Educational Justice -chp17

Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 17

Headmistress’ Office, AEGS, 0730, next morning…

Scarlet Boatwright was beyond pissed off as she entered her school. Not only were students of her school involved with the attempted kidnapping of two students, they were the main suspects. The fact that eight of those suspects were all part of two families. Then there was the fact that those family members were also some of the biggest troublemakers in her school and her husband's was more than enough reason to hate what was going on. On top of all that, was the fact that the two students that were kidnapped were the SAME ones that had barely ESCAPED a previous attempt.

Now, some of those same students were calling her. Not that they had much choice in the matter. Her husband was even now dealing with the same problem over at his school. Of the fifteen students that were involved in the matter, three of the girls and four of the boys, were ALL full-time boarding students. These kids spent their lives at the schools until they graduate. Scarlet had full Loco Parentis for those girls, just as her husband did for the boys.

When she called to have the girls released into her custody, she was informed that they were all being held without bail. Now, she had her old friend Maria DeMarco wanting to see her at her office in twenty minutes. Something about the two students that were kidnapped. That was all Maria would tell her. As she entered her outer office area, Scarlet was greeted by Maria DeMarco and Anna Garcia. She was expecting one, but not the other.

“Maria. Why don’t you go on into my office. Mrs. Garcia, please tell me that you are not here to remove your wards? Please understand, that normally these types of things do not happen.” As Scarlet was running on and on, Maria held up her hand. “Maria, I take it that you’re here with Mrs. Garcia?”

“My dear Scarlet, I am here to HELP you. Mrs. Garcia is an old friend of mine, while her employer is a longtime acquaintance.” Maria waved towards Scarlet’s office door. “I believe that this conversation is best held out of prying eyes and ears.”

Once inside Scarlet’s office, Maria and Anna each took the seats facing Scarlet’s desk. Scarlet took her chair and looked at the two women that held her school’s future in their hands. Scarlet knew this for a fact and there was nothing she could do about it. “I hope you can tell me about all this, Maria? By that I mean, how is it that you know Mrs. Garcia, your ties to Colonel Carmen and his granddaughters? Please don’t try and fool me old friend. You can tell me whatever you want, but I have heard rumors. This would fit in with some of those rumors.”

“Very well Scarlet, the time for misdirection between us, is over.” Maria pulled out her Marshal’s badge and showed Scarlet the badge. “As you can see, I am more than just a retired Prima Ballerina. You did NOT see this badge, Scarlet.”

“So, this was how you were able to bring in those TEACHERS. Are OUR schools being funded by the U.S. Government as well?” Scarlet seethed.

Maria sighed. “No Scarlet, I and I alone, am your benefactress. It is MY money that has helped you keep these doors open. All in the hopes of educating the next generation become greater than ours. That is the truth Scarlet.”

Scarlet looked across her desk at Maria, then nodded her head. “I always knew that there was more to you Maria. That you are a U.S. Deputy Marshal, was not something that came to mind.”

“Excuse me Mrs. Scarlet, but Madam Maria is not a simple Deputy. She is a full Marshal and the head of a very elite team of Deputies.” Anna held out her Diplomatic Credentials. “As you can see, I am what I first presented myself as. Diplomatic Bodyguard for the Spanish Consulate.”

Scarlet visibly relaxed. “Thank you, Mrs. Garcia. Now, why have I been getting calls from students that I cannot bail out of jail as their appointed guardian?”

“That is because of me, Scarlet.” Maria answered. “Before you go snapping my head off, please let me explain.” Scarlet held her angry retort and nodded her head. “Currently, all of the Henley and Gilroy children are in the county jail. All were arrested for the kidnapping of the Carmen girls. The young men and women that were with them are also guilty of kidnapping. This a Class One Felony involving Foreign Diplomatic Dependents on U.S. soil. I am doing all I can right now, to keep the State Department and Spanish Government out of this. One of the conditions of that is: all the children involved must be named.”

“And to do that, you need for one or more of them to flip on the Gilroys or the Henleys. I take it that once one of them does, they’ll be receiving a deal of some sort?” Scarlet knew she had to what she could for the three girls and four boys that she and her husband were responsible for.

“I take it that there a few of those children that you would like to have the Prosecutors office offer a deal to?” Maria questioned.

