The Process

The Process

All my life I had learned one thing and that I wasn't like anyone else, but I wanted to be normal just like them. That is why I was here. That was why I had volunteered for this Process. The first few days they measured everything about me made me faint with how many samples I had to give up. I knew that I was five four, one hundred and thirty five pounds. That I had only ten percent body fat. I wasn't that strong and every boy my age was bigger than me. Even the ones who were my size were stronger and faster. I hated my body and this process would make it better. Make me liked by all the girls. After all the tests they started giving me shakes to drink with my meals. They were a bit salty, but they said I would get used to them. It has been a week since this all started and I still don't like them. Nothing has changed for me and with all the exercise they have been making me do I feel sore.

What I really liked was that I was with a girl the first time the first night and every night since. The feelings are amazing and they desired me. Me! Of all people they could want they did it with me. They lined us up and the girl came out and picked me out of all the other girls. Tonight was a bit different as I got to pick the girl. I wasn't sure which to pick, but I thought back on the nights before and I chose the girl about my height, but with red hair instead of my brown. Her bright green eyes pulled me in and she had such a cute face with perfect lips. Not thin or too thick just nice and full without looking fake. I loved kissing them and how they made me shiver when they touched my skin. I looked down at her breasts and they were not too small or too big. Big enough to just barely able to pass the pencil test and perfect for he body. What I liked the most was her butt. It was round and tight not flat or too big. It just went from the back and popped out and sucked back in as it got to her legs. A bubble butt with a shelf someone told me once. Her legs were very nice. Even at her height they looked long and her feet were tiny and I was embarrassed as mine were not much bigger.

She was cute and sexy and perfect. She smelled perfect in every way and we did things many more things than the other girls. I stayed hard through the first two times I came. I was so giddy that I could make her orgasm over and over. She lost total control at the end and passed out. Though I have no idea what happened after that. I just woke up this morning with them doing something with me. I don't know why and they were very determined to keep me quiet. They just told me they had to do this or what happened next would damage it. I am talking about my penis and balls. They moved them up from what I could feel it hurt slightly and then nothing. The people in the suits mumbled between each other which made this embarrassing. Then they tugged my penis down and I thought for sure that I would get big, and I didn't want that. I knew the two in the suit were men. I wasn't gay. Then they had pulled on my sack on either side of my deflated penis. It felt strange and cold as they applied something to the skin. It felt like they wrapped the skin around my penis. The air was a bit cold and when they put some kind of cream on my groin all I could fee was the tip.

I was finally allowed to move as they released me. I looked down to see that my penis and balls were gone. I really looked like a girl down there, but as I felt it I found the smallest part of the tip of my penis was there so I still had it. I was worried cause Gina the girl I had last night wanted to sleep with me again tonight. Thoughts of her should have gotten me hard, but no reactions now.

“Subject 15001 please step through to the next room.” I turned beat red realizing that they had watched my reaction. The two suited men made noises I was sure was laughter. I moved forward into the next room that was a bit warmer. A suited figure came to me and sprayed this substance all over my body. It was cold and hot at the same time. I couldn't smell it as I had these tubs in my nose giving me air. My mouth was glued shut. I had protested the need for doing that, but they told me I didn't want to drink the stuff I would be going into. I had these goggles glued to my eyes. Not really goggles as they were no more than lenses. I could feel them each time I blinked. The substance came faster and my short hair fell away off my body. If I could have I would have gasped in shock, but with what they did before I only inhaled deeply. Several different sprays washed over my body clearing out the spray that had burned and cooled at the same time. Air hit me and a device found all the resistant hair and it jabbed me with a needle for each one it found. My skin was so smooth and the air felt strange colder as it moved over my bare skin. I saw my reflection against one of the machines and I thought I looked like a underweight girl down there.
They moved me on before I could get more than a glance. Then I saw the tank. Well not really a tank as it was a pool. I had to walk inside myself willingly. I had to think the whole time that this is what I wanted. They said if I didn't think that it wouldn't work right. I had the will to look normal to be liked by the guys and the girls to feel normal to feel like I belonged. Once I was changed I was sure that no one would pick on me like they did before. I would have friends that were not over twice my weight. Thin and dim they called us. Wiener and bun, Slim Jim and Pudding Bob the Blob, and other names that were worse. Bob had entered the facility as well. I wish I could talked to him at some point to tell him how good this was for me. I wanted to know if he was having such an interesting experience as I was having. My first step into the pool brought me back to what was happening.

