The Asylum

The Asylum

Part 1 – Coercion

"I'm not sure why you're so scared, John. It's just an old building."

Samantha continued to gently embarrass me into going to the old asylum on the hill tomorrow night. She was the instigator in our little group of friends, always trying to push the edge, go faster, and do anything that would cause a thrill. She was eighteen, and, in my opinion, far too pretty to be attracted to only girls. It was a real waste. Being my neighbor for the past five years, I had a crush on her from the moment I saw her. You would think I would get the hint and not continue to cause myself such suffering by putting myself in situations where I'm always by her side.

"It's not that I'm scared, well, maybe a little. My great aunt was killed up there."

"You mean the one that was thrown in there because she was a witch?"

That was Bob, the third member of our trio. He was a year older than Samantha and me and seemed to have his neurons permanently wired for three things; sex, zombies, and witches.

"My great aunt was supposed to have been put in there because other people claimed she'd been a witch. That was never proven and she died in the fire."

"Come on, John. It'll be fun. Just think what secrets we might uncover up there."

I looked into Samantha's eyes and found my resolve ebbing away. I could never say no to her, which was a major problem I had. "All right. I'll go."

"Zombies and sexy witches here we come!"

Part 2 – Premonition

That evening I lay in bed staring at a picture I had of Samantha. I loved everything about her. She was witty and smart. We shared so much in common. She was about five-seven, had long brunette hair, the prettiest brown eyes, full lips that parted easily to expose her perfect teeth when she smiled, and a figure that any cheerleader would die for. I fell asleep wishing things could be different between us.

I stood in a small dark room, a steel door closed behind me, effectively sealing me in. My heart was pounding and my pulse racing. Sweat and fear permeated my body. Water dripped from the ceiling causing an eerie echoing sound. Burned cloth padding rotted on the walls all around me. A broken down and rusty bed frame rested in the corner. There were chains and decaying leather straps fixed to the bed frame. My flashlight began to flicker just as the sounds of screaming started in the hallway outside. I shook my flashlight trying to regain the light. I was frightened beyond anything I'd ever been. Something was coming for me. I could hear the scraping of monstrous claws along the walls coming closer and closer. I knew I wasn't safe. I hit my flashlight again, the light flicking back on. My heart jumped into my throat and I fell backwards from the vision before me. A young woman, horribly disfigured, with her face partially burned away stood where a moment ago nothing had been. She appeared to be pleading with me as the sounds from outside came closer and closer. She pointed with what remained of her burned arm to a spot low on the old wall. I reached there, my hand breaking apart the rotting material. I felt my fingers close on something cold. The young woman looked anxiously over her shoulder at the door. Her one remaining eye urging me to action. I flashed the light on my hand to see a small, delicate necklace dangling there. The screaming and sounds of the raking claws stopped but I could still hear movement just outside the door. It had found me. The young disfigured woman pointed at the necklace, then towards my neck as a horrible scream shook the very floor I was standing on. The young woman was gone, all that remained was the horrid beast tearing the door open and reaching its clawed hand towards me.

Part 3 – Aunt Jenny

I woke with a start, grateful to find myself back in my own bed. It had all felt so real. My phone chirped indicating I had a text message. I sighed and rolled over to check my messages. It was from Samantha. 'Wake up sleepy head. We leave in an hour.' I texted back, 'Not feeling well, can't make it today.' I then thought of Samantha's eyes and smile and deleted my message, thankful I hadn't sent It yet. 'See you in an hour.'

I grabbed my backpack and stopped downstairs for breakfast. My mom and dad were already up. "Good morning, son."

"Morning, mom."

"Sleep well?"

"Not really. I had a nightmare. Can you tell me about your aunt, the one that went to the asylum?"

"That's strange breakfast conversation. Why would you ask?"

I sort of lied. "We're camping tonight in the forest up near the old asylum. I just thought it might make for a good campfire story."

"You're going with Samantha and Bob?"


"You know, I really like that Samantha. It's too bad she's... well you know. I think it is great you're both such good friends. Not too sure about Bob. I'd be worried if Samantha weren't... Anyways, you were asking about Jenny Hamilton, your grandmother's younger sister. She was about your age when she died in the asylum fire. That would be what, about fifty-two years ago now? I never met her as I was born after she died, but I remember seeing pictures of her. My mother told me she was the prettiest girl in the entire state. Anyways, there are two stories about her. The news said that she was a witch and they sent her to the asylum. Your grandmother told me a different story. She said the real witch was the one that ran the asylum and when she saw Jenny in town one day she was determined to have her. Your grandmother visited Jenny a few times and Jenny would tell her about the horrible things that happened within the walls of that place. She'd told your grandmother that she was innocent and the real witch, the asylum administrator, was sucking the life out of her. Very strange stuff. Anyways, that's about all I know. Too bad your grandmother isn't still around. You could've asked her more."

"Thanks, mom."

"You be careful."

"I will"

Part 4 – The Adventure Begins

Samantha and Bob were waiting for me when I got to our meeting spot. "For a moment, I thought you weren't going to show."

"Sorry, Samantha. I got delayed. You know I wouldn't miss a chance to have an adventure with you."

We had a several mile walk to the asylum. Bob took a spot next to me as Samantha led the way. "You really need to get over her, John. The way you look at Samantha is the same way my new puppy looks at a piece of steak he knows he can't have."

"It's not that bad, Bob!"

"Yes, John. It is."

I sighed. He was, of course, right. I've been a miserable masochist all of these years, pining after something I could never have. I'd even turned down dates with other girls because I just could not bring myself to give up hope that maybe something would change between Samantha and me. It was tearing at me day after day knowing that whom I thought was my soul-mate, could never love me. I'd have to speak with Samantha and let her know how hard it was for me. If I was to ever move forward, I just had to do it.

"Come on guys! Keep up!"

Bob and I sped up to come alongside Samantha. The old roadway to the asylum was overgrown and many trees had fallen across it. It was daytime, but you'd never know as we walked through the thick forest. The sun was blocked by a thick canopy of branches and leaves. Vines grew up the trees and heavy underbrush made everything feel claustrophobic. By the time we reached the exterior gates, a mist had formed and snaked its way along the trees and ground. Heavy clouds also started coming over the horizon.

"I like mist. It brings out the zombies. We just need to meet some friendly female zombies."

"Zombies, witches, and sex. That's Bob for you."

Samantha laughed. "We just need to find you a zombie witch that loves sex, Bob."

"That would be awesome!"

The fence and outer gates were in rough shape, but surprisingly still strong. The enormous asylum stood gloomily in the distance. A large lock, chain, and signs saying 'Hazard', 'No Trespassing!', and 'Keep Out' seemed to tell us pretty clearly we shouldn't go any further.

"Do you really want to go in there?"

"Of course. Besides, it looks like a storm is coming in. You really want to be outside when it starts to rain?" Samantha didn't wait for my answer, but grabbed the bars and started climbing.

"Come on, John and Bob! We won't find any sex-starved witch zombies out here!"

