"Why are you calling me? I don't want to talk to you." Vincent said into his phone before hanging up and getting on the train. His ex girlfriend has been trying to get back with him for so angry and knew that he had to pass through her town on his way to work, he sat as far from sight as possible. He got close and he decided he absolutely couldn't be with her ever again.

He was two texts from her, the first one was a picture of her face and the second one said, "Get off in Denver St. Walk to my house. Go in and go to my bedroom."

He saw the train slowing down at the Denver St stop and he felt himself standing up, "What on earth am I doing?" he said to himself as he stepped off the train. It sped off and Vincent began walking, seemingly unable to stop or realize what he was doing. He walked to the block she lived on and saw her front door.

"I can't...I can't do this." he felt every negative emotion and every horrible memory come back as he stepped forward. "Shoot...this is so dumb." he'd worked so hard to get over her and get through all she had put him through and here he was so near her house again. He ad no idea why he listened to her text but he opened the door and walked in, going straight to her room.
There, laying on her bed was the woman who had hurt Vincent so bad in the past. He looked at her and felt the anger rise up in his stomach, just about to explode out of his lips when she stood up and hugged him tightly. He at first flinched, thinking she was going to hit him or attack then he felt her giant breasts touching his chest and her soft hands caressing his back and he uncontrollably relaxed a little.

"I didn't come here to hug you or fix things..." He said quietly and confidently. She backed up and looked sad. "I came here to tell you to your face it's over. Please stop texting me, please let me live my life." she sat on her bed and looked up at him.
"There's gotta be something..."

"There's nothing you can do, nothing. We aren't ok, we never will be." he sat next to her and looked into her eyes, "I don't want to be mean to you, I'm not doing this to hurt you. I just need to, no WE need to move on." he stood up and turned to walk out.
"Wait, can you do one more thing for me? Please?" she said to Vincent as his back was to her.
"What, Renee?" Vincent refused to turn and face her. "Sleep." she whispered.

"Sleep? What?" he said and something poked him in his neck and suddenly he couldn't control his own body and he fell back. He looked up and saw her holding a needle in her hand just before his eyes shut and he slipped into a dream.

Renee stood over her now comatose exboyfriend and grabbed him, pulling him up onto her bed. "I didn't want to have to fucking do this. You gave yourself no choice though. We could have just had a civilized calm talk, but no, you had to try to be tough. Had to say me."
She took a rope from her drawer and tied his hands tightly, wrapping the rope down around his feet next. She then took another rope and secured him to her bed frame and then wrapped a blanket around him and tied that down to firmly keep him from being able to get away.
She then took his phone and called his work, "Hi, this is Vincent's girlfriend. I'm sorry to say he won't be coming in. He just got a job out of town and asked me to let you know he quits. I'm sorry but I have to run, we have a flight to catch for his new job. Have a nice day, sorry again. Bye." and with that she hung up and sat next to him.

She lit a cigarette, picked up her remote and began watching tv. She looked at him and laughed, "Oh? What's that? You want to buy me dinner tonight? Aww thanks." Renee took his wallet from his pocket and ordered pizza.
Hours later, Renee was laying next to Vincent, fast asleep. Slowly, Vincent woke up and looked around. Fear took over him as he realized slowly where he was and the fact that he was bound tightly. His mouth was taped shut and sealed, his hands were tied so well he couldn't even move an inch in any direction. He tried to worm his way to the edge of the bed and fall off but he was held in place.
Renee rolled over and put her arm around him, which made him red with anger but he couldn't do or say anything to stop her. He fell asleep again and before he knew it, morning came and Renee got up.

A kiss brought him out of his sleep, "Good morning, sweetie. Rise and shine." she said into his ear as she caressed his chin. Vincent looked at her and tried to yell, she laughed and replied, "Aw honey, don't be angry. Momma's gonna take good care of you. Now be good and relax, I have to go run a few errands. I'll be back soon." she kissed his cheek and walked out.

He tried to wiggle as much as he was able and a few seconds later, Renee walked back in.

"Oh geez, I almost forgot to leave you something to watch. Enjoy. Bye babe." she clicked the tv on and dashed out. She put on a Barbie tv show, he watched Barbie's face as she spoke. Her eyes were bright blue but after a few seconds, they seemed to look green. Vincent watched her smile and talk, after a while e stopped trying to move or get up. He watched her speaking about her make up and about being happy and empty.

He noticed there was a flash during the show, like a picture popped up for a split second and dissappeared. He didn't even realize it had been hours he was laying there watching the Barbie show.
The flashing picture came up again but this time, it stayed a moment longer and he caught on it what it was, it looked like a naked woman. He found himself watching and listening to whatever she said.

"A girl's job is to be pretty and shallow and always happy and to smile and never ever disagree with your lover no matter what." she said with a bimbo smile on her make up covered face. Then another picture popped up, it was a woman on her knees, sucking a man's dick.
Vincent became so focused on the screen, he didn't notice at first that Renee came in and sat next to him. It wasn't till she pulled the tape off his mouth that he saw she was back.

"Well, I had a full day. Wanna hear about it, babe?" she said to a slightly smiling Vincent. He spoke calmly, "Yess..." he couldn't disagree with her for some reason.

