Cresswell Industries -58-59-60-


Cresswell Industries

by Keshara Narme

Chapters 58, 59 and 60

A big, rowdy, sexy, soap opera of transformation, humiliation and dominance. Ratings above are not necessarily for these chapters but for the whole story.


Chapter Fifty Eight

Loose Ends

Brad Schuler drove his wife the forty miles to her new friend’s house to pick up their son, Jean could not wait to see the house that her new friends all kept saying was in a very desirable location.

“They say that The Hive is in a really sought after location and property there fetches a large sum of money!” Jean spoke excitedly.

“I’ve told you about making friends of other parent from that school… I don’t even know why you’re so keen on Ross going to it?” Brad shrugged his shoulders as he turned a corner.

“Look Brad it was my aunt’s wish that we used the inheritance to help Ross in his schooling… It’s not as if we could ever get to spend any of it!” she replied pulling down the visor and checking her makeup in the mirror.

“So what does this Gabrielle’s husband do to live in such a luxurious place?” Brad ran his hand through his hair as he saw the huge wall and nearly finished gateway to the estate.

“I gather he was killed by some muggers… Oh Brad look at this place it’s so big!” she looked in awe at the new buildings that were being erected and at the huge mansion type house at the end.

“She lives in that place!” he looked surprised at the sight of his wife’s new friend’s house. “We couldn’t afford that property next to it!”

Arriving at the house that Gabrielle had made believe was hers, Jean could not wait to get a look inside the place. Brad closed the door on their beat up ten-year-old saloon and felt a trifle embarrassed at owning such a vehicle, which was why he had deliberately parked on the roadside.

“Oh Brad just look at this place it’s so wonderful!” Jean continued to be overpowered by the size of the estate and its reclusive situation.

“Look… Jean lets just get Ross and then we can pick up Danny from Mrs Ferris’s house… I’ve had a long day!” Brad sounded as he felt, totally out of place in such surroundings.

“Oh Brad don’t worry these people do not care whether we’re rich or poor… If that was my concern I would’ve come by taxi!” she sighed looking at her watch to make sure they were on time.

It was dead on seven o’clock in the evening and as they walked up the driveway the estates lights all switched on as dusk fell.

Reaching the door Jean straightened her skirt beneath her overcoat and pressed the doorbell and moments later a thirty something black haired woman dressed in a grey and white maids uniform opened the door.

“Good evening Mrs Schuler!” the maid curtseyed taking both of their coats, causing Brad to smirk as he witnessed such unusual behaviour to what he was used to.

“Why thank you very much!” Jean responded totally awe-struck, for she had read about people who had servants and butlers, but had never seen one before.

“Both Madame Gabrielle and Madame Grace are waiting for you in the reception lounge,” the housemaid curtseyed again.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Brad breathed under his voice, for he felt totally out of place in such company.

Jean heard him and dug him in the ribs to tell him to behave.

“Jean what the fuck are you doing getting involved with such people?” he sighed dejectedly, for all he wanted to do was grab hold of his son and leave.

Walking into the lounge Brad was completely shocked as a brunette woman dressed in a cream wrap around skirt and white blouse came over to them and happily hugged and kissed his wife on her cheek.

“Oh Jean I’m so glad you could make it… I hope my directions weren’t too baffling?” Gabrielle smiled warmly into Jean’s eyes.

“Oh Gabby they were just fine… Oh and please let me introduce my husband,” she pulled Brad to the front. “Gabby this is Brad my husband!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you at last… Jean has told me all about you, well as much as she could during our shopping this afternoon!” Gabby laughed.

Jean laughed along too as she once again prodded her husband to respond.

“It’s nice meeting you too!” Brad replied with a very uneasy handshake.

“My your Brad does have soft hands?” Gabby smiled as she grasped his hand.

“That’s the benefits of working in an office!” Jean smiled proudly.

“Oh and I must introduce you to Madame Grace!” Gabby turned around and pointed towards Grace.

Brad had always remained faithful to Jean, but like any man the sight of a sexily dressed female was hard to turn away from.

“Hello Mrs Schuler,” Grace walked over to Gabby’s guests holding out her hand. “And a good hello to you too Brad… Or do you prefer Bradley?”

