When a Wish Comes True

The following story is based on real-life experiences up to the point of my wish and prayer to become a girl. I did make that wish and prayer as I have every day of my life since. I thought this might be a way of considering how my life would have been different had that wish come true. I hope you enjoy the story.


I sat near the front of the bus and kept my head tucked down to make myself less noticeable. It was near the end of March and I, James McCumber, was heading home from the last day of school before spring break started. My stomach churned and I felt nauseous but it wasn't because of the hot spring day making the bus stifling, nor was it because of the bumpy ride, nor the slightly sweaty, body odor induced, musky smell of the air, rather, it was because several members of the despised male species sat at the back of the bus.

Why would I say despised male species, especially when I was one of them? It was clear to me that males did not belong to the same species as females. They were crude, obnoxious, smelly, generally stupid, and always seemed to have something to prove. These creatures are so far removed on the evolutionary scale from females that they should have gone extinct long ago. I hate them. I despise them and I am embarrassed by the fact that I belong to that species. Of course, having years of suffering from them never helped my perspective one iota.

My hatred for everything manly all started in the fifth grade. It was winter and I had recently started at a new school. I, like many students during recess, was enjoying sliding across a large frozen puddle. That is until Johnny came by. Johnny was the seventh, but should have been in tenth grade bully of the school and he pushed and shoved everyone down and off the ice claiming it was his. I was much smaller, but defiant, and not very aware of physics at the time. When Johnny pushed me down I went flying across the ice until I crashed headlong into the snow bank which caused raucous laughter from all of the onlookers. I dusted myself off and remembered my father saying “Stand up once to a bully and you'll never have to fight again.” I launched myself at Johnny tackling him about shoulder height. He was taken completely off guard as no one would ever dare do this to the mighty Johnny. I had him pinned down and wasted no time in telling him off as I listened to the oohs and ahhs of the crowd who simultaneously began shouting, “Fight! Fight!” Before a punch could be thrown I was hoisted into the air by the principal.

As the new kid in town, I got the detention and Johnny was let off the hook, but I felt good knowing that from here on out I wouldn't have to deal with the bullies again. Was I ever wrong! As it turns out, Johnny had a large family of in-bred animals he called brothers. His brothers all had additional in-bred friends and all of them belonged to roaming gangs of in-breds. It hadn't sat well with Johnny or the gang what I'd done. Since that day, and almost every day thereafter for four years I was attacked, brutalized, beaten, taunted, made fun of, and mocked. Every day in school I'd worried for my well-being. Neither parents nor school officials would do anything about it. It's not that they didn't care; rather it was that they always seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, just after my fifteenth birthday and in the ninth grade, I sat with my head down munching on a tablet that had been prescribed by my family doctor to reduce stomach ulcer bleeding. Earlier that day Johnny’s younger brother, Brad, had found me in the hallway and slammed me into my locker and threatened I would get a good beating after school. Now, Brad, like his older brother, had failed several grades and looked like an unfrozen Neanderthal man complete with a flat nose, drooping eyebrows, and hair like a sasquatch. The reality was somewhat different, but this was my perspective. The bus finally arrived at my stop and I jumped up to get off the bus before those at the back could catch up to me. I hurried across the street yet tried, at the same time, to act nonchalant as to not draw any attention to myself. Everyone knows that running is the ultimate bully attention grabber. Alas, for all my efforts, Brad and his gang of in-breds ran after me and surrounded me.

“Trying to get away, faggot! You are so gay and gay people need to learn a lesson!” By this time some of the girls from the bus came along and told the boys to leave me alone, as if I needed the additional humiliation of being defended by girls. I did appreciate their efforts, but it made me feel even weaker. The six guys from Brad’s gang pushed one of their members into the circle. “Go on, hit the fag!” they shouted at him. Not being one to let down the gang, the chosen in-bred strode forward with fists raised and took a few swings that I managed to ungracefully dodge. Being spring, there was still some melting snow and ice on the sides of the roads and in my dodge I slipped and fell on my face much to the glee of those around me. The kid, who was sent to finish me off while I was down, looked smug and raised his fist to hit me as I climbed back up and onto my hands and knees. It was then that I struck a lucky blow. I had swung my right hand back behind me as I was getting up and my hand connected with his nose. My little finger cracked, but so did his nose. He held his hands to his face and I could see blood dripping down. I didn’t wait for anything else; I grabbed my books and tried to push my way through the circle.

“Not so fast, faggot! I said you wouldn't get away without a beating today.” And then everything went black for a second. I must have been out for just a few seconds, but the next thing I knew I was on the ground smelling the musty, partly frozen dirt. Brad was standing over top of me with long heavy stick that he'd obviously just used to hit me in the back of my head with. He then started kicking me in my stomach and ribs. I swear he would've killed me if the better species, the girls, hadn't intervened. One of the girls grabbed his arm and the other yelled at him to stop. Brad thrived on female attention and now that he felt big and macho he was satiated. After one more fake kick, spitting at my face, and calling me a “God dammed fag.” He and his tag-along crew left me.

I managed to get to home only to find a note from my parents saying that my brother Ken had an away game that night and they'd be back tomorrow about noon. I groaned but felt somewhat relieved at the same time as I just didn't feel like relaying my personal woes to my family yet again. My older brother seemed to be outside the visibility of the gangs and he offered no sympathy at all. His paradigm was totally different than mine. I headed upstairs and jumped into the shower to get myself cleaned up. I had blood and mud crusted in my hair, my hand was black and blue, and my ribs felt like several might be broken. I was getting dizzy from time to time but didn't think much of it. After my shower I tried to eat but just felt tired and not very hungry so I decided to get ready for bed.

Over the last four years of torment I'd found freedom from my stress and anxiety in a very strange way. One day, while I was digging through our storage area, I had found a large box of lingerie and nightgowns. I never did figure out why my parents had it. Perhaps they were storing it for a friend, or maybe they were going to donate it. As I rummaged through my hand felt the soft caress of a silk nightgown. There was something thrilling in that touch and I pulled it out of the box. I put the gown up to my face and felt the cool smooth touch of silk. I wondered what it must feel like to wear such a beautiful thing. Knowing my parents were shopping for a few hours, I stripped down and slipped into the nightgown. It felt wonderful! I began rolling myself on my bed letting the feel of the gown caress my body when suddenly I had my first orgasm.

