A Turn On The Pathway To Citizenship: Part 3 The Conclusion

A Turn On The Pathway To Citizenship: Part 3 The Conclusion
By Warm Hearted
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Synopsis: Mara discovers how to use her powers and her relationship with Rob moves to the next level. Rob, Mara, Rene, and Kat become closer and start becoming a real family As they their plan to bring down the crime lord Babic unfolds.

We went out to their court garden very similar to ours and Rene opened a bottle of wine, that had "La Blanc" on the label and poured me a glass saying, "this is our family's label. The grapes came from 400-year-old vines."

It was white and tasted wonderful so I drank the first glass quickly and got a buzz. I guess my small size has less tolerance for alcohol so I just nursed the second. There was an old picnic table in the center of the garden and a servant brought a huge basket of boiled shrimp, crawfish, and oysters still in the shell and just dumped them on the center of the table and laid out towels with oyster knives on them then left us alone. We all sat down and put the towels in our laps. I watched Kat peel a shrimp in a second and eat it. I did the same.

Rene laughed and said, "Yes, you're Kat's niece. Only she can peel a shrimp that fast."

Kat giggled and said, "yes, blood never lies. Make sure you eat plenty of oysters Rene. All the good news has me in a playful mood."

We all burst out laughing.

I enjoyed the food but enjoyed spending time with my newly discovered aunt even more. We both were a little drunk and Kat looking at me asked, "you want to learn some magic? Normally by now you should know a good bit, I need to start teaching you right away."

I agreed and looked at Rob "Is that alright?"

Rob a little buzzed too said, "Hell yes, I got my legacy and you should have yours too."

Kat got up and got one of the many citronella candles burning in the garden to ward off mosquitoes and blew it out. She made a special hand movement over the candle while saying, "Ignite." The candle lit.

"You try it. Just think of the candle being lit and copy my hand movement and say "Ignite." Don't be discouraged, it will take a lot of practice. In a week or two you'll get it and then we can move to the next lesson. It will get much easier as you learn more.

She blew out the candle and I did as she did use the gifts Rob had given me. The candle shook a tiny bit and a two-foot flame shot out of the top.

Rob smiling really big, joked, "I'd say she has that one down."

Kat looking real a little confused but very proud at the same time, "Mara we are going to have to work on your control but look out world here come Mara super Witch."

Rene shaking his head with fake grief said, "Damn, I have the world's most powerful Witch and a Wizard in my family and living next door, and I can't brag to anyone about it."

Rob said, "once the Babics are dead you can brag your ass off to your Witch golfing buddies. We need to get an early start so, we all need to get some sleep. Thank you so much for such a special evening. We all got something tonight that we will treasure always."

Kat said, "No. thank you for making me so happy by bringing my unknown niece to me. I'm not going to invite you back if you have not guessed it we're all family now and you need no invitation. Hell. we may join our two houses and I'm not joking."

We all hugged good-bye and we walked the hundred feet to our house. Rob and I walked upstairs, but before we split to go to separate suites without thinking I faced Rob and he kissed me deeply. He started to apologize. but I put my hand on his mouth hushing him and went in my room.

Even after taking off my clothes, brushing my hair and fixing it for bed, taking off my makeup, brushing and flossing, the kiss still had me very sexually aroused. It the same as when I would awake from all those erotic dreams but those feelings went away quickly. This time they were getting more intense. As I was finishing in the bathroom I heard Rob showering next door.

I was thinking of him naked in the shower on the other side of the wall I could feel myself getting wet between my legs. I knew it was the ring's magic, but that seemed very unimportant. The thing that kept me from going to Rob and joining him in the shower was the fact that when he changed me back I would always have that memory.

If I did what I was yearning to do Rob and I would remember it and a memory like that would change our friendship forever. Hearing the shower stop I went to my lingerie dresser and took out a plain cotton nightgown, but before I put it on I was stopped by a thought.

" OK. Think about this logically. Will I be able to function like this, effectively to the point of being able to be a major part of the plan to deal with Babic? On top of that my new aunt and I have this female tie that is new to me, but Mark could never be this close to her.

Lastly, I will be with Rob for over a thousand years and every morning he will have to turn me back and if either of us find a wife they will grow old and die. That old Wizard was right, that would be torture.

If I give in and go to Rob there never will be any going back. I will live the rest of my life as Mara. Rob and I will marry and I will be his loving and devoted wife having great sex until I die and Kat will have a niece to dote on. Damn, that sounds wonderful. Sorry Mark, good-bye forever. I put back the cotton gown and took out a black silk and lace gown with spaghetti shoulder straps that would easily fall off and nothing else.

I stealthily creped into Rob's room. He was in bed and the lights were off but the room was dimly lit by the city's lights coming through the curtains. I stood on the opposite side of the bed from Rob and he still did not know I was there. Dropping my gown on the floor I slid under the covers and Rob turned over with a start.

"What are you doing?".

I answered him by sliding on top of him and kissing him with passion. I felt his bare chest against my hard nipples and my body. He knew I was completely naked.

He broke the kiss and said, "when I change you back to Mark how will we deal with this?"

"That will never happen. I know the ring's magic is part of it, but Rob and Mark could never have the joys, pleasures, and love Rob and Mara will have. I made the decision not the ring. Mark will never return, he is gone forever. Now make love to your horny fiancée."

The talking stopped as he flipped me on my back and started kissing my breasts. I moaned in ecstatic pleasure. His hand went between my legs inserting his middle finger and found that my vaginal canal was already soaking with my juices. Slipping off his briefs I suddenly felt his hard cock pressing on me.

I waited for him to enter but he didn't. Instead he leaned down and whispered, "you have to spread your legs.".

I smiled and spread my legs wide and he pushed slowly into me. I felt a tiny pinch and thought, "The ring may have made me female but Rob just made me a woman."

I discovered that for him to enter me deeply I had to angle my butt up. Tilting up and he pushed much deeper. pumping harder between surges of pleasures, I noticed my legs had crept up his back until they were wrapped around him in middle of his back.

Then I felt my body convulse and I exploded in pleasure and before I could come to my senses it happened again and again until I was just a moaning senseless lump of pleasure, I noticed him making several hard pumps then moaning himself and falling on top of me. I did feel his beautiful cock finally grow soft in me.

After pulling out we just lay there in each other's arms and went to sleep. About 3 am I had to get up to pee and slid out of bed. As I peed I saw his cum and matted pubic hair. After wiping, I cleaned myself a little with a wet wipe and went back to the bed.

Strangely, Rob wasn't there. Then I felt him behind me, kissing my neck and playing with my breasts. I felt his hard cock on my back and I knew he wanted me again. There was something different this time. Our first time Rob was a little uncertain and unsure, but this time Rob wanted complete control and he took it.

Rob was still just as loving but he was staking his claim. He played me, hitting every spot to make me a yielding submissive woman. He demonstrated to me how much bigger and stronger he was by picking me up like a doll. He showed me who was the boss, by choosing the position he wanted, me bent over the edge of the bed. With my face in the covers, he picked up my butt, pushing my legs apart with his legs. The tip of his cock soon found my swollen clit and he rub and teased it. He was driving me crazy and he loved it. He then pushed in just the tip of his cock and started rotating his hips. With his firm grip on my back and the sides of my butt and me being face down I couldn't move.

As he was turning me into a sex crazed submissive slave to his cock he said, "when you decided without talking to me to remove Mark forever you took a friend that was more like a brother forever away from me.

I know I could have sent you back to your room but I truly love Mara more than life and you will be my perfect wife but Mara is not Mark and there is still some Mark in you. That bit of Mark in you makes you see me differently than Mara should."

As Rob talked I understood what he was saying but my body was on fire. I wanted him to just take me.

He kept playing with my clit and kept talking, "you saw how Kat leaned on Rene, teased him about the oysters, and openly showed her affection. Mara doesn't do that because that is something Mark would not do with me.

So I am not going to make love to you, I am going to fuck you hard. The reason I'm doing this is while the first time my cum was just normal this time it is laced with Magic. That Magic will intensify the rings work with your self-view when it enters you. It is going to quickly complete the ring's process. You will unconsciously think of yourself totally as Mara, a woman in love with her man with no bit of Mark's male perception of the world in the picture. You will not lose any of Mark's memories but you will only think like Mara."

He then entered me and said, "I love you, Mara, more than life itself."


He then fucked me hard and all I could do was hold on to the sheets screaming with my face in the bed. I don't know how many orgasms I had before I felt his seed pump into me and I felt the Magic. I felt how proud I was that a man like Rob loved me as much as I loved him.

I wanted the world to know that he was mine and I was his. As Mara, I had enjoyed making Rob look at me and I always felt ashamed after. I knew now I would always want him to want me and be happy he did. Yes, now there was none Mark's shame of outwardly showing sexual attraction for Rob left. I would even feel comfortable playfully teasing him about sex.

We slept spooned and woke up with the alarm going off. Turning it off Rob rolled over and we kissed and started making out, but Rob stopped and said: "I would love nothing more than having some morning sex but we have so much to do and Rene and Kat will be waiting for us."

So we kissed one more time and I got up and slipped on my gown. Checking the hallway was clear and left saying, " I love you. See you after I get ready."

Rob answered, "love you more, you need to hurry."

I dressed casually with just a little makeup and put my hair in a ponytail. Then Helen knocked on my door. I opened the door and she complimented me on selecting the perfect look for the morning. She informed me the La Blanc's had invited us to breakfast with them and she didn't know I was their niece.

I told Helen, "I didn't think of telling you, and have you checked with Mr. Bruce about the invite?"

I learned that George was the one that received the call and Rob was fine with it. So I let her know it was fine with me too.

Then I said, "The staff didn't place any of my things in Mr. Bruce's room. I assumed they knew of Mr. Bruce's and my relationship. My suite is little more than my dressing room, but I need the suitable things in our shared bedroom. Please have them handle that today."

Helen smiled, and answered, "Miss Bagas I'm sorry for the inconvenience it will be corrected today.".

I replied, "Helen your the best and I'm well pleased with you.".

Helen professionally said, "Thank you Miss Bagas.".

Rob and I met at the front door and kissed. We walked to Rene and Kat's with our arms around each other's waist. When we got to their door we kissed again and Kat opened the door and caught us.

She said, "those oysters must have worked on you two too."

Without missing a beat I said, "They sure did and they were a good batch."

I did not believe it but Rob's ears turned red. Surprisingly he joined in and playfully gave my butt a spank, "Bad girl. Do you have to tell everything you know?"

Then Kat retorted, "when the men get off to themselves we will compare notes." We all laughed as we went in.

Rene was in the kitchen cooking some bacon and said, 'the chief called in sick today so I'm doing the cooking. Kat doesn't cook.".

Kat said, "you liar, you love to cook.".

I chimed in, "Rob does too."

Then Rene said, "If that is really the case pitch in and we can talk as we make the ladies a gourmet breakfast."

"Sounds like a plan. Where is your crepe pan?"

Kat said, " Oh yum crepes, niece you got a keeper."

I said, "I know it, Rob was always one of a kind to me even before he was a Wizard.".

Kat asked, "Why do you not have an engagement ring, then?"

I answered truthfully, " Before he got his inheritance we did not have money enough for a good one. Now that we have the money we have not had time to get one because of this Babic thing.".

Kat said, "hold on," and left the room. Then she stuck her head in the door as Rod gathered the ingredients for crepes. She motioned for Rob to come in the room she was in. He stopped what he was doing and obeyed but came back shortly.

Rob took my left hand and went on one knee and said, "My Mara who I love more than life, will you marry me?"

Crying, I nodded speechlessly and he slid a beautiful ruby ring surrounded by diamonds on my finger.

Then Kat crying too said, "it was your grandmother's and she would want you to have it."

We all shared a group hug and even Rene wasn't dry-eyed.

After sharing a five-star breakfast of rich thick smoked bacon and raspberry crepes. Kat and I cleaned up a rather small mess, made by our men chefs. Rene and Rob in a lot of ways were very similar and you could see a growing friendship and a lot of male bonding between my fiancé and my newly discovered uncle.

When we finished cleaning the men excused themselves to Rene's office to start brainstorming plans to execute proper justice on our mutual arch-enemy, the Babics; leaving Kat and me alone.

Kat had plans for our time, though. She was going to continue to teach me how to use my Witch Magic. We sat in their walled garden and she started explaining how things really work in the world.

"Mara I don't know if you're religious, or if you even believe in God. So, first of all, you need to know all the organized religions are mostly man-made, but God is real and you can refer to God as male or female, both or neither apply. God is above gender being the creator of it. God created everything including time and space at the selected point in eternity.

God put the natural laws in place and gave people free will and lets the universe just run like a well-oiled machine although God has an unseen plan and our finite minds will never be able to decipher it. Rarely God will arrange a string of highly unlikely events to alter the course of time.

We explain these events many ways, we call it luck, fate, Karma, or just say "Shit happens." An example of this is you being here with me. The odds of this makes the odds of winning the lottery seem small in comparison. So I want you to know it was due to the Mother Goddess' plan.

The Mother Goddess is what most Witches call the Supreme Being.That being said, know that one day in your very long life you will do something, The Mother Goddess wants to be done, that only you can do. I feel you being such a powerful Witch connected to a Wizard is needed for whatever The Mother Goddess needs you to do.

So, let's get to work on your Magical education and I have honored that Mother Goddess chose me as the one to teach you."

Kat opened a leatherbound worn book on the small table we were sitting and slid it to me. It was hand written English and it had drawn picture diagrams. Using the gifts Rob had given me for learning. I instantly read the first page.

I learned that the Witch's powers mainly come from the ability to control Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, but we could also control plants and animals. I could see that a Witch was not even in the same class as a Wizard like Rob and we could be killed in normal ways if we did not have time to stop it or we did not see what killed us. I thought me having Magic also would bring Rob and me even closer.

Kat watched amazed as I quickly flipped through the pages and closed the book the very thick book.

"OK. I'm done with this one, but I read there are eleven more books. Do you have the rest? I would like to be done soon so we can repay the boys for the great breakfast with a nice lunch."

Kat, wide-eyed exclaimed, "NO WAY YOU COULD HAVE LEARNED ALL THAT! The first book takes at least a year to learn and you're telling me you know it in less than five minutes. Kiddo you're going to have to prove that one to me."

I said, "Sure, let me think, pages 273 to 490 were on changing the shape of stone, wood, and metal.". I went to the small fish pond in the garden and gathered up two handfuls of round white pebbles. I carried them back to the table and placed them in a small pile.

Then I got a picture of something that might make a nice gift for my aunt. making the proper hand movements and commanding the stones to change, they immediately fused together and became a small polished white stone statue. A statue of Rene, Kat, Rob, and me in that group hug we shared this morning after Rob gave me my grandmother's ring. I thought that moment, needed to be preserved.

Kat unbelievingly picks up the figurine and was amazed at the tiny detail. I said, " I thought you would like that so I made that for you."

She held the small figurine to her heart and tears came to her eyes again. To lighten the mood I joked, "we sure cry a lot since we found each other."

Kat stopped crying and laughed still holding the figurine to her heart, but she stopped laughing and looking at me in awe. She spoke in a matching tone.

"Only Witches of great power and skill could have done this and only after years of practice. Before I go running out the door screaming like a lunatic tell me how you did it."

I smiled and said, "sure. We can't have you screaming and running in the streets of New Orleans, not that you would be noticed. Rob used his magic on me to give me superpowered learning skills and a photographic memory. So I read a whole page at a glance and can do what it says flawlessly the first time I try."

Kat smiled, "may the Mother always bless Rob, this is great, no this is tremendous. I will get the rest of the books and I will love blowing Rene's mind. We need to act like there is nothing different as you show off to the guys."

In less that two hours I had all twelve massive books locked in my memory. Kat said I was now the best Witch she has ever known and I glowed because she was truly proud of me. I wanted to play some, so I went to a bloomed out patch of tulips and waved my hands and ordered them to bloom and they all bloomed again.

I saw a hummingbird and I held out my finger and it perched on it. New Orleans' ever present flying pests were always a nuisance when you're outside so I sent them away and banned all except bees from the plants in Kat's garden. I would do the same for mine later because my magic was limited to my line of sight. Strangely, I could see invisible things like air when I wanted to.

Kat said, "Enough playing around, you're giving me an inferiority complex. We need to start on lunch and thanks for getting rid of the bugs. There was only one other, now dead, Witch I heard of that could do that sort of thing, he did it with snakes in Ireland

We fixed a light lunch, considering what we had for breakfast and called the guys.
Rob came out of the office singing Rene's praises.

"I'm glad Rene is a friend and we're part of the family. His ability to construct plans within plans are equal to a fine watchmaker in their interactions. He truly amazes me in how easily he came up with a foolproof plan to make short work of Babic. One that we all play a part in and will enjoy the justice of the circumstances that bring about his demise. In just over two months Babic will die in defeat and misery and then we will start planning a wedding."

Kat and I set a Greek salad and fresh French bread on the table. We all sat down and kidded and chatted like a real family which we were. Then at the end of lunch, Rene said, "Before we go over our plans how did Mara's first day of training go?".

Kat answered, "Very well, it seems our new Wizard nephew to be has helped Mara with a gift for learning. It seems a little warm Mara, a soft cool breeze would be nice."

"I think your right Aunt Kat."

I raised my hands and commanded the air to cool a bit and start circulating in the walled garden. It felt very nice in the spring heat.

Rob just stared at me but Rene awestruck said, "She just controlled the air, there are only a few of us that can do that and it takes a lot of work. Mara did it as easily as swatting a mosquito. Speaking of mosquitoes, where are they? Come to think of it, I did not have to shoo any flies away during our whole meal."

Kat beamed and bragged, "Mara has banished them from our garden." Kat got up and took the figurine from where she had hidden it. She set it on the table, saying, "Mara did this after reading the first book."

Over the next three weeks, Rob and I settled into an amazingly wonderful routine.
Our days were filled with Rob and Rene working together to set Rene's cunning plan into effect while Kat and I talked about the family I never knew. I was learning three new skills and Rob's and my nights were filled with passionate sex.

Kat brought in a dance instructor for me and he taught me in two days how to dance everything from Ballroom to Broadway. Then she brought in a Wing Chung Master, that thought I already had a lot of training because he gave me a black belt after three days.

Somehow Kat found a Serbian language and music instructor. Before she arrived I memorized an English to Serbian dictionary. When I introduced myself as Mara Bagas, she went on and on about the Bagases she knew in Serbia and wanted to know if I was related. I lied and said, "distantly."

