Maggie's Secret's Secret

Maggie's Secret's Secret

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Part One – The Opportunity

I recently received a very strange email:

To: Want2BaGirl

Subject: Opportunity for you

Dear, Want2BaGirl;

Our researchers and marketing analysts recently discovered your story submissions on FictionMania. In particular, we found your 'autobiographical' stories of, Why I want to be a Female, and When a Wish Comes True, to be very insightful into your personal character and desires. It's for this reason we are reaching out to you, as we believe you might prove to be an exceptional fit for our new research program.

If you could provide a phone number, we'd like to establish a time to call you about this opportunity.


Anne Banks,
VP of Product Design and Scientific Research,
MS Corporation

Normally I'd simply discard an email like this as SPAM or some type of phishing scheme, but what really intrigued me was the level of detail. This was no automatically generated email as it had specifics about things I'd written. I was a little taken aback, as I've tried to anonymize myself as best I could. TG fiction writers are generally not well received anywhere, with the exception of specialized websites like FictionMania. To protect myself, I created a Google Voice number and sent my reply.

Less than an hour later I received a meeting request from Anne Banks. She would call me at 10:00 am that day. I looked at the clock and it was 9:37 am. I admit I was very skeptical. Was this some sort of Craigslist-like hoakster just trying to get my information or sell me oceanfront property in Colorado?

At 10:00 am sharp my Google Voice phone rang. "Hello, this is Anne Banks. I was hoping to connect to the author of some stories I referenced in my email."

"That would be me."

"I'm aware how my email and call may appear to you, and I'll only ask you for more details about yourself should you agree to participate in my research program."

"I appreciate that very much."

"So, let's begin then. As I mentioned, my name is Anne Banks, and I'm the Vice President of product design and scientific research for a very popular and lucrative clothing company. I'll not disclose the name of the company until we can come to an agreement and non-disclosures are signed. I hope you understand."

"I understand. Please continue."

"I'm sure you're wondering why my analysts identified you as a potential candidate, and, that we've been reading your stories on FictionMania. Let me begin by giving you a little background. Our clientele purchase our expensive clothing to align with our corporate image and marketing. In essence, our marketing makes our clients believe that by wearing our clothing they'll look more attractive, be sexier, and garner physical attention. We sell this image by using models that far exceed the normal looks of the average client. The problem we've run into is that some of our most popular models are generally prima donnas and can be hard to work with. They're VERY expensive to maintain from a salary and benefits perspective, and these costs can account for over fifty percent of our entire annual budget. In this world of online buying and competitors that can be operating on a shoestring from their home basements, our company's profits have been sagging. Over the last several years, it's been my job to find a solution. I believe we're on the cusp of transforming our business. Now, what I'm going to tell you will sound a little like science fiction, but trust me, it's as real as the sixty million dollars we've invested to make it a reality. Let me summarize this again. Our profit margins are shrinking. Some of our models are often self-centered, conceited, hard to work with, and cost us a ton of money. To rectify this, we need models, of at least the same caliber, that'll accept far less salary, and be grateful, and thus, easy to work with. Which brings us to you and your stories."

She paused for a moment as if she was gathering courage. "I requested my analysts find people that have the right mindset to take part in our research. We've identified that certain members of the TG community might be the most amenable and responsive to our proposition. I've carefully read and re-read all of your submissions on FictionMania to date. What drew me to you, above all other authors submitted to me by my team of analysts, was your autobiographical stories. In those, you provided deep insight into why you'd choose to be female if you could. May I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"If you had the opportunity to have your wish to become a woman come true, but, in order to, you had to agree to a ten-year work contract with a modest salary and benefits, would you be interested?"

I thought about this for a moment. I was still safe in that this 'Anne' person really didn't know who I was. Aside from my stories, I'd never verbally spoken to anyone of my desire to be female. If I said yes, I'd be telling the first real person my deepest, darkest secret ever. "Anne, if I actually had that kind of opportunity, I'd do it without hesitation."

"Then, based upon the information I've provided you, and your response, I'd like to proceed with a non-disclosure. I can send that for you to review via email. If you agree, then you can sign it and email it back to me. The non-disclosure will allow us to tell you who we are, give us a chance to get to know you better, show you what we've got in mind, and discuss contract options. If all goes well, you'd be the first such agreement for our company."

"I'll review and get the non-disclosure back to you right away. I admit, I'm intrigued." With that, we said our goodbyes and I began watching my email.

It was lunchtime when the email came in and I eagerly pounced on it. I read through and there was nothing out of the ordinary. It covered the basics, saying that I'd not disclose any company secrets, and in turn, they wouldn't share any of my private information. Their side was already signed, so all I needed to do was put my name, address, and signature. It still didn't disclose the company name but that would be added later as an addendum. I shrugged, feeling that if it was all an elaborate hoax, at least I wasn't giving them money or my bank account information. I signed it and emailed it back.

Later that afternoon I received another call on my Google Voice number. "Hello, Jim. This is Anne again. I see we've got a signed agreement between us, so I was hoping we could continue our conversation. Do you mind me calling you Jim?"

"Jim's my name, so it's fine. Please continue."

"Since we've got the non-disclosure in place, I think it's safe for me to tell you now who we are. I work with Maggie's Secret. I'm sure you're well aware of our marketing and stores. Let me give you some details on the contract. If you're still amenable after that, we'll talk about next steps. As mentioned before, we'd like to contract with you for ten years. You'd receive room and board, have a clothing allowance, health benefits, and modest salary of forty thousand euros per year with a slight increase year over year for cost of living adjustments. The contract will state that you'll not disclose corporate secrets for the rest of your life, nor sue Maggie's Secret if any undue harm should come to you as part of the research. If we, as part of your routine daily work, were to do something that harmed you, not associated with the research, then you'd have the freedom to take action against us. I'm sorry I've got to go through so much of the legal stuff, Jim. It's just procedure, and this is a very important project for our company. How does this all sound to you?"

I was currently between jobs, so having a contract for forty thousand euros per year and all the additional benefits sounded good to me. I was still unclear about the 'research.' "Anne, the terms you speak about seem generous and would be acceptable to me. However, I'm still not entirely sure what the 'research' is all about."

"I'll admit, Jim, that there could be some risk to you. We believe the risk is small. Our research involves a genetically programmed virus that's designed to rewrite your genetic code, replace your cells, and change your gender."

"You're telling me that you can make me a woman?"

"Not just any woman. A Maggie's Secret model."

"Jim, are you still there? Did we get disconnected?"

"I'm still here. It's just that I'm having a hard time believing what you're telling me."

"I'm so glad you're still there. If you're still interested I can send you a plane ticket to visit our research facility. I believe seeing things in person will help you make a final decision. Do you have a passport?"

"Um, sure. Why would I need a passport?"

"Because our research facility is located in Romania. Let me get some more details from you and see if we can get you here in the next day or two."

Part Two – The Research Facility

It was precisely three flights, one helicopter ride, and a total of two days and seven hours later that I met Anne face-to-face in a remote, mountain location of Romania. I was a bit jet-lagged but eager to see and hear all that Anne had spoken about. In a way I'd been worried when I told them I was forty-two years old and slightly overweight. I'd never been a handsome guy, but I was also not the creature from the black lagoon either. "You're sure I'm still the right fit for your research?"

"No doubt about it, Jim. Let me show you around."

Anne was a very beautiful mid-thirties aged woman with brunette hair and pretty brown eyes. She was slender and had a nice hourglass figure and generous breasts. Overall, she looked young and very pretty. She walked me around the facility, which was quite large and built into the mountainside. The whole facility was pretty much off the grid and even had a small hydroelectric plant to power the facility. Anne walked me from room to room explaining the various purposes of each. As I looked around, every woman I saw was incredibly beautiful. Maggie's Secret made sure even the regular workers extolled the image they represented. She then took me into a conference room and stepped me through a presentation. "Jim, I've read more about your background. Thanks for providing that, by the way. I'm impressed that you happen to have a degree in marketing and economics, and your work history is commendable. You know, many of our models get by purely on their looks, but many, even highly educated ones get cast in a bad stereotype of the typical 'beautiful-but-dumb' category. It would be refreshing and actually, from a marketing perspective, having models express more of their intelligence could help change that stereotype. By doing this we could generate additional sales and cater to new emerging markets that see women as more than just sex toys. Tell me, how did you find yourself without a job?"

"It was all part of an executive restructuring. One moment, I was the director of social media and marketing, the next I was looking for work. It's been a rather shameful experience and does nothing for my ego when no one is hiring right now."

"Understandable. Hopefully, your loss will be to our mutual gain. With your education, what I'll show you should make some sense." Anne changed the slides on the presentation as she continued on. "Our first experiment involved mice. The key was to create a non-transferable virus that would go inert after it completed its work. When we finally found the right virus, we then created a genetic altering payload. This would rewrite the genes and cells of the mouse while changing its gender. We failed quite a few times until we realized if the organs and parts weren't all there to support the new female gender the creature would die. Don't worry, Jim. We've got that figured out. Here's a picture of a male mouse, and, two hours later, the same mouse, but now female. It was a tremendous victory for us. The transformed mouse functioned perfectly, even retaining its brain function and existing memories. You might ask how we knew its memories remained. We'd trained the mouse to go through a maze. After the transformation, the mouse was able to find its way through the maze in the same time it had before."

"Moving on from those tests, we then began work on chimpanzees. We did the gender change test and all went well. We then modified our payload to try modifying the DNA. Our tests were conclusive that we could change a male chimpanzee into a replica of a female chimpanzee. Our final tests were to selectively choose DNA traits from multiple females. So far, all these tests have been successful. What questions do you've?"

"Have you ever done this on a human?"

"No, Jim. We do, however, feel we're fully ready. If you were to accept the position, you'd be our first."

"I'm over six feet tall and likely weigh twice as much as your models. What happens to the excess?"

"That's a very good question, Jim. The excess tissue and cells are consumed as energy for the virus. In other words, it's beneficial and produces better results when there is excess cell structure to work with. The reverse process wouldn't work. I couldn't change a 115 pound woman into a 250 pound man. What other questions do you've?"

"Is it painful?"

"Not at all. We'd have you fully sedated. You'd be asleep before the virus is injected into you and you'd wake the next day, fully transformed."

"How would I look?"

Anne smiled. "If all goes well, more beautiful than any Mag's, sorry, we all tend to say that here, Maggie's Secret model ever. I can't say much more as the exact details of the DNA makeup have been tied up with our marketing division for months. They've been surveying a global population set to identify the most important characteristics. I think they've been keeping it a secret intentionally."

"Where did you get your DNA from?"

"Over the past twenty years, we've collected DNA from our models. A hair here, a toothbrush there."

"Two more questions."

"I'm at your disposal."

"Let's assume this works. Would I have to relearn how to walk, talk, or even model?"

"Yes and no. You've had no experience modeling and thus this is something new you'd need to learn. Walking, talking, and all regular bodily functions would happen almost immediately, although it may take a few days for your new body to acclimate. Walking in high heeled shoes, would take some practice."

"Where do I sign?"

Part Three – The Transformation & First Day

Things happened pretty quickly from that point on. I signed my life away, in a literal sense, and they started me on a regimen that lowered my immune system as they couldn't have my own body fighting the virus. To do so, they put me in a sterile environment for several days to protect my body from picking up any other ailments. We also worked through the details of closing out my lease of my apartment back in the United States, transferring any belongings I'd need, and selling off any assets I owned that were no longer needed. It was a lot of paperwork, but at the end of the week it was all complete.

When the day came for the transformation to occur, they had me strip down so they could attach a variety of sensors. I was then given a sedative and lowered into a water chamber that was the same temperature as my body. I began drifting off to sleep as I saw them injecting the virus into my body.

I assumed it was the next day when I woke up in a pleasant hospital-like room. I tried to get up, but found I was strapped down. My movements must have set off an alarm, as a nurse and Anne came to the room right away. The nurse checked my vitals as Anne filled me in. "Good morning, Jim. How are you feeling."

"I feel great. My voice sure sounds different. Does it sound to you like I have a Slavic accent?"

"Hmmm... Could be, Jim. Might be more secret sauce from our marketing group. You should know, that everything went smooth and the results were well beyond our expectations."

"When can I see what I look like?"