“That is exactly what I would like Maria. I know that it might not be what needs to be done, but I know that I can save those seven children.” Scarlet was almost pleading with Maria at this point.

“I take it that these seven children are more than just members of the schools' upper crust?” Maria’s curiosity was piqued.

“No Maria, they weren’t. Not in the normal sense of things. The three girls that were arrested with those trouble makers are ALL full-time boarders. Each one is the daughter of a U.S. Ambassador. As for the boys, two of them are brothers to one of the girls. The other two are the sole heirs of International Corporations. One is an orphan, with no other place to go than my husband’s school. The other might as well be an orphan. His father is comatose, has been for the last four years, while his mother has to have round the clock, heel to toe, medical care.” Scarlet sighed then looked down at her desk. “These schools are the only families those seven children know. Give me and Charles a second chance with these children?”

Maria smiled at her old friend and sighed before nodding her head yes. “There will be restrictions placed on their release Scarlet. These children committed a very vile crime. This was no prank. Those children went out of their way to first steer and then entrap two other students. All for the sole purpose of extorting their grandfather or worse by the Henleys or Gilroys.”

“Maria I have no problem, nor will Charles, with any punishments placed on the children. They need to learn their actions have consequences. The question is, will the U.S.D.A.’s Office offer deals?” Scarlet asked. “You’ll have to forgive me Maria, but even I know that a Marshal doesn’t trump a District Attorney.”

“We have someone that will be on scene shortly that can insure the deals go through. However, the only way those deals will happen is if they will name names. Full disclosure and cooperation. I am sorry Scarlet, but it has to be that way.” Maria really didn’t feel sorry, but felt she had to give her friend some hope for the children in question.

“I’ll get them to give up the names of the ringleaders, Maria. They will also give me the NAMES of the rest of the bullies.” Scarlet now knew what the price was for letting Alice Farley go unchecked, and not putting a stop to the Henleys and Gilroys before now. Scarlet was going to take back her school from the bullies. One way or another. “When can I talk with the girls?”

Maria smiled. This was the woman who had fought so hard to make this school was it was. “I believe that I can arrange for something this afternoon.”

Commandant’s Office, SRMA, 0730…

Bobby and Hunter waited for Colonel Boatwright and Gunnery Sergeant Jacob Hightower to arrive. They both knew that the two men would be pissed off. The fact that four of their students were currently in the county lockup. The academy has had a slap to the face of its honor. Bobby and Hunter knew their temporary bosses were going to a handful.

The door to the office slammed open as the Colonel and Gunny stormed in. “Get me the records on every last member of the Drill and Rifle Team Gunny, NOW! After that, find me those two worthless SONS OF BITCHES; Johnson and Griswold! If that email you sent is correct, and I have no doubt that it is, I want those two in cuffs PDQ.” Colonel Boatwright ordered before seeing Bobby and Hunter. “What can I do for you Sergeants? Make it quick because I have a FUBAR that only a Second Lieutenant with a map and a compass could create on my hands.”

“That’s why we’re here Sir.” Bobby said as he and Hunter stood up. “It would be best though, that we handled this in your office.”

As the four men entered the Colonel’s office Charles Boatwright turned to face the two Deputies. Seeing the looks on their faces Boatwright signaled for the Gunny to close and lock the door. Once that happened, Charles reached under his desk and hit a hidden button. The sound of pneumatic seals and hardened locks engaging could be heard around the room.

“Alright Sergeants, welcome to the S.C.I.F. This room is sealed five ways from Doomsday. Electronic surveillance will not work in any way shape or form. Now that that is out of the way, what the fuck is going on? I just learned a half hour ago that I have a shit storm on my hands. I get here and you two are setting there out there, as if your waiting on us. Just what the hell is going on gentlemen?”

Bobby and Hunter both pulled out their badges and handed them over to Gunny first. Gunny took one look at the badges, then passed them over to the Colonel. “Alright, Deputies. Are you even vets?”

“Yes Gunny, we’re vets. In fact, we’re still on active duty. In a way.” Hunter tried to explain but stopped. “What we really are, we can’t tell you.”

“Find by me, Sergeants. We understand the need for OpSec. Now would you care to explain, how it is you knew to be here this morning?” Gunnery Sergeant Hightower questioned the two men.