I looked at Samantha now safely down on the other side of the gate and saw her smile at me. I could never turn down that smile. I grabbed the rusted steel gates and climbed over.

"That is, undoubtedly the spookiest place I've ever seen. Can you imagine what went on in there?" Coming from Samantha who watched horror movies religiously, that was a pretty bold statement.

"Zombies, definitely zombies."

We walked slowly through the weed infested courtyard towards the front entrance to the building, the asylum looming larger and larger as we approached. Gargoyles, sitting on the building roofline, drifted in and out of our vision as the mist floated by. You could see areas of blackened soot where flames had burst through some of the windows. A large water fountain had created the centerpiece of a circular drive. The main architectural feature of the fountain, a cement angel, had fallen over, it's wings dipping into the black murky water and its head noticeably missing. I stared into the water trying to imagine the day my great aunt Jenny had arrived here so many years ago. What would the place have looked like? As I let my thoughts drift I lost focus and a beautiful face of a young woman drifted towards the surface of the water. She had long blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes I'd ever seen. In a split second, the face transformed into that of the burned young woman from my nightmare. She was screaming at me. I jerked back with a start, my heart thumping hard against my ribs.

"Look! Look in the water! There is a woman in there!"

Samantha and Bob rushed over and looked into the water and started laughing.

"Yep, that's a woman all right. Really, John, you should see yourself right now. You look like you saw a ghost."

"But she was there!"

"Take a look."

Inch by inch I made my way forward and cautiously looked into the water. The head of the angel statue stared back at me.

"I'm telling you, that's not what I saw."

From behind a window in the asylum a hideous creature with soulless eyes looked down on the three of them. It took note of the one boy, who had a look of familiarity about him. For years it had searched the crumbling ruins of the asylum in vain. It turned away from the window. If the lifeless creature could have hope, it did for the first time in many, many years.

Samantha took my arm in hers, which instantly put me at ease. "Come on, John. We're not even inside yet and I'm sure it'll be far more interesting in there than out here. Besides, it's starting to rain."

Part 5 – The Asylum

The main front doors looked rather ominous. Heavy wooden doors with rusted iron supports still looked solid after all these years. The rain was coming down harder now and I would've been happier to get soaked and leave than stay. A small chain and an old rusted lock kept us from going inside.

"I guess we should head back."

"Nonsense, John. I came to see zombies and I won't leave until I see them." Bob picked up a large brick that must have fallen from the roof. He smashed it down on the lock and it snapped off like it was butter. "That was easy."

We removed the chain and pulled the heavy door open. The creaking door echoed in the empty space beyond. We stepped inside to the foyer and I pulled the door closed behind us. I swore the door groaned a long "Nooooo" as I did so.

The foyer would have been rather pleasant if you didn't know what had gone on here. They floor was made up of white and black checkerboard tiles, now covered in dirt, soot, and debris. Arched columns rose from the floor to support the ceiling, giving it a sort of art deco feel about it. There was no hint that anyone had been in the building for a long, long, time. A chandelier hung from the ceiling and twin staircases went up to the second floor. Beyond the foyer was a small room with steel gate, most likely used as the first secured entry into the building's interior. Portraits of long deceased board members and administrators stared down upon us. Cobwebs had infested the chandelier and spindles of the staircases.

"Let's go upstairs first."

Samantha started running up the stairs. Bob and I followed, as usual. The second floor appeared to be where the offices had been. Signs of how the fire had ravaged the building were everywhere, including large, gaping holes in the roof, exposing blackened timbers. The rain spilled through the holes in the roof from an ever darkening sky. Yellowed and soot stained wallpaper lined the hallway that was covered in a blackened, wet, and rotting red carpet. I thought the place would be rather creepy, even if it wasn't falling down and deserted. We continued down the hallway, peeking into various rooms and offices. Most were totally destroyed, but the odd one still had remnants of draperies and furniture.

Further ahead and on the left, we could see a slightly more ornate door. The door was closed and a sign on the outside said 'Administrator.' We tried the door, but it was locked.

"Come on, John. Let's throw our shoulders against the door to see if we can open it."

Not wanting to disappoint them, I lined up with Bob and together we slammed our shoulders into the door. The door was more rotten than it was solid and we practically flew through the door sending splinters of wood flying everywhere.

Bob and I picked ourselves up off the floor as Samantha gasped. "This room is still intact. The fire never got to it." Strange as it may seem, Samantha was right. As a matter of fact, there didn't even appear to be any dust on the furniture. They began rummaging around through the desk and drawers as I went to the file cabinet.

Bob whooped for joy as he discovered an old bottle of whiskey. "We can drink this later."

I continued to look through the files. When I found the H's I thumbed through until I found what I was looking for. The file folder was thicker than the others as I pulled it out, careful to not tear the yellowing and fragile paper inside. As I brought the file over to the window for more light, a small leather-bound book fell out from the file. Samantha picked it up. "This looks like a diary."

I glanced at the documents inside. "This is the file for my great aunt, Jenny Hamilton. It says she was admitted March 17, 1963. I think they said the fire was sometime in July that year. It says, 'observed anti-social behavior. Patient was found in a hotel room downtown with occult markings that she had drawn all over the walls. She responded violently to being taken and was brought here for isolation. The administrator chose to be the sole caretaker for Jenny and established a series of daily evaluations. There is surprisingly little else in here. What does the diary say?"

'Today, March 20, 1963, at least I think it is March 20, I was given this book by my sister when she came to visit me. The staff said it was fine as long as I behaved. I'm hiding it in my room each night before they chain me to the bed for the evening. Whatever the administrator has said about me is nothing but lies. I'm not a witch. I was told to meet a friend down at a hotel. When I got to the room, the door was open and no one was there. That's when the police came and dragged me away. I don't know why I'm here in this frightening place. I hope someone will realize it was all just a huge mistake and let me out of this horrible nightmare.'

"We can read more later. Obviously, they must have taken the diary away from her at some point before the fire. Let's continue looking around."

"Let me keep the diary. It really belongs to my family."

"Sure, John." I reached out and held the little book reverently. My great aunt had written in this book.

"There's not much more on this floor, let's go back downstairs and through the gate into the main part of the building."

We retraced our steps back down the hallway and down the stairs. We turned towards the small room with the iron gate that protected the inner portion of the asylum. The gate was open as we moved deeper into the building. I kept feeling like we were being watched, but every time I looked around I could see nothing. The first room was large and appeared to have been some sort of lounge area, possibly where patients and visitors could meet. Several couches had remained untouched by fire and water. We noted them, deciding to come back to this area later. To our right was another opened gate that led into a hallway with a sign that read 'Residences' above it. To our left, another gate led to a staircase heading down to the basement. The sign overhead, now hanging partially by a single hook, read Isolation, Operating, Morgue.

Part 6 – The Basement

"Downstairs it is then." Samantha pulled on the gate, the sound of rusted hinges was deafening in the quiet stillness of the building. "When the fire happened, they must have unlocked all the gates."

