Box for Lolita

My uncle burst through my door and dropped a big box on my bed. His anger was real and he looked differently at me as I focused on his face.

“Here take this damn thing, but you better keep this in the basement. If I hear or see that you wore this stuff upstairs then you're out.”

“What the hell is it that got you so mad?”

“Mad is not what I call this, this fetish you have.” I grimaced and then blanked out not knowing what he meant. “Some woman came up to me at work in front of everybody and gave this to me. I opened the thing right there. I saw the things inside and my coworkers did as well while this woman laughed. She told me to give it to you.”

“I barely know anyone outside my games or work and they are all guys.”

“Well she knew enough about you saying that you will enjoy everything inside that you would love the feel of it on your skin. I never thought you to be a tranny!”

“I am not a tranny.”

“Could have fooled me. You did fooled me, but I have been watching you and now I know.” He paused letting out some air. “At least you hide it well most of the time.” I started to feel sick. He knew. He knew that I wore girls underwear and bras. He was looking directly at my chest and though I had a tee shirt on I was sure the slight lumps that were held by the bra didn't look like a male chest to him. This was my sleeping bra and they formed my fat into something similar to a girl's breasts. Not big enough to be a B cup for my forty inch chest, but enough at the angle I was holding myself up.

“I am a cross dresser not some tranny who wants to be a girl, and its just underwear.”

“I don't care if you prance around in a dress down here, but for her to come to my work and make a laughing stock of me I almost tossed you out a week ago.”

“Then why didn't you?”

“Because I threw the box away five times and the damn thing kept coming back. Last time I dumped a bunch of garbage and old chili all over everything and spread it out in three different dumpsters. It came back cleaner than it was before.”
“That's impossible. There is no such thing as magic.”

“That is what I thought, but it is yours and no longer my problem, but if I see you wearing any of it...” He pinched his nose before looking back up. “Just know that you will never pass as a girl.” He turned and left looking almost defeated. I stared at the box a long time. I was afraid to look inside as my uncle was very upset. I knew I couldn't pass and I never have. I was over weight and had fat boy breasts. I wasn't as large as I could have been as I did get out to exercise. Plus that I was six feet tall and had boats for feet limited further the idea to dress. I first discovered my tick two years ago. Not from dressing up for Halloween no it was that some girl teased me about my breasts and told me I should wear a bra and then tossed one in my lap. I was embarrassed in front of my friends and I was cursing her out as she laughed. I stuffed the damn thing in my bag to get it out of sight to throw away later. There was never a later as I tried it on that night. It felt like it was hugging me and I felt warmer.

Since then I had ordered several under garments to wear and knew what sizes and types I could wear. Mostly I wore compression sports tops with a shelf bra built in. They gave me that hugging feeling and gave me a normal looking chest. The panties and girdles came next and then a few months later I added corsets and lacy tops and bottoms. Along with a gaff that I rarely took off. It was big enough not to pinch, but tight enough to hold it close. Then I found this string gaff with a ring and it pulled and held him in place forming the cleft that looked exactly like a chubby girls vee, and the plus to this was I could pee sitting down. I had experimented with tapes and glues and nothing worked comfortably. This did and with glue I could nearly look like a girl with my legs spread. Don't get me wrong I don't have a little penis or a large one just average length and thicker than normal, but when it was not erect it looked tiny.

During college, I had a few girlfriends and a half dozen encounters. Most time I was ready to go so the girl couldn't object to my size plus I was a bit smaller back then. The few times he wasn't ready the girl hesitated. I could get him up fast and that saved me some embarrassment. Than I couldn't get it up as I was too drunk and the girl not only laughed she then got disgusted. A week later I was being laughed at and I remained single for the rest of the year. That was a blow that made it hard for me to talk to girls and getting that drunk scared me sober. Then I started eating more than I should. Once I graduated I got a job writing code and then another until I had several good paying jobs working from my apartment. They took up a lot of time and with the games I played I barely had time to go out or sometimes sleep.

My landlord got arrested because of the meth lab in the basement, and so I was suddenly out of a place to live. The police took my computers and I had to move in with my uncle while I fought to get them back. Once I did all my hard drives were wiped clean. I had to start all over and I got only three of the five contracts back. The other two didn't like that I had a mark on my record even if I didn't get charged with anything. My uncle had let me move in and I started to lose weight. Plus I put a lot of work into the basement making it into an apartment with a man cave for my uncle. He used it a few times. Superbowl and his birthday, but that was about it as it was more my living room than anything. With a washer and dryer upstairs my aunt never came downstairs either so I had the basement to myself. So it wasn't hard to go from guys underwear to girls shapewear. I even had large sleep shirts. I kept my tick to the basement and limited my options when I went out.

Underwear was the only thing I really had except a bit of equipment. I bought a dress once and I looked like a man in a dress even with the corset. Best I could hope for was to dress like a diva and even then I expected to be ugly. Now here was this box and my uncle knew. I wondered if I should move out as everything was stable. I definitely had the money and the time. Yet I had everything I needed here. I was content. The box called to me but I got up and changed. I tried not to wear a bra or a compression tee, but I couldn't. I brushed my teeth while I sat to pee and I wondered when the last time was that I stood to pee. Once I got in the shower I realized I hadn't even done it in the shower either. I got dressed and fled my room. Once it was behind a closed door it didn't call to me as much. I ate I worked and I played for hours. Dinner came and I remained silent during the meal. My uncle talked like he normally did at the table and so did my aunt. It was like nothing had happened.

Once I was back downstairs I felt better as I felt he had forgotten or was really good at hiding his disgust. The box was still on my bed and I picked it up to move it. It had some weight to it and I set it down opening it up to finally kill my curiosity. I found several dresses each made for a small woman or a girl. The same went with the slips and the petticoats. The special wear was also small and very life like. I frowned as I could wear none of it. It was like having an accessory kit for one of those sex dolls. About how big it all was. The only things I could use were the soaps, creams, shampoos, and makeup and none of that held any interest, so into the closet to be forgotten about. I didn't know the box had other plans. I had not believed what my uncle had said.

It started with a bit of laziness on my part as I ran out of soap. I grabbed the only thing I had and it was from the box. Then shampoo ran out and so I used the conditioner too. Having my dry skin flair up I was using the cream as well. I stopped my tucking and wore just the compression underwear. I thought I was slowly getting back to being a bit more normal. Then I starting eating better and working out more. I dropped from two eighty down to two hundred. I actually used the weights I had bought so long ago and went on several dates. They didn't go very far, but I wasn't looking for something quick. I wanted to be normal in more ways than one. After six months I had a steady girlfriend. Everything was going great until we had sex the first time. It was dark and my undershirt was the last to go. Everything was fine when I was on top and then behind her, but when she got on top she suddenly stopped.

“What's wrong?”

“These are what's wrong.” She squeezed and I knew she was talking about my chest. She let go of them as I didn't have an answer and she ran her hands over my body which felt really nice. She started back up again, but as soon as her hands grabbed my breasts again she stopped.

“Okay I have a body issue I was fat.” I lost the mood as I was ashamed and a bit angry.

“It is not that you feel like a girl. Even your face is smooth. I don't even think I have ever seen a razor in your bathroom. Yet it is like you shave your whole body.” I again didn't know what to say as she got off of me and turned on the light. I felt fear as she grabbed my hands and pulled me to the mirror.

“Am I supposed to see something?” She rolled her eyes and ran her hands over my body. I saw myself until her hands reached my chest. A slight push and the man boobs looked like breasts. There was no doubt that is what she saw. The biggest difference I had failed to notice as I saw it now was that my nipples poked straight out and were slightly bigger than hers.
“Don't you see this?”

“I do its... I have a problem their and I am working out so it is a matter of time before they go away.” She started to kneed one and one of her own. It felt good, but at the same time too rough. She then turned and checked both at the same time before dropping her hands.
“They feel and look just like mine. You don't have extra flab still left over. Those are full breasts with mammary glands. You have gynecomastia. I should know I work in a doctor's office.”

“But wouldn't that affect other things?”

“No it wouldn't, but there is more. Let me try something.” She turned me to face the mirror and reached between and I gasped as she pulled my penis back and my balls shot up in place. It hurt more than I liked, but her point came clear.

“Oh shit.”

“You see that from the neck down you look like a girl. I am also a bit envious with your figure. This is something I only see on transgender girls.”

“You mean boys who want to be girls?”

“Yes. What I don't get is that you shouldn't be able to get aroused or as big as you do, and even if you did it wouldn't get properly hard. Something is messed up with you.”

“But I feel fine?”

“Said the man with stage four prostate cancer that was too far spread to just remove. I am not saying that you have cancer, but I am sure your hormones are all out of wack.”

“Okay fine I, I will get it checked out.” I went over to the bed and started to gather my clothes.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Um home.”

“You think I am kicking you out?”

“But you don't like...” She put her finger over my mouth.

“I really like you and this is something I don't mind. It can be corrected and I can have an open mind.” I smiled and this got me going and I rose to the challenge. It was not as aggressive as before and I suspected that she had been with a woman before as she concentrated much more on the rest of my body with the main focus on my breasts. I had no complaints even if she did as it was the best sex I had ever had. I didn't come home that night or the next. However once I was home I was confused. I looked in the mirror and I kept seeing a woman's body. I put on my string gaff and and then with an expert touch glued my sack over my penis and I had more than the crease I had before. It was still there, but it was a bit parted and it looked like the labia was sticking a bit out.

I hadn't cut my hair in I don't know how long, but it was touching my shoulders. I grabbed a DVD and covered my face before taking a picture. My hand had covered my chin and I saw a female body hiding behind a movie. My figure didn't need shapewear or special equipment to pass now. Only my feet, hands and face remained normal. I had worn the compression tops so long I hadn't really noticed. My breasts were small, but with a bit of digging I put on a normal bra and panties and I had enough for cleavage. My bra didn't really fit and I went out with two compression shirts on, a loose tee and loose jeans. I looked like a guy again, but I felt that everyone could see that I had changed and going to a bra section was extremely hard. I came home with a hard to find 38A, 38B and a 36A and 36B. The 38B was too loose and the 38A Fit well enough, but didn't sit perfectly. The 36A was too small, and the 36B fit the best if a bit tight on the band. I knew that would change as it stretched out a bit. I was shocked. Here I was with a nice body, but it wasn't the one I wanted.

I went around the next few days in a daze until I went to the doctor. They took some blood checked me out and the doctor barely made a comment about my breasts other than they were well balanced. They really were both the same size. I left there ashamed and buried myself in my work. I was behind a bit anyways, but it wasn't long before I was checking and rechecking my work for bugs. I finally gave up and sent the code in hoping to get more. I visited my girlfriend and it was good, but a constant reminder that had a female's form. The results finally came back and I was called into the doctor's office a day early. This made me worry to no end, but the doctor didn't look serious.