"Well, first I had to go to the doctor's to get hormones, which was a hastle. But I got what you need and then I had to the drug store to get testosterone blockers. Finally got everything and had to get some new clothes, for when I'm done. I got a few skirts and tops and dresses. I saw my girlfriend Kristi, we got a drink and shot the shit for a while."

Vincent watched the screen as the picture was a woman giving a man a blowjob and Barbie's voice began chanting, "I must make my lover happy, no matter what. My lover owns my mouth. My lover can do absolutely anything to me. I'm so empty. I'm so empty headed."
He took in her every word and Renee got a needle ready. She slowly stuck it in his arm then got another one ready and stuck that one in his arm too. She then took a pill out and put it to his lips, "Take these, honey." he let them in his mouth and she put a water bottle to his lips and he drank. After about 15 minutes, Vincent started feeling very odd.

"Ok, hun, I think you're ready. I'm gonna untie you, ok?" she said happily, he barely nodded his head. She took off all the rope and Vincent could barely stay up by himself, Renee guided him to his feet and got him to the kitchen table downstairs.

She put food on his plate and they ate together, both eating very little as she only made enough to not starve. She then it a cigarette and moved from across the table to next to him, "Baby, I know you never liked when I smoke but I'm pretty sure you'll change your tune from now on. And since we're going to be together forever, I need you to accept me for all that I am." she blew smoke in his face, causing him to cough a little. She took his blank look as acceptance.

"Commitment is something we should both take very seriously, Pumpkin. I want you to commit yourself to me, show me you're serious. I want you to become a smoker, honey." Vincent pushed her hand away with as much force as he had but Renee held her cigarette to his lips and forced him to breathe in smoke. He coughed and tried to push her away,

"Don't worry, after a while, you'll be committed to smoking like me. For now I'll just help you." she held her cigarette to his lips and held his nose, forcing him to breathe in through his mouth and take in some smoke. This time he didn't cough but he did angrily let the smoke out of his mouth. Renee sucked on her cigarette and leaned forward, kissing him passionately, he couldn't muster enough strength to get her off him. She slid her tongue in his mouth and she made sure he took her smoke in, holding him tightly.

Her smoke drifted from his mouth and he didn't cough, Renee did that for a while and then guided him to her couch where they watched tv till she decided it was time to go to bed. She lifted him up and got up the stairs where he had enough strength to pull the covers over him and fall asleep. Just after he fell asleep, Renee gave him a few needles and laid down next to him.

The next day went almost exactly the same, she left him with the same subliminal Barbie tv show on and came back to find Vincent dazed and unable to concentrate. She made sure to make him take in her smoke through out the night between kissing him and forcing him to suck on her cigarette. This became her routine for him over the next few weeks and after nine days, she stopped tying him up. He didn't leave, he couldn't concentrate enough to go anywhere.

He started to love the Barbie show, it became his favorite every morning and the subliminal pictures and videos hidden in it started to really affect him. She also began leaving cigarettes with him when she left, to see if he'd take them. So far he hadn't.
"Bye, Sweetie. I'll see you in a few hours." he smiled faintly as she kissed him and walked out. The Barbie show came on and his eyes were glued to the tv, Barbie's eyes were so pretty and every word she spoke seemed to sink right into his mind.

"I need to relax today. It's so hard to keep looking so good and obeying my lover and emptying my mind." She picked up a pack of cigarettes and put one between her lips. She lit it and sucked slowly, letting her smoke drift from her perfect lips.

"I love to suck. It's so nice." she sucked again and there was a flash picture of a woman smoking and giving someone a blowjob. Vincent stared as the blonde beauty smoked a cigarette and videos cut in and out of beautiful women smoking and sucking cocks.
"I can't help smoking. I'm addicted. I like smoking. I'm addicted. I need to smoke. I'm addicted." Barbie whispered seductively, Vincent took in her words and started to think about smoking. Being addicted to smoking couldn't be so bad if Barbie did it, he thought. He also thought that Renee would be happy if he started smoking, she wanted him to be committed to her that way. The anger or fear of committing to her was becoming distant in his mind, he felt a desire to please Renee growing in him.

He picked up the pack of cigarettes on the table next to him and held it. Something about the feel and look of the unopened pack seemed so attractive and addictive. He looked back up at the tv, a woman held a cigarette between her lips and smiled as she lit it. She sucked in and blew her smoke all around her breasts while caressing and squeezing them. The woman looked so happy and sexy and perfect to him.

The video faded to black and Vincent looked down, finding out that he didn't even realize he opened the pack and lifted the top up. He was shocked that he didn't even know he was doing that. He thought about Barbie putting one to her lips and without thinking, he copied her and put one to his own lips. He felt the lighter next to him and picked it up.

"I...can't help...smoking...either..." he whispered as the lighter raised. Renee opened the door just enough to see him falling into her training and watched him raise the lighter to his cigarette. He stopped at the last second and she walked in, "Hey babe, whatcha doin with my cigarettes?" she asked accusatory.

"I was just...I don't know..." he said and dropped them. She picked up the cigarette and lit it, blowing her smoke in his face. Renee then climbed on top of him and kissed him passionately.