Not knowing what had happened to me I panicked and ran around cleaning everything up and I stuffed the gown back in the box. It was months before I tried something like that again since it had frightened me so much. Shortly thereafter I got my talk about the birds and the bees. Well, it wasn't much of a talk as more of a “Here son, read this book.” The book, Boys and Sex, felt like an embarrassing hideous object and I tried to ignore it. Slowly, however, over the next months I would occasionally sneak a peak at it. When I finally read about orgasms I realized I wasn't some freak of nature. The book said it was perfectly natural. Now I was excited. The next time I had a chance I found that nightgown and did it again. This time I knew what to expect and I wasn't let down.

After finding out that there were additional ways I could relieve myself I would do so at every opportunity, but secretly I longed for the moments I could wear the gown. It seemed my body needed release from the anxiety and torment from the bullies on a very regular basis. As I got older and I was allowed to be home alone more often I would take those opportunities to dress up in anything feminine I could find. Now, don’t get me wrong, as I wasn't gay. I adored women. I loved everything about them. One day I read more in the book and found out that girls could have multiple orgasms. With that epiphany I began wondering what it must be like to be a girl.

Back to present… I had the house to myself for the entire night and into the next day. I wasn't feeling very good but maybe if I could bring myself to orgasm I could at least rest well. I found a pair of sexy lacey panties and a silk nightgown and put them on before crawling into bed. I was so excited as this was the first time I'd ever have a chance to sleep in them. I tried to sleep but struggled as I was in a lot of pain and even an orgasm was denied me. I heard a sound and I carefully crept to my window and looked outside making sure no one would ever see me in the nightgown. I looked across into our neighbor’s window. There was my next-door neighbor’s daughter. She was a year older than me and was very pretty. I had a crush on her for a long time but I was no one to her. I didn't even know her name. She was wearing a beautiful dress and singing lightly to herself. As I looked upon her, I knew at that moment that I wanted to be just like her. Free to wear beautiful things. Free of anxiety and suffering. Carefree and singing. Beautiful. I closed my eyes and wished and prayed.

I wished upon a star. I wished upon everything I could think of. I prayed to God. I prayed and wished. I wished to be a girl. I wished to be a part of that wonderful species that loved, cared, was kind to each other, and gentle. I wished for my life to change. I wished until I collapsed on the floor and the light of the world faded from my view.

“Jennifer! Jennifer! Wake up, Jennifer!” I moaned and slowly opened my eyes. Things were blurry at first and I started hearing the beeps of various devices. As I opened my eyes everything was very white until suddenly my mom came into focus. Oh my god! My mom was here and I was still dressed in a nightgown! My life as I knew it was over. “Jennifer! Jennifer, are you OK?”

That was odd. Why was my mom calling me Jennifer? “I think so, mom. What is going on? Where am I?” My voice sounded so foreign in my ears.

“You're at the hospital, sweetheart. A car hit you while you were walking home from school. The doctor said you were unconscious when they brought you in. You have several broken ribs, a broken right hand, and a concussion.” I tried to sit up and noticed long golden hair in my view. I lifted my left hand to see it looked feminine and delicate. On my wrist, a hospital band that said, Jennifer McCumber. Somehow I knew my wishes and prayers had been answered. I didn't freak out. I smiled as I reached up to hug my mom.

The doctor and my dad then came into the room. “Let me check you out.” The doctor said. He checked my vision, my hearing, and checked my hand and ribs. “You're going to be very sore. You're a very lucky young woman. We put your hand in a cast and that will need to stay put for about six weeks. Let me ask you a few questions to check your memory. Do you know your name?”

“Jennifer McCumber” I replied feeling that had better be the right answer.

“Do you know what happened to you?”

I couldn't tell them the truth so I simply said, “Not really. I recall getting off the bus then waking up here.”

“That is to be expected. Do you remember the name of your best friend that was walking with you?”

Now I had to think. I really did not know. My new life seemed to have similarities to my old life. Instead of being beaten up I was hit by a car and yet I sustained the same injuries. “I don’t remember, is that bad?” I saw my mom blanch.

The Doctor turned to my mom and dad and said, “Jennifer sustained a severe concussion. I suspect she might have a mild form of partial retrograde amnesia where certain memories have been lost. We can run a few more tests in the morning but most of the memories will return as she heals. I think we should watch her overnight but she should be good to go home in the morning.”

Dad leaned in and kissed my forehead. He’d never done that to me before. My brother, who'd been standing behind everyone else seemed very concerned for me and came over and grabbed my hand. “You’ll be all right, Sis.” Then he hugged me making sure he was very gentle.

Next my mom leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I’ll head home with the boys.” as she nodded towards my brother and dad. “I know you'll be fine for the night. Besides, you're going to need some clothes in the morning as what you were wearing is very dirty. I love you!” She gently hugged me and squeezed my hand.

“I love you too, mom. I’ll be fine.” I watched them leave and was suddenly very emotional. A tear slipped down my cheek.

A short while later the doctor came back to check my vitals. “Looks like you'll be fine, Jennifer. I’d like to give you a sedative, just enough to help you get a good sleep.”

“Can I go to the bathroom first?”

The doctor helped me up and made sure I was stable. “I’ll stay right here until you are done. Take your time.”

I closed the bathroom door behind me. I looked in the mirror and I vaguely looked like myself. My face was very cute and I had long golden hair. Actually, it was slightly copper colored with hints of gold. My eyes, which used to be hazel, were now a piercing blue, just like my brother’s were. I stood back and examined my breasts. They were small; barely an A-cup and my nipples were very sensitive. My hips were still narrow. Overall, with the exception of dirty hair and not having a very girly figure I was still quite cute, I’d even call myself beautiful. I took a peak between my legs and saw a very light triangle of golden hair and a slit where my penis used to be. I wanted to explore more but I knew I should do my business and get some rest. I sat down on the toilet and relaxed letting my urine escape. It was an odd and different feeling not being able to control where it all went. Since some had splashed a little I wiped myself, feeling once again an urge to explore as I was very sensitive down there. I took one last glance at myself in the mirror and smiled. It was such a pretty smile. I was looking forward to starting my new life.

The next morning I woke very refreshed. Whatever the doc gave me really had knocked me out. Since I wasn’t connected to anything I managed to get myself up and headed to the bathroom where I took some time to examine myself more thoroughly. I dropped the hospital gown on the floor and stood before the mirror. Clearly, I was slightly delayed in getting my girlish figure as other girls my age seemed to be more developed. This didn't bother me as I was just thrilled to be a girl. I would've been happy to be a short overweight gnome-like thing as long as I was female. As it was I was very pretty. My large blue eyes made a stunning contrast to my coppery golden hair. My hair was down to the middle of my back and had a slight natural curl to it that most girls would die for. My teeth were perfectly straight and my smile was dazzling.

With my left hand, since my right was in a cast, I brushed my fingers across my new breasts. My nipples were so sensitive and they puffed up at the touch. As I felt my breasts, I felt a warm tingling sensation in my vagina. I slid my fingers lightly over my body and explored inside my vaginal lips. I moaned slightly, unable to withhold the sound within.

“Jennifer? Jennifer, are you in there?” It was mom! I felt so embarrassed and my face went bright red as I blushed. “Yes, Mom! I’ll be right out.” I quickly grabbed the gown and put it back on and washed my fingers making sure my mom would never find out what I was doing. I opened the door and my mom stood there with a concerned look that melted away as soon as she saw me. She drew me into a hug. “I was worried about you sweetheart. I didn't sleep all night.” She pulled back but let her hands cup my face very gently and looked me in the eyes. “I love you. How are you feeling?”

I smiled and wondered how nice my mom was treating me. It was so different from before. As a boy she'd never fret over me or call me sweetheart. “I’m fine, Mom.” Then I looked at my hand in the cast and felt my ribs and added, “Well, mostly.” Then I giggled in a very feminine manner surprising myself. “When can I go home?” “Soon, sweetheart. Just a few tests this morning then we can go. Here are some clothes. Why don’t you get changed and I'll find the doctor.”

I took the bag of clothing and headed back to the bathroom. I was excited to see what I'd be wearing. Now I could wear beautiful clothes all the time and the thought made me excited. I opened the bag to find a cute pair of pink panties. They weren't sexy ones, but I gathered at fifteen mom would probably not buy me anything sexy yet, however, I was very happy to see they had some lace and were still very pretty. I slid them up my silky smooth legs and they felt so good. Next came a bra. It wasn't much of a bra but it too was pink and had some lace trim. I found I didn't have much trouble putting it on and I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't keep the smile from my face as I was just so cute. I’d never been happier in my life. Next I lifted a white dress with a pink belt from the bag. I slipped it on feeling the hem swish against my legs. It felt so right and so freeing to wear a dress. Finally there was a pair of light pink flats that I slipped on my feet. Again, I looked in the mirror. As a boy I would have definitely turned my head. I looked like the girl I always dreamed I wanted to fall in love with. Sure, I had more maturing to do, but I looked adorable.

When I came out of the bathroom my mom and the doctor were there. The doctor smiled and told me the dress looked much better on me than the hospital gown. I blushed a little at that comment. I'd never had anyone comment on how good I looked as a boy. They took me to a table and we all sat down together. Mom pulled out a photo album and the doctor and mom went through the book asking me about the pictures. It was a very odd feeling but also very relieving that the photos of me now as a girl were very similar to events and photos of me as a boy. I was able to recant my life and my past very easily and my mom confirmed I was there and did those things, even though I'd been a girl. Still there were some differences. My bike in the pictures was a girl’s bike. Pictures of soccer playoffs where I was a fullback now showed me as a center forward. It was as if I'd lived my life exactly the same yet with slight differences for being a girl.

When they came to pictures of recent friends, I was stymied. I didn't recognize them and I suddenly became scared that I would be found out I was an imposter in a girl’s body. They began asking me questions about school and my classes, which I seemed to answer correctly, but it was friends that I seemed to have no knowledge of. My mom looked pleadingly at the doctor. “Don’t worry, Mrs. McCumber. It appears that Jennifer does have some retrograde amnesia. Somehow it seems to have affected her memory of her friends the most and some recent events. Luckily, everything else about Jennifer is fine. She remembers her past and her schoolwork. While there is a remote possibility those memories might not return, luckily, if they don't, the loss would never be debilitating for her. I’ll write a note for you to explain to school officials what has happened so that they can be prepared in case any friends Jennifer has get confused when she gets back to school after spring break.”

“I’m not worried, mom. I’ll be fine. If my friends are capable of extending me a little grace at my lapses in memory then they're the friends I want to keep. If not, I can always find new friends.”

All my mom could do was say, “Awww.” and hugged me.

I was so glad to get home later that morning. My dad and brother had been waiting for us. My brother surprised me with a big hug and concerned words. He’d never been so protective over me before. My dad told me I needed a kiss from his beautiful daughter. If this was what life was like for a girl, then I'd be happy for the rest of my life. Mom filled them in on what the doctor had told her and while we were enjoying our little reunion the doorbell rang. Mom answered the door and the girl from next door was there. She anxiously peered around my mom as if looking for something. When her eyes found mine, she smiled, let out a little scream of joy and ran around my mom to give me a hug. I was shocked and scared and my ribs suddenly complained so I pushed her slightly away as I winced in pain.

“Jen! I’m so sorry. I was so excited to see you and I forgot you were hurt so bad.” I took a step back away from her and suddenly felt a little lost. I looked at her, then at my mom with a look that I hoped would register that I didn't know this girl. “Jen? Why are you acting so strange? Jen, this isn't funny! I’m your best friend!” I suddenly started to cry. Perhaps it was all the new female hormones, or perhaps it was realizing my new best friend was the girl I had a crush on when I was a boy. It could have been just being overwhelmed with new feelings. Whatever it was, I just started to cry like I had lost something very dear to me.

My mom came and hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder while my dad took the neighbor girl into another room. “It’s ok, sweetheart. You’ve been through a lot. We're here for you.”

After several minutes went by I heard a “No way!” come from the other room. I looked up to see the neighbor girl come rushing out towards me. “You really don’t remember me?” I could see she was starting to tear up.

I shook my head back and forth. “I… I recognize you but I don’t know your name.”

The sudden sadness that fell across her features brought me to more tears but as I looked on I could see a determined look in her eyes. “In that case then, I am Karen, your best friend.” She stood tall and held out her hand. I released my grip on my mom and I could see Karen’s lower lip trembling a little. I grabbed her hand with my left hand and squeezed gently.

“Jennifer, but you can call me Jen if you like.” She smiled and I knew things would be all right.

My mom then intervened and told Karen she could come back by tomorrow, that with my injuries and all I really needed to rest. Karen smiled and told her she understood and waved at me. “See you tomorrow, Jen!” I waved back and smiled. Mom then suggested I head upstairs, take a hot bath, and get ready for bed. She told me she'd help me wash my hair when I finished in the bath.

