Morning after the Night Before - Part 4 - Finale

Morning After The Night Before Part Four Finale

We come to the final part of the tale of Olive and Samantha to discover what has happened following the events of Halloween.

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- - -

“Sammy… I like that, Robert, you can call me that from now on,” she replied with a shy giggle and a sparkle in her eye. Robert stood up, still holding her hand.

“Thank you for being open and honest with me, Sammy,” he said. “Now I think it’s time we made our way back to Gran’s with that charger.”

I suppose so, thought Sammy. She was enjoying their time together and did not wish to return to Mrs Granger’s too quickly as she was just wanting to have some more one to one time with Robert; there was just something that drew her to him.

She had felt differently the moment she first saw him at his Gran’s. A new feeling moved through her body, one not felt before, which made her feel warm and somehow fuzzy.

Interesting, was her first thought before she had to speak to him.

Now she wanted to discover why Robert made her feel the way he did and was more than willing to find out. She knew they had to get the charger back to Mrs Granger’s, she was just not in any rush to do so.

- - -

“So, here I am today, talking with you as a woman, still on my own,” Olive said, with tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Her words faded into the silence of the room

Elizabeth across the room from Olive looked up, her tears flowed freely at the honest, heartbreaking statement

“Olive, you are no longer alone; Elizabeth and I are here with and for you. Remember we mentioned not to look at this a punishment, but to look at the events of the last hours as the chance of a new beginning.”

Helen went quiet before she moved over and sat beside Olive. She put her arms around her and they sobbed together.

As their sobbing eased they drew apart slightly and looked each other in the eye; leaning forward again, they exchanged a kiss on the cheek and felt something different towards each other.

Olive became aware of a change within herself, feeling more relaxed than she had for a many a long day. Maybe the comments she had made earlier or the cuddle from Helen helped; either way, she just felt different within herself.

Elizabeth and Helen were aware of how their potion worked and they were observing the effects on Olive; the age regression ingredient was working although she was not yet aware of this.

- - -

Late in the afternoon Sammy and her escort Robert arrived back with the replacement charger. Robert offered to take Sammy back to her house after they had finished a late snack and chatted about their trip to the town.

Helen noticed Robert appeared to be smitten with Sammy with the twinkle in his eye as he glanced at her hoping the others did not notice.

Being a gentleman he walked Sammy home, standing on the doorstep as she took her key from her handbag. Robert declined Sammy’s invitation to come in for a moment or two, although he did ask if he could see her again.

“Of course, you’ll see me again,” Sammy replied, “we’re going to help get the monies returned to those that were overcharged.”

“I meant maybe see each other again like going to the pictures, a restaurant or perhaps a dance,” Robert said, blushing slightly again.

“Yes, I would love to,” Sammy managed to reply in a soft whisper, her heart racing as she did.

- - -

The laptop did not have to be fully charged to access the files required but Helen and Olive thought it best to wait until it was.

Sitting in the living room after all the others had gone, with Elizabeth dozing in the corner, was a quiet time for Olive and Helen. Olive mentioned that she felt different from this morning, that she somehow felt younger if this were at all possible.

“Olive, that is part of the potion,” Helen smiled. “It only works when the person is open and honest about their feelings and is truly regretful for the things they did. You opened your heart out earlier and this triggered that part of the potion. You will start to feel younger and no longer require that wheelchair; that was used to let you see how vulnerable you were as many of those you cheated were in similar circumstances.”

“The laptop will be fully charged now but as it’s late we’ll look it in the morning. We both need to get some rest, and even thought I am a white witch there is nothing I can do about tiredness apart from sleep.” Gently she woke her Mum up saying it would be best for her to sleep in her own bed as it would be much more comfortable for her.

It was too late for Helen to go back to her own house so she suggested that she used the spare room; it had been hers before she got married and moved away.

On occasion, she stayed over with her mum, so she had kept some clothing in her old wardrobe and chest of drawers.

“Actually, you can have my old bed for the night,” she said to Olive. “I’ll get a blanket and pillows and use the couch.”

Olive went up to the bedroom with Helen to help with the blankets and pillows. The bathroom was just across the hall and Helen took a nightdress out with a matching dressing gown for Olive to change into.

“Is anything wrong?” Helen asked, seeing a look in Olive’s eyes.

“I don’t want to be one my own - would you stay with me tonight?” Olive replied sheepishly.

“If that’s what you wish,” Helen replied. “I don’t have an issue with sharing my bed with you. Go and change and I will turn the bed down and air it a little.”

After Olive had changed she went into the bedroom and waited for Helen to join her; on opening the door she found only the bedside light was on, giving a warm glow to the room.

Closing the door gently so not to wake her Mother across the Hall, Helen looked to Olive. “Would you mind moving over to the other side of the bed? I prefer to be nearer the door” Olive obliged as Helen took her place.

“The bed is warm for a change,” she giggled.

“I wonder why” whispered Olive. They turned to face each other; she moved closer to Helen and cuddled in with a kiss.

“I don’t feel so lonely now”, she said softly. Helen switched the light off and as the darkness surrounded them, she turned back and returned the kiss.

“Neither do I,” she thought.

