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Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 18

Akin County Juvenile Detention Center: 1530…

Jimmy and Joey Mills sat with their longtime friends, Arion Price and Mike Hornaday. All four boys had to fight the first night they had been in lockup. Joey was the first to speak up. “Guys, we’re getting fucked over by the Henleys and the Gilroys. The other guys in here with us don’t know this yet, but none of them are in here with us.”

“What the fuck are you talking about Joey?” Arion questioned. “The cops just have the Henley’s and Gilroy’s in isolation for their protection.”

“NO, they don’t.” Joey’s denial had the other boys’ attention. “I overheard two of the guards talking. That bitch aunt of the Henleys got them released to their parents before they even finished in-processing.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Mike snapped. Then calmed back down to keep his voice low. “Are you telling me that Stephen, Chad and Bradly are out there walking around Scott-free? What the fuck is going on here guys?”

“Mike, they’re letting us take the fall for that bullshit that went down in the Gilroy barn. We’re the patsies here. Us and the other guys are going to be the ones to take rap for this. The Henleys and the Gilroys set us up from the get-go to be their fall guys.” Jimmy outlined the situation for the others.

“Arion, as much as I want to argue the point, they’re right.” Mike sighed.

“Damn! Look, you guys hold the table until I get back with the others.” Arion stood up and walked over to where the other five cadets were. “Guys, I think you need to join us. We think we have something you need to hear.”

Darin Isles, Cody Hues, Mark Mitchel, Joseph Hopewell and Peter Saint John all stood up and joined Arion as he led them back the others. “Guys, you all really need to listen to what Joey and Jimmy have to say. Just hear them out and then you can decide what you want to do.”

Over the next ten minutes Jimmy explained what he had figured out and Joey had overheard. As they laid out what they knew and heard, the other five members of the Drill and Rifle team became pissed. The only hold out was Cody until he heard about the Henley aunt pulling strings to get them out. He let his feelings in the matter be known in some rather vulgar terms. Terms that would have made Gunny Hightower either blush with pride or turn red in anger.

“Alright guys, so what’s the play?” Cody demanded.

“We roll on the Henleys and Gilroys. That is, if they give us the chance. I won’t lie to you guys. We’re all in deep shit here. We’re all looking at hard fucking time. LONG time at that.” Joey told them.

“What do you mean long hard time, Joey? We’re all minors. The most we would get is juvenile detention until we reach eighteen, twenty-one at the most.” Darin Isles asked. Of all the boys, he had the most working knowledge of the law. His father was one of the biggest lawyers in Charlestown.

“IF, and this is a BIG fucking IF, those two girls had been regular students that may have been what we were looking at. That would have depended on the A.D.A.’s. OUR problem is not the crime, BUT who we grabbed. Those two girls are Diplomatic Dependents of an Emissary of the Spanish Embassy. Don’t you get it guys?” Jimmy could tell by the looks on their faces, they didn’t understand. “Guys, ALL of us are facing Federal Charges and it is a good bet that the State Department is involved as well. If the State Department is involved, then all bets are off.”

Peter Saint John got a thoughtful look on his face. “Joey, Jimmy; your dad is an Ambassador. Just how bad can it get for us?”

“That all depends on who gets involved, and if the Spanish want us to face charges in in Spain. Before you ask yes the Spanish can ask for our Extradition.” Jimmy answered Peter’s unasked question.

“Holy shit! Are you telling me that we could end up in a Spanish prison?” Cody asked in pure shock. The thought of being in a foreign prison never entered their minds. All the boys had heard horror stories about prisons in other nations.

“We very well could. That is why I say; we roll on Stephen, Chad and Bradly. Those three have never been real members of our team. They may be fellow cadets and Drill team members, but it was more like they used us for their dirty work.” Mike spoke up for the first time.

As the other members of the team listened to Mike, Arion, Jimmy and Joey they understood how deep in the shit they really were. As if by telepathy, they all agreed with rolling over and naming names. They had all been on the shitty end of the stick with Stephen, Chad and Bradly at one time or another. Joseph Hopewell looked over at Jimmy and voiced his one concern.

“What about that psycho, Freeman? Do we tell the D.A.s what we know about him? Or do we hold on to that as a hole card?”