I went upstairs and turned into my bedroom. Instead of blue walls and pennants of places I'd been, my room was painted a much more elegant color and I had pictures of female soccer stars and horses on the wall. My bed had a white frame and a fluffy purple bedspread on it. I looked in the closet and was so happy to see the majority of my clothes being dresses and skirts. I let my fingers glide over the beautiful clothing and I couldn’t wait to try them all on. I was looking forward to a nice hot bath so I quickly found a bathrobe and a pretty silk nightgown I could change into after and headed to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I locked the door to make sure I had some privacy. I stripped out of my dress and once again stared at myself in the mirror as the tub began to fill. It was as if I couldn't get enough of looking at myself. I stood about the same height as I was before, maybe five foot four. My mom was beautiful and about five eight so perhaps when I get my growth spurt I would be about the same. I poured some bubble bath in the water and slid myself into the tub making sure to keep my right hand out of the water. My skin felt so much more sensitive than as a boy and I luxuriated in the hot water and suds. I washed as quickly as I could and tried to focus on getting myself clean before too much exploring.

Now clean as I could be I let my hand roam my body. My breasts, even though they were small, felt buoyant in the water. I gently squeezed my nipple and watched it grow puffy and erect. The slightest pressure sent waves of pleasure rippling through my body and then center in my vagina. I let my hand slide down between my legs and slipped a finger between my lips. I moaned softly and closed my eyes letting my finger slide back and forth. I found my clitoris and gently circled my fingertip on and around it. I fought back the urge to gasp and moan out loudly. My body was responding by building up more and more sexual tension and I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out. Just as I felt myself near climax I slid my finger deep inside my vagina. My legs clamped around my hand, my stomach muscle contracted, and I had the most glorious orgasm I ever had.

After what felt like several minutes of wave after wave of pleasure I slowly opened my eyes and whispered to myself, “Wow!!” As I pulled my finger from my vagina I brushed up against my clitoris and suddenly felt the sexual tension begin to build again. I was amazed at how I felt like I could keep going and going. I started a second round when my mom called up to see if I was done yet. Smiling to myself I shouted back, “Very done. Just getting out, mom!”

I grabbed a towel and started brushing myself dry but noticed that how I dried myself as a boy simply was too harsh for my new sensitive body and skin. I found dabbing myself with the towel was much better. I pulled on my nightgown and once again started to get excited as the feeling of the silky material slid over my body. I pulled the robe on then unlocked the door and called down to my mom to let her know I was ready to wash my hair.

As a boy, my hair was always wash and go. I quickly realized that would no longer be the case with the mass of hair I now had. I was glad my mom was washing it for me as I could learn how she washed, conditioned, dried, and combed it out. While I'd always loved my mom I could see there had been a bit of a distance between us. Now, as a girl, I felt closer to her than ever before. She seemed to thrive on giving me attention. When my hair was done I looked back at the mirror. The muddy stringy hair was gone and my hair shined brightly. I let my fingers slide through it. It smelled wonderful and it felt like the softest of baby hair. My mom stood behind me and looked at my reflection as well. “You’ve always had the most beautiful hair, smile, and eyes.” She said. After a quick bite to eat it was finally time for me to get my rest. I slipped into the sheets of my girl’s bed, pulled up my girl’s comforter, looked at my girl’s room, and blissfully drifted off to sleep.

The next day I woke feeling full of energy and I lacked the constant stomach pain from my ulcer. I had no more anxiety or worry, and for the first time in a long time I felt free to be happy and myself. I hummed to myself as I dressed. I grabbed the frilliest underwear I could find in my drawer and found a pretty knee-length dress in my closet. Now that I had my chance as a girl I would dress in the most beautiful things I could find as often as I could. The rest of my family seemed to be sleeping in and I had the strangest feeling that I wanted to treat them to breakfast. Of course, this is not something I had ever done before as a boy but I wanted so much to love and be loved that making breakfast for them seemed so natural.

I’m not the best cook in the world, but I did know how to make bacon and eggs and toast. Even with using one hand the house soon smelled of bacon and I began to hear my family stirring in their bedrooms. The first to arrive was my mom and she was smiling from ear to ear at me. “Here you are after being hit by a car and you're making us breakfast! You’ve always been such a wonderful and caring daughter. A mother couldn't be more proud. And, look at you! You look so pretty this morning!” She gave me a huge hug and kiss. Never had I ever felt so loved before.

After breakfast the doorbell rang and I rushed to the door thinking it might be Karen. I was anxious to get to know the girl I had such a crush on. I was a little disappointed when after opening the door, a tall, beautiful, and elegantly dressed woman was there. I was also a little surprised when she looked me over and focused on my right hand in the cast and began to cry and apologize. I stood rather stunned until my mom came by and let the woman in. “I’m so sorry! I hope you're all right!” She was really upset about something. Finally my mom got her to calm down and got her a cup of tea.

“My name is Sally Westing. I'm so sorry. I was the one that hit you with my car.”

My mom was gracious, “I understand the police ruled it an accident, Sally.”

“I turned onto the street and a young man threw a rock at my windshield. I swerved but caught some ice on the side of the road and the next thing I knew your daughter was just lying there. Please, please, forgive me!” She was crying again and reached out to grasp my left hand.

“Ms. Westing? It’s okay. I’m a little sore but I’ll be fine. Please, it sounds like it wasn't your fault. Of course I'll forgive you.” I felt a sudden urge to hug her and when I did that seemed to make her cry even harder.

After some more conversation and Sally starting to finally feel better she got up to leave. “I want to thank you and your family for your hospitality and grace.” She looked at me like she was sizing me up a little. “You know, you're one of the prettiest girls I've seen in a long time, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of pretty girls. Now I can’t guarantee anything, but if you allow me to take some pictures of you at my studio, I might be able to convince my company to use you for some modeling. Would you like that, and would you, Mrs. McCumber, allow that?” She dug into her purse and handed my mom her business card. My mom’s eyes went wide as she read The Westing Modeling Agency, Sally Westing, President. Mom looked at me and I smiled and told her I'd like that very much. Mom agreed and Sally told us to come by anytime this week. With one last apology, Sally left us.

Since I appeared to be on the mend mom let me go next door to see if Karen was home. Once next door I knocked and Karen opened the door and in a split second she had her arms wrapped around me in a big hug and kissed my cheek. I smiled and enjoyed the tender greeting. Karen suddenly went a little stiff and pulled away but hung onto my hand with hers. “I’m so sorry, Jen. I forget you don’t remember. Can you come in?”

Karen led me upstairs to her bedroom. The entire time she didn't let go of my hand. “You really don’t remember me?” She pouted as she sat me down on her bed.

“I’m sorry, Karen. It seems that I don’t remember anything about my friends. The doctor says I might regain my memories, but deep down I feel I need to start building new ones.”

Karen sighed and hugged me again. “Well then, let’s start building new ones.”

We spent the rest of the day together and it was very clear we had been meant to be the very best of friends. We promised to get together every day that week and she asked me if I could sleep over Friday night. I readily agreed and secretly hoped my mom would let me. Luckily my mom told me it would be fine as long as I was well rested.

