Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 35

Synopsis; Aunty Cath brings a diapered Baby Bonnie over to her sister's place to help get Baby Jennie ready for the Fairy Princess party. Bonnie realises she has wronged Baby Jennie, and tries to make it up to the sissy baby.

Chapter 35. Baby Bonnie and Baby Jennie

I was shuffling on all fours down the hallway towards the staircase when the doorbell rang. Mummy hurried past me to open the front door. Bonnie was standing outside with her long bare legs splayed unnaturally wide, accompanied by her stern-faced mother. My hang-dog cousin had her hot-pink plastic tool box clutched in one hand and she staggered because of the imbalanced weight. The sullen teenager barely glanced at me as her mother dragged her inside at the end of her white baby reins. Aunty Cath was dressed very plainly in a denim work shirt and an old pair of jeans, but I noticed she was wearing her black platform knee-high boots with the towering six-inch heels.

Voluptuous Bonnie was wearing her white leather toddler harness over a cute yoke-neck, powder-blue babydoll frock. At least it was long enough to cover the nappies and baby panties I felt certain she must be wearing underneath. Her breasts were so large and the harness so tight, soft brown flesh bulged out of the top of her frock, even though the neckline was reasonably demure. The juvenile Empire-line dress had a row of big blue buttons running down the front too, all the way to the brief hemline that showed off most of her fleshy brown thighs. Aunty Cath treated me like a useless infant and completely ignored me. She briefly greeted my mother as she unclipped the slender white leather reins from the rear D-rings attached to Bonnie’s harness, and then my Aunty unbuckled and removed the humiliating toddler restraint.

“I need to take care of a few things, Isy, and I haven’t got time to look after my silly baby girl,” Cath explained without preamble or apology. “I thought I could leave her here with you till the party and she could help you get the girls ready. She’s brought her box of tricks, so she can do the girls’ faces for the party, too.”
“Oh! Oh, okay,” Mummy clumsily responded, caught completely off-guard by her bossy big sister’s poorly-framed request. “I suppose that would be alright. I’m just about to change the baby and put her down for a nap.”

Cath firmly thrust her cowed daughter towards my kneeling form, and she stumbled forward in her classic flat-heeled, black-patent Maryjane shoes, the pastel-blue frills of her lace-lavished white anklet socks shimmering attractively around her slender ankles. Bonnie placed her heavy tool box beside the wall out of the way, but she couldn’t look at Mummy or Aunty Cath when she turned back to us.

“Good,” Cath grunted dismissively. “Make Baby Bonnie change her nappy. I hope it’s a nasty messy one.” She slipped the packed vinyl-covered diaper bag from her shoulder and handed it to my mother. “My baby’s clean for the moment. I only changed her nappy about twenty minutes ago, so she should be right for a few hours. I know you probably have everything here to take care of my big baby girl, but I packed her change bag, anyway.”
“I know what that’s like,” Mummy chuckled in agreement, slipping the plastic-covered handles over one shoulder. “It’s just a mother’s natural instinct, I suppose.”

Aunty Cath gave a short barking laugh and nodded, then handed the white leather harness and matching baby reins to Mummy too. She backed towards the front door, muttering, “I really have to get going, Isy. I have several… things that need organising, before I come back at two o’clock.”
“Okay sis,” Mummy replied with an easy smile. “I’ll see you later.”
“Behave yourself, Baby Bonnie,” Cath growled in warning. Her downcast daughter’s head nodded, making her long chestnut pigtails dance. Cath waved farewell to Mummy and then slipped out the door, closing it firmly behind her. I realised she hadn’t acknowledged my presence at all, treating me as less than dust beneath her chariot wheels.

Mummy sighed heavily and then shrugged her shoulders in resignation. “Alright, Baby Bonnie. Can I trust you to take Baby Jennie upstairs, take off her nappy, and put her on the potty?” The embarrassed teenager numbly nodded and Mummy smiled - barely. “Then you can put her in a fresh nappy, and pop her into her crib for a little nap. Okay Bonnie? Can I trust you to do that?”
“Yes Aunty Isy,” Bonnie meekly mumbled in reply, so quietly that I could barely hear her.

Mummy nodded in satisfaction and glanced towards me on the staircase. “Keep crawling up those stairs, baby girl,” Mummy firmly instructed me. “It’s nap-time for wet little baby girls.” I obediently shuffled upstairs on all fours, oblivious to my cousin’s wide golden eyes when she stared in bemused wonder at my demeaning infantile mode of progress.
“Aunty Isy?” Bonnie hesitantly suggested, “Do you want me to make up a bedtime bottle for Baby Jennie?”
Mummy looked surprised by her niece’s unexpected thoughtfulness. “Yes Bonnie, that would be a lovely idea! You know where the baby’s bottles are kept?” The tall teen nodded and headed towards the kitchen.

Mummy stood at the foot of the stairs watching me when I paused outside the door to my Nursery. When she didn’t yell at me to continue crawling inside, I anxiously waited to see if Bonnie was really going to make me a bedtime bottle. Would the conniving vixen put something nasty in it? Like a laxative, or something that tasted horrid? The possibilities were terrifying! Mummy carried Bonnie’s pink change bag and her clinking toddler harness into the formal dining room that we almost never use, and dumped everything on the long mahogany table. She came out and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen - I assumed to check on my cousin, for which I was grateful. I didn’t want her spiking my bottle with purgatives, or something worse!

A few minutes later Bonnie returned carrying one of my huge pink baby bottles filled with milk. From the way she carefully cradled my bottle in one of my terry bibbies, it looked almost too hot to handle. I fearfully wondered if she intended deliberately scalding my tongue so I couldn’t talk properly, reducing me to incoherent baby babbling for days, or even weeks. My heart pounded against my breast at the terrifying - yet weirdly arousing - prospect. My cousin slowly waddled upstairs, and Mummy observed from the foot of the stairs as Bonnie clumsily shuffled towards me across the landing. “Oh, and Bonnie?” Mummy called after her. “Make sure you lock Baby Jennie’s mittens on her naughty paws before you put her down for her nap, okay? You’ll see them on the shelf above the change table.”

My diapered cousin nodded and I despondently crawled ahead of her into my Nursery, stopping at the foot of my change table. Bonnie placed my steaming pink baby bottle on the dresser and tossed my clean bibbie at the head of the table. She lifted me up with a grunt and sat me on my soggy bottom on the padded vinyl surface. She untied and thankfully took off my restrictive, frill-laden satin bonnet first. I felt like a grateful draught horse having her blinkers removed. Bonnie took off my floaty pink cotton frock and my frothy petticoat, and hung them up in the walk-in wardrobe. Finally she unbuckled my pink-patent Maryjanes, and slid them from my petite feet. She tugged down my frilly socks, too, and then eased me onto my back. “Lift up, baby,” she softly instructed. I was so unused to someone directly speaking to me while they changed my nappy, at first I didn’t react.