“Glad you could come early as I don't have any bad news so I wanted to relieve you of any worry. Tests came back within normal ranges and there is no indicators that you have cancer. The hormone levels could be a bit better, but they are also fine. Nothing to indicate that you should be growing breasts. Your body just may have corrected itself. I am looking into if fat cells can hold onto hormones and release them at a later date, but if that doesn't work out I have no explanation why your fat distribution is that of a female or that you have functional mammary glands from the feel of things. That is not just fat up there. I could run the tests over or check a few other things out, but I doubt things will change. You look fine with clothes on so just be careful what you wear. Unless that is you want to flaunt it and sow confusion.”
“Why would I want that? I want this to go away. I could never pass.” He just looked at me as if all was well in the world.

“Well plastic surgery has come a long ways. You could switch over completely if that was your desire. I do suggest you seriously consider counseling regardless of how you feel. This could correct on its own or it could remain. You also have to think about this if they get bigger. You will not be able to hide them. A tighter option is a binder and surgery is an option as well.”

“Thanks I guess.”

“See the nurse at the desk before you go. I want to see you in three months.” I left there as fast as I could I didn't want to go back but I was too ashamed to go to a different doctor. Once I got home I threw away everything that was feminine. The compression tees stayed but everything else went. Except I just couldn't throw away the new bra and panty. The string gaff either. Everything went in the garbage or back to the store. Even the stupid box. I went to bed and cried. Which I had no idea when the last time it happened. When I was ten? It wasn't until I had washed my hair and was sitting in a bath the next morning that I hadn't tossed the soaps or the lotions. All the bottles felt nearly full which shouldn't be right. There was nothing on the bottles to stated otherwise. I then panicked wondering if there was something in the box that I should have seen or read and I ran out after hastily dressing only to find the trash had been taken.

Our neighbor waved at me as I brought the trash cans in. I looked at her and she waved back as her face changed with her brow pushing together. I looked away and hurried back inside. All I could think about was that she saw. That she saw my breasts and to my horror I had put on tight sweat pants and a loose compression shirt I had missed. The sweats were my aunts and the tee hid nothing. I hesitated to take them off as they felt comfortable. I saw that they were pink, but I didn't care. It no longer mattered as I was turning into a girl so I might as well stop hiding. That is how bad it got. I did change eventually as I still feared my uncle's threat. I got on the computer and set up a list of possible apartments to look at. I needed to be prepared for being discovered if it wasn't too late.

I found myself staring at a photo of myself when I was still fat and pulling it closer to me I then looked at the other pictures of myself. My face had never changed but my hair and everything else had changed. So long as I wore the right clothing I looked like any other guy out there. So what if I had a bit extra under my shirt. I had a girlfriend who liked it. Dinner went fine so the neighbor hadn't told either of them and I was relieved. Then my aunt smiled funny and I returned the look.

“You need to bring your girlfriend over here when we are home. It is about time we met her. What has it been three months.” I had stiffened and then totally relaxed. She didn't see my face. “Oh and make sure she brings my sweat pants back as I can't find them.”
“I will do both just not sure when she can come by again.”

“No hurry it is not like you are that far along. Just use protection.”

“We do plus she is on the pill as well.”

“Good, good.” All was good in my world. I didn't get caught and I had a reason for my looks. That would be fixed as soon as I get new soap. That I did right away after the kitchen was clean. I came back cleared out all the strange soap and put in proper male products. I tossed the other stuff in a bag before I went out I needed a hoodie. I opened the closet and there was the box bigger than ever. It came back just like my uncle had said. I went to the trash bag and all the new stuff was in the trash instead. Resigned I went back to the box. I checked everything very carefully and still nothing looked like it would fit. I did find a card as I brought it out I flipped it over.

“Try it all on and when you take it off you will be normal again.”

“There is no way any of this would fit.” I looked at the card before I tossed it back in. I paused before snatching it back out again.
“Just try it.” My hand shook as I dropped the card. This was not going to work. Could it? My hand continued to shake as I picked up the fingerless gloves. They were tiny like a little girls. My hands steadied as I worked my hand into the glove. My hand fit in the glove but as I got it on properly my hand got a lot smaller. It wasn't that the clothes would fit me it was that I would fit the clothes. I went over what the card had said several times and the last part spoke to me the loudest. Once I removed everything I would be normal again.

The other glove went on as it was too odd to have one hand twice as big as the other. Next came the very real pseudo vagina. It took a bit of tucking, but it fit just fine. I added the thigh high leggings and the garter. The panties next and laughed at the girl legs on the large upper body. The bra was a bit difficult to fit. Once I had it just right I felt myself get smaller. I put on the petticoats and then slipped the dress over my huge head. I felt like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. With the dress and under garments on I was really coming along. The high heels stretched my feet straight down, but didn't hurt at all when I stood. I had no idea how to put makeup on, but my hands moved on their own. As each step was completed my head got smaller and smaller until it was just right. The shoulder length hair got longer as I brushed my hair out. It went all the way down to the back of my knees.

“I am so cute.” My hand flew to my mouth as even my voice was cute. I posed and spun in the mirror which fascinated me with ever turn. I swung my hips with each step. Getting chills with how the petticoat swished on my legs. The skirt of the dress was short and if I bent over only half way it no longer hid the red panties. I turned back to the mirror and all I could think about was how adorably cute I was. I was a lolita with cleavage as my breasts were the only thing that hadn't changed size and were now very large on my half sized frame. I had only lost a foot in height but I was sure I was under a hundred pounds, less than half my weight. I couldn't stop smiling or giggling.