By Wednesday I was beginning to feel much better. My bruises along my ribs were starting to dissipate but the pain would be with me for a few more weeks yet. My hand felt perfectly fine and I was anxious to get the cast off but the doctor said, “No way.” He did tell me that he could look at it in four weeks though. By now I was feeling comfortable in my new body but I still stared at myself in the mirror every day. Every night I would thank God and the star and everything that might have had a hand in my magical transformation.

On Thursday mom told me we'd go down to see Sally at the modeling agency. I could tell she was almost as excited as I was. She had handpicked my clothes and spent an hour on my hair making sure it was perfect. She even applied a little lipstick and eye shadow. By the time I was all ready, I looked gorgeous. As I looked at myself in the mirror I knew if I'd been a boy I'd be drooling at a girl as pretty as I was now. I sort of wished I was developed more but I was happy nonetheless.

We arrived at the agency and the secretary told us to take a seat. I learned quickly to cross my legs properly when sitting with a dress on and was just sitting down when Sally came out to greet us. “Hello Mrs. McCumber! I’m so glad you could come! Jennifer, you look absolutely radiant! Please come into the studio.”

As she led us into the studio I marveled at the photos of women on the walls. Many I had seen on TV shows and magazine ads. “Do you know all these women?”

“Oh yes! I helped them launch their careers. Many were no older than you when they started.”

“Do you think I could ever be as beautiful as they are?”

Sally paused and placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head up slightly. “You're already more beautiful than most that have ever come through these doors. Now, I can’t guarantee anything. The board of directors must approve every new contract and model, and not all girls do well in front of the camera. Now, why don’t you stand over here and let me take a few photos of you.”

After about thirty minutes of various poses Sally had finished taking photos. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't given the chance to model any fancy clothing. Noticing my frown Sally quickly alleviated my concerns. “This is just a routine photo shoot so that I can send something to my board. It's standard procedure and we have to make sure we get very specific headshots. The process takes a few weeks and if you're accepted then we can discuss with you and your mom the next steps.”

Mom was still smiling as we left the agency. “You know, I did a little modeling myself when I was younger.”

“I believe it, mom. You're very beautiful.” Mom took me to a special lunch that day and everywhere we went I was complimented on my appearance and looks. This was so different than my life before as a boy.

Finally Friday had come and mom agreed I was well enough to go to Karen’s for a sleepover. I was so excited I almost forgot to pack some essentials like toothbrush and toothpaste. Karen and I'd been getting along so well. It was as if we'd known each other a much longer time.

Karen greeted me at the door to her house with her usual hug and kiss on the cheek. She squeezed my hand as she led me inside. “Guess what?”


“My family is all away tonight. We have the place to ourselves. Would you like to try some wine?” I nodded and Karen led me into the kitchen where she poured us each a glass. She was careful to not take too much from her parent's stock so it wouldn't be missed. She then dragged me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. “Let’s play truth or dare.”

“Okay, but I get to ask you first. Truth or dare?”


“Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

“That could be anything, Jen, especially since you have amnesia.” She laughed. “Okay… I’m adopted. My real parents did some bad stuff to me and the child protective services took me away from them when I was ten. My new family first fostered me then finally adopted me a few years later. My turn. Truth or dare?”


“Let me think… Have you ever kissed a boy before?”

“That’s an easy one. No, no, and no; and I’ve never even thought about it either.”

“How come?”

“No fair, that’s another question. My turn. Truth or dare?”


“What happened that CPS took you away from your real parents? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer that.”

“No, this is truth or dare so I have to answer it. My real father and mother were drug addicts. My father would sexually abuse me and have me perform sexual favors on other men for money so he could buy more drugs.”

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, Karen!”

“It’s okay. My turn. Truth or dare?”


“I want you to sing something for me, Jen.”

“You want me to sing? I don’t know how to sing.”

“Yes, Jen, you do. I love hearing you sing.” Somewhat skeptical I reluctantly agreed. Karen found a song on the radio that I knew the words to and I sang along. It was such a freeing feeling when I realized I could carry a tune. “Jen, I’m so envious of you. You're so pretty and you have the voice of an angel.”

“Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Yes, and no, and that is all I can say. My turn. Truth or dare?”


“Tell me your biggest secret.”

I was momentarily stunned and didn't know what to say. I could say I was a boy a week ago, but that wasn't really believable since everyone around me knew me as a girl my whole life. I guess the wine was getting to me as I blurted out, “I have a crush on you.”

“Oh, Jen!” Karen’s smile was huge. She leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. I sat there stunned for a moment not knowing what to do before all my yearning and desires kicked into high gear. I kissed her back. “Mmmm. You are a naughty one, Jen! I love it!” She pulled me up and pulled me into her bedroom and sat me down on her bed. “You don’t remember, but several weeks ago we kissed at another sleepover we had. I was devastated when I had heard you lost your memory. I’ve had a crush on you too. So my previous answer of yes and no was to say, yes, I had kissed a girl, which was you, but no, since you didn't remember it.”

With those words she tenderly stroked my face and kissed me deeply. My lips parted and her tongue met mine. The sensual feeling of her lips on mine and the sweet taste of her tongue made me lose all inhibitions. She pulled back and looked longingly into my eyes. “Can I touch you?” She asked. I simply nodded as she kissed me again, this time her hand sliding down to my breast. Her fingers gently caressed my erect and puffy nipples through my top and I gave a little gasp. I let my hands roam over Karen’s back and I slid one under her top. She pulled back and paused a second before lifting her top over her head and unclasping her bra to show me her beautiful B-cup breasts. She began pulling my top over my head and reached around to unclasp my bra. She then hugged us together, letting our breasts squeeze together as she began lightly kissing and nibbling on my neck.

The feeling of her breasts against mine caused me to shudder with excitement. I was so wet I could feel my damp panties against my thighs. I reached up and grabbed one of her breasts letting my fingers gently squeeze her nipple. Karen moaned and in turn pushed me back on the bed as she kissed her way down my neck to my breasts. “You're so beautiful, Jen.” She mumbled between kisses. She placed her thigh between my thighs and we rubbed ourselves back and forth. Then she pulled my nipple into her mouth and I exploded in ecstasy. Moaning loudly and shaking uncontrollably, my orgasm seemed to last forever. Karen smiled and kissed me hard. “That’s one for you, lover.”