“Come on, baby, lift your bum,” Bonnie ordered a tad impatiently. Then it looked like she was trying to rein in her wayward emotions. She bit her plump pink bottom lip in regret for her hasty admonition, smiled bravely, then tugged down my slithering pink rumba panties. She gently cooed, “Ballerina toesies,” before she swept the frilly panties off my raised feet. “Good baby!” Fortunately for her I was only wet when she unpinned and peeled down the warm soggy front of my nappy. Bonnie expertly gathered my ankles in one hand and swept my feet back over my head, and dragged my wet nappies from underneath me with practised ease. She lowered my legs, used the relatively dry rear to swab up the pee-stained old powder, removed the disposable soaker pad and liners, and then tossed the drenched cloth nappies in my nappy bucket.

She grabbed a handful of baby wipes from the tub on the shelf above and proceeded to carefully wipe every square inch of my diaper area. Her large hands were sure and gentle, her touch soft and caring, until I closed my eyes and relaxed back in comfort. Even though her caressing touches on my genitals were thrilling, my anxiety initially made sure my little clittie remained just that - little. She rolled me back onto my shoulders again to clean between my botty cheeks, and she used so many wipes I suspected I might have been a little dirty back there, as well. When she was sure I was completely clean, she slowly lowered my legs and leaned over me with a tender smile. “Do you need to use the potty, baby girl?” she sweetly questioned me. I lazily shook my head, unaware that my excitable little clittie had already started to thicken, totally beyond my control. “That’s what I thought,” she whispered with a cheeky grin. “But that’s okay, baby. Maybe we can use our time together a little more… productively.”

Bonnie took two of my new fluffy pink nappies from the shelf under the change table, and lay them on the padded surface between my wide-splayed feet. She slid a disposable diaper between the thick cloth layers to act as an additional soaker pad and placed the disposable blue liners in a cross pattern over the top, just in case I soiled my nappy. She didn’t bother asking me to lift my botty and simply rolled me back onto my shoulders again to slide the prepared nappies underneath me. My bottom gently dropped onto the huge puffy pile of material, settling onto the fluffy mass like a soft cottony cloud.

Bonnie shook a fog of scented baby powder over my genitals and caressed the silky talc over my hairless tummy and swelling baby-smooth bits. “Baby likes lots of powder,” she cooed with a small smile. She lifted my ankles high in the air again to powder my botty too, and her hand felt so soft and warm as she smoothed the lightly-perfumed talc all over my relaxed bumcheeks and deeply into my parted crack. Her tickling powdery fingers circled around my delicate puffy rosebud, teasing and gently probing until I writhed uncontrollably under her fabulous erotic caresses. “Mmm, baby likes that,” Bonnie murmured with quiet confidence. When she lowered my feet, my twitching little tool was helplessly expanding, the swelling head creeping up my powdery tummy towards my belly button.

Bonnie deftly pulled the soft fluffy front of my clean nappy up over my stiffening clittie, and expertly pinned it around my waist with two pins either side. It was the tightest nappy I’d ever worn, erotically trapping my hot hard-on against my powder-coated, silky-smooth belly. She shook out a fresh pair of crackling pink plastic panties from my dresser drawer, cooed “Ballerina toesies,” and slid them over my feet with skill born of long practice. “Good girl! Footsies down, bubba.” She rolled the rustling transparent pilchers up past my knees and then crooned, “Lift that botty for me, baby girl.” I obligingly raised my rear, puzzled that she was being so nice to me. She tugged the snug waistband up over my huge padded bum with some difficulty. She tucked everything in around the leg bands and all the way around the top of my nappy to be safe, then softly commanded, “And down, baby. What a good baby girl! Now upsy-daisy!”

She sat me up and turned me so my calves dangled over the side of the change table. She slipped one of my filmy pink cotton babydoll nighties over my curl-covered head. I even poked my hands through the short lace-edged sleeves without needing her help. She was smiling at me strangely in a half-sad, half-wistful kind of way, as she settled the brief hemline around my wide padded hips. “You make such a pretty little girl,” Bonnie commented. “Here baby, let me help.” She leaned forward and reached around me to tug down the back of my floaty nightie, and I found my face falling into her deep inviting cleavage. I gratefully rested my flushed pink cheeks between her warm bountiful breasts, and was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t instantly pull away. I inhaled deeply, filling my nostrils with the delicate aroma of baby powder and her own spicy personal scent. Despite my stiff clittie pulsating distractingly inside my fluffy dry nappy, I felt an anxious twinge of concern. After all; this is Bonnie we’re talking about! Why was she being so nice to me? I felt I had to treat her every move with suspicion.

My buxom cousin shuddered slightly, and then went very still, cradling my face against her trembling bosom. I suspected she was wetting her diaper, and I strained my ears for any audible evidence of her stream from inside her wetproof panties. All I could hear was her pounding heart reverberating through the soft fleshy cushions of her luscious titties. She kept my face pressed between her bountiful breasts for a few thrilling minutes, patting my back distractedly while she completely emptied her straining bladder. Then she released me with a tremulous sigh and slid a clean frilly bibbie between our bodies, and she clipped it around my neck. My smiling cousin thoughtfully attached the dummy chain to the lace-edged collar of my bibbie, and I clutched my familiar oversized baby pacifier for reassurance.

Bonnie leaned back and her tender expression remained unchanged, even when she slipped one of the soft pink leather mittens over the limp fingers of my free hand. “Curl up your fingers for me, baby girl,” she cooed invitingly. I obediently made a fist and let her tug the snug mitten into place and buckle it around my left wrist. I popped the amber rubber teat into my mouth before I effectively lost the use of my hands, my chin drooping in resignation. My right hand was dealt with in the same manner, and her huge golden eyes glowed with unspoken sympathy when she used the tiny brass padlocks to secure my snug pink mittens in place. I used my bound hands to clumsily clasp the frill-edged bottom of my musk-pink bibbie, lifting it so I could read the embroidered inscription; ‘Princess Potty Pants.’

Bonnie’s smile seemed genuine when she picked me up off the change table. My buxom cousin carried me over her padded hip like a big baby, all the way to the wide white wicker rocking chair in the far corner of the Nursery. I wrapped myself around her voluptuous frame and one of my mittened fists unthinkingly came to rest in the small of her back. I could hear her baby panties quietly crackling against my clenched thighs under her dress, and I could feel the links of the brass waist chain at the rear, as well as the little padlock tightly securing it in place. She picked up my hot baby bottle from the dresser on the way, and then carefully leaned down and placed it on the floor beside the white wicker chair. She stood me up and held me by the waist to steady me as she sat down first. Although she attempted to demurely press her thighs together, it was an impossible task. The crotch of her bulky nappy was too thick for such shy feminine antics - just like mine.

