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Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

In this one!

We go off the rails!




There I was getting home from a long day at work again, once I opened the door going from the garage to my house. I heard the very distinct sound of food already cooking on the stove!

That little program that Nuuan sent out to me in the mail, it was supposed to help me write a little better and faster? But he had goofed and bespelled it a little via his grandmother who was a Wiccan. That little bitty mistake? It had led to several days of abject horror! Nuuan, had wanted to send me a little help via that simple, safe, shinny disk, A way to bring 'life' into my writing, my characters more!


He forgot one small thing...a small lesson from his Grandmother who was a REAL Wiccan witch! That the true intent of some spells, are more of what the caster wants or desires and he really 'wanted' me to bring more life into my stories. So what better way for that to happen...but...bring the character TO life and have them there to help the writer along with their story of life!

The program and it's magic...IT brought Rohanna and her twin Rehanna, both changed Drows to life. Then yanked them out of my computer, then dragged both of them into my home! Those first few days with one of them, they were utter madness! With her trying to make me write her story even more, even faster, gain more hits, kudos and reader comments. ALL of which fed into her life, without them she dies! As I lose my interest in writing her!

Rohanna on that very first day even tried to threaten me, but I upped the ante on her! If she killed me, she in turn DIED right there? Well when the logic of that idea dawned on her fully and she gave up on the idea of threats working on me. But she did not give up...not fully, she now keeps my house very clean...military clean! Makes my every meal, does my small in house chores...all so, I have more time to write her stories!

After I had a great meal she cooked for me and I wrote just a little bit, being more than tired after a long week of was bed time?

As I got ready for bed, back in my office, that writing program spun to life in the computer's tray.


This bed felt very good this morning, way better than most days. So warm, so soft, so comfortable. Then I rolled a little bit to snuggle in the sheets more and 'felt' something strange? Something not normal, something IN the bed with me!

When my eyes opened to the world, all I saw was white. Then the white moved and the face of Rohanna rolled over into my view now and she smiled a fang filled grin my way.

"Rohanna, why are you in my bed?" I asked her softly, not wanting to spook the dangerous Drow laying RIGHT next to me only scant inches away.

"You are not in your BED per say? But your are in mine in Poe cottage, ohh writer of mine?" she grinned evilly my way.

"Ahh that is impossible? That is just a fictional place, one that is made up and only exists inside the made-up world of some writers minds and stories!"

"Yes, but until a few weeks ago. I did not exist inside your world and not REALLY clean your house or cook you dinner last night? So why can't this be real now!" she reasoned with me.

"OHHH FUCK NO!" I shouted and sat up suddenly. Then found my chest bouncing like it should not and looked down at it..."Boobies! I GOT booooobies!" I shouted grabbing at them both.

"Yep!" she grinned my way, "that you do and most girls have them?" she stated the fact sitting up next to me, just as naked as I was now.

Instantly I fell out of bed and found a very cute naked girl looking at me from across the room, I reached for her, she reached out for me with the same arm. She leapt back in shock, as I did the same thing. She smiled when I just did...SHIT! I was looking at myself in the mirror set on the back door of the dorm room!

As I looked myself over even more and faster now! I found that I WAS in a Drow's body and that BODY was Rohanna's body! "I can't be you?" I shouted next.

"That's right, you are not me. You are you and you are in Rehanna! There was plenty of room inside her mind for you and SO, I moved you right on in..." she trailed off thinking for a second, "that computer program Nuuan sent showed me how to do that. Nice thing it is!"

"I can't be!" I shouted at her and pointed at myself.

"Well you are, so get used to it!" she sarcastically said to me, as she pulled me up to my feet.

"Now put this on, we have to get showered up for the day!" she sang out to me, as she handed me a robe to wear and jammed a bath caddy into my other hand.

Rohanna was yanking on her twins arm like mad, as the other posies passed by them in the hallway. One shouted out to the world in fright "What me in a bathroom with teen girls?! That is not decent!"