I was still incredibly excited, but with the release I had I was able to gain some control back over my body. I pushed Karen onto her back and pulled her shorts and wet panties off. This was going to be new for me but I had some experience pleasing myself as a girl. I kissed Karen then kissed down her neck to her breasts. I kissed both of her breasts then began to suck on one of her nipples. Karen was moaning as I slipped my finger into her wet vagina. I stroked her lightly with the tip of my finger, finding her clitoris. She was writhing around on the bed and I knew she must be close. Just as it felt like she was about to come, I pushed my finger deep inside her. She squealed in delight, clamping down on my hand and finger as she came. I kissed her again as the final waves passed over her. “And that’s one for you, lover.”

She smiled, pulled my hand up and licked my finger then offered me a taste. At first I was unsure, but as I was still very much in the heat of the moment I put my finger with her juices in my mouth. I was surprised by the sweetness of the taste and it was an incredible turn on. Having both come we were much more deliberate in our actions. Karen removed my skirt and panties and she slowly kissed me all over. Her finger found my vagina and slipped inside. I almost came right then and there but she knew I was close again and pulled back. “Not yet, sweetie.” I moaned wanting more. Karen then began kissing my stomach and thighs getting closer and closer to my vagina. She then slowly licked my vaginal lips.

“Oh my God!” I yelled out. Her tongue probed my vagina and began swirling around my swollen clitoris. I reached down and placed my hand on her head as she plunged her tongue deep inside. With a soft scream I had the most glorious orgasm of my life.

When my orgasm subsided Karen kissed her way back up my body and slid her tongue between my lips. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue. Exhausted, we held each other and drifted off to sleep. When morning came we showered together and I made sure Karen and I were even on the orgasm score.

Before I headed home, we made a pledge to each other to always be there for one another and to be more than best friends forever. I marveled at how much my life had changed in just a week. I didn't regret my wish at all.

Spring break was over and I now found myself nervous heading back to school. Being in the next grade Karen was in another school but we did get to ride the bus together as her school was on the same route as mine. When I got to school I found I had a quick meeting with some teachers. My mom had spoken with them and they wanted to assure me that they'd meet with some of my friends to make sure they knew what had happened.

The morning went well and without incident. I found out I had a few friends that spoke to me between classes and asked me all about the accident. By lunch, the school was abuzz with the girl that was hit by a car and lost her memory. It was rather chaotic in the lunchroom as people came by asking me what it was like to not remember things. Cindy, the most well-known and prettiest girl in the school, came by with her friends to play a practical joke on me. She'd told me I missed cheerleading practice that morning and that if I didn’t get my act together I'd be cut from the team. At first I was befuddled, as I could never picture myself as a cheerleader. It was then that one of my real friends came by and told Cindy off. Cindy just flicked her hand at me and said, “As if you could ever be a cheerleader. Come on girls.” They were all laughing hysterically.

I began to realize that even girls had bullies of a fashion and yet I was still so happy nothing could make me doubt my wish. Later that day, between my second to last and last class, Brad caught me in the hallway. He and his two best buddies grabbed my arm and pulled me into a side room. “Hey babe! Don’t you have a kiss for your boyfriend?” He had a wicked leer on his face and his two cohorts were snickering. I tried to run away but he held me fast. I was so weak compared to him and I felt utterly helpless. “Not so fast, babe. You don’t remember that we were a thing? That’s okay, because after one kiss you will remember what good times we had together.” He leaned in for a hard kiss and I managed to turn my head to the side to feel his lips against my cheek and to smell his fetid breath. He grabbed my face with one hand and squeezed tight turning my head towards his. With his other hand he grabbed my breast. “Come on, babe. Maybe you want to suck me off. You always gave such good blowjobs.”

“Let go of me!” I squeaked out. “I may not remember, but you'd be the last person I ever went out with!”

Brad pushed my head back against the wall. “Shut up, bitch!”

I could feel him reaching down under my skirt when thankfully I heard a teacher yell out, “Hey, what’s going on there!”

Brad, always the smooth talker, “Just having a little fun, teach.”

“Well, stop it and get to your classes.” I managed to break away and ran for my class.

Brad yelled at me “One day, bitch! You are mine!”

I couldn't go to class as I was shaking so badly. I hid in the girl’s bathroom crying the entire time. I'd never felt so dirty in my whole life. I washed and cleaned my face a dozen times and I still felt soiled. When the school day was over I hid outside around the corner until the bus came. I ran and jumped onto the bus and looked for Karen. She smiled and waved me over to my saved seat near her. I literally collapsed into the seat, still shaking and crying. Karen put her arm around me in a hug.

“What happened, Jen?”

“Brad molested me and tried to kiss me. I’ve never felt so humiliated and vulnerable in my whole life!” I was sobbing into her shoulder.

“Let me tell you about Brad, Jen. He was in my grade a few years ago. I think he has failed a few grades just like his moron brother and friends. Anyways, he did something similar to me once and he has done way worse to many other girls. Count yourself lucky you got away and that it was in a public place. He needs to be put into his place and I think we're just the two to do it.”

“What do you mean? What can we do to a thug like him?”

“Revenge, my dear, Jen, will be a sweet reward.

I listened to Karen all the way home as she laid out some plans. Just being able to talk made me feel better. One thing she said really hit home for me that just because I was a girl didn't mean I was helpless. Over the next week we plotted and schemed. She introduced me to her karate class and I slowly became excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

School seemed to smooth out for me. I found I was much more extroverted and that being a caring and compassionate girl made me lots of friends. My grades were better than ever. To my relief, Brad kept his distance, but periodically I could see he had his eye on me. Nobody else bothered me much with the exception of Cindy and her cheerleading crew and the computer geeks who were intimidated by a girl getting the top marks in Computer Science class. Karen told me that Cindy was likely jealous of me since I was so much prettier than she was. I laughed at that knowing that Cindy had all the curves. Karen insisted and assured me my curves were coming soon.

Finally I went to the doctor to get my cast off. He cut it off and examined my hand. He told me I'd healed well and after a few tests sent me on my way. I admit having the cast off made it much easier to masturbate with one hand on my breast and the other, well, you know.

It had now been four weeks and with my cast off and I was now allowed to participate in gym class. On one of the days I had gym I had woken up with stomach aches and cramps and I just didn't feel my usual cheerful self. After gym that day all the girls were showering and Cindy strutted by to show off her stuff. “Hey baby girl. Maybe one day you'll grow up and have some tits. Oh my! You may just be growing up after all.” She pointed between my legs and I looked down to see blood running down my legs. I was so embarrassed, which was, of course, her intention all along. I had to go to see the nurse to get some menstrual pads. Even though I was embarrassed I was still very grateful with my new girls body. Having a period meant I could get pregnant, but it also meant I really was fully a girl and becoming a young woman.

Six weeks had now passed since my wish. I was still going to karate with Karen and we regularly had sleepovers, much to both of our delights. Sally had called saying that the board unanimously approved my application for modeling and that she had a special client that hand picked me from over two hundred models. She was hoping I could come by after school and since Karen now had her driver’s license and the use of an old car she offered to take me the next day. I was excited and a bit anxious at the same time but Karen reassured me I'd nothing to worry about. She always had a way with words to make me have confidence.

The next day we arrived at the agency. I dressed especially nice not knowing whom I was going to meet. Sally was gracious and allowed Karen to come into the meeting with the client. As it turned out, the client, Ms. Marshall, happened to be a very wealthy lady that owned an exclusive high-priced line of custom clothing stores for young women. She said I was perfect for the new ads she wanted to produce and Sally coordinated the agreements and sent me to the change area. Ms. Marshall was waiting for me and had a team of beauticians, hair stylists, and clothing adjusters waiting for me. Within thirty minutes my hair was washed, styled, my nails polished, my face made up, and I had been fitted for three dresses. I’d never been so pampered in my life. Sally began the photo shoot and complimented me on how nice I looked and how natural I posed for the camera. A quick change and new hairstyle and I had a second round of photos. Finally, Ms. Marshall had me wear a gorgeous formal dress. It was light pink, almost white, with a cubic zirconia studded belt, a little flair over the hips to enhance my curves, a lightly plunging neckline with a piece of white lace fitted between the breasts that left just a hint to the imagination. The cut was mid thigh in length and coupled with a new over-the-side hairstyle, zirconia dangling earrings, necklace, and matching four inch heels it was the most beautiful outfit I'd ever seen on anyone, ever!

When I walked out to meet Sally and Karen for the final shoot, the entire room fell silent. Karen was practically drooling and Sally said she had never seen a more beautiful dress or young woman. I cautiously asked how much the outfit was and was shocked to hear it cost over $1,200. Ms. Marshall said she had several pending orders already but this was to be a limited edition that only her most wealthy customers would buy.

When the shoot was over I thanked Ms. Marshall and Sally profusely for the opportunity. We never talked pay as I left that to my mom to deal with. Karen was so anxious to get me in the car to tell me she'd have fantasies about me in that dress for the rest of her life. She was so excited for me.

The next night Karen and I continued our scheming. In a week’s time our school had its final school dance and talent show. We planned to make this the night that we would get even with Brad for all the girls he had hurt in the past. The first thing we needed to do was to make sure I'd look stunning. Unfortunately all Karen’s dresses and mine were not showy enough. Sure, they were cute, but we wanted heart-stopping, mouth open, drooling kind of reactions. Luckily fate was on our sides.

The next day I had a call from Sally to come by the office. Again, Karen offered to drop me off after school and we soon found out what Sally wanted to see me about. When we entered the agency, Sally greeted us and ushered us into her office. She said she had three things to tell me. First, that Ms. Marshall was so thrilled by how the shoot turned out she wanted a long-term contract with me starting on my sixteenth birthday. She said that due to certain laws she couldn't pay me what I was worth until that age but offered to work out deals within the law until I turned sixteen. This was wonderful news. Second, Ms. Marshall was connected to some movie producers and upon seeing my picture they now wanted to talk to me about doing a teen scream movie next summer. Karen was practically jumping in her seat. Sally said if it were okay with my mom and family she would work out the details but encouraged me to start taking drama lessons. Finally, she reached below her desk and pulled up a large box. “Ms. Marshall wanted you to know that she was so very impressed by you she wanted to give you this gift. It is not payment, it is purely a gift. She hopes you like it and she looks forward to building a lasting relationship with you.”

“May I?” I asked if I could see in the box.

“Please do.”

As I opened the box Karen and I both gasped. It was the $1,200 dress outfit. “Oh my God! Thank you! Please tell Ms. Marshall thanks as well!” Karen and I now had my dress-to-kill outfit.

It was the night of the dance and my mom helped me with my hair and makeup. When my dad and brother saw me in the dress they whistled and said I looked stunning. Karen drove me to school as she said she would stay close for the events to happen a little later that evening. We intentionally arrived a little late so that things would already be in full swing when I walked into the gym.

It was one of those movie moments, the kind when a beautiful woman walks into the room and everything stops. That’s what happened when I walked into the gym. Every eye turned and looked at me. The boys stopped what they were doing and simply stared. I noticed Cindy was all over Brad and when he saw me he let go of Cindy and stood there as if transfixed. I could see Cindy yelling at him and he was completely ignoring her. Cindy looked at me with eyes full of hate and spite. It was certainly one of those moments and it was exactly the kind of reaction Karen and I had hoped for.

Soon people surrounded me as girls were asking me about my dress and boys were asking me to dance. One boy, Ron Winslow, who'd been a friend of mine when I was a boy, seemed particularly attentive. The lights came up and the talent portion of the night began. I looked around and saw Karen smiling at me from the bleachers. It was good to know she was there. After numerous hideous talent show acts, Cindy and the cheerleaders came on stage. Cindy took the microphone from the MC and announced “We have one more act for the show tonight everyone! It is a random drawing of everyone here tonight. Whoever is chosen will come up and sing a song for us!” Everyone cheered and I was sure I caught a wicked glint in Cindy’s eye as she looked over at me. The cheerleaders made a nice play of drawing a name from a hat. “And the winner is… Jennifer McCumber!” Oh God! I thought to myself. “Come on up here, Jennifer!” I looked back at Karen and she was giving me the thumbs up sign.

I walked up to the stage amidst many cheers and wolf whistles from the guys. Cindy handed me the microphone and whispered in my ear as she went by “Nobody shows me up in this school. You're going down!” I sighed and walked over to the MC who had three song choices that Cindy had given him for me to choose from. There was only one song I knew from heart but it was kind of a sappy one; Somewhere over the Rainbow. The MC took the song and waited for me to be ready. I stood in front of the entire school having only sung a few times since Karen had dared me to. I was more than nervous so I took a deep breath and used my lessons I learned from modeling and karate to calm myself. I signaled the MC and I started to sing. At first I could hear the nerves in my voice but as no one was laughing at me my confidence grew. I pictured myself as the girl everyone knew and loved and I put my heart into the song. I looked at Karen and poured out the lovely ballad.

At the end of the song and when the music stopped there wasn't a sound in the gym. Every eye was on me. Suddenly applause erupted and people were cheering wildly. They loved it! They more than loved it. Someone started chanting “Jennifer for queen of the dance!” More and more chanted the same and the MC willingly crowned me queen of the night amidst more cheers. I could see Cindy tossing her arms up and running out of the gym. I never wished her ill will, but I still had to smile.

As the gym darkened again and music began to play the dance for the second half of the event began. I walked back to the gym floor and everyone was praising me and telling me how beautiful I was. Boys lined up to try to get me to dance until Brad shoved them aside. He came right up to me. I stiffened a little as he asked me to dance but I knew this was my moment and my courage returned. I touched him on his shoulder and pulled him close to whisper in his ear. “You know, Brad. I've been thinking about what you said to me a while back about me being your girlfriend before my accident. Perhaps I was a little hasty. Can you meet me by the flagpole outside in about fifteen minutes? I’d like to get freshened up a bit.”

He actually stammered a bit. “S-sure. I’ll be there.”

“Come alone as I don’t share well.”

With that I walked off knowing that he was following me with his eyes. I looked up and didn't see Karen anymore and I crossed my fingers that she was also getting ready.

The flagpole had a light shining on it from the top of the building but all around it was dark. As I walked towards the pole I saw Brad emerge from the dark. I came close to him and looked him in his lust-filled eyes. My stomach was fluttering from nerves. I then said to him, “You know, Brad. Come to think of it. I was right before. I really don’t want anything to do with you.”

I saw his face turn red as I turned and deliberately put my back to him and started to walk away. “You bitch!” He grabbed my shoulder hard from behind. I winced a little as his grip was so strong but I'd been practicing this move for weeks in karate. I reached up and grabbed wrist, spun, twisted, and slid my hands up to pull his thumb backwards to his forearm. This painful move quickly immobilized Brad and he yelled out in pain.

I held him there like that, his knees starting to buckle. Around us I heard people coming forward. There was Karen and a dozen girls walking up to surround Brad and me. Behind them another dozen boys helped form the circle. They were the nerds, the honor students, and those Brad and his gang had picked on over the years.

“Look at me, Brad!” I pressed his thumb back a little harder making sure he understood and would obey. “Now look at those around us. All of these girls have had an encounter with you. You've hurt them and molested them just as you did me. These boys, you picked on them, beat them up and made them feel worthless about themselves. We've all made a pact with each other. If you ever touch one of us again we'll all come for you! Do you understand?”

Brad growled so I pressed even harder. Through gritted teeth he mumbled, “Yes.”

“They didn't hear you. Say it louder.”


While still holding Brad in the thumb lock I turned to the crowd, “Everyone, we're not like Brad. We don't wish to do to him what he's done to each of us. He deserves humiliation and being beaten. That we can all agree on. But it'll not be by our hands tonight.” There were murmurs of agreement. I turned back towards Brad. “I’m going to let you go but I want you to remember that if you touch us or harm any of us in any way again, we'll hunt you down and not be so merciful next time”

I let Brad go and he held his hand with his other hand for a moment keeping his head down. “I am going to beat the crap out of you, bitch!” He rose up and lunged at me. I ducked below his swing and using my karate and soccer skills kicked him as hard as I could in the groin. He fell moaning to the ground.

“Everyone, it's clear Brad needs more of a lesson. You know what to do.” I walked away taking Karen’s arm in mine to head home for the night.

The next day the school paper had two headline photos; me receiving the crown and Brad handcuffed to the flagpole, naked with the exception of his tighty whities. The headlines read, ‘The beautiful Jennifer McCumber wins the night with her stunning looks and song’ and ‘School bully finally gets what he deserves.’ It was fortunate one of the school editors was amongst the group last night.

In the final few weeks of school I'd suddenly become very popular. Even the school computer nerds were now proud to sit next to me in class. They thought it was cool that a pretty girl could be smart as well. Cindy had decided to leave me alone and Brad was nowhere to be seen. Some thought he dropped out of school altogether to work at his father’s gas station. Whatever he did, I still wished him well and that one-day he'd turn around his life.

During that summer vacation I truly began to grow and blossom. My breasts grew to a respectable B-cup and I began developing a nice hourglass figure. This greatly facilitated my steadily growing popularity at school. Now in tenth grade I changed a few classes out and took choir and drama. It was fun having Karen in the same school as well, at least for the next two years before she graduated. Oddly enough, the girl’s soccer team seemed to gain much popularity amongst the boys. The cheerleading team even invited me to join them but I refused wanting to play soccer rather than stand on the sidelines.

By my sixteenth birthday I could tell my growth spurt was slowing down and my now very sexy and athletic body required a C-cup bra, my hips had flared out, and I had grown to five foot eight. Sally and Ms. Marshall couldn't have been more pleased at how my figure turned out.

It seemed like every year on the anniversary date of my wish something special happened. On my one year anniversary Ms. Marshall presented me with a convertible car. My modeling career had really taken off and that same day Sally confirmed I'd be in the teen scream movie. I'd worked hard with my drama classes and even done a few TV commercials. Through all of this I stayed true to myself. Karen remained my best and closest friend. I tried to be modest and kind to everyone I met. I fit in with the honor students and the sports groups. I had many friends and my life was simply wonderful.

That summer the teen scream movie was filmed. I felt good about the fact that I was one of the few people in the movie that hadn't been sawed in half by the end. On October 31 the movie launched and so did my movie career. Soon I wasn't only the talk of the school, but also the talk of the town.

Several years later after Karen had moved on to college I was all set to graduate. Ron Winslow and I had actually started dating. As it turns out, Ron was a kind and wonderful young man. My relationship with Karen over the previous years had really begun to heal me. I no longer saw men as a different species. I realized now that there were stupid people that were women and stupid people that were men. After graduation Karen called me one day to let me know she was getting married. She'd met a wonderful and caring man who treated her like she was the only thing in the world. I was thrilled for her. It turned out she'd also been healed through our time together. It was our love for each other that eventually opened us up to the possibilities of relationships with the opposite sex. Of course, we still had one heck of a bachelorette party and on the fifth anniversary of my wish I was maid of honor at her wedding.

I had continued in my acting, modeling, and soccer and was extremely successful. Two years after Karen’s wedding I was proposed to by Ron Winslow. A year later, again on my wish anniversary we were married. Two years after that I gave birth to adorable twin girls.

It's now the tenth anniversary of my wish. My girls are one year old and I’ve been married for three years. I spent some time this morning thinking back at my life. There had never been a single moment that I regretted my wish and prayer. My life since my wish had been filled with love and joy and I'd achieved wonderful success. As I looked back at my life before as a boy I wondered how I might have turned out if my wish hadn't come true. I wondered if I had a different perspective on life back then would my life have been better. When I became a girl I simply saw things from a new perspective. I'd been given a new chance at my life and I became all that I wanted to be. What would have happened had I had that perspective? I guess I’ll never know and frankly, I don’t care.

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