Spring Break 3

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Spring Break – 3

By Jessica C

The trip to this woman’s store is very different from what I expected. They bring out different selections of skirts, tops, dresses, swimsuits and delicate apparel. The Manager insists, “Miss Marti, I need for you to choose which of these you are most interested in. They will be modeled for you while you get to sit and enjoy seeing how they really look on the models. You can even touch the clothes, but please be respectful to the women.”

Here I thought we’d be going to Wal-Mart to get inexpensive clothes to make due. “Mrs. Sparks, this is way too much. I can’t let you to go to this expense for me. I won’t ever wear them all.”

Sandy tries to speak up, but is cut-off by her mother. “Please hear me Marti, a chance like this may never come for you nor us again. Please let us pamper you a little; it is what we’d like to do. If you go down to the beach, we want you to feel good about being around the others. …Tell me seriously, that you wouldn’t enjoy being out there sunning yourself with Sandra and Hannah lying beside you?”

There are a bunch of sun-dresses that I like; I choose two. I see two skater dresses and a similar skirt that catch my attention but I try to let them pass. Sandra saw that and spoke up, “Ms. Anderson, she’s interested in them so please include some of them.”

There’s a two piece swimsuit that has a skirted bottom over a panty. I ask, “Do you have this in different colors?”

Sandy says, “She’ll need at least two of those to try on and hopefully buy.” There are shorts, a variety of tops and most would show some of my waist. There are sandals, flats and several sandal heeled shoes.

Once the clothes are taken back for modeling, I whisper to Sandra and Hannah, “If I’m not careful this is going to easily cost your parents over $500.”

Hannah whispers only so Sandy and I can hear her, “My Mom has already told me, if it’s two to three thousand dollars, she’ll be happy. Please do not do this so she’s feeling like she’s pulling teeth. You might feel foreign to our world, but we want to share it with you. Marti as a girl you should have the indulgence to relax and enjoy today and tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, but I…”

Sandy interrupts, “Our Daddy is lining up a nice yacht to take us down to New Smyrna Beach tomorrow. It is as much for us as it is for you. We’ve never done that before. Please don’t say anything and be surprised if our Daddy does it for us.” A picture comes to mind of three women sunning themselves on a cabin cruiser. I was at a boat show once, and instead of googling over the boats, I was caught in thought of being one of the pretty women attracted to them and being invited to come aboard.

My mind changes direction with the first model in a sundress. She made it look so beautiful with the second sundress it was hard to choose between the two, but I chose the first one. Likewise I chose a skater dress and a skirt. Two wrap around skirts: one that was short would be nice with a swimsuit. I picked the coral two piece swimsuit, but then the showed me a very attractive one piece suit that takes my breath. Luckily Sandy says a girl needs a minimum of two suits. I got to choose a little blue dress for tonight. Mrs. Sparks insists I get three blouses and more casual tops, shorts and a pair of designer jeans.

Finally Tali, one of the models, came to get me to change into an outfit. I was behind a screen as I dressed and Tali was talking to me over it. She said, “You know each woman is attractive. Someday I hope not to be a model and worry about being a size 2 or smaller. I was happy when I saw you being so happy. I hope you enjoy the clothes you selected, but more that you enjoy being the woman you are.”

I wondered, if she had any idea how special that would be for me.


I was in the guest room helping to hang up my clothes and to fold and put other pieces away. When Howard Sparks came to the door. I asked, “Mr. Sparks could I talk with you?”

Saying yes, we went back downstairs to find a place we could talk alone. “Mr. Sparks, can I talk to you as another man?” He had a smile on his face this time when he said yes. “Don’t you believe that this is a little crazy and that I should stop? That I should change and get going down the road before I embarrass someone or all of us?”

He said, “Marti, people like you aren’t as unusual now as before. While I am happy that you were there to help my Sandra. I think you’re just as lucky to have Sandra and Hannah. I am pleasantly amused that my wife has taken to you and wants to be of help. Needless to say, I don’t fully understand it.”