She peeled his shirt off followed by hers. Vincent felt her bra being pushed in his face and touch, kissed and licked them, "Honey?" she said.
"Yes, lover." he responded.

"I want you to wear my bra. Take it off me and put it on." she commanded and he looked up at her, not sure if she was serious. She nodded her head and he nervously unclasped it, pulling the straps off and holding it near his chest.

By this time of day, any drugs she had him on were wearing off and he understood what she was trying to get him to do but the Barbie show had mentally been training him to agree with whatver his lover said. He waas wrestling with that in his mind and she softly caressed his shoulders. Renee sliped the shoulder straps on him and clipped it on in the back then kissed him more and more.

She kissed his neck and watched him quickly forget everything, she squeezed his chest and whispered, "I like you wearing my clothes, hun. It's really hot." she pulled the bra down a little and sucked on his nipple, to his surprise it felt really sensitive and good.

She slid her pants off then his and guided his cock inside her, "Baby? I want you to fuck me. But only if you're committed to me and only me forever." Vincent was so enthralled by sex that he would have agreed to anything. "Smoke for me, baby." he nodded his head, so erotically charged. she put her cigarette to his lips and he held it there and sucked in, she had him to be used to smoke but he had resisted doing it on his own til that moment.He held it between his fingers as she slid up and down his cock.

Renee moaned and yelled, "Ohmygod yes! I love you! I love you! Yes, yes yes! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy godddddddddd..." she rode him for a while and they both came at the same time, she fell on top of him and they held each other.

Renee caressed his chest through her bra and said meekly, "I love when you wear your bra, sweetie and I love that you are committing to me by becoming a smoker for me." she placed a cigarette to his lips, lit it and watched him hold it and suck on it. "So good, babydoll. Accept... accept...accept." she whispered that and he felt so relaxed. Vincent felt like everything was right, like he was supposed to accept what she said.

"Can you do something for me, babe?" she asked while kissing his nipples.

"...yess..." he said.

"I would love it...if you'd wear my clothes...from now on..." he looked down concerned.
"I don't know...I mean...I..." he watched her stick a needle in his arm. Within minutes he felt so hazy, Renee sat up and turned the tv on. "Watch some tv, babe. I'm gonna take the trash out." his eyes became glued as Barbie's face entered the screen. She giggled and Renee picked up all Vincent's clothes and plopped them in the trash can. She grabbed his wallet and keys, took the credit card out and dropped the rest in the trash as well.

"Sweetheart...what is your pin...can you tell me, lover?" she whispered into his ear and he involuntarily answered her, "...2...4...5...5..." she smiled and picked up the trash bag.

Vincent's focus was on the tv screen, Barbie was smoking and giggling. He found himself sucking on his cigarette every time she did and she started talking,

"I love feeling pretty. I need to feel pretty. Wearing pretty clothes...putting my makeup on...I love feeling so pretty." she giggled and Vincent absorbed every word. The flashes were short videos of her doing her makeup, he stared blankly.
"I love wearing my bra and panties. I need to wear my bra and panties. Stockings make me feel so happy." she caressed her smoothe leg covered by stockings. "I would never leave home without wearing a pretty dress. I would never leave home without looking pretty."

Renee walked back in, sat in front of Vincent and gently took his hand, she began painting his finger nails with pink nail polish. He was so taken by the Barbie tv show that he offered no resistance or notice of her actions. Once done and dried, she laid him down and slip a pair of panties up his thighs, they matched the bra he was wearing.

Renee then caressed Vincent's chest through the bra, she examined his breast growth and found he was up to a B cup and his nipples were sensitive and bigger. "...such a good girl..." she whispered as she kissed his neck.

The Barbie tv show flashed videos of a woman getting on her knees and sucking a cock, Vincent smiled as Renee kissed him. He felt her guiding him onto the floor and he instinctively ended up on his knees just like the woman on the show.

Barbie pulled her long hair in a ponytail and Vincent felt a need to copy her. She then picked up a tube of lipstick and covered her full pouty lips, Vincent found a similar tube and did the same. Renee watched as Vincent was succumbing to everything she was doing to him. He covered his lips and then Barbie lit a new cigarette, Vincent did too.

Renee was sitting in front of him on the edge of the bed, wearing a strap on dildo.

"I love to suck, I love to suck. I need to suck...I love smoking while sucking cock. I'm such a good girl. I need a cock between my lips." Barbie was sweetly chanting and Vincent felt his mind agreeing with her. He sucked on his cigarette when she did.

Renee caressed his head and whispered seductively, "Be like her, babydoll..." she guided his head down and Vincent couldn't stop his mouth from taking in the dildo. he slip his mouth down the shaft and he heard Barbie's voice, "Sucking cock is so hot, I can't help being turned on. I'm such a good girl, I love being blowjobs, feeling so pretty. I was made to please dicks." Every words seemed to make him feel more and more comfortable. He began sliding up and down the toy cock, Renee watched him and laughed.

She grabbed his hair and stopped him for a moment, long enough to give him another needle. Then he slid it out of his mouth and sucked on his cigarette, his lipstick was smeared all over the toy dick and around his lips.