“If I hadn't seen it happen I would not believe it is you.”

I spun and stared at my girlfriend standing in the doorway. I had totally forgotten that she was coming by.
“Oh I am so busted. You'll have to punish me now.” No I didn't just say that!

“I am leaving.”

“No wait! I'll do anything. Just let me explain.”

“Anything?” Oh shit why did I say that?

“Anything.” I whispered with my head down. Her face brightened as she giggled.

“Oh you are so adorably innocent.” I felt relieved. “This is going to be fun.” The blood drained out of my face as her tone was wicked. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along. What did I get myself into?

My mind was in full panic mode. Shocked that I was discovered within minutes of the change. That she had watched the change even. I don't even know how she got into the house let alone the basement unheard. I don't even remember the rush through the house or getting into her car. Her fingers brushed my cleavage as she belted me in.

“Please, I do want to be out in public.” No that was not what I said it was missing the not.

“Don't worry you will be fine, but with that cute costume I can't just wear jeans now can I?”

“No you can't. I am sure you have a sexy outfit.”

“Oh I have several you haven't seen.” Several ideas came to mind which made me squirm. I was just excited with the idea of her dressing up, and it felt like forever before we got to her house. She came around the car and helped me out as if I didn't know how to do it myself, but I did need the help as I couldn't get the belt loose. My nails had gotten longer not enough to prevent me from doing it, but enough that I couldn't figure it out. Several people saw us as we walked to the door of her apartment. The worst one was this guy who dropped his sandwich. He was a pig of a man and his nose even looked like a snout. His lust bore into me like spears. I felt totally naked as I tried my best to hide behind her. We made it inside her apartment without anyone stopping her. My whole body had been shaking and lurid thoughts raced through my mind. As much as the pig's lustful stare was, I felt an excited disgust at the idea of him touching me.
“Now let me look you over.” She spun me around and checked the fit of my dress. I moaned as she squeezed my breasts.

“Yip!” I jumped as I covered my mouth in reaction to her hand suddenly slapping my butt. She rubbed it and gave it a gentle squeeze which made me moan. My face flushed in embarrassment. Though my face had not stopped burning since she caught me.

“Very nice, you are so naughty. You better behave.”
“I will I promise.” I felt bad that she sounded disappointed.
“Good, but I need to make sure you are going to stay put.”
“I will, really will.” The thought of walking the five or so miles as it started to get dark back home was frightening. I watched her open a package and take something out. Then she spun me around and pushed me down on the bed. I yelped again as her hand was on my butt again.

“Red panties so you are not as innocent as you look.”

“But I am. Huh...Ooo.” I felt my panties being pulled down and something being slid into my rose. I heard a crackle just before the feeling turned to a liquid.

“What was that?”

“Oh just something to keep you busy. You better go sit on the toilet as it won't take long.” My eyes got bigger as I wondered what it was and then I knew she was preparing me for something to be shoved in there. I was on the edge of panic and rushed to the bathroom. Thoughts of hairy disgusting men with dirty penises dripping with cum being shoved into my virgin ass raced through my head. The near run made the liquid threaten to release sooner. I just barely got my panties down before it started streaming out. I was relieved that she wasn't watching yet I felt shame that she wasn't. She came and took a shower then left then she came back in various states of dress. Never once saying anything to me. Her smile was enough to make me shiver. She gave me water to drink and it seemed to rush right through me.

“You can come out now.” As she finished, the flow stopped. That puzzled me as I wiped myself clean. The toilet bowl was clear of any nasty waste. Which puzzled me. My gaze was drawn to her eyes first as they were not her normal brown but glowed silver. He makeup was all black except for the red and pink that made her eyes look like they were surrounded by wings. Her hair was teased up and equally black. She wore a collar with a crystal heart in the center. Her dress was a mixture of leather and lacy frills. Her breasts were nearly exposed in the upper corset. Her pale skinned belly was bare exposing the jeweled belly ring and chain. She didn't have a piercing there that I had seen before. Her skirt touched the floor in the back and teased me with almost revealing her panties in the front. The fishnet stocking hugged her legs and the leather boots full of buckles finished her outfit raising her an extra five inches On a stiletto heel that was a polished nail. She wore black lace gloves that reach to her elbow.

“By that look means you are stunned.” I nodded. “Do I look good enough to eat?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Better. Now we go out so we can play.”

“But I want to stay home with you.” Again my thoughts did not come out. I wanted to go home to get out of this outfit.
“Later, my little Lolita.”

“Yes mistress.” I bowed my head. She took my chin and raised it again. Looking directly into my eyes. My gaze shifted from her eyes to her smile several times.

“There is nothing to feel shame or guilt about. I want you to go beyond your idea of normal and enjoy whatever happens. If it is too much just say Penny Nickel. That is your safe word. Don't forget it and say it loudly. Do you understand.” I nodded several times.

“Yes mistress.” She didn't move her hand until I said it. Her smile made my heart flutter.

“Come.” I shook as I took her hand. The feeling that was building in my stomach released in a tiny explosion of warmth that quickly covered my body. I had no idea what that was but I wanted more. I was in a daze as we went back out to the car and to where ever she drove. Getting out she again had to help me. I squeeze my clutch tightly as terror was building inside me. I heard a click near my throat as she pulled away from me and I was on a leach that was held in her hand but also went up to the collar she wore. I didn't remember putting on a collar or her doing so. Than again I didn't remember the clutch either.

