First Dates are Kissing Dates 8

First Dates are Kissing Dates 8

Murmuring with Starlings

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2016

Murmuring with Starlings contains material of an adult nature and is not suitable as reading material for minors.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

After an evening of dancing, Emma and John go home and Scarlet, Emma’s Muse, dictates the action.


“I didn’t overdo it did I?” I asked John when we arrived home and I made our coffee, “I became so lost in the music and dancing and the competition between Peter and myself that I totally forgot about how high the skirt was lifting or what I was exposing.”

John chuckled lightly, “In the context of what was going on and the general atmosphere of The Cantina, no. It was to some extent erotic, your skirt lifted high enough to let everybody know the colour of your underwear but the sheer brilliance of your dance, the way Peter and you spun around each other, teased and challenged each other demonstrated how, even something like a jive, could be turned into a work of art and the slightly erotic exposure of your limbs added to the artistic appeal. No, you didn’t overdo it. As a spectator I found it exciting, no more than exciting and only wished I had the sense of rhythm, the gymnastic ability to dance like that so I could jive with you but I can’t so I must satisfy myself with a bit of shuffling and when you go flat out in the jive, I will enjoy just watching you. There is one criticism I would make; after having listened to you tell me about your early life and your realisation that you were different to the other boys and how it manifested itself in the way you joined the girls at playtime in school, I was disappointed that you didn’t throw a cartwheel or two into the dance.”

“Cartwheels! Cartwheels in four inch stilettos! I would have broken both ankles and ended up sliding out of the door on my bum!”

“So you would be prepared to try it if you were wearing flat heeled shoes?”

I grinned, “It would certainly give Peter something to think about but knowing him, he’d probably grab one of my ankles and spin me around until I was too giddy to stand up.” I glanced at my watch, “It’s later than we intended, we should go home to bed otherwise you won’t be in a fit state for work in the morning.”

John sent a text to George and nodded in satisfaction, “He’ll be with us in five minutes, he was taking a break before the busy time starts.”

We got up from the table and said our goodnights to Peter and Maria and left. We were quiet in the cab, just holding hands and thinking of the lovely day we had enjoyed together but as we entered the flat I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. “It’s the dancing, it was a bit too energetic, I’ll have to get down to the gym, I’m not dance fit anymore.”

“You’re right but it has been a terrific evening, thank you, thank you for the whole day, we must do it again.”

“I’m not so sure. It really tired me out,” I was lying of course, I was still full of life, “In fact I haven’t the energy to undress, I think I’ll just lay on the bed and undress in the morning.”

“You won’t sleep properly like that, I’ll undress you if you like.”

“It would be nice but you’re tired as well.”

“I am but I feel obliged to help you after you went to such efforts today to see that I had a good time.”

I grinned, “I bet. Just undress me slowly, none of that caveman ripping knickers off stuff, be sweet and loving and very, very gentle, I’m fragile, you heard Peter and Maria describe me as a butterfly, treat me as such.”

“You were also described as a hawk.”

“So I was. Would you like me to grab you with my talons and fly us high above the clouds?”

“As high as the moon if you like, want me to carry you to the bedroom?”


He lifted me and cradled my shoulders in his left arm and his right upper arm was under my knees and as he walked he was caressing my lower left arm with his left hand and my right hip and waist with his right hand. I leaned my head against his shoulder and looked up at his profile. The set of his jaw told a lot about him, he was a man that wouldn’t easily be pushed off course once his mind was set on something. If it was ever necessary to get him to change his mind then it would need to be done gently, coercion rather than instruction. Whilst I was studying him I felt his hand fiddling around at my waist, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to find the zipper for your skirt.”

“It’s a back zip, not a side zip, you’ll have to put me down to get to it and I’m nice and comfy, can’t you wait until we’re in the bedroom?”

“I’m impatient, it’s your fault and your provocative dancing.”

“You know what sort of knickers and stockings I’m wearing why are you impatient?”

“I want to feel them.”

“They’re silk, you know what silk feels like.”