Renee then picked him up and guided him to lay on his stomach and positioned herself behind him, she squeezed his nipples and pushed her silicone cock between his thighs and inside him. "Good girl, feels so good to be fucked like a slut." Renee whispered as she slid her toy in and out of him slowly. He put his hands on her's and helped her play with his breasts, he moaned quietly.

Barbie spoke again, "I love to do whatever my lover says. Whatever my lover says is complete truth. I love to be pretty and empty for my lover." she kept going and Vincent absorbed every word. Renee leaned close to Vincent's ear and said, "You're such an easy girl...think like a bimbo."
Vincent moaned and Renee slid her dildo in and out of his ass faster and faster. She pulled it out and spun him around, then Renee loosened the strapon and let it fall off. She climbed on top of Vincent, positioned her clit over his face and felt him lick and massage her pussy with his tongue. After a little while, she felt an orgasm tear through her and climbed off him. She held him and both fell asleep.

Renee woke up long before Vincent, gave him three needles and turned the tv on quietly so he could listen while he slept. He dreamt about Renee calmly guiding him toward the color pink and suddenly he watched high heels float onto his feet and a dress gently cover his body and Renee magically made makeup put itself on him. He very gently and slowly woke up to find Renee gone and the Barbie tv show on.

He sat up and looked at himself in the mirror, Vincent knew what he needed to do. He walked over to Renee's dresser and picked up foundation. Without thought, he began applying it followed by blush lipstick and eyeliner. Then he picked up a brush and began stroking his long hair. A smile came over his face as he opened a drawer, where his clothes usually were he found a whole new wardrobe.

He found bras, panties, pantie hose, dresses, skirts and blouses. Vincent picked up a leopard print bra and clipped it on and caressed his budding breasts through it, he was a solid C cup. He pulled a back top out with pink lines at the top and a pink skirt, fit them on him and found himself standing in front of Renee's body mirror. He couldn't help but admire his clothing choice and then he heard a voice on the tv.
"I just love looking cute and pretty." He looked in the mirror and smiled, "Yeah...I do too."

Barbie spoke again, "It's so fun to show off my body. My lips, my tits, my ass...I just want everyone to notice me." Vincent felt the weight of her words and said, "Yeah...just want to be noticed. I want to show off my body." He put a cigarette between his lips and lit it. He looked at the tv and watched Barbie giggle, "I don't care if it's a cute boy or another sexy woman, I just want to be touched. I want all the attention. I don't care who fucks me, as long as I get fucked."

Vincent felt himself getting turned on by the thought of being fucked, "I just want to be fucked..." Barbie giggled and Vincent heard his own high pitched voice giggle the same way. Vincent watched as Barbie was on the screen and then there were small clips of men and women having sex. The women were smoking and blowing smoke on their breasts while the men fucked them. Vincent started uncontrollably imagining being the women in the clips.

Renee walked in suddenly and stopped in shock, "Holy shit! You look damn good." Vincent stood there with a cigarette between his lips and makeup perfectly making him look like a beautiful woman.

"You really think I look good?" Vincent said with a smile. A man walked in the room behind her, "Is this the girlfriend you were talking about? She's fuckin hot as shit too." he sat on the edge of the bed and began stripping his clothes off.
Renee grabbed Vincent and passionately kissed him, she then whispered, "Don't think, honey...just do as I say." He nodded his head and she kissed him again.

She pulled him over to the bed and bent him so his stomach and breasts were pressed into the bed and she faced him. Renee kissed him passionately and just as their tongues molded together, he felt something. He tried to turn his head but Renee forced him to kiss her while the man slid his cock in Vincent's ass.

A high pitched moan poured from the captive's mouth as he was getting fucked for the first time. Vincent couldn't move and suddenly his memory reminded him of his newly added desire to be fucked like that woman on tv and he started to moan in rythem to the pounding from behind. Renee placed her pussy in Vincent's face and began making out with the man, Vincent licked uncontrollably.
"Smack that bitch's ass, hun." Renee said and watched the man smack Vincent's ass.

Vincent felt that hard cock sliding in and out of him and kept hearing a sexy feminine voice in his mind, "I don't care if it's a cute boy or another sexy woman, I just want to be touched. I want all the attention. I don't care who fucks me, as long as I get fucked." he thought about that and couldn't help savoring being fucked like a good girl.

After a while, Renee climbed down and faced Vincent. She lit cigarette ad placed it in his mouth, "I can't help smoking. I'm addicted. I like smoking. I'm addicted. I need to smoke. I'm addicted." those words ran through his mind said in Barbie's voice.

Vincent turned to see the man had left and an emptiness came over him, "Where did...why...ohmygawd, I love being fucked..." he said. Renee laughed, knowing she had completely controlled him.

"Aw honey, it's ok. You're gonna get laid a lot. I promise. But since you look like a woman, you need a new name and a new life." Vincent gave her a concerned look and sucked on his cigarette, "A girl's job is to be pretty and shallow and always happy and to smile and never ever disagree with your lover no matter what." he remembered Barbie saying.

"I got it! You're going to be Layla Jade Gilmore. And since that name kinda sounds like a stripper name, I think you're gonna be a whore. I can get you a job as a waitress in a strip club and you can hook on the side. Giving blowjobs or whatever." Vincent wanted to argue but Barbie's commands to obey his lover kept him in total agreement with Renee.

Over the next few months, Vincent didn't leave Renee's house. She kept him trapped and orced him to take hormones and testosterone blockers and kept drugging him. She turned him into her maid, cleaning and cooking for her while he transitioned into Layla. It took him a few weeks to respond to his new name and once he got used to it, he found himself forgetting his old name more and more. He tried to keep his old life in his mind, with the slightest hope to get away from her and her trap some day.

That hope and memory seemed to become more and more of a distant back burner thought as he accepted more of her training. He had become completely addicted to smoking and came to love that and she was training him to do his makeup and dress more fashionable. His favorite color was now pink or purple and he loved painting his nails and trying different eye shadows and lipsticks.

And at least once a week, Renee brought home a man to have threesomes with Layla. Renee brainwashed Layla to always play along and tease the men she brought. Layla had become so addicted to being raped that she couldn't go a week without it.

After a year of hormones, therapy, hypnosis, brainwashing and mind manipulation by Renee and Layla had completely forgotten about who she was before and any of her own thoughts. Layla looked very sexy with DDD breasts and a thin waist, she loved dressing up. Renee got Layla the job as a waitress and she was good at it.

One night a woman gave Layla a tip and smacked her ass as she was walking away, "When are you gonna get up on stage, honey? You're fuckin hot enough." Layla walked away smiling at that compliment.
After work, Layla stood outside smoking a cigarette when Renee came to the club. She kissed Layla passionately and they walked to Renee's car together. "How was work, babe?" Renee asked.

"It was ok. Bruce kept hitting on me though, I hate that. And I got told I should be a dancer, by a customer." Layla replied as they got to a store.
"Hun, go in and get me a pack of cigarettes and an iced tea." Renee said and Layla obeyed. She came back in the car and handed Renee her cigarettes, "So have you fucked Bruce yet or what?"

Layla gave a shocked look as they puled up to Renee's house, "Ohmygosh no! I would never! He's my boss, and he's...a he. I don't think that would be good at all." she laughed at the thought and went inside.
"Well, ya know you'd probably get something out of it if you let him have his way with you. Maybe a raise or better hours or something. Plus he's hot, he's probably good in bed." They sat down on the couch and Layla sneered at that. "I don't care how hot he is, I'm not into guys and I'm definitely not into him."

"Did you remember to take your medicine?" Renee asked, Layla nodded her head then leaned back and watched tv.
After a while, Renee got up and turned the channel to the Barbie tv show. Layla was about to say something when she heard that voice and almost instantly fell into a trance. Layla had no idea that the Barbie tv show was made specifically for her to watch, Renee had them made with subliminal messages that kept Layla from ever disobeying or leaving or thinking too much for herself. Renee didn't like when Layla seemed to have too many of her own thoughts or ideas so when she started that, Renee would put the Barbie show on and put a stop to that.

Barbie's pretty voice calmed Layla down so much, she always seemed to say the exact right thing. She stared mindlessly as Barbie spoke, "I love to suck on things...I love having something in my mouth. I have an oral fixation. I have an oral fixation. I don't care if its a cigarette...or a cock...or a pussy...I just want something in my mouth." Layla heard Barbie and felt herself absorbing those words. She had an oral fixation too, oddly Barbie seemed to say exactly what was on her own mind.

"I'm gad I don't have to think too much, I just have to be pretty and soft and weak and easy. I'm so easy. I'm so very easy." Layla nodded her head blankly, she felt so easy. Pictures popped on the screen of women kneeling in front of men, massaging their cocks and giving blowjobs. Layla couldn't look away, those women looked so happy.

Renee walked back into the room and sat next to Layla, who was so entranced that she didn't even move or react. She put her hand on Layla's thigh and began massaging her. Layla moaned slightly as she watched women sucking cocks. Renee whispered into Layla's ear, "Imagine that's you...sucking Bruce's delicious cock. Be his slut..."

Layla's eyes were glued to the images and her mouth started to form words, "...but...but..." Renee grabbed Layla's breast and squeezed her nipple, she moaned sharply. Barbie's voice rythemically floated into Layla's head, "I'm so easy. I'm so dumb. I'm so horny. I'm so easy. I'm so dumb. I'm so fuckin horny. I need to be filled, I need to be fucked." Layla swayed to those words and slowly fell toward Renee.

The show faded to black and Layla turned to look at her lover, their lips slowly moved toward each other's and a kiss quickly turned passionate. Layla began pawing at Renee's body, Renee unbuttoned Layla's shirt and kissed her way down to Layla's breasts, "My gawd these are fuckin hot, baby." Layla moaned and caressed Renee's head.

Renee stopped and stood up, "Hun, lay back." she commanded. Layla laid back and played with her big breasts, licking her lips while looking at Renee's sexy body. Renee's pants dropped and she had a strapon bound to her waist. Layla didn't even think, she got on her knees and moved close to it, "Time to give those fuckable lips some practice, babygirl."
Layla slid her lips up and down the shaft of the silicone cock, Renee sucked on a cigarette and blew her smoke in Layla's face. "I'm so easy. I'm so dumb. I'm so horny." Layla whispered as she caressed the toy dick. Renee laughed a little and slid the cock in Layla's mouth again. Her head bobbed faster and faster while Renee watched. "Suck my cock, bitch." she said as Layla stopped thinking and gave Renee a blowjob.
"I'll bet you like sucking cocks, sweetie. You're so easy and horny. Imagine a real cock between those pouty lips." Layla answered yes through muffled lips and slowed down, taking it out of her mouth to suck on a cigarette.