I saw all sorts of men and Goth women. Others were more colorful with bright colored hair and outfits. I had come across pictures of Goth, scene, punk styles, but never anything in person or even in this town. I didn't even know that she was involved in this life style at all. I feared the looks that I was going to get, but many just smiled. The few hungry looks I did get made my stomach flutter and my groin tingle. The bouncers didn't even give us a second glance. I felt hurt that these huge tanks for men didn't leer at me with their lusty thoughts. The inside of the club was quiet in an eerie way. I could feel the beat of the songs vibrating up my legs through the floor. Conflicting with the very soft music being play in the large open foyer.

“Now where did you find this delectable morsel?”

“You wouldn't believe me if I told you.”

“Honey I have seen and heard many stories. The most unbelievable being true.”

“This one goes into the realm of magic. Can you believe this is my boyfriend?” She told, she told someone. My face felt like it was on fire.
“Not at all. Isn't he that square you found? The one who has a girl's body. This can't be him. I saw him before.”

“Tell her who you are.”

“Lolita.” I frowned as I knew I had to say my name. “Lolita.” I couldn't do it.

“You better tell her your real name or I will punish you.”

“Mistress I don't understand. I am Lolita you named me yourself.”

“Isn't that sweet she has you there.”

“True, but I just called her my little Lolita.”

“Seems she thinks it is her name.”

“Tell her who you used to be.” I was at a loss. I looked from one to the other and several times continued to say Lolita. I began to cry and wanted nothing more than to sink to the ground, but she had a firm grip on the lease. She leaned over to the woman and whispered into her ear for a long time. This woman grew shocked as she continued to whisper. My mistress finally stepped back.

“Now I have heard it all. What a delightful situation. So which room are you going to first?”

“I think straight to the red room. I fear she would die of fright in the black room.”

“Oh she is in for a wicked surprise. Are you sure you are ready for the red room? You only made it to the blue room before.”

“Oh I don't think so, but with her I can pass on anything that is too extreme. She can handle it.” The woman thought for a moment and suddenly laughed very loudly. Then she stopped in shock as it turned to the laugh of a man. There was no man in her appearance at all. Nothing to hide in a full length leather bodysuit. “Oh my you caught me off guard. She is in for the thrill of a life time.”

“That she is.” Fear and yearning fought for control of my mind. I so much wanted to look at the floor in shame, but I couldn't because she ordered me not too. We entered through a several doors into the dance floor of the club. Each door buffered the foyer from the fast dark music. She stopped us on the balcony just long enough to see the packed club floor. Along the edge of the floor were door with different colored lights from white being the first. The colors went up the scale from yellow slowly getting darker. Blue was right next to red and black was more of a purple that you get from a black light. Not knowing what was behind each door I could only imagine. That she had been past the blue door and never the red let all sorts of terrors run through my mind. As shook with fear as we started to move down to the level of the first door. As we past each one my sense of anticipation grew stronger than the fear. I was shocked that I wanted this.

My mistress and I finally made it to the red door and the bouncer took her ID ran it in a scanner. She was so pale I wondered if she would pass out. I leaned in closer to support her hiding a bit behind as well. He gave it back and then held out his hand. I opened my clutch knowing that there was no way he would accept my ID. I would look nothing like I did now. He took it from my hand and ran it in the scanner. Then he gave it back.

“Enjoy and happy birthday. I wish I can see the gift you receive.”

I shouldn't have been able to hear him, but it was as if we were in a quiet room so clear were his words. The tingling feeling burst over my body again and my knees buckled. I recovered before I dropped to far. I was sure that he only saw me curtsy instead of nearly faint from pleasure. That is what these little explosions were. Could this be how a woman orgasms? Several door later the noise reduced to quiet classical music. Still it was very dark in its flavor. Everything was in red tones from the floor to the ceiling. There were very few in the room, but enough to make me tremble. We looked out of place as the men wore tuxedos and the women were in red elegant gowns. All of them looked at us with greedy desire.

“Butterfly I never dreamed that you would come into my domain. Looks like you brought some candy as well.”
“Madam I feel I am ready.” Her voice quivered as my mistress spoke.

“I see that you thought this out. The red wings go much better with your eyes then the blue. However this little one doesn't appear to have any red on her.”

“She does. Lolita show the madam that you are ready.” I look from my mistress to the madam and back again. No way was I going to show her my panties. I fought in vain as my hands lifted my skirts enough to show her and several others in view my red panties.
“Oh my she is more than ready. Positively soaked through.” She placed a red band on my wrist and then she reached down and ran her... Oh my G!!! My legs slammed together trapping her fingers there, but she slipped them out with ease. I followed that hand all the way to her mouth as she savored the flavor of my sex. My mistress licked her lips and the madam smiled as she offered her hand. My mistress carefully cleaned the other fingers while moaning. I felt her knees shake as the woman chuckled.

“Delightful, and oh so good. I gave her a ribbon. Red is a required color and once those panties come off you will be in violation. Loss of your color means you will go black, and there is no safe word allowed there. Your very life is in their hands and they know it and abuse it. Something tells me I should force you to go to the pink room. However I trust Butterfly to know what you are ready for. I will taste you later.”
“Thank you madam for your permission.” We both said this in unison. I didn't want to say anything, but again my voice had spoken without me. I was handed a drink and I didn't want to drink anything, but no matter how hard I tried I brought the red liquid to my lips. The liquid hit my tongue with a burst of tart flavor. I closed my eyes to savor the unexpected taste. There was a hint of strawberry and kiwi. The surprise was that it was lemonade. I smiled just before I took another sip and there was a hint of alcohol as a creamy feeling spread over my tongue. I never had anything like it. The cream had a salty tang to it that made the lemonade that much sweeter. I wanted more, to take a large drink, but I could only sip. Butterfly talked to several people both men and women getting to know them. I heard none of it as I was focused on this heavenly drink.

Though I did react as I was touched with little yelps and moans. I was in my own little world and prayed that this drink would last. My drink didn't last very long as I had hoped I thought while I licked the glass trying in vain to get the last drop.
“She really liked that.”

“Yes she did. I am empty as well we should get another.” I lit up in eagerness at the thought.
“I am sure I can offer her some of mine.”

“Please.” I answered way to fast and he chuckled at my eagerness. He took a drink from his glass and I licked my lips. His face rushed forward and he kissed me. The sweet nectar flowed into my mouth as he stole my first kiss. The taste was different and couldn't identify the musky impression. I wanted more and with greedy innocence I explored his mouth. He pulled back and I was drawn forward holding my mouth open frozen as I waited for more.

“She really like that. It was her first kiss, Sir.”

“Then it was a delight to give it to her.”

“Lolita thank Sir for his offering.”

“Thank you, Sire.” His chuckle made me feel all warm. My happiness glowed out from my smile. Yet I was conflicted. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I was never interested in kissing any man yet I did so just for the another taste of lemonade. His drink was different stronger and smoother, yet slippery and silky. A contrast to his rough tongue that thrust into mine. I blushed as I realized I had sucked on his tongue.
“Oh she is a charmer.”

“A perfect lolita. Such innocence with a hint of desire.”

“I fear we will want to fight over her. Should we draw lots to prevent such brutality?”

“That does seem fair.” My attention was lost as I received another drink, but not before I saw the man that just arrived. He was huge not taller than six feet, but very broad. His bare chest contrasted with the others. I felt a rush as I looked at his bulging muscles and glistening skin. I saw the sweat running down and I followed several droplets to his belt. I swallowed hard as he wasn't wearing much more that a bikini brief. The large mound hiding my worst horror. “However I shall savor the first taste.”

I fell to the floor on my knees as the mountain of the man didn't speak. The speaker came around the mountain. Butterfly was also on her knees as well as the one who I called Sire. Yet he was only on one knee out of respect. I was looking straight at the floor wondering how I could ignore my mistress. This man had power. He looked ugly. Never had I seen a man with such scaring. His face looked like it had gone through a grater. His suit was all black. His hair, nails, and eyes were black to. Had I been able to look at him I would have been drawn into the black orbs that lacked any white. Where was I?

“Master Black, will I have to remind you that you are in the wrong room?” Madam broke the silence.

“Indeed you do every time. However there are certain privileges to being the owner as well. I will let the girl decide. I am sure she will choose wisely.” I raised his toe and I felt a shaking hand guide me up. Butterfly was holding me very close and I was afraid for her as much as she was afraid.

“I have objections for her to even being in the red room. There is no way she would survive the black room.”

“Then send her into the blue or any other room. She will come with me and that much easier. Then again you could go in her place. Your defiance is exhilarating. I would be more than willing to break you.” I took a sip of my drink amazed again with the flavor and just as much that I had not spilled it. As much as I savored the taste the danger I felt from this man grabbed my attention. The desire to have this beast fought with my will to live. This battle was being calmly fought over me and nothing more had happened to me than a kiss. I was so much in need of more.

“Oh that will be a day that will never happen. Nor will this innocence be tainted by you.”
“Lolita, you will make the right choice, won't you?”

“Yes, Master Black.” I couldn't believe I was so calm.

“Good, very good. Come with me then.” He offered his hand to me and I feared that I would take it. I even want to yet my free hand remained at my side. I took a sip of my drink without even blinking. His eyes had me, but the inability to make choices for myself was protecting me. As much as it had forced me to go with Butterfly's will. He was not what the magic wanted me to experience. I understood this, I believed in the magic, and that it wouldn't willingly put me in danger. This suddenly gave me a sense of power. I felt his lust in every pore of my body. He wanted me more than I think he knew. He did not waiver, his hand did not shake even a little bit.

“Please Master Black don't take her. She has never experienced any of this. Take me instead.” Her hand passed into view to take his hand. I saw his lips turn slightly in a smile.

“No.” Butterfly stopped millimeters from his hand. The shaking in her hand stopped as his twitched. Slowly he moved to take her hand. “I said no.”

“Little Lolita she has already offered. It is her decision not yours.” I thought Master Black would say this, but Madam did. I wondered why she would defend me and not my Butterfly. I then giggled. Butterfly knew what this man was capable of doing and she was willing to make the sacrifice for me. This gave me another sense of power. Could I take control of this room like Master Black did. I knew I had as much power as he did at this moment. Otherwise he would have taken Butterfly away from me.

“The question and offered hand was for me and me alone. No matter how much Master Black has desired Butterfly he set his desire on Lolita. Fear is a powerful weapon and he has used it well. Yet it was clear that I was given the decision and no one can make it for me. I was given the power to make the right choice. I am both powerless to what has happened, but powerful that I can decide. Release her hand.”

The silence even stopped the beat that I felt through the floor. His sudden laughter broke the silence. I raised the corner of my mouth as he cracked. He knew, I knew it, and they knew it. He had amazing control not to jerk, but I knew he had cum in his pants as his hand dropped from hers and covered his front. He was defending himself even if he didn't know it. I reached my hand out and under his pressing against his groin. He hissed as the others gasped in surprise. He truly was a monster as I followed his member to the end. The way it felt and how it pulsated was amazing. He was huge and he surely would have broken me. The explosions hit me in wave after wave forcing me to squeeze the snake I felt. As moisture trailed down my legs I felt his cum seeping through the fabric of his pants.