She helped me with some of the inflections and conversational skills and said, "your Serbian is not perfect but very good for someone not born there." Then she brought out a songbook of Serbian folk music. She thought I was just leafing through it, but I learned them all. I found one that was connected to the Babic and Bagas families and I played and sang it for the woman. She said, "perfection, you play and sing beautifully."

I thanked her, paid her and sent her on her way. I was now set for my part of the plan.

Then the day of the Babic fundraiser came. Rene and Kat were going with us. Rene was invited every year but always graciously turned Babic down. This year he accepted. Rob received delivery of a heavily armored Lincoln stretch limo and hired two bodyguards one of which would also serve as the driver. Rob in no way needed a bodyguard or an armored vehicle it was just for appearance's sake.

That morning Rob called me into his office and placed a new spell on me. This spell would increase my strength ten times my normal amount for ten minutes. He was concerned if I had that much strength all the time it could prove very inconvenient and draw unwanted attention. So to activate my ten minutes of super strength I would have to say a phrase that I would not normally say.

Rob's sense of humor kicked in and said, "to activate your ten minutes of strength you must say, "do you want fries with that," and for ten minutes you will be very strong. Try it." I did and I picked up his huge desk with no problem.

That night the La Blancs and Rob and I looked like we were ready for the red carpet.
The men were in tuxes. tailor-made of course. Kat's blue gown was beautiful but much more conservative than my tight black gown with a high slit and 5" black stilettos with trademark red soles, but I was dressed according to the plan.

We arrived and we went in, our bodyguards instructed to wait outside by the security at the door saying, "they will be safe in here." Rob nodded and they did as they were told We were seated and we gave our drink orders. Then the band took the stage and the guests rose to take the dance floor. We did likewise, but Rob went and arranged for the band to play a tango.

Rob and I danced like pros, almost like in the movie True Lies. When we finished we left the floor to the sound of applause, All was going to plan. Babic took the bait and used our dance as a reason to approach Rob. We had made it back to our table but before we could sit down Babic stopped Rob and me.

The Bear was a barrel-chested man with thick gray hair and he took Rob's hand and said, "Mr. Bruce you and your lovely lady were a pleasure to watch."

Babic wanted to knock Rob off stride by knowing Rob's name thinking Rob would have to ask his. Rob and I beat him at his own game double teaming the rug out from under his feet. Rob said, "thank you, Mr. Babic, may I introduce my fiancée Mara Bagas, she is the main reason, I pulled some strings to get the invitation to come tonight."

I did not give him a chance to talk from that point on. I acted like a young girl meeting a rock star in person. I took his outstretched hand and didn't let go. Then I started talking in Serbian, a mile a minute.

"I have been hoping to meet you tonight Mr. Babic. This cause is very close to my heart, I could have been a Serbian orphan. If my parents didn't have the resources and contacts to get them and my grandmother to the US before I was born. My parents died when I was eight so my grandmother raised me and she taught me a lot about the Old Country.

She told me very much about the Babic family and said the ties of our families go back centuries. My grandmother died five years ago, but she uses to tell me of the Black Mountain and the Order of the Falcon which was the bond between The Babic and Bagas family shared. She told me her mother was a Babic who was a nurse, that died in the Second World War.

Just listen to me. I have been talking and talking and taking up too much of your time from your other guests. I'm sorry and I will not keep you any longer."

I finally let go of his hand.

He looked at me deeply then somberly asked, "What was your great grandmother's name?"

I immediately answered, "Milijana Babic Bagas she was married to Luka Bagas my father's grandfather. He died fighting in the resistance."

Babic said, "yes he died saving my father's life, and Milijana was my father's oldest sister." Babic looked at me and I saw his face soften for a second then he stiffened back up and I thought, "YES! SCORE!".

Babic went back all business-like and said, "we are cousins then and I wish to talk to you more very soon, but tonight I would like to impose on you and ask if I could steal Mr. Bruce away after we dine.".

I laughed and said, "why Mr. Babic you know how our families are, we don't give a favor without taking a favor."

Babic could not help but break into laughter and responded, "please call me Uros, after all, we are family, and yes I know our family's practice and you make me proud keeping the tradition alive. So what is the favor I shall give in return?"

I took his hand and said, " dear cousin Uros like I said this cause is very important to me. So before you speak I would like to say a few words and sing a song."

Babic laughed again and looked at Rob, "I hope you know how much "Babic" your bride to be had in her. She can help you a lot. Cousin Mara, you drive a hard bargain but yes, it would probably be good for someone with your history and good looks to speak first and sing a song to soften them up for me. Yes. I like the idea a lot."

After dinner one of Babic's men came to our table and escorted me backstage. Then the masters of ceremony said, "before Mr. Babic speaks, Miss Mara Bagas would like to say a few words."

I walked out on stage and in an impassioned voice I shared some of my contrived history and pleaded for the orphans. Then I said, "I have a song for Mr. Babic as a way to show how grateful I am for him sponsoring this dinner."

I sat down at the piano that the dance band had used and played and sang Oj Srbijo Mati. It was a folk song from the region the Babics and Bagaes were from. The song praised the Falcons and calling them to defend the Black Mountain, the Babic and Bagas' shared home.

It hit a homerun with Babic sitting on a chair on stage watching me I saw a tear run down the ruthless bastard's face. When I finished he rose to his feet clapping earnestly and following his lead all the guests did likewise. Rob, Rene, and Kat shouted "Brava!" I knew their shouts were not for the song but how I prepared Babic, for what was to come later.

Babic was so moved he did not give his prepared speech, he just thanked me for what I said and thanked the guests for coming. Babic walked me back to our table and the only thing he said was, "thank you, Mara." When we arrived Rob hugged me and said, "you were fantastic. Thank you, Babic, for letting her do that."

Babic said, "since we will soon be family call me Uros and may I call you Rob?"

Rob answered, "certainly but I think we have business to discuss." Rob knew that Uros respected and expected women to be the keepers of the of the family's heart, but men needed to be hard as steel and direct.

Uros lived by the motto, "you don't give respect to men, they must take it by their actions." This his oldest son and heir apparent has never done and Rene and Rob were going to use that to our advantage. So while Rob worked on Uros, I was going to work on Uros' oldest son, Petar to drive an even greater wedge between father and son while humiliating Petar in front of his family and underlings.