“We give them everything, including Freeman.” Mike ordered. “We all know that Gilroy sent him back to the school for some reason. We all know that he is more than a few fries short of a happy meal. If I had to guess, Freeman is the backup for getting rid of those two girls. Knowing Stephen, he offered Freeman more than just lunch money to kill those girls if things went sideways.”

“Okay, what am I missing here guys?” Darin Isles wanted to know what the others did. Of all the members of the Drill and Rifle team he was the newest.

“It’s like this Darin. Our 'buddy' Robert Freeman has dreams of being a hired killer, or professional assassin. He has already signed a five-year contract with the Army as a nineteen Delta as his primary MOS, with Jump School, Sniper School, Air Assault School, Ranger and SF training. He wants to become some kind of Super Soldier that he heard about from his uncle. These guys are supposed to be better than Delta, LARSD and SEALS combined. Real fucking bad-ass killers. The problem is, the unit he wants to join doesn’t really exist. It is nothing but a myth, tall tale, ghost story, whatever you want to call it. The unit isn’t real. He thinks that if he can get that kind of training, it’ll make him more marketable in the gun-for-hire business.” Cody Hues explained for Darin.

“So, he has delusions of grandeur and believes that by taking out those two girls, the Gilroys will pull some strings to get him into this fictious unit?”

“In a nutshell, yes. That is exactly what he is most likely thinking. That or he can start his career as a hired gun early.” Jimmy told Darin.

“Fine. If the guy is that unstable, we turn his ass over to the D.A., along with the rest of the bully boys that have been backing the Henleys and Gilroys.” Darin knew that he had just set the tone for the others. “For now, we cover each other’s asses until we talk with the D.A.s. Thanks to the Henleys and Gilroys, we got just about every gang in here after us. I figure Gunny or the Old Man will show up just after chow tomorrow morning.”

“Why?” Cody asked.

“Today is Sunday, I doubt that they will be able to get ahold of either our parents or a lawyer. Then, there is the fact that the D.A.'s Office hasn’t talked to any of us yet. Until that happens; we sit tight, hold our ground and keep our noses clean. That is the only way we’ll survive as a unit in here.” Darin looked around the table at the gathered cadets. He could tell that they were all in agreement with the plan.

Just after evening chow call, one of the guards called out. “SRMA! Get your shit together and get over here.” As one the cadets filed over. “Your Commandant and your lawyer are here for you. Don’t screw this up, cadets.”

All nine could tell that the guard was giving them a piece of advice. Advice that they would take to heart. As they entered the visitors’ area they were greeted by both Colonel Boatwright, Gunnery Sergeant Hightower and two women in business suits. All nine lined up and came to attention saluting. “Sir!”

Gunny Hightower lit into them first. “JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, CADETS?! Did you even think of the FUBAR you were placing the Colonel in?! What the fuck was going through your GODDAMNED HEADS?!” Gunny knew he had to get their attention first and scare the shit out of the cadets for the Colonel’s plan to work. He was the ‘bad cop’ to the Colonel’s ‘good cop’. “Well? Someone fucking answer me or I will start peeling your asses for the answers.”

“Gunny Hightower.” was a far as Arion Price got before Hightower cut him off.

“SHUT YOUR FUCKING HOLE PRICE! If I want to hear a line of fucking bullshit, I’ll ask your fuck-buddy Gilroy. As for ANY of YOU SHITHEADS using your GODDAMNED brains, that is up for DEBATE!”

“Gunny!” Colonel Boatwright snapped out. “I’ll take over from here.”

“Sir! Yes, sir!” Gunny Hightower turned and walked over to the table. He had done his part to set things up for the Colonel. He could tell that the cadets were close to shitting their pants. Everything was primed for Colonel Boatwright to turn their cadets around.

“Gentlemen, I am BEYOND greatly disappointed in all of you. You have brought dishonor to MY school in a way that cannot be excused.” Charles Boatwright knew he had to start off hard, before offering the boys a way out. “I have talked with the parents or guardians for all you. Just as my wife has talked with the parents and guardians of her students. As of this moment in time; all of you who were arrested at the Gilroy stables are under our care, with complete loco-parentis.”

Only two of the boys knew what this meant. Arion Price and Mike Hornaday both groaned at the same time. “Care to explain to your friends their new situation gentlemen or should I enlighten them?”

“No sir, I’ll do it.” Mike answered for them both. “What loco-parentis means is this guys. The school has total responsibility for us, until we reach eighteen. They make any and all decisions, concerning our lives, until we either graduate or reach eighteen. If we get expelled, we end up back in here. Your parents have basically written you off, if they have given the school loco-parentis. Does that about sum things up, sir?”

“Yes, it does, cadet Hornaday. Gentlemen, this is your ONLY chance at seeing the outside of these walls for a very long time. I suggest you take it.” Colonel Boatwright turned and introduced the two women. “These young ladies are U.S.D.A. Roberta Ironsides, with the U.S. District Attorney's Office and D.S.S. Agent Sara Denton, with the State Department.” When the nine cadets heard there was a D.S.S. agent, they all dropped their heads. “I see that you have, at last, realized just how deep the shit is you gentlemen are in now.”

Joey Mills cleared his throat. “Sir, both my brother and I figured that out last night and explained it to the others earlier.”

“I see. Have you gentlemen decided what you’re going to do yet?” Colonel Boatwright asked.

“Yes Sir, we will cooperate with the D.A.’s office and the State Department sir.” Joey answered for the cadets.

“All yours Agent Denton. Boys, answer her questions and you’ll be walking out of here this evening. Hold something back, and you’ll be behind bars until you’re old and gray. This is no longer a laughing matter. Not only do I want the ones responsible for planning the kidnapping, but the names of ALL the other bullies in my school. That is the only way you’ll be getting a deal. Understand Cadets?”

“SIR! YES SIR!” they all chorused together. Boatwright and Hightower turned to walk out of the visitors’ area when Boatwright stopped.

“By the way gentlemen, we will be receiving a few new cadets’ tomorrow morning. You will be forming the new punishment platoon. From now, your every move will be watched. If your grades drop, you will be doing extra duty. You fail to report bullying, you get extra duty. You’ll be doing all the shitty jobs for the next month of Sundays. You will also be responsible for getting the new cadets up to speed with the standards of MY school.” Boatwright felt that he should let the cadets know where they now stood in the school.

The cadets all looked at each other, then nodded their heads. Once again, Jimmy spoke for them. “We won’t let you down again, Sir. Before you go though, there is one cadet you NEED to find first. Cadet Richard Freeman, Sir.”

“Why do we need to find Cadet Freeman, Cadet Mills?” Gunny Hightower asked.

“Before we left the Riverwalk area Gunny, Cadet Gilroy sent Freeman back to the Academy. We feel that Gilroy has sent Freeman, to kill those two girls over at Mrs. Scarlet’s academy. Gunny, the guy is not right in the head. We know that he signed that contract with all those training options, but he didn’t do it to serve the country. He did it to become some kind of bad-ass killer and turn hired gun when he gets out. He is a real psycho. None of us know how he got past the shrinks, but somehow he did.” Cody answered for Jimmy.

Shawna saw the looks of shock on the faces of the two old men. If there was a budding assassin or worse serial killer in their school, they wanted him stopped, NOW. Leaning over to Roberta. “Counselor, I need to make a phone call. Give the boys the same deal that the girls got. Sound good to you?”

“I’m only going to change one thing. They must earn their way into the unit those two Special Forces Sergeants started. I think these boys deserve a chance at redemption, and that platoon offers the best chance.” Robbie thought it was a good deal, but Shawna shook her head 'no'. “Why not?”

“They have already earned a spot with that last piece of evidence, but we need them to want that type of training. Besides, four of these boys will never be allowed to use it. Look at the names of some of these kids. Two of them would never be allowed in any branch of the Military because of their money alone. Then there are the two that are the sons of a U.S. Ambassador. Sorry, but the new platoon is not an option here, understand?” Shawna didn’t lie, but she didn’t tell the whole truth for keeping the boys out of Bobby and Hunter’s new platoon.

“Oh wow, I never thought that the military would reject someone just because of money.” To Robbie it just didn’t make sense. “Why in the world would they do that? Shouldn’t they be allowed to serve if they want to?”

“I agree, but there are regulations against it. I don’t fully understand, but if you have too much money, they’ll turn you away. Now, like I said; everything else is on the table, but that. I need to make this phone call.” Shawna stood up and walked toward the door. “Colonel, I’m leaving this in Miss. Ironsides hands. Could you join me please? We need to talk with your wife, sir.”

Colonel Boatwright just nodded then addressed Gunny Hightower and the cadets. “Gunny, you’re in charge until we get back. Cadets, you’re to give your FULL cooperation to D.A. Ironsides.”