His reaction revealed and the loss of control made him nod his head ever so slightly. My hand came away from his leg as he turned away. I did not see him go as I felt my hand. It was slick and sticky at the same time. I heard murmuring as I brought the stained hand to my face. I smelled the tangy residue and felt the air change as I ran my tongue over my hand. Never in my life had I ever thought of tasting my own let alone the taste of another man's. Yet I carefully cleaned my hand free of everything he had left behind. I wanted more as my tongue tingled with the salty yet sweet taste. It reminded me of the cream inside of the lemonade drink. My grin grew as I discovered the secret ingredient of my drink. I was also amused that the musky flavor of the other man's drink was the essence of a woman. I like them both. I liked what the drink did to me. I preferred the taste of cum over a woman's. To me there was only one distinction and that was power. It tasted of power. Power delightfully stolen from a man that never takes no for an answer.

“I want more.”

~ o ~ 0 ~ o ~

“Her innocence is wicked.” Sire purred. This made me so happy as I agreed.

“I was so terrified.”

“You did well Butterfly. Don't let him get to you.” Madam helped her to her feet.

“No he may have retreated, but he will return. He has never lost and now he noticed me. If he can't get Lolita he will come after me.”
“He will come for you in time yes, but not until he has Lolita. He will not be satisfied until he does and even breaking you or I would mean nothing to him until after Lolita, but I think she will control him. When that time comes.”

“When that time comes.” Was repeated by them all.

“I did here a request for more.”

“Oh you would mention that Sire.”

“Can you blame me? She has had a taste as had I, so I am like her in this regard.”

“I don't know, reality hit me very hard and I am afraid of the damage I am causing her on the inside.”

“Not like you to leave without satisfaction.”

“I just lost the will.”

“Mistress please don't go. I want to play with you.”

“We still can do that.”

“Then I won't be able to play with the others.” I pouted and made my eyes as big as I could. I leaned a bit more forward and butterfly gave me a smile like she did the first time. So wicked she wanted to play again. She took up the leash at the same time I did. Her sly grin questioned me I just gave her another smile as I stepped forward and gave the leash to Sire. His slight smile hide the surprise on being picked. I looked to madam and winked. Sire separated the leash and gave Butterfly's piece to Skinny. Where Sire and Skinny were the same height he was very thin, so it didn't matter what his name was. Though I was sure he was big enough from the package he carried. Butterfly quick moan as she covered her mouth let me know he had chosen correctly. I greedily finished my drink no longer forced to sip it as we were lead further back into another room. Anticipation excited me. I would say it was soaking my panties, but that had happened already.
All sorts of devices were hanging on the walls, set on tables, beds, and other contraptions, to include the ceiling. There were several cages. We were lead to a table and to a pen and paper. The only writing on it was what our safe words were. I thought my safe word was silly, but it had a function that worked when no was used to tease and plead. I knew this much about what I was getting into. I wondered if the men had thought of a safe word as I really wanted to turn the tables on them. I tried to ask, but was prevented. This made me pout.

“Safe words have been chosen. Once used everything will stop and the session will end. If used in the first ten or so minutes then it will be ignored unless my partner or I accept it as well. We both enjoy things slow. I and my partner will only be addressed as sir or master. Though I like how she says sire. Is that clear?”

“Yes master.”

“Yes sire.”

“Good now take off your clothing.”

Had I been brought to one of the lower rooms Our clothing would have come off in time. Being that this was the red room keeping your clothing on was not an option. I didn't want to take my clothing off as I knew if I did that I would revert to normal. I was quite sure that this would be a bad thing. Butterfly started right away before I fought my body as my top loosened and I slid it off revealing the push up bra underneath. Butterfly was moving slow and sexy which Skinny liked very much. With each piece my face burned even brighter until I was letting little gasps escape between my teeth. Only my panties gave me mixed feelings as they were soaking wet. I didn't want to expose myself and I wished I had not convinced Butterfly to stay. Another part of me knew that I wouldn't have had a choice as my panties came off the rest of the way. After I removed my bra I hid them behind my arms. Butterfly was there keeping her arms behind her back. Sire's arm moved and I felt the sting of the crop he suddenly had.

“Slowly turn around I want to see everything.” His voice was low and smooth with a hint of a growl. I did as he told me. “Stop. Nice very nice. Bend over and touch your toes.” Butterfly had her own orders as skinny had said something else. I did what he asked and the rest of my blood rushed to my head making me dizzy. I felt not a hand but the crop glide gently up one leg and down the other.

“Ah.” I felt the sting of his crop. “Ah.” I had let out another as he marked the other side. For several minutes he lightly grazed my skin and randomly stung me. With each sting I moaned a bit louder. His crop touched my new sex and I moaned losing my balance only to catch myself with one hand. “Skree!” His crop hit me several times before I regained my balance enough to touch my toes. When he stopped the crop gently carressed the welts he gave me. This went on for several minutes later until he grabbed one of my arms and locked a leather cuff in place. Then another on my left wrist. I got a brief glance at Butterfly to see she was already in the air barely allowed to keep her toes on the ground. Raising up suddenly brought me around to face away from her. He moved my hair over my shoulder and continued his crop routine. My back and lower legs were not spared. My hair was wrapped around my arm so that he had access to all my skin. This time he switched to a small tailed whip. I whimpered with pleasure as I wondered how much of this pleasure was mine and how much of it was the body I was in. Then I lost that as my body convulsed in a true orgasm. I felt like I was being electrocuted by a thousand different wires. Pain and pleasure is a sweet mixture of ecstasy.

