The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Parts 4-6

The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross
Parts 4-6

And here you'll be caught up with TG Storytime. Much like The Curse 2, I'm hard at work on the next chapter, so hopefully soon.

Fair warning: There is a semi-attempted rape scene. Because of how this story works, I've tried to make it read funny, but I in no way believe rape to be funny, nor do I condone it.


Part 4

I couldn’t believe that I was actually liking wearing sandals. I hated them when I was a guy, but thanks to Eve’s influence, I was actually starting to like them. Of course her fashion sense would start to affect me. Luckily, I’d managed to stop her from making me wear skirts or tube tops (though the idea of a tube top was kind of interesting, if only because I wanted to see how the damn thing would stay on me). It was warm out, so I’d decided on shorts just so that I didn’t bake in my jeans. Cargo shorts looked weird when you had wider hips than the last time you wore them. Finally, I pulled on a tank top that I’d honestly thought I’d thrown out years ago. Plenty more cleavage than the shirt was designed for, but at least it was comfortable.

I messed with my hair a little bit. If I was still a guy, I’d love to find this girl and ask her out on a date. Allie hadn’t taught me how to use makeup yet (mainly because I’d been avoiding it), so I wasn’t wearing any, but that didn’t detract from the image at all, though that was likely a part of being the host for a succubus. I couldn’t get over just how much I’d changed, even though I still looked overall like a female version of myself.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” I said. Who could it be? I wasn’t doing anything in particular today, so whoever it was they were surprising me. At least I was wearing clothes, this time.

Terry walked into the room, a smile on his face.

“Oh, hey, Terry.”

He surprised me by not actually saying anything, but instead wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me close to him. I felt myself blush, and then the warmth traveled from my cheeks down my body. What was this I was feeling? Why had he kissed me. I opened my mouth to ask him, but he pressed a finger to my lips. “Shhhh,” was the only sound he made before he put his mouth to mine again.

I felt a hand unzip my shorts. I couldn’t tell if it was his or mine, and I honestly didn’t care. Another hand reached under my shirt and gripped at my left boob. I almost bit my tongue as a finger invaded my panties and found its way inside me. Or, maybe it was his tongue I almost bit. We were kinda intertwined at that point, and I actually couldn’t tell where one tongue ended and the other began.

I figured out that his hand was the one in my panties when both of mine joined him, and I pulled his hand out only to wiggle my shorts off my hips and pull my panties down with them. I pulled my shirt and bra off as well and began working on his clothes. The heat was spreading throughout my body and I honestly couldn’t wait to satisfy it. I knelt down in front of him and began to work on his shaft with my hands. Was I just naturally this good at giving a guy a handjob or was this Eve’s influence on my skills since she was sorta born for this thing? Either way, I was having the effect I wanted on Terry’s dick, and it was only getting me hotter and wetter.

I then started on him with my lips, and the feel of his cock filling up my mouth was almost intoxicating. I had to have more of him in my mouth, but I didn’t want to accidentally bite him. I used my tongue to encircle his dick, and that just made him harder, which was wonderful. Soon, I barely had enough room in my mouth to take anymore of him in. Terry was bigger than I’d ever given him credit for.

I let him slip from my mouth, he was still rock hard, so I pushed him onto the bed and knelt down in front of him again. This time, I slipped his dick between my boobs and started rubbing them all over his saliva covered cock. Somehow, someway, I was getting him harder. Either I suddenly had some magical ability to make cocks bigger than they used to be, or Terry was hiding a monster in his pants every day.

The heat was growing again, and I needed more than just to titfuck him. I looked at that delicious dick again and realized there was a pair of lips that hadn’t sampled him yet, and they were just as hungry as my mouth was. It was time to satisfy that urge. I stood and pushed him so that he was laying flat on his back. He was smiling, he was ready. Now I needed to take the ultimate plunge.

So I did.

I lowered myself onto him, and the second his cock came into contact with my pussy, lightning shot through my body. My nipples had already been hard, but now they were starting to ache. I reached up and started to play with my nipples, and then my hands were joined by Terry’s. I let go of my boobs and then I had all of his dick inside me. I nearly screamed, and that only seemed to make him harder.

His hands on my tits, his dick in my pussy, his fingers playing with my nipples… All of it contributed to the one thing I would have never been able to feel when I was a guy.

Terry came. I came.


And then I woke up.

I was breathing heavily, sweating up a storm. I had one hand in my panties and the other on my right boob. I slowly removed the hand from my panties and groaned when I realized that I’d actually climaxed in my sleep. I fell flat on my back and sighed. Am I gonna havta deal with this every night? I asked Eve.

I… um… Have no idea.

“What the hell do you mean you have no idea?”

She manifested herself beside me. “That was all you, Mikey. I just laid there and enjoyed it.” She reached in her own panties. “You have way steamier wet dreams than I do.”

“That… No, I don’t believe that at all. That couldn’t have been me. I don’t wanna fuck Terry!” I got up and walked over to my dresser. “I mean… I don’t think I want to, do I?”

She shook her head. “That’s up to you. I mean, he’s not the hottest guy I’ve met, but he’s probably decent boyfriend material.”

“No, nonononono, I am not dating him!” I swear, I sounded exactly like every teenage girl in a movie who was denying the idea of dating the guy who ends up being her soulmate. Oh, shit, those rom-coms were already starting to affect me. I wanted to tear out my hair now.

Eve sat up. “Look, judging by that dream, I you’re not physically attracted to Terry.”

I laughed. “Um, what? In order, I gave him a handjob, a blowjob, a titfuck and then he got the pussy. How, exactly, was that not physical attraction?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, it’s not just physical attraction. He did start that off by kissing you before he started fingering you.”

“Yeah, and then I was kissing more than just his lips.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact you were, but my point is that you imagined Terry sweeping you off your feet, not just senseless fucking. I’m not saying Terry’s the guy you’re gonna grow old with or anything, just that he might be a decent first try at the whole dating boys thing.”

I shook my head. “No. No way. I don’t want to think about that.”

“Well, ya might want to. Soon, I mean. The more you get acclimated to an emotional relationship with a guy, the faster we both get over the physical need to have sex.”

I sighed. “Did any of your past hosts have dreams like that?”

She shook her head. “No. I have, but only when I don’t have a host.”


“Mike… Mikaela, it’s not a big deal if you have dreams about a guy.”

“It is when I’m having sex with one.”

“No, it’s not.”

“How can you say that?” How could I ask that? I was talking to a succubus. “I could count on one hand the amount of wet dreams I had before you showed up, and none of them were anything more than simple fondling!”

“Pffft. You call that a wet dream? Please, that’s just dreaming about getting to first base.”

“Fondling is third base.”

“For humans maybe. For me, third base is anal.”

“What’s home?”

“Three guys at once.”

“You haven’t done that, have you?”

“Seven times.”

“How…” I looked down at my own body. “How do you do that?”

“You lie down on one guy, the second kneels down in front of your face and the third does you doggy style.”

I sighed. Why’d I have to ask? I knew she’d answer the question, why did I have to ask?!

“Because you were curious and want to experience it?”

Of course I forgot that she could hear my thoughts. I was turning out to be an airhead.

“No you’re not, you’re just funny.”



I sighed for probably the umpteenth time since waking up. “Okay, let’s get back to sleep, and hopefully I don’t have anymore dreams about Terry being delicious.” After a second, I realized what I had just said. “Don’t you dare say anything about that.”

She held up her hands in a surrender pose. “Nothing. I say nothing.”

“Good.” I plopped back down on my bed and then laid my head down on my pillow. “Go back to sleep, Eve.”


I was certain I was dreaming now. You don’t wake up in the middle of a giant black room in real life unless somebody kidnaps you, and considering there was a magical girl sleeping in the room across the hall from me, the odds that I had been kidnapped were very slim. I walked around the giant black room and nothing happened. Nothing at all. My footsteps weren’t even making sound, despite the fact that I was walking on what felt like a marble floor.

“Hey,” someone said. I looked around and saw someone standing at the other end of the room. Honestly, the fact that I’d heard him was astounding, because he hadn’t spoken any louder than a basic speaking voice, and there hadn’t been an echo. He was waving to me.

I ran over to him and nearly skidded to a stop when I saw who it was. The only good thing about this was that it wasn’t Terry. “Whuh…”

I stood in front of me. Not Eve, not another current me, but the old me. Mike the male me, not Mikaela the female me. He had a nervous grin on his face, so I could tell this was just as awkward to him as it was to me. Okay, maybe not as awkward. I was freaking out, and he was smiling.

That was when I realized that I hadn’t been a bad looking guy.

I shook my head violently. I didn’t want to think about my past self like that. I tried to run the image out of my head and turned away from him. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him.

“I dunno. This is kinda a weird situation, y’know?”

“No shit.”

“Why are you looking away from me?”

I tilted my head a little toward him. “I’m looking at myself, a myself that’s still male, while I’m standing here with tits bigger than Mom and Allie put together. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that my brain is starting to make me think of boys sexually - and Terry in particular at the moment!”

He shrugged. “I can’t exactly take any of that away. This is kinda the shit we’re in now, y’know?”

I turned toward him. “Yeah, but what are you actually trying to do? Does the fact that guys are attractive to me even matter to you? Does the fact that our life will never be the same mean anything?

He nodded. “It means a lot to me, but the problem is that it means something to you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!”

He grabbed my shoulders. “Mikaela, you need to let Mikaela out to play.”

I was pretty sure I had a look of pure shock on my face. “Isn’t this the kind of dream I should be having near the end of the series, assuming my life were an anime?”

“Yeah, probably. Honestly I’m just throwing shit out there and see what sticks.”

I rolled my eyes. “So what is the point of this dream?”

He shrugged. “I dunno. I think it’s just for us to talk.”

“Just so long as we’re not fucking.”

Terry’s hand was suddenly holding mine. “Yeah, because that’s my job.”

“When the hell did you get here?!” I screeched. Good lord, my voice could get high pitched. And this was just my dream voice.

He kissed me on the lips and then pulled away. “Well, you mentioned me, and I was kinda lonely.” He lowered his head to my boobs. “Besides, last time was mostly you, this time I’ll take care of things.”

Terry’s tongue came in contact with my nipple and lightning shot through my body. I felt wetness downstairs, and then his tongue moved faster, encircling my nipple and sucking all at the same time. Was this what it had felt like on his end when I’d sucked his dick? Jesus Christ, that was exhilarating.

His mouth moved from one nipple to the other, and then back again. He split his time between them, so both were in a constant state of teasing. Eventually, his lips left my tits and traveled down my body, past my belly button and into my pubic hair. His tongue found that one place I didn’t like to think about and slipped inside, adding his saliva to the other juices that were down there. I clamped a hand over my mouth to stop from screaming, it felt so good.

Wait… That wasn’t my hand, and it wasn’t on my mouth…


“Mike!” Allie screamed. Well, sorta just said loudly, but it sounded like a scream to me. I swatted her away with my hands, but that didn’t mean anything. “Seriously, stop hitting me,” she said, grabbing my wrists. “I think you can calm down now.”

I groaned. “What was I doing?”

“Um, nothing. Mom just had me wake you because it’s time for breakfast.” She smirked. “Why? Were you doing something?”

I sat up. “Don’t make me think about it. I had… Fucked up dreams.” I yawned. “Can you toss me a shirt?”

She had one in hand, I saw. “You should really wear something up top to bed. A shirt or a nightie, at least.”

“Why? Now there’s just girls in the house, what’s it matter?”

“Hey, I bring boyfriends home sometimes. What am I supposed to tell them when my little sister is walking around topless?”

“Why would your boyfriends be in my room when I’m sleeping? I don’t exactly wanna walk around the whole house without a shirt on.” I pulled the shirt on. “Okay, I’ve been female for exactly a day, are you criticising me for not having a boyfriend when I’ve only liked boys for twenty-four hours?”

She shrugged. “Not really. I’m just teasing you.” She walked over to the door. “Waffles for breakfast.”

I got off my bed, pulled my dresser drawer open and pulled on a pair of shorts that didn’t quite fit. Before closing the drawer, I spotted my small stack of porn magazines and laughed. You didn’t actually look anywhere, did you? I asked Eve.

Okay, I have to admit, dressers are my blindspot.


Taking clothes off is my specialty, not putting them on.

I sighed. And you thought I didn’t have porn. I pulled the magazines out and tossed them in the waste basket beside the dresser. Now, you’re right.

Part 5

If I thought it looked weird for Allie to be dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl, it looked downright ridiculous on me. Granted, I was just wearing a blouse and a plaid skirt, not the whole get-up that Allie had worn, and my clothes weren’t magical like hers, but I still looked completely ridiculous.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that the blouse Allie picked was too small.

With the top couple buttons undone, I was damn near spilling out of the thing. Hell, if I was braless, one stray thought (or one accident from Eve) and my nipples would probably tear holes in it.

Boy, was I happy Terry wasn’t here to see me. For a couple reasons, actually.

The skirt wasn’t as annoying as I was worried it would be. The leg freedom was actually pretty nice. It was a little odd at first, but not uncomfortably so. Allie gave me instructions on sitting and walking in a skirt, always focusing on things that would help me keep what little modesty that Eve would allow.

The entire time, I heard Eve’s voice in my head, doing her best to keep her thoughts to herself, and not exactly succeeding. She apologized each time, but it wasn’t helping that much. I just had to learn to drown out those thoughts, but that wasn’t easy.

“Okay, I think we’re done with skirts,” Allie said, a devilish look on her face.

I put the pieces together. “You are not getting me in a dress.”



“It’s just a piece of clothing, it’s not gonna kill you.” She pointed at the skirts she’d must had me wearing, all seven of them. “It’ll be no different from wearing those.”

“Why should I wear a dress?”

“What kind of stupid question is that? You’re probably gonna have a boyfriend some day, he’ll want to take you somewhere special, you’ll need a dress. It’s pretty simple. Plus prom. And graduation.”

“Why are you treating it like a certainty I’m gonna have a date by prom night?”

She laughed. “Please, the amount of boys that are gonna be going after you is probably gonna number higher than you’d think.”

She’s probably right, Eve said.

“Shut up,” I said, then mentally added, the both of you. “If I have a boyfriend at prom time, he’ll just have to accept a skirt and something up top.”

Allie giggled. “At least you’ll be wearing something up top.”

“That is not something I wanna hear.”

“Okay, I’ll stop teasing. Can you just please try a dress on this once? I’m never gonna force you to do it again.”

I shook my head. “Not now. Maybe, someday, I’ll be ready to try that, but that day is not today. Understand?”

For a minute or two, we just sat there looking at one another, not saying anything. The silence was actually kinda painful, because neither of us was doing anything. I’d never had such a biting awkward silence that lasted so little time.

And then Eve broke the silence (for me anyway) by saying, Every time it’s this quiet, I masturbate just to hear noise.

“You promise me?” Allie asked.

