.

When they got back to the hotel, they officer Sheila McDermott waiting for them.

“Hello, ladies. How was your practice today?”

“Very good, officer McDermott. What brings you here?” Mrs. Madison inquired.

I have a state warrant here, to take the regional tennis trophy in to custody. I have been informed that you will still compete at the state tournaments, but, Miss Debbie Constantine of the MHSAA wants the trophy held in safekeeping until the investigtion is over. Don’t let this dampen your spirits, because with the trophy in safekeeping, you know no one is going to steal it, or take by any other means. Miss Constantine said that you will get the trophy, but, because of recent activity by the rival high school. She also said that scores are going to be checked and rechecked, the names of the players will also be checked against the official roster.

“You have nothing to worry about. We have the trouble makers locked up and this trophy will be in safekeeping at the MHSAA offices in Lansing. The investigation will take two to three days to complete. Also, there jas been allegations that one of you is not a genetic girl. I don’t want to know which, but, Miss Debbie Constantine will check that person’s recent medical records and talk to the doctor.”

“But, we can still compete at the state tournaments?” Leigh asked, apprehensively.

“Yes, Miss Smythe, you will be allowed to compete in the state tournaments. That is what I was told by Miss Debbie Constantine of the MHSAA.”

Mrs. Madison turned the trophy over to officer McDermott, who then put it in a case. Officer McDermott then locked the case with a key, and then thanked everybody.

“By the way, good luck at state.” Then officer MCDermott left.

This makes me mad,” Donna Sanchez said to everyone. When I go to state, I am going to clobber those other schools. This is the ultimate insult. Whose with me?” Everynody echoed Donna’s sentiments.

Mrs Madison whispered in Miss Rhymes ear; “I think we got them. They will take state easily, now.” Miss Rhymes agreed.

“Alright, ladies, now that we know you are fighting mad, you get on those courts at MSU and show them who is boss.” All the girls said “right on” in unison.

Up until now, the Hampton Senior High School Lady Tigers was keeping their cool and not showing emotion. But now, the Hampton Senior High School Lady Tigers was going to show the other state teams that you can be fighting mad, and still keep your cool. Only this team was able to combine cool with fighting mad. The other teams were in for a big, big surprise.

Next time in Chapter 22, Leigh Anne and the Hampton Senior High School Lady Tigers go to Lansing, Michigan for the state tennis championship.

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