We stood at the top of the stairs and looked down into the gloomy darkness. If we stood quietly we could hear the odd sound coming up from below. I couldn't tell if the place was bothering Samantha or Bob in the least, but I was scared. I kept thinking what it must have been like for my great aunt, being taken here, imprisoned against her will. I could imagine the yelling of the insane patients drifting through the halls. I shuddered.

Samantha turned on her flashlight and started descending the stairs. "You guys sure you want to go down there?"

"John, come on! If we're going to find zombies, this is the place they'd be."

I sighed and turned on my flashlight and followed after them. At the bottom of the stairs was a large, wide hallway running in both directions to the edges of the building. Rusting gurneys blocked portions of the hallway to the right so we turned left towards the isolation chambers. There were many rooms on both sides of the hallway. Steel doors, most hanging slightly ajar gave us glimpses into the small rooms beyond. Burnt padding on the walls and rusted bed frames were typical. One room had what appeared to be scratches on the door. It was horrible. I pictured my great aunt, being chained to a bed in one of these rooms, isolated from the world, her sobs muffled by the padded walls.

I stared, lost in thought, at the manacles dangling from one of the room's walls. A hand lightly touched my shoulder, yet for all its gentleness, I jumped and let out a small scream. "Sorry, John. You're really jumpy. I've never seen you this intense before. Are you okay?"

"Sorry, Samantha. I asked my mom this morning about my great aunt that was here. It paints this place in a whole new light. Can you imagine yourself, being chained up in here against your will?"

"I can only wonder what horrors she'd seen and heard. We can go if you like."

I looked into Samantha's eyes. We stood close to each other, her hand gently holding mine. I didn't ever want to disappoint her. "I'm okay. Let's keep looking around."

She looked deep into my eyes, assessing me. I thought I could see a hint of longing, but it was wishful thinking on my part. She squeezed my hand. "I know this is harder for you than Bob and me, and I'm sure you're here just because I asked you." I was about to interrupt her when she continued. "I want you to know if the circumstances were different between you and me... if you knew why I could never have a relationship with a guy... I wish I wasn't like this... I feel you're the only person who really understands me, you've always been there for me... I'm ruining your life, John."

"No! I... You could never ruin my life, Samantha."

"If you two need a room, there's lots to choose from. Come on! Let's go see the other rooms."

Samantha rolled her eyes at Bob, smiled at me and squeezed my hand one last time and turned to head back towards the stairs and the other side of the hallway. We pushed some of the old gurneys aside and turned left into the operating theater. To the right were bathrooms. The operating room seemed mostly untouched by the fire. The room was large and old medical devices hung everywhere. Several tables and chairs with clamps to hold heads, arms, and legs were spaced throughout the room. Near one chair was a rusting metal stand with instruments on it.

Bob held up a metal spike that had been laying on the stand. "Do you know what they used this for?" Samantha and I shook our heads. "It's for doing lobotomies."

"For what?"

"They immobilized the patient, then stuck the spike up through their eye socket and into the front part of their brains. Some people believe the results of this procedure is what first started people believing in zombies as the patients often walked around like they were dead afterwards."

"That's barbaric! I'll be right back. I need to go visit the ladies' room."

"Okay, Samantha. Yell if you need me." I watched her go as Bob continued his discourse on all things lobotomy.

"The procedure was used into the 1980s. Hey, why don't you sit in the chair so I can take a picture of it."

"No way!" The room was closing in on me. I felt a heaviness descend making it hard for me to breathe.

"Rock paper scissors. Loser goes in the chair so we can get a picture. One – two – three." I involuntarily put out my fist, signifying rock. I glanced at Bob's hand. His hand was flat for paper. Paper beat rock. I'd lost. It was just a chair and only long enough for a picture.

"Okay. I'll do it. Have you ever thought how many people sat in this chair before and had that spike driven into their brains?"

"You're all talk and no action, John. Hop up into the chair."

I did as requested and before I knew it Bob had flipped over the restraints on my hands and legs.

"Hey! That wasn't part of the deal! It was just to sit in the chair for a picture!"

"This adds to the realism. Let me get my phone out."

As Bob reached for his phone a loud noise sounded out in the hallway followed by what sounded like steps. We looked at each other.

"It's either Samantha or zombies! I'll be right back, John!"

"Wait! You can't leave me here like this! Let me out!" It was no use, he was already gone. I purposely breathed deep and regular to try to calm my pounding heart. My flashlight rested on the tray next to the rusty lobotomy spike, its light casting strange shadows against the walls. I closed my eyes tight trying to think of peaceful images. When I opened my eyes I swear the spike next to the flashlight had been moved. From behind me I heard a slow, scratching shuffle. I started to panic. "Guys! Is that you?" Nothing. I strained to hear any sound. I twisted my head as far as I could from side to side but I couldn't see anything. My heart was pounding against my chest. I struggled in the chair, my wrists and ankles bruising against the restraints. I felt a cold breeze against the back of my neck and more sounds from behind me. Shadows began to form on the walls. Samantha and Bob were coming back, at least I hoped it was them. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow, something in tattered clothing, it was just at the edge of light and vision. I screamed.

"John!" My shirt was soaked with sweat.

"Get me out of this thing! Why did you leave me here alone trapped in this chair? There was something in the room with me."

"You're right, John. Bob should've not left you. I can’t imagine what that must have been like. I walked into one of the gurneys and it fell over." Bob and Samantha unhooked the restraints.

I jumped out of the chair and grabbed my flashlight. "There was something here, in this room! Let's get out of here! Please!"

"Okay, okay. John, I'm sorry for leaving you here." Bob seemed apologetic, but you never really knew for sure with Bob.

We headed back upstairs. I was grateful to be away from that dark damp basement. We opened the front door to the asylum to see the rain pouring down outside. Lightning struck and the place shook with the thunder.

"Maybe we should wait a little longer until the storm blows through? The lounge area has a little natural light and it's dry and at least somewhat comfortable." Another bolt of lightning hit nearby, the thunder happening almost instantly.

"All right. But as soon as the storm is done, we go."

Bob and Samantha agreed and we headed back to the lounge. Bob pulled out the whiskey, opened it, smelled it, and took a sip. "That's so smooth. It has to be over fifty years old." He passed it to Samantha who took a small sip and she passed it to me. I took a small sip as well hoping that it might take a little of the edge off my nerves. It burned its way down my throat.

Part 7 – The Diary

"Why don't you read more of the diary, John?" I pulled out the diary and began to read.

'March 22, 1963 – My older sister visited me again today. It was such a relief to see her. This place is so frightening. People scream all night long. There's so much violence. Yesterday I saw a new patient attack an orderly. They sedated him and I overheard them talking about taking him to surgery. We have no rights here. They can do whatever they want to us. I've been molested several times by male orderlies. If I scream or fight back I'm drugged. I'm so scared.'

"It all sounds so awful. I can't even imagine how she must have felt."

"Oh come one, Samantha. She could've been insane and deluding herself. There's no evidence to suggest she was put here against her will. What would someone's motive be?"

"My family tells a different story."

"Of course they would. Who would want a crazy aunt in their history?"

I ignored Bob and continued reading.