Brad could not take his eyes of the pretty woman she was like nothing he had ever seen before.

“Brad answer Madame Grace!” Jean once again prompted her husband.

“Oh… I err… Yes Bradley is fine!” he finally replied taking a hold of the blonde ladies hand and kissing the back of it as she expected.

“My Jean he is courteous gentleman indeed!” Grace looked deep into the man’s eyes as she spoke.

“Yes he is very shy sometimes!” Jean laughed away her husband’s sudden distraction in Gabby’s rather strikingly beautiful friend.

“How rude of me… Joan get our guests some drinks!” Gabby ordered. “Here lets take a seat and relax before we send for the girls!”

Gabby sat down with Jean on the large four-seated sofa, while Grace pulled Brad down onto the two-seated sofa with her.

“Now then Bradley tell me all about your work?” Grace looked deep into his hazel eyes.

Brad glanced across at his wife as he suddenly got the feeling that his wife’s friend was beginning to flirt with him.

“I… Err… Oh I see you’re married then?” Brad noticed the wedding ring on Grace’s finger.

“Oh yes… But marriage is boring… Tell me about your work?” Grace once again stared directly into his eyes.

Jean made her self more comfortable on the sofa while Gabby began to talk about her children and how happy both of them were.

Brad wanted Jean to rescue him, he could sense that this woman was coming on to him and rather blatantly too.

Her perfume was intoxicating and her breasts were clearly visible through the loose opening fabric of her jacket while she deliberately uncrossed her legs making sure the split in her skirt revealed her shinny tanned thighs.

“Well I just look after the firms database it’s nothing fantastic,” he tried to avert his attention away from the very attractive blonde woman.

“Do you always try to avoid a conversation about your work?” Grace asked with a smile.

“Well I?” Brad felt a little embarrassed at the woman’s question.

“You are a shy one aren’t you?” Grace wriggled her nose cutely at him. “Don’t you ever think about getting a much higher paid job?”

Brad did not understand where the woman’s questions were leading, for he could hardly tell if she was making a joke of him.

“Ah good Joan serve our guests first!” Grace leant back in the sofa and made sure her hand was on Brad’s thigh.

Brad shifted awkwardly as he felt her hand on his leg.

Jean was too engrossed in listening to Gabby’s story surrounding how highly rated and respectable Ross’s school was to notice how uncomfortable her husband was becoming and just how obvious Grace was flirting with him.

“Mr Schuler would you care for a white wine or red?” the maid held out a tray with two wineglasses.

“Err… No thank you I’ve got a long journey home and I’ve had a real long day!” Brad turned down the offer.

“Oh Bradley… C’mon it’s only one drink that’s all… I promise I won’t tempt you with anymore!” Grace squeezed his thigh.

“No really I shouldn’t,” Brad’s eyes darted across the room to his wife, hoping that she would rescue him.

“Ok Joan thank you!” Grace took the red wine and waved her away.

Brad was just about to get his wife’s attention when Grace’s hand moved away from his thigh and suddenly spilt the wine over him.

“Oh I’m awfully sorry Bradley!” Grace instantly stood up, with her voice causing both Gabby and Jean to finish their conversation.

“Joan quickly get Mr Schuler to the rest room so he can change out of his trousers… I’m so awfully sorry Bradley!” Grace waved her fingers at her maid.

“Oh Bradley what have you done!” Jean laughed as she saw the red wine all over his trousers.

“I’m terribly sorry Mrs Schuler but it was my fault!” Grace apologised for the spillage. “Joan I’ll get a pair of my husband’s trousers for Bradley while you help out!”

“Yes Madame! Mr Schuler?” Joan curtseyed and then pointed the way out of the reception lounge.

“Gabrielle, I’m sorry, but if you’d care to offer Jean a drink?” Grace followed Joan and Bradley out of the room, leaving Gabby to offer Jean a drink.

Joan took him up the large spiral staircase and down a long carpeted corridor with what to him where doors aplenty finally showing Brad to the rest room.

“If you’d like to take of your trousers and pass them to me out here, I will go and get them cleaned Mr Schuler!” the maid curtseyed as she opened the door for him. “Madame Grace will return shortly with a spare pair for you to wear while these dry.”