“I am not going to masturbate just to make noise!” I shouted. Out loud. The look on Allie’s face would be priceless if I wasn’t so goddamned embarrassed. I hadn’t meant to say that to her, why had I? Was I that angry at Eve that I forgot which voice to use? Granted, I’d only had somebody in my head to talk to for a day, so maybe I just wasn’t as used to this as I should have been.

That was the funniest outburst ever.

No it wasn’t, and it was directed at you, not her.

That doesn’t change anything.

I wanted to hit her so much.

“Did you mean to say that to Eve?” Allie asked.

I nodded. “I just… It wasn’t…”

She shook her head. “No worries.” She picked up all the clothes she brought in. “You tell me when it is you wanna try on a dress. But... You’ve gotta make sure I’m the first one you ask, understand? No going around my back and asking Mom.”

I nodded again. “Believe me, I’m never asking Mom.”

She smiled. “Good. I’m enjoying having a little sister to give some clothes to.”

“Even if said little sister is…” I looked down at The Boobs(™). “A lot more developed?”

“That’s not a problem for me. Just your shirts.”

I pulled the blouse and skirt off and tossed them at her. Either she’d forgotten them, or left them on purpose just to keep me wearing them. I reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Comfort clothes.

So, what’s today? Eve asked.

Whaddya mean?

What are we doing today? Y’know, since it’s not Terry.

I rolled my eyes. What’s it matter?

Not even a trip to the arcade? Don’t boys like to do that?

Girls do too.

Yeah, but you’d be going to see the boys, not the girls.

You came to me. You wanted to change. You didn’t want to be a horny sex demon for the rest of your life. And now you want to go somewhere you’d be tempted to have tons of sex?

Can I at least hope you’ll meet a guy you can actually make an emotional connection to?

This is an excuse to get me to the mall, isn’t it?

I’m just that transparent, aren’t I?

You are. Very much so.


“I am the wrong person to take to the mall,” Terry said, tossing a rolled up shirt into the makeshift basketball hoop hanging off his closet door. I was doing my best to avoid looking at his bare chest, which wasn’t all that easy. Never did I think girls found male chests as exciting as guys did boobs. “Can’t you take Allie or somebody else? Or just go alone?”

I shook my head. “Allie would just be trying to get me to clothes stores, and nobody else knows and I don’t want to tell them. That leaves you by process of elimination.”

“Isn’t the succubus in your head gonna make you go to clothes stores anyway?”

You must buy cloooooothes… You must buy clooooooooooothes… You must buy cloooooooooooothes…

A cotton swab could probably hurt you, don’t tempt me. “Not at all.”

He sat up and swept a hand through his hair. “What exactly would we be doing?”

“Probably seeing if I can still kick your ass on skeeball with a lowered center of gravity.”

He got up and patted my shoulders. “I would call that a challenge, and it… Is… Accepted.

I smirked. “I knew it would be easy to get you to come.”

He frowned. “You played me.”

I acted seductively (quite well, I might add; then again, my body was made for sex, despite the fact that I didn’t want sex) and rubbed my finger on his chest. “It’s so easy for girls, y’know.”

He smacked me in the back of the head, making me giggle.


Jurassic World is playing, wanna see it?” I asked, leaning against the poster framed on the wall. We hadn’t actually done anything, aside from spend some money at the arcade and stop off at the bookstore, then we made our way to the food court. When I say ‘spend some money’, I mean mine. Terry rarely ever had money, and this was no exception. It was no big deal, it was just a little funny that the girl was paying for the guy’s food.

“Why are they showing a movie from last year?” Terry tossed his soda cup in the trash beside the table he was still sitting at. “Why is it this town can’t get anything new?”

I took a sip of my own soda. Apparently, that whole ‘girls should drink diet sodas’ thing was bullshit, because my regular Mountain Dew didn’t taste too sweet for me. Of course, that hadn’t stopped Eve from insisting that I get a diet Dew just so that I could ‘keep my figure’. Yeah, like she hadn’t altered my body chemistry to stop me from gaining weight or anything. Hell, I was certain I’d probably look sixteen for a good portion of my life.

I caught sight of a different poster. “What about this one?” Re:Genesis was the title, a movie I’d never heard of. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked it up. “Looks like it’s a zombie movie about a guy who becomes the virus and possesses the girl he has a crush on. Guess it’s set on a space station.”

“A TG sci-fi zombie movie?”

“Looks like it.”

“Anybody got a good word about it?”

I scrolled down, clicked on the Internet Movie Database link. “Uh, eight point six stars, it looks like. I I’m seeing more positive reviews than negative.”

Terry shrugged. “What the hell, let’s go see it.” He pulled his wallet out of his pocket. “You paid for lunch, I’ll get the movie.”

“Wait, you have money?”

He looked to the left, then the right, then down at the wallet in his hand. “Now that you mention it, I don’t seem to have any money in my wallet.”

“No, nononono, you get to pay for the movie. It’ll probably be the first time you took a girl to a movie in your life.”

He sighed. “Fine, I’ll pay. But it is not the first time I took a girl to the movies.”


“We apologize,” the usher said as everyone walked into the theater, “the air conditioning in the theaters isn’t working right now. We’ve tried to help keep it cool in here by having these temporary ceiling fans installed, but as you can feel, it’s not helping that much.”

He wasn’t kidding. My shirt was pretty much a second skin right now, and the looks I was getting from most of the guys (Terry included) made it pretty obvious that they were enjoying me covered in sweat. I was suddenly well aware of how natural born girls felt when guys stare at them. The worst part being that I was staring at some of the guys, too. Of course, I had little help against the urges brought upon me by the succubus living in my head. These guys had more control than I did, they could stop staring.

Terry and I usually sat in the back of the theater whenever we saw movies, but I was not gonna go back there. The back of the theater was also the usual make out or handjob location, and I wasn’t gonna give Eve any chances to tempt me into doing anything sexual with Terry.

Then again, Eve had very little shame, and she might even try to get me to fuck him right in front of everybody.

Oh, please, bedrooms are way better than movie theaters. Not that I haven’t fucked a guy in a movie theater, but still.

This doesn’t put me at ease.

Are you saying you wouldn’t enjoy giving Terry a handjob right now? Because I can almost guarantee that you would.

Only because you’d make me enjoy it.

That’s not at all important to the proceedings.

I rolled my eyes. Of course she’d be campaigning for that. I shouldn’t have even gotten into that argument. I plopped down in a seat and instantly started munching on some popcorn as we waited for the pre-film trailers to start playing. Granted, this was a movie from a year and a half ago that, while well-received, didn’t do enough to warrant even a DVD release, so for all I knew, there wouldn’t be trailers.

“Now that we’ve spent the money on the tickets, the popcorn and the drinks, are we sure this movie is gonna be good?” Terry asked, reaching into my popcorn bucket and grabbing a handful. “I mean, what if it’s another Phantom Menace?”

I laughed. “We weren’t even born when that came out. And I seem to remember you liking it.”

He acted like he’d just been shot in the gut. “I’m wounded. You wound me, dear lady.”

I poked him in the (surprisingly firm) chest. “Don’t call me that. And that doesn’t change anything.”

“I was young then.”

I stuffed some popcorn into my mouth. “You were five.”

“Didn’t you like it, too?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t.”

The lights started to dim, which generally meant the previews and/or movie were about to start. I looked down at the popcorn bucket and saw that apparently we’d already eaten most of it. I groaned, then stood up and walked out of the theater back to the lobby. I asked for a refill at the concession stand and then realized that I really needed to pee.

“Can you hold that until I get back?” I asked the clerk at the stand. She nodded.

The lack of air conditioning was still getting to me, especially in the cramped confines of a Ladies Room, which apparently needed seven stalls. If movies and TV were to be believed, teenage girls mostly used the restroom to talk and put on their makeup and older women typically used the restroom to… Well, talk and put on their makeup. I won’t lie, most of the time on movies and TV, females didn’t actually use the restroom for restroom purposes. Actually seeing a restroom empty with several semi-dirty stalls was weird.

I fanned my hand at my face to drive some of the sweat away and cool myself somewhat. It wasn’t exactly working. I sighed, and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe at my nether region. Wiping after I pee was probably the strangest difference in bathroom habits between guys and girls. Not strange in a ‘Why do girls do that?’ sort of way, just strange in a ‘I have to do that now…’ way.

I heard the door to the restroom open. Great. This could get awkward if whoever it was saw I was covered in sweat. Then again, she’d probably be sweaty, too. It’s not like the heat was concentrated on me. Now I was worrying about nothing, I was an idiot.

I pulled my panties and shorts up and walked out of the stall to find that the woman who’d walked into the restroom was a man. An usher, in fact. He had a flashlight in his hand, for whatever reason, but I had a feeling it had something to do with his job getting people who didn’t have tickets out of the theater.

“Hi?” I said, confused. I raised a hand to wave at him.

He was sniffing, for some reason. Did Ladies Rooms smell different than he expected, or something? (Granted, I was surprised by the difference in smell.) “Wow, do you smell that?” he asked.

I sniffed. “Um… No.”

He got closer to me. “Oh, it’s your perfume.” He kept sniffing me. “It smells interesting. Kinda good, actually.”

I backed away from him. “I’m not wearing perfume,” I said.

He got closer again. “You’ve gotta be, I can smell it.”

That’s not perfume he’s smelling, Eve said.

What is it?

Oh, did I forget to mention that? When you sweat, you excrete pheromones that make guys horny. Really horny. Like, they’ll wanna rip off your clothes and fuck you wherever you are kind of horny.

Why don’t I ever know about these things?!

I forget things.

The usher came even closer and was actually sniffing my chest. I backed away from him, but hit a wall. He was literally between me and the door, and he was quite a bit bigger than I was. Not semi-muscular like Terry, either, this guy was fat.

You should totally dump this guy. Fatties have tiny dicks.

You are not helping!

I put on a nervous smile. “Can I get back to the theater now? I sorta left some popcorn out at the concession stand.”

“You’re… So beautiful…”

“That’s really flattering and everything, but I kinda have a boyfriend and I wanna get back to the movie.”


Oh, crap, Eve said, he’s going full-on fuck zombie.

I don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s probably something I should know.