Petar was very little like his father, being spoiled and soft and had major esteem problems concerning his masculinity. Therefore he over compensated by trying to be a ladies man. He also drank way too much to show he could hold his liquor like a man.

He also has a reputation of hurting women that rejected him and his father had to make two rape charges go away. His father had to place two guards on him to keep him out of trouble. The guards had orders to allow him to have some space but to step in if Petar was getting too rough.

Rob and I followed Uros to his private quarters and Uros introduced me to "my cousins" Petar and his younger son Laz. Uros explain to them how we just met and found out how we're related. I shook their hands but with my back to the rest of the room, I looked in Petar's eyes seductively.

I asked my cousins why they were not down at the fundraiser and they both laughed letting me know that sort of thing was boring to them.

Rob looked at me and said, "Uros and I have business." I immediately went to the sofa and sat down like a well-trained dog. The two men went in and I could tell, that my knowing I had no place in "business" impressed Uros and his respect meter ticked up a notch.

Rob told the La Blancs and me what went on in Uros office in the car on our trip home. He said, "I hit Uros head on as soon as I sat down. I spoke first and said that I knew he knew about me and I assured him I knew enough about him so we could talk plainly with each other. I told him that I knew he had his office swept for bugs three times a day. So, we could be straightforward with each other.

I told him I knew how he pulled himself up from nothing and I respected that but I didn't know if I respected him as man yet. Then I said I knew he had no respect for me yet, but I had become a problem for him. Not wanting to close the door before it was open, I explained that I'm not saying that we will never respect each other. We might even become friends and allies, but I have no illusion that we will ever trust each other. We both understood that trust can get you killed.

So, in this, our first transaction, let's not slow the process by acting like we are not who we are. We're both predators, that prey on the weakest of the herd. When two predators meet it can only go one of two ways. We can fight over territory or hunt together but don't underestimate me because of my age. Some have made that mistake and most of them slinked off to lick their wounds, but some do nothing anymore.

I then told him, I am willing to tell the board of Killian Maritime Shipping that I have reconsidered closing the Baltic route. Instead, I will have my accountants give a presentation on how the company would be better served by growing, not just maintaining.

Then they will show how Irish exporting of Aerospace products is growing very rapidly. They will propose not pulling the old ships from the Baltic, but buying new ones to capture the Irish market. With both our support the new plan will save one of your major sources of income.

I have a practice like my fiancée and your family's, a favor given requires one in return. I have plans to turn the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans into something very similar to a 70's type Las Vegas in New Orleans style.

I have heard tales of the old Las Vegas when the Mob had it before it became Disney World with gambling. Where the Mob made their mistake was using union money and skimming without paying taxes.

LaBlanc is in it with me, using his contacts to change city ordnances and zoning codes. He is also helping broker my purchase of ten square miles of the Katrina devastated part of the Lower Ninth Ward. That part of the Ninth is still very badly damaged.

What I need from you is security and some help influencing some holdouts that will not sell. There are still some street gangs there and they need to be made to feel unwelcome. You will need to form a new shelf security company, which I will pay legally after the company submits the lowest bid.

This will give me no direct responsibility for their actions and plausible deniability. I know these favors sound unrealistically one-sided. Therefore, I will add to it in letting you build a River Boat Casino and two luxury strip clubs with private suites that will be off limits to vice officers, but you must make sure only vice laws are broken there, or they will be closed. I already know these clubs will fit well with another of your enterprises.

After finishing, we just sat there looking stoic. A few minutes later he broke the silence and said he agreed to my deal. I added I know my fiancée would want to see him regularly after discovering that you were family. Then my look went from stoic to very pointed and warned him never discuss our business with her.

I rose and we did not offer to shake hands, indicating such gestures had no meaning to men like us. As an afterthought I said, I would personally pay him visits rarely, but I did not want either of his sons to be our contact because I knew they were not men I could deal with. I requested his oldest nephew Stan, who, I knew Uros thought was more like him than either of his sons.

I left and said he would be hearing from me soon and I would start the ball rolling on the shipping deal.

Then I left the office and I saw someone packing Petar's bloody noise while he was holding a towel to his mouth. I didn't see you and I asked where you were. I was informed you were waiting for me in the car."

Rene said, "Outstanding!"

Rob looking at me asked, "so, what happened with you?"

Kat said, "yes, we wanted to hear this too but Mara said she wanted to hear what happen with Uros before telling us her part of the story."

I smiled and said, "It couldn't have gone any better. After you went in Petar sat beside me and called me cousin, informing me that he heard that I actually lived on the streets because he didn't believe it. I told him that I did but I had learned a lot since then. I made it a point to casually brush his hand or give him a 'come and get it' look when no one else was looking.

He relaxed and took out a cigar and lit it. When he looked away to knock off the ashes I would fan the smoke away from me in clear view of the other men. I soon excused myself to go out the open door to the balcony for some air.

I stood up and turned around to get my clutch blocking the sight of the other. I slowly dragged my finger on Petar's arm as I got my clutch. I went out and Petar followed me as I'd hoped. He shut the door, but his two worried babysitters came out and joined us although they stayed back from us, watching from behind.

I whispered so only Petar could hear that I thought he was a handsome man. He responded in the way I hoped he would, he reached over and put his hand on my butt. I turned in a fake fit of rage and speaking loudly enough for the others to hear, I told him he was a weak, spoiled child, and not a man at all. I then ripped him in his weak spot and said if he had been on the streets like I was he would either be dead or more likely someone's bitch. I added injury to insult and slapped him saying, "do you want fries with that."

I then felt the rush of strength fill my body and he reacted exactly as expected with his babysitters watching. Petar called me a bitch and grabbed my arm and drew back to hit me. Before he could with my super strength and Wing Chug training, I twisted his arm behind his back. Then I slammed his face his face into the wide concrete rail. I then threw him on the slate floor and he landed very hard.

While I watched him trying to get up, the hard hit to his nose made his tear ducts run like faucets. He got to his knees, his babysitters, rushing over to stop him from hurting me.

They saw him on his knees, bleeding, his front teeth broken, and crying streams of tears. For added effect, I spit words of anger at him saying, "now who's the bitch cry- baby?" I looked at one of the men and told him to tell you I would be waiting in the car. I was careful when I shut the door because I still had my super strength."

I could tell Rob didn't like him grabbing my ass, but then everyone was laughing by the end of my recounting of events.

When we got home we were all ready to go to bed. Rob and I had a quickie then fell right to sleep. We still got up early because after setting the trap last night we had a lot to do. Dressed, we were finishing breakfast with Rene and Kat as we had most our meals together now. Rob's phone rang and it was Uros. Rob held his finger over his lips.

Rob answered, "hello Uros. Yes, this is a secure line. She is still rather upset and I expect any plans of visiting you will be postponed indefinitely. Uros don't apologize it just increases your shame. Petar is a man. My god Uros, he is five years older than me and responsible for his own actions.

Your shame is in having a son like him, but I can understand how raising him without his mother would be a challenge. Especially with the time constraints our type of business has but Uros, in all honesty, he is a serious liability.

So I will only deal with you or Stan and if Petar gets involved in any aspect it will be an instant deal breaker. You might be willing put all your hard work in jeopardy but I'm not and this is not a warning, just a fact. It will be safer for Petar if I never see him again.

Why no, our deal is still on. Like I said, I don't hold you responsible, I just pity you, for the shame you bare.

No, she did not tell me the full circumstances. Well, it sounds like you have honest men, even if your son is a liar. Yes, I will contact my people as soon as they are in their office and they will make their presentation Friday at the board meeting.

They have my proxies and your people should be the one to call for the vote. Yes, then we'll get moving on the South Ninth Ward Project. I will meet with Stan to give him a thumb drive on Wednesday at 10 am, at the Quick Pick Store And Grill on Tulane St.

We will change our meeting place each time. Tell him and your men to dress casually. The thumb drive is encrypted and a special messenger will deliver you a thumb drive with the encryption code today. I will give Stan the password for that thumb drive Wednesday. The encryption and password will change each time. Be sure you read it carefully because the program will wipe all the information after you read it.

Yes, I will tell her that you wish to see her but don't plan on it happening soon."

Rob hung up without say good-bye. and filled us in.

"Uros started by saying that he didn't call until he had the facts straight. It seems that Mara broke his nose and knocked out Petar's front teeth. Petar was trying to tell his father that Mara came on to him first, but Uros' men said Mara was a perfect lady and went on the balcony to get away from Petar's cigar smoke.

So, Uros tried to be big enough to apologize, even after the beat down his son got, but you heard how I turned that to make him feel embarrassed and think his lack of control of Petar made him look weak in my eyes. a To man like Uros showing any weakness was to be avoided at all cost.

Then I, a much younger man, was advising him on something he knew to be completely true, but I applied it with a different spin. Uros knew Petar was weak and kept him out of the business although he never thought that Petar just living there was a problem until I planted the seed. Now Uros will be hypersensitive to anything Petar does or doesn't do and we will make Stan shine as the logical heir apparent."

Rene then said, "I am glad we are family, you're too good at this to be an enemy."

Rob, countered, "it was mostly your plan. I'm just an actor playing a role you created."

Rene smiled and said, "yes I came up with the general plot but you're adding immense substance to the plan."

Kat laughed and said, "you two will bruise each other with that much back-patting. What about our Diva here that played the Babics as well as she plays her piano?"

Rene said, "I would have loved to have wizard sight like Rob so I could have seen you break Petar nose and knock out his front teeth."

I commented, "I learned when I was on the street that knocking out someone's front teeth is called punking in prison. So they can't bite when they are forced to perform oral sex."

Rob said, "interesting. That gives me an idea to move our plan for Petar along even faster. I am going into a trance for a bit; Wait for me, this will not take long."

We watched and Rob went into a Wizard trance for about ten minutes. We just chatted while waiting for him to return and tell us what he did. Then he awoke laughing uncontrollably and we all just looked at him, wanting an explanation.

He finally wiped the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard and with a huge smile said, "oh it was perfect, I hope I can make it through telling you without bursting into laughter again.

You're right Rene, the Sigils only protect the person, not anything else. With my Wizard sight I looked through their house then across the street in their garage I saw Petar's car in the garage backed into space with the rear of the car close to the wall. I knew it was Petar's because it was some high priced little sports car that I did not know make of, with his initials on the driver's seat "PB".

I then I had a thought PB could stand for something else, so I made black spray paint letters appear under the P, (U N K ED), then under the B, (I T C H). I made "PUNKED BITCH" appear on the back of the car too. It was so close to the wall no one could see that.

The rest was just luck Petar was heading to his car to go to the dentist He was driving himself, being so embarrassed that Mara did that to him he did not want to be around anyone that knew. On the way to his car he passed Uros and Stan, Stan just looked at him and smiled.

I put a spot of the same color paint on Stan's shirt for Petar to see and removed it after Petar saw it when Stan with Uros passed him. So, Stan had no idea that it was ever there. Then Petar saw his car seats and screamed in rage cursing Stan, but he had to hurry to his appointment as his teeth were killing him. So he took off his sports coat and hung it on his seat hiding what was written there and drove off with the rear of his car boldly displaying, "PUNKED BITCH." He wondered what was so funny when he saw the guards laughing as he pulled away."

We all laughed and Rene said, "to sort of changed the subject, we should use Babic to get the street gangs and drugs out of the Ninth Ward before we deal with him. The revitalization of it is a good idea. We could make it something special. You and I have the resources and it could be turned into a tourist destination without doing anything illegal."

Rob said, "it sounds like a good idea, but our plan for the Babics is my only priority right now."

Rene agreed, "yes, the Babics first, but I am always looking to the future."

The next three weeks went by quickly as we nurtured the seeds we planted, sprout and bud. Now we were in preparation to make them bloom and ultimately bear fruit. Petar was a basket case after Rob's prank with his car follows by other Magic created practical jokes. Like Kay's idea of having Rob changing all his boxers into lacey panties. Uros' tolerance was at the breaking point with his eldest son.

I still giggle when I think how Rod told us how Petar burst in Uros' office and accused Stan of vandalizing his car by painting "Punked Bitch" on his seat and the tail of his car. Then when Stan denied doing it, Petar said he knew it was him because he had paint on his shirt. Stan then stood up and showed him he didn't have paint on his shirt.