“We were on the team that took down the Henleys and Gilroys yesterday. The reason we’re here, is help you with a few of those students that were with them.” Bobby knew that the Old Man really cared about the kids placed in his trust.

“I hope like HELL that you’re not here for the Henleys and the Gilroys?” Colonel Boatwright snapped.

“No sir. In fact, with their parents in the cells on the other side of lockup, YOU are next in line as their guardians as loco-parentis. As far as the Henleys and Gilroys go; you can let them rot in hell. No, the ones we’re willing to help with, are the four cadets that were there at the time of the raid.” Bobby told them.

Both old soldiers sighed in relief. Bobby and Hunter could tell that they worried about the four boys that were at the Gilroy place. “Alright Deputies, what do you need from us to make this happen?”

“First, we are just a pair of ‘concerned teachers’. That is our cover, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.” Hunter began. “Next, we need those four boys to roll on the Henleys, Gilroys and the others. We want the WHOLE damned bunch either behind bars or wearing tracking bracelets.”

“If we go with the bracelets, they’ll have to be the wrist type. The ankle monitors will get in the way of their boots. Just how many more of OUR students are we looking at?” Gunny Hightower asked Hunter.

“Not as many as you think Gunny. In fact, the number of students involved is a total of ten. They are all members of the Drill and Rifle Team.” Hunter handed over a stack of files that Kasey and Kristine had compiled. “These are the ones that we KNOW were involved in the kidnapping Sir, Gunny.”

Gunny picked up the files and began to look through them. As he did so his face turn grim. “Sir, most of these kids are full-time boarders and part of the Drill and Rifle team. The ones that Griswold and Johnson have been watching after.”

Colonel Charles Boatwright knew he had a problem with the two Lieutenants, but not the extent. Now he knew, and he was pissed. “Sergeants, I’ll get the ones in lockup to flip. When they do, and name names, there will be justice. As for Johnson and Griswold, I would like for you to stick around. The Fort Stewart CID are on their way here as we speak. I plan on turning our so-called Lieutenants over to them. Seeing as how the two fuck-sticks have gone so far as to Impersonate Military Officers; that places them FIRMLY under UCMJ jurisdiction.”

Just then there was a knock on the office door. Boatwright hit the button again, the sounds of air rushing could be heard. Bobby and Hunter both knew that the room was now no longer sealed or secure. They quickly grabbed their badges and put them away. With no signs of them being anything more than Sergeants, Gunnery Sergeant Hightower opened the door.

As Johnson and Griswold entered the office, Bobby and Hunter moved to flank them. If the two men had been real Military Officers, instead of imposters, they would have seen their movements for what they were. Instead, the two men never felt the blows that rendered them unconscious.

“Excuse me Sergeants, but would you care to explain why you just BRAINED our main suspects?” Hightower asked coldly.

“Easier to cuff and stuff this way Gunny.” Bobby smirked then for good measure, squeezed the handcuffs tighter on Johnson. “Also, it was either this or breaking their bones.” From the growl and timber of Bobby’s voice, Hightower knew that Hunter and Bobby wanted to do far worse to the two men.

Boatwright cleared his throat, and when the other three men were looking at him. “I take it that; these two have been the ones behind more than just the problems with MY Drill and Rifle Team?”

“Yes sir, you could say that. They are also the ones behind the undermining of the Student Council and the threats to certain teachers.” Bobby told the man.

“In that case Sergeants, be so kind as deliver whatever punishments you see fit.” Walking around the desk Boatwright punched both Johnson and Griswold in the kidneys. “I’ll be waiting for CID to get here.”

“No need for that sir. They should be here in just a few more minutes. As for the Sergeants pounding the piss out of the dumb-fucks? As much as we would like to let them do that, we can’t. If we do; the CID will have questions that we do not want to answer. This way the CID can just take them and be done with the whole matter. They go away and we get OUR school back.” There was something about the way Gunnery Hightower was talking to the Colonel that got both Bobby’s and Hunter’s undivided attention.

“Care to enlighten us on how you come to that conclusion Gunny?” Hunter asked.

Gunnery Sergeant Hightower sighed. “I have a brother that’s a Texas Ranger in Dallas, Texas. Like all cops, he heard the tales about that those badges. We got drunk while I was on leave once. We started swapping tall tales, myths and the normal bullshit two drunk-ass men do. Anyway, he told me about those badges. They’re not supposed to exist, but he told me that if I ever saw one while working as a Marine MP, to turn a blind eye. CID will want to know who beat the piss out of the assholes and won’t like the answers.”

