Demon Witch Cheerleaders (part 14)

14 Jade's Evil Past and Canadian States

The Bishop started growing boobs and started become more feminine and evil she lost her penis and got a Labia clit and Vagina her legs were womanly now and she had now child bearing hips her body was perfect she looked and me,

Her clothes change from priests clothes to black leather skirt and black blouse followed black knee high boots and she saw appear on her right boob my family emblem appear she looked me and I said “you will be the leader of demon witches here and you will report your progress and your ex priest is your head minion”. she said “yes my queen”.

She said “ I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires and the Women States of America Including the Canadian States of women states of America”.

My job in Vegas was complete Jasmine said “ my queen will we leave Kate here with the new Demon head out here “. I said “ it is Kate decision Jasmine”. Jasmine said “ yes my queen “. I walked over to the new demon witch.

I asked “ your name my Demon witch”. She said “ I want to be called Raisa”. I looked her in shock and said “ my sister I thought you have been dormant in Europe after you turn Dracula into a vampire”. Raisa said “ father thought it was time for me to awake”.

I said “ I am very happy for you”. Raisa said “ Jade I am not here to stand in your way I am here to help with the destruction of the male gender and see that if his holiness up there sends more disciples against you like the one whose body I have taken and made mine”. I said “ welcome back to Earth then my sister”.

Jasmine said “ my queen we are ready to leave to head back home to Hades City”.I said “ ok Jasmine and BTW I would like you to meet my sister Raisa”. Jasmine said “ welcome back your highness”. Raisa said “ I am your highness Jade”. I said “ yes Raisa your Princess Raisa and we have a little sister name Lily”.

Raisa said “ I accept it Jade because your my older sister no one know about your evil reign years ago” I said “ I was sent by father to have fun in when Europe was young and countries Like Spain, France and Scotland were always warring”. Raisa asked “ where are we now sister?”.

I said “ we are in a country call America it is called a superpower country until I change all the politicians here into women now this country is now called Women States of America and Canada is part of it”.

Raisa asked “ how did you get out of Hell again my evil sister”. I replied “ I was allowed by father I was bored down there so when I had my opportunity to come in this world when a cheerleader name Tina decide to change a nerd name James into a cheerleader she was very a mature witch”.

I continued “ when her mother ask me to become a witch I was known as Janet but when Tina's mom asked father to let Janet become a witch I was released into the world in her body but this time I want female domination”. Raisa said “ fine I will help you and this girl?”. I said “ Jasmine , Rachel and Jessica are grade 11 demon witches”.

Raisa said “ your top demons witches”. I said “ yes they are 2 were nerds and the other was a demon hunter her friends are vampires and why has father sent you for”. Raisa said “ as I said before sister I am here to help the body I am in was a bishop body”. I said “ yes Raisa”. Raisa said “ I can feel my powers coming back”.

Raisa, Jasmine and I left the church Kate was standing there and she saw her ex uncle now a beautiful women like her. Kate said “ your highness nice to see you”. Raisa said “ your name is Kate”. She said “ yes your highness”.

Raisa waved her hand and Kate started to change she became more beautiful and going she felt power going through hand and said “ you will become my new girlfriend Sienna and my lover”. Sienna said “ my apprentice Judah ” Rasia said “ she wil become my apprentice you are now my lover only”.

Raisa was like me a lesbian. Sienna looked at her new body and said “ yes my lover I will be yours forever my princess”. The priest of the church came out of the house Raisa saw him and young priest he looked at her and started running Sienna used her powers and stopped him.

Raisa walked up and said “ your a man of god I presume”. Priest said “ yes evil spawn” Rosa laughed at him My sister and I are not evil spawn priest as she is your queen of this country you will become a leader in the church for us”.
He started feel power going through him and he said “ yes my mistress”. The Raisa looked at Sienna as she change the priest into a woman she had the prefect hour glass figure and Boobs she said “I pledge my loyalty you my mistress Jade and mistress Raisa”.

Her clothes change from priests clothes to black leather skirt and black blouse followed black knee high boots and she saw appear on her right boob my family emblem appear she looked me and Raisa said “you will be the leader of demon witches here and replace me and you will report your progress ”she said “yes my Princess ”.

She said “ I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade ,Mistress Raisa , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires and the Women States of America Including the Canadian States of women states of America”.

The new demon witch said “ my princess I am to set up this building here as worship place for you and my queen and our master lord Lucifer”. Raisa said “ yes and if had any trouble my apprentice and my lover will come here and sorting out”. Kiandra said “ yes my princess and I look forward to helping mistress Sienna”.

My sister , I and our entourage left the church and headed back to the hotel”. Raisa said “ I here you have started on England”. I said “yes I have turn the British prime minister into member of British women superior Party” Raisa said “ it would be fun again my sister being back in England”.

I giggled and said “ you almost defeated Merlin and England would have been a totally different country”. Raisa said “ true but Merlin had help from the Arch Angel Gabriel”. I said “ you left England and headed toward eastern Europe”. Raisa said “ that where I met Vlad the Warrior or Dracula as he is known now”

I said “ you made him immortal Raisa”. Raisa said “ bullshit Jade it was you my sister you came as a peasant woman and you made love to him and the you wanted him forever and made him a Vampire”. I said “ I did love him but he loved a woman and I found out she was re incarnated as Mina Harker”.

Raisa said “ oh yes I remember Mina and Jonathan Harker he was accountant back in the early 1800 of earth time period he was ask to help Dracula head for England his brides had fun with him”. I said “ yes but Dracula like his wife and turned her into a vampire she still alive today trading under another name”.

Raisa said “ she would be a a good ally for us Jade”. I said “ I have sent Catherine and her Vampires to find demon hunter I will message Kylie and tell her to also find Mina Harker for us she will become part of my plan for female domination or she will die”.

Raisa asked “ what about Dracula and the Van Hellising people”. I said “ Dracula will become a female Vampire and the demon hunter family will be turned to my cause or they will die”. Raisa said “ father is so happy with your progress so far” . I said “I have done better then our brothers”. Rosa said “ you killed them”.

I said “ why they are men”. Raisa said “ I want know a little bit of about our little sister Lily”. I said “ Lily was a boy he was a orphan and he followed the boys to my Palace their I saw him and asked him he said he was a orphan so I decide to turn him into a girl and make her my little sister”. Rosa said “ our sister now”.

I said “ yes our sister not a stupid boy Raisa”. Rosa said “ Jade her powers what are they”. I said “ Lily has grade 7-9 powers she is a witch not a demon or as we are devil daughters”. Rosa said “ when we get back to the Palace we will make her a devil daughter”. I said “ she is only 8yrs old Rosa”.

Raisa said “ she in control of her school”. I said “ yes she is the cheerleader captain and her principal is a minion”. Jessica walked in and said “ my queen there is a few male uprising in the Canadian States of women states of America”. I asked “ what type of male uprising”.

Jessica answered “The premier there has told of problem in Toronto”. I said “ ok Jessica we will now head for Toronto than back home to Iowa”. Rosa said “we are heading to another part under your rule”. I said “ yes dear sister but we invaded the Canadian states it was a country”. Rosa asked “ all military are women?”.

I answered “ of course dear sister I used a special power my women soldiers fired on the males they became women”. Raisa said “ no wonder father is so pleased with you”. I said “ yes he is but I am still concern why he would send his other daughter out”. Raisa said “ we are very evil together sister”.

I laughed evilly and said “ you are true my sister we have caused a lot of havoc in the world during our lifetime”. Raisa said “ I think our major mistake was letting our brother have fun during 1939-1945”. I said “ why did he think using male like Hitler would be good in a world domination”.

Raisa said “ well he failed like France after Napoleon became a dictator and nearly conquered Europe and other parts and there was also the Roman empire our brothers have had there chance but for you to kill them”. I said “ it was father decision that why my way will work”.

Raisa said “ a world with women only sound good but what about breeding you will still need men”. I said “ I know males will be reduced to 5% of the women ruled earth men are disgusting fighting apes”. Raisa said “ it was his decision to have both male and female”. I said “ I think he is wrong men are his mistake”.

Raisa said “ you did like men years ago my sister”. I said “ yes a long time ago but I have been hurt too many times men are now disgusting animals I like back in early 1500s when men were barbaric and stuff bit a masochist but now in late twenty first century men are plan war fighter or just war terrorist”.

Raisa said “ before the women superior party came to power I have been using the net to find out it too year 2056 before the war on terror came to the end and then men had another war over real estate”. I said “I know but when father said I could be released again I wanted a world now as women”.

I said “ oh well sister you can come with me to the Canadian States of women states of America or you help me with another problem with a former state of America”. Raisa said “ where do you want me to go to this former state of America”. I said “ yes or you can come with me”.

Raisa said “ I will go to to the former states of America” I said “thank you sister then we will go to Iowa and you can meet Lily and we can then prepare for England and rest of Britain”. Raisa said “ ok I will take Sienna with me and she can help with the with us in getting rid of any resistance”.

I said “ ok” Raisa and Sienna left and headed toward the state has not become part of the women states of America Hawaii and I went back to my hotel room I was getting ready to leave for the Canadian states of the women states of America when I saw my father he said “ I see you have notice your sister Raisa is back”/

I said “ yes father I have saw her and she is headed for Hawaii and I am heading for another problem Area”. He said “ good my beautiful daughter you are doing well”. I said “ thank you father and we need to make Lily a full member of as your one your daughters too father”. He said “ yes Lily will become like you and Rosa”.

I said “ she will make a great daughter and she can replace one of my brothers”. Father said “ Jade I know you Killing your brother made me keep you n hell for over 5 hundred years”. I said “ father I am happy in a way now it has given me time and Earth has so corrupted now”.

Father said “ you are happy I kept you locked up for so long”. I said “ yes father as the humans call it here it is year 2076 they have been fighting each other over stupid things like oil and land but now they are at peace cause I took over a super power country and made it under women control”.

Father said “ your purpose is to make the whole world one gender and you as the the queen of the world”. I evilly looked at my father and said “ yes I know he made the earth in image of Adam and Eve but I think it time that Adam disappeared forever”. Father said “ becareful he doesn't sent his forces Jade”.