The two women kissed passionately and sharing smoke, Renee then positioned Layla so she could fuck her. Layla wanted to give in and be fucked so badly she didn't care about anything else. "Honey, I'm gonna call Bruce and get him over here so we can play with him." Layla was so turned on that she couldn't speak through sighs and moans.

Renee called Bruce and told him to come over and bring any friends or toys he wanted to. She then faced Layla and said, "Babygirl, fix your makeup. Bruce is gonna wanna see you all dolled up." Layla got her makeup out and applied a heavy coat, like a slut. Just as she finished, Bruce showed up, Renee let him in and guided him to her bedroom where Layla was sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking a cigarette. "Let's put on a show for your boss, doll." Renee said then began kissing her.

Layla was so turned on that she couldn't stop making out with Renee and when Bruce grabbed Renee, Layla dropped to her knees and caressed Bruce's crotch. "Ohmygawd, I can't believe...Oh fuck." she said as she unzipped his pants.

Something in Layla's mind was screaming at her to stop but as she felt that fear, she remembered Barbie's voice and it was like a drug. Layla caressed Bruce's hard cock and slid it between her lips. The images from the Barbie tv show flashed through her mind as she bobbed faster and faster, moaning through her muffled mouth. Renee was kissing Bruce and she talked to him about money, "Bruce baby, so I was thinking...if you give me all the money you were gonna give Layla in her raise, I'll totally make it worth your while."

Layla's head snapped back and Bruce's dick slipped out of her mouth, "What the fucking hell?" she said loudly. "You evil bitch, I'll..." just as Layla was going to stop Renee, she pushed a button on the tv remote and Barbie popped on the screen, "I'm not angry, I just want to be used and fucked. I want my boss' cock between my tits. He can cum anywhere on me he wants to. My tits are so sexy...and lonely...they were made for my boss' dick."

Layla tried to be angry but she just couldn't, her head slowly moved back to his cock and she smiled. "My tits were made for my boss' dick..." she lifted her dress over her head and began massaging his cock with her breasts.

"Holy hell, you have that slut trained." Renee smiled and sucked on her cigarette. "Do we have a deal?" he nodded his head and the three of them melted together in a mound of erotic sexuality. Layla felt so satisfied when Bruce fucked her ass and came all over her back then Renee took Bruce out, turning the tv on before she left.

Layla smiled gently as her already hazy mind drifted to sleep while Barbie talked. A while later, Renee walked in clumsily and flicked the light on without warning, "Hey there, cum slut. You were very good to Bruce tonight. He had a lot of fun." Layla was barely awake and looked up, annoyed.

"Renee? What are you doing? C'mon, I was sleeping." she said to the drunk woman.
Renee grabbed Layla's hand and picked her up, forcing her to dance around on the bed, "Renee! Stop! Let go of me! What the hell!" she yelled and Renee stopped abruptly.

"How dare you yell at me." she said and smacked Layla across the face, Layla dropped to the bed and held her face, "Why did you just do that? What's with you?!"

Renee sat down and Layla spoke, "I know what you've been trying to do to me. I know you changed me, I know you forced me to do things...things I don't want to do. I remember who I used to be. You will not get away with this. Dammit, I was trying to leave you and you trapped me here for...I don't even know how long!" Renee turned to face Layla but didn't say anything.

"I figured out about that tv show. It's been brainwashing me, you've been brainwashing me. I'm not letting you anymore. I'm leaving." Layla stood up and walked toward the door, Renee grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed. "You're not going any fucking where, you think I'm gonna just let you walk out? You got another thing coming to you, bitch." Layla treid to break free from Renee's grip but couldn't.
Renee's hand raised and she slapped Layla very hard across the face, Layla's eyes teared up. Renee then let her hand go, stood up in front of the door and turned the tv on. Layla spoke through tears, "You can't brainwash me anymore. Let me go."

Renee picked up a dvd and put it in the player, "You fucin think you can tell me anything, you motherfuckin whore? You think you can ever just leave? Do you have any idea how much money I've put into your body, your clothes, food and everything else? You can't ever completely repay me for all I've put out for you.

The dvd started and Barbie was on the screen, her makeup was heavy and slutty looking, she smiled and a soft music started to float through the tv right into Layla's ears. "I'm not...going to...liss..." Layla's eyes seemed forced to look at the tv and her mouth went numb.
"I'm so emty. I'm nothing. I'm so empty. I'm nothing." Barbie said and Layla watched her lips as she chanted.

Renee laughed, "'re gonna get away." she walked over to the captive woman and stuck a needle in her arm. Layla felt a warm numbness come over her body and anything she was trying to concentrate on floated away. Renee caressed Layla's head gently as Barbie continued, "I'm nothing but a fucking bimbo. I'm nothing but a fucking bimbo. I can't think, dumb sluts don't use their brains, dumb sluts use their tits. Dumb sluts do as they're told. Dumb sluts do as they're told." Layla felt herself relax uncontrollably. Barbie was so right, Barbie knew the truth. Layla was empty, she was a dumb bimbo. She was nothing.

