Changed by a Witch

One morning, Vincent woke up very early. He wasn't used to getting up so early but for some reason he found his eyes opening around 8am and sitting up. He looked out the window, saw the sun shining on he porch and yawned. Vincent then stood up and felt an odd bounce in his step, he couldn't quite figure out what that feeling was but he didn't feel like questioning it too much.

He walked over to his dresser and pulled the top drawer open, something strange made him gasp. The top drawer was full of bras, panties and pantyhose. He thought it was some kind of joke, he shut that and looked through the next drawer, there were skirts and feminine tops. The next drawer was filled with soft and girly socks.

"What is...going on here..." he mumbled and laughed a little. He thought his friends must have switched his clothes as a joke. "Greg? Is this your work? Jack?" as he spoke those words, he noticed something more serious, his voice was higher and sounded different. "Hello. Hello. What is wrong with my voice?" he said and touched his throat, moving his hair out of the way in the act.

Vincent looked around and saw his own things in the room, he wasn't in someone else's room. He touched his hair then and realized it was very long, he slowly looked down and screamed a high pitched woman's scream. He let go of his hair and looked down, discovering breasts and a thin frame under him.

"" he said in his feminine voice and quickly went to his phone, he searched through his contact list but didn't recognize anyone's names. "What? Who are all these...who's Jennifer? Who's Tess? Who the hell is Babe?" as Vincent was searching through his phone, a voice came from behind him.

"Well well well, I see you're up early." Vincent twirled around swiftly and saw his exgirlfriend standing there smiling. "How ya feelin, princess?" she said sarcastically.

"Renee? What are you doing here?! Why...what are you doing?" he said and she laughed loudly. "Aww what's the matter, sweetheart? Not feelin like yourself?" he took a step toward her and she waved her hand.

He stopped and suddenly watched Renee grow very tall. He looked up and realized she didn't grow but he shrank about 6 inches. "What just happened?" he said and she laughed again, "You were too tall for your own good." she waved her hand again and Vincent looked at his hands, he was instantly holding a purse. He looked back up at her, so confused.

"You look so cute, all scared and weak. Remember whe you broke up with me? That fucked with my head for a while. And I'm not a witch you want to fuck with..." Vincent gave a nervous sigh and she continued, "So now it's my turn to fuck with your head. I put you under a spell, you're a woman for the next 12 hours."

Vincent took another step toward her and froze, he looked down to see his breasts grow a full cup size, from D to E. "I wouldn't try to fight this if I were you. Every time you try to do anything bad, you will change a little. Ditzier, dumber, prettier...more fuckable. Better be good."
Vincent dropped to his knees then sat down, "...why..."

"Paybacks are a bitch and so am I, honey. You're lucky I feel a littel bad for you. So here's the rules that I didn't have to tell you, you have to live for the next 12 hours as Penny Chambers. If you don't make any mistakes, you'll go back to normal and you can choose to forget any of this even happened. Oh and you better stay a virgin, if you don't you're stuck in this body. You'll know what's going on but you won't be able to control anything ever again." She then started walking out and magically faded into thin air.

"Wait! A virgin? Where'd you go, Renee?" She was gone and Vincent sat there, not sure what to do. Just then in his tiny hand, his phone buzzed. He got a text from 'Babe' that said, "I'll be there in 15 minutes, babe. Hope you're ready for the best one year anniversary date ever."
Vincent sat there and said, "There is no way I'm going on some anniversary date with anyone!" and as he said there, Renee's voice floated in the room. "Get ready for your date...or else..." He heard that and suddenly his body moved on it's own. He walked over and picked out clothes: a beige bra, a pink sweater, a black skirt and white socks with frills on the top, pink and black hair ties that he pulled his hair into pigtails with and then Vincent finally slipped into pink high heels. He picked up his purse and reached in, taking out lipstick and lip gloss. He applied them both heavily and Renee's voice again seemed to softly ease into the room, "Now your lipstick won't smudge...even kissing won't remove it. Have a great night, darling."

He smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror and then suddenly he was in control of his body again, "Ohmygosh, what did you do to me?" he said and got no answer.

There was a beep and he looked out the window, there was a jeep in front of his house. He made his way down stairs and walked out the front door.

A woman was driving and waved, "C'mon babe! Let's go!" Vincent smiled and thought to himself, "This could be fun." as he jumped in. The movement of his new body seemed so odd as he now had big breasts and his hips were so much wider. He noticed the difference in just about every way.