'March 27, 1963 – I had my first meeting with the asylum administrator, Miss Chandler. She took me to a private room and she gave me a physical. She asked a lot of questions about my health, any current conditions I had, and family history. I told her that I didn't do anything wrong and it was all a mistake. She promised me to help me. Finally, some ray of hope.'

'April 1, 1963 – Miss Chandler has decided to personally work with me one on one. There's something very odd going on. She takes me to a room in the residence section of the asylum. It seems to be a secret room off of her private space. Inside on the walls are the same symbols I saw on the walls of the hotel room. She places a necklace on a stand at the center of the room and asks me to concentrate on it, then she begins speaking in a strange language. At the end of the session, I feel weaker. I'm worried because it doesn't feel right and I can't say anything to anyone in the asylum as they'll continue to think I'm insane. The last thing I want to happen to me is to go to the operating room. People come back from there alive, but they appear dead. I'm so frightened.'

"I wonder if that room still exists. Wouldn't that be proof that she was telling the truth all along?"

"We can go look later. Read some more."

'May 13, 1963 – I only know today's date because I saw it on a desk somewhere. I feel I'm questioning myself. Am I really insane? I remember a time when I felt sure I was fine, but now, everyone around me tells me I'm insane and I'm not recalling my memories correctly. I'm growing weaker and weaker after each session with Miss Chandler. My mind is muddy, but I think I remember her saying soon my body would be hers. I know I am or must be going insane as I think she's a witch. I told my sister last time she visited me, but they no longer let her visit. I'm on my own now. I'm so scared.'

'June 10, 1963 – My body is getting weaker and weaker but oddly enough my mind seems to be getting clearer. Miss Chandler ordered the staff to stop giving me drugs. I think she wants my body pure for the final stages of her sessions with me. I truly believe now she's a witch and is siphoning off my life so that she can consume it and keep on living. Even the orderlies have been punished if they molest me. It's like I am a special person that she wants me as fit as possible in these final days of my life. Yesterday, I noticed something for the first time. I saw a glow about the necklace when she was speaking a strange language. I'm going to try to take the necklace, I just have to wait for my chance.'

'July 1, 1963 – I'm very weak now. Miss Chandler told me I'm dying and will be dead within a week. I don’t doubt that at all. I finally got a chance to steal the necklace. A patient reacted violently in the lounge. In the middle of our session, the orderlies requested Miss Chandler's presence over the loudspeakers. I feigned unconsciousness, and she left me there alone. I grabbed the necklace and headed straight to my room, sneaking by the orderlies and Miss Chandler trying to subdue the patient in the lounge. I've found a place to hide the necklace, but I fear for my life more than ever. If I get a chance, I'll try to create a diversion, somehow. I'm sure, regardless, I've only a few days to live.'

'July 1, 1963 – The whole place is in an uproar. Miss Chandler has been in my room multiple times. I do my best to look like I'm asleep or unconscious, but I know she's looking for the necklace. She's so angry looking. The orderlies are coming...'

"That's the end of it. I'm thinking they found the diary and took it from her. Do you think that she was the one that started the fire?"

"We may never know for sure. What a tragic tale. I feel so sorry for your great aunt."

"Maybe she's a zombie now."

"Can it, Bob. Let's go see if we can find Miss Chandler's room in the residence section."

Part 8 – The Witch

For the first time ever, I wanted to be here. I wanted to find proof to show that my great aunt was telling the truth. We all headed into the residence section and began looking through the rooms. At the very end of the hall was a room that, once again, appeared untouched by time or fire. It was a large room and yet it looked rather plain. Everything in it seemed to be in order. Simple, is how I'd describe it. A small single person bed, a night stand, a chest of drawers, and nothing on the walls. Not even a mirror. It appeared to be a dead end. Jenny must have been hallucinating about a secret room. I was about to leave when Samantha pointed something out.

"Look here. The hot water pipes, go straight into this wall. In all the other rooms, they came up from the floor and back down into the floor after the radiator." We began knocking on the wall and sure enough, it sounded hollow behind. We all began looking for a way in. It was Bob that found it.

"I think this wall sconce is hiding a switch. If I just..." We all heard the click and a panel opened up exposing a secret room. As Jenny had written in her diary, the walls were covered in occult symbols. Two chairs and a small table sat in the middle. "Well I'll be... I take back what I said about your great aunt, John. This is pretty much proof she was innocent."

"We found what we wanted to find and the storm seems to be dying down. Let's go."

This time they both agreed. We'd spent enough time there. We turned to go and were at the door to the hallway when Bob accidentally knocked a lamp off of the nightstand.

"Just what do you think you're doing here?" We turned back towards the secret room to see an older, matronly-looking woman standing there. She looked very angry.

"How did you get there?" Bob stammered.

Ignoring Bob's question her tone rose in anger as she addressed us. "You break into my house and expect me not to notice!" She looked at Samantha and me. "You look familiar to me! And you!" She now pointed to Samantha. "You'll do quite nicely."

I stepped between Samantha and the woman. "I don't care what you want. We're all leaving."

"None of you will ever see daylight again!" She roared and her image changed. Before us stood a hideous creature with long sharp claws extending from the ends of its bony, rotting arms. It wore tattered black flowing rags that covered the rest of the desiccated and blackened corpse. Her head was mostly decaying with parts of her skull showing through. The creature screamed in anger.

Bob grabbed a lamp from the dresser and threw it against the creature. It shattered against its skull, but it acted like nothing had even happened. A clawed hand backhanded Bob across his chest throwing him across the room and smashing into the wall. Samantha and I stared at Bob, blood trickling from his mouth. He looked at us with dazed eyes and mouthed the word "Run!"

I took Samantha's hand in mine and we ran. We didn't want to leave Bob, but we had to get to safety. The hallway to the lounge seemed to stretch on forever. We finally made it to the lounge and stopped to get our bearings. "Bob, we have to go back for Bob!"

"I know Samantha, but we don't even know if he's still alive. We need to go get help! We'll get outside, go to town, and get the police."

The creature was howling and screaming and seemed to float towards us as it came down the hallway. "Let's go!" We turned left to get to the foyer, but the gate was closed and locked. We were trapped inside. I looked around wildly. Before the stairs stood the burned young woman. She was there and then she was not. "We have to go downstairs and find a place to hide! Come on!" I pulled Samantha after me. At the bottom of the stairs we turned left and ran down the hall into the isolation ward. "Here! Get inside!"

The sound of the screaming echoed through the asylum. We were breathing hard. My heart was pounding. I closed the door behind us hoping I could at least hold it closed, but we were trapped.

"What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. I'm so sorry, Samantha. I won't let that creature get you. If anything happens to you I would not be able to live with myself."

"It's all my fault, John. I'm the one that suggested we come here."

"It doesn't matter, Samantha. I would've followed you anywhere. I... I'm in love with you, always have been." Samantha looked conflicted. "Look for something we can use as a weapon!" Just then my flashlight flicked off, plunging us into total darkness. The screaming was getting closer, we could hear the claws of the creature scraping the walls. I shook my flashlight, and it flickered on again.