Renee made a phone call, Hello, Dr? Can we set that appointment for tomorrow morning? Great, thank you. See you at 9 sharp. Bye." Layla swayed side to side, the music was so intoxicating. Barbie kept saying more and more, Layla couldn't stop accepting the subliminal messages, causing her to give up all thought.

"Tomorrow you're going to the doctor's and you'll finally be a complete woman. They're gonna make that dick into a nice fuckable pussy." Renee kissed Layla's cheek and pushed her on the bed. Layla gave absolutely no resistance in any way as Renee lit a cigarette and sat next to her living Barbie doll. She was about to get a shower when she heard a knock at the door.

Renee walked to the door and peeked in the peep hole, it wa sa familiar woman but she couldn't remember where she knew her from. She opened the door enough to stick her head out and suspiciously ask, "Yes?" the woman looked concerned and spoke, "Hi, are you Renee? I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm looking for my friend Vincent. Your ex boyfriend has been missing for a long time, the police can't find him and I...I just had to see if you knew where he was or when the last time you saw him was." Renee smiled.

"Actually, I saw him not too long ago." the woman was shocked and happy to hear that. "If you have a minute, I'll tell you about that. C'mon in." the woman walked in and Renee shut and locked the door behind her.

"Where did you see him? When did you, I heard he moved or ran away and that's not like him at all. I mean Vincent left all his stuff and didn't tell anyone. He wouldn't do that, I know it."

Renee sat next to her and asked, "And, who are you, by the way?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you knew me, I know it's been a while, I'm Jennifer. Vincent and I have been friends for years." Renee gave a sly look and held her finger up, "Hold on one moment, Jenny. I have to check something but I'll be right back, ok?"

Jennifer nodded her head and Renee walked upstairs. She went into her room where Layla was sleeping peacefully. Renee smacked her face harshly, abruptly waking her up.

"Hey cunt, wake the fuck up. Hey." she said loudly into he ear.

"What? I'm...I'm up. Why are you...okay, I'm awake."

"You fuckin bitch, I have a job for you and if you fuck up even a little, I will literally kill your friend Jennifer. You remember someone named Jennifer? She's downstairs and you're going to come down and you're gonna act like the slutty bimbo you are. You're going to sit with us and smoke a cigarette and watch what I'm gonna do. You say one word or try anything will regret it." Layla was very scared.

"What are you gonna do?" she asked.

"You'll see. First, tell me about your friend Jennifer." Renee commanded.

"Umm...she's 29, well 30 now. She's been dating Bill for years, they're getting married soon. I used to tell her everything, she's one of my best friends. She has two kids and her husband died a few years ago, She's a nutritionist and a health councellor and..."

Renee stopped her, "Got it. Ok, get dressed and come down." she left and met Jennifer.

"Sorry about that, anyway you had some questions or something?"

"Yeah, when did you see Vincent?" she asked.

Renee took out a cigarette and lit it, "The last time I saw Vincent...hmm. It's been a while. I'm not exactly sure." Jennifer's hopes dropped a little and she said, "Oh, well was he okay? Do you have any details that could help me find him?" Renee sucked on her cigarette and held the pack out, "Would you like a cigarette?"

Jennifer shook her head, "No thanks, I don't smoke." Renee put them down and said under her breath, "Ok. You will." then continued saying to Jennifer, "You look very pretty, hun. I love your hair." Jennifer accepted the compliment and tried to keep her focus.

"Thanks but..." just as she was about to say something, Layla walked down and sat down on the couch next to Jennifer. "Jenny, do you know Layla?" she looked at the barely covered woman and sneered slightly. "Oh, no. Hi, Layla. I'm Jennifer." Layla smiled and giggled.
"Hello, Jennifer. Nice to meet you." Layla giggled and Renee held a cigarette in front of Jennifer, "Here, babe. I know you want one." Layla took it and both women leaned in front of the awkward Jennifer to light it. They then kissed and Renee smiled, "Love you, bitch." Layla smiled back,

"Love you too, baby."

Jennifer tried to politely get up but neither woman would let her pass. Renee looked at her and said, "Layla here knew Vincent. Isn't that right?" Layla nodded and giggled.

"Ok well good. I don't mean to be take up your time so I'm gonna go. I just wanted to see if yu knew anything about where he is. Thanks for..."
Renee cut her off, "I know where he is, he's right next to you. And I know you're not leaving just yet." Layla grab her arms please." Layla obeyed, knowing she had no choice. Jennifer freaked out and Renee quickly stuck a needle in her arm.

Each second that passed calmed Jennifer down more as she started to feel the effects of drugs in her system. She felt dizzy and scared and light headed, "What the...what did you do to me?" she said through the haze.

"What, you've never been drugged before?" Renee said as she unbuttoned Jennifer's shirt. The barely conscious woman offered very little resistance.

"You see, honey, I made sure your friend Vincent would never leave me. He tried. He fucking failed. But what he didn't fail at was being a beautiful dumb bimbo slut." Jennifer looked at Layla in horror.

