Tragedy of the Spirit Part 24 Burden of Existance Episode 2



When I woke up I was in hospital. There was no one arround, just lights on above me. I immediately panicked and began shaking. I pressed what ever button I could reach.

I waited and waited. Then, a tall nurse arrived. She looked flustered or stressed I was not accually sure of. I knew I was in alot of pain. I was so shaken, I never gave her much choice to start asking questions.

Me: "Where the hell am I? What the Hell happened too me? what is going on? Who the hell are you? Where is my clothes? Where is Melanie? Where is Jason? What the hell is going on? Why am I here?' I was in tears at this point.

The nurse answered me by first explaining who she was. Her name was cecile, she was tall about 5'10 auburn hair and green eyes. She first told me in a not so calm voice to keep it down or she would have to sedate me. Then she went on.

Cecile: " You are in the Hospital Mellissa. Secondly you were brought in over 5 weeks ago. You have been in a coma for a while now. Thridly, your clothes were cut off of you. Fourth, melanie will be here soon. Fifth, Jason was arrested, that is all I know. Six, you were badly beaten and raped, hence the bandages and casts about your arms and legs and face." I swore silently,'of fuck, when is this shit going to end'. She continued on " you are now in ICU and have been here about 23 days now.. we almost lost you on three different occassions." "You are lucky to be alive after the beating you took. We are amazed at that." I was in tears and asked to be left alone, she gave me something for pain.

I woke several hours later and Melanie was in the chair beside the bed, reading the latest glamour mag. Melanie is the girl I became freinds with in the apartment building I moved into after Jenn went off to college. I lived upstairs and she down. We often met for coffee and tea and the usual gossip. Anyhow, she smiled when I turned my head towards her and she spoke. " how are you feleling, Mellissa?" All I could so was whisper " not good, I need a drink and I am hungary." Well I was being fed IV my nutrients and meds. I was a real mess. She smiled and said she wuld be back in a second. When she returned a nurse was with her and it was not my nurse previous, she was lorraine, short and stocky, 5 feet nothing and black hair and brown eyes. She asked me how I was feeling and if I remembered anything, anything at all. I nodded in the negative. She frowned, then left.

Melanie had a worried look on her face. All she did was hold my hand. I guess 30 minutes later two orderly's came into my room and took me to the X-Ray department. I was given a MRI and a CT scan. Then I retuned to me rom some 90 minutes later.

Melanie told me all that she could tell me. " You called me at 5 and asked me to help you with your makeup and to talk about your impending date with Jason that evening. I arrived and you had the most beautiful black dress on that accentuated your curves. I believe it was your VS dress. I left at 645 and left you to wait til Jason arrived. I remember you telling me how you met and how you reconnected. I was extremely happy for you. I could here you above me with your heals on the lino floor in your kitchen several times." " The pacing stopped when I heard jason' come home, He looked obviously drunk and not in a very good mood when I saw him from my window. Next thing I know was a I heard a loud crash and a very loud bang. I was scared, for you and for me. I called 911 and told them what I could hear. They advised me not too get involved. I got really angry. I went up to your place and I litterally saw Jason throw you through your kitchen wall, then repeatedly beat you and kick you. I yelled at him yo stop, he had a look of rage and was totally pissed off as well as drunk as I coluld smell the alcohol from where I was. I repeatedly beat you then I saw him rape you. I know you hit him , I do not know how you did that, but he staggered and fell backwards. I then screamed as lous as I coluld as I saw your legs twisted and arms not where they obviously should be pointing." She continued, " He rose up on his feet and stumbled towards you and gave you a swift kick to the face and then another to your groin and abdomen. I was still screaming. He staggered towards the door and stumbled into me, I was scared and fall back against the railing. He stumbled down the stairs and got in his car and left. I had to make a choice, stay with you or follow him. I chose to follow him in my car as the ambulance arrived and I told them to call the police as I was going to follow that car. I followed him back to the bar where he was at from the beginning. He stumbled and staggard into the place and the cops arrived and went in to the place and hauled him out in cuffs, he was cussing and swearing, that he should have killed that"bitch" (you Mellissa). I was so taken aback and scared that I needed assistance back to the huse and to the hospital. They would not let me near you. I was told that you were severerly beaten and that you were unconcious." " I checked on you everyday, I called your work and explained the situation and then I went into your place of work and talked to your boss. You have a job when you get out of here."

I was shocked with a blank expression. I started to cry. " I asked her what happened to my apartment." She told me that it was a mess, my walls were badly damaged or destroyed. The main thing she told me was that she was glad I was alive." I asked her to call Jenn. Melanie wanted to know where i could find her number I told her in a muffled whisper where her number was as well as the number where she might be working. She soon left 3 hours later. I began to cry. I began to seriously doubt my existance here. I wanted to kill myself, I wanted it to be over with. I was so alone. I was so frustrated and in so much agony. I eventually fell asleep, with tears streaming down my cheeks.


In April 1992 I reconnected with Jason and we talked alot and we started to become a regular couple at the local coffee shop, each week. The weeks passed and then months and both our jobs were going well he was a local manager at a local computer outlet and I maintained my job in retail. The summer passed quickly and then fall. Both of of had decided to go out and have a wonderful dinner on the 24th of October. I made reservations at a kinda upscale restraunt call the DIPLOMAT. The restraunt was posh and suit and tie dress code etc. Not very expensive ,but expensive enuff. I had purchaed a black , off the right shoulder Victoria Secret dress. The dress came to 2 inches above my knees. I decided that a trip to the slon was in order. I made a appointment for 1130 and went. I had my nails done and my hair styled nicely and put in a french twist. (my hair was down to my rear end) This posed a chore for my stylist marie. I went home and relaxed and then took a bath and called Melanie. She came up and we talked and gossiped. Melanie left and I continued to get ready. I paced and paced. After 45 minutes I called Jason's work and was told he left and should be on his way home. I figured probably traffic. I waited and paced about. Then he arrived and he looked disheveled. That is all I can remember...... The lights went out after I heard screams..........



MELLISSA (prairie_girl_64)

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