"Put your hand back down Nuuan!" Another meeting with Rohanna.

“Put your hand back down Nuuan!” Another meeting with Rohanna

NOT a Whateley Tale

Written by Nuuan & Shadowsblade

"This is not fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It was written by request of and with full knowledge of Shadowsblade, who owns all rights to the character Rohanna."

To see the real canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at (http://whateleyacademy.net)"

Would have gotten this done and posted several days ago although not days after I beat the bad cold I had, I ended up with a bout of what could only be food poisoning from a fast food place I will not mention.

Having just recovered from either a terrible cold or a mild case of flu that kept me mostly confined to bed for the last three days, I found myself almost falling into the trusty leather computer chair after work completely exhausted. Opening my Chrome browser, I immediately typed in ‘big’ and hit enter knowing the autofill would finish the URL for my favorite website, Big Closet/Top Shelf. First thing I see as I begin scrolling down the page is a blog written by my buddy Shadowsblade titled, ‘Show of Hands’.
After opening the blog I quickly read it and think to myself, ‘On one hand he does have quite the following for Rohanna, but there would probably be just as many fall in love with Vantier if he updated the story more often. And it has been awhile since he has posted an update for Vantier.’
Clicking on the ‘Add new comment’ link I began writing, ‘I believe with how long it has been since you have posted an update to Vantier, I would have to vote for her.’ Scrolled down and hit the preview button. When the screen refreshed I reread my comment then scrolled down and hit ‘save’.
Back on the main page I scroll down to see if there are any new posts to the stories I have been following. I notice a few but to continue looking for anything new before delving into the new chapters. My stomach growling tells me I should start something to eat, so I get up and go into the kitchen.
While I wait for things to begin cooking I go back out in the living room and pull my Violin from its case. Tightening the bow as I walk back into the kitchen, I begin checking the tuning before I start playing scales. I don’t get halfway through the scales when I hear a female voice from the living room, “What kind of human created torture device is that!”
Peering out the archway I see Rohanna standing in the middle of my living room with both hands covering her ears. “Rohanna how did you get here?”
“I ported,” still holding her hands over her ears, “Now put down that torturous devise!”
“Its call a Violin,” Explaining as I walk out and put it back in its case.
“I can see that it has been cleverly disguised as one, but the sound that comes from it reminds me of an animal dying a very painful slow death.”
Looking over at the purple skinned elf, “Sorry, I’ve just started learning how to play one.”
“Maybe you should invest your efforts into other forms of entertainment?” Rohanna’s smile seemed quite condescending.
“Ro, that’s why I practice with that one when no one is around,” I argued. “I’m not good enough for other’s to hear me yet.”
“From what I heard of your playing, I believe you humans do not have the lifespan to wait for you to become proficient enough to make that instrument sound pleasing.”
“Oh really?” Now I felt challenged, reaching past the small violin case to another longer case with a rounded bottom, “So you’re saying I can’t play a musical instrument?”
“No, I said that without some means to extend your life past that of a normal human I do not think you have enough time to become proficient.”
“Okay, then what about this one?” removing my banjo from its case and holding it up.
“I am not familiar with that instrument,” Rohanna questioned. “What is it?”
“It’s a banjo. It’s used to play bluegrass.”
“What does the color of grass have to do with music?”
“It’s the name given to the type of music, like Rock, Blues, Country and Opera.”
“Yes I have seen this Opera, it’s the music the large horned woman does.”
“Is your proficiency with this banjo better than the violin?”
Having already sat down in the rocking chair I left in that corner of the room, I grinned up at Rohanna and put on my finger picks. Staring in with Cripple Creek, I then went straight into Cotton eyed Joe playing both songs back to back without a pause. Looking up where Rohanna stood with her arms folded under her breasts, “okay now that I’ve warmed up,” grinning evilly at her before jumping into foggy mountain breakdown. Halfway through the song I began smiling as I her foot taping along to the fast beat of the music as I played. Finishing the song with a little ditty for the ending, “So what do you think of bluegrass?”
“The music has an interesting not unpleasant sound,” Rohanna answered. “Your mastery of this banjo was surprising after seeing your lack of skill with the violin.”
“Oh I can play a banjo alright, but I ain’t no master on it.” Pointing over to the 12 string guitar that also sat in the corner, “Now that is what I play best.” Laying the banjo down gently in the rocking chair after getting up, “So what brings my favorite Drow here today?”
“You posted to Shadow’s blog about what story he should work on.”
“Yes, while you are a great character, I think Vantier could be also if he worked on continuing her story.”
Rohanna smiled a very toothy grin toward me, “I guess I could find that acceptable if you took over writing my story.”
“I’ve explained why I can’t do that Rohanna.”
“But if Shadowsblade is going to stop writing my story…” The look in Rohanna’s eyes was unmistakable. It was a look that I would have never thought the Drow assassin would ever have little less ever show, a look of pure fear.
Trying to calm the Drow down, “Look Ro, Shadowsblade can never stop writing your stories, not now, not ten years from now. He may take a break every so often while he works on more adventures for you but he will never stop.”
“Why do you believe this?”
“It’s simple Ro, he loves you.” I explained before she could interrupt, “Only an author that loves the character he or she creates can breathe so much life into the character that the character comes to life for the readers.”
“So you are saying that is what created me, what brought me into your reality?”
Shrugging my shoulders, and pointing up at the cap I wore, “Don’t let the hat fool you, I don’t have all the answers.” Rohanna looked at the faded green billed tan cap with the NASA meatball centered in the tan above the bill.
“So what brought you here Ro? Other than to ask me to write your stories again?”
“It was that post you made, to Shadowsblade’s blog, I want you to change it.”
“Ro, it was one post and almost everyone that posted wrote the opposite!”
“But you are friends, he listens to you.”
Alright, If it will make you happy,” I sighed while walking over to the computer desk.
While bringing up the website, Rohanna walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you.”
Editing the comment I left regarding which character Shadowsblade worked, I hit save then scrolled the page before Rohanna could see what I had written. Turning back to her I could see it was a waste to try to hide it from her as she had already vanished.

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