Once again there was a course of 'Yes Sirs'. Shawna smiled to herself as she led the way down the hallway to where Scarlet Boatwright was waiting for the girls. It had taken her pulling her creds and Robbie stepping on a few toes, but she was able to get the girls released to Scarlet that day. The same would happen for the cadets, after they rolled on the Henleys and Gilroys. It would be hard to pull off, but Shawna was sure that she and Robbie could do it.

Once she and the Colonel had found Scarlet, Shawna asked what was on everyone’s mind. “Where are the Carmen girls right now, Mrs. Scarlet?”

“They should be at dinner with the rest of their dorm, Agent Denton. Please understand, that after yesterday, both myself and their guardian felt it would be for the best that they stay inside the schoolgrounds for the next few days. This is not a punishment, but a precaution. As it stands right now, my entire school is in lock-down. None of the students are being allowed to leave without a parent or guardian. I will not have another attempt at kidnapping one of MY girls. By anyone.” Shawna could tell that Scarlet was pissed.

“I see. Is there any way for someone to enter your schoolgrounds, without an escort?” Shawna knew that the school was wide open in certain areas. She had walked the grounds when she had been there to help Gemini go undercover.

“Yes, but I have taken measures to correct the deficiencies that you pointed out the last time you visited. I hate to say this, but there are still a few places someone could enter the schoolgrounds. I have been working on these, but I have been slow at making headway. I just haven’t had time to fix them all. Why?”

Shawna turned. “Shit! Colonel, we need to find this Cadet Freeman now.”

“Leave that to me Agent Denton. You call the Carmen girls’ guardian.” Colonel Boatwright was already pulling out his cell phone. He knew that one of his most trusted Lieutenants was on Charge of Quarters Duty. He had made the changes to the duty roster before they left the Academy.

“King, this is Colonel Boatwright.” There was a pause. “Yes, I’m here at the detention center, why?” another pause. “Fuck me, sideways. Alright, I’ll deal with that. Right now I need you to find Cadet Robert Freeman and detain him. Yes, that’s right, he is involved in this mess with the Gilroy and Henley kids.” There was a pause then Colonel Boatwright became excited. “What? When? Damn it all to hell! King call the PD and tell them that Cadet Freeman is a danger to public safety. You fucking heard me! They are to arrest that boy on sight. Understood?” another pause. “That’ll be all for now King. Hold down the fort Lieutenant. Out.”

Shawna looked over at the Colonel and knew the look. She quickly dialed Anna’s number. “Mrs. Garcia, we may have a very volatile situation on our hands over at Mrs. Scarlet’s academy. Yes ma’am. It seems that the Henley and Gilroy children had a backup plan for dealing with your wards and it is now in effect. Yes, ma’am I’ll let you contact the needed people to insure their safety. Very well ma’am, I’ll leave the matter in your capable hands. Have a good evening.”

When Shawna hung up, Scarlet looked over at her. “I take it that Mrs. Garcia is near the school?”

“Yes ma’am, she is. In her very blunt words. ‘You deal with those behind bars. Leave the scum that crawls out of the gutter to me.’” Shawna gave Scarlet a sly smile. “How many personal bodyguards and other security officers are there around your school Mrs. Scarlet?”

“Let me think; there is the Mills' teams, that is, oh…” Scarlet had to really think about how many personal bodyguards there were at her school. Thankfully, the Colonel knew exactly how many there were at both schools.

“Scarlet, love of my life, when will you pay more attention to your security briefings?” The Colonel sighed at the look he got from his wife. “Agent Denton there are a total of sixty-four personal bodyguards not on our payroll and another thirty-one that are on our payroll. The ones on our payroll are all former military. Of the sixty-four personal bodyguards, forty are former military. Does that help you Agent?”

“It gives me a point of reference. The question is, do these people make standard rounds of the schools?” Shawna asked.

“Yes, Agent Denton they do. I set up the schedule at first, then changed it up after that reporter last month. The bodyguards now run their own schedules at random intervals with overlapping paths. At no time are the guards ever on the same rotation. I take it by that smile Agent, that you approve?”

“You could say that Colonel, but then your record has always been an exemplary one when it comes to security measures sir. Yes, I checked you out before I came down here. Both yours, and your wife’s records for safety and security of your students is without equal. That is one of the reasons that your schools were picked by so many high-profile personages.” Shawna just smiled at the Colonel.