"You ready for a great day?" the woman said as she sped off. Vincent responded, "What you got planned? I'm up for just about anything." They drove for a while and came to a place that looked like a brick building and a plain looking door. Vincent wasn't sure what to think, the two women walked through the door and to his surprise it was a giant strip mall.

"I knew you'd love this place, there's so much to do. We can do a little shopping, there's a great shoe store you're gonna love and then we can see a show and there's a few great places to eat." Vincent looked around and saw a dress store. For someone who had never been dress shopping before, he sure felt excited to go in there.

They both strolled over and entered the dress store, the woman looked through a few racks and pointd out a few dresses that she thought Penny might like, all of them were pink or purple. Vincent was trying not to seem out of character for Penny so he looked through a rack of dresses, he saw a dress that was pink with black stripes and hearts on it. He picked it up off the rack and looked up for a fitting room.

He wasn't really sure why he was doing that but he went in and pulled it on, looking in the body mirror, he loved how it fit and made his body look. He stepped out and the woman smiled, "Ohmygawd Penny, you look so pretty in that. I'm not sure if I'm jealous of you or happy for you. You look so damn good." Vincent was so happy to hear that, he kinda forgot he wasn't Penny for a few moments. "Thanks, babe."

The woman kissed Vincent's cheek and he walked to the line and paid for the dress. The next place they went was the shoe store, the woman led Vincent in and instantly, he saw a pair of high heel boots. "These are so me. Ooh and these, I like these too. Oh wow, I like these too." he must have picked up ten pairs of heels. The woman giggled, "I knew you'd absolutely love it here." she turned and dropped her purse, Vincent quickly helped her pick her stuff up. He grabbed her credit card and saw the name on it, Brittany Verona.

He also picked up a pack of cigarettes and a makeup mirror and handed everything to Brittany. Vincent and Brittany looked at seemingly every show in the store, each woman finding three pairs they decided to buy. They paid and walked out, holding hands.

Brittany then led Vincent over to what looked like a club, they walked in and sat at a table. Brittany took out a cigarette and lit it, "You want one, babe?" Vincent wasn't sure what to do, he never smoked but guessed that Penny was a smoker. He shook his head and Brittany looked confused at him. "You alright? These are your favorite cigarettes." he grew nervous and said, "Maybe I'll have one later." Brittany accepted that and sucked on her's.

The lights were dim and romantic in the club, Brittany took Vincent's hand and kissed it, "Babe, I'm really happy we've been together for a year now. You make me so happy...and I hope I make you happy too."

Vincent looked her in the eyes and responded, "Britt, you make me so so happy. I'm so lucky every minute I'm with you." Brittany leaned in and slowly kissed Vincent. Her hand found his soft cheek and her other hand gently touched his thigh. His mind began racing and he felt dizzy with butterflies in his stomach.

Vincent released himself from her kiss to whisper, "I love you, baby." Brittany responded by nodding her head, "I love you too, Penny." She sucked on her cigarette and kissed Penny again slowly. Penny's eyes were closed as Brittany stopped kissing her, Penny was frozen with pleasure.

Brittany raised her cigarette to Penny's lips, she sucked in. Her hand involuntarily moved and took hold of the cigarette, she held it and blew smoke straight up in the air. Brittany laughed as she watched Penny give in, "I knew you'd want one eventually, Bitch. You're so gawddamn hot when you smoke." Penny looked at her girlfriend and couldn't move when she felt her hand sneaking between her thighs. As Brittany's fingers graced Penny's panties, her breath became shortened and a gasp escaped her lips.

"Ohmygawd, wait..." Penny whispered but before she could finish her words, Brittany kissed her and pushed her panties aside. Brittany's finger slid inside her and she massaged her from the inside. Penny kissed back and wrapped ehr arms around Brittany, "We shouldn't...ya this. Not here..." Brittany laughed a little between kisses, "Why not, baby? We can put on a show..."

Penny pushed Brittany's hand away from her thighs, "No, wait...please, let's just wait." Brittany gave a sly look and stood up. "C'mere." she took the red faced aroused woman's hand and they both walked toward the back.

Brittany came to a door and opened it, inside there was a room. It was decorated with a lot of pink and purple and had a bed and a tv and a fireplace. Penny, still holding that cigarette, looked around in shock. "What is this?" without answering, Brittany guided her over to the bed and began kissing her. Penny treid to stop her but with each kiss, her attempts weakened til she gave in and vigorously kissed back.
Brittany's lips moved to Penny's neck and she could only moan, Brittany pulled Penny's shirt up and revealed two giant breasts. Penny sucked on her cigarette as Brittany began kissing her boobs, unclasping it with no resistance...

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