- - -

When the laptop was fully charged, Olive provided them with the password and they accessed the necessary files.

Mrs Granger, Helen, Olive, Sammy and Robert were all in the room for this moment as all felt involved in one way or another. All the victims of the overcharging received their money back in full.

Olive with her new outlook on life went back to each one to personally say sorry and give them some more money back as well; after all she was still financially sound with money in the bank.

- - -

By the time Christmas came around Robert and Sammy were dating on a regular basis, sometimes out to the pictures or a restaurant. They occasionally went into town to sit in the garden where Sammy first sat and told Robert about her previous outings as a transvestite.

On occasion they visited the pub next to the park, enjoying the drag shows and the comfortable atmosphere that was shared with all; whether they were male, female, gay, bi or transgender, all were welcome.

- - -

Christmas was a wonderful time for all. Olive fully embraced her new position in life as a woman and all this meant. Much more colourful in every way from her drab male clothing. From the styles and fabrics to the colours and textures. A difficult thing to accept was the cost why are all female items was so much dearer than male items, something most females and transgender individuals make comment on – just not right at all.

Olive continued to grow younger looking, both in body and mind; the love and affection between her and Helen grew obvious for all to see.

In the early weeks of the New Year Helen asked Olive if she would like to move into her home where there was a room for her and more than that, a place she would be loved and cherished.

Olive asked for a couple of days to think of Helen’s offer so as not to decide on impulse. Of course, she said yes and soon moved in with Helen.

Having no more need for her old place they decided to put it on the market. As usual there was delay in the sale, eventually they ended up selling slightly under the asking price. The money from the sale they decided to keep in the bank for future needs, whatever these would turn out to be.

- - -

Over the coming months, Robert and Sammy also continued to get closer.

One evening on a clear moonlit night, sitting by the window of their regular dining place the moonlight shining behind Sammy appearing to make her glow, Robert got down on one knee, ignoring both the staff and the other diners.

Opening a small box he displayed a diamond engagement ring; looking up into the sparkling eyes of Sammy he asked her, “Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife, and spend the rest of your life with me?”

Sammy was in a bit of a shock; glancing between the engagement ring and Robert’s expectant face with a large smile, she just managed to say “Yes… yes, of course I will, Robert”

Removing the ring from the box Robert slipped the ring onto Sammy’s left hand ring finger. Getting back on his feet they drew together they kissed and cuddled between the tears of joy and laughter.

The surrounding dinners and staff started cheering and clapping hands when Sammy said yes. The young couple blushed at the response and thanked all around them as they sat down again.

Robert had arranged for some champagne to be served. As they sipped the sparkling wine, Robert collected a bouquet of red roses handing them to Sammy.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling,” he said.

- - -

Shortly after Olive had moved into Helen`s home Robert had a chat with his mother over how he felt about Sammy.

“She’s the one, Mum,” he said. “I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I’d like your opinion.”

Helen not only gave him her blessing, advice and guidance; she also, with Olive’s support offered to help with funds raised from the sale of Olives house.

Another thing he asked was for her to help him choose the engagement ring as he freely admitted he did not have a clue.

- - -

Plans were made for a summer wedding as they did not wish to have a long engagement.

They set a date for the 23rd of June and thought about where to go on their honeymoon. Deciding to stay in Great Britain they choose to visit Cornwall, looking forward to the scenery, coastal views and wished to visit Boscastle, one of the few remaining unspoiled coastal harbour villages.

Robert asked one of close school friends to be his best man, Colin Devon. Just like the counties of Cornwall and Devon that bordered each other, they also sat next to each other in class and were constantly referred to as ‘the border boys’. This tongue in cheek teasing stayed with them long after their school days were over.

By the time the arrangements of the wedding were well underway all the changes invoked by the potion had stopped and Olive was a strong, well rounded woman with whom Helen had fallen head over heels in love. The feeling was mutual.

Sammy and Robert decided that it would be best to have a small wedding with a small circle of friends and the members of the coven as guests.

Sammy invited Olive out for lunch where she asked if she would stand with her as her supporter and Maid of Honour. Olive was delighted with this request and was looking forward to shopping for the wedding gown with Sammy, helping her dress on the day as well as giving support and advice on the clothing for the honeymoon.

Using some more of the “future needs” fund Olive and Helen offered to help with the wedding expenses, still leaving more than enough money to be used for those who required a little help at times. Between them they could assist those in need with work around their homes or gardens, giving back instead of taking. Olive’s previous life as Oliver was now well and truly in the past.

The wedding came and went as planned with Mr. and Mrs Robert Cornwall celebrating their special day with those close to them.

Life settled down into the everyday routine of living with its ups and downs

By the time Halloween came around there was another wedding to attend; Helen had asked Olive to be her life partner and soul mate and she accepted, no longer being on her own and lonely.

Thus, there were two weddings for our ladies; a Civil Partnership recognized by the law of the land and a rather special one on Halloween night.

- - -

Halloween has arrived again; the pale light of day fades through a brief twilight to the darkness of night and the coven gathers again for this special evening

As Halloween moves towards All Saints’ Day the Coven witnesses, along with Sammy and Robert, the union of two souls as Helen and Olive pledge themselves to each other, for now and evermore.


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