This happens when your pheromones get too strong. You should get back to Terry.

Are these gonna screw him up, too?!

I hope not.

You don’t know?!?!


“Beautiful…” He reached for me and grabbed the collar of my shirt. For a fatass, he was surprisingly capable of tearing clothes. I suddenly had a ripped shirt open enough for everybody to see my cleavage, which was of course covered in shimmering sweat. “Beautiful…”

I pushed him off of me and knocked him onto the floor. “Seriously, gotta get to that boyfriend, bye!”

I rushed out of the restroom and grabbed the popcorn on my way back to the theater. The girl at the concession stand gave me a weird look as I passed her, but then just shrugged and got back to reading whatever magazine she had with her. I got back into the theater and made my way to where Terry and I were sitting. He gave me a weird look.

“What the hell happened to you?”

“I was accosted by a fat usher that I left in the restroom.” I stuffed some popcorn into my mouth. Surprisingly, the previews had yet to finish. I shot him a glare. “Don’t you even consider sniffing me.”

He grabbed a handful of popcorn. “Why would I sniff you?”

“Just don’t.” I took a drink of my soda. “Ever.”

“What happened to your shirt?”

“Nothing, don’t think about it.”

He shrugged. “Whatever.” He grabbed more popcorn. “You missed a trailer for the newest DC movie.”

Part 6

Coming out of the theater, we were stopped by one of Terry’s friends, Ethan Brown. Naturally, he looked me over before he actually told us what he was there to tell us, focusing mostly on The Boobs(™). I figured it was the combination of being forcibly turned into a girl, Eve’s voice in my head telling me to let him squeeze me and the pheromones I was probably still giving off that caused me to get very annoyed by the fact that he was staring at The Boobs(™).

Okay, for the most part, it was just the fact that Eve was telling me to let him squeeze me. I hadn’t been a girl long enough to have adequately worked into the habit of telling boys that my eyes were higher up than they were looking.

I sighed and just turned so that he wouldn’t be staring at my cleavage.

“What’s goin’ on?” Terry asked, stepping between me and Ethan. Never have I been more grateful to him.

“Uh, yeah.” Ethan looked like he had snapped out of confusion and shook his head, then focused on what he’d shown up for. “You here for the competition?”


“The cosplay convention. It’s going on in the auditorium in the east wing of the mall.”

Terry looked surprised, and I was just as surprised. Terry loved cosplaying, and he usually kept up on conventions and the like. He even sewed his own costumes sometimes. He usually dragged me along, meaning I generally had to have a costume, too. That was typically annoying, but I don’t ever recall having a bad time.

Oh, shit, now I’d have to wear something hot.

“Was that today?” Terry asked.

“Yeah. The best costume competition is still a couple hours from now, so you’ve got plenty of time to get back to your house and grab one.” And with that (and yet another pervy look), Ethan was gone, off to the east wing, where he was probably gonna be checking out all the girls at the competition. If I was lucky, most of the “girls” he would be checking out were really guys in Wonder Woman and Slave Leia costumes. There were some people who took cosplaying a little too far.

I shivered a little. “Did he have to stare at my boobs?”

“Is there a reason not to?” Terry smiled as he asked that. If not for the fact that Eve’s voice in my head was telling me to fuck him, I’d punch him in the face. Okay, it wasn’t just Eve’s voice in my head, he was kinda the only friend I had that knew about me, but still. There are plenty of reasons not to stare at my tits.

“Are you wanting to go to that competition?”

He rubbed at the back of his neck. “I don’t have anything new. I’d either havta go with an old costume or buy something new.”

“Whaddya have that you haven’t used yet?”

He scratched his chin in thought. “Hmmm… I might just have something.”

I knew he would. “And whaddya got for me?”

He looked surprised. “What? You wanna go? There’s gonna be a lot of guys staring at you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Like you weren’t gonna expect me to come anyway. Name one convention you’ve gone to without me.”

He smiled, but it wasn’t his usual jerkass smirk. He was actually glad I was coming along, like he really hadn’t expected it. Had he actually been concerned about asking me to cosplay as a girl?

“But if I’m gonna go with what I’m thinking of, we need to get you some new clothes.”

I pointed at my ripped shirt. “I can’t just go as the near-rape victim I actually am?”

He shook his head. “Not gonna work.”

“Are you gonna pay for the clothes?”

Now it was the usual jerkass smirk. “Hey, you made me pay for the movie, I think you should pay for your clothes. But don’t worry, I pick out stuff that’s pretty cheap.”

I sighed. I shoulda known that was gonna happen.

Eve laughed. I knew I’d get you to try on clothes today.


“I don’t think you quite understand how difficult it is for me to get my ass in these shorts,” I said as I did my damnedest to get my ass in the shorts. How did girls do this on a daily basis?! After finally getting them on and pulling the for-whatever-reason attached suspenders up over my shoulders, I sighed. Getting short shorts on was going to have to be something I got used to. Kind of like the voice in my head continually telling me to let Terry into the changing room so I could give him a handjob.

I stepped out of the changing room and Terry stood there, looking me over with a critical - and somehow not perverted - eye, as if he was appraising me. Granted, that could still mean he was checking me out. He seemed to be accepting of what he saw, and nodded his head. “Good. Now you need a new shirt.”