“Loud and clear Gunny. We just turn them over to CID and wash our hands of the matter.” Colonel Charles Boatwright had learned when to listen to his NCO’s as a young Second Lieutenant in the jungles of Vietnam. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to go meet our guests.”

"Hoo-Ahh." Bobby and Hunter said and saluted.

Once they were alone Gunnery Hightower turned to Bobby and Hunter. “Sergeants, do what you can for those boys in the brig. That is all I’m asking.”

Hightower walked out of the office leaving Bobby and Hunter alone with Johnson and Griswold. Once alone the two deputies turned to each other. They knew that this was not over yet, not by a long shot.

“We need Shawna down here fast partner.” Hunter said quietly.

“Hunter, you have a gift for understatement. We need her and Robbie. The question is, can we get Robbie?” Bobby was pulling out his cell phone as talked with his partner. He knew he had the number, but had never used it. After dialing the number Bobby waited patiently.

“Update.” The voice said.

Bobby reported. “Sir, the situation is shifting. We need someone in legal, that can control the outcome in a way that is beneficial towards the school.”

“Hold one while I get the Madam on the other line. If you’re needing that kind of help at your school, then the Madam is going to need it as well.” There were a few beeps and then Dannigan returned. “Madam it seems that Stalking horse and Rumrunner need a legal expert. Someone that can control the legal situation for some reason that I am not aware of.”

“Unfortunately, Major, you are correct in your estimation of the current situation. I was just about to place the call myself. I was going to ask for Daniel Hines, but I believe that Stalking horse might have someone better in mind.” Maria gave Bobby the prefect lead-in.

Bobby answered. “That is correct Madam. Major, anyway we can get A.D.A. Roberta Ironsides down here?”

“It’ll take some work. We are looking at Federal Charges across the board for all those involved. Are you sure you want Ironsides?”

“Affirmative, sir. Robbie, is a U.S. Federal A.D.A. She’ll have jurisdiction down here to handle the matter. If she had someone from D.O.J. or higher backing her, it would make things go a lot smoother all around.” Bobby informed Dannigan.

Dannigan “I’ll have her fly out today. Ghost Moth will be there by the close of business today. Say, no later than eighteen-hundred.”

“WE need them here faster than that I am afraid, Major. I have a feeling that one or two of the local A.D.A.’s are looking to make names for themselves. Get Ghost Moth here ASAP. Ironsides can get here tomorrow if need be, but we need Ghost Moth, NOW.” Maria broke in with a more accurate assessment.

“She’ll fly out within the hour then. Will she need her State Department cover or something higher?” Dannigan asked.

“It would be better if she showed up as DSS Agent Sara Denton, sir. That way she’ll be able to ‘speak’ for both the DOJ and DSS until Ironsides gets her happy backside down here.” Bobby knew he was pushing things but saw the need to.

Dannigan took a moment then said. “Ghost Moth will be there in the next two hours. This situation is FAR too fluid for my tastes.”

“That’s Law Enforcement, Major. All too often a case or investigation is more like a battlefield than we care to admit. The old saying of no battleplan ever survives enemy contact fits what we do as LEOs.” Bobby commented.

“So it seems, Stalking Horse. Do you think any of the accomplices will be ready to flip before the time Ghost Moth or Ironsides get there?” There was some concern in Dannigan’s voice. Paul Dannigan really hated not having control over a situation this volatile.

“Negative, Major. However we do have four cadets that will be easier to flip than the others.” Bobby gave the names of the four full-time resident cadets.

“I have three of AEGS students that will be more likely to flip as well. The problem will be getting them to Robbie or Ghost Moth first. As I said earlier, there are a few local A.D.A.’s looking to make a name for themselves. We have basically handed the State of South Carolina District Attorney’s office a make or break career case. They all want a piece of this case.” Maria sighed over the connection. “This, is all my doing.”

“No ma’am, Madam. It wouldn’t matter who kicked over this ant hill. Every D.A. from here to D.C. to Portland would want a piece of it.” Bobby told his mother-in-law. “Trust me on this one. It wouldn’t matter who got the case, they would be fighting over it. This case is just too damned BIG.”