Petar then called him a damn liar saying he must have changed shirts. Then Uros spoke up and explained that Stan had been with him the whole time and did not change. Then Petar, for the first time ever, screamed at his father, telling him he was in on it with Stan.

Uros warned him to leave without saying another word and be shamed for being beaten so badly by a small woman. After that, Laz, as a joke, started calling him by his initials, PB and the nickname caught on, making Petar storm off and sulk.

The weekly meetings with Rob and Stan went on and the Babics completed the first part of their assignment, getting rid of the drugs and the gangs from the Lower Ninth Ward. All the dealers and all but one gang left the Lower Ninth Ward of their own accord after learning it was Babic turf now the small amount of income they could get from the area was not worth facing the Babics.

We knew the last gang was dealt with when we saw the headline on the Times-Picayune " Mass Gang Violence leaves 17 Dead and Terrorizes Lower Ninth Ward Residents." Our fruit was almost ready to be picked and Rob told Stan that if Uros still wanted to give me a call he could.

It was less than an hour after Rob's return from that meeting my phone rang. I was with Kat as always, we were shopping at Hemline on Magazine St. I showed my phone to Kat and in an even unemotional voice I said, "Hello Mr. Babic."

He started out saying, "I know you have every right to be upset with me after how you were treated in my home and I want to make it up to you. Cousin, please find it in your heart to call me Uros again."

"Uros, you were exactly what I what I expected from what my grandmother told me about Babic men, but Petar is a spoiled, soft, self-involved child that has no idea how to be a real man. I will not be in the same room with him even if he is your son. My grandmother would be so ashamed that he is her great nephew. Petar is the only reason I am happy she has passed."

He answered trying to hide the pain caused by my words, "I know my dear Mara, I'm ashamed to say it but you're ten times the Babic than I think he will ever be. To show you that I still honor the memory of my aunt and you my cousin, please you and your fiancé to dinner with me in two days."

I pointedly asked, "Will Petar be there."

He answered, "no I have just decided that Petar needs to live elsewhere."

Then I softened and said, "I tentatively I will say yes for Rob, but I will definitely come.".

"Thank you, cousin and good bye."

"Good-bye cousin."

Kay said, "I got most of that. So you're going to have dinner with him, but what did he say about Petar?"

I smiled and said, "He is moving him out before the dinner."

I called Rob and told him everything and he said, "I need to start Wizard watching them constantly now."

When Kat and I got home Rene was in our house sitting in the den working on his laptop. I guessed Rene was waiting on Rob, who I assumed was in a trance Wizard-watching the Babics. Kat hugged and kissed Rene who poured us all a glass of La Blanc.

Then Rob emerged from his office smiling from ear to ear. Kat poured him a glass and handed it to him and said, "WELL?"

Rob took the glass and kissed me hello and sat back and continued to smile. I looked at him and said, "don't make us beg. Tell us what is going on."

He leaned back and took a sip of his wine before finally saying, "it was perfect, we couldn't have planned it any better. Uros sent for Stan and Petar and when they arrived Uros said to Petar, "I'm moving you far away." Then Uros stopped talking for a second as Petar got a text but dismissed it. Uros started talking again, but Petar got another text and he took out his phone and dismissed it. Uros, through gritted teeth, said, "you pay more attention to your worthless friends on that ridiculous phone than you do to me. I can't stand the sight of you. Get out. I will tell Stan my plans for you then I will leave and he can tell you."

Petar folded his arms still holding his phone, looking like he was refusing to go although he was stealthily hitting the recording app on his phone. Then acting like he relented he slowly got up out of the chair sliding his phone in between the cushion and the chair with the mic up.

Once he left, Uros said, "why have I put this off so long? Did you see him start pouting like a child? Bruce was so right, having him here makes me look weak. So, Stan, this is my plan, carry it out for me to the letter. I am moving him to South Beach, Florida, to a house that one of my corporations owns. He loves it there so much, let him live there.

He will get $12,000.00 a month for his dear mother's sake but not a cent more. There is one stipulation. For him to keep all that he is never to contact me or any of the family again. He is completely exiled from the family and if he gets in trouble he is on his on.

I want you to tell him as a warning he best not break any laws because he will go to jail. Remind him, if a small young woman can badly beat him, what does he think hardened inmates in prison will do to him."

Then Uros got up and said, "Tell him I want him out of here by 3 pm the day after tomorrow. Mara will not be here until 6 pm that day. I will go and tell him to come in. I will be in my room when you're finished. Come and get me."

Rob said, "Uros walked by him and just flicked his head informing Petar he could go in. Stan did just as he was told and left to tell Uros it was done. Petar retrieved his phone to listen to the recording to see if Stan was telling the truth. So in his room, he played the recording, but I had changed it. Now the recording was Uros, telling Stan to have two men take him to the airport. Keeping him off guard, with the pretense of the house and trust fund and make him disappear."

We spent the rest of the night planning what we would do. With our plans set all we had to do was wait. The next day Rene took Rob to his club and introduced him around. While the boys were occupied. Kat had three other local powerful female White Witches over for tea to meet me.

Since there were only three other local powerful female White Witches they were a tight group. Kat did not tell them any of my backgrounds except I was her niece and I moved in next door because we're very close. They were curious about my level of power as Kat knew they would be. Kat being Kat, she wanted to show me off.

After tea we went to the garden where she had three blocks of crystal about the size of a toaster, sitting on a table. Kat said I know each of you has a signature flower. So I thought Mara could make you each a present to celebrate her joining our little sisterhood."

I knew all of Mark was gone from me, but something like being referred to as part of a sisterhood still sounded strange. Although I liked the feeling of acceptance and I knew what Kat wanted me to do to show me off.

Kat turned to the oldest of their group and said, "Lou your flower is the rose, Mara please."

I thought of a tapered ribbed vase of long stem roses and the block became a perfect detail vase of long stem roses, minus the thorns. each rose was separate and exactly like a real rose, except in was crystal.

Lou looked at me then looked at the roses and said, "They're just breathtaking."

Then Kat looked at the Witch that looked not much older than me and said, "Marybeth, yours is orchids."

I change the next block into a potted orchid in the same detail as the roses and even I thought it was pretty.

Then Kat turns to the last woman younger than Kat but not by much and said, "Iris of course your is Irises."