"Well you are one now!" the other purple skinned twin Drow yelled back at her now and shoved her twin into the showers room, with all the other students watching the madness happening between the two Drows this morning.

That now very confused Drow scanned the room full of naked, semi naked and dressing girls, she was left speechless, along with being frozen in place, in shock from the sight of it all! After the other Drow that was still moving had placed her twin's caddy into a shower, she ripped the robe right off her twin's body and shoved the twin into a shower booth. She turned on the shower's water, the hydroflux and the door was closed quickly.

The door banged a few times from the trapped Drow inside it, then as the system did it's miracle on the got quiet and the Drow leaned on the door to keep it shut, "A few minutes in that, you will be fixed up and ready for the you will get the experience of a lifetime!" she laughed evilly now.

Kyley the new GOO kid in Poe this new term, she smiles knowingly at Rohanna leaning up against the showers glass door just now, "So, you brought 'you know who' over? Very nice indeed!"

Rohanna nodded back to her, "Sure did, now we have him!"

A few minutes later, Rohanna is shoving her grinning twin down the hallway back to their room, "That was niceeee!" the first twin nearly drools out.

"I thought you would like that! Now lets get dressed, get fed and get to magic lab class before Circe has a COW again!"

Once Rohanna has helped her twin dress and the hard part was showing the newer Drow how a bra works! Both walk down the hallway towards the door, but are stopped by a vision of Elvin beauty just coming from her room...Fey or Nikki one of the other elves on the floor with the twin Drows.

"Good morning you two!" she bubbles out at both Drows in the hallway.

"You up this morning and without the need of four cups of coffee?" Rohanna wonders out loud to the hallway and the other students passing by.

"Yep, just felt great to get up this morning!" she sings again.

The new Drow being 'me' and me just being a 'guy' a few hours ago?! Was left drooling, right there and then by Nikki's beauty. So I did what any guy would want to do in this case...I hugged her! AND hugged her very close.

Nikki stars down at the Drow hugging her hard, "Ahh Rehanna, I think? I need to get to class and breath too!" she gasps out.

All I can say back to her, as her breasts smush against me is, "SO soft so warm!"

Rohanna yanks her twin off Nikki's chest quickly, "Off you letch! You are worse than Peeper!" but she shouts it out in Drow language to hide her anger with me right now. Strangely that I fully know the Drow language now comes to mind, as she yanks me off down the hallway?

In magic class

Rohanna slides her notebook over to me and I start reading it. Most of the notes are on human style magic, she goes over what we are learning today with me very quickly in Drow. Us talking like we are two totally separate beings now, that gains very strange stars from most of our lab table of fellow Sidhe.

Circe asked the class to come up front into the 'safe' zone and show how we were coming along with our spells. On Rohanna's turn, she had no issue with any spells that had a great background based within Sidhe or Fae magic. But any of her human made spells were a great struggle to even get finished and most did not last too long or were not well crafted.

Rehanna's turn coming up next was far different, she started with the human magic and sped thought it fast and made each spell perfectly! Then she started on her Sidhe based spells...Disaster!

A loud explosion echoed down the hallways of the lower levels of the magic section of Kirby Hall. Thick black smoke billowed down the hallways, as the door to Circe's lab class flew open and several students spilled chocking on the smoke out into the hallway.

Bunches of Hobgoblins spilled running from the room, a miniature Scooby doo dog was running next to a mini Shaggy Hobgoblin. A large batman styled one, swung on a line from the over head lamp and down the hall. One small multi colored one, doff it's top hat to Nikki, as she walked out into the hallway coughing.

One of the very cute new freshman girls from the class, she shrieked out suddenly as she left the room, "Ekkkkk...ewww its humping my leg!" she yelled out in anger and revulsion at the same time. As a hobgoblin did just that to her leg and then a new one ran over to her, then joined in on the fun!

Circe zapped a few of the hobgoblins into nothing, as she stomped her way over to both Drow. Who were now arguing over what had just happened in the lab in a variance of Drow cursing!