"That'" she asked. Layla looked at her with sympathy.
"I'm so sorry Jenn, she made me help her. I didn't want to." she said then sucked on her cigarette. Renee then Pulled Jennifer's shirt off her shoulders, exposing her bra. Jennifer could barely keep herself up as her captor squeezed her breasts. "Layla, get her purse and dump it out on the table please." Layla picked up her friend's purse and let everything fall out on the coffee table. There was some makeup, keys, a wallet, change, some random paper, some medicine, nail clippers, a ring, her phone and a few other things.

Jennifer whimpered a little and Renee laughed, "Aww what's wrong, hun? Not havin fun?" she then kissed the woman on her lips slowly. "Layla dear, take her upstairs and lay her on our bed." Layla answered positively and did as she was told. Renee rifled through the contents of her purse and kept anything worth money.

Layla lowered Jennifer on the bed and sat next to her, "I'm so sorry, Jenn. I wish this wasn't happening. That evil woman forced me to become...this. And she made me do things...things I never want to think about again. She made me agree with her, brainwashed me to obey her." Jennifer nodded her head, barely conscious.

"She's probably gonna make me do things to you, just know I'm sorry for whatever I do." Layla whispered into Jennifer's ear. Jennifer started to say something but Renee walked in and grabbed her.

"Aww, you two girls gabbing away? Well ain't that just so fuckin sweet. Layla, what did you say to her? Did you ask her to help you? Did you two try to come up with a plan to get out? Did you braid each other's hair? Well, good luck bitches." She turned the tv on and Barbie was on.
The tv seemed to glow bright pink and both Jennifer and Layla couldn't seem to focus on anything else. Barbie smiled and gigged and said, "I feel so happy when I'm obeying my lover. I love being a empty headed bimbo. I just want to look sexy." Every few seconds, a picture of women giving blowjobs flashed on the screen, Jennifer felt like a weight was being lifted off her as she let her thoughts go. Layla became even more empty headed, she froze with erotic desire.

Renee slipped Jennifer's top off her shoulders with no resistance as Barbie spoke, "I really want to smoke a long sexy cigarette. I've always wanted to smoke, nothing's stopping me...I want to smoke." Jennifer felt as if her mind was clearing up, she never wanted to smoke before but nothing was stopping her from wanting to now. Suddenly she realized that she truly had always wanted to smoke.

Renee sat next to Jennifer, sucking on a cigarette and blowing smoke down her body. She teased Jennifer for a while then leaned over and let her smoke drift in the woman's face.

Their lips met as Jennifer felt herself trying to breathe in Renee's smoke, Renee began caressing Jennifer's big breasts. Renee lifted her shirt over her head and squeezed her breasts together, "Honey...kiss my tits." She guided Jennifer's head down and blew smoke down. Jennifer closed her eyes as she kissed and licked Renee's all over breasts.

"Layla, baby, come here and slide your cock inside Jennifer. Enjoy your last night with a dick." Layla walked over and Renee began caressing her neck and breasts, making her purr.

"Slip your dick in her, baby. You're going to fuck the shit out of your friend." Layla looked at Renee with a sad look and couldn't fight her commands. Layla felt her cock slide slowly between Jennifer's thighs and into her wet pussy, she was horrified to feel her platonic friend's naked body but she was so aroused by the Barbie tv show and by Renee's touch that she couldn't stop.

Layla looked down and watched her long time friend, moaning with pleasure. "Ohmygawd, fuck me! Fuck me deeper..." Jennifer was so lost in Renee's trap, she just wanted to be penetrated by Layla.

"Jennifer, hun...snap out of this. I dont want to do this to you." Layla tried to reason with the erotically charged woman.
Just as she was about to say something, Barbie spoke seductively, "I love your cunt."

Layla tried to tell Jennifer to get up but her words were replaced by Barbie's.
"I love your cunt." her cock became more sensitive as she repeated after Barbie.

"Layla, sweetie, don't you just want to bury your face between her tits? Don't you just need to kiss those perfect breasts?" Layla stared at her breasts and each second seemed to make them look better. She never noticed just how perfect her friend's boobs were before, she leaned down and slowly let her lips touch Jennifer's nipples.

A slight kiss became a long kiss, then she began sucking, then she squeezed them together.

The thought in Layla's shallow mind about trying to help her friend was being replaced by desire to make love to her. She squeezed Jennifer's breasts in big circles and licked all over them, Renee snuck a cigarette between Jennifer's lips and watched as she sucked on it as if she'd been a smoker all her life. She blew smoke down her body to Layla's face and moaned.

"Layla..." she grunted, "" Jennifer sucked on her cigarette again and kept speaking through sighs, " Play with my gawddamn tits, ohmygawd...yess..." Layla began sliding her dick faster and faster. Both women moaned louder and louder for a while.Layla felt herself about to orgasm and Renee said, "Don't pull out, sweetie. Jennifer wants you to cum inside her."

Layla felt her cock stiffen and she erupted her seed insode Jennifer's wet pussy. Layla then slumped down onto her friend's naked sweaty body and they both kissed each other, melting in to a hug. Jennifer sucked on her cigarette as she felt her body start to relax, Layla's mouth was still erotically touching her friend's nipples and around her breasts...

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