I changed the last block into a figurine of Irises growing out of the crystal ground with blooms and fanned leaves.

They all were amazed as Kat had planned and welcomed me graciously into their group.

That night the four of us dined together like always and went over our individual parts of the plan. I could tell Rob and the La Blancs were worried about me, but I knew I would be fine. Rob and I had a fun sexual romp that night and slept well and got to work in the morning.

First Rob created a thumb drive with a video on it and gave it to me. Around 1 pm Rob turned himself and Rene into doubles of Petar's babysitters. Rob had discovered using his Wizard sight they were the ones that were taking Petar to the airport for his flight.

Later Rob told me the whole story in detail and how it went down.

"Rene and I, in our changed forms went to the Babic garage which was across the street from the Babic's fortress house. I used Magic and opened the door and waited for the babysitters to come for the car they were taking Petar to the airport in.

When they showed up, since they were not Babics and did not have Sigils, I just made them go away. They both were murderers and truly evil men, so it was justice for them to just not exist anymore. Rene got behind the wheel and I got in the seat beside him. We drove across the street and parked.

We were not challenged when we went upstairs to collect Petar. We found Petar in his room, sitting on his bed in a cold sweat panic. To calm him Rene said, "Petar all of us know how your father, Stan, and Laz have been playing you. We knew then a man like you is much better to run the family, than all the rest of them.

We met in secret and we decided our organization needs a change. This old KGB shit is way out of date, you always had newer and better ideas and you understand loyalty. We all want you to take over the family. So you know we were to hit you and get rid of your body because they were worried that you're smarter than them and would push them out. So when they ordered us to remove you, we told them it would be done, but don't worry we are not doing it.

We are going to sneak you back in after the fake cousin is here getting paid. We didn't know it at the time, but you know Laz's big mouth, he bragged about how he helped set you up.

That bitch is a black belt in something and she took you off guard. It was all part of the plan to make you lose the respect of the men. When we found out the truth, we saw that if they would do this to you our loyalty did not mean shit to them.

With them, in charge, none of us would be safe. If we ever did anything that went against that old Babic Code of Honor they would do the same to us. That thing is impossible to keep 100% of the time so we knew we all would be killed eventually with you gone.

So we got a plan, we will take you and then sneak you back in and as soon as you take out Stan, Laz, and your crazy old man, showing everyone you can take care of business, all of us will back your play to take over. Here is a 9mm with a silencer. Check the clip and shoot that pillow to show you it is real and loaded."

He did as Rene said and it worked and we took him to the car and drove off. We took him to a Waffle House and then got him in the trunk. We parked out front and asked the two guards to come inside we needed to show them something.

Out of sight of anyone I made them go away and changed Rene and me into their doubles. Then we opened the trunk and snuck Petar into Uros' office closet. It was about five minutes later and you arrived."

I nodded and told my part.

"Uros'met me at the door and invited into the living room, But I said, "Rob can't make it, but he sent an important message that couldn't wait for the normal meeting. The message is for you, Stan, and this time for too Laz too. It is for the next part of your business."

We walked up to the waiting room of his office and I handed him a thumb drive and said, "I will wait here until you play it like Rob told me to do." Uros smiled and said, "Bruce truly knows a woman's duties. The men went into the office and in a minute I heard Laz scream "NO!" then three zips then a loud gunshot.

Then I cracked the door and saw Uros with a smoking large gun in his hand and three very dead men on the floor. Laz had one hole in his head, Stan had one in his chest and one in his head and Petar had one hole between his eyes with the back of his head blown off. Uros put down his gun and looked at me and said, "Petar went crazy I had to kill him."

I said, "You didn't kill him, Marko Zuduhac' killed him, he just used you as the weapon." Then I had the wood of his chair transform into a wooden straight jacket restraint that held even his head inescapably motionless. Forcing him to look in front of him I took the thumb drive out off his desk and plugged it in his computer. My old self-appeared and said,

"Hello Uros I am Marko Zuduhac', You already know Mara Zduhac' she is Rene La Blanc's niece. Mrs. La Blanc's sister, who you had killed, was married to Gore Zduhac'. So we all came up with this little party for you and you never saw it coming. Not only did your oldest son kill his brother and his cousin, we tricked you into killing your oldest son yourself.

So concerning your all important blood feud, you lose. Soon you will die in agony being burned to death and I hope the fires of hell are even hotter. The only thing worse than the pain you will die in will be the thoughts that you were my puppet that danced on my string.

I hope your last few minutes will set records for suffering for all the pain you caused to so many.

This is Marko Zudhac' and Mara Zudhac' wishing all that you deserve."

Then the screen went black I took the thumb drive and left and got in the car with you two back to normal and we drove home."

On the second morning after Babic's death, I read that the Babic bunker of a house thick walls had contained a gas explosion two days earlier, turning it into an oven so hot that it melted even the iron fireplace set. It had finally cooled enough to be entered.

The Fire Marshal said, "it will be days before we know how many died in the fire because all that is left of the bodies is fine ash. Although I'm certain it was an accidental gas line explosion that caused it. The house was not built to fire code having only one exit that the flames instantly blocked."

That was 14 months ago and the Lower Ninth Ward remake was well on its way. It would end up a shopping mall/ theme park. Done up in 1920's style with real stores like Nordstrom and Best Buy but also more upscale stores. As part of the lease, the employees of the store had to wear period costumes that the stores must provide. There will always be jazz bands and performers in the streets and artist tables set up doing work in all mediums.

The food court ran from fine dining to fast food. Rene opened a restaurant there.but did not run it, called "Rene's". I think more as a joke Rob had his management company place a Wendy's franchise there. During the grand opening which fell on our first anniversary, we went there, with the La Blancs. While the La Blancs were being shown their restaurant operation. Rob wanted us to check out our Wendy's. He told me to order a value meal for him and he would join me in a minute.

He went quickly to do something while I went in' All Wendy's uniforms look like 1920 style outfits. It was real busy so I waited in line, deciding what I wanted. I finally got to the counter. Then the woman taking orders, waved her hand in front of her nose and walked off. Rob stepped out from the side in a normal full Wendy's uniform like when I first met him. Only his name badge now said "Rob Owner" and he said, "Welcome to Wendy's. What may I get you?"

The End....Maybe?

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