Her brief hemline slid up and before she could tug it back down, I caught a glimpse of her tautly-stretched, heavily-packed baby panties. Bonnie’s lockable pilchers were made from thick, transparent pink plastic today, like my baby panties, with a narrow layer of pretty white lace frills around the leg holes. I thought they looked really cute. She blushed rosily when she realised she had inadvertently given me a glimpse of her hidden shame. The shy vulnerability of her downcast gaze made my heart go out to her, even as my clittie grew harder inside my nappy. She drew me closer and manoeuvred me face-up over her lap but angled towards her body, so my folded legs were mostly resting on one of the wide rounded wicker arms.

I caught a sharp hint of fresh urine, and knew it wasn’t coming from my nappy. I’d only been changed two minutes ago, and my pulsating clittie was too hard to make wee-wees! Bonnie took the plump pink cushion from behind her back and slid it over her warm bare thighs, since they were splayed too wide to safely support my head. She tenderly rested my halo of curls on the soft pillow, and I watched through sleepy half-closed eyelids while my smiling cousin unfastened the top three buttons of her powder-blue frock. The childish big blue plastic buttons were so huge, it took her ages to push each one through the buttonhole.

My blue eyes widened when I spied her pretty white lace bra. When she drew the flaps of her dress aside and folded them back, I could see every detail of Bonnie’s huge russet nipples through the delicate net cups. “Baby Jennie?” she softly demanded, as she tossed her long chestnut pigtails out of our way over her broad brown shoulders. “I have to ask you something.” With great difficulty, I tore my enraptured gaze from her fabulous heaving bosom and gazed up into her concerned golden eyes. Bonnie asked, “When you saw April and me… fooling around together, in her bedroom, all those years ago - did you really think Aril was telling me to stop and trying to push me away?” I kept my eyes on hers and slowly nodded, my big blue eyes shining with honesty. “You didn’t tell my mum that, just to get me into trouble?” I vehemently shook my head, till my platinum ringlets danced. A look of dawning comprehension slowly crept across her pretty puckered features.

“I believe you,” Bonnie gasped, and it sounded like a sob caught in her throat. “Just- just one more question, baby?” she asked rather than told me, and I nodded. “When - when your Mummy was punishing me yesterday, why…?” She paused, as if she found it difficult to complete the question. “Why did to ask her to stop? Why - why were you so nice to me?” She looked so worried, I almost giggled, but I think it was due more to nerves than amusement.

Her question confused me for a moment. I blinked stupidly up at her, batting my long black lashes like the confused little girl I was. “Becauthe Mummy wath hurting you,” I innocently replied. “You were thcweaming and cwying, and I- and I-” I couldn’t tell my bossy, five-foot ten, buxom, seventeen-year-old cousin I had felt sorry for her! Even if it was the truth! “I- I had to make her thtop. I didn’t want Mummy to hurt you any more!” I finished a tad defiantly. I was feeling kind of proud of myself for my unselfish act of bravery in defying both my Mummy and my domineering Aunty Cath. I was stunned when Bonnie’s pretty face became wracked with guilt. She blushed furiously till her face was as red as a fire hydrant, and her rapidly-blinking golden orbs glistened wetly with emotion.

“Oh baby, how I’ve misjudged you,” Bonnie mournfully muttered, and she plucked out my dum-dums and dropped it on my heaving bosom. My heart pounded with excitement when she added, “But maybe I can make up for that a bit now.” Her sheer E-cup bra had a front-fastening clip at the base of her cleavage, almost hidden beneath those humongous wobbling teats. I trembled and gasped in excitement when she deftly snapped open the clip. The stretchy lace cups instantly parted either side of her bountiful breasts like the Red sea before Moses, and the patterned net material dragging across her sweet russet buds teased the sensitive erectile tissue into ready wakefulness. I watched entranced as her pinky-brown nip-nips grew stiffer and larger - along with my throbbing clittie. Then Bonnie used the tip of her middle finger and her thumb to pinch the thickening left teat, pulling it out and teasing it to full size. It kept growing under her brutal ministrations, and she gave a sigh of pleasure/pain before she released the tumescent bud. It looked about the size of the end joint of my thumb, and twice as succulent.

I instinctively cupped my mittened paws over the bulging front of my crackling baby panties, firmly pressing the tight fluffy material beneath against my pounding stiffie. Bonnie slid her left hand under my shoulder and her forearm under my head, and levered my body a little closer to her left bosom. She smiled at my eagerly parted lips, her moist golden eyes glowing with a tenderness I’d never seen her display to me. She cupped her huge right hand under her massive trembling left breast, pinching the aureole between her thumb and index finger till the stiff russet nipple poked out temptingly between them. “Here, darling,” Bonnie cooed softly to me. “I know this is what you’ve always wanted.” She steered the erect bumpy bud between my waiting pursed lips, and I greedily latched on like I’d been doing it all my life. “Ahhhh!” She moaned and shuddered when I hungrily drew her swollen teat deeply into my suctioning mouth. As soon as she slid her hand from under her floppy breast, I reached up with both curled fists and began to gently pump her brown fleshy globe with my soft pink leather mittens.

Even though voluptuous Bonnie had no milk, it was incredibly arousing to dry-feed from her enormous E-cup breast. Her massive bosom was so big, each fleshy melon was almost the same size as my head - which really made me feel even more like a tiny baby by comparison. I revelled in the delicious infantile feelings sweeping through my tiny frame. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined two beautiful busty young women wanting to breastfeed me on the same day! Despite the lack of milk, her huge firm nipple filling my mouth was totally satisfying to draw on. It was like sucking my fat dummy-teat - except this teat was wonderfully warm and alive with promise. I grunted and whimpered in delight, nuzzling into her unbelievably soft breast flesh, and then I felt her large right hand come to rest right over my throbbing clittie.

Bonnie pressed down firmly over my tenting plastic panties, wrapping my soft fluffy nappy around my pulsating little tool. “Good girl,” she whispered enticingly in my ear, as her palm slithered up and down over the slippery plastic front my bulging baby panties. “You have a lovely suck from my titty,” she murmured. “Mmm, that’s right, good baby. Ohhh!” She continued stroking and fondling my raging stiff clittie through my dry fluffy nappies, expertly teasing me to greater heights of arousal. I noisily snuffled at her breast like a hungry piglet, her soft warm flesh completely covering my nose at times, making breathing difficult. I figured out that if I kept kneading the top of her luscious cushiony titty with my leather-clad knuckles, just above my nostrils, I could make enough of a gap to occasionally snort in some much-needed fresh air.

She let me feed from her left nipple for about ten amazing minutes, and my face was sweaty from the intimate contact by the time she gently prised me away. I whimpered wordlessly in disappointment, but Bonnie slid me over her lap towards her massive bare right breast. I didn’t wait for her to guide the ready swollen nipple into my mouth. I reached up and clumsily grabbed hold of the warm heavy globe between my mittened fists, and urgently wrapped my pouting pink lips around her erect russet bud.