"In about an hour. We need to wait a little longer for the virus to fully become inert. There may be lingering changes still happening. In the meantime, you'll need to remain restrained. Would you like a sedative?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Okay, Amy and I'll be back in an hour. Try to rest. I know you're excited to see the results."

I lay there trying to feel every part of my body. It was a challenge being strapped down. I was covered in a sheet so I couldn't see much. There were definitely breasts on my chest, but how large I didn't know. I could glance at my hands. They looked so delicate with perfect medium colored skin, as if I was slightly tanned. Possibly even a middle-eastern color. The odd hair drifted in front of my eyes. I'd guess that it was a chestnut color. I tried to shift a little to see if I could deduce anything else about my new body, but it was no use. I stuck out my tongue to try to feel my lips. They felt so smooth. Not huge, but also not thin. Very kissable lips I figured. I ran my tongue over my teeth and I felt none of the crookedness I had before.

The hour finally passed after what seemed like two days of laying there. Anne and Amy, the nurse, came in and Amy once again checked various readings on the machines. "She's good to go, Anne. I'll help you with the straps." They unstrapped my wrists and ankles.

"Jim, I need you to take this slow and easy. You may initially find yourself off balance." They helped me sit up and I could feel a noticeable weight on my chest. As it turned out, I was in some sort of hospital gown so I still couldn't see myself much. They got my legs over the edge of the bed. I could see my legs from my knees on down. They looked incredibly sexy and smooth. "Okay, Jim. Let's see if you can stand." They supported my arms until my feet touched the floor.

"Oww. My feet hurt."

"I'm guessing that'll pass in a few days, Jim. In a way, you've got brand new feet. Your skin has never touched the floor before, and it'll take some time to build up callous to strengthen the skin. In a way, you're like a big baby, fresh from the womb."

Ignoring the pain, I took my first steps. I was a little uncoordinated at first, but I quickly got the hang of things. "Jim, we need to get you washed up. I don't want you to see yourself until we can get any excess cells off of you. Your hair is all matted and greasy looking." I nodded. "Amy and I'll help you in the shower." They walked me down to another room where there was a bathroom with a shower. The mirrors were frustratingly covered so that I couldn't see myself. I estimated that I must have been about five foot ten since Anne was around five-six and I was still taller than her. My body felt lean, graceful, and light. Amy started the shower and made sure the water pressure was low and the temperature was just right. Amy and Anne removed their clothing. This shocked me that they'd do that in front of a man they didn't know. I guess I needed to start thinking of myself as a woman now. I admit I was still aroused by the sight of them both, as they were very beautiful women. Amy was much younger than Anne, probably in her early twenties. She was taller than Anne, maybe an inch shorter than me, and had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes that I found myself getting lost in. She was lean and fit yet had all the right curves in the right places. As I looked upon them both I realized that my feelings of arousal weren't quite the same. I'd normally have had an erection by now, but this body just sort of felt warm all over. "In you go, Jim." They untied my gown and I watched it fall to the floor. I now had my first view of my breasts from a top down perspective. They were large, but not huge. Possibly somewhere between a C and a D cup. It was difficult to gauge.

Amy and Anne guided me into the shower. The water, even though it was low pressure, stung my skin. Amy got some special soap and gently began washing me down while Anne started on my hair. I tried hard to control my thoughts and be professional about it, but my professionalism eluded me as I became more and more aroused. Amy's light touch over my breasts, legs, and between my legs sent wave after wave of pleasurable feelings coursing through my new body. Anne had been shampooing my hair, which was long enough to reach the small of my back. Amy was periodically brushing herself against me. I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not. Amy began soaping me between my legs and butt. Her slow deliberate motions caused a sensory overload on me. I suddenly gasped and began shaking in a most powerful orgasm. I stammered I was sorry. Anne and Amy said it was okay and was to be expected, although I got the impression that at least Amy was getting excited as well.

When my body was thoroughly clean, they led me back out of the shower. They toweled me off and then dried themselves. Amy got a blow dryer and worked with a brush to finish up my hair while Anne got dressed. Anne took over so Amy could get dressed. After about fifteen minutes they declared my hair clean and dry and they led me over to a full length mirror. "Are you ready, Jim?"

"Yes!" They pulled the towel from the mirror and I stood totally transfixed. Whatever DNA they had used was perfect. I'd large eyes with bright blue irises giving me an almost angelic look. A perfect nose and mouth with full and sensual lips. High cheekbones and flawless skin. My face and skin was beyond perfection. My hair was indeed chestnut colored. Dark, but with hints of red. It was lush, shiny, and full. I'd almost suggest I looked like a slightly darker skinned, exotic woman, yet still fair in coloring. I was hard to describe, which made my look even more unique and breathtaking. My breasts were large and not a hint of sag in them. I was tall, my guess was right, somewhere near five-ten. A very thin waist, a pronounced hourglass figure with nice hips. I even had a hint of abs suggesting I had a low fat percentage. My legs were long and gorgeous. My thighs did not touch and guided my eyes to a beautiful new, hairless womanhood. I was tall, lean, and flawless in every way.

If the Maggie's Secret models were tens, then I was a fifteen. I was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. "Unbelievable." Was all I could say.

Anne and Amy nodded. "The Marketing team definitely outdid themselves. You're the culmination of years of research and millions of dollars of science and it shows. You're breathtaking. Every woman will want to be you and every man will want you."

Amy chimed in, "I think every woman will want you too." I blushed and Anne looked at Amy with an 'I know what you're thinking' look.

"Let's get you in some clothing, some makeup, and we'll do up your hair better so we can get a few pictures and send them off to Marketing.

Over the next several hours, I was sized, fitted, had my hair done, manicure, pedicure, and handed over to a makeup artist. They took me into a studio to get some photos. The photographer nearly dropped his camera when he saw me. This was surprising since he photographed gorgeous women all day long. They had me positioned in some basic poses and snapped some photos. Additional photos were taken for a new identity and passport before they had me do a few more modeling ones.

This was my first 'modeling' experience and I didn't want to read too much into it, but there appeared to be a harshness to the way I was treated by the production crew of the shoot. At one point one of them got irritated with me about a pose they were asking me to do. I'd no idea what the pose was and the man said, "Great! Another girl with all the looks and no brains!" My body was tired from the transformation, I was hungry, and I was running a little low on patience having been shuffled around from spot to spot without even having a chance to absorb my own situation. I snapped back at him. "I'm not a mind reader. I've never stepped foot in a studio like this and I've no idea what the specific pose is you're requesting. If you'd be a little more considerate and explain what you want, I'd be happy to oblige."

"Listen, girlie. I don't get paid to train you to do your job, I get paid by the photo. If you want to advance in this industry, I'd be happy to provide you some one-on-one training after hours, if you understand what I'm trying to suggest."

Anne pulled me aside as she saw me starting to get upset. She whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry, Jim. It's not just some of our top models that can be prima donnas. We also have quite a few production staff and management that can be like this. I should've given you a few to help you acclimate to your new body and provide a little training before sending you to the wolves."

"It's all right, Anne. I understand you've got timelines and schedules to keep, and I could've studied modeling more before I got here. It's not your fault. I just want you to know, that I'm still me inside this body, and I won't put up with mistreatment of myself or anyone else. I'll always be professional though."

"And I wouldn't want you to be any different. I really hope you keep a semblance of yourself through all of this. The other girls could very well turn to you as a role model for them. It's a tough industry and more often than not, our less-than-supermodels take more abuse than anyone deserves. They may be beautiful on the outside, but inside they come away from this career with feelings of unworthiness and lacking self-esteem. It's something I have a heart to change but I'm not in the right position to do so." She turned to the production crew. "We've got enough for now. Thank you all."

Anne took my arm in hers and walked me back towards her office. I was trying hard to come to grips with everything. I was living out my fantasy, yet I'd so little time to adjust. Some people might think everything would be wonderful the second the transformation was complete, but my reality was somewhat different. Don't get me wrong, as I was ecstatic that I was now a woman. For me, everything was new. Every touch and feeling I needed to relearn. Growing up as a man, I just lived with having bits dangling between my legs. It became second nature to me and oftentimes I'd forget about my body all together as I did my work. Now, everything was fresh. Every smell seemed new, and every movement my body made caused my entire mind to focus on the feeling of that movement. The sway of my hips, the jiggle of my breasts, the touch of my hair against my neck, would make me pause at each sensation. I realized this would slowly become normal to me, but at the moment I was in sensory overload.

I thought about the mouse Anna had told me about earlier; the one that had been trained to go through the maze. In a way, I was like that mouse. I'd been trained my entire life to do certain things and behave a certain way. Yet now I needed to unlearn much of what had been ingrained in me. For example, going to the bathroom; I automatically reached for the men's room door. The first time, I didn't even think about it until I saw some guy standing at the urinal. I was overthinking subtle things, like Anne's arm in mine. I was aware of our close proximity and her touch, but was she just being nice? Is this the way women normally acted with each other? Was I embarrassed to be walking down the hallway arm-in-arm with another woman like I would have been as a man walking arm-in-arm with another man? My mind was exhausted by all of these thoughts and feelings.

Back at Anne's office she closed the door behind us and looked me in the eyes. "In all our tests, I never thought about what it must have been like for our test subjects. How're you doing, Jim?"

I explained to her how I was feeling overwhelmed at the moment. "Anne, I'm so grateful for what you've done for me. I'm going to need to learn everything about being a woman and unlearn what it was to be a man. I'm feeling things deeper and seeing things through new filters. I know that when a baby is forming in the womb, the testosterone in a male fetus severs connections between the hemispheres of the brain. If you think about it, men can easily display extreme emotions about something, then the logical side of the brain kicks in and tells the emotional side enough is enough. They can let go of the strong emotion and move on to do what they need to do. This transformation must have reconnected my hemispheres. My emotions feel like they're tied to my memories and decision making ability. It's as if I'm suddenly being driven by emotion rather than logic."

"I never thought about the consequences of what such a transition would do to someone. I need to make sure you've got time to adjust and absorb all these things. How're you feeling, emotionally?"

"All my life I was raised in a culture that women are the weaker sex. It was dictated to me that, my role as a man, was to provide for and protect women, to offer them security, comfort, and to cherish them. I did that because it was expected of me. However, deep down, I've always wanted to be the one being held, cared for, and protected. I had to set my personal desires aside as they weren't culturally acceptable. It was emotionally and physically draining on me. Some research suggests that TG men actually have a slightly different brain function and chemistry than 'normal' men." I looked into Anne's eyes, unable to hold back my tears. "I feel incredibly fragile, right now. All I want is to curl up in someone's arms and be held. To feel that security and comfort." I turned away from Anne. "I'm sorry, Anne. Maybe it's just me trying to get used to these new hormones. I'll get over it."

Anne put her hand gently on my shoulder and turned me around to face her. She placed her hands on my cheeks, her thumbs wiped at my tears. She pulled my head to her shoulder and held me tight, her hand caressed my head. "I'm here for you, Jim. I won't let anything happen to you." She kissed my forehead. Her gentle touch made me feel she was almost being motherly. In a way, it was her research that gave birth to me. I felt comforted by her touch. "You're a very special young lady, Jim. I know now we chose the right person for the job. I'll take you to your room for the night so you can have time to be by yourself. I'll have some food sent up. Everything will be alright. Tomorrow, we'll take you to your new apartment in Zurich, Switzerland."

When I got to my room and after my dinner, I undressed and stood looking at myself in front of the mirror. I took time to touch and feel every part of my body, starting with my face and working down. For some reason I didn't feel like pleasuring myself. It could've been that my mind was too overloaded to focus on sexual desire, or that I now needed some emotional tie to make me want to have a sexual release. Either way, I was happy to be alone with myself. I ran my fingers through my long, silky hair, closing my eyes to focus on the feel of the strands as they slid easily over my fingers. I stared at my large, blue eyes and examined every pore on my new face. I smiled at myself, exposing perfectly aligned and white teeth, framed by lush, full red lips. I had slight dimples when I smiled that, I felt, made me look adorable. If I could describe my face it would be 'angel meets girl next door.'