“I don’t know if you know that I have a yacht and crew to take us to New Smyrna Beach in Florida tomorrow. The weather is to be very good. What you do after this week will be up to you. But I hope you will enjoy three to four days there. Then come back, and change if you want and get back to your university.”

“Needless to say, I’m not like you. But I do believe you need to have more of an idea of your choices in life. I don’t think being a woman would be all that easy. And if you’re not you should find that out sooner than later. Does that make sense?”

I say, “You’re saying this is such an opportunity and I should take it?”

He says, “I’m pretty high up in an investment firm, some of the people here are even my clients. Marti, after you’re done college and if you’re the same; I’d be willing to have you work in our firm.”

“Mr. Sparks I had hoped, you would help send me on my way; you did the opposite. I guess I should give you a hug and say thanks.”


Sandy comes to grab me, telling me to change into a swimsuit. Once I do, I’m given a large fluffy beach towel and we run toward the ocean and the end of their property. It is on a ridge above the beach that stretches to the ocean. We lay down there on our towels. Sandy pounces on me, “I’m going to put some tanning oil on you with skin protection.” I can feel the back strap of my top being unhooked. I would panic if it were not something I had hoped for.

I ask to help Sandy or Hannah with their lotion, but they had already done theirs. Fifteen minutes later I needed to turn over and then I helped applying the lotion to my front. Sandy applies some both to my face and to my feet.

It was ten minutes later when Sandy heard voices of people on the beach. We got up and ran down to them. Cassidy’s a fourteen year old girl is with several friends. She has a bubbly personality and quickly asks me, “Are you a good swimmer?” With my answer being yes, she grabs my hand and we go running into the ocean. The water is cool and I would have taken my time getting use to the water. But Cassie has my hand and though she let’s go as we go into the water. I run and dive in alongside of her.

Shortly after we’re in the water Sandy, Hannah and others come wading or swimming to us. I enjoy the youthful enthusiasm of Cassidy, but it is a bit mysterious to me why she’s taken a liking to me.

We wade out further into the water. It is my habit to learn how far out I can feel the bottom as well as to know if there is a back or undertow. When we were out as far as I would go with Cassidy; she smiles at me. “Did you know I almost drowned here last year? I am very happy that you helped me come out this far.”

It was then Sandra caught up to us and asked me, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

My response was, “I just learned from Cassidy. I think she is confronting her fears. Is there more I need to know?”

Sandra smile, “Her father owns and pilots the yacht we’re using tomorrow. So don’t do anything to mess that up.”

Up on the beach we played several games of beach volleyball. Having bouncy boobs as well as the sand and volleyball the game was very different for me. Other looked hurt for me the two times the volleyball bounced off my breasts. Cassidy smiled the time she hit the ball that hit me. “I hope you don’t bruise easily.” I did faint that it hurt a little.

It wasn’t until I was back up to the house taking a shower. I moved the strap of my swimming suit and noticed I now had tan marks from the suit. Sandra said, “Didn’t you reapply your tanning lotion during the afternoon?”

“Oops! What am I going to do when we get to Florida and I meet my friends?”

“You can hope tanning tomorrow will help some. Come tomorrow you can either stay with us or come truthful to your friends about being a woman and give them the opportunity to accept you.”

I say, “But what if they don’t?”

Cassidy had come into the room behind me. “You have to be joking. You have friends who have trouble accepting you’re a woman?” I hurry and wrap a towel around me as I had just taken off my top and was ready to pull down my bottom.

She says, “You might be smaller than a lot of girls but you are definitely attractive as you are. I am surprised by your friends.”

I say, “Can you two stay out here as I take a shower and shampoo my hair?” Once I’m back out of the shower drying off. I hear a knock at the door and Mrs. Sparks says, “I’m coming in to help you.”

I say, “Let me get decent please.”

Ma Sparks says, “That is out the window for a moment.” She comes in as I cover up with a towel in front of me. “You have an indulgent teen out there and we need to go to extreme measures unless you’re coming out of the closet. …I picked this up earlier today, because I thought the need would arrive. I didn’t expect it to come so swiftly.” She said, “Hannah is clearing others out of Sandy’s room and setting up a massage table for us to apply it.”