I pointed at the torn front of my shirt. “This isn’t good enough?”

He ruffled my hair. “No.” He then poked at my hair for a minute. “Oh, yeah, we’re gonna havta do something about your hair.”

Wow, he is the pushiest boyfriend I’ve ever had, Eve said. I could hear annoyance in her voice.

A: He’s not your boyfriend. B: He’s not my boyfriend. C: Stop that. And D: He’s not my boyfriend.

You know you said that he’s not your boyfriend twice, right?

I am aware of this, yes.


Because it would be like you to call him my boyfriend.

By technicality, he is.

That is not at all the point.

Well, he’s a boy and he’s your friend. He’s kinda the only one who knows your situation, and you have at least some attraction to him. I’m not gonna lie, if he ends up the guy you start getting emotionally attracted to, I wouldn’t be surprised or offended.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were falling in love with him.

He is a damn nice thing to look at, okay?!

I mentally shoved Eve aside. “Okay, so a new shirt and a different hairstyle. What else?”

He scratched at his chin. “There is one other thing we could do, but I won’t consider it until you’re all ready.”

I was worried about that.


I looked stupid with my hair in a knot on the side of my head, wearing a yellow tank top and short shorts with suspenders, but I was finally getting what Terry was doing. Why he wanted to go as Ash and Misty from Pokemon, I didn’t know, but at least he picked somebody who wasn’t dressed like a sex object.

Then again, Misty had an awful lot of DeviantArt porn…

“So, wait, why do you have an Ash Ketchum costume at home?” I asked, tugging my top down to try and cover more of my belly than the shirt was meant to cover. “Were you planning on asking me to go as Misty at some point?”

Terry shook his head. “I had a Brock costume for you, I was gonna ask Mindy if she would go as Misty, but then she left so I figured it’d just be us as Ash and Brock, and we just wouldn’t have a Misty.” He looked me over from head to toe. “So I didn’t put any work into the Misty costume since nobody was gonna wear it.”

I played with the suspenders for a second. “I guess it’s a good thing Misty’s outfit can pretty much be bought at any store.”

“No kiddin’,” he said, smiling. “And you look nice dressed like her.”

I don’t know who this Ash person is, but I hope he’s wearing a loincloth, Eve said.

Do you not watch anime?

I do, but… Y’know… I mostly go for the yaoi.

Why am I not surprised about that?

Because we’re getting to be very good roommates and you have an intimate knowledge of everything I like. Which is mostly cocks.

Why do I put up with you?

Because we’re getting to be pretty good roommates and you care about me and would like to start getting into some of my interests once in awhile. Which is -

So help me, if you say ‘mostly cocks’, I’ll beat the shit out of you.

“Mike?” Terry was giving me a funny look. “You okay?”

I sighed. “Let’s just get back to your house, get your Ash costume and get back here.”


“I will kill you for what you’ve done,” I said, glaring at Terry.


I pointed to the outrageous bulge in his pants. “You picked the tightest jeans possible for that costume, didn’t you?”

“It’s not my fault they fucking shrank in the wash!”

I groaned. It really wasn’t his fault, but I needed somebody to blame, and it was him. Because now any time he had a hard on, I’d be forced to see it because of fucking Eve. Of course, she was happy his pants were so tight, but I just wanted to avoid looking at his junk. And it was very difficult not to look at his junk.

Aside from the tight jeans, his Ash costume was pretty damn good. Very accurate, more so than the plain clothes I was wearing that just happened to be the exact things Misty wears. Terry was really good with his costumes, after all. I remembered really good Sauron costume he made once, real metal and everything. It was cumbersome as fuck to walk around in, but I managed it. He’d gone as the Gondor king that Sauron had killed.

I turned away from him and said, “Let’s just get to the convention hall. I wanna see how many other people decided to go as Ash and Misty. And how many actually have a girl as Misty.” Words could not describe the amount of fat guys I’ve seen in Misty costumes.

He grabbed me by the wrist and turned me back around. “I just… Y’know, before we go…”

Oh, please don’t tell me you wanna kiss me, I thought.

Oh, please tell me you wanna blowjob, Eve thought.

“Can you… Um… There’s a con in a couple weeks, do you mind going as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid?”

Thank God he wasn’t asking what I didn’t want him to ask. “I am not gonna wear a bikini and fishnet stockings.”

He groaned. “C’mon, you’d look insanely hot in dressed like Quiet.”

“You’re aware I’m only a girl because a succubus stole my body in an attempt to stop having sex, right? I don’t want to wear stuff like that!”

“Yes, Mike, I’m very aware of your situation, but denying how hot you are isn’t good for your psyche.”

I rolled my eyes. He was obviously trying to make me feel at ease about the convention, but it wasn’t working. “Just stop, okay? I’m relaxed, just stop trying to lighten the mood. The mood’s light enough.”

He sighed. “Fine. I was just hoping that appealing to Eve would make you loosen up a little.”

He’s trying to loosen the wrong thing, Eve said.