They'd left me some clothes for tomorrow, and a nightgown for tonight. I ran my small, delicate, feminine, manicured fingers over the fabric of the nightgown. It was white, almost transparent, and so beautiful and silky. The top and bottom were edged with filmy lace. This is what I'd wanted all my life. To be a young woman and able to wear such beautiful things. I've always wondered why many women didn't take advantage of wearing dresses and having long hair. I understood the practicality of having short hair, but, in my opinion, women were specially created with beauty in mind and these things were uniquely theirs. I slipped on the nightgown and looked at myself in the mirror once more. My chestnut hair fell across my shoulders and down my back. The nightgown clung to my body and hugged every curve. The gown was shorter than I expected, only going to mid-thigh enhancing the sexiness of the look. My nipples could be partially seen through the fabric, hinting at the wonders the lay beneath. I twirled in front of the mirror, my smile beaming.

It took me a while to fall asleep. In some small way I was worried that if I slept I'd wake up to being my old self and this had been nothing more than a wonderful dream. When I did finally succumb to sleep, I slept soundly and woke around 9:00 am the next morning.

Part Four – Day Two – I'm Still a Woman

When I woke, I quickly checked to make sure I was still a woman and was pleasantly surprised to see I was. I got up and checked myself out in the mirror again. This morning felt so much different than yesterday, as I was immediately aroused by the beauty I saw before me. A knock came at the door and I opened it to see Amy standing there.

"Jim, you look amazing! I just came by to check up on how you're doing. Do you need anything? Anything at all? How do you feel? Do you mind if I check you out? Do you need help in the shower?"

It was clear to me I was generating quite the sexual response from Amy. She was flushed and breathing quickly. "I'm feeling great. Come in."

"I just need to check your vitals. Is that okay?"


"Why don't you sit on the bed for me?" I sat on the bed, my nightgown barely covering my thighs. Amy let out a deep breath as if she was trying to focus. She pulled out her stethoscope and pulled the fabric of my nightgown aside slightly to press it up against my exposed skin of my chest. The cold of the metal gave me goosebumps and made my nipples become sensitive and erect. "Breathe deeply for me." As I took in a deep breath, my breasts pushed up and into contact with her warm hand. The touch made my breath catch. "Good heartbeat. Let me check your eyes." She leaned in close and stared into my eyes and flicked a flashlight beam at them. I could feel her warm, sweet breath against my lips. There was no question I was getting aroused and I was sure Amy was too. "That's good enough for now. I'll need a more thorough physical from you soon. Did you want help in the shower?"

I wanted to say yes but I reached out and took her hand in mine. "I'm okay for now, Amy. Thank you. Tell me, Amy, how did you wind up here as doctor? You could easily have been a fitness model. You look quite young to be a doctor." I watched Amy blush at my comments.

"For one, I'm not a doctor, or even a nurse yet. I finished my education early and went into university for physical fitness certifications. That led me to take many health and nutrition classes. Anne found me a few years ago when I was sort of floundering in my career. I guess she saw something special in me and took me under her wing to help guide my education and be a sort of quasi-medical research nurse. I've been very grateful for the opportunities she's given me. Seeing your transformation has been the highlight of my life so far. To be here to witness history in the making is such an amazing dream. I've very much appreciated your kind and gentle ways and letting us learn from your experience. I find it all quite touching. Listen, I'd love a chance to talk more but we need to get going for the day. If you need any help, just let me know. We'll meet in Anne's office at 10:00 am for some breakfast. See you there!"

I showered and enjoyed the extra chance to be by myself for a bit. There was nothing like a shower to help me explore my body further. I came out of the shower more aroused than when I went in. I used a blow dryer on my hair. It took quite a while to dry, but when it did, it was silky and beautiful, with a nice light natural curl in it. The clothing they'd left me the night before consisted of a blouse and pair of jeans and a dress. I gathered they wanted me to have a choice. I chose the dress, even though I was tempted to see what I looked like in a pair of tight fitting jeans.

I met Anne and Amy in Anne's office. "You look beautiful, Jim."

"Thank you for the dress, and for everything, Anne. I feel much better this morning. Do you think, perhaps, I should have a different name?"

"You'll be getting your new name tomorrow when we meet up with Marketing. Until now, we can continue calling you Jim, if that's all right with you. It's just going to be the three of us today so you won't have to worry."

"That's fine. What's on the agenda for the day?"

"Breakfast first, then we'll fly to Switzerland and get you set up in your new apartment. Here are some shoes that'll match that dress. They have a slight one inch heel to them. We need to get you used to wearing heels and now is the best time since your muscles are still adapting."

I slipped them on my feet and was pleased as to how well I did walking around the room in them. "They feel good."

"Let's see what you think of them by the end of the day."

After breakfast, we used a private jet to fly to Switzerland. It was good it was a private jet because at this point I had no identification and wouldn’t be able to board a regular flight. The apartment turned out to be very pleasant. Not huge, but not small either. It was modern, well appointed, and the marketing team, having already determined my size and shape, had prepared a full wardrobe for me.

I got settled in and we determined that I should take in an afternoon run with Amy to test my endurance level. Later that evening I'd have my first 'being a woman' lesson with Anne. In the wardrobe I found running shoes and a complete set of running tights and exercise bra. With my hair being so long, I would need to do a double ponytail to keep it from being too distracting. Amy seemed more than happy to help me with it. My feet were still sore, but the running shoes were well padded and comfortable.

Amy looked exceptionally cute in her running gear and with her extremely fit and trim body I didn't need much of an incentive to try to keep up with her. The plan was to run a leisurely three miles. As I started out, I found myself a little off balance and awkward but quickly fell into a rhythm. It was so nice not to run with stuff between my legs. I tried running years ago and always chafed and felt uncomfortable. Now, the things I noticed the most were the way my breasts bounced up and down and how my ponytail thumped against my back. The feeling was more exhilarating than distracting.

I was surprised when we reached the turn-around point that I wasn't breathing hard. My feet were hurting, but I took that as a good sign I was building callus on them. Amy wiped a bit of sweat from her brow and casually leaned against me for a stretch. Her touch was like an electric current running through my body, heating me up from the inside. I was greatly enjoying the close contact and was more than a little disappointed when she let go.

"Shall we go a little faster on the way back, Jim? If you beat me back to your apartment, I'll take you out to dinner, my treat. If I win, you give me a massage."

"I figure either way, I win. But I'm starved, so I hope you're ready to buy me dinner."

Amy winked at me and took off running. I ran after her and with my slightly longer legs quickly caught up. We were neck and neck until the apartment came into view and I kicked it into high gear leaving Amy trailing behind. I was standing at my door when she finally arrived.

"I've got a few questions for the marketing team. You're not even breathing hard!"

"I guess it's the new lungs I have. Besides, I'm famished. I hope you don’t mind if I change into something a little more comfortable for dinner?"

"I saw a nice leather miniskirt in your wardrobe. I bet that would be comfortable for you. You can try some higher heeled shoes too. Maybe even some fishnet stockings, and a low cut blouse?"

Her eyes hinted that she'd very much like to see me in that outfit. "Okay, but don't tell anyone I dressed up for you."

"I'll meet you back here in an hour."

"An hour? I might die of hunger before that."

"Then I'd be forced to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which wouldn't be such a bad thing. See you in an hour!"

I went into my apartment and had a quick shower. I noticed how smooth my legs and skin were. I sort of expected to have to shave them once a week or so. I dug through the available clothing that had been left for me and found the clothing Amy was referring to and put them on. The miniskirt was very short and I'd have to be very careful of how I sit. I decided this would be a learning experience for me. The bra I chose had a slight push-up to it, making my generous breasts have even more cleavage. I found some three-inch heeled black pumps to wear as well. I was a little wobbly on them and my feet were starting to get even more tender. I tried my hand at applying some eyeliner and tested a few colors of lipstick until I found a color I liked on me. I even attempted to do something a little different with my hair by pushing one side off and over my ear. Overall, I felt I did an adequate job.

I found some jewelry, and quickly realized my ears weren't pierced so I focused on a pearl-like necklace and a wrist bracelet. When I felt I was complete, I looked at myself in the mirror and was very pleased with the results. I'd been just in time too as I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and Amy came inside.

"You outdid yourself, Jim! Walk over there and spin around for me."

I walked, spun, then in what should've been recorded on America's Funniest Videos, tripped and fell right into Amy's arms, causing us both to collapse onto the couch in a tangle of arms and legs. I started giggling until I realized Amy's thigh was pressing between my legs and my lips were practically touching hers. Her arms were around my waist and one hand was on my butt. I saw her breathing hard and felt her thigh press into me sending waves of pleasurable feelings coursing through my body. I slowly and hesitantly extracted myself from her arms. By the time we were both standing up, we were both flustered and breathing heavily.

"I guess that wasn't the most graceful thing I have ever done."

Amy laughed and looked me up and down with passion-filled eyes. "I didn't see a thing. Come one, lets go get some dinner before I change my mind and give into temptations." She grabbed my hand and led me to the car.

Getting into a car with a short miniskirt and high-heels proved a challenge. Amy smiled as I'm sure I flashed her my panties before remembering to hike down my miniskirt and press my legs together. Amy saw I was a little frustrated with myself so she reached over with her hand and laid it on top of mine. "Don't worry about your little mistakes, Jim. You'll get the hang of it soon so that it'll all be second nature to you. Besides, I'm rather enjoying the view." Her fingers softly stroked the back of my hand sending little shocks through my body. "Here we are. When you get out, try to swing both legs out together and keep your thighs touching, otherwise some passersby will get a very nice perspective of you."

I did as suggested and found it worked out quite well, with the exception of gaining my balance on getting out of the car. The restaurant was busy, yet quaint. Every eye in the place was focused on Amy and me when I entered. Women checked out my clothing. Some frowned at my exposed thighs and cleavage. But most, men and women included, were looking at me like I was a slice of the best pie in the world just ready to be devoured. Their gazes left me so incredibly self-conscious that I needed to focus on every step I took to keep from collapsing into a heap on the restaurant floor.

We were led to a small booth and Amy squeezed into the seat right next to me even though there was a seat across the table. "You're doing so well, Jim." She whispered and placed a hand lightly on my exposed thigh.

Throughout dinner I had a very hard time focusing on my food. Amy continued to gently touch my thigh and her foot rubbed against mine. She would lean close and whisper in my ear and I could feel her breath against the nape of my neck. I was becoming more and more aroused by the minute.

"Jim, I read your stories so I think I have some insight into why you wanted to be a woman, but can you tell me what it was like to be a man now that you've some perspective differences?" She bit her lower lip and I could tell she wanted deeper information. "I mean, you had an experience in the shower yesterday, how was that different? Is it better as a woman than as a man?"

Now it was my turn to blush. "It's hard to describe the differences, and yesterday's enjoyment was a little spontaneous. I'm not sure that I could safely have a complete opinion yet. I'd need more..." I pictured Amy and myself in bed together and stalled the conversation. Her hand on my thigh felt so nice, her body pressed against mine in the booth. "Anyways, I think you should ask me again in about a week. I'll have more opportunity to provide a 'proper' perspective for you."

"Well, I'll hold you to that conversation." She gave my thigh a gentle squeeze. Amy looked at her watch. "Oh my! Time has simply disappeared on us. I need to get you back so that Anne can have her time with you." She paid the bill and we drove back to the apartment. At my door she leaned in and placed her hands against the door on either side of my head. "I had a good time, Jim. Remember, you owe me a complete physical soon." I nodded. "See you soon, cutie." She kissed me on the cheek and headed towards her room leaving me standing there breathing heavily and flushed.

Sighing and wondering if I'd enough time to take care of myself, I entered my apartment to see Anne sitting on the couch waiting for me. "Hi Jim! Sorry to be waiting for you in your apartment, but I still had an extra key and wanted to make myself comfortable. You look wonderful. How was your time with Amy? She's a wonderful young lady." I wondered if maybe she was hinting Amy and I should get together.

"No problem, Anne. I learned a lot about myself. I figured out how to put on panty hose, which is no small feat and I hold women who wear them in high esteem now. I seem to be a good runner and didn't even get tired after three miles. I'm hungry a lot but can't seem to eat much before I get full. And these shoes, are an accident waiting to happen."

"It sounds like you had fun. Do you feel up to some training?"

"Yes. I'm eager to learn."