“We are going to shave your privates so we can glue a vagina gaff over your boy parts. It won’t affect your bowel movements and you supposedly can pee as a normal girl and definitely look like one.”

I raise my voice, “No! That is too weird.”

Hanna is at the doorway. “That is okay with us, would you like to call your parents before you come out as Marti?”

“No, I just want my regular clothes back and I will just drive away.”

Hannah asks, “Are you going to Florida and try to hide your girly tan or sneak back to college and hideaway there until the tan fades? You will need some help in getting your breasts off either way. And your makeup and hair will also be hard to fully change back.” I sit on the toilet and put my face into my hands and I begin to cry.

It is a short time and I’m lying on the massage table as Hannah and her Mom are shaving me very closely. I complain the gaff is lighter in color than my regular skin. Hannah teases me giggling, I can do show and tell and show you how that tissue is often lighter, like it has not been in the sun.”

I giggle, “Later.” The vagina has a one inch catheter that fit into my penis into the gaff. I ask and when happens if I get excited?”

“You get to the ladies room and in a toilet stall and clean yourself. Girls too have accidents though not quite the same.” It is freaky how realistic it looks.


Tonight we packed trunks to be taken for going to Florida. Mine can actually open up with clothes hanging in it, or folded in a drawer. Most of what was bought for me is packed away.

When I’m done Hannah and Sandy tease me. “We’ve sent this picture of you to your parents.” I tease back, “Ha-ha, I’m not afraid. It doesn’t look like me.” They stopped teasing me knowing it didn’t bother me.

Before I finish getting dressed I was in front of a mirror when I pulled my panties down. I still couldn’t believe how real I looked. Well actually I haven’t stared at any vagina before. I put on my print skater dress for dinner and a quiet evening. My tan looked very nice for a girl who didn’t worry about the strap marks.

We had eaten and it was 8:00 o’clock when my older sisters tell me to grab my purse. “I’m no in the mood for dancing.”

Hannah says, “We’re going over some friends and you’re coming with us. We want you to meet Lela, she’s going with us to Florida.”

No sooner than we arrived at this huge house and Lela came bouncing to the door pulling in Hannah and give her a big hug and kiss. Once I am introduce to her I noticed her standing behind Hannah with Lela’s arms around her. “Come to our gathering room the others are there.”

There were at least seven or eight others. The Henderson’s have three daughters; and Lela and Tena are lesbians and to my surprise Hannah is as well. Cassidy’s the youngest but not part of this group. There’s a movie in the background, but unless you’re close to the speakers; the music that they’re singing and tapping to is louder.

A young woman Tricia comes to me with a brush. “Would you mind if I brush out your hair or I could do your fingernails?” My toenails got scratched up from the ocean so they need some help.

I’m sitting directly in front of her on a carpeted floor with a protective mat under my feet. She separates my feet and I’m afraid as she has direct line of sight to my panties as she sits doing my nails. Tricia knows I’m embarrassed or worried and tries to relax me. “I’m sorry but we’re not usually that modest with one another. We can sit up to the table if you want?”

I find Tricia attractive and the way she bites her lip and looks at me, I think she likes me too. I tell her I’m a student at University of Pennsylvania. She’s in the master’s program for physician’s assistant. She says, “I’d like to be an OB-GYN doctor someday. I love nursing, but nurses can’t officially deliver babies and help women as much as I’d like.”

My toes are painted and we’re waiting for them to dry. I can almost taste her soft lips and I can’t help staring at her. She says as she brushes my hair out of my eyes, “You have beautiful eyes.”

“I’m sorry, this probably sounds put on, “But they are pale next to your eyes.” She leans forward, brushing my hair to one side as her other hand wraps around my smile. She kisses me ever so gently, it feels like an angel’s kiss that I’m not quite sure happened.

I’m already apologizing as I pull her towards me and she is coming on top of me. She has a skirt and my hands slip onto her panties exposed by her skirt riding up. She rolls off reaching her hand to me. “I’d like to take my time to know you. I do have a crush on you, but I know it is too soon.”