"We're going to die, John." She said it as a whisper. She was terrified.

My light hit her face and suddenly I remembered my dream. "Samantha, I've been here before."

"What do you mean?"

"Last night, I had a dream. I was in this room. The bed, the chains. They're the same. In my dream, a young woman pointed to the wall. Here, hold the light!" I dove to the corner of the room and started scraping away the rotting and burned padding from the wall. It came away easily and my hand found a void in behind. I felt something cold. I pulled it out and held it up to the light. "The necklace! This was Jenny's room. She hid it here all along. I know what I have to do."

The shrieking stopped outside the door. We moved away from it, our backs pressed against the far wall. I held up the necklace as the creature ripped the door from its hinges and crept inside. It looked at the necklace with its dead, soulless eyes. I dropped the necklace around my neck. The creature screamed as a flash of light filled the room.

I'd been wrong. The necklace hadn't saved us. The creature raised its clawed and mangled hand to strike us down. We both cringed. At the last second I heard Samantha whisper to me. "I love you."

I struggled trying to comprehend what Samantha had said as I watched the claw descend towards us. Suddenly I saw a flicker of light, a glint off of something shiny from behind the door. The creature's head tipped and fell to the ground and the body collapsed. Within moments the body had all but vanished into a heap of ashes. I looked up to see Bob with a very large butcher knife in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Cutting the head off a zombie witch, it’s the only way to properly kill them. How are you girls doing?"

Why did he say girls? I looked down at myself, long blonde hair drifted in front of my eyes. I had two very noticeable bumps on my chest, my hands were small and delicate. My mind swam and everything went dark.

Part 9 – Awakening

"I'm sure it was all too much for her, Bob. That creature could've killed us all. I think she's starting to wake up. Go check to see if you can get the gate open to the foyer while I look after her."

I slowly opened my eyes. I was on one of the dingy couches in the asylum lounge. "John? Jenny? Are you alright?" I looked into Samantha's worried eyes. She was holding my face with her hands.

"I think I'm okay. What happened?" My voice was all wrong.

"Are you John, or are you Jenny?"

"Samantha, it's me, John. I'm so confused."

Samantha looked over to make sure Bob was still out of hearing distance. "John, I'm so glad it is you in there. It is strange. When you put the necklace on, you transformed into what I believe is Jenny's body. This must have been what the witch wanted, to change from her old self into someone more beautiful and younger. The creature was the witch in its natural state and it needed the necklace to fully come back to life. John, when you changed, your clothes changed. I went through your pack and I found your ID. Everything shows you as Jenny. Perhaps it was because I saw you transform, but I remember who you were before. Bob, believes you've always been Jenny."

"So you think the world, my parents, everyone will never know and remember me as John?"

"Whatever magic was in that necklace, it changed reality for everyone around you. I could be wrong, but that's what I believe."

"So I'm Jenny now? I mean I'm still me inside, but to everyone else I'll always be Jenny."

"I'm sorry John, I mean Jenny. This was all my fault. I talked you into coming here. I hope, someday, you'll be able to forgive me."

"Samantha, there's nothing to forgive. What happened, happened. We can't undo it. Besides, I'd follow you anywhere." I watched her eyes soften and moisten.

"When we get back, and you've had time to adjust to your new situation, perhaps we can talk. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. What you must be feeling."

"The dream I had about the room. I was sure the ghost of Jenny was telling me I needed to put the necklace on to be saved. I don't understand."

"I think it did save us. The creature hesitated when it saw the necklace, then was momentarily blinded when you put it on and the transformation took place. That was just long enough for Bob to come and kill it. You may not think it now, but given time, perhaps the necklace will also save you in a different way."

"How so?"

"I'm not sure I can explain right now. Give yourself some time, then we can talk about it again."



"What do I look like?"

"You may not want to hear this, but you're stunningly beautiful." She bit her lower lip. I wanted to talk more, but Bob came back over.

"I got the gate open. We can get out of here."

I wanted to see if Bob remembered anything about me from before. "Bob? Have I changed?"

Bob smirked. "You must've had too much whiskey. You're wearing the same clothes you started with, Jenny."

"Bob, I'm sorry the zombie witch didn't turn out to be sexy for you."

"That's all right, Jenny. They can't all be sexy."

I stood up and felt the weight on my chest bounce and shift. My clothing was practical for an adventure, yet now very feminine. My jeans hugged my thin waist and wider hips. From what I could see, I was indeed curvy, yet trim. My slightly wavy, blonde hair was long, to the middle of my back. I looked at my breasts and at Samantha's trying to judge size. I'd say they were close to being the same, even though I seemed to be slightly shorter than Samantha now. It was hard to take it all in and move forward.

As we left the asylum, I remembered the old fountain. My curiosity got the better of me and I looked once again into the water. My hair fell in front of my face so I pulled it back over my shoulder. At first I thought I saw the same image of the young woman again, but then realized it was my own reflection. I had a very beautiful face and the deepest blue eyes I'd ever seen. I smiled, watching my reflection do the same.

"Come on Jenny!"

I ran to catch up with Samantha and Bob.

Part 10 – Changed Reality

It was late when I finally got back home. My parents were asleep for the night. I walked through our house and looked at the pictures on the mantel and on the walls. They showed me as a young girl. I stared at the pictures in a state of disbelief. Perhaps this was all still a dream and I would go to sleep and wake up as me again. I went upstairs to my room. Everything was different. The furniture was now painted white, and there were lots of pinks and purples. My closet was filled with dresses and skirts. On my bed was a nightgown. I dropped my gear and looked at myself for the first time in front of my full-length mirror. I gave a small feminine gasp as I took myself in. Samantha had been right. I was stunningly beautiful.

I had to keep reminding myself that the young woman in the mirror was me. I sought my feelings and thought of Samantha. Did I still love her? The answer came back, yes! I was still me, just in a different wrapper. A very different wrapper. I slowly undressed, taking in every inch of exposed skin as I revealed it. When I finally stood naked in front of the mirror I became slightly aroused by what I saw. I had full breasts and a thin waist. My hips flared nicely and my stomach was perfectly flat. I had long, smooth legs. My skin was flawless. I moved my delicate hands to my breasts and felt their weight. I was surprised by how much they weighed, but even more surprised by how supple and sensitive they were. Just holding them caused my nipples to become erect. It was a most wonderful feeling.

You might think I would be in a state of shock and not interested in self exploration, but you would only be correct in that I was in a state of shock. I was, after all, eighteen, recently male, and had a chance to fully feel the depths of passion from a female perspective. Of course, it helped tremendously that most of my fantasies over the past few years pictured myself as a young woman that Samantha had chosen to make love to.