"How did you do human magic so well and I can't damn it!" Rohanna asked her twin.

"I am human first I guess, a elf second. The full opposite of you?" I wondered out loud speaking in Drow.

"What was that Miss Leigh! Normally, you do Fae magics fine and have issue with human magics?" Circe questions both of us now, "What has changed, both of you act like there is a whole new brain inside Rehanna now!"

"Circe!" I waved a hand in front of her face, "Clam down, forget what you saw or heard now and go gather the class...then sit and teach it!" I ordered her.

Her eyes glazed over and she repeated to me slowly, "Clam down, forget, class and teach the class." then she walked off and as she touched each student. Their eyes glazed over and they walked in a trance back into the lab class room and then finally closed the door behind themselves.

"How did you do that!" Rohanna asked me in shock of the sight of such power.

"I am a writer, so I can do lots of things!" I boasted to her.

"Well shit! Please tell me where Sara is trapped then!"

"Well she is...She is over in..." I stutter out and suddenly stop!

"SAY IT, SAY IT...PLEASE! Rohanna shouts at me now and starts to cry at me.

"Sara is over in...In...Shit I can't say! Something is stopping me!"

"Then take me there!" she demands and shoves me down the hallway and try as I might. My feet will not move, not even my arms! Nothing moves on my body while that thought is in my mind, when I think to move the other way back to the lab. My feet move freely now.

"Sorry Rohanna, the gods here must limit my powers to do that...somehow?" I shrugged to her and hugged her close to try and comfort her better, "All this will change soon, I have plans for it to change within my mind?" I let her know.

"Sara?" she questioned me.

"Not her exactly, but there are others to help you out in time?" I gave her hope.


Lunchtime at Crystal Hall

As we both waited in line the heavenly smell of a slice of bacon grabbed at my nose! My god, having a Drow's senses was so very thrilling, everything was an adventure now! Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling the flow of magic around me, the sense of nature and my bond with it...everything!

I quickly snatched that bacon strip from the tray and looked it over, "It will make you sick!" Rohanna warned me as I looked that slice of yummy meat over.

"Well there is a trash can right over there, lets try it!" I grinned and experimentally took a nibble. Nothing happened to me and I took a HUGE bite next. AND nothing happened as I swallowed the whole slice now.

"Well, it looks like you get sick and I do not!" I grinned evilly back at her.

Rohanna snatched a strip off the serving tray, then tried a very small bite of her own. Once the bite was chewed and she swallowed it...her stomach rebelled and she spat into the garbage can quickly.

"Hey with gives, you can eat this! But I can not, that is so unfair?"

"Life is not fair and you know it?" I stated back, then leaned over the counter to the cook, "I want a steak, ham and a dozen BBQ beef ribs!" I grinned at him.


The whole table watch on in utter amazement, as one Drow sat and ate STEAK! They had never seen either of them eat meat...EVER! And here was the newer twin most thought, eating meat and enjoying it. As she finished up her steak, Rohanna watched on and both of her hands were filled by a very bent out of shape fork and knife held in each hand.

Rohanna had not eaten a bite since sitting down, she just picked up her eating utensils and in her deep, growing anger...she bent them into twisted art pieces.

"I hate you!" she growled out slowly and a slow hiss of rage followed the words.

"Well I am glad too help?" the other grinned back to her.

"Ohhhh you!" Rohanna shouted and tossed the bent knife and fork across the room.

"Sorry, but this tastes soooooo GOOOOODDDD!" the twin still eating said and switched over to the plate of ribs.

As one Drow sat and ate the ribs by the piece, the other watched on in growing rage and suddenly the slight quiet of the table. Was stopped by the loud snapping of a large dinner plate...the unbreakable dinner plate, that was held in Rohanna's hands! She had snapped it from twisting it in her hands, just like the knife and fork had bent.


After Lunch

"Tell me how you can eat meat!"

"life sucks and it sucks to be you!" the Drow with a 'writer's mind within her head played with her twin and her creation.