“No, I haven’t felt a warm body inside a pair of silk panties since last night, I’ve forgotten what it feels like?”

“You’d better get the bedroom door open then and don’t forget to turn the lights on so you can get a good look.”

“I can’t reach the doorknob with you in my arms.”

“Lower me a bit and I’ll do it.”

He did by stooping a little and tilting my head down and at the same time managed to flip my skirt and petticoat up so that it bunched under my bust. “Eek! Don’t drop me.”

He answered by lifting his right arm so that my body was at an angle of forty five degrees and my hips were nearly at his head height and then he kissed me right in the middle of my panties. In desperation I got the door open before I blew up, “Forget undressing me, get me onto the bed and take me as I am, if you don’t, I’ll never date you again!”

John may not be able to jive but he could certainly move across a carpet quickly enough because in three seconds he dropped me right onto the middle of my bed and before the mattress had a chance to rebound he was undoing the buttons of my blouse, slipped his hands under my waist and under the back of the blouse and unhooked my bra and pushed that up and stopped dead and stared for a bit then kissed one nipple, pinched the other and at the same time flicked my skirt up so high it nearly collapsed on his head and he brushed it back, forgot my boobs and went straight for the panties and kissed me right at the V where they vanished between my thighs and then I felt his tongue force its way between my thighs and I opened my legs and his lips closed on my tiny bulge and I felt the front of the panties become wet and so did he because he lifted his head, hooked my panties with his fingers and pulled them down and off one leg leaving them dangling from the other ankle as he scooped up my legs and lifted them and held them with his shoulders whilst he undid his trousers and pulled them down with his pants and I felt the dragon slide back and forth over the wetness on my lower tummy as it seemed to be drinking the lubricant that I was leaking and then it vanished as he leaned back, still keeping my legs across his shoulders. “You ready?”

“John, stop fooling around and get it into me, I’ve only got seconds before I go nuclear.”

“Not so fast, you’re not dancing with Peter now, it’s me and I’m doing nothing until you withdraw your threat.”

“Threat? What threat, just get on with it and bury it in me, all of it, as high as it will go, do it now.”

“Do you promise to come out with me every time I ask you?”

“Yes, yes, anything, I promise, now will you fuck me or I’m going to explode.”

“Ooh, aren’t you the little slut all of a sudden. This is fun, go for it, I’ll back you up all the way I do fully understand the Anglo-Saxon terminology.”
“Get lost.”

“Not now, just when it’s getting exciting, just get on with it, I won’t interfere other than to encourage you.”

John eased forward and the monster now stiff, hot and leaking a bit itself paused for a second at my rosebud and then slid in and I screamed with a mixture of excruciating pain and sheer ecstasy and I locked my heels behind him as he collapsed on top of me and impaled me, holding me tight onto the bed and I just had time to cry out, take a deep breath and then he was pumping and my heels were beating on his buttocks encouraging him and I dug my nails into the top of his shoulders and we flew up and up through the clouds and straight towards the moon and still he kept pumping into me and we ignored the moon and flew straight into the sun and I had a nova and he yelled and I felt him release millions of radioactive sperm into me and I went into a second nova that went on and on…

I opened my eyes slowly for a second not sure where I was and then they focused and at the same time I heard John’s heavy breathing as he lay still on top of me with his head to one side, his lips just touching my cheek. His shoulder was only an inch or two away from me and I lifted my head and kissed it and as soon as I did, I felt things stirring deep inside me and my nipples were tingling again so I opened my mouth and nipped his shoulder with my teeth and sucked as hard as I could as if trying to draw his essence. He groaned quietly and I felt him begin to slip out of me but I squeezed hard with my thighs and managed to hold him with about half of his penis still embedded in me and the tingling grew more intense, “Don’t you dare slip out, I’m not finished yet, I want you to take me out into space again, I’m not finished, I can still travel…”

“I can’t, not yet, I want to but I can’t.”

“You can, if you really want to experience that again, really want to, you can,” and I pushed hips up to him and felt a little more of his space ship slip in so I started to tighten my internal muscles and wriggled and the electric sparks started zipping up and down my body, heading to my groin and thighs so I wriggled a little harder and felt my body shudder and I gasped, “Go on, go on, you can, please just push in and pull out a little.”