I slid into my bed and lay on my back. My hands began caressing my breasts and nipples. I let small gasps and moans escape my lips. My breasts were so sensitive. I moved one hand between my legs as the other massaged my breast. My vaginal lips were very moist and my finger found easy ingress between the wet folds. I imagined myself as I now was with Samantha sucking my breast and her finger inside my wet vagina. I found the bump that was my clitoris and almost screamed out when I first touched it. There was nothing as a man that even came close to the level of sensitivity. I imagined Samantha's tongue moving slowly back and forth over my clitoris. I stroked myself in time with my imagination. I felt my sexual tension build and build until I came in a wave of pure ecstasy. My first orgasm as a woman seemed to go on forever. I shuddered and held my hand tightly between my thighs until it was over. As the endorphins released, I drifted off to sleep.

It only seemed like moments later when I was rudely awakened by my mother calling up from downstairs that breakfast would be ready in thirty minutes. My first thought was that everything had been nothing more than a dream, but as I rolled over I felt an unmistakable weight shift on my chest and long blonde hair fall into my face. I let my hands roam across my body confirming my suspicions. I needed to pee so I got up and headed straight to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and immediately felt the rush leave me in a very uncontrolled manner. When I stood back up I noticed I was still dripping a little. This was definitely something I would need to get used to.

I started the shower and jumped in, letting out a loud gasp as the force of the water stung my sensitive body. I noted that my soap and shampoo were different. Knowing that my parents were waiting for me, I washed as quickly as I could and tried hard not to explore at length. The feeling of the soap against my soft, smooth skin was tantalizing. I shampooed my long hair, which was a chore in itself. I had no idea how much longer it took for girls with long hair. I got out of the shower and dabbed my body dry. My hair was soaking wet so I found a blow dryer and used that on it. It took some time, but I managed to get my hair dry and tangle free.

I went to my dresser and found, to my chagrin, a pair of delicate panties and a bra. I struggled with the bra, but was pleased how well it supported the weight of my breasts. I had to admit to myself that smooth legs and not having stuff between my legs made the panties quite comfortable to wear. I moved over to the closet to find that whatever pants I owned must have been in the wash, because all I found were dresses and skirts. I closed my eyes and grabbed one at random. It turned out to be a summer dress that thankfully went just below my knees. I found some flat shoes that seemed to go with the dress, grabbed the diary, and headed downstairs.

"Good morning, sweetheart! When did you get in last night? You look absolutely beautiful this morning."

I was still unsure just how my parents could suddenly have a daughter and not realize something was different. "I got in around midnight. We got caught in the storm and wound up taking shelter in the old asylum. I don't seem different to you?"

"We suspected as much. That's a scary place. No, is something different about you that we can't see?"

On one hand I was relieved they didn't realize I'd changed, on the other, it was disconcerting they knew me better as who I am now than I knew myself at the moment. "I guess not. When we were in the asylum, I found your aunt's file. She had this diary. I thought I'd give it to you. It's a rather strange read, but we found evidence to support what she wrote."

"Did you know that we named you after your great aunt Jenny? You look so much like her from the old pictures we have of her. You could've been twins."

"I believe it."

My phone chirped with a message from Samantha. 'Can I come over so we can talk?' I texted back that would be good.

"Is that Samantha? I sort of hoped you two would someday get together."

"You don't mind the idea of women being together?"

"Jenny, you're so funny sometimes. I've always known of your tendencies towards women. I just want you to be happy, regardless of who you're with. Of course, with Samantha there's no chance of you getting pregnant." She laughed and I suddenly felt very vulnerable realizing I could now have a baby.

The doorbell rang and I went to the door to let Samantha in. She looked at me and giggled. "You're wearing a dress."

"I'm confused enough as it is, please don't make it worse."

"Sorry, but it's a big change since yesterday. You look beautiful, by the way."

"Come on upstairs."

Samantha giggled again when she saw my room. "That was pretty powerful magic to do all of this. Your parents didn't see any change, did they?"

"No. Even our old family pictures have me as a young girl. My mom even told me a few minutes ago how she knows I have tendencies towards women."

"That must have been a shock for you."

"I'm still me inside. My preferences haven't changed. I get grossed out thinking about sleeping with some guy. The shock was waking up and realizing it wasn't all a dream. That and seeing what I have in my closet."

"Your closet?"

"Take a look."

Samantha giggled again. "I'm sorry I'm giggling. Your closet is filled with the most beautiful and feminine dresses." She came over to the bed and sat down next to me and took my hand in hers. "How are you coping?"

"I feel fine some moments, and others I feel like people are going to call me a fraud. If I had to live as a woman, at least I'm in a body that I feel I could become comfortable in. How are you doing?"

"You said something to me yesterday."

I knew what she was talking about. I'd told her I loved her. I winced thinking this was not going to be a pleasant conversation.

"I realize we were in a difficult situation, but I know you spoke from your heart. I was torn. I've known you always loved me. Everyday I wanted to free you since I never felt I could be with a man, but I wanted to keep you by my side. I know this was tearing you apart. In my own way, I've loved you since we first met. I didn't believe I would ever meet someone so compatible with me as you."

"It did tear me apart. Yesterday Bob told me I looked like his puppy that knew he couldn't have some steak. I'd hoped things could change for us. May I ask what happened to you? Why you can't be with a guy?"

"Just before we moved here, my father abused me sexually. He would hold be down and rape me. Over time, I just felt so helpless and unable to control my situation. I have to have control and that simply couldn't happen with a man that's so much larger and stronger than me. I wanted to feel differently, but I tried everything. Nothing could get to that deep-seated fear."

I wrapped my arms around Samantha and I started to cry for her.

"Why are you crying? You're going to make me cry."

"I'm sorry, Samantha. I just wish I'd been there to protect you. You didn't deserve to have that happen to you. I don’t know why I'm crying, it's just coming out. I seem to feel things much deeper than before. If I picture myself in your situation, now, being a smaller young woman, the thought terrifies me."

Samantha broke our embrace and wiped the tears from my eyes. She leaned close and kissed me. It was the most wonderful feeling I'd ever experienced on so many levels. My lips were so sensitive and they tingled with the touch of her lips against them. I felt a warmth spread throughout my body.

"That was wonderful!"

"Mmm, it certainly was. I know you have a lot to absorb, Jenny, and you may want time to be by yourself. If, however, you want to explore something deeper with me, I'd like to take you out on a date tonight."

"Samantha, you're the only person in the world that knows what happened to me. You're my source of strength. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm now a little smaller than you, or simply feel weaker than I did as a man, or merely female hormones I'm getting used to, but I feel a strong desire to be with you and, this may sound very odd, be held by you. I'd love to go out on a date with you tonight."

"You've made me the happiest girl in the whole world. I thought, perhaps, I lost you forever. I'll pick you up at 5:30 pm. We'll go out to dinner." She leaned forward and kissed me again then hugged me. I felt our breasts press against each others. I felt warm and giddy as I watched her leave.

"Jenny, sweetheart?" My mother was at my door.

"Yes, Mom?"

"I just saw Samantha leave. She was beaming. Anything I need to know about?"

"We have a date tonight."

"Well, isn't that special. Would you like me to help you with your hair and makeup later? I'm sure you want to do all you can to impress her."

The thought of my mother helping me get ready for a date was such a foreign feeling. I certainly could use the help. "Sure, mom!"