Brad swore quietly to himself as he took off his trousers, he knew she had done it deliberately, but as much as he wanted to say what he thought he remained calm albeit a very nervous calm.

Handing out his red wine stained trousers he shut the door and waited for the maid to pass him another pair.

So while he waited he glanced about the restroom.

It was as big as his and Jean’s bedroom and with the marbled floor and real gold taps, he wondered just how much money this Gabrielle actually had.

Taking a seat on the red cushioned chair by the huge mirrored vanity unit he folded his arms and waited.

Looking at his watch he began to wonder just how far away this woman’s husband’s clothes actually were, for his watch had read seven forty when he had entered and now it read eight o’clock.

“Twenty minutes, Fuck where is that maid?” he began to pace the marbled floor.

Then as another ten minutes passed by he decided enough was enough.

“Fuck it Jean… We’re going trousers or not!” he finally snapped and opened the door.

Walking out into the hallway he began to recall what direction the maid had brought him and moved off briskly along the corridor feeling rather stupid holding his shoes in his hands as he walked.

Feeling the plush carpeted floor beneath his socks a brief smile came to his face as he thought about the films he had seen where a guest was left to walk through the house without any trousers on.

Then as he got halfway along the corridor he became aware of some rather unusual sounds coming from one of the rooms just before him.

Deciding that it was best not to hang around outside the room a familiar voice resounded from the slightly opened door.

“No it couldn’t be?” he stopped and turned around to face the direction of the room where the sound came from.

Once again the sound resembled someone familiar.

Slowly he crept up to the room and looked through the crack of the open door, the sounds of a bed creaking edging him on further. Then once more the distinct voice called out, or rather panted out.

“Oh you big boy fuck me harder!” Jean screamed in ecstasy.

“Jean?” Brad opened the door to the sight of his wife on the bed on all fours, her skirt around her waist and being had from behind by a huge blonde headed man.

“Ohhhhh…Hmmmmmm… Bradley close… The… Mmmmmmm! Door…. Oh Yessssssss!”

Brad was only five seven and looking at the muscle bound man who was ploughing his cock into his wife he wondered just how he was going to face up to him.

“Bradley shut the door please!” a voice asked from behind him.

Bradley turned around and saw the woman who had thrown her drink over him.

“What the fuck?” was all Brad could mutter.

“Shhhhhh!” Grace put her finger to her lips to indicate him to be quiet. “Bradley you’re disturbing your wife’s concentration!”

“I don’t give a shit,” he turned around to confront his wife, tears welling up in his eyes. “Jean what the fuck is all this weird shit please?”

“Ohhhh… Ummm Oh god he’s so big…. Fuck me!” she finally screamed throwing her head into the pillows and thrusting her torn pantyhose and pantied bottom up to meet Ivan’s well timed push.

“Jean please!” Brad tried to reason with his wife, however before he could think of another way to get his wife’s attention he felt a jab on his bottom. “What the fuck!”

Brad clenched his fist as he turned to face the woman whose husband was doing his wife right in front of his eyes.

Grace stood with a syringe in her hand shaking her head in dismay.

“What the?” Brad suddenly felt his legs give way, however Grace caught him just in time.

“Oh Bradley… Why did you make it so difficult,” Grace kissed his forehead as she supported him.

Just then Gabrielle appeared smiling sweetly at Bradley and helping Grace out of the room with him.

Brad wanted to reply but his head was in a swirl.

“Gabby you’re right his hands are very soft!” she mentioned as she glanced her hand over his.

“Bradley all you had to do was drink your wine and then none of this would have been necessary… But… Oh well what’s done is done!” were the last words he heard as everything around him went black.

Wendy placed the phone on the receiver as she indicated to Hayley to go to bed, the day had started so innocently for Hayley and unknown to her Michelle had nearly placed the entire Dolls House Boutique in jeopardy.

“Michelle!” Wendy looked down at her sorry looking daughter. “You have no idea how much trouble you nearly caused… What ever possessed you?”

“I’m really sorry Mother I did not think of the danger!” Michelle began to cry.

“Well,” Wendy sