Robbie's Revelation Chapter 19

Continuation of Robbie's story, as friends, family, and maybe even fate
continue him on his path of discovering who he, or she, really is.

Robbie’s Revelation
Chapter 19

By Rebecca Jane
Copyright© 2017 Rebecca Jane
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 19

Author's Note: I want to thank everyone who has been following my story, for this chapter my Muse started showing signs of ADD. Thankfully I got her to focus some... I hope, hehe. I do want to warn there is a confrontation and there is language and some physical assault, I couldn't get around it. Thank you all again for bearing with my attempt at writing. Also wanted to add a reminder, that this story is set approx 30 years ago in the heart of the Deep South. I've had a few people that had forgotten and thinking it was present day.. Hope you all enjoy. ~Rebecca

By the time my parents made it into the kitchen, I had been able to push that impending doom I had felt earlier down to just a nagging worry. They were both surprised to find that I had made breakfast, but even through their surprise they could sense that I was upset. Which in turn made them worry about me, it bothered me just how easily my moods could be read these days. I had realized though, that after keeping my feelings and emotions locked up for so long, that once I had started letting things out just how expressive I had become. While it was extremely scary at times, it was also freeing in an odd way.

After explaining to them what I had felt earlier, and how intense the feeling was, they both tried to convince me not to worry. Especially since there is no way I could even know how tonight will turn out. We ended up having a nice breakfast and they both tried to distract me thankfully. Pop even shared the comics from the paper with me, which got me to giggle some. It’s funny how something so inane as that could brighten my mood. Through my anxiety and depression that I had suffered with for so long, I had learned one thing at least, that no matter how bad things are that if you can laugh about anything, however small, that life isn't as bad as you thought. My problem before had been, I hadn’t been able to laugh for a long, long time until the last few months.

As they were leaving for work they both hugged me, which was unusual for Pop. I mean I knew he cared about me, but he was never overly affectionate to anyone other than my Mom. Even his daughters, my step-sisters, usually would just get a quick hug when they’d visit, he just wasn't a touchy feeling kind of guy. Lately though I had noticed that he had changed around me, like now as he was giving me a hug goodbye. While I wasn’t used to him being like this with me, I wasn’t about to complain.

As he released me from the hug he put both of his hands on my shoulders and looked me directly in my eyes, “Honey… I know you’ll be at Jen’s when we get home, but if things don’t go… hmm… Look if you need us for anything, we’re here okay. Just let us know how it goes.”

I wasn’t able to say anything with the lump that had formed in my throat, I just nodded as I started blinking away tears. He then just leaned in and gave me another hug and whispered, “You’re stronger than you believe, I promise you… Robert would be proud of his daughter.”

“I wish I felt like I was… Thank you…” I started to say as my voice started to crack. I cleared my throat and continued, “Thank you for everything… Even if you got me crying again!” I added with a small chuckle.

“Hey, Dad’s are allowed to do that.” He said with a slight smirk, which caused me to actually laugh harder, even with tears still flowing. He then he wiped the tears off my cheek and kissed me on the forehead. “Don’t forget to call us tonight and let us know how you are. Love you baby girl.”

“I will… I promise… I love you too… Dad.” I told him with a smile. He just smiled back and nodded his head as he went out the door. I went to watch him out the window and I could swear I saw him wiping his eyes as he was getting into his car.

The next several hours I kept busy, I knew better than to be still, otherwise that sense of fear would be allowed to seep back in. With the storm clouds I had seen earlier I decided to just do a few laps around my neighborhood. I made almost 3 miles before it started to drizzle and returned home to finish exercising in the house with the radio blaring to my favorite rock station. I kept it up till about two hours before Jen was supposed to pick me up.

We had decided that I would be there early, before the whole group arrived this evening. We also had decided to leave the Ghia here, I wanted to ease into this and we all thought that if I drove the VW there it would be too obvious. I took a quick shower and shave before I filled the tub and soaked in some bath oils Mom had gotten for me. While I had kept up my runs and calisthenics, I hadn’t been pushing myself that hard, and after this morning the hot soak felt heavenly. I stayed there until the water had gotten a slight chill and I noticed my fingers had gotten a bit wrinkled. Since it was chilly and wet outside, I had to give up my idea of wearing a cute skirt and blouse. Instead I dressed in one of my turtleneck’s and a pair of nice embroidered jeans that had a large butterfly wrapped around my right thigh.

I was appraising myself in the mirror when I heard Jen come in, which was a normal thing. Both of our parents had laid claims on the other and since we were ‘family’ knocking just wasn’t allowed. I yelled to her letting her know where I was, and realized I was actually feeling pretty good about everything. Between the talk with my parents, the run, workout, and definitely the long hot soak in the tub I just felt good. Which Jen must have noticed as she rounded the corner in the hallway.

“Damn girl, you are positively glowing!” She exclaimed. “I take it you haven't been stressing about tonight?”

I laughed, “Well I did do a lot of that earlier, I guess I just got it out of my system already.” I then told her about my morning, and all that had transpired while I put the final touches on my make-up.

“Look, no matter what happens tonight. We are here with you, on top of both our parents. You have a lot of people that have your back, so if you do start to worry, don’t. We’ve got this, and I mean we, as in all of us.” She told me firmly before giving me a hug.

“Thanks… You know what? Enough is enough, no more stressing.. Tonight is going to be a good night… I’m already packed, so you ready?” I tell her. She just grinned and nodded so we grabbed my stuff and headed out.

I found that Alicia and Robin were already there and waiting for me, once we walked in. After a round of hugs and show of support, we started getting ready for the sleep over. While we did talk a little about different ways I could finally open up to the others, mostly it was just about trying to figure out fun things to do other than just watching TV. We were hoping that if we started out doing some of the things we were planning, Holly, Karen, and Michelle would get to know Rebecca a bit better than they did at the Halloween party, and the few times we saw each other in town. Once they got to know ‘me’ a bit better then we would have our talk with them. It seemed like a good plan at the time.

The other girls arrived a bit before 6 that evening, Holly and Michelle seemed happy to see that I was there and were very friendly. Karen on the other hand, while surprised, looked worried with me being there and kept her distance. I gave her a questioning look to try to figure out what was wrong, but she just sadly shook her head no at me. Hopefully later I could get her alone and figure out what was wrong and why she was upset. For the moment I was just trying to get comfortable and let the night progress as it may.

Jen’s parents were doing the cooking tonight, well Mr. Cook was grilling hamburgers and the rest of us were hanging out and trying to help Mrs. Cook prepare the potato salad and other sides. I kept trying to get Karen off to the side to see what was bothering her, but she was stuck like glue to Holly. I had never really paid that much attention before, but I could see how she was following her around like a puppy dog waiting for scraps. I really felt for her, knowing how she was so smitten with Holly and unable to do anything about it. I think that she realized that I knew how she felt, and that was the cause for her always looking at me like she was. Maybe she was afraid that I might say something and out her, or at least that was what I was thinking at the time.

After we ate and helped Mrs. Cook clean up, we all headed upstairs to let her parents have the living room. At first we were just talking about random things until the girls found out that ‘I’ was starting the next semester with them. They were all excited, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with them and was looking for an opening to let them know the truth when Holly let the bomb drop.

“Jen I really need to ask you something… I heard a rumor… I was going to wait till we were alone, but I can't wait anymore... It’s really bothering me... It’s about Robbie…”, Holly said in a very somber tone. There was something in her voice that immediately caused my anxiety to start rising, and Alicia and Robin obvious felt the same way since they were both looking at me worriedly…

If she already knew about me becoming Rebecca, I started trying to think just how did she know. The only people that knew about me were in this room, then I thought about Dave and then Samantha… I knew that Dave and Karen couldn’t have said anything, at least without drawing attention to their secret. Samantha seemed really cool with me the other day though, and was nice. I couldn’t believe she would do it, but who else could have told? Thinking of all these thoughts made my pulse start to race, and I was trying to stay calm and keep it together. After all the rumor might not have anything to do with, well ‘me’. I was staring at Holly and Jen, when I felt Alicia gently grab my hand and give it a squeeze. When I turned to look at her I noticed her sad eyes, but she gave me a soft smile and squeezed my hand a bit more. It was just enough to help me keep it together and not fully panic.

Jen looked unfazed though, she was staring directly at Holly trying to gage her response. After a few moments she replied, “What rumor would that be?” The way she said those five little words was chilling, it was a cold and flat tone that implied that Holly better proceed with caution.

Holly seemed oblivious though and pressed on, “I heard that Robbie is um… He’s wanting to become a girl, and even is going to be coming back to school as a female next semester… Is that true that he's a tranny? I figure since you're his best friend you would know..”

Jen's shoulders slumped just a bit, this is not the way that any of us had thought this would go down. “Holly I don’t know where you heard that, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. You have to understand what Robbie has gone through…”

“HOLY FUCK?! It IS true! You did know?! How the hell are you still ‘his’ friend knowing that?!” Holly blurted out. It caught everyone off guard, by this time Robin had moved to the opposite side of me from Alicia. She softly grabbed my other hand, I know that they could both feel me trembling. I saw Karen looking at me sadly, and realized now what had been bothering her. Had she been the one that told Holly?

“Of course I’m his friend!!!” Jen exclaimed, anger evident in her voice. “Robbie has been one of the best people I’ve every known, now that he’s a girl hasn’t changed that. Holly you have to listen…”

“I don’t have to listen to a damn thing Jennifer” Holly said, emphasizing her full name. “That’s sick and I can’t imagine how you could stand to be around a sick freak like that!!!” I felt the tears start running down my cheeks. The other girls just sat there stunned, except for Michelle she looked excited and had a wicked smile plastered on her face.

“SHE isn't a sick freak HOLLY!! You know Robbie, and you know how much he would have been willing to help and be there for any of you. He was a really good person, that hasn’t changed!! You have to listen… He was born with a condition, he was only male on the outside.” Jen exclaimed venomously.

“Oh so we have to give in to HIS delusions?!?! You know that’s not right!!! There is only male and female the rest is bullshit and you know it! Anyone claiming otherwise needs to be locked up in a nut house!” Holly fired back. I was in full blown tears at this point and everyone, other than the two girls beside me, were oblivious. Holly had always been nice and friendly to, well everyone, from what I had ever seen. I had never seen this amount of anger and vitriol from her, ever.

“Fuck you Holly!!!” Jen said her eyes burning in anger. “You don’t know a god damn thing, what the fuck is wrong with you. Robbie never did ANYTHING to you to deserve this.”

“Oh yeah?!? Well if that freak wants to live as a girl that’s enough, I don’t need any other excuse. He’s an abomination and the Bible says so.. You go to church, you know I’m right! I also heard he is going to be in gym with us girls!!! Do you really want a guy in the dressing rooms with you?” Holly said grinning evilly.

“I know that Robbie is a good kind person and a better friend than you could ever be, you hateful shit, and he's NOT a guy!!!” Jen said, then for the first time glanced at me… Seeing me upset like I was, her compassion towards me broke her momentum and she sighed, slumping her shoulders. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Holly and Michelle.

It was at that moment that Michelle decided to start adding her two cents, “Can you imagine just how ridiculous he’s going to look? He’s a scrawny geek, he's going to make a hideous looking girl.” She said laughing. This whole time Alicia, Robin and I had been off to the side, at that point though Alicia got up and stepped towards the conversation.

She actually chuckled, which confused me at first. I felt betrayed for just a split second before it clicked when she said, “Really? You think Robbie will look ridiculous?” To which she openly laughed loudly, to which Robin and Jen actually giggled too. Karen though was still remaining quiet and on the other side of the room from us, just staring back and forth and obviously trying to not get involved.

Thinking that they had won, since my three closest friends were laughing, Holly continued on. “Oh yeah he is going to look like a clown, trying to pass himself off like a girl.” She laughed.

Alicia just smirked, “Actually I think you all will be surprised…” Robin and Jen nodded.

“Really surprised”, Jen added with a smirk of her own.

“Wait a second, YOU knew too?!?” Holly exclaimed to Alicia. “What about you kissing him? Doesn’t that make you sick knowing you you made out with a freak like that?!?” Alicia was now pissed and glared at Holly.

“No what made me sick was how I initially reacted when I found out… It took me awhile to realize that Robbie never did anything to hurt me Holly… He had told me that we could only be friends, I didn’t listen and I kept pushing… Thankfully I came to my senses and apologized for how I reacted.. Since then Robbie has become one of my very best friends… SHE is someone I would do anything for..” Alicia said to her defiantly.. At that point Robin let go and stepped forward.

“They are right Holly, listen please… She’s such an amazingly beautiful person, don’t be this way.” Robin pleaded.

Michelle snorted, “Oh so it got to you too? What the hell is wrong with y'all?” She then looked directly at Robin and sneered, “I thought you hated guys anyway… How can you suddenly want to pal around with that pervert!? I thought you were my friend.”

Robin looked stunned, it took her a second to recover then said, “Michelle I am your friend, just because I’m willing to accept who Robbie has become doesn’t change that. I never said I hated guys either, I said I don’t trust them… Why wont any of you listen, she's such a cool person if you would only give her a chance.”

Michelle and Holly both looked disgusted at my friends… My protectors… All that hurt that I was feeling started turning to anger, I silently wiped the tears from my cheeks as Michelle replied, “There isn’t a chance in hell that we would associate with that freak, and if you knew what was best you wouldn’t either.”

This was what I had feared the whole time, my friends, the people who I cared about the most, were going to have to pay for their friendship with me. As much as they had been protecting me, all I wanted to do was return the favor. They shouldn’t have to suffer because of me. While those thoughts were running through my head the argument continued.

“Just what the hell do you mean by that?” Jen growled. Alicia and Robin were also bristling with anger.

“You know exactly what that means! If you want to choose to be friends with that freak over us, you know normal people, than we’re going to make your life hell once everyone finds out you are freak lovers… It’s your choice, for y’alls sake you better make the right one.” Holly threatened.

Quietly I stood up, at first it was hard to find my voice and I was barely able to get out, “Stop it! Just stop it!” The arguing immediately stopped and everyone stared at me confused.

“Rebecca… Look I'm sorry but this doesn't concern you..” Holly started to say, then glared back at Jen and continued, “But SHE brought that freak around to our table and KNEW what he was doing! How dare you do that to us, Jennifer!!”

The guilt I felt for putting my friends through this was overwhelming and tears once again started running down my cheeks. “Holly please… It’s not their fault okay, don't blame them… They were just being good friends…” I sniffed, trying my best to keep from sobbing.

Holly and Michelle both looked confused, after a few seconds Holly looked at me and said, “What are you talking about?!?”

Taking a few breaths to get my resolve back, I looked at her and said as calmly as possible, “Look if you want to talk trash about me fine, go ahead, go ahead and make my life miserable.. it’s not their fault.. Leave them out of it… Please…” Holly just stood there with a confused look on her face, it honestly reminded me of a puppy that had just heard a new noise. It was Michelle that finally figured it out, the look of surprise on her face might have been comical in any other setting.

“What?!? No way!!!” She gasped holding her hands up to her mouth. Jen and Alicia quickly moved beside me, and after a few moments Michelle added, “Oh my god!! You’re Robbie?!? I don’t believe it…”

I slowly nodded, “I was at least… This just happened, I swear I tried my best to be a boy…My body though just changed like this…” I felt Jen and Alicia grasp my hands and Robin put her hand on my shoulder.

Holly finally shook herself out of her shock, glared angrily at me exclaiming, “That's bullshit!! Michelle don't listen to…. IT!!” I grimaced and felt anger starting to rise.

Alicia bristled, “Stop calling her an it Holly, I’m warning you!!”

“Oh so the freak lover is threatening me, you're just as sick as he is” exclaimed Holly.

Letting go of my friend's hands I stepped forward and said coldly, “Damn it Holly, leave them alone!! I didn’t want this!! It just fucking happened!!”

I really wasn’t paying attention, maybe Holly felt threatened by me stepping close to her. Who knows, the next thing I know I was knocked down and the side of my face stung severely. I started to get back up when I hear yelling and some commotion, then I saw Robin and Jen pulling Alicia off Holly who was on her back with her lip bleeding.

“Don’t you dare ever touch her again you bitch!” Alicia yelled, while still struggling to break free from Robin and Jen’s grasp.

I realized we had finally gotten too loud with all the commotion when Mr. Cook suddenly burst in the door. “What the hell…” He started to say, then when he saw the scene it was apparent what had happened. As he looked at my holding the side of my face, the rage in Alicia's face and Holly’s busted lip he quickly figured out what had happened… “Who… hit… who… first…” He asked slowly and deliberately trying to mask his anger.

Holly blurted out, “That freak tried to hit me!!”

“ENOUGH… If you can’t tell me without the name calling don’t speak, understand young lady!” He semi-shouted. All of us froze, I’d never heard him get that mad.

Everything that had happened tonight I realized was my fault… Had I kept being Robbie they wouldn’t be fighting like this, or if I had just distanced myself from them, my friends wouldn’t be getting hurt like this… Crying I spoke, “I’m sorry this is all my fault…”

“You better believe it...”, Holly started to say.

“Holly struck her first Dad! Alicia jumped in to stop her.” Jen blurted out, then put her arms around me and whispered, “Rebecca don't do that, this isn’t your fault.” I just shook my head.

Glaring at Holly now, Mr. Cook said, “Is that true?” All the girls in the room except for Holly nodded.

“Of course you’re going to believe her, she's your daughter. I didn’t do anything but protect myself from that… that… person”, Holly said…

“Well I don’t buy that young lady, and that’s not how it appears to me…” Mr. Cook said flatly.. “I think its time for you to leave, your parents will get a call from me before you get there…

“But…But… Fine, C’mon lets go we don’t need to associate with THEM”, Holly grimaced.

They quickly grabbed their stuff under Mr. Cook’s stern glare, as they started walking out the door Michelle looked at Robin and asked, “So you’re really going to choose him over me? I’ve been your friend for years Robin…”

Robin just looked at her sadly and said, “I’m not the one making a choice… That would be you Michelle…” Michelle then just looked at her coldly, snorted, then walked out of the door behind Holly.

Karen looked at me, then to the door where Holly was waiting in the hall and then back at me.

I understood why she was torn, so I said softly, “You don’t have to leave you know…”

It looked like she was contemplating staying, then Holly shouted, “C’mon Karen let’s go, I’m waiting…”

Karen looked at me and slowly shook her head no, “I... I... can't... I’m sorry, but I can’t be seen associating with the likes of you.” She said the last part loud enough to ensure Holly could hear in the hallway.

After what I knew of her secret, it was like another blow to my face… It hurt, but at the same time it made me angry. “Really Karen? Even after… after…” I almost blurted out her secret, but noticed the horrified look that came across her face… It wasn’t my secret to tell, and I realized I didn’t feel angry at her but only pity… “Do what you have to Karen, good luck with… You know…” She looked like she was about to tear up herself, so she quickly rushed out of the room where Mr. Cook escorted them outside.

Once Jen closed her bedroom door the tension and anger that had filled the room vanished. All I felt now was pain, my own and my friends pain, and guilt from what I had caused. I collapsed to the floor sobbing, I kept apologizing over and over again. I barely felt the three pairs of arms that kept holding me, or Jen’s parent’s checking on me. I don’t know how long we all sat like that before darkness and exhaustion finally claimed me.

The first thing I felt as I woke up, was just how sore the side of my face was. The next thing I noticed was the warmth that was somehow surrounded me. Lying there on my side with my eyes still closed I felt two bodies snuggled up to me, one behind me and one in front of me. Suddenly everything from last night came rushing back to me and fully woke with a start. I saw Alicia asleep in front of me and turned my head enough to tell that Robin was behind me with Jen behind her. The thought of all four of us in Jen's queen sized bed actually make me chuckle, when I laid my head back down on the pillow I found Alicia with her eyes open staring at me with concern.

She softly smiled and said, “Hey, how are you this morning? You sorta worried us a bit, if you haven’t noticed by the Becca sandwich we’ve got going on.” I couldn’t help but giggle softly at that thought before my mind drifted back to all that was said last night.

“I don’t know… That was the reaction that I’ve expected from everyone…” I started to say, before I felt my eyes starting to tear up yet again. “I tried to prepare myself for it…but... When it actually happened… Then how they turned on y’all…” I felt my body starting to shake before I started to cry again in full. “Alicia I’m so sorry….” I said, trying to apologize again, before I couldn’t say anything at all. Alicia had leaned forward pressing her lips against mine and proceeded to giving me a passionate kiss. It caught me so off guard I just returned it for several long moments before I came to my senses.

Pulling back to stare into her vibrant blue eyes, I softly said, “Alicia I can’t… I mean I love it when you kiss me but…”

“I know about you and Paul… It’s okay.. I know nothing can happen between us, I wish it could but…”, She said softly, pausing for a second to compose her thought. “Look Rebecca… I still am highly attracted to you, and I think I am still ‘in love’ with you. While my parents are dealing with what you’re going through… I really don’t know if they could handle… umm… me I guess… Telling them that I’m in love with another girl… Even one as special as you…” She leaned in and gave me a much gentler kiss and softly caressed my cheek. Even though it still hurt, it felt nice to have her gently touching me, it was then I noticed the ace bandage around her wrist.

“What happened to your hand?” I asked, completely forgetting what she had done.

She giggled some before saying, “From when I clocked that bitch… It was worth a sprained wrist for the look on her face after what she did to you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh softly, as I turned and kissed her hand that had been caressing my cheek. “I appreciate it, but please don’t go all Rocky for me okay...” I said with a slight smile. Then with a much more serious tone, “ I don’t want to see you get hurt for me okay.”

She gave me a soft smile and then her eyes twinkled mischievously, and then in the worst Stallone impression ever she said, “Yo Rebecca!!” To which we both broke out in a fit of giggles.

Once we recovered I told her, “Promise me one thing, that you’ll never ever try that again.” Which caused us to lose it again. I stared into her eyes for a few minutes gathering my thoughts and somberly I told her, “Thank you, all of you for putting up with me… I wish you all didn’t have to suffer for being my friend… I’m not worth it…” She gently wiped the tears that had started to run down my face, and then I felt Robin’s arms reach around me and squeeze.

“Rebecca will you just shut it okay? We all have promised to stand by you… The fact that you care more about us than what you're going through… That proves without a doubt you're worth it.” Robin whispered in my ear.

I guess the way Alicia and I had carried on had woken Robin and Jen up, because at that point they all grabbed me in a huge hug. Even though I was emotionally drained and was still crying I was also so thankful that I had these ladies with me. We lay there and chatted and hugged off and on for the next hour before we all got up and showered.

It was late morning before we all went downstairs, and we found Jen’s parents waiting for us so they could start breakfast. They both hugged me and reassured me that eventually everything was going to be okay, but until then that they would be there for me. Once Mrs. Cook checked on my face and Alicia’s hand, we all grouped up in the kitchen to help out with breakfast. While I was still upset with everything, my friends and family helped ease my worries.

Several hours later the girls dropped me off at my house, they all came in to fill my parents in on what had happened. It was then that I remembered I was supposed to let them know what had happened last night, thankfully Jen’s parents had talked to them. While they only slightly fussed at me for not calling they were glad that the girls had been there for me. Both my parents wanted to press charges against Holly, but agreed that since Alicia had decked her to just drop it and hope it would blow over. Once my friends were sure I was going to be okay they headed to their homes. My parents hovered over me most of the night, other than their overprotectiveness it was a peaceful night.

Over the next several days my emotions were all over the place, it didn't help that the prank calls started near the end of the weekend. While the callers never said anything to my parents, if I answered I’d start hearing all the hateful things you could imagine, freak, tranny, pervert to name just a few. It got bad enough Pop had to call the sheriff and we had our number changed a few days later. The girls were over everyday and while they insisted we go out, I stayed a homebody for almost a week. I was truly afraid of what would happen if we got caught out in public. Finally six days into my self imposed exile after my altercation with Holly, Jen finally drug me out, I mean she might as well have literally drug me out and my parents were helping her. She ended up dragging me to Tupelo, it was a 45 minute drive but the chance of running into anyone from Starkville was was almost nonexistent. That was the only way that she convinced me to leave the house.

We had spent most of the day window shopping at the strip malls and just driving around. Just for something to do we even went and saw Elvis’s birthplace and home growing up. I know it sounded lame, but honestly there wasn’t that much to do for a couple of 16 year olds. I felt like a tourist and wasn’t even a full hour away from home, which felt weird but it was still somewhat neat. We were pretty wiped out from the day though and were ready to go home, but Jen insisted that we eat at Red Lobster before we drove back. Since we didn’t have a decent seafood place in Starkville, I readily agreed. It also didn’t hurt that I was also starving, like really starving. I hadn’t had much of an appetite the last week from constantly being worried and upset. Being out and about with my best friend had eased a lot of my worry and my stomach was letting me know in no uncertain terms, “FEED ME!”

Thankfully we got seated in a booth really quickly and were trying to decide what we were going to eat, while munching on the garlic butter biscuits, which were one of my many food weaknesses. I had noticed Jen occasionally looking at her watch, when I asked her what was up she played it off she was just wondering where our waiter had gotten off to. I didn’t think we were in a hurry so I just shrugged and kept trying to decide what I was going to order. With my head stuck in my menu I didn’t feel the huge presence until it was too late and had slid into the booth next to me. Glancing up I saw Perk, the giant offensive lineman had slid in and trapped me in the booth. I immediately panicked and felt my fight or flight response kick in, but there was no where for me to go and no way I could fight trapped like I was. I then noticed that Dave had slid in the booth next to Jen and while I was glancing back and forth between them and Perk I noticed the sad look on their face. I felt my heart rate immediate start racing and I froze..

Grimly, the big man looked down at me and said, “We have to talk…”

To Be Continued...

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