“Thank you, Agent, but that doesn’t help right now. We have a student that has gone off the reservation. One that has skills I was unaware of and until now, a possible mental condition. A young man that is currently suffering delusions of grandeur, and thanks to our local fuck-nut brigade; his first real contract.” Colonel Boatwright let his disgust show in his feelings of the situation in his voice. He really hated the fact that one of his students had turned out like this. It ate at his heart, that he failed one of his students. Even more so, that he had been sabotaged.

Shawna looked over at the Colonel and could tell that something was running through his mind. “Sir, what are you thinking so hard about?”

“Time, Agent Denton; to be more exact, timing.” Looking down at his watch. “All of this stinks of someone informing Freeman about our kids talking to your A.D.A. Ironsides. Until now, Freeman has held his place at the academy. Then, two hours ago Freeman gets a phone call at my C.Q. from outside the Academies.”

Shawna, could tell that something was eating at the Colonel. “Do you think he is already trying to get at the Carmen girls?”

“Son of bitch! That is exactly what he’s doing. Denton, get your ass back in there with my Gunny and take care of my boys. Scarlet, get your girls and keep them here until I call you.” Colonel Boatwright was already heading for the nearest exit. He knew what he had to do.

“Colonel, where are you going?” Shawna called out to his exiting back.

“To try and stop one of my cadets from fucking his life even more, or to stop him before he can get near those girls. This is my duty Agent, stay out of it.”

Colonel Boatwright was through the security door before Shawna could stop him. She knew that he would not be in time to stop the Freeman kid, but he had to try. That is what it meant to be a combat leader. Shawna had seen more than her fair share of men like him during her time in the Air Force. Pulling out her phone again, Shawna started walking toward the visitors’ area. She dialed the number from memory. Now that she had a time-line, she had to warn Gemini as well.

AEGS, 1745…

Kasey and Kristine were heading back to their dorm room from dinner. They were happy with what they had been able to do in the past week. They had helped take down the corruption in South Carolina. Gotten the former slaves to come out of their shells. Had the chance to put some real bad guys behind bars like their parents. Even made a few friends. In short; they were in a great mood!

Now, all they had to do was help Mrs. Scarlet take down the rest of the bullies in her school. They felt they were on top of the world. In their minds, they were earning their place as Operators or, as their grandfather called them, Deputies. They knew that they had a long way to go yet, but they were on their way. As they crossed the breezeway to their dorm, Kasey spotted something out of the norm.

Keeping her voice at a whisper, Kasey let Kristine know. “Angeles, the guards are not on their normal rounds.”

Kristine kept her face natural. “Do you think they know we stopped their routine?”

“No, but something is up. Eyes up, ears open. Until we hear from the Maid, we stay on alert. Understand?” Being the oldest, Kasey felt she should take charge. Thankfully Kristine didn’t argue with her. This time.

As they moved into their dorm, Kristine spotted something that Kasey needed to know about. “Justina. Far-left window, by the fire escape, is open.”

Kasey stopped her sister and then looked to where the window was. It didn’t take Kasey long to figure out where that window was, and whose room it belonged to. “Oh shoot! Ange, I forgot my history book in my locker. Would you mind if we went back to get it? I have an assignment due tomorrow morning and I really need that book.”

“Sure sis, no problem.” Both girls had already turned and headed back towards the main building. As they walked away, Kasey started looking for the nearest guard. When she didn’t see one, Kasey pulled out her phone. Hitting the speed dial for Anna, Kasey sent a silent prayer that their guardian was nearby. Her call was answered on the first ring.

“Maid, we have unwanted and unknown guests in room three-oh-one. Number, unknown. Weapons, unknown. Do you copy?”

“Understood, Gemini Two. Get Gemini One to the main office and wait for further instructions. Be warned, that we have a possible viper in the grass, girls. Hang in there girls, I am on my way to you.” The phone went dead in Kasey’s hand as Anna hung up on her end.

“We got help coming, sis. Right now, we need to get to the main office and hang tight. Those are orders.” Kasey began to lead her sister away.

As the teens headed for the main office, Anna was already entering the third floor of their dorm. She had spotted the open window five minutes before Kristine and found the missing guard ten minutes before Kasey. She had to admire the young man who had killed the guard, in a way. He had made the kill quickly and silently. In her younger years, she would have thought about taking the boy under her wing, as an apprentice. He already showed considerable skill with a knife.