Dannigan agreed. “Well said, Stalking horse. This is one time that none of us could foresee ALL the factors at play here. Seeing as how we now know that more than few State DA’s trying to take over this case, I think I’ll get both Ironsides and Hines. This will give Ghost Moth double the chances for getting a handle on things.”

“I agree, Major. Between the two, Ghost Moth should have no problems in getting the needed confessions and follow on convictions. Stalking horse, you and Rumrunner finish up at SRMA, then rejoin the Swans at your apartment. Myself and the Maid will head back to SCT after seeing to Gemini.” Maria thought it was time to end the conversation. “From here on out, we act as backup for Gemini and Ghost Moth. Stay close and wait for the legal eagles to land. Until we get the confessions from the accomplices, we are in a holding pattern.”

“Yes, ma’am. Major, I hope you have a better day than the Hostiles will be having.” Bobby’s attempt at humor got both Paul and Maria to laugh. The phone went dead in Bobby’s hand and he turned to Hunter. “Well partner, it looks like we got our marching orders. We turn these slugs over to CID, then un-ass this AO.”

“We being pulled out?” Hunter questioned his friend.

“Nope. We’re to regroup with the Swans and lay low for now. We keep our cover and continue to back Gemini.” Bobby leaned in close so no one could hear. “We got more than Robbie coming down. You know a D.A. by the name of Daniel Hines?”

“Shit! Yeah, I’ve heard of him. Let’s just say, he is the closest thing to Perry Mason, Ben Matlock and Jack McCoy, all rolled up one person. Then give that person the attitude of a Bengal tiger with a stick jammed up its ass. Why?”

“The Madam talked the Major into getting the guy to come down here to help out Robbie. That’s why, partner.” Bobby knew more than a few A.D.A.’s cross the country.

Before Hunter could reply, Gunnery Sergeant Hightower and Colonel entered the office area just ahead of four men in civilian clothing. Both Deputies knew right away that these men were with the Army Criminal Investigation Division; CID. A lot of these men and women were Army Warrant Officers, but most were civilians, like their counterparts in NCIS and OSI.

“We’ll take over from here Sergeants.” Suit number one ordered.

“Sorry, but can we see your creds please?” Hunter questioned. The four men just smiled and pulled out their little black wallets. When they flashed their creds, both Bobby and Hunter knew they were the real deal. “Thank you, agents.”

“No problem Sergeant Taugh. How long were you with the MPs?” Suit-One asked with a smirk.

“Long enough to not trust them, until I see their creds.” Hunter joked.

Suit-Two asked. “So, what exactly are these fine gentlemen to be charged with?”

“Impersonation of Military Personnel, Impersonation of a Military Officers, while in uniform, plus criminal acts while Impersonating Military Personnel.” Bobby pulled out a typed-up sheet and handed it over to the CID agent. “Those are the major offences. Here is the total list, agent.”

The man whistled and shook his head. Waving the sheet on his hand the agent asked. “These two fuck-sticks really did all this?”

Bobby and Hunter just nodded their heads 'yes'. “Do you have evidence to back these charges up?” again Bobby reached into his briefcase and pulled out a thick file folder. After handing it over to the agent both Bobby and Hunter waited for the next question. They were surprised when it came, but more as an order than request. “Creds.”

“I’ve seen their credentials agent. I’ll vouch for them both. That is all you need to know. Now get these two out of my school.” Colonel Boatwright ordered.

The CID agents looked over at Colonel Boatwright, then at Bobby and Hunter. The agent got the subtle hint to drop their line of questioning.

"Very well, Colonel." One of the other agents, that clearly looked still Active-Duty said.

Taking Johnson and Griswold into custody the agents changed out handcuffs, saluted the Colonel and left. Once they were alone again Bobby and Hunter breathed a sigh of relief.

Bobby looked over at Colonel Boatwright. “Thank you for that sir.”

“Don’t thank me yet Sergeant. You and your partner in crime here owe until Winter break. You have between now and then to get me your replacements. And Sergeants. They damned well better be able to carry on with your little side program. I want those cadets in your SF platoon to be the top of their class. I will not be ending that program just because you must ‘redeploy’. Do you two understand me?”

“We’ll make sure they get the training sir. We’ll contact our boss and see what we can do about get you some replacements, sir.” Hunter knew that the school was shorthanded at the time.