I felt myself being lowered until I was on my knees and butt. The cold floor making me whimper as I moaned with every convulsion. I felt a cool sponge caress my body helping relieve the painful welts. This blissful teasing of my skin was truly torturous. I wanted him to bring me over the edge over and over again. Slowly his hands replaced the sponge and oil the water. Finally it felt soothing, but exciting as he touched me finally. I recovered enough to open my eyes only to have them covered a second later. It was just enough to verify that he had removed the tuxedo at some point. He made me stand and I felt like I was going to fall at any moment. He allowed me to hold on to him. His skin was smooth and hairless, but hard muscled. Every action redefined the structure of the chiseled body that I didn't expect to be toned. Yet there was one thing that was soft as he placed my hand on it. Just enough to feel how big it was and how big it could be.

You like that?” his whisper giving me goosebumps.

“Yes, Sire.”

“You want to touch it don't you?”

“Yes, Sire.”

“What if I don't let you?”

“Please?” I barely breathed out.

“What was that?”

“Please master.”

“Better.” His penis came back to my hand and my other hand joined it. It was so soft and though I had, had one of my own but this was still new to me. My hands were so small as it slowly filled. His hand gently touched my shoulder and that was all it took for me to sink to the pad that wasn't there before. The scent hit my nose like smelling salts. I could smell the salt and the musk of his rod. Yet as much as I yearned for it as much as I neared I dared not touch it with anything but my hands. Part of me still fought this. Part of me was ashamed and degraded. Part of me wanted to run in terror. The other half was breathing harder and harder slowly loosing the will to resist. It had swelled slowly as if it had all the time in the world. When it was nearly as hard as his muscles. He touched the back of my head. Never having done this before my two halves fought as my lips touched it. I felt the drop of precum and my mouth came open and my tongue sought out its treat.
Of all the blow jobs I had received, Butterfly had given me the best one. I copied the memory as I ran the tip of my tongue over his head and then down the upper part of the shaft. Up and down each side and then up the underside all the while cupping his sack. He let out a moan as I came up the under side of the shaft. I kissed the tip running again my tongue around before heading back down to the base. I did this several times and each time the pressure on the back of my head got stronger. I did this so long that I was afraid he was going to get violent as he started growling. I titled my head back wishing I could see the effect on his face. His penis jerked when I finally took the tip in my mouth. His precum tingled as it covered my tongue. I heard another moan from Butterfly and it suddenly excited me to think she was watching this.

Once I did take him all the way into my mouth I barely got anything inside. With it touching the back of my throat and both hands on it I still had plenty of room to measure. Ten inches was my best guess. As I went back down his shaft I opened up a bit more and felt it pass the back of my mouth and force its way down my throat. Each time getting more and more of it inside. It cut off my air, but didn't choke me. I got him all the way in by standing back up humming as my nose touched. I did this slowly and fully each time after that until he started to move with me. Our rhythm got faster and faster with him sometimes stopping me until I was burning for a breath. Yet I felt I was still in control. Well until I felt the touch of the whip on my ass.

“Stop teasing me or you won't get a reward.” Its hard to smile with a dick in your mouth, but I could giggle and I did. That caused him to jerk uncontrollably. I bobbed for all it was worth and timed it just right to feel the first shot slam against the back of my throat. Each one was stronger than the first instead of weaker. I pulled back as I was afraid that even one drop would escape. It didn't, but I didn't have much more room left. I wish I could have giggled as the thought to gargle became fact. Again I felt ecstasy rush through my body as I came just on the salty taste of his cum. Once I swallowed I took him back in my mouth and relaxed my grip to allow the remains to be milked out as I sucked on the head making him jerk around.

“Ahhh! Enough.”

“Master was that not pleasing?”

“It was perfect.”

“Thank you master it was a treat, but I am still waiting on my reward.” My innocence was dripping with syrup it was so over the top sweet.
“So a different reward you want. Then here I will allow you to see. He took the blindfold off and there was Butterfly just out of reach. The disbelief in what she had witnessed was written plainly on her face. I giggled and then looked at the monster that I just had down my throat. Even limp it was larger than my former penis hard. Butterfly's mouth moved and I had to get closer to hear.

“You didn't share.”

“I couldn't help it.” It was her turn as Skinny stood before her. I watched her do her best to top what I had done. I wasn't sure who won in all honesty. I was too busy cumming over her mouth wrapped around another man's penis. A few more spankings and I got my reward. Sire let me ride his face for all it was worth and more. I lost a good ten minutes cumming over and over. Butterfly helped me dress and I was so confused. Did I miss loosing my virginity? I didn't feel sore or stretched out. Once she had my clothes back on the sudden explosion of the beat woke me up. I could complain all I wanted as I struggled to go back. Butterfly pulled on my collar with firm pressure. I still fought, and as we came to the top of the stairs I finally gave up. I was still pouting as we got to the car and all the way back to my home.

As we made it to my bedroom without waking my relatives I went into autopilot as I striped everything off. I took a shower and scrubbed my face several times. Once I was dry I still had one last thing to take off. I was so pretty as I stood there staring in the mirror. A content look of satisfaction competed with the yearning for more. With great mental difficulty I pulled off the pseudo vagina and put it away. Then I crawled in next to Butterfly as I started to grow and change.

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