Her erotic grip on my pounding clittie tightened, and her sensational stroking caresses became more insistent as I drew the stiff swollen nipple halfway down my throat. “Ohh! What a good baby girl,” Bonnie whispered tenderly in my ear, and she cradled me even tighter to her enormous bosom. “Such a beautiful little baby girl, aren’t you? Yes, you are!” she affectionately cooed, speaking down to me as though I was her own sweet baby girl. “You looked so pretty today in your sweet pink toddler frock, with your frilly pink rumba panties peeping out from underneath, and your matching little pink patent Maryjanes. And your curly hair looks so gorgeous now, like a real little Shirley Temple.” I don’t know why, but I was thrilled by her softly crooned words of praise. I avidly sucked on her bountiful bosom like a starving infant as I writhed with pleasure in her arms. “You have no idea how beautiful you look now, precious. With those fabulous long lashes framing your big blue eyes, and your new darker, shaped eyebrows, and that gorgeous, pouty, puffy pink mouth… You couldn’t look more feminine if you tried!”

I helplessly wriggled in her arms and my little legs started twitching, my bare feet kicking spastically in excitement. My swollen clittie felt like a bar of molten steel inside my deliciously humid nappy. I unconsciously started thrusting my hips up, pressing harder into her thrilling grip. The clumsy pink leather mittens on my fists made it harder to pump her breasts, but that only made me feel more like the helpless little baby I truly was. “Yes baby,” Bonnie encouraged me in her low sweet voice, her hand on my slithering panty front rubbing faster and faster. “That’s it, my darling. Show me how much you love being a sweet little sissy Princess. Mmm, that’s it, my beautiful baby girl. Yes, you are! You’re my beautiful Baby Jennie, and I’m going to take such good care of you…”

I was grunting and moaning in exhilaration, swept away by her loving whispered endearments. It was like Bonnie wanted to make all my dreams come true, and I almost swooned at the fantastic thought. Suddenly I knew I was going to cum without her even touching my clittie, and I sucked even harder on her sensitive swollen nipple. She moaned in unison and clutched me tighter to her massive bosom, and my hips began to thrash up and down and my little legs jerked all over the place. “Good girl, good girl, what a good little baby girl you are,” she chanted in her low seductive voice. “Come on, my precious potty Princess, show me how you do cummies in your nap-naps. Let it all go in your nappy for Mama.” The bright lights flashed in my head as she unwittingly fulfilled my deepest darkest fantasy, and my clittie helplessly exploded inside my soft fluffy nappy. I grunted and panted with each emptying spasm of my writhing hips, the wonderfully soft nappies absorbing every spurting drop of my bad baby juice. My need for air eventually overcame my desire to keep suckling, and I reluctantly let go and let my head flop back against the soft cushion on her lap, gasping for breath.

“Aww,” Bonnie cooed with a cheeky knowing smile, “my poor little baby girl is all hot and sweaty after her lovely feed! Here darling, let me wipe your little face.” She picked up the end of my bibbie and used it to tenderly wipe the film of our combined perspiration from my glowing red cheeks. “That’s better. Did that feel good, baby?”
“Goo-goo-goo,” I breathlessly panted, and then gave up trying to say the word ‘good.’ I simply babbled up at her in mindless baby chatter, contentedly wallowing in the blissful post-orgasmic glow. “Goo-goo-goo ga-ga!” I happily mumbled, making her giggle in delight. I watched through sleepy half-closed eyelids as Bonnie used my absorbent terry bibbie to pat dry her sweaty brown breasts, and then she tugged the connecting straps of her white lace bra together in front.

Bonnie gathered her humongous floppy bosoms inside the lacy hammock, and then pulled the stretchy cups together to form a deep shadowed cleavage. Her angry red nipples were still so swollen, they poked out like thumb joints through the fine lace cups. She fastened the plastic clip between her heaving breasts with expert precision, despite it being invisible to her eyes. I watched in awe as she reached inside each cup in turn and gently rearranged the heavy fleshy melons with her fingers to settle them more comfortably, and then she slowly refastened the big blue plastic buttons of her babydoll frock over the top. Bonnie made sure everything was demurely covered, and then smiled down indulgently at my sleepy entranced expression. Her sweet smile broadened and her huge golden eyes glowed with tenderness when she reached down beside the arm of the rocking chair, and she picked up my baby bottle from the floor. My beaming cousin gently shook the pink plastic bottle first to stir the contents, and then tipped it up, shaking a few drops of milk onto her wrist to test the temperature. She decided it was warm enough, but not too hot, and she nodded in satisfaction before she steered the spurting teat towards my mouth.

“Here baby,” Bonnie crooned encouragingly. She fed the warm dripping nipple between my writhing parched lips. “My precious baby girl must be thirsty by now.” She wrapped her left hand behind my head again, tilting my face up and rolling me closer to her warm lush body. She cradled me to her ample bosom as she bottle-fed me, crooning soft words of encouragement to me when I sleepily let my eyes drift closed in post-orgasmic bliss. As the warm milk trickled down my throat, hot wee-wees simultaneously spurted out of my shrinking clittie, splashing over my tummy and surrounding my genitals in soothing, comforting warmth. I wriggled about in the sensuous spreading heat, only then becoming aware of a hot sticky mass between my cheeks. Did I mess my nappy when I was cumming? I wasn’t sure, but when I gently squeezed my bum cheeks together and then relaxed them, I could feel something sticking them together! If it was poo-poo, at least it wasn’t a very big one - I hoped.

Bonnie pressed the soles of her Maryjanes against the floor and pushed the rocking chair back, and then let go. The white wicker armchair began to gently rock, and my cousin maintained the movement with her long legs. The slow rocking motion was very soothing, and I tried to forget I was a wet and messy baby girl. I closed my eyes and let her bottle-feed me like a helpless infant. Bonnie began to softly hum, and I think it was a lullaby - but I couldn’t be sure. I lay back and relaxed as I rhythmically sucked and swallowed the warm sweet milk from the clear silicon teat of my baby bottle, my useless mittened fists resting on the rustling crotch of my plastic panties. I think I must have drifted off a couple of times, but Bonnie gently stroked my cheek with one finger to stimulate the suckling reflex. She smiled indulgently when I automatically started sucking down the warm milk again for another minute or two, before gradually drifting off once more.

“Aren’t you a good girl!” Mummy praised Bonnie in a loud whisper from the Nursery doorway. “You look like a real mother, cradling Baby Jennie like that and feeding her her bottle. Absolutely divine!” I heard Mummy’s soft words of praise as though from a great distance, but I don’t know if Bonnie replied. I know she must have carried me to my crib sometime later, eased me inside, and raised the side rail and locked it in place, all without waking me. Because that’s where I woke up a couple of hours later, lying on my side with my dummy in my mouth and a frilly bibbie still clipped around my neck.

I sleepily rolled onto my back and chewed on the satisfying rubber teat of the dum-dums I found in my mouth, feeling my sodden nappies engulfing my loins like a soothing warm bath. I stretched out luxuriously in my longer crib, and then wondered why Mummy hadn’t yet come to wake me. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon outside, and the air was warm and sweetly perfumed with familiar comforting scents of baby powder and my sodden nappy. The party! I sat up in alarm when I suddenly remembered that I was going to Daisy Green’s Fairy Princess birthday party this afternoon! I felt a squishy lump mash between my botty cheeks when I sat erect, and I instinctively rocked backwards and forwards on the semi-solid mess. I was a wet and pooey baby girl - again! My sensitive clittie pressed into the clinging front of my warm wet nappy as I rocked on my poopy load, and almost by reflex, it started to swell.

I heard Bonnie’s voice outside on the landing calling downstairs to Mummy. “She was still fast asleep ten minutes ago, but I’ll go and check on the baby again.” The Nursery door was slightly ajar, and when she pushed it open and stepped inside, Bonnie smiled warmly at the sight of me sitting up in my cot and gently rocking behind the pink steel bars. She poked her head out the door and yelled, “The baby’s awake!”
Mummy’s voice drifted up from downstairs. “Put baby on the potty first and then pop her in the bath, will you Bonnie?” I’ll come and help you get her dressed in a little while, when I’m finished with Angie.”
“Okay Aunty Isy,” Bonnie loudly replied. She shuffled into the room grinning broadly at me.

“How’s my precious little Baby Jennie? Did she have a good sleepy-byes?” Bonnie cooed to me. I silently nodded, smiling sleepily around the guard of my dum-dums in reply. The first thing I noticed was that Bonnie was wearing a full face of make-up again, and she looked much happier with her pretty features enhanced by her usual thick coating of war-paint. She unlocked the crib side with her foot and caught the heavy steel rail as it dropped, and then reached in to prod the crotch of my nappy. She giggled when she felt my hard stiffie poking out the front of my pink plastic panties, and then squeezed my warm wet nappy crotch to assess the damage. “Who’s an excited, wet little baby girl?” Bonnie crooned teasingly. She reached in and grabbed me under the armpits, answering her own question. “My Baby Jennie is, that’s who!” She lifted me out of the crib and carried me over to the change table. “Come on, darling. Let’s change you out of that poopy wet nappy.”

I wondered how she knew I was dirty? Even though I could feel I was messy, I couldn’t smell it. I didn’t realise my nose had become accustomed to the familiar earthy scent of my own waste. Bonnie removed my frilly bibbie and my pink cotton nightie, and thoughtfully unclipped my dummy chain first so I could keep sucking the comforting amber teat. I smiled up at her gratefully as she gently turned my body and lay me on my back. “Lift that botty, baby girl,” she sang, and I kept smiling up at her as I readily obeyed. “Good baby, and down,” Bonnie cooed after she tugged down my glistening baby panties. “Now lift those widdle footsies in the air and ballerina toesies.” She tugged my pink plastic panties down my legs and over my compliantly-pointed toesies, and tossed them in my nappy bucket.

My stiff clittie hadn’t gone down at all, and she rested her palm on the warm wet front of my nappy and lovingly squeezed me through the clinging soggy cloth. A tiny moan of pleasure escaped my swollen pink lips, and Bonnie’s indulgent smile became a broad grin. She released my pounding clittie and unpinned my diaper, and poked the pins into the bar of soap on the shelf above. She lowered my nappy front and pretended to be surprised when she saw the mess between my legs - and my stiff little tool. “Oh my, Baby Jennie!” she softly cried, raising her delicately-plucked eyebrows in faux-horror. “Some little baby girl has been having an awfully good time in her nap-naps, hasn’t she?” Even though her words were mocking, her forgiving smile and her gentle teasing tone assured me she wasn’t really upset with me.

There was only a small amount of dark-brown poop staining the crotch of my drenched pink nappy, and Bonnie had no trouble collecting most of the squishy mess in the disposable liners. Once she had the disposable blue cloth liners folded in the soaker pad and thrown the packed orange nappy sack into the plastic-lined bin, she pulled a handful of baby wipes from the tub. She carefully scrubbed between my cheeks and under my ball sack, taking her time. My rock-hard clittie bobbed stiffly above my tummy, and it pulsated madly when my smirking cousin gave it a thorough going-over with the soothing moist wipes, too. When she was sure I was clean, she grabbed my stiff little tool in her large hand, smiling indulgently at me when she gave the pulsating shaft several quick affectionate squeezes that left me shuddering in arousal.

I mewled in disappointment when she relaxed her stimulating grip. She giggled as she scooped me under the armpits and lifted me down to the floor. “Crawl into the bathroom and we’ll put you on the potty, Baby Jennie,” Bonnie gently instructed me. I shuffled into the en-suite with my stiffie noisily slapping against my bare tummy, and waited patiently beside my low pink chair. My grinning cousin followed close behind and she lifted me up and sat me in my potty-chair. It took her several attempts to stuff my hard clittie under the pink plastic scoop in front, and I shuddered when she gripped it tightly and forced the purple head down. I had to lean my head down almost to my knees so she could slide the swollen tip past the plastic lip. I gave a low groan of pain when the rough edge scraped against the sensitive eye of my pounding clittie.

Bonnie made me sit back so she could loop the thin leather seatbelt around me, and she pulled the end tight before buckling it behind the back of my chair. Only then did she unlock my baby mittens with the key Mummy provided, and she slid the pink leather bonds from my numb hands with a sympathetic smile. “You have a lovely little sit on your pot-pot darling, while I get everything ready for you for the party,” Bonnie cooed. Her loving smile was so genuine, I felt myself beaming up at her in return. She put the plug in the bath and turned on the taps, and a thunderous stream of hot water started to fill the tub. My voluptuous cousin’s baby-blue cotton frock rode up her back when she leaned across to adjust the temperature, giving me a fabulous view of her huge bulging bottom. There were droplets of moisture visible inside her transparent pink plastic panties, and her sodden pink nappies sagged wetly against her drooping crotch. She stood and tossed me a quick smile as she squirted a generous helping of bubble bath into the streaming water. Then she disappeared into my Nursery, but the bath made too much noise for me to hear what she was doing in there.

She left me sitting on the potty for about ten minutes, I guess. When she returned to the bathroom she hurried straight to the bubble-filled tub to turn off the taps. Bonnie checked the water temperature, nodded in satisfaction, and then turned to me with an inquiring smile. “Did you do anything in your potty, Baby Jennie?” she gently asked, nodding hopefully when I gazed up blankly at her pretty smiling face.

Her expression turned sad when I shook my head and mumbled around the teat of my dum-dums, “No Bonnie, nuffin.” She took a quick peek between my legs and she nodded in satisfaction when she noticed my excitable clittie had shrunk to a more manageable size.
“Baby girl?” she gently reprimanded me. “We don’t want to wet or poop our nappies at the party, do we?” When I frowned and shook my head in silent denial, she continued, “No, that’s right. So we have to try and do our business on the potty, right here, right now. Don’t we?”

I sucked harder on my dum-dums and numbly nodded, and watched with wide eyes as Bonnie crouched down right in front of me. Her meaty brown thighs were splayed carelessly wide, so I had a perfect view up her too-short baby-blue frock. I couldn’t help staring at her bulging pink plastic panty crotch. I eyed the sodden nappies underneath, trying to figure out how wet she was. “Come on darling. Try and do something on your potty. Take a deep breath, hold it, and push down hard,” she kindly instructed. I wasn’t sure if her detailed instructions were part of the caring maternal role Bonnie had chosen to play with me today, or if she had actually forgotten I was really a teenage boy who knew how to use the toilet. In my confusion, I sat there staring stupidly at her nappy crotch, until she snapped her fingers under my nose.

“Look up here, baby. Baby Jennie! Look at my face. That’s better,” she chuckled forgivingly, and smiled briefly. “Now concentrate, little girl. Take a deep breath, baby, then hold it, and push down with your tummy muscles. Like this,” she added, as she matched her actions to her words. She took a deep breath and held it, pointing at her face. Her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk’s and they turned red when she grunted with effort and strained down with her lower abdomen. Like an obedient toddler, I automatically mimicked her actions on my potty. “Oh!” Bonnie cried in alarm, and she released her breath in an explosive gasp. A look of horror swept across her beautiful painted face and she glanced down between her wide-splayed thighs, her pink cheeks turning red again. “Oh no!” I stopped pushing and watched with wide eyes as my cousin slowly clambered upright.

Bonnie reached behind her with both hands and grabbed her padded bottom, pressing the seat of her of her nappy against her bum like a hapless toddler trying to stop pooping her pants. She stood there unmoving for a few seconds, and a look of stunned anguish crept across her pretty face. “Oh God no,” she moaned. Her expression was so tragic, I felt sorry for her.
“Are you okay, Bonnie?” I mumbled in concern.
She glanced down at me and gamut of emotions ran across her face. She looked horrified, embarrassed and ashamed - and yet she appeared grateful for my concern. “I- I guess so,” she slowly muttered in reply. “I just- I just pooped myself,” she reluctantly confessed, her huge golden eyes glistening with unshed tears.

I gazed up at the humiliated teen in confusion. “But you’re wearing a nappy, and it’th wocked on. You don’t have any choithe,” I sensibly pointed out.
“I know, I know,” she responded sadly. “I hate it! I feel so dirty and disgusting!” She delicately shuddered in shame.
“But Bonnie? I thought you wiked wearing nappieth?” I lisped in confusion. She crouched down in front of me again, and I saw her grimace at the exquisite feeling of the warm sticky waste in her clinging wet nappy smearing smoothly across her curvaceous round bottom cheeks. How well I knew that erotic feeling!

“Only sometimes,” she quietly replied, and her cheeks turned pink at the admission. “And I never liked to poop them!” She sighed heavily and her pretty face fell. “I hate being treated like a baby,” Bonnie slowly admitted. “I only like to wear nappies sometimes, for wetting, or for… for doing cummies in,” she hesitantly explained. Her cheeks blushed a darker shade as she confessed the truth to me. “I’m not a big baby - like you. I’m what you call a ‘diaper lover’.” I stared at her pink-cheeked face in surprise. I didn’t realise there were ‘sub-classifications’ of my infantile fetish. “Let me check your potty, baby girl,” Bonnie cooed, in an obvious attempt to change the embarrassing topic of conversation. She spread my thighs wide and gave a little cry of delight. “Oh good girl! What a clever baby girl,” she enthusiastically praised me. “You did a big wee-wee and a little poo-poo in your potty! Look!”

Sure enough, when I peeked down into my pink potty, there was a shallow puddle of yellow urine with a tiny dark-brown turd island sitting in the centre. I had no idea I had performed so well! I honestly hadn’t felt anything come out of either end! But I basked in her glowing words of praise, and let her wipe the dribbling end of my flaccid clittie and my dirty bot-bot clean with a few bunches of toilet paper. Bonnie removed the seatbelt and helped me stagger to the bath, and after fitting the snug pink nylon shower cap over my halo of platinum curls, she plucked out my dum-dums and lifted me in. She emptied my potty into the grown-up’s toilet while I slowly lowered my bottom into the strawberry-scented bubbles, sighing with pleasure as the hot water enveloped me.

Bonnie took off her dress before bathing me, and again I marvelled at her tiny wasp waist. Her swaying tanned breasts were enormous inside their lacy hammock, and her padded hips looked as wide as a battleship. Her bulging wet bottom protruded like an old-fashioned ladies’ bustle. She stepped over to the bath dressed only in her tautly packed, locked pink plastic panties and her pretty lace-cup bra. Her sensitive stiffening nipples poked out temptingly through the sheer netting. I could tell by the way her baby panties sagged between her legs that my embarrassed cousin had already drenched her thick pink nappies more than once, as well as pooped in them. She knelt beside the tub and soaped up a warm wet washcloth, and she was gentle as a lamb when she scrubbed every nook and cranny of my squirming little body. She made me climb onto my hands and knees so she could scour between my botty cheeks, and when she delicately probed my sensitive little hole with the warm dripping flannel, I decided to ask her opinion on something.

“Bonnie?” I hesitantly asked, and she looked at me with those questioning golden eyes.
“Yes, baby girl? What is it?” Bonnie softly inquired.
“What should you do, if a boy twied to - tried to shove hith peenie in there?” She looked at me in surprise when I reached back with one hand for a moment, and pointed at my rosebud.

“What? In there?” Bonnie demanded, poking my wrinkled pink opening for emphasis. I nodded silently, my cheeks instantly turning rosy with shame for some reason. “I’d flatten him!” she loudly declared, with such ferocity I believed her. Then her fierce expression became concerned. “Baby Jennie? Did a boy try to put his thing in your bottom, baby girl?” I grimaced and nodded, and she frowned in sympathy. “Who, darling? Who did that to you, and when?”
“It wath David from nextht door,” I reluctantly confessed. She looked both shocked and angry on my behalf.

“That musclebound freak? When, baby? When did David do that to you?” Bonnie demanded in quiet fury.
“A few dayth ago, when he wath babythitting uth,” I shyly admitted. I couldn’t understand why I felt so ashamed. Tears of mortification pricked my eyes, making me blink rapidly. “It wathn’t my fault,” I hastened to explain. My buxom cousin merely shook her head in scorn.

“Oh you poor darling! Of course it wasn’t your fault, silly! You’re just a baby! He took advantage of you! That bastard! Have you told your Mummy yet?” I silently shook my head as the unstoppable tears started trickling down my steam-dampened cheeks. “Oh Baby Jennie! You have to tell your Mummy right away!” Bonnie forcefully insisted.

We both jumped when Mummy came silently striding into the en-suite bathroom in her whisper-quiet white sneakers. “That’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard you say in weeks, Bonnie!” she praised my cousin with a tight smile. Whatever urine remained in my bladder squirted out of me in fright. The bath water was so much hotter than my thin stream, I barely realised it was happening. Mummy knelt beside the bubble-filled tub to gaze at my face in concern. “Baby Jennie?” She tenderly cooed, “Tell Mummy what happened with David last week, baby girl. Tell Mummy all about it.”

I burst into tears at the concern in her voice, and it took me about fifteen minutes to tell the whole story of what happened. I told them how he came to me in my crib and stole the dum-dums out of mouth, and replaced it with his big hard cock, and how he held my pigtails to make me keep sucking him. And then when he changed my nappy, he fingered me until I was so wet and open, and then he put his stiff rod inside my boy-pussy. But I couldn’t tell Mummy how excited it made me, or that when he buried his enormous hard cock deep inside me, he made me cum all over myself!

Both women looked shocked and horrified on my behalf when they learned David had emptied a load of baby juice both into my mouth and up my bum while he was supposed to be babysitting me. “Oh God, I can’t believe it,” Mummy finally moaned. She tightly clutched my frothy wet body to her bosom, not caring that her fawn cotton blouse was saturated. “My poor little darling girl! He raped you!” she cried, at last putting a name to the heinous act. I wrapped my dripping arms around her slender neck and wailed afresh, and Mummy soothed me with comforting words as she tightly cuddled me. “You poor baby. Oh my poor, poor, darling little girl!” When my sobs began to slow, she relaxed her grip slightly. “That bastard boy raped my poor little baby girl!” she seethed. I didn’t realise she was mentally castigating herself for ever leaving me in that nasty brute’s care.

“You’ll have to take her to the doctor and get her checked, to make sure she hasn’t picked up any nasty diseases,” Bonnie advised Mummy, and I burst into louder sobs when I realised even more people would learn of my shame.
“Shh, darling, shhh,” Mummy soothed me, stroking my shivering damp shoulders with her soft hands. “Everything will be alright.” To Bonnie she replied, “We have an appointment to see the doctor on Monday morning. I’ll get them to give her a blood test and check her for any signs of infection while we’re there,” Mummy frostily declared.

“What about the police, or some kind of authority? Shouldn’t you report this? Or at least, speak to David’s parents?” Bonnie inquired, and we were both surprised when Mummy paused for thought and then shook her head.
“No Bonnie. Your mother is coming over this afternoon to have a special talk with me. I’ll tell Cath about this first, and see what she advises,” Mummy decided. “Since your father left, she’s our resident legal expert.” She gave me another loving hug and then released me to stand upright. “Oh my goodness! Look at my top!” She sighed heavily as she drew the transparent wet blouse away from her swaying breasts. You could clearly see the daring white satin, demi-cup bra she was wearing underneath. “I better go and change while you diaper the baby and start getting her ready for the party,” she advised Bonnie. “Don’t worry about David, baby girl,” Mummy reassured me before she left the bathroom. “Mummy and Aunty Cath will take care of everything!”

For a moment, I felt almost sorry for my handsome, musclebound, next-door neighbour. Just for one brief moment. Bonnie gently scrubbed my face again to wash away my salty tears, and she tickled me and playfully splashed me until I was squirming around in the fading bubbles, giggling uncontrollably. I had never felt so clean by the time my smiling cousin emptied the cooling bath and wrapped a fluffy pink towel around me to lift me out. She made me hold onto the side of the tub for support while she slipped her baby-blue frock back over her shoulders, and she pulled it down to cover her drooping, dirty wet nappies.

Bonnie crooned to me in prattling toddler talk as she dried every inch of my shivering body, and I smiled up at her gratefully when she picked me up and thrust me over her padded hip, rather than making me crawl out to the change table. I was delighted to see one of my puffy pink disposable diapers already laid out ready and waiting for me on the pink padded table, and I smiled happily as my beaming cousin gently centred my freshly-scrubbed botty on top of the open diaper. My frothy pink and white tutu was hanging from the railing of my crib, and my fairy wings and brilliant tiara were laid out ready for me on top of my dresser. Bonnie made a big show of covering me from chin to crotch with the lightly-perfumed baby powder, and she took her sweet time rubbing it in. By the time she reached my clittie it was already swollen with excitement. I hoped Mummy wouldn’t walk in while she used her powdery fist to make sure every inch of my throbbing little tool was well covered in soothing white talc.

Bonnie grinned down at my flushed red face and my raging stiffie, and gave me a conspiratorial wink - along with a few firm erotic squeezes that left me gasping in arousal. She crisply dusted her hands together and gave them a quick once-over with a baby wipe, and then drew the rustling pink disposable around my hips and taped it securely in place. She covered the papery pink diaper with my smallest, tightest pair of transparent pink plastic panties, telling me “These ones won’t droop down your legs so much, and probably wouldn’t show under your leotard panties.” I raised my head and smiled gratefully up at her, and when I looked down to where my hard clittie was pressed against my tummy, I could clearly see the bulge of my tenting pink baby panties.

When she lifted me down to finish dressing me, I was surprised at how easy it was to stand upright without the normal huge wad of cloth between my legs. “Gosh, baby girl,” Bonnie lovingly crooned, as she shook out my frothy ballerina outfit. “This is a gorgeous tutu! You’re going to look so pretty when I finish getting you ready!” She smiled tenderly down at me as she confidently boasted, “I’m going to make sure you’re the most beautiful Fairy Princess at the party!” I daintily stepped into the leotard she held down and open for me. I couldn’t help shivering with excitement when she drew the stretchy baby-pink bodice over my puffy pink baby panties. I clutched her broad bare shoulders for support and gripped her tightly, but my nose wrinkled and my top lip instinctively curled in disgust when I caught a whiff of the acrid contents of her dirty nappy.

Bonnie arranged the white fur-trimmed shoulder straps in place, and then twisted my wide-flared swishing skirts to settle them properly about my lightly-padded hips. She sat me back on the change table to slip some sheer white cotton socks over my feet, and she slid my dusky-pink ballet slippers over them and tied the long laces around my ankles and over my calves. “Come with me, darling,” she cooed invitingly, and she lifted me down and led me over to the bench seat in front of the vanity mirror. I sat on the seat in a mass of noisily rustling tulle, my frothy skirts swishing around my hips like an effervescent pink and white cloud. Bonnie’s hot-pink toolbox lay open on the vanity, and she had a selection of brushes and pots of make-up already laid out ready and waiting.