Sadly, Anna knew that the boy had to be taken into custody or put down. He was just too dangerous. The boy lacked a moral code or compass. He was just too far gone to be saved. She had seen young men and women like this boy before. It always came down to who got to them first. Usually it was one of the Civilian Intelligence Agencies that would be their teachers for the girls. For the boys, it was the call of the one percent of the one percent in the military.

Most of these children turned out better than when they were first recruited. Leaving whatever organization with honor and a moral code. Lyssa and the others on Ram’s Rock Island were prime examples of this. The problem with this boy, is he had hidden his natural born skills. Instead of looking to a mentor, like the Gunnery Sergeant or the Colonel, to help train his skills; he did so in secret or as close as he could in secret. For once in her long-life, Anna wished there was another alternative. She really hoped the boy wouldn’t push her into taking his life.

The shadow of someone, falling across the hallway floor in front of Anna, stopped her cold. Looking at where the open door was, Anna couldn’t tell if it was a female or male. Anna reached into her jacket and pulled her issued pistol. With practiced ease, Anna twisted on the suppresser and worked the action chambering the first round.

Moving to the other side of the hallway, Anna stepped towards the open doorway. When the young girl in riding breeches stepped out, Anna clamped her hand over the girl’s mouth. “SSSSHHHHH.” Anna moved her hand away and the girl didn’t scream.

“Are you alone in your room?” The girl nodded her head yes. “Are you the only one currently on this floor?” the girl shook her head no. “Which rooms?” when the girl didn’t answer Anna sighed. “I am the Carmen girls’ bodyguard, please señorita. Which rooms have girls in them?”

The girl pointed at the next two rooms on her side of the hallway and then three on the other side. The last room that the girl pointed to Anna knew was Gemini’s room. Leaning in close Anna asked. “Are you sure that there is someone in the Carmen girls’ room?”

“Yes, ma’am. I heard them come in a half hour ago, I even saw their door close.” The girl was honest with this every intimidating woman. She could see ice cold death behind the woman’s eyes. The hard set of her jaw line held no warmth. The mouth was one that only Death could kiss.

“I need you to think child. Have the occupants of the other rooms left or are they still here?” Anna didn’t want to have face off with the possibilities of hostages. Anna could tell the young girl was thinking hard then she smiled.

“We are the only ones right now, ma’am. The others have all left, except for your girls. Do you want me to get them out of here as well?”

“No child, just take the stairway and hurry outside as fast as possible. Now go. I’ll get my wards and meet you outside.” Anna lied to the girl to get her out of the way. She knew that there was someone in Gemini’s room. She also had a good idea of who it was. Once the girl nodded her head yes and left, Anna turned and faced the door to Gemini’s room. “Time to dance with the Grim Reaper.”

Slowly turning the handle, Anna opened the door to Kasey and Kristine’s room. With skills honed over decades of hunting humans, Anna entered the room. Pushing the door open with the muzzle of her pistol, Anna checked behind the door by peeking through the hinge side crack. Seeing the area behind the door was clear, Anna pushed it the rest of the way open. Slowly scanning the room Anna searched for the young man. She knew he was in the room, somewhere. Anna got her first hint that the boy was there when her eyes fell on the bathroom door.

Moving inside the room completely, Anna left the room door open. “It is only us now young man. Time for the games to end. Please come out of the bathroom.”

When the bathroom door opened, Anna got her first look at Richard Freeman. Richard stood at just over six feet, with brown hair, green eyes and fair skin, with a body toned from long hours of physical training. In his right hand, he held an eight inch drop point blade bowie knife.

“I see that you have enough professionalism to keep your blade clean, young man. I applaud you, but now I need you to put the knife down and surrender.” Richard laughed at Anna’s request.

“Lady, you have got to be kidding me. If you think that I’m just going to surrender to some old bat like you, you’re out of your fucking mind.” Richard sneered. “The only way someone like you is going to take me in, is to use that illegally suppressed Glock nine.”

“Boy, I have faced down MANY deadlier opponents than you in my time. Just drop the knife, young man and I won’t have to kill you.” Anna had already let her mind slip into that dark place when she killed. At sixty-three years old, Anna was not a young woman any more, but she was still deadly as all hell. She knew that the handful of feet separating her and Richard was to his advantage.