"Ohhhhh human!" she shouted back!

"Hey, I want to try porting!" and that one Drow vanished, then popped back up, "Hey that is so neat, that trip was to Tokyo! Ohhh what next!..."

As both Drow walked back to Poe cottage, one vanished nearly every other step and came back grinning "that was neat too!" then vanished again.

On one of the 'ports' Rehanna came back as they crossed over the large Quad and there was Peeper there! His target today was the twins and he wanted good shots to sell to the 'sci fy' magazines or web sites for her up coming part in a blockbuster movie!

Rehanna finished popping in and was standing on the path right in front of the crazy Peeper as he took photo after photo of the Drow already there. She bumped into him and he reached out to see what was blocking his shot...never even bothering to look up from his camera viewfinder.

When his hand reached out, it hit soft warm pliant flesh, nice soft flesh, in a shape that his hands RARLY ever touched! SO he squeezed them, but he crossed the line for sure when he tweaked...nip!

Next thing he knew, all that joy of having touched the 'untouchable' was GONE and now he was flying through the air minus shoes and socks. Traveling over thirty feet through space, with a badly cracked jaw and landed in a pile of pain in the shrubbery!

When Peeper touched what I was sure he should never touch! My arm, my fist, all acted on more instinct then my mind telling them. My arm whipped back, then came up in a long strong fast swig upward to his jaw. The hardness of the blow I gave him, it even shocked me! I wanted to hit him, not break him into little pieces!

I looked down at my feet and found two very new Van's shoes laying there in the place where Peeper's feet left them, farther out two empty white socks lay on the concrete and then there was a large person shaped hole in a HUGE bush, with moaning coming from it.

"Shit...I am sure I hurt him bad!" I admitted to everyone.


An hour of screaming later!

Both of us walk out of Shuster Hall with Rohanna yelling at me, "Well now we have punishment detail AGAIN!"

"Well Peeper does too!"

"Yep, Carson gave in to your line could be worse! Squeezing boob is one thing, but tweaking nip is fatal!"

"Well chances are good...I assume that any punishment we get? You will be doing it, as I am counting on not being here to do any!" I warned the Drow staring at me in rage.

"WELL then, see if I do your dishes anymore!" she threatened me.

"So I guess I have to wash my dishes and clothes....ohh well less time to write...your loss?"

"SHU!" she barked back at me in Drow (shit)


A short time later, we faded into the Grove as we walked along the schools most forbidden path and the trees themselves seemed to 'lean' into welcoming us here. Rohanna took the lead for the twin Drow, taking the path towards the hot springs and the healing waters that they contained.

"Well here we are!" she grinned and waved a hand to show the inner spring's area to me.

"NEAT"! I squealed in awe of the beauty of the place. Writing about it is one thing, but actually seeing it with a Drow's eyes is a whole life changing experience indeed!

As I looked over the whole beautiful scene before me, Rohanna quickly tossed off her clothes onto a large stump there and a waiting Nymph of such utter beauty, took them all away for cleaning.

After Rohanna stepped into the hot spring waters, she glanced over to me with a wink, "Well get out of those clothes, you are missing the best part of all of this place!"

I did what she asked me to do very quickly and slid into the warm waters joining her. Shortly I was very relaxed and very mellowed form the long day spent in this very strange place inside a story, "Maybe I should stay here awhile and learn to like this place?"


Next thing I knew, I was awake back in my own bed!

"Was all that a dream?" I asked myself.

My hand smacked on the night table searching for my phone to see what time it was, when I found the darn thing and then brought it up to my face. IT! told me it was Sunday now and I had lost all of Saturday in bed...or had I?

After I got back up, showered and sipped at my morning hot tea. I plopped into my office chair and fired up the computer. But found it still on and that weird program that Nuuan sent me was in the tray still spinning, plus running on the desk top!

"Well back to writing I guess?" I mumbled out.

"You darn well better get back to work!" came a growl from my hallway and a Drow walked into my office with a plate of fine cooked breakfast!



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