It felt like a thick syrup as the skin slowly went numb and I could no longer feel my skin. Each step was a trail in staying upright as I had only my eyes to make sure I was placing my feet correctly. They told me it would be okay to fall, but for everything to work properly I had to walk in slowly. The slow part wasn't hard just the ability to stand. As it got to my thighs the fluid was hard to move in. it felt only tight on my numb legs. As it passed over my groin I felt shocked enough that I don't really remember the next few steps until it reached my chest. The pressure made it harder to breath even with the increase of the air flow. One step breath, one step breath, went through my head as the fluid moved up my body and then over my shoulders. It felt tight on my throat and then like it was choking me. The though fought with the knowledge of the air that was pumping into my lungs. My head finally went under and I was fully inside the fluid. I could feel nothing from my skin and the only thing I could hear was my heart beating and even that not very well. I could only feel the air going in and out of my nose. The room went dark like they said it would and I thought it would last forever, but as I was about to panic I saw the girl I was with last night.

I smiled as I thought of her and what we were doing calmed me. The Memory of her touch made me shiver. The whispers in my ear of her not wanting to wait to see me after I came out. I knew I loved her. I couldn't explain how I felt. I wanted her with all my heart I wanted to feel her next to me all the time. I wanted to get to know everything about her. So much so that I knew how she felt. How her body felt. I wanted to feel her joy, pain, sorrow, anger and laughter. I moved forward as I felt the pull on my nose tubes. I struggled against the fluid. They said it would be easier and I didn't feel that it was so. Still it got easier as the fluid oozed from my head and I slowly came out of the pool. I still couldn't or see very well. I was guided to the next room slowly as it felt I was walking on marshmallows. They were very patient as it got even harder to move as the thick fluid must be drying. It felt like I was in a rubber suit. Slowly the feeling started to come back to my skin as they peeled the dried fluid off of my arms and legs. The pins and needles sensation was really bad and I so much wanted to scream. I couldn't as my mouth was covered by the rubberize fluid. My lips were no longer glued, but I still couldn't scream as the air had nowhere to go. I think they waited for my face last so that they didn't have to hear me scream. Sound came back as the rubber was removed from my ears. As they pulled the rubber off my head I felt every hair as it slowly came off. I still couldn't see but the feeling of hair knowing that I had seen it wash away was not as odd as feeling it hit my raw skin down to the middle of my back when the pulling stopped.

How could my hair grow so fast? I was only in the tank for a few minutes wasn't I? The stuff on my face was the worst. My hair on my eyebrows hurt like hell and around my eyes and all over my face the little hairs were pulled out along with the mask. The lenses came free as they pulled passed them that I could see was not happening as they pored this water stuff over my eyes while telling me to open and close them. The rubber was cut away for the final part still covering my nose and mouth. I found it fascinating how they did it. My mouth was free, so I could scream now, but my throat felt raw. They let me sip something and it felt so good cool and refreshing like I hadn't had anything to drink in like forever. Taking the tubes out was only noticed as I had to work a bit to breath. I was so used to the air just being forced into my lungs that it was a real effort to inhale the first time. I saw stars as I finally remembered how to breath.

“That's it subject 15001. Breath, just think about breathing.” These were the first words I heard correctly since I left the pool. A female voice pleasing to my ears. She sounded so much clearer than before and I smiled as I had trouble with my ears. That I could see even the smallest letters on the sign twenty feet away.

“G, 6, 2, S, Y, B, 4, 20/10 vision line. Copyright 1972.” She moved up to the sign looked at in and came back.

“Very impressive, but the copyright is 1992.” Her smile was brief but amazing. I really liked the color she had on her lips. I wanted to kiss her as I laughed. My voice felt and sound different. I was no longer talking through my nose. It was clear and soft. Not as deep as they had said it would be, but I thought it was the thin air in the room. I was still having trouble breathing. I was lead into the next room and blood was drawn and other things tested. My reaction to a hammer around my knees and other spots. Every touch sent shocks over my body. They talked and I followed their directions. Other things I just tuned out. They finally put me in this robe and tied the waist closed with a sash. It felt too high on my waist, but at the same time it felt normal. They put slippers on my feet and I marveled at my straight toes and the perfect nails. Several of my toes had been broken and I had constant pain and trouble with ingrown nails.

The slippers barely covered my toes as they felt really soft over my feet. I went to the next room and I was put in a chair and a woman washed, cut, and dried my hair. I really liked how it was curly and red. I felt puzzled as to why she left it long as it still went to the middle of my back. I also wondered why their had been no mirrors in the room. I was brought into the next room where my nails on my feet and hands were properly trimmed.

“Are they not a bit long and why are you putting on nail polish?”

“It is just clear coat baby, and it will protect them as they are too soft right now.” Her face was bright and pretty. I liked how her lip stick made her smile brighter. The next room after that I was again naked as they laid me down on a table and gave me a massage with all this nice smelling lotion. It felt really good on my skin and the slight burning feeling faded as the smell of flowers invaded my nose. I wondered why I wasn't sneezing like crazy as always happened when I smelled strong perfume? That I didn't made me feel strange and a good feeling grew in the center of my stomach. They let me dress in the robe again before I moved to the next room. I felt my arms and my skin was so soft. Not dry and rough like I always had problems with my skin as well. It felt strange as the robe touched my legs and moved from one leg to the other as it swayed from side to side. I kept moving my hair back as it dropped in front of my face forcing me to hold my head up and back.
The fabric rubbed my chest oddly as well. That feeling faded as I again had to remove everything. They gave me a silky tee shirt and shorts. I wanted to protest as they were not for a guy to wear, but the woman just shook her head as her finger crossed her lips. I stepped into the offered garment. It came down to my knees and was ruffled. I was wearing a skirt!

“Hey why am I wearing a skirt? Can't I get a pair of jeans?”

“Your body is not ready for any rough fabric or tight clothing. Don't worry about it. Here sit down so I can put on these shoes.” I sat and she had several pairs. She fitting each one and the pair she choose looked odd as they barely covered the toes and a strap came over my arch. They felt great so I didn't complain. I just wished my hair would stay back as it fell again forward forcing me to push it back behind my ears. She helped me up as I wobbled a bit as I stood. The lift the shoes gave me made me feel taller, and after a few steps I had no problems walking. The skirt moved a bit more to each side, but once my skin adjusted I could take it off for normal clothes. Yet another room and I was sat down again and this lady put all these different cards to various spots on my face. She than put another lotion all over and then in certain spots.
“Hey is this makeup?” The brush in her hand told me I was right.

“Yes but you are going in front of a camera and you don't want to look like a ghost now would you?”

I let the air I was holding for further protest out. She was right as I remember how odd it looked when people didn't have makeup on. I wanted to protest again as she put lipstick on me with her brush, but the hold she had on my chin and if I moved I would mess it up. Plus the taste of grape tickled my tongue when I ran it lightly over them. I couldn't help but smile as they directed me to the next room. She was right that they had cameras and very bright lights. I had totally forgot I was wearing a skirt, but I was feeling too good to stop smiling. I looked around as others stepped out on the stage. The flashes of the camera focus on me turned to each new person as they came out. Two girls to my left and three guys to my right. The girls looked hot with one of them with blonde hair and the other black. I turned and looked at the guys like myself and they looked strong and muscled. I hoped I looked as good as they did. I wondered only slightly that they didn't wear skirts.
The loose shorts were not that long to cover up their muscled legs and the tight tanks showed of the toned muscles of their chests and didn't hide their abs. Their bare muscled arms were not too big and looked just right. The feeling in my stomach and the increased beating of my heart countered the objection that they got to wear tight clothing. The camera flashes stopped as one of the doctors came out on the stage.

“Please no more pictures. You don't want to scare away your readers.” Laughter echoed through the room. The doctor was not that bad looking. Older but with a distinguished look. A few flashes did go off as he paused. “Now these brave volunteers are the first success of our test. This is the result of years of study development and testing. You see the pictures in your fliers of what they looked like before but you do not know who they are now, so let me introduce them starting on this side. You have Bradley Garret.” The cameras flashed again as the crowd clapped along with oh's and ah's. “Robert Simon.” This was my best friend and I was glad that he was no longer fat and so surprised I did recognize him until they said his name. I clapped louder for him as he waved. “Alexis Jackson.” The clapping continued but slowly faded in shock. The boy looked confused and afraid. He opened his mouth several times as he looked at his body. The color came back to his face as he shrugged just before a smile grew on his face. I wondered what they were shocked about as the doctor turned to the first girl. “Amanda Price.” Then to the second girl as the applause started to fade. “Lana Davidson.” They clapped for her as well. Now it was my turn and my smile widened as I felt giddy. “Jemma Nolan.”

The room went silent as my face blanked I was James Nolan. I screamed loudly silencing the room to match the silence my ears gave me as I couldn't hear my own scream. Every detail I had ignored came to me the shoes with lift were high heeled Mary Jane shoes. The smooth hairless thin legs of a girl. The skirt brushing lightly against my thighs the shorts that were made of silk. The polish on my fingers as the white of a French tips came into focus. The long curly red hair, and the makeup on my face covered the loss of blood. I looked at my chest wondering how I had missed these mounds that shouldn't be there. They were nice, but better on the girl who I picked. Slowly I saw that same girl from different parts of my body. The sick feeling faded as I began to cry, but at the same time little noises escaped from my throat. I was giggling. Truly giggling. A feeling welled up inside of me and tore free. My knees gave way as I stumbled to remain standing. I straightened as pleasure burst out over my body in a wave. I was a girl. My inner image brought out for all the world to see.

I felt free.

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