“Thank you, Sergeants. Right now, I need to head over to county lockup and have a word or two with some of our cadets. Good day.” Colonel Boatwright picked up his hat and headed for the door. “I’ll see you two at Monday PT. Hoo-rah?”

Both saluted. "HOO-AHH."

Boatwright returned the salute. "Carry On."

Toledo, Ohio: 1030…

Roberta Ironsides had just returned from her morning run when her phone started ringing. With a groan, Robbie grabbed the phone. Seeing the number for her boss, Robbie answered with all the heat of her anger. “Ironsides here. This had better be good, because today is my day off, Dan.”

“I hate to do this to you Bobbie, but you need to grab your go-bag and head for the airport. We just got a massive shit stormed dropped on us. Before you ask you’re heading for South Carolina. You’ll be met by a State Department Agent.” Dan informed her.

That took her by surprise. “Why the hell would I be needed in South Carolina, and what’s with the DSS?”

“Look Bobbie, all I know is this came down from the top. Someone in DOJ is putting a lot of faith in your skills. Now, get your shit together and haul your ass down south. This could be bigger than the LOG Case. Only this time, you’ll have help from that crazy shit; Daniel Hines. Now from what I understand, he won’t be there until Monday, so the show is all yours until then. I’ve already talked to him and he has given me his word, he’ll back your plays.”

“Thanks, Dan.” Robbie popped off sarcastically. “You know that you ruined a perfectly planned weekend, right? Why can't Cabot or Moor handle this?”

“They asked for you by name Roberta. Now get your shit in gear and head for Akin, South Carolina.” Dan snapped. “As for your weekend plans and all future plans; forget them. This is coming down from the highest sources.” Dan paused. “Look kiddo, I don’t know who is behind this, but they have pull in places that I could only dream of having.”

Robbie knew right then and there who was pulling the strings, and she didn’t like it. She knew that she would be getting a phone call from the man shortly after she hung up with her boss. “Fine, Dan. I’ll be on the first thing smoking. Give an hour to get my shit together and I’ll be gone. Talk to you when I get back.”

Robbie hung up her phone not bothering to say good bye to her boss. Heading upstairs to her bathroom, Robbie stripped along the way. After taking a quick shower and dressing in one of her business suits, Robbie began packing. She had just about finished when her phone rang again. Looking at the caller id, Robbie saw that the number was blocked. Sighing she picked up and answered the call.

“You better have a really good fucking reason for pulling me out of Ohio, Dannigan.” Robbie snapped. “That and clearing my court schedule for the foreseeable future.”

“Robbie, I need a D.A. that can control a very fluid situation in South Carolina. This one makes the LOG Party mess look like a dance party at your old high school.” The voice of the man that Robbie only knew as Major Dannigan told her.

“How high profile are we talking here, Major?” Robbie asked.

Dannigan replied. “Let’s just say that there are old friends at play here, and you need to keep covers from being blown wide open. Understand?”

“Fine, but this is the last time, Dannigan. I’m out of that game.” Robbie had been trying her best to stay away from all the black or dark operations in Law Enforcement. She knew that undercover work was a necessary evil, she just didn’t like it. In her mind, it was close to Entrapment.

“Can’t make that promise Robbie, but I’ll try to do things cleaner next time. Just get a handle on things in Akin, South Carolina. It will do well for you.” The phone went dead in her. Robbie just sighed and looked at the phone. Returning to her packing Robbie finished twenty minutes later. Once she was ready she called for a taxi and headed for the airport. She knew that there would be a ticket waiting for her. The one thing that the Major would make sure of, is Robbie’s travel arrangements.

Akin County Juvenile Detention Center: 1530…

Kelly Hunt, Lexus Wellington, and Porsha Mills sat at the center table in the common area of their cell block. None of the girls had a good night’s sleep. All three had been at the mercy of their cellmates. Hardened street kids, who showed them all they were not on top of the food chain. The fact that Porsha had been forced to perform oral sex on her cellmate and her friends, was not brought up. The black eye and fat lip Porsha sported, let the other two know, they could be next.

“Look, I don’t know about you two, but if I get the chance; I’m rolling on the Henley and Gilroy bitches. I have to get out of here. I’m not going to spend another night here if I don’t have to. I’ll take ANY deal they offer me.” Porsha was close to crying at this point.