I swear her lips tasted like honey and they’re as soft as rose petals. I stand up and we go and share an overstuffed chair. It is after 11:30, Hannah has retreated some place; Sandra’s restless to go home. I give Tricia a kiss regretting it will probably be my last. She softly smiles, “You should consider transferring to Francis Marion U; I’d love to whisk you away.”

I know I am tempted, however, unrealistic it is. She says, “I’ll teach you how to be a woman and a lady.”

“How did you know?”

“I brushed your breasts and you didn’t feel it. I knew you were aroused along with me, but your breasts didn’t change. You are so much a girl, yet you lack being a girl.”

I’m soon back with Sandra at her home; she’s watching me get ready for bed as we talk. Sandra says, “You got the hots bad for Tricia. I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about you. I just don’t understand as much as you two heated up you weren’t having a hot passionate time. I thought I could smell the both of you, but it couldn’t have been. I know what a boy in heat smells like.”


We were up and to the dock of the Sea Dove as the sun was just breaking the horizon. Someone already had our trunks stored away. I would be sharing a room with Sandra. Hannah and Lela are sharing a room. Ma and Dad Sparks along with the Hendersons are coming. Mr. Henderson thanks me for my time with Cassidy.

Lela has a note from Tricia, “Sorry I can’t travel down to Florida to be with you. I am on duty the next three nights. I hope your parents will allow you to transfer here.” There is both the faint coloring of a kiss and a fragrance on the paper.

I’m soon on the front of the yacht as we pull out of the inlet, out into the ocean. This was all new to me save in my dream of being one of the girls. One could feel the mist coming off the ocean, and it is too early to feel the warmth of the day. The first time I almost lose my phone to the ocean I took it below deck.

I have my wrap around skirt with my one piece bathing suit under it. It was 11:00 a.m. before we idled in the water and we’re encouraged to jump into the ocean. Howard and Lew Henderson jumped in first Lela and Hannah were in enjoying their time together. Sandra was texting someone. Later I text Tricia but her friend Patsy calls me back. Tricia says you’re considering coming here. What would be your major?”

I am an environmental sciences major and the closest FMU has is a biology major. I tell her I would rather be a nursing student. Patsy raises her voice talking to Tricia, “Would you believe she’s considering being a nursing student for you?” That is nothing I ever considered but now, I’m thinking. I already checked to see where Florence, South Carolina is. I’ll pass through it on my way north.

Sandy called me down inside the boat to our room. She handed me a small two piece swimsuit suggesting I change into it in the afternoon come three o’clock. I am picking up a tan as the sun beams down as well as reflects from the water. We see some dolphins, a school of fish and a sea turtle.

Some guys in a sailboat are sailing nearby and wanting information from us, asking what beach we’re heading for. Howard and Lew both suggest we share little to no information with them. We anchored near Jacksonville that night and made it to New Smyrna Beach by the next afternoon. About a quarter mile from the beach Hannah, Sandy, Lela and I dove into the water and swam to the beach. Daddy Sparks had a condo rented for us and our clothes taken there. They would stay someplace two nights before heading back to Hilton Head.

Sandy asks me, “Please don’t tell anyone we’re from Hilton Head.” …I was beginning to tire as we made it to the beach.


A lifeguard met us when we came onto the beach asking for identification. Hannah showed a condominium key pinned to her suit. That met with acceptance. We dripped dried a little before making our way to our condo.

There we found beach towels and more. There were even two outfits for each of us as well as sandals, sunglasses and beach hats. We waited a half hour before heading back to the beach, by then the college crowd was again on the beach. We took some things along with beach chairs.

Sandy had me wear on some shorts and a top down to the beach, but soon as we get there we start taking them off. I asked, “Why did you have me wear them in the first place?” Sandy told me, “Watch the people around us?”

With the four of us stripping down to our bathing suits, a lot of eyes came our way. Sandy especially knew how to tease the crowd around us. I tried the same, remembering I use to be one of the guys watching. But I also knew I had been envious of what the girls were wearing…

Story to be continued…

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