Can I make a bet with you? The rest of the day without sexual innuendos, and I’ll let him fondle me.

I don’t… I… THAT’S NOT FAIR!

“Are you still here?” Terry asked.

“Just making a bet with Eve. Everything you say gets her speaking in innuendo.”

“Does that have anything to do with me wanting you to dress sexy?”

Partially. She’s encouraging it.”

“What’s she get if she stops making innuendos?”

“You’ll find out.”

He shrugged. “Fine. Let’s go.”


The convention hall was pretty much wall to wall people wearing all manner of anime, video game and comic book costumes. I saw Bayonetta, a Gundam, Solid Snake, Totoro, some guy from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Supergirl, Batman, Nightwing, Wolverine, Professor Xavier (complete with wheelchair and shaved head), and even Optimus Prime.

The sheer amount of people was impressive, considering the convention hall at the mall was only a little bit bigger than the auditorium at the high school, which wasn’t too big. I’d been to a few cosplay cons with Terry, and I’d never been to one this full. How had I never known there were this many people in this town who liked to cosplay?

Eve was already trying to say things, but kept managing to stop herself.

As Terry and I made our way to the sign-in tables, where people would make themselves eligible for the eventual contest, a pair of stormtroopers passed us. I whispered to him, “I’m very happy you didn’t want me to come in the Slave Leia outfit.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t think about it, actually.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. I don’t even have any Star Wars costumes, except that Jabba costume we wore a couple years ago.”

That surprised me. I kinda figured he had all sorts of costumes for Mindy to wear, since Mindy had absolutely no problems wearing just about anything. It occurred to me that she’d probably try to talk me into wearing sexy outfits to school every day, if for no other reason than just so that she had something to look at.

Christ, when did girl-on-girl go from being the hottest thing in the world to me to being something I wanted to avoid?

I told you, I’m straight, so that makes you straight, Eve said.

Yeah, but I still feel the same about everything else, why aren’t I just indifferent to it?

That’s the thing about sexual preferences getting changed. Either everything goes, or nothing goes. You should really look this stuff up on the internet, I know some kinky websites.

Before I had the chance to ask Eve when she had ever used the internet, a voice from the stage at the far end of the convention hall called all the participants for the contest. “You ready?” Terry asked.

I nodded. “Good thing: Nobody knows who Mikaela Cross is. Bad thing: There are a ton of boys here to stare at me.”

He patted me on the back, in probably the friendliest way he’d ever done before or since I became a girl. “Ten minutes. And, who knows? We might win.”

I rolled my eyes. “Please, we’ve never won.”

He smiled. “There’s a first time for everything, ‘Misty’.”

We walked to the crowded spot where the contestants were to wait. Terry handed me the small clip-on number badge with ‘114b’ printed on it. I clipped it to my shirt and waited while the judges walked past each of us. There were about seven judges, most of them I recognized, either teachers from school or just people around town. Even Mom’s usual hairdresser was one of the judges. They each had clipboards and proceeded to walk around us, checking off this or marking down that. I know for a fact that I saw ‘Excess cleavage’ written down under my name. It actually kinda annoyed me.

The judges went back to their table on the stage and traded their papers between one another. Eventually, they started calling people up and would up cards with numbers on them, kinda like gymnastics judges did. Whichever entries got the highest scores would win whatever the fuck the prize was. Terry and I never win, so I didn’t actually pay attention to what it was.

There were cheers all over as each contestant or set of contestants walked up on stage. Just a couple days ago, I would have been impressed with the Sailor Moon cosplayers if not for the fact that my sister was Sailor Moon, effectively. Other people fared a little better, like the Dragonball Z Saiyans that danced around doing that stupid fusion thing, or the Darth Vader and Darth Maul who lightsaber fought one another onto the stage. After about seventeen minutes of the massive amount of contestants being called up to the stage, Terry and I were finally put on the spot light. “Terry Hughes and Mikaela Cross, Ash and Misty from Pokemon,” the announcer said. People were really cheery when we got up there. We didn’t even do anything special, aside from Terry pulling out his fake-looking PokeDex and turning his hat backwards. All I did was that nervous laugh and wave Misty does whenever Ash does something stupid.

The judges held up their cards, one by one. 8.3, 8.9, 9.2, 7.8, 8.7, 8.7 again and finally 9.6. Only one other team had gotten a single 9 in the entire contest, and that was the people cosplaying as the main character and bad guy from the game Dark Sector. (At first I questioned why anybody would go as characters from Dark Sector, but apparently more people than just me and Terry knew what it was.)

When all was said and done, us and three other teams won the grand prize. Everyone else lost by a full 1.5 points from our lowest scores. The grand prize turned out to be vouchers for purchases up to $150 at some media outlet that had sponsored the competition. A grand total of twelve people.

I was still completely shocked that Terry and I had actually won. I almost wanted to cheer, to wrap my arms around him and kiss him right then and there.

And if you do, you can rub your crotch up against his. It’ll be great. Let him stick his Caterpie in your Jigglypuff.

Ha! You made an innuendo, I win the bet!

If Eve had a body of her own, I bet she would have had had a very disappointed look on her face.

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