He responded and I felt him harden again and he pushed and then slid back and the tip of his penis started caressing something deep inside me and I saw lights flashing across the room, back and forth like the strobes in a disco growing more and more intense as they matched the shudders that were running up and down my body and John sensed something and seemed to take strength from me and he grew and hardened until he was back to his best and he started his slow pumping movement and each thrust forward touched that something inside me and the lights turned gold and spread until the entire room seemed to be one sheet of pulsing gold. He moved slightly and a hand cupped my breast and squeezed firmly and he gave a hard thrust into me and the gold shattered, the room filled with stars, flashes of lighting and the thunder of his breath and it felt as if his entire body was forcing its way into mine and I wrapped myself around him like a blanket and gasped air into my lungs as he gave another thrust and we exploded together.

We lay still wrapped around each other, still firmly bonded and I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling and the centre light pendant slowly feeling my body return to normal, not feeling tired but alive, really alive and very content, at peace. He moved and I felt his hand gently touch the side of my face and then a finger traced the line of my lips and I turned to face him, “That was so beautiful.”

His eyes were wide open but still soft, “I felt as if I was inside you, I could feel your excitement, your passion, it was as if we had become just one body.”

I nodded slowly and relaxed the grip I had on him with my arms and thighs, “Yes, that’s exactly what happened, we became a single body and our souls danced with each other.”

We lay quiet for a while until he asked, “Shall I finish undressing you now?”

I’d completely forgotten my clothes and lifted my head and felt my blouse slip off my shoulders and when I looked towards my feet, still either side of John’s I giggled, “I’ve still got my shoes on and my panties are only half off.”

“And your skirt and petticoat will need a couple of hours of ironing it’s all scrunched up.”

“I’m surprised it didn’t catch fire. The heat down there must have been intense. I lifted myself a little higher, “And look at you. You still have most of your clothes on, it’s as well you weren’t wearing your suit.”

“I have others and I’ll gladly sacrifice a suit every time we make love if it’s going to be like it was tonight.”

I let my head fall back onto the pillow and looked up at the ceiling half expecting to see scorch marks, “God, I was shameless and my language, whatever happened to the soft romantic me that I was earlier today.”

“Standing to one side and provoking the adventurous and wanton you, Emma Homebird versus Scarlet Demon. I love both of you and any others that you still have hiding inside.”

“Aah, that’s so nice, so lovely and he loves me as well, I feel all tingly.”

I sat up again and slipped my blouse and bra off completely and looked down at him, “It was terrific though, exciting, different, I don’t know what got into me but I’m going to encourage Scarlet again when the occasion demands.”

“Dear me, yes, yes, yes!”

“I’ll do everything I can to help. We had an experience we won’t forget and I think we’ve also proved that we belong together.” He eased up onto one elbow and looked at our bodies, “I’ll have to untangle us before I untangle your clothes.”

“Don’t untangle us too much, I want to feel all tangled up with you even when you’ve gone off to work.”


The full eBook is now on Amazon Kindle and this is as far as I can go without upsetting Amazon. But there’s a lot more of Emma and John, they are made for each other so the process of learning and allowing their souls to fuse and their lives to be shared must be allowed to reach its natural conclusion.
And what of the future and Emma’s SRS?

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Vesta’s Hearth, First Dates are Kissing Dates and volumes 1 and 2 of Footprints in the Sea are available as E books on Amazon and other sites. Vol 3 will be published in a few weeks’ time.

Reviews would be nice they encourage me and I still have ‘Searching For Penny’, ‘Janus Girl’ and ‘For the Sake of Art’ still tucked away in a corner of my computer.

I’ve had one or two people mention that they couldn’t find the E-book version of First Dates are Kissing Dates on my Amazon home page. The featured version is the paperback but close to the bottom there is link to the E-book. Amazon have put the emphasis on the paperback and used its cover rather than the E-book cover but they are both there.

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