I said “ I am prepare and now I have my younger sister here as well and soon Lily we will be able stand any thing he send to us this time “. Father said “ the humans have always predicted the son of him to return and end the corruption and evilness around the world”. I said “ remember the last time he was here”.

Father laughed evilly and said “ yes you nearly tempted to evilness but he intervened”. I laughed and said “ I nearly succeed father”. Father said “ if he returns this time he will have no Romans to end his life early this time and spread his goodness”.

I said “ maybe if he did I could corrupt him again and make him a woman under my control like I have now with the women here in the women states of America”. He laughed again and said “ I love to see that my daughter but he might be wounded at the moment how many men who have turned”.

I laughed and said “ you know father 55% of men have been turned into women at my school it was Coed but now it is all girls high and Lily school has boys but she and her cheerleaders are doing their job I am hoping with in a few years there will no boys at any schools they will be all girls schools”.

He said “ good luck my daughter and I will see you soon for Lily as she become one of my evil daughters”. I said “ thank you my father I will always be your princess in hell and soon queen of earth but for now I will be queen of the women States of America”. He then disappeared and went back to Hell.

Jasmine walks up and asks “ what did the master want my queen?”. I said “ he was asking if I was pissed with the fact my younger sister Rosa has arrived and my history and princess Lily”. Jasmine says “ my queen we should be ok now even with princess Rosa here”. I said “ your right Jasmine”.

We headed to my room as we prepared to head out towards Toronto which is part of my Kingdom now as part of women states of America. I said “ Jasmine I am thinking of getting rid of congress and replacing it with house of repetitiveness and also abolishing the governors and putting in premiers instead”.

Jasmine said “you are the ruler my queen and if you are going to do that my queen get rid of the president and install a prime minster and deputy prime minister” I said “I think that is smart idea once president gets back she will be told she is now the new prime minster of women states of America”.

Jessica says “ my queen what about the senate it will function the same as it does now”. I said “ yes Jessica except instead having a governor of Iowa like Nina she will become Premier of Iowa and the congresswomen will be known as member of the Parliament of women states of America and the Canadian states of women states of America”.

Jessica said “ I like the idea of house of Parliament then congress it seem it was a male idea we are now better that we have women in charge” I said “ the parliament will think it is in control but really my demon witches will rule under my control”. Jasmine said “ they are your minions any way my queen and our mistress”.

Jessica said “ before I was captured by your cheerleaders I was a pathetic nerd and a no one until the day my brother was caught with his friend and the cheerleaders change him into you my mistress and I was then liberated from my nerdy look and became the beautiful demon witch I am now I love being evil like you mistress”.

I said “ thank you Jessica and now why do we need to head for the Canadian states for ?”. Jessica said “Rachel has reported a lot of demon hunters in the area of your kingdom there my queen”. I asked “ as Catherine and her vampires up in that area?”. Jessica says “I am sure she is in the area my queen but we are unsure of the premier Marcie is there”.

I asked “ Jessica what do you mean you have not heard from Premier Marcie”. Jessica said “my queen we have no contact in the last 24hrs you have been busy here with the problem and Rachel has just notice it”. I asked“ where is Rachel Jasmine?”. Jasmine said “ she has already left with Madison and Clare”.

I said “ fuck I need my sister as well for this I think we may have found a major resistance to our control over the Canadian states”. I mental telephony to Rachel and said “ Rachel please stay where you are with Madison and Clare there”. Rachel responded back “ yes my queen we have landed in Toronto”.

I said “ good make sure Madison and Clare stay with you”. Rachel said “ yes my queen may I ask why”. I said “ I have reason to believe there is a arch angel there and because your a demon now he will kill you , Madison and Clare”. Rachel said “ yes my queen I will wait for you”.

I then mental to my sister Raisa and said “ yes Jade we have control of Hawaii”. I said “ good I need you to go to Toronto in the Canadian states of Women states of America”. Raisa said “ why sis”. I said “ I can feel a arch angel there or something like that and he has gathered a resistance force I am sending in my army there and I will contact Constance and see if she is being held too”.

Raisa said “ she is a minion” I said “ yes she is a minion”. I left my hotel and headed towards Vegas airport in Air force 1. Chantelle said “ mistress I have sent secret service women there to check out the area they said we have senator Constance she is being cared by the secret service and the FBI have told us that they have not seen the Canadian states Premier she has been missing for a while “.

I said “thank you Chantelle if we are successful in our mission here I might give you a new job has head of secret security”. Chantelle said “ you mean a secret police mistress:, I said “ yes once we are back home men will lose more rights and I want a police force which males will be scared of”.

Chantelle said “ I am looking forward to it my mistress and of you pick me it will be honour to help you in any way against men they are disgusting things”. I said I am glad you are all for it Chantelle”. Chantelle said “ I am always for it my mistress”. I said “ I see if I will give you demon powers like my other girls”.

We landed in Toronto the secret service already had the place secured there was women and men at the airport and I saw Senator Constance she said “ my mistress welcome to the Canadian states of women states of America”. I said “ thank you senator now where in is the trouble she said “ about 30kms that ways mistress”.

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