"Alright then. Let's talk about movement. I've noticed you're walking similarly to the way you did before your transformation which is to be expected. Your brain has as much motion memory as your body muscles do. You have your shoulders slightly forward and your steps are a little wide. The good news is that your muscles haven't developed any memory yet and this should easily be corrected. I want you to walk the length of the room, but focus on keeping your chin up a little more and your shoulders back. For a regular walk, I want you to concentrate on placing your feet about six inches away from the midline of your body. This will enhance your feminine charms as you walk, but you'll still be well balanced."

I walked back and forth a few times and felt my hips sway a little more than normal. "That's much better, Jim. I know with a little effort you'll be walking that way as natural as breathing. Come over here and sit down on the couch."

I moved to the couch and plunked myself down. I noted that my knees separated and I gave Anne a view up my skirt before I clamped my knees together. "Not bad, Jim. Here's a suggestion especially when you're wearing something as revealing as that skirt. Before sitting, place your feet right next to each other and keep your back straight as you sit down. Once you're sitting, cross your lower legs to help you keep your thighs together."

I tried again and Anne's suggestions helped out a great deal. "I noticed you tried to put on a little makeup, not that you really need any. Let's go into the bathroom and I'll give you a few quick tips."

"You'll need to carry a purse to keep a few essentials. I'd recommend some lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and a little blush. Your skin is already flawless so you don't need any foundation." Over the next thirty minutes I received a complete education on how to apply and take off makeup. It would take a little practice, but I felt I would adapt pretty quickly.

"Anne, I noticed that my ears aren't pierced. Maybe I should get them done?"

"I can do that here if you want. I'll go back to my room and get the ear-piercing gun. You'll want to remove your blouse though, just to be safe."

I removed my blouse, miniskirt, and stockings and stood waiting for Anne to return. I felt a little exposed, but I reminded myself that Anne and Amy had helped me shower yesterday and at some point I'd be parading around in lingerie before thousands of people. Anne arrived a few minutes later and had me sit in a chair in the kitchen. She grabbed some ice from the freezer and held it to my earlobe.

"This shouldn't hurt much at all as there's not many nerves in that part of the ear lobe. You ready?"


I felt a sharp pinch on my left ear and that one was done. Anne moved to my right ear. I was so focused on the way her blouse exposed the top of her breasts that I barely noticed she had completed the second ear. I found myself attracted to Anne in an odd way. While I still seemed to desire females sexually, Anne felt more like a sister, or even a maternal figure, however, I was still aroused by a beautiful pair of breasts. She slipped two studs into my ears to keep the holes from healing over.

"All done!"

"Thank you, Anne!" I stood and gave her a big hug.

"I think that's probably all for now, Jim. You need to get a good rest. Amy and I have rooms down the hall in case you need anything. Tomorrow, we'll take you to see the Marketing team."

"Thank you for everything! This is better than I ever expected."

Anne left the apartment and I was on my own for the second time with my new body. My first stop was to the bathroom to look at myself once more in the mirror. It was like looking at video of an incredibly beautiful woman and I had a hard time believing it was me in the mirror. Every aspect of my face and body were flawless. I looked young too, possibly late teens or early twenties. I wanted to explore myself fully but the first thing to do was to see if there was something to sleep in as I'd prefer exploring myself in bed.

I wandered through my apartment and found a sheer nightie in a chest of drawers. It was almost as if the Marketing team had read my mind. I stripped out of my clothing and put it on, practically dancing around the room. I was in heaven. I felt my nipples harden as the smooth silky fabric rubbed against them. I felt my body respond to the sensations with a warm, moist feeling between my legs. I could almost not stand it any longer and was about to head to the bedroom so I could enjoy everything this new body had to offer when a knock at my door sounded. I looked through the peephole to see Amy in a scant negligee standing there. I opened the door for her.

"Hi, Jim. I was about to head to bed when I thought I'd check on you one last time. Wow! You look gorgeous! May I come in for a minute?"


"Being in charge of your health and fitness I'm very intrigued about how you're doing with the changes and, at some point, I'd like to verify your anatomical responses."

"I can tell you, Amy, that I've never felt better. I truly feel like I can be the real me. How would you verify my anatomical responses?"

"Mmm... I thought you'd never ask."

Amy pressed her body against mine and lifted her lips to kiss me. I thought I was ready to explode before, but Amy's kiss fanned the flames of passion within me beyond anything I had ever felt before. She was definitely the aggressor and kissed me passionately. These new lips of mine seemed directly wired to the pleasure center in my brain. We fell into each other's arms as I embraced the passions that erupted within me.

It was several hours later that I lay on my bed in the afterglow of the best love making and orgasms I've ever had. Amy put on her negligee, kissed me, and slipped away. I got up and headed to the shower to clean myself up before finally trying to get some sleep. I avoided washing my hair as it was still clean and I didn't want it all wet when I went back to bed. I dabbed myself dry and brushed my teeth, ready to get a good night's rest. I slipped back into the nightgown and now, thoroughly satiated and exhausted, I drifted off to sleep.

Part Five – Day Three – My New Name

Late the next morning I got up, showered, and tried my best to wash and do something with my hair. Luckily, it came out silky smooth and easy to work with as it had before. I looked through my wardrobe and everything I saw was very feminine and highly revealing. I chose a skirt and top that I thought was perhaps the most professional. I was still me, and just because I was now a beautiful woman didn't mean I wanted to flaunt everything I had everywhere I went.

The door knocked and I opened it to see both Amy and Anne. By the way they talked, you could tell Anne knew nothing about Amy's and my escapades last night. I felt drawn to Amy and she seemed as enamored with me as I was her.

"Good morning, Jim. I trust you slept well?"

"Uhm, yes. It just took a while to get to sleep. It's a lot to absorb. You didn't happen to bring breakfast with you? I'm famished."

"We'll stop along the way to the Marketing team. Are you ready to go?"


Amy let Anne leave first, then when Anne wasn't looking she slipped her hand around me and lightly squeezed my butt and whispered in my ear how that was the best night she'd ever had. I smiled and felt myself lost in her blue eyes again. We stopped off for some breakfast and I was again amazed how quickly I felt full on such a small amount. So many people were staring at me that I found it a little disconcerting.

When we arrived at Maggie's Secret's Switzerland office, we were quickly ushered into the boardroom. A team of male and female Marketing executives were there to greet us.

"I'm Bob Mathers, Executive VP of Marketing, and this is the Marketing team. Let's get a good look at you. Why don't you stand over here and turn around for us." I sort of felt like I was a cow at an auction and they wanted to check out everything. "Absolutely fantastic! You've turned out far better than we even conceived. Let's go over a few things."

"Your new name is Adela Cervenka and you were born in Prague, Czech Republic. Your first name is pronounced 'ahdyella.' The Czech Republic is the hottest emerging model market in the world right now. You're nineteen years of age, which is the average age we start our contracts, even though most girls get into modeling between thirteen and sixteen. We've created a new passport, driver's license, a bank account, and a complete dossier of your history that you'll have to study and memorize by heart. We've gone to great extent to make a background and history for you should anyone choose to dig. We've got school teachers, classmates, neighbors, and doctors all ready to vouch for you. In accordance with your background, we've modified your language processing skills. You should be able to speak and read Czech, and French, and you have a pleasant Slavic accent that so many people are attracted to."

"Most women will obtain modeling contracts from age sixteen until thirty, however, we made some adjustments to your DNA that may greatly extend that upper limit age. We've increased your collagen production, which should reduce age-induced wrinkles and thus potentially allow you to keep your looks well into your fifties. We've modified your metabolism to be a little faster than normal and increased your VO2 max. This will help you burn more calories and have reduced fatigue when exercising and modeling. We increased your melanin levels so that you'll always have a healthy, tanned appearance."

"I knew you guys did something to her! I couldn't keep up with her on our run yesterday. You owe me a dinner, Jim, I mean, Adela."

"There's more. We reduced the size of your stomach to decrease the chance of you overeating and getting fat. We need you to be lean throughout your contract, so we've also reduced the overall percentage of fat cells in your body. As you may be aware, fat cells simply expand, and the fewer you've got, the better the overall look. I noticed how shiny your hair is. Did you wash it this morning?"

"Yes, I did."

"Did you use conditioner, blow dry it, or curl it?"

"No conditioner, but I did blow dry it. Should I use conditioner?"

"Not at all. We increased the amount of essential oils in your hair to make it much more manageable. We've very slightly hyper designed your shape. In other words, we've given you a perfect shape that's not easily replicated by surgery or exercise. We need you to be what every woman wants to be, yet something that they couldn't obtain on their own. Your eyes are slightly larger than normal, giving you a more angelic look. Of course, we've given you perfect vision and have scrubbed your DNA for any known genetic disconformities or susceptibility to disease."

"For ease of use, for us and for you, we've greatly reduced the number of hair follicles below your neck. You should never have to shave and always have perfectly smooth skin. You can't fathom how much it costs us for wax jobs for the models."

"We gave you an exotic appearance with the best traits from every race and nationality. From a marketing perspective, this makes you ideal to be desired by everyone, regardless of culture. We've spent thousands of man hours alone detailing what a perfect woman should look like based upon research with men and women from all around the world."

"Finally, we feel a need to protect our investment in you. We knew you were attracted to women, and this suits us just fine. However, we don't want you getting pregnant in case your natural proclivity shifts. To this end we've taken the additional steps to have a medical team standing by to sterilize you tomorrow."

"You authorized someone to sterilize me? I'm afraid I won't accept that."

"This isn't a matter up for discussion."

Anne and Amy appeared visibly upset and Anne spoke up. "That wasn't something that was included in the contract, Bob. I believe a procedure of that nature would've had to be stipulated up front. We can request that this be done, but it's ultimately up to Adela to decide."

Bob was clearly not happy. "Anne, you and I will have a side discussion about this. I know that was supposed to be included in the contract. Adela, we'd like you to seriously consider this request." His tone was a mixture of demanding laced with fake pleasantry.

"I'll consider it, but right now, I don't wish to have the procedure done. One of the reasons I wanted to be a woman was the ability to have a life form within me. I can tell you that I have no interest at all in men."

"I urge you to seriously consider having the procedure. We can wait for your decision until after Monaco in a few weeks. Now, it's good to hear you're not interested in men, but men will be very interested in you. We can't have you mentioning your sexual preferences while in public. We don't want men to be turned off of you in any way. You're to always appear to be available and desirable to one and all." Bob shifted topics, but the look he gave Anne was all daggers. "Amy, have you checked Adela's anatomical function? Is she all woman?"

"Uhm, yes. I'd say she is anatomically perfect." She blushed.

"Seeing how well she turned out, I think we should start full production on additional models. Adela, take off your clothing so that we can examine you further."

I could understand the 'not getting pregnant' concern they have, even if the method they were choosing was extreme. Now, with him asking me to take my clothes off, I was getting really annoyed. "Excuse me? You want me to take my clothes off?"

"That's what I said. We need to inspect you more thoroughly."

"I'm sorry, but I'll not do that. You contracted with me to be a model for your clothing line, not a prostitute or a stripper. If you want me to parade around in skimpy lingerie, then that's what I was hired to do, and I'll do that. But I won't strip in front of a room full of people."

Anne and Amy came to my side and stood protectively by me. "I agree with Adela. This isn't necessary. Your request is downright degrading."

Bob just huffed angrily.

"Fine. We'll expect her to model for us within the week. We need to make sure she's flawless. We can live with the no stripping thing."

Just then a very pretty brunette woman of about thirty-years-old ran into the room. "Sirs, madams! I need to inform you of something urgent!" She stopped next to me and stared. "Whoa! You look amazing!"

Bob Mathers became a little exasperated. "Honestly, Heather. Get yourself together. What is it you needed to tell us that's so urgent?"

Heather, struggled taking her eyes off of me. "Uhm, oh yes! There's been an accident. The Romanian research facility has been destroyed. A forest fire swept through the area late yesterday and the place is a total loss. Luckily no one was injured, however, I was told to let you know that all of the viruses used, DNA collected, and latest research from the past week have all been totally lost."

Bob Mathers let out a huge sigh. Anne looked stunned. "That's it then. We're done. There's no way the board will approve another sixty million dollars to get us to where we were. Adela, you're one very expensive model, and I hope for all of us, you pan out assuming you learn your place. So here's the new plan of action. Anna, you'll now personally oversee Adela's training and getting her up to speed as quickly as possible. I'm holding you accountable for training her in every way to act and be a woman. Amy, I need you to make sure she stays healthy and that there are no unforeseen anomalies. Heather, you're fired!"

"What! Why am I fired!"

"Because I can't have people like you getting distracted on me."

"That's not fair!"

"Really, Bob? Look, you've just tasked me with getting Adela up to speed in record time. I can't do this alone. Give me Heather as my administrative assistant. She has modeling experience and her training could be absolutely crucial right now."

"Fine, Anna. But I want Adela back here in one week with a full portfolio and to see her walk the runway in the skimpiest lingerie possible. We need to make sure she is ready for Monaco in three weeks and doesn't freak out by wearing next to nothing in front of a crowd."

"I'll do my best."

"No, Anna. You'll make it happen. We've no choice now."

As the four of us left, Heather turned to Anna. "I get to work with you and Adela? This is so exciting!"

"Focus, Heather. Focus."

"Anna, I'm sorry if I caused a problem in there. Words can't tell you enough of how grateful I am to be working with you. I'm sorry about the research facility and all your hard work."

"No, Jim, I mean Adela. You're right. You're not property owned by Mag's. You've got a modeling contract. In a way, I'm sort of glad the place is destroyed."

"Why? All of your work is gone!"

"Adela, if nothing else happens, I'm proud that my research produced you. You're perfect, in more ways than one. What would've happened if they started mass producing models like you? The world's standards would be ruined. The world can handle one of you, but, honestly, I don’t think it could handle more. Us regular women, wouldn't even be given a second look."

"There is no way any of you are regular women. The three of you are all extremely beautiful, gifted, and talented. Any guy would give their right arm to be in the same room with any of you."

"You think I'm beautiful, Adela?" Amy put her arm in mine and battered her pretty blue eyes at me.

"Amy, we may need to find a way to actually keep ourselves focused on our task and not Adela."

"I'm totally focused on the task, Anna. Adela is, however, simply adorable." Anna rolled her eyes.

Back at my apartment we all sat around a table and discussed strategy. Amy sat pressed up against one side of me and kept sliding her foot along my calf making it hard for me to concentrate. It was decided Anna would have me in the mornings to work on my training to be and act as a woman. Heather would have me in the afternoon to help me learn poses, walkway, and the art of the quick change. Amy would spend time with me in the evenings to work out with me at the gym and make sure my health and fitness levels were fine.

By the time we wrapped up the plan, complete with milestones and timelines, we were all hungry. I rummaged through the kitchen and fridge and found a number of items I could use to make us dinner. I was anxious to make myself feel useful and they'd all taken such good care of me that I wanted to treat them. I asked that they all sit back and relax as I made a quick chicken Marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and salad. I'd learned to cook for myself many years before and found this a fun way to relax.

It wasn't long before the smells and, hopefully me, enticed Amy into the kitchen. I noticed she looked around, making sure the others couldn't see her as she snuck her arms around me and kissed my neck then leaned up against me and wrapped one arm around my waist pulling our hips together. I could tell she'd unbuttoned one of her blouse buttons showing off more of her cleavage. She caught me looking and I blushed. "Oh, how cute! You're blushing. You know, you're hard to resist. I can't get enough of you. Perhaps we can get together after dinner?"

It could've been the new female hormones or that I was growing more fond of Amy by the minute, but I seemed to be in a state of constant arousal. I put my knife down and turned into Amy's arms and kissed her. "I'd like that. I'm not sure what they did to me, but I find myself constantly thinking about making love."

"Mmmm. Hold that thought for a little later. I better get back to the ladies so they don’t suspect anything."

"Perhaps you could send one in to help set the table? Dinner will be ready in five minutes."

"Beauty, intelligence, and you can cook too."

Part Six – Day Four – My Training Begin in Earnest

The following morning I woke up with Amy's body pressed up against my back and her arm holding me tight. It was a wonderful feeling. As I stirred, my slight movements woke Amy. She nuzzled my neck and whispered in my ear. "Good morning, my angel."

I rolled over into her arms and slipped my thigh between her legs. I kissed her. "Good morning. You were amazing last night."

"Oh my god! It's morning! What if Anne finds us together?"

"We can always tell her I'm at least not getting pregnant. That should at least appease his royal majesty, Bob."

Amy laughed at that. "You really are adorable."

We both heard a knock at my door and we jumped out of bed. I tossed on a robe and Amy, who only had her negligee, seemed more than anxious. "It'll be all right." I walked over to the door and looked through the peephole to see Anne. I opened the door, still hearing Amy scrambling in the bedroom behind me.

"Good morning, Anne."

"You slept late this morning."

"Yes, I was awake for a while last night before finally falling asleep."

Just then Anne and I heard some thumping from the bedroom and we turned to see Amy falling through the bedroom door onto the floor. She had found a pair of jeans in my wardrobe and got caught up in the pant leg. She looked up from the floor at Anne with wide, scared eyes. Anne burst out laughing.

"I knew you were here the last two nights Amy. There's no need to worry. I actually thought you and Adela would be a very good match for each other. If, however, your extra-curricular activities hinder your work, either of you, then I'll have to do something about it. I understand if this was merely experimentation, but it would help me to know if you two are a thing or not."

Heather poked her head in the door and looked at Amy on the floor and me in my robe. It took a moment for her to put it all together before she started giggling.

I looked at Amy who had managed to get back to her feet. I hoped it was more than experimentation. Amy, who stood with her negligee for a top and her unbuttoned jeans grabbed my arm and looked into my eyes. "Definitely a thing." I nodded in agreement.

"Good. You make a very nice couple. In a way, I feel like a proud mother that just found the perfect suitor for her daughter."

"Which one of us is the your daughter."

"I'm not really sure... Anyways, you both need to get dressed and have some breakfast. We've got a full day's work in front of us. In two days we need to take Adela to the studio as marketing needs a complete portfolio. I'll be back in an hour."

Anne and Heather left, closing the door behind them. "Do you know how sexy you look in your negligee and a pair of unbuttoned jeans? Do you think we've time to...?" Amy untied my robe as the jeans fell to the floor. Her arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me tightly against her. She kissed me and started laughing.

"I guess you're not the only ungraceful one around here. We've got an hour. We could shower together to save some time."

True to her word, Anne was back in an hour. Amy had managed to get back to her room in time even with our shower taking a little extra time.

"I've already noticed a huge improvement in how you're walking and sitting. Well done, Adela. For the next few weeks I want you walking and being in these high heels for at least four hours per day. You still need to be balanced as we don’t want your muscles getting used to only high heels or only flat shoes."

I looked at the shoes she had in her hand. They had three inch stiletto heels and they looks not only precarious, but also dangerous. "I'll do my best. I want to make you look good. May I ask a question?"

"Of course."

"During yesterday's meeting with Marketing, Bob's attitude towards me was bordering on downright rude and there were subtle innuendos in his words. I believe he said 'assuming you learn your place.' I can tell you now, I won't submit to sterilization. What's up with him?"

Anne sighed. "He's part of the legacy executive team. We don't see things the same way. He feels the girls are objects and not people. I don't blame you about the sterilization. I'd never recommend you do that as it plays with your hormones. If you ever feel the inclination to be with men, there are numerous alternatives to being protected. Just be prepared for idiotic requests and rudeness from many people in this industry. Your contract is very clear what you're to do and how you're to behave. Anything outside that agreement is completely up to your discretion. I had to smile when you defended yourself. We need more of that and many of the girls believe saying anything to protect their rights would hinder their career. I think that your age, experience, and being in different industries will give you an edge that way. Let's review your movement and discuss some feminine hygiene things."

That morning I was educated in all things hygiene for women. There was a lot to absorb and, if I was honest with myself, I'd been terribly naive about it all. I'd always wanted to be a woman, but I never thought through the details. Regardless of how little I knew, I was still thrilled to be a woman.

After lunch Heather came by to help me learn about modelling.

"Adela, I'm so thrilled to be able to work with you. I'd heard about the research but didn't think much of it until I saw you. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. What's it been like for you?"

"I can't remember a time that I didn't want to be a woman, but until now there hadn't been any options. Maybe after the fire there never will be again. Obviously there are the external differences that everyone would notice, but it's the internal changes that are harder for me to adjust to."

"How so?"

"The hormones for starters. I seem to flip flop from being happy to distressed very rapidly. I get emotional faster. I was watching the news the other day and I started to cry when they shared a story about someone being injured. I've never done that before. Another is how my emotions play such a big role in everything I do now. That part's much harder to explain. Before, I'd just go ahead and order a popcorn at a movie, now, I'd have to think about how I'd feel about the popcorn before I ordered it. I hope that makes sense to you."

"When you grow up and live as a woman, those things we take for normal. It's an interesting perspective to hear how you're processing things. When you think about it, you could very well be the first person in the world to truly understand the differences between men and women."

"I never thought about it that way."

"Are you ready for some modeling training?"

"Since that's how I'm going to get paid, I better learn it quick."

Heather took her time explaining different types of events and what's expected at each. I didn't realize how hectic a day in the life of a popular model could be. There are events for fittings from clothing manufacturers, photo shoots, magazine shoots, interviews, recorded and live television, community relations, charity, and finally runway. In some instances a model might be expected to attend six or seven different events a day. I'd no idea how hard these girls worked. She started with helping me understand the most basic poses I'd need at the next photo shoot. She even brought a digital camera to have me take pictures of her and then she took pictures of me so we could compare and contrast. We wrapped up the training by her teaching me the runway walk, pose, and turn. I fell a number of times in those high heels. The walk, however, was similar to the walk Anne had taught me with the exception that I needed to place my feet across the midline of my body rather than six inches from it.

Amy and I had a chance to get a few moments together for dinner. "I understand you learned about all about feminine hygiene this morning. Do you still want to be a woman now that you know what to expect?"

"I'll live with the extra maintenance if it means I can keep making love to you." She smiled prettily. "I'm absolutely thrilled by it all. Sure, there's going to be some things to remember, but right now, it makes me feel special."

"I hope you still feel that way after your first period. Changing topics, I want you to know how incredibly drawn I am to you. I know we've already made love, but I've never done that before. I've never made love to someone less than twenty-four hours after I met them. I just feel this connection to you. I care deeply for you and I love your personality. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm having a hard time picturing my life without you."

I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes. "I'm so glad you said that. I was concerned that perhaps my feelings for you were deeper than they should be. All of these changes to me have caused me to question what's real or what's purely reaction to my new beauty. Are these feelings just an after effect to my transformation? I think your gorgeous, smart, witty, and I'm drawn to you as well."

After dinner, we headed to the gym. I was grateful I got to wear flat shoes as my feet and calves were more than a little sore from the high heels. The gym was busy and I was self-conscious following Amy into the ladies' change room. Being Europe, the women were far more free with nudity than in the United States. Much to my chagrin, there were no private changing areas and I'd have to strip before a dozen other women. On one hand, my male conditioning left me excited, and on the other hand, I was incredibly nervous. This was something I needed to get over and get over quickly.

Amy noticed I was a little hesitant to change. "Are you alright, Adela?"

"I'm just feeling rather self-conscious with all these women around."

"Would it help if I kissed you in front of all of them?" I blanched a little. "Just kidding, sweetie. Try the ballooning technique. Imagine the worst thing that could happen if you changed in front of them, then take it a step further and further until it becomes silliness. For example, you begin changing and an incredibly large woman finds you so tempting she pins you to the floor. A photographer captures your picture with her and sends it to the media. By the next morning, you face is plastered all over the world, you lose your job and nobody would hire you again because they don’t want the embarrassment."

"Okay, I see what you mean, but that actually sounded rather plausible."

"Adela, you, of all people, shouldn't be nervous. It's all of us in here that will be comparing ourselves to you. Besides, there isn't anyone on earth more beautiful than you and I'm a very jealous girlfriend. If any fat woman tried to tackle you, she'd have to go through me first." She hugged me.

I mentally took a courage pill and began changing. I tried not to look around, but I felt eyes on me. I had to get over this feeling, especially if I was going to parade around in lingerie. My change was completed without incident and we headed into the gym. If I found that the ladies' change room was disconcerting, then working out with a few hundred people staring at me was downright frightening. Quite a few of the lunks, big men with more muscles than brains, came by to introduce themselves to me. Amy was always protective and sent them away. It was a nice feeling knowing she was there.

After a general workout, Amy started training me in self-defense. "Even though I want to be, I'll not always be with you and now that you're a woman you'll need to learn to protect yourself. Let's start with some basic hold and release techniques. I want you to grab me from behind."

I was going to enjoy this. I reached around Amy and pulled her against my body more like a hug than an attack.

"Mmmm. That's nice, Adela, but that's not going to work for this. You need to really attack me, not make love to me. Come at me quickly and hard from behind."

I sighed as I was enjoying feeling her close. I took a few steps back and flung myself at Amy, squeezing her hard. The next thing I knew I was on the ground. "How'd you do that?"

"A hip move here, a foot there, a grab and twist and you're now where you are now. Let me show you."

We tried the move quite a few times until I began to feel confident I could get out of that type of hold.

"Let's shower up and go to the steam room."

Once again I was very aware of my body in the shower with other women nearby. Luckily the showers had private stalls. I wrapped a towel around myself and headed to the steam room. There were several women naked in there and Amy found me mostly covered. The steam obscured me from most of the other women, but Amy took the opportunity to try to help me relax by massaging my shoulders. Unfortunately her whispers in my ear and her lips pressing against my neck did little to help me relax but it did prepare me for an evening of fun with Amy once we got back to my apartment.

Part Seven - My First Runway

Several days had past since the meeting with Marketing. Everyday was similar with lots of training and exercise. Today was my first official photo shoot. Anne, Heather, and Amy were all on hand to give me pointers and help me through the process. It was a grueling ten-hour day. I think my hair and makeup were restyled at least five times and I changed from one outfit to the next far too many times to count. After a few days of changing clothes in front of people I started to lose my inhibitions slightly. I even began enjoying myself when I got to wear the sexy clothing I needed for the shoot. One outfit I was particularly proud of was a frilly white negligee and panty. It was full of lace and had a light, airy feel about it. Combined with a pair of feather wings, jewelry, and white high-heels, I felt incredibly sexy and powerful. I gathered that my confidence showed as everyone in the room paused to simply stare. One look at Amy and I could tell she needed to get her hands on me.

Heather's training so far had been invaluable and the crew was mostly pleasant throughout. I was beginning to feel more coordinated in the high heels. Even the runway walk for some action shots didn’t give me much trouble.

The day had arrived for my first runway event. Bob had decided to change the venue to make it more like a trial run with other girls. He chose a local hotel ballroom as a test run for the Monaco event in a few weeks. A dozen models in total were invited to display the latest clothing lines from Maggie's Secret. Only Maggie's Secret staff and photographers were allowed to attend.

Luckily I had Heather, Anne, and Amy to support me. We arrived at 8:00 am for a 1:00 pm show. The first few hours were spent trying on the various outfits and staging them so I could quickly change from outfit to outfit. With twelve models at an average of thirty seconds of runway per design and each model wearing ten outfits, the entire event would be complete in an hour and I'd need to change ten times. It was decided I would close each of the lines as they expected me to draw the most attention in Monaco. That also gave me an additional fifteen seconds of runway time per item I wore.

The other models were, of course, gorgeous. It was hard not to feel intimidated by them, especially when they showed such confidence and grace. Of the eleven other models, five were supermodel status, and six were up-and-coming new models. The supermodels altogether ignored me and spent a great deal of time talking about their relationships, magazine covers, and doing selfies together. I knew how hard they must work, but I wasn't even on their radar when I tried to introduce myself. The rest of the models seemed eager to get to know me and had many questions for me.

When it was announced that I'd be closing each line, the supermodels became even more rude to me, if that was possible. Even an extra fifteen seconds was enough sometimes to propel a model into the media limelight. It didn't matter this was a trial event for Monaco. To them I was a young, untrained upstart and shouldn’t even be in the same room with them.

As the event start neared, things became even more hectic. Photographers, cameramen, and dozens of people crammed in backstage. If it wasn't for Heather's guidance, I would've been utterly lost. All the outfits I was going to wear were highly revealing, but my first and last outfit for the event was designed specifically for showing as much skin and being as tantalizing as possible to leave a lingering effect on the spectators.

I stood ready in my outfit, a sheer lace thong panty, a white lace bra that showed my nipples through the material, four inch white stiletto heels, and the signature white angel wings strapped on my back. Amy came up to me and held my hand and whispered in my ear. "You look incredible. Don’t let these other models get to you. You're the most beautiful woman in the world and you have the full support of Anne, Heather, and your girlfriend. Everyone wants you to succeed, just remember that." She carefully kissed me on my cheek.

The music blared and the event was underway. I was very nervous and hoped I wouldn't trip or disappoint everyone. The other girls walked out in turn. When it was my turn, the announcer told the crowd I was the newest Maggie's Secret model and that this was my first runway event. I walked out as confident as I could, but started off by almost running into the model returning down the runway. The lights were brighter than I expected and combined with the camera flashes, I found it difficult to see. I smiled as Heather taught me and managed to get to the end of the runway where I posed, paused, and turned around. Although I couldn’t see much, I certainly heard a loud applause and many positive comments on my looks.

By the time I made it back to my changing area, Heather was there helping me change into my next outfit. She told me how well I did and to focus on a point at the back of the ballroom, and slightly away from any lights so that I could see the end of the runway better. The place was chaotic backstage and within five minutes I was changed into a red babydoll outfit that made Amy salivate. The extra advice I got from Heather helped me a great deal and soon I was feeling much more comfortable.

It was my sixth change where things went a little wrong for me. Just before heading down the runway, one of the supermodels told me my shoe strap was loose. She bent down to 'fix' it for me, which I was very grateful for. Unfortunately, her help was not designed to help me at all. After the first few steps, my shoe strap completely came apart and I nearly fell on my face. There were several ooohhhs from the crowd, but I did my best to make up for it. My career in marketing included many faux paux events where things got published that were in error. In all instances, I pulled myself up and made the most out of it. I decided to do the same here. I took a second on the runway to, as sexy as possible, sit on the edge, and placed a hand on a gentleman's shoulder as I examined my shoe. The strap was cut so I took both shoes off, kissed the gentleman on the cheek, handed him my shoes, and continued down the runway in bare feet. The crowd erupted in cheers.

Heather was all excited during my next change. "That was amazing! You turned that right around and the way you used that gentleman, priceless! Well done, Adela!"

The rest of the event went smooth and I was very grateful for the experience. All the newer models came by and seemed much more friendly to me after the event and even a few of the supermodels told me I did a good job. Every event, even a trial event such as this had a post-event gala. This included the models mingling with the crowd a little and typically there were snacks and drinks. It was not recommended the models eat anything, even though I'm sure we were all starving. At Anne's suggestion, I changed into a very sexy formal gown that revealed much cleavage and was slit up to my hip bone. Anne, Amy, and Heather would meet me in the gala as they wanted all the models to enter at the same time from another entrance.

The gala paused briefly as the models entered and were announced by the master of ceremonies. As before I was requested to go last. When my name was called the cheers and applause was by far louder than any of the other models. Having been rather introverted as a man, this level of attention was very stressful for me. Anne and Amy suggested I focus on one conversation and person at a time, trying to make a lasting impression on each person individually. The tips helped me as I walked into the gala. I didn't get more than a few steps into the room before I was surrounded by people.

I worked my way through the crowd as gracefully as I could. I spoke with many people. Finally, I spotted Anne who was standing next to Bob. When I managed to get to them, Bob turned and took my arm pulling me away from Anne.

"Adela, you certainly didn't disappoint. I was just telling Anne what a remarkable job she did with you. Your stunt with the shoes was not something anyone could have trained you for, yet you pulled it off beautifully. We might even use that during the live broadcasted event in Monaco. It was clear you were nervous at first, but I want you to know how impressed I was by you today."

"Thank you, Mr. Mathers. Anne, Heather, and Amy worked very hard to prepare me for today. They deserve all the credit."

"Although it's nice to see you humble, they're mediocre employees at best. You, however, show real talent. With the right media promotion and taking advantage of some special requests, you could become our most popular supermodel of all times."

"Sir, with all due respect, you don’t give Anne, Heather, and Amy enough credit. They're incredibly dedicated and work long hours. Any success I achieve will be directly attributable to their efforts."

Bob brushed my comments aside as if they were insignificant. "Regardless of your work experience in the past, you need to realize you’re in a new career now. Things work differently in this industry. You'll either learn what it takes to get ahead, or you will be left on the roadside faster than a piece of roadkill. I'm offering you your first chance to get ahead. Meet me and a few other senior executives in an hour in my room here at the hotel." With that he turned and walked away.

I quickly rounded up Anne, Heather, and Amy and headed to a restaurant so that I could finally get some food. While eating some early dinner we discussed the event.

"By all accounts, you were the talk of the show. I received so many comments on how unbelievably beautiful you are and how even the supermodels paled in comparison."

"Thanks, Anne. I couldn't have done it without all of you. I just wish some people realized just how important you are."

"What do you mean?"

I told them about my discussion with Bob. "I'll defend you all with my dying breath. You're all amazing. I just hope I don’t make things difficult for any of you."

Amy, who had been snuggled up against me looked worried. "Why would anything you do make things difficult for us? You were perfect today."

"Perhaps it's not what I do as much as what I don’t do. Bob invited me to his hotel room after the gala to join him and a few other executives. I didn't say no, but I also didn’t go. I'm offended by his suggestion that I won’t go anywhere without choosing the right things to do. If I were honest, I don’t care about success. I was successful in my own right in my previous career. I've done the long hours at the expense of my health and loved ones. I'll not make that mistake again. My only desire for success in this industry is to make all of you look good."

"I'll kill him! How dare he make suggestions like that to you! I'm your girlfriend and I won’t allow it. Anne, isn't there anything we can do?"

"Unfortunately there isn't as long as he isn't blatant about his requests. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Part Eight – An Overnight Sensation

A week had past since the runway event and I'd been busy with my continued training. Amy and I grew closer and closer every day and I couldn't have been happier about that. I was working with Anne when she received a call demanding that all four of us were to report to the Switzerland office immediately. None of us knew what was going on but I hoped it wasn't repercussions from my not meeting Bob after the event.

When we arrived at the office we were ushered into the boardroom. Bob and other senior executives were all sitting around the table looking rather unhappy.

Bob began speaking right away. "I'll get right to the point. Someone has leaked photos to the media about Adela. Overnight, Adela has become an Internet sensation. Her photo was tweeted and re-tweeted sixty million times. Our call center is overwhelmed with calls from all around the world. Our websites are crashing. The demand to know more about Adela is overwhelming. I want to know who leaked the photos!"

A heated discussion ensued until I interrupted them all by banging my hand on the table. "What's done is done. It's no use bickering over who did what. The event had hundreds of cameras and phones taking pictures. You need to face reality that anyone could have leaked those photos. The question is what are we going to do about it? I suggest using the mistake to our advantage. If there truly is a viral event happening, then Maggie's should do everything possible to ride that wave. It's not that I want myself more exposed than I already am, but I recommend we have a press conference. Give the world some information and additional photos about me to take the pressure off your websites and call centers. You'll lose business if you can’t maintain those functions and people get busy signals or can’t buy online. Deflect the non-buying traffic to another website with my information and additional media. We announce my debut at the Monaco event. You'll get more publicity that way and you'll be able to hand select the media you want to attend."

One of the other executives raised an eyebrow. "Where did you ever find this girl, Anne? She's absolutely correct. Bob, let's get a social media page dedicated to Adela. Put it on a scalable web hosting platform so that site doesn't crash as well. Set up a press conference. Monaco's coming up soon. We'll want a bigger venue there and more media coverage than ever before. Keep Anne appraised of your progress. Anne, Heather, and Amy, well done all three of you. Adela, I'm very glad you're working with us. I'm sure we have a contract in place but I want you to know I appreciate what you bring to Mag's."

I looked over at Bob as we left the office. He didn’t look happy. "Anne, who was that man?"

"You don’t know? That's Miles Bertrand, CEO of Maggie's Secret."

"I can't believe I slammed my hand down on the table in front of the CEO and interrupted their conversation."

"Adela, you never cease to amaze me. I've never received recognition from the CEO before. Bob must be seething right now as he was told to keep me in the loop. Bob's always been the type to dictate to others and control through withholding information. I've known you more as Adela than I ever did as Jim and sometimes I forget the valuable experience you bring to the table."

"I think we all deserve a celebration. Can I make dinner for all of you tonight?"

"If it's half as good as the last time, we'd love to."

"Would it be alright if I took Amy shopping and we bypass training for the rest of the day?"

"It's already near lunchtime anyways, I don’t see why not."

"Come by at seven."

Heather and Anne headed on their way and Amy waited behind with me. "So why does my girlfriend want to take me shopping?" She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"We haven’t had much alone time lately and I wanted to take you to lunch and make sure you feel special."

"Mmm. You always make me feel special, Adela. But, I like the thought."

We walked together arm in arm as we tried to find a good lunch restaurant. I spotted a small store that sold flowers and I dragged Amy inside. We bought a small bouquet for the table for dinner and I bought a long-stemmed red rose for Amy. As I gave it to her I whispered in her ear. "A single red rose for the most beautiful woman in the world that has completely won my heart."

"Oh Adela!" She hugged me and kissed me.

During lunch we casually chatted back and forth. "I don’t know how crazy things are going to get, Amy. I've never been an Internet sensation before. I want to promise you three things. First, I promise to do my best to not let any of this change me. Second, that no matter what happens, you'll always be my first priority. I'm loyal to a fault and as long as you want me, I'm yours. Finally, I promise to keep my promises."

"I want you, Adela. And I promise to always have you as my first priority."

We shopped hand-in-hand into the afternoon buying ingredients for dinner. It was so enjoyable to simply spend time together. Back at the apartment, Amy put on some soft music and arranged the flowers and set the table as I prepared lasagna with a Caesar salad. I watched Amy wistfully and imagined what it might be like for us to live together. Every few minutes Amy would come by and kiss me.

Anne and Heather arrived on time and we toasted to staying together no matter what happened. Anne told us the press conference would be tomorrow morning and I was to be there to answer questions by the media. Dinner turned out to be a huge success and Amy stayed the night.

Part Nine – The Press Conference

The next morning I found myself in another sexy but formal dress for the press conference. Bob was careful to educate me to make sure I didn't answer too many personal questions and I was not to speak about my contract or for Maggie's Secret.

The press conference started and Bob took the podium. "Welcome everyone. Obviously you're here to find out a little more about Maggie's Secret's newest model. Please welcome Adela Cervenka."

I came around the corner and paused a moment for the media to take photos before I took the podium. There were many positive affirmations about my looks.

"Dekuji a zdravim. Vous et salutations remercier. Thank you and greetings. Who would like to ask the first question?"

"Ms. Cervenka. What's it like to be the most spoken about person on the Internet?"

"Please, call me Adela. That's an interesting question for which I don't have a good answer. I've not been paying much attention to the media the past few days so I'm not really sure what's being said."

"They're saying you’re the most beautiful woman in the world."

I smiled. "That's very flattering, but I know I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world. Beauty is not just this..." I indicated my body with my hands. "… but rather something far more intrinsic. A woman's looks are fleeting, in the media one day and replaced by someone else the next. It's my opinion that beauty extends beyond our looks but rests in someone's character and how they can touch your heart and your mind in a positive way."

"How old are you and what's your background?"

"I'm nineteen years old and I have focused my studies in marketing and economics. I grew up in Prague."

"Some say that models are exploited and abused. What can you say about that?"

"First off, I want to say that my experience with Maggie's Secret has been nothing but excellent. I can tell you that the modeling industry does have more than its share of sexual exploitation. I've held several jobs in the past and the life of a model is nowhere near what people believe. It's not all glitz and glamor, jet-setting around the world. These women are some of the hardest working people I've ever met, often working nonstop twelve hours per day."

Bob stepped back up to the podium. "Thank you, Adela. If you want to see more of Adela, you'll need to book your trip to her debut event in Monaco in ten days."

Behind the scenes Bob grabbed my arm hard and pulled me to the side. "You're on thin ice, Adela. This was not my idea and I don’t like stupid girls like you using your looks to manipulate people. You never showed up after the gala the other day. You need to stop thinking and just do your job."

"I'm not sure why you don’t like me and quite frankly, I don't care. I don't tie my success to you or Maggie's Secret. There are only two reasons I'm still here right now. First, I have a contract and I honor my obligations. Second, I owe a debt to Anne, Heather, and Amy that I'll never be able to repay and I'll do my best to represent Mag's in order to honor them."

Bob was red faced and was about to hit me when he looked up and saw Miles Bertrand and Anne standing there. Miles walked over and shook my hand. "Well done, Adela. If there wasn't a big enough buzz over you already, there sure will be within a few hours. I thought you handled those questions excellently. You're an asset to this organization. Don't you also think so Bob?"

"Why yes... She represents us very well."

"Anne, again, I want to applaud your efforts on discovering this rare gem and getting her trained so quickly. It's my belief that Adela will prove to be Mag's best investment to date. Please treat Adela and your team tonight and send me the bill. I look forward to Monaco."

Anne came over and took me by the arm and led me away. "I overheard what you said to Bob. I don't want you to ever feel you owe me. I'm as proud of you as I ever could be of anyone. You took a risk there with Bob and he can make our lives pretty miserable. I've never seen anyone stand their ground against him like you have. I think you've got him completely off balance. Let's go get Amy and Heather. I never turn down an opportunity to celebrate on the CEO's nickel."

That evening we all went out to a fancy dinner and then to a quaint little bar. The bar had some televisions playing and a news clip featuring me appeared. Anne yelled to the bartender to turn up the volume.

"...Maggie's Secret's newest model held a press conference today. I was there and I must say I've never been so captivated by anyone my entire life. I've seen many beautiful women in my life, but Adela was beyond perfection and she said it herself, quote, 'A woman's looks are fleeting, in the media one day and replaced by someone else the next. It's my opinion that beauty extends beyond our looks but rests in someone's character and how they can touch your heart and touch your mind in a positive way.' She was articulate, intelligent, and if I wasn't already married, I'd be knocking on her door right now. In the brief press conference she did truly touch my heart and mind. The Internet has been lit up by the snippets of photos we have of her. Maggie's Secret has launched a new website devoted to Adela, where you can see additional photos and bio. If you want to see or hear more about her, you'll have to watch Maggie's Secret's new clothing line debut event Friday evening next week..."

Amy turned to me. "It's started, sweetheart." She looked a little downcast.

I took her hand in mine. "Move in with me, or I could move in with you. Either way, I want to be with you. Remember my promise to you. I honor my word."

Her eyes lit up. "We'll need to find a place that's more secure and private. We can start looking right away."

"You've made me the happiest woman ever!"

Part Ten - Monaco

We all travelled to Monaco a day before the debut event. By now everything I was doing felt much more comfortable. My movements didn't distract me any longer, even though I enjoyed the bounce of my breasts, the sway of my hips, and the tickle of my hair down my back. True to Marketing's word, I've never had to shave and my legs remained silky smooth. Amy and I walked the beaches and enjoyed the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea and sun. The media were everywhere and it seemed there was a camera pointed at me at all times.

We headed over to the event site and met the other models. They all huddled around me and wanted to thank me for the kind words I spoke about them. Even the other supermodels started to think I wasn't just after taking their prestigious positions. We did a dress rehearsal and the feeling amongst the models was that this was going to be by far the biggest event they ever participated in. The venue would hold five thousand people and we were told that it would be standing room only.

Google was reporting that Adela Cervenka was the most searched for name across the entire Internet. Maggie's Secret would simulcast the event live over television as well as the Internet. People lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the models. Maggie's Secret wanted me to keep a low profile, within reason, and suggested I not attend any of the pre-event parties. This was fine for Amy and me as we decided to eat dinner in our room and make sure we found time for each other.

The next day the event didn’t start until 7:00 pm, but the models' day started at 7:00 am. We each had to work with the seamstresses to do our final fittings first thing so they would have time to finalize the adjustments and us refitted a second time. Cameras were everywhere as we went through our behind the scenes preparations. I was surprised to have the supermodels request selfies with me, but Amy told me afterwards that they wanted my face with theirs when they posted them so that they would generate more social media hits for themselves. I didn't mind.

Light snacks were provided throughout the day to keep the models somewhat fed, although the finger food they provided was not the most filling. It would be late before we all got a real meal. By 2:00 pm the final rehearsal was performed with music and lighting. They had live singers that we had to walk around on the runway. I felt pretty good about how I was moving and Heather said my poses were perfect.

The masters of ceremonies was announcing me every time I went on stage. I gathered they really wanted to make sure people paid attention when I was on the runway. After rehearsal, all the models went into final preparations. We showered and went straight to hair and makeup. Makeup took an exceptionally long time as every detail was meticulously layered on. Luckily, as Anne had pointed out, I had no need of foundation, but they spent extra time on my eyeshadow making sure it picked up and enhanced the look of my eyes.

An hour before the event started they opened the doors and the people flooded in. The media received preferred seating near the stage. Live cameras were recording with reporters on scene giving up to the minutes updates. With all the pomp and ceremony, bands playing, and announcements, the actual runway modeling wouldn't start until 7:30 pm. I looked over the crowd and drew in a deep breath. After tonight, I'd truly be a household name for good or for bad. I could see the headlines now... 'Adela Fail' or 'Maggie's Secret was that Adela wasn't anything special.' I sighed and tried not to wring my hands as my nerves got the best of me.

The moment had finally arrived and we were all lined up. The lights dimmed, the music started and the show began. When it was my turn to step onto the stage, they announced my name and the place went completely silent, however, once the lights hit my body the applause was deafening. I couldn’t even hear the music anymore. I leaned on Heather's training at that moment as otherwise I would've been completely blinded by the flashes and the lights. As it was, I could barely see the edges of the runway. Heather had advised me memorize my step counts up and down the runway and that helped make everything go smoothly.

Backstage was organized chaos for my quick changes. Anne was watching social media feeds as they happened and she was giving us updates. Twitter and social media sites were flooded with photos and messages. The vast majority were positive, but there were many comments that felt the models were degrading to women. The event went smooth for me until the final runway. I was wearing the large white feathered wings, and a stunning white lingerie outfit that was the crowning glory for the entire new line. I was even given a little tiara to wear with the outfit. I was halfway down the runway when a little blonde girl ran up onto the stage. She was no more than ten and must have had Down Syndrome. Once again the crowd was silent and the music stopped. She was the cutest little girl I'd ever seen. The mother screamed for her return, but unfazed she ran straight for me. I squatted down and scooped her up into my arms. I talked to her as I continued down the runway to the end.

"Aren't you the prettiest little girl."

"I want to be just like you when I grow up. I want to be pretty so I can be an angel too!"

"You're beautiful enough just as you are. Here, this is for you." I reached up and took my little tiara off and placed it on her head. "There you go. You're an angel now, just like me." She beamed with pride and had the biggest smile on her round face.

I took her hand and led her down and back to her mother. I squatted back down and the girl gave me a huge hug which I reciprocated. My hand lingered on her face. The mother whispered a 'thank you' to me. I stepped back up on stage and finished my pose. The crowd went wild. When I got backstage Anne ran over to me.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. So touching! The Internet's on fire. There's photos of you with the little girl springing up all over the place. Maggie's Secret stock just jumped thirteen percent. Comments are flooding in at how proud people are of Maggie's Secret to take the time to do something so special like that for the little girl. Amy and Heather are waiting. You need to go to the gala event and we need to get you ready for the ball, Cinderella."

I met up with Amy and Heather and we all congratulated each other. My success meant it was their success. I thanked them for all their training and support.

Amy kissed me as I changed. "I know you'll be busy for a while. I'll expect you back at our room by 10:00 pm. I'll have dinner ready for us." She snuggled close. "I love you, Adela."

I kissed her passionately. "I love you, Amy. Nothing can keep me from being there with you tonight."

Amy and Anne left and headed for the gala. Heather helped me finish changing.

"You were incredible tonight, Adela. You looked spectacular and this dress will blow everyone away."

I looked at myself in the mirror. I'd become somewhat used to my new reflection, but there are times, like this one, that I was still stunned by the beautiful woman staring back at me. My dress was long and flowing, with a high cut to one hip, and angling across my thighs then down to my ankles. The front was low cut and plunging as well as the back. Long earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and four inch heels completed the outfit. It was revealing yet sophisticated. I met up with the other models who were all giddy with excitement. They really looked up to me as a role model and many were sharing that I inspired them to do more special events to help various causes.