Kelly and Lexus hugged their friend. They had heard what happened to Porsha last night. Their cellmates forced them to stay awake and listen as their friend was raped by much older and bigger girls. All three knew that they would be targets for forced lesbian sexual encounters. All three were at best petite, with Lexus being the tallest at five foot two and Porsha the smallest at four foot eleven.

All three girls were close enough in looks to be siblings. Their black hair, blue eyes, and almost porcelain skin tone made the three of them look like china dolls. Kelly looked over at Lexus and nodded her head. “We’re with you Porsha. Fuck those bitches. The first thing they did; was to blame us when they were processing us in. ALL that ‘we’re a team’, ‘we’re closer than sisters’ bullshit they were handing out, is just that; bullshit. We get the chance; we roll. Agreed?”

Lexus just smiled at her friends. “Agreed. I wish I had gone with my daddy to Italy. Did you hear how those Carmen girls have been to all those countries?”

“Yeah. I heard they’ve lived in Russia, France, England, even Japan. I had the chance to go with my mom and dad this time. I would have been living in Norway.” Kelly had a wishful expression on her face.

“Me and my brothers would have been in Germany, if we had gone with our parents.” Porsha sighed. “I swear; if I ever get my hands-on Grace Henley, I’ll slit her fucking throat from ear to ear. The woman lied to my mother so bad, that it is pathetic. That Henley bitch said she would look after me, Jimmy and Joey.”

“Yeah, I know that deal. The Gilroys swore to my daddy that they would do the same with me. That I would be in good hands at Mrs. Scarlet’s school; so long as I listened to what Adaline, Chantel and Alex told me. Looked where that got me. Got us.” Lexus looked around at the gray walls, white cell doors, and other detainees dressed in their organ jump suits.

Kelly looked at her two friends. The other girls form AEGS were at another table. She could tell that they too, had a bad night. Looking at Lexus and Porsha, Kelly stood up. “I’ll be right back. I think we need to talk with the others. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but none of the Henleys or the Gilroys are in here with us. I have a feeling that they paid or pulled strings to get themselves off and let all of us hang for doing their dirty work.”

Kelly walked over to the table where the rest of the team were sitting. When they looked up at her, Kelly cringed. There were signs of abuse on all of them. Black eyes, swollen lips and noses, tear stained checks. “Why don’t the four of you join us over at our table? I think that we ALL have something in common. Like getting fucked over, by the Henley and Gilroy bitch crew?”

The last four members of the Lipizzan Girls looked at each other then stood up. They followed Kelly back over to where Lexus and Porsha were sitting. After everyone had taken a seat Kelly sighed and got down to business. “We all have a choice to make here. The choice is simple. Do we keep our mouths shut and go down for something that wasn’t in the plan, or do we speak up?”

Lexus was the first to answer. “We talk.”

“I’m with Lexus on this. The Henleys and the Gilroys aren’t here. That means they paid or pulled strings to get released and left us to rot.” Porsha said bitterly.

The first girl other than Lexus, Porsha, or Kelly to speak was Susan Harper. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m with them. I say we talk.”

Lisa Stone spoke up next. “I’m rolling the first chance I get. I overheard one of the guards talking in the mess hall. The Henleys aunt got them released to their parents before they were even finished processing in.”

Marsha Wynn just sighed. “I’m in. I know for a fact that Chantel was trying to place the blame on all of US, before we even got out the cursers.”

The last girl to speak up was Felica Hackney. Of all the girls, she was the smallest and only minority being Japanese-American. Her father had been a young Airman at Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan when he met her mother. The fact that her father had made it rich in the Tech Industry was a little-known fact. All her friends thought it was her mother that was the money in the family. Unlike her friends though, she had to deal with the Family’s Honor.

“I will be rolling as well. I have disgraced my family honor enough, by not standing up to Chantel and the others. I will not have my mother thinking I am Yakuza or worse.” There was a sadness in Felica’s voice that the other girls did not have. That sadness grabbed at Kelly’s heart. “I may not be able to go home, but I will not disgrace my family further.”

“What do you mean you can’t go home Felica?” Kelly quickly asked.

“I am not longer a virgin. They broke me last night. When we get out of here, I shall commit jigai. It is the only way I can regain what was taken from me.” Though none of the others understood the word they knew it wasn’t good. Porsha knew that if Felica was talking like this, it had to mean some kind of suicide.