There was a lot of falsehoods in the old saying about a knife in a gun fight. Under twenty-one feet a man or woman with a knife had the advantage. Unless the gun was already pulled and aimed. In a twelve by ten room, the odds were about even and Anna knew this. Anna could already see in Richard’s eyes, that he was past the point of no return. He had his first kill and wanted more.

Anna may be an assassin, with decades of plying her trade, she never had any of the triggers or signs of a serial killer. Richard Freeman was already showing the signs of becoming a true serial killer. “I will give you one more chance to put the knife down, boy. This doesn’t have to go down the way you want it to.”

“Please, ma’am, let’s not lie to each other. We both know that I have the advantage here. I will kill you, then those two little bitches you’re supposed to be protecting. But, if you think you can stop me; feel free to try!” Richard rushed Anna set for a killing blow.

Anna didn’t think twice as she pulled the trigger of her pistol as fast as she could. The first round impacted in Richard’s lower abdomen, the second hit just above the stomach, while the third hit just below the left shoulder joint. The round through Richard’s abdomen tore through his small and large intestines, nicking the left kidney. The second round ripped through his diaphragm and upper g.i. track. While the last round hit was not a killing blow, it would have left Richard without the use of his left arm.

Anna did not escape the encounter unharmed. In his rushing attack, Richard was able to plunge his knife into Anna’s left shoulder pinning her to the wall behind her. Anna screamed in pain as the blade tore through the soft tissue of the joint area and smash through the bones. The pain alone would have crushed a normal person’s will to fight. Let alone a woman of Anna’s age. In her pain, Anna pulled the trigger one last time, putting a nine-millimeter full metal jacketed round through Richard’s chest. If the other rounds had not killed the boy, this one would as it smashed its way through his sternum, heart and exiting through his spine. The final shot drove Richard back, but he left his knife in her shoulder.

Anna’s scream drew the attention of the dorm mothers on the other floors. As one, the women ran to the third floor where they found the door to the Carmen girls' room standing open. With trepidation, they entered the room. What they found drew screams from all but one. Jessica Taylor, had seen far worse in her years as an ER Trauma Nurse in New York City. She could tell just by looking at the boy, he was dead. Turning to the old woman, Jessica felt long slumbering skills and reflexes awaking. Here was a life she might be able to save.

“Callie, hit the Emergency Call Button! Sue, get me my aid bag from my room. Marcy, go find one of the other bodyguards.” As Jessica was giving out orders, she ran to the bathroom for towels. “I need to slow down the bleeding. Get moving you three! We have maybe thirty minutes, before she dies of exsanguination.”

The other three dorm mothers ran out of the room to carry out Jessica’s orders. They all knew that Jessica had been a Trauma Nurse before joining the school's staff. Of them all, only Marcy knew that Jessica had been less than one quarter away from her Ph.D. in Nursing. Marcy also knew why she was sent to find the bodyguard. The old woman in the Carmen girls room was their private bodyguard, and Marcy was the only one that knew this.

“After all those two girls have been put through, they may now lose the only real mother they have most likely ever had. Can this weekend get any more horrid?” Marcy worried.

Main office building…

Kasey and Kristine slammed the door open to the main security office, scaring the on-duty officer. When the man looked up at the two frantic girls he knew something shitty was up. Their words confirmed this. “Get the guards over to dorm building three. NOW! There is someone in our building and one of the guards is missing. Hurry, you have to get someone over there now!”

With both girls screaming at him, the security guard just slapped the ALL-HANDS Call Button. The signal went out across the campus at the speed of radio waves. That one simple act would have every bodyguard, both private and school employed, converging on the dorms in seconds. It would also have police, fire and EMS speeding to the school in moments.

“Relax, ladies, help is on the way. Do you know who might…” the security guard never got to finish as the Emergency Call came out from the third floor of the girls’ dorm building. “OH SHIT! Stay here!” The guard ordered and ran from the office. Kasey and Kristine looked at each other.

Kristine stepped around the desk. Thanks to the guard's hurried exit, the security monitoring system was still up and running with full access. As Kasey joined her sister, she smiled over at Kristine. “Time to get to work sis. You take the station over there and I’ll take this one. We’ve got a perp to find.”

Kristine just smiled and sat down at the station Kasey pointed out. It didn’t take the two Cyberwarfare prodigies to find what they were looking for. Only it was Kasey that found out why the EMS, police, fire and rescue were called. She had the hallway cameras on the third floor of their dorm. “Oh shit! Kristine, someone has been attacked in our room!”

Kristine spun around and looked at Kasey’s screen. Fear gripped her. “You don’t think Miss Anna went in there on her own?”

Kasey didn’t reply, she just bolted for the door with Kristine hot on her heels. As the two girls ran through the halls Kasey pulled out her phone. She hit the panic button on her phone for Command. Kimberly answered in less than a second.

“Command, GO!”

“Captain, we have police, EMS and Fire all inbound to the school at this time. The Maid may have made contact with an Unsub in our room. Can you activate the pin-cams there?” The worry in Kasey’s voice had Kimberly and Krystel reacting before she finished telling them about the first responders.

Krystel had the pin-cams the girls had placed in their room for emergencies up in seconds. What she saw made her override Kimberly before the girls got to close to the dorm building. “STAND DOWN GEMINI! WAVE OFF AND STAND DOWN!”

Both girls stopped their run towards the dorm. “Why?” Kasey asked.

“Gemini, this is an order! Return to the Security Office and stay there! The Alpha team is on its way, along with the Madam. You are to hold there until they arrive. Understood?” when Kasey went to argue Krystle cut her off. “I said; UNDERSTOOD?”

“Yes ma’am. Returning to the Security Office. Gemini out.” Kasey didn’t wait for Krystel to respond she just cut the connection.

“What the hell sis?! What did Command say?” Kristine asked in annoyance.

Kasey sighed and turned her sister to follow. “We’re to return to the Security Office and wait for the Alpha team.”

“You have got to be shitting me?! Miss Anna could be in trouble. I say we go to our room.” Kristine was all set to disobey orders when Kasey grabbed her arm.

“Damn it!” Kasey whispered to Kristine. “We follow orders, Kris. I don’t like it any more than you do, but we are Deputies now. We follow our fucking orders and let the Alpha team do their fucking jobs. Our job is to get the hard evidence to back their play. The best place to do that, is in the Security Office.”

It took Kristine a second to realize what Kasey was getting at. “The Security Office is on its own fucking network. They have enough computing power that we can find out who paid for the hit on us.”

“Now you’re thinking, Kris. Come on, we’ve got maybe thirty to forty minutes before a guard shows back up.” Kasey explained to Kristine.

They had just started back towards the office when one of the dorm mothers stopped them. “Oh thank goodness; I found you girls!”

“Si Senora. We were just heading back to the Security Office.” Kasey told the woman. “We know that something has happened in our dorm room. The on-duty guard told us. We had come here after seeing the window open on the third floor, Mrs. Marcy.” Kasey had recognized the dorm mother from the second-floor east wing.

Marcy smiled at the older Carmen. Before she could reply the sounds of multiple sirens could be heard at the main gate. Marcy knew that was the first responders arriving. She had to get the girls back inside. “Ladies, I knew that you’re worried about what is going on over at the dorms, but now is not the time. Please, go back to the Security Office?”

“Yes ma’am. Come on Ange, Mrs. Garcia will tell us if we need to know anything.” Kasey was doing her best to keep a level head for her sister. The dorm mother had them going where they wanted to. Now they just needed to get there and find the evidence for whoever sent a killer after them. No one stopped the girls as they returned to the Security Office. Once there, Kristine sat down at the desk and went to work. Kasey pulled her phone out once more and contacted her grandmother.

“What do you need Kasey?” Maria didn’t bother with a greeting, she knew that something was happening at the school.

“Nonnina, we’re currently in the Security Office. The Maid went into our dorm chasing an Unsub. From what we can tell off the security feed, there are casualties. Number of casualties is unknow to us, at this time. First responders are on site. That is all we know, at this time.”

“Do you have eyes on the Maid?” Maria asked her granddaughter.

“Kris, give me your phone.” Kristine handed Kasey her phone and went back to work trying to find a connection between whoever was there to kill them and who paid them. As Kasey was bringing up the pin-cams in their dorm room, she got the first true look at the scene. Looking over at her sister. Kristine was lost in the net and wouldn’t notice her stepping out into the hallway.

“Nonnina, I have the pin-cams in our room up.” Kasey had to fight to keep from crying at what she saw. She knew that Maria needed to know what was going on.

“Tell me what you see child. Do not worry about hurting my feelings. Is Anna dead?” Maria asked gently.

----- To be Continued -----

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