My talented cousin used a tiny foam-ended stick to smear some baby-blue eye shadow over my lids first, telling me; “It matches your pretty blue eyes, sweetheart!” Then Bonnie used some white cream eye shadow on top, all the way up to my delicate arched eyebrows. She took her time, blending in the tints and making sure both sides were completely even. She smiled happily at the results as she brushed some jet-black mascara on my lengthened lashes, then she darkened and tidied up my delicate tattooed eyebrows with a tiny pencil. A small amount of black eyeliner followed, and then she used the mink-soft brush to dust some pink blusher on my glowing ruddy cheeks.

She didn’t need to use a lip-liner any more - the permanent stain had taken care of that. Instead she smiled broadly when I eagerly stretched my lips appropriately wide so she could paint them with a creamy pink lipstick. The lightly-perfumed lipstick rolled luxuriously across my puffy pink lips, and I softly smacked and rubbed them together the way she had taught me, loving the luscious creamy feel on my sensitive swollen lips. “Good girl!” Bonnie praised me, as I expertly evened out my lippy, apparently surprised that I managed to remember her instructions from the last time she prettied-up my face. “I’ll have to teach you how to put on your own lipstick soon, little girl!” I beamed happily at the thought. I would love to try putting on my own make-up!

I gazed in wonder at the mirror, staring at my beautiful painted face. Once again Bonnie had craftily accentuated my features to make me appear much younger - and much prettier. The face of a beautiful little girl smiled happily back at me, and I squealed in unabashed delight. Bonnie smiled indulgently at my excited girlish cries, and she took a barrel brush from her toolbox and brushed out my curls, before settling the comb ends of my jewel-laden silver tiara in place on my head. I watched in the mirror with wide eyes as she buckled the pink and white fairy wings around my trembling chest and shoulders, and when she was finished, I rocked my upper body to and fro to make my silk wings flap realistically. The subtle movements caused my stiff seeping clittie to slide erotically over the pre-cum dampened front of my puffy pink disposable, where my tight leotard panties pressed against me. I shivered at the secret sensuous caresses.

I jumped to my feet and threw my arms around my diapered cousin’s slender waist. I didn’t care that she smelled like a poopy baby. “Oh Bonnie! Thank you! Thank you!” I gratefully cried, and tears of joy filled my rapidly-blinking eyes.
“Don’t cry, darling,” Bonnie cautioned me with a wry smile. “You’ll ruin your make-up!” She held me at arm’s length so she could critically inspect my painted face, and she smiled happily at the results she had achieved. “Gosh, Baby Jennie!” she exclaimed in delight, “You’re absolutely beautiful! I swear you’re going to be the prettiest little girl at the party!”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Mummy crisply stated as she strode into the Nursery with Angelica trotting at her heels. Mummy was wearing the same baby-pink dress she had worn to Church this morning, and she looked so much taller in her high-heeled pink court shoes. My sister looked gorgeous in her pretty pink tutu and fairy wings, a bejewelled silver tiara sparkling on her head. Angie was wearing her normal pink-frilled anklet socks, but I noticed she was wearing a new pair of pink patent Maryjanes this afternoon - and her gleaming new single-strap shoes had at least a two-inch heel! I couldn’t believe how much taller she looked, and she was managing to walk in her grown-up stacked heels with no trouble at all. I suddenly felt envious of my more grown-up sister.

“Gosh Mummy!” Angelica exclaimed, “Baby Jennie looks beautiful!” She looked a trifle jealous when she asked our beaming cousin, “Could you do my face, too? Please Aunty Bonnie?”
“Of course, darling,” Bonnie smoothly replied. “Come and sit over here, and I’ll make you look gorgeous, too.”

She led my bubbling sister to the vanity seat but as she sat down, Angie shrilly complained, “I can smell poo-poo!” She turned to glare accusingly at me. “Did you poop your nappy already, Baby Jennie?” Angelica frostily demanded. My mother stared down at me in rising contempt.

I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders when Bonnie replied in a tiny meek voice, “No, Angie. That must be me.” Angelica stared up at her with wide disbelieving eyes, but she made no comment when Mummy stepped behind our cringing red-faced cousin and lifted the back of her short blue frock to expose her bulging pink plastic panties. Mummy pulled the tightly-chained baby panties away from the small of Bonnie’s back and bent closer to take a quick whiff. I had to smile when Mummy rapidly pulled her face away, grimacing in disgust at the overpowering stench released by her actions.

“Oh my goodness! You did, too, Bonnie!” Mummy commented in dismay. She released the waistband of her baby panties and let Bonnie’s frock hem drop back into place. “Oh well,” she sighed dismissively. “Your mother will be back soon. She can take care of her messy big baby girl then.” Mummy stepped over to me and took hold of my shoulders, and she carefully inspected my painted face and my feminine appearance. “Lift up your skirts, darling,” Mummy cooed, and I obediently gathered up my frothy tulle skirts in front and raised them over my tummy. “Mummy just needs to check her beautiful little baby girl is properly dressed.”

She reached down and grabbed hold of the slippery front of my lycra leotard crotch, squeezing my stiff clittie right through my baby panties and my thin disposable diaper. “Good girl, you’re wearing your diaper,” she crooned in approval. Mummy gave my pulsating clittie a few thrilling squeezes that made me shudder in ecstasy. I didn’t realise tiny drops of lubricating pre-cum were already dampening the front of my diaper, making it wonderfully slippery in the crotch. Mummy released me and I let my skirts drop and shyly smoothed them over my tenting crotch. She smiled down at me and nodded in approval at my demure feminine actions. “I almost can’t tell you’re wearing a diaper under there,” Mummy congratulated me, but then her expression turned forbidding. “Make sure you keep that diaper dry and ask for the potty like a big girl this afternoon, Baby Jennie,” she warned me. “Otherwise it’s back to proper cloth nappies for you for the remainder of the party. Understand?” Her ruthless reminder wiped the happy smile from my face, and I sombrely nodded up at her.
“Yeth Mummy.”

“Are you almost finished doing Angelica’s face?” Mummy asked Bonnie, who nodded.
“One more minute and I’m done,” our cousin replied without looking up.
“Good,” Mummy grunted. “It’s almost two o’clock now, and -” She was interrupted by the ringing of our front doorbell. “That will probably be your Aunty Cath, girls,” Mummy stated, and she turned and headed for the landing. “I’ve already packed Baby Jennie’s diaper bag. Bring it and the girls downstairs when you’ve finished with Angelica, Bonnie. Okay?”
“Yes Ma’am,” the buxom teenager humbly replied.

To be continued in chapter 36.
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Baby Jennie

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