Grabbing Felica in a hug, Porsha whispered in her ear. “I won’t let you kill yourself. You can come home with me. Besides, I bet that if you talked to your mom and dad telling them the truth, they’ll still love you.”

Felica pulled back and looked Porsha in the eyes. Felica could tell that Porsha wasn’t lying. With a heavy sigh, Felica nodded her head. Kelly hid her smile at Porsha’s show of affection for the Japanese-American girl. Everyone knew that Porsha had a major problem showing affection of any type.

“Okay, then we’re all in agreement. If they offer us a deal of any type, we roll on the Henleys, Gilroys and the others. No more of this silence of the sisterhood bullshit they were pushing. Sound good to everyone?” Kelly thought it would be best to get the conversation back on track.

All the girls nodded their head yes. “Then we’re doing this. I’ll go talk with the guards and see if they can get one of those D.A.’s.” Kelly stood up and walked over to the nearest guard. “Sir, me and my friends want to talk with the D.A.”

“Looks like you kids’ finally got your heads on straight. I’ll make the call. Have your friends stay where they are, we’ll call for you when the D.A.’s is ready to talk to you.” The guard turned and walked off. As Kelly was returning to the table she noticed that her friends were surrounded by a bunch of the other detainees. This was not good. If they weren’t there when the DA showed to talk to them, they would lose their chance.

“Leave us alone!” Kelly called out.

One girl turned and looked at Kelly with disgust on her face. “Shut your hole, cunt! We just want our play-toys from last night. It’s time they joined one gang or the other rounds here.”

“None of us are joining any fucking gang. Now back off and leave us alone.” Kelly was doing her best to hide her fear.

When the girl and three of her gang friends started to advance on her, Kelly knew that she was about to receive a beating. As much as she wanted to fight, she just didn’t know how. They were going to beat her down then do whatever they wanted. That was the way it was in this place. The strong make the rules.

“Hunt, Wellington, Mills, Stone, Wynn, Hackney, Harper! Your lawyer is here. Let’s go ladies. We don’t have all fucking day.” One of the guards called out. Kelly sighed a long with the others as the gang members let them go.

When the seven girls entered the visitors’ area, they were surprised to see Mrs. Scarlet Boatwright with two younger women waiting for them. Almost as one, the girls rushed forward crying, to hug their Headmistress. This show of love caught Scarlet off guard at first, but she quickly overcame her surprise and hugged them back.

Stepping back, Scarlet looked at them all. She could tell that all seven girls definitely had a hard night. The bruising, black eyes, swollen lips, and the way a few of them walked, let her know that some of the girls had been sexually assaulted. This not supposed to happen, but it had. It was also an ugly fact that even among juvenile prisoners, jail-rape happened. It also usually happened on the first night of the new prisoners.

“Oh, my dear girls. I am so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could have gotten you out yesterday, but the gears of the Legal System grind slowly.” Scarlet knew that these girls were in more trouble than they knew. The young women with her had given her the terms that the girls would be released on.

They were all going to be on parole until they graduated. Their every move was going to be tracked by tracking bracelets. If they left the school grounds; they would have to be accompanied by their parents or school staff. They would have to carry a three-point-oh grade average from now on. All of them would have three hundred hours of community service to perform before they graduated. And that was only if they gave the names of the other bullies in her school, and the other members of the Dressage Team that were involved in the kidnapping.

“Girls, I would like you to meet DSS Agent Sara Denton with the State Department. And U.S. District Attorney Robert Ironsides.” Both Shawna and Robbie stood up to shake hands with the girls. “Girls, they are willing to give you a deal, but there are conditions that have to be met first.”

“Mrs. Scarlet, we all decided to cooperate with the DA’s Office.” Kelly said with the others all nodding their heads. “WE know that we screwed up. We want to make things right. What do we have to do?”

Robbie Ironsides looked over at Shawna. “It’s your show Agent Denton. I’m just here to set the terms of the deals.”

Shawna nodded then turned to girls. "Like the old song goes; I want it ALL."

Every girl shivered. The woman facing them looked like any random agent or secretary they would meet. Except her eyes. In them lurked a darkness that would never let them go if they stared too long. And her voice went from casual to that of something that waited at the gates of Hell.

----- To be continued -----

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