Part 11 – The Date

Later that afternoon my mother helped me with my hair. I'd showered again and washed it as well. She had me sit in front of a mirror and she brushed my hair until it shone like polished gold. She used the curling iron to emphasize some of the curls at the ends of my hair and pulled and pinned my hair back on one side. It looked amazing. "How about a little makeup? Not that you really need any." I wanted to impress Samantha and so I agreed. My mother helped me apply a little mascara, lipstick, and some eyeshadow. It was all very light and tastefully done. "So what were you thinking of wearing?"

"I'm not sure. It is a dinner date. What would you choose?"

"There is nothing like a beautiful blonde in a red dress. You want to look sweet and innocent, yet sexy and demure at the same time. How about this one?" She had picked a red dress that exposed my back and shoulders, and plunged down the front showing subtle hints of my breasts. The length came to mid-thigh. It was elegant yet would leave anyone looking at me enough skin to arouse them.

When all was said and done, I looked totally breathtaking. I hugged my mother tightly, thanking her for her help. The doorbell rang and my mother let Samantha inside. I stood a few feet away and tried to keep my mouth closed. Samantha was wearing a spectacular black dress that hugged every curve of her body. She looked more beautiful than I'd ever seen her before. We both said the same thing at the same time, "You look absolutely amazing!"

My mother looked at us both and smiled. "You two have a good time. We won't wait up for you, Jenny."

As we walked outside Samantha held my hand. "Did your mother help you with your hair and makeup?"

"Yes. It was embarrassing and yet, such a unique time as well. I never had my mom fawn over me like that before."

"Well, you're her daughter now. You both did an incredible job. I love the way your hair is done and the light look of your makeup. That dress is unbelievable! You're even wearing high heels."

"To tell you the truth, it's nice. I never thought about what it must feel like for a woman to dress up. I can't lie though, these shoes, even though they look great, are hurting my feet. Where are we going for dinner?"

"I hope you don’t mind, but I was unsure how you might feel out in public yet and I didn't want you getting snatched away from me, so I chose to make you dinner at my house. My parents are away for the week. And here we are..." She led me into her house, which had been transformed inside with flowers and candles.

"You did all of this for me?"

Samantha pulled a rose from a vase and handed it to me. "I wanted to make sure I left a good first impression."

I took the rose and smelled it, unable to control my growing smile. "You could've shown up in a cardboard box and still impressed me, but I do appreciate the effort and how thoughtful you were to think how I must be feeling out in public. I'm sure I would've been most unladylike, tripping in these shoes and sprawling onto the ground. I still don’t know how to sit in a dress."

"I'm more than happy to provide you lessons. Dinner will still be about thirty minutes. Do you mind if we sit and talk a bit? Would you like a little wine?"

"A little wine would be nice, but just a little. I don’t want to get drunk. I want to fully enjoy our time together." I watched Samantha pour two glasses of red wine and watched carefully how she sat on the couch. I did my best to emulate her.

"Very well done, Jenny. You're doing so well. I still can’t imagine what you must be going through."

"I'm getting used to the idea." I blushed a little. "I guess I could say that I'm pleasantly surprised how I feel. I should be freaking out, but this body feels so nice. It is sort of like how you enjoy a cold winter's day. You wear warm clothing, wrap yourself in a blanket, and sit in front of a fire. It's a comforting feeling that I get. As a man, everything seemed a little harsher. Shaving every day, the roughness of my skin, the clothing I used to wear, even how I was treated."

Samantha came a little closer on the couch and placed her hand on my knee and felt my soft skin. It was so good to feel her touch. "Very soft. Women are definitely very different. You may even start to notice more of how men act around us."

"Oh, I already have. Even just watching television. What I would simply ignore, I'm now suddenly paying closer attention. I hope I didn't act all bravado and macho around you."

"You never did. It's one of the reasons why I liked you so much. You had a sensitive side. I don’t mean to insult your manhood in any way, but you were much more like a woman in a lot of ways. Like how you admitted to being scared to go to the asylum, or opening up about your true feelings for me. Do you know I have a picture of us on my phone that I would spend hours looking at?"

"That's funny, I have one of you as well that I would stare at."

Samantha laughed. "I hope you can forgive me. I used to wish that something could change in me or with you so that we could be together. It almost feels like my wish came true."

"You're not alone in your wish, Samantha. I wished the same thing."

"I'm so glad it was your wish that made all this happen and not mine." I could see a mischievous glint in her eye. She became a little more somber. "Do you think you'll miss anything about being a man?"

"There are only two things I can think of. Being able to go to the bathroom standing up, and not having a period. I don't even know what to expect or when to expect my first one. I'm a little scared of it."

"If that's the only things you can think of, then maybe it won't be so bad. For some women their period barely affects them, for others, and I think this has more to do with having your body nutritionally balanced, it can be much more problematic. Hopefully you'll turn out to be the former. I realize that you haven't grown up as a girl so what I take for granted or have grown into, you're learning fresh. Your mother doesn't even know you're learning now. I'd be happy to be by your side through those events."

We both seemed to be dancing around the obvious thoughts and questions that were on both our minds. "I want you by my side. I don't think I could do this without you." I placed my hand on hers.

Samantha entwined her fingers with mine and pulled my hand to her lips, kissing the back of my hand. I blushed at the touch of her lips and the feel of the warmth of her hand in mine. She stood up and pulled me up to face her. I wanted to crush her to me, but I also knew she needed to be the one in the driver's seat. Her hand slipped to the small of my back and pulled me to her. Her other hand pulled a stray blonde hair from my face and tucked it gently behind my ear. My body was on fire with desire. I'd always wanted to be in Samantha's arms and now, finally, my dreams were coming true. Her fingers brushed my cheek.

"I've never really told you how much you mean to me, Jenny." Her eyes sought mine. "How adorable you are. And now, how breathtakingly beautiful. I love you, Jenny. I'd do anything for you."

"I've loved you all these years. My body and my heart belong to you. I'm yours if you want me."

Her lips pressed against mine. There was so much feeling and passion in that kiss. My knees weakened and my pulse quickened.

Samantha pulled back, restraining her desire. "Oh, I definitely want you! We do, however, need to eat dinner before I get too carried away."

"I've no problems with you getting carried away." She kissed me one more time and took my hand to lead me to the table where she pulled out a chair for me. She brought out dinner and refreshed our wine.

Samantha raised a glass, "To the life we were meant to have. What a witch meant for evil, may our lives be forevermore blessed." I smiled, realizing for the first time that I was truly happy.

Dinner had been amazing, yet I couldn't tell you what we ate. My eyes couldn't leave Samantha's. We held hands and rubbed our feet against each other's legs. We talked about our future together and our past escapades. After the dishes were cleaned, Samantha pulled me into the living room and turned on some romantic music.