As before the master of ceremonies announced the models as we entered the gala. I was last again and when my name was called there was loud applause. Within my first few steps I was mobbed by people on all sides. Everyone wanted to talk with me. Being more of an introvert I tend to get recharged by having time to myself and larger crowds tend to pull energy from me. I tried to focus on one person at a time and that helped a lot. At one point the mother of the young girl grabbed my arm and thanked me profusely. She told me no one had ever validated her daughter publicly like I had done and wondered if I would speak at an event for families with Down Syndrome children. I told her I'd be happy to if a good time could be arranged, but my first commitments were to Maggie's Secret. I gave her Anne's contact information to try and confirm a time.

I checked the time and it was 9:45 pm. I had just enough time to leave and get back to Amy. I started for the doors when Bob slid his arm around my waist from behind. "I need you to come with me to a special after party."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mathers, but I promised Amy I'd meet her for dinner in a few minutes. Thank you for the invite." I turned to leave but I felt him press something hard into my side.

"It's not a request and yes you're feeling a gun pressed into your side. Don't make any sudden moves. We're heading to the elevator to my room."

I'd never had a gun held towards me before and I'm sure if I was still a man I would have been just as afraid as I was now. Being a woman, I knew I was no match for a man that weighed twice as much as me. I might be able to get away and I was leaner and faster, but I couldn't outrun a bullet. Oddly enough, the thought that most bothered me was that I'd not make my promise to Amy.

I looked for every opportunity to get away or to get someone's attention but nothing came up. I was starting to shake at the thought that I might not get out of this alive. Some people say it's better to live and take what comes than to try something and not live. I didn't know what Bob was going to do to me.

He led me to his room and he checked to make sure no one had followed us before closing the door. "Sit on the bed."

"What's this about? Why are you doing this?"

"You really don't know? Everyone touts your praises and speaks so highly of you. Adela's the most beautiful woman in the world. Adela's so smart and compassionate. Our models are mimicking your behavior and you've made me look like a fool more than once. Our CEO has even had several discussions with me about my attitude since you came here. I'm on the verge of losing my career because of you!"

I stared at him as I had a hard time understanding why he was focusing all his problems on me. "We can work this out. If you let me go, things will smooth out for you. Don't do something now that you can never recover from."

"Shut your mouth! At first I sort of liked the little Slavic accent we gave you, now I find it nothing but annoying. I'm going to inflict upon you pain befitting the problems you've brought upon me. I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do to you so you can be thinking about that the entire time. First, I'm going to have you strip for me, then you're going to lie on this bed as I take your virginity from you. Once I've done that to my satisfaction, I'm going to put a bullet through your throat so your still alive as I toss you off the balcony to the concrete below."

If I was going to die anyways, I was certainly not going to let this man defile me first, not without a fight. He moved over and sat in a chair and pointed the gun at me. "Strip. But take your time as I want to enjoy seeing your humiliation."

I bolted for the door and turned the handle as I felt his hands close around my ankle and pull violently, his gun left absently by the chair. The door came ajar, but the chain stopped it from opening any further as my hands slipped from the knob. I screamed for all I was worth and kicked with my other foot. My stiletto heel cut into his arm and he let go of my ankle. I sprang to my knees and grabbed for the door again, trying to get the chain off. I screamed for help again as his bloody arm encircled my neck. I tried the releases Amy taught me, but his adrenaline filled body wouldn't budge. He wrestled me over to the bed and threw me violently down. I kicked and screamed as he grabbed for me. His hand clamped down on my mouth, blood dripped from his arm and onto my cheek. I stared into his rage filled eyes and knew I was about to die. I struggled, kicked and twisted. Spittle was falling from his mouth as he bared his teeth trying to settle me down. His other hand rose to strike me.

The door to the room burst open. Wood splinters flew in all directions. Amy dove across the bed, tackling Bob from his side, throwing them both from the bed and crashing into the balcony sliding glass doors. Two men were right behind her with drawn weapons. Bob was underneath Amy as she elbowed him in the nose. "You keep your hands off my Adela!" The men with weapons pulled her off of Bob. She was she incensed and continued to hit and kick Bob who remained on the floor with an obvious broken nose. Amy grabbed me and pulled me into her arms. She looked me in the eyes and up and down. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"

I snuggled into her arms and found I was shaking. "I... I'm alright... He was going to rape and kill me... I've never felt so afraid and vulnerable in my entire life."

"But you weren't vulnerable. You fought him, you screamed, you gave yourself a chance. I'm so proud of you, but I'm taking you home tonight."

Luckily my nerves had held back my hunger since by the time I had given my statement to multiple law enforcement officers, Anne, Heather, Amy, and the CEO of Maggie's Secret, it was nearing midnight. Bob would be tried for attempted rape and murder and Miles Bertrand had already contacted HR to start his immediate termination. Miles was extremely upset by all of this and promised to make things up to me. By the time everything was complete it was just after one in the morning. Amy took me back to our room and ordered up some food to be delivered.

I picked at my food as we talked. "You were like my knight in shining armor, Amy. I can’t believe the way you tackled Bob and broke his nose."

"I told you I was somewhat possessive. No one messes with my girl."

I smiled weakly, trying hard to get out of my emotional funk that had settled over me. Everything had been so wonderful. I'd been living my dream fantasy, and then this happened. I didn't realize just how much of a target I could potentially be being so beautiful. "You still want me as your girl? I'll give it all up if you want. I don’t care about being a supermodel. I'd be happy to simply find a nice little place somewhere quiet as long as we could be together."

Amy stopped what she was doing and sat on the bed next to me. "I understand this has shaken you up pretty badly. If I consider it from your perspective, you've never been in such a position in your entire life. Women in general live with this threat all the time. It doesn't matter much how good looking we are. There are men, not many, like Bob that will do these things. Yet, we still have to live our lives. You need to gain your confidence back, that's all. As for me wanting you to be my girl, I don't give my heart lightly. You're mine, Adela Cervenka, for as long as you want me. You don’t have to give up anything. I knew what I was getting into."

I looked into Amy's eyes and I smiled, the burdens falling off of me. "As long as I want you? Even if that's for the rest of my life?"

"Especially if it's for the rest of your life." She placed her hands on my face and kissed me.

Part Eleven – The Aftermath

Several days later I found myself in Miles Bertrand's office. "Adela, I want to extend my deepest apologies for Bob's actions. I need you to know that he does not represent who we are as a company."

"I can’t blame Maggie's Secret or any individual here for his actions. Bob chose what he did on his own."

"Thank you for that. Not everyone would be so accommodating that way. I have the contract that you agreed to several weeks ago." He ripped it in two.

"No! I'm sorry if I did something wrong, Mr. Bertrand. I love this company and my job. The people I work with..." I started to tear up.

He put up his hand. "You're not fired. I can't in all honesty feel good about this contract any longer. Besides, legally it wasn't binding as it was made with Jim, not Adela. I'd like to offer you something different. As you're probably aware, an outpouring of support for Maggie's Secret has begun. In the days since Monaco our stock has risen forty-three percent and, for the first time in our company's history, we can’t keep stock on the shelves. There is only one thing that has caused all of this. That's you."

"No, Mr. Bertrand, not me. If it wasn't for Anne, Heather, and Amy, I'd never have stepped foot on that runway. If it wasn't for the thousands of man hours from the Marketing staff and the research team, I'd not be Adela."

"That's what I like about you, Adela. You're humble and always want to give credit to other people. While you're correct, these people deserve much credit, it's your character that people gravitate to. You said it so well yourself. Beauty is not that..." He pointed to my body. "It's your ability to positively impact other's hearts and minds. You do that. Let me ask you a question."

I was still staring at the torn up contract. I nodded.

"If you were running Maggie's Secret right now, what would you do?"

"That's easy, Mr. Bertrand. You currently have a vacancy for an Executive VP of Marketing. I'd expand the scope of that role to add model and customer relations. I'd put Anne Banks in that position and Heather as VP over model relations. Anne's extremely competent and a very gifted and intelligent individual. Heather's been a model for many years and they both have a heart to see change in this industry. Amy, she's so amazing and I'm not just saying this because we're in a relationship. She'd be perfect to work with the models in their fitness, health, and self-defense. I believe with them at the helm of these areas, Maggie's Secret could be a world force for change in the industry."

I paused then continued. "We make policies to change the way we deal with the models and punish the old 'give me ten minutes one on one and you'll get ahead in this industry' mentality. As a company, we should promote more values other than just sexuality. Thus, you need a VP of customer relations that can work to build a bridge between what Mag's sells and how people feel. We should spearhead support groups for women and expand the clothing line for the not-so-perfect body shape. We need to make sure we're not creating a clothing line on the backs of women and children, slaving in some sweatshop. We need to do more charity work so that when people buy from us, they feel proud of the company they choose to buy from. I could go on."

Miles sat back with a contemplative look on his face. "And what about you? Where do you fit in all of this? You realize for every order we are receiving, we have two or three requests for you to model, be an actress, attend a charity function, speak, and be interviewed. You can't do it all. What do you want?"

I looked back longingly at the contract. "I'd just be happy to represent Maggie's Secret in any way you deemed fit, within reason, of course. I want to keep modeling. I'd love to keep working with Anne, Heather, and Amy."

"I like you, Adela. There is something special about you. It's not the looks, it's who you are. What if I told you I agree with all you've just said. Would you stay with us?"

"Just tape up that contract and I'll be happy to continue to work here."

"You could have anything you want? You know that? You could walk out these doors and have a thousand offers for millions of dollars per year and you would prefer to have a ten-year contract for $40,000 Euros per year?"

"If I got to continue to work with everyone I care about and really make a difference in the lives of women. In a heartbeat."

"It's not about fame and money with you is it?"

"No, sir. It's about being with those that I love, doing something I believe in."

"You're a breath of fresh air. That's why we need to keep you. I'm willing to do everything you asked with one exception."

"What's that?"

"You can't keep your old job and contract."

"But that's what I want."

"I can’t give it to you because you're worth more than that. I'd like to make you VP of Customer Relations. You'd have full reign to travel, meet with groups, act, and model. The entire time you'd represent Maggie's Secret. I'd ask that you model for us for at least the four major events we have per year. As a combined modeling and VP role, I'd offer you $935,000 Euros per year. That salary, is far lower than I believe you are worth, but is in line with other supermodel contracts we have."

"I don't know what to say."

"I'm hoping you'll say yes."

"Yes, of course!"

"I'll have a new agreement for you by the end of the day. I know that Anne, Heather, and Amy are waiting to see me also. Don’t mention what we spoke about, I'd like to give them the good news myself. It's one of the little joys I have, giving people good news."

"Thank you so much! I hope I never disappoint you."

"I don't think that's possible, Adela."

I waited in Anne's office while Anne, Heather, and Amy went to see Miles Bertrand. I was bubbling over with joy and couldn't wait to see them all. The wait reminded me of the wait I had on the table so many weeks ago. It felt like two days, even though it was only an hour. I watched the door eagerly until I couldn’t stand it any longer. It was then that the door finally opened. Instead of smiles, they all looked sad.

"He fired us all."


"He told us that we could no longer hold the jobs we had."

"I can’t believe it! That's not what he told me! I'm going back there right now and telling him he can kiss my …"

"Wait. He told us we couldn't have our current jobs, but based upon your recommendations, he had new jobs for us."

I admit, I was rather dense and slow until it dawned on me and they are burst out laughing.

"We all got major promotions because of you!"

"No, not because of me, it was because you earned them."

"The only thing that really matters, is I get to continue working with you all."

We all hugged and headed out to celebrate.

Later that night Amy and I stood on a balcony overlooking Zurich. It was a warm summer's evening and we'd all had much to celebrate. Amy looked me in the eyes and kissed me. I pressed into her body and held her close. "I've been meaning to ask you something since Monaco but the timing never seemed right." She got on one knee and took my hand. I took a shuttered breath realizing what she was doing. "I'm kind of old fashioned and felt we couldn't move in together without having a true commitment to each other. Will you, Adela Cervenka, marry me? Will you make me the happiest woman alive? To be with me through the good times and bad?" I could believe what I was hearing. A beautiful diamond ring was held out in her shaking hand.

"You had my heart from the day I looked into your eyes for the first time. I will, with all my heart."

She slipped the ring onto my finger. I pulled her up into a long, passionate kiss.

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