"Dance with me, Jenny." The music was slow and I wrapped my arms around her neck, her hands holding me close around the small of my back. We rocked back and forth, our bodies pressed up against each other's. I smelled Samantha's hair. She was everything I'd ever wanted. I felt her lips begin to gently kiss my neck, just below my ear. I moaned softly. Her touch was exquisite, every moment a miniature ecstasy. Her hands began to slide over my back and buttocks. Her lips moved to my cheek. By the time her lips pressed against mine I was breathing quickly in short gasps. My lips parted slightly as Samantha's tongue pressed into my mouth. She tasted so sweet. My body, reacting on its own volition, pressed my hips against her thighs. I could feel the wetness between my legs.

Taking my hand in hers, she led me to the bedroom. She looked into my eyes and whispered her love for me and she continued to kiss my lips.

"I want to make love to you, Jenny, but it's your decision. I'd never force myself on you, as much as I want you right now."

"I feel like I have waited for this all my life. I want you Samantha, body, heart, and soul. I love you."

With my acquiescence, Samantha's passions grew in intensity. Our kisses became fevered, our hands reaching for each other's. When her hand gently brushed my breast it was such an amazing feeling. I could feel my nipple becoming erect and rubbing against the silky clothing I was wearing. Her other hand slipped under the hem of my dress and pressed up against my wet panties. I was a bit embarrassed, yet Samantha didn't seem to be bothered. Her finger pressed between my vaginal lips, only my panties separating us. I moaned and gasped at the touch, my knees buckling at the feeling.

My hand moved to her breast. Had I still been a man I would have grabbed it more firmly, but having felt how sensitive my breasts were, I used a light touch. I felt her nipple beneath the fabric of her dress and let my fingers slide over it. Samantha let our a small moan and I felt her press her hips against my thigh. Samantha's fingers found the edge of my panties and slipped inside, her middle finger sliding easily between my wet folds and finding my clitoris. All I could do was emit small bursts of gasps, laced with pleasure at each stroke. My hips pressed into her hand and I hugged Samantha tightly to me, my face buried in her neck. When my orgasm came, I held onto Samantha as hard as I dared to keep from collapsing, my moans muffled by my lips being pressed against her neck. I held onto her and shook with pleasure, her finger slowly stroking me throughout my orgasm.

I was a little embarrassed. After all, it only took a few minutes. Samantha smiled and kissed me passionately. "Now that we got the first one out of the way, you can relax a little more. I guess that's a wonderful thing about being a woman, you don’t have to stop making love after you come once. I'm very close too. Why don't you help me along." Needing no more incentive, I tried my best to mimic what Samantha had done for me. I kissed her neck and massaged her breast gently. I slipped my hand up under her dress and found her panties were as wet as mine. I found the top of her panties and moved my hand inside, letting my fingers find her moist lips. I tried to remember how she had touched me, with the flat of her middle finger, gently touching my clitoris. I pressed my lips against hers and let my tongue seek Samantha's. My finger found her clitoris and I began slowly rubbing it back and forth. Our kisses became laced with passion. I wanted to press harder and move faster, but I knew now that slow, steady, and gentle was what she needed. I felt her body begin to tense. I pressed a little harder and pushed my finger in a little deeper. With a loud gasp and small scream, Samantha squeezed my hand with her thighs and came. I held her tight and continued to kiss her.

"God, I love you, Jenny. That was amazing! Come, sit on the bed." I did as I was told and Jenny knelt down in front of me. She took off my heels then pulled me to my feet and into her arms. She kissed me again and gently turned me around so my back was to her. Her lips brushing against my neck. I could feel her fingers undoing my dress. With deliberate slowness, she removed my dress and let it drop to the floor. I turned again to face her, only wearing my bra and panties. It felt so right, I felt no shame. She reached behind me and unclasped my bra exposing my naked breasts. "You are so beautiful, Jenny. More beautiful than anyone I've ever seen." She kissed each of my breasts and then knelt in front of me again, this time pulling my panties down. I was now naked before the love of my life.

Not wanting to be the only one naked, Samantha stood and turned around. I unzipped her dress and helped it drop to the floor. With her back turned, I unhooked her bra and let it drop as well. Her bare back hiding her beautiful breasts from me. I pulled her to me, my lips kissing the nape of her neck, my hands reaching around to find her breasts. They were full and supple. I kissed down her back and slowly removed her panties and slipped off her heels. She turned to meet me face to face, our breasts pressing against each other's. Her thigh moving between my legs. She placed her hands on my cheeks and kissed me, then we lay on the bed together where she rolled me over onto my back.

She then laid on top of me. I could feel her wet vagina rub in rhythm against my thigh. I had always pictured myself being the one on top, but this felt so right to me. I was submissive in a way, and loving it, letting Samantha do whatever she wanted to me. She kissed me several times again. I whispered to her that I loved her. My words increasing her passion. Slowly, she began kissing her way down my body. When she put my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, I thought I would almost come again right then and there. The feeling of her lips squeezing my nipple sent impulses straight to my vagina.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled as she kissed her way down my stomach. Every butterfly kiss she gave me caused my body to quiver with excitement. When her lips finally kissed my vagina I let out another moan of pleasure. When her tongue slid inside me I emitted a small scream and my hands went to stroke her head and hair. She pressed her tongue deep inside me, finding my clitoris and swirling around it. As her tongue continued to slide back and forth I felt a finger slowly slip inside me. My hands went to my breasts as my back arched. I could feel her finger moving in and out of me, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. I could feel my vaginal muscles release and grab her finger. The feeling of her tongue on my clitoris, her finger pushed deep inside me, and my hands squeezing my breasts was all I could handle. This time it was no small scream or muffled moan, but a loud gasp and cry of pleasure as my body was overwhelmed by the most exquisite orgasm I'd ever had.

When my waves of pleasure subsided, Samantha climbed back up into my arms and kissed me. I could taste my own juices on her lips. It inflamed my desires to continue to make love to her. I was very aware of how Samantha had been mistreated so I was very careful to be as gentle as possible with her. I rolled her over onto her back, but I didn't climb on top of her. I stayed to her side, letting my hands move over her gorgeous body. I began sucking her nipples and moving one hand between her legs, my finger slipping easily inside her. I continued this until I knew she was close to orgasm again. I began kissing her stomach and thighs, getting closer and closer to her now very wet vagina. I tasted her juices with my tongue and teased her clitoris with light flicks. Her hips were bucking slightly with each time I touched her clitoris. More deliberate now, I pushed my tongue deeper inside her and let my lips press around her swollen clitoris. Moments later, my head was squeezed between her thighs as she came. Her body shook and shook until the waves of pleasure ebbed.

Samantha pulled my up into her waiting arms. She kissed me. "You are so wonderful, Jenny! I'm in love with you so much!"

"I've always loved you, Samantha." We lay in each other's arms for a long time, neither speaking. She pulled the blanket over us as we cuddled. "You mentioned something to me before and how maybe putting on the necklace would save me in another way. I think I know what you were saying now. I've never been happier in my whole life. I never expected that being a woman would be so wonderful. The necklace saved us from the witch, saved me from my pain, and gave me you. I couldn't be happier."

"You don’t mind being a woman?"

"I can honestly say that I'd never want to go back to being a man. I've everything I ever wanted and, to be honest, the orgasms are mind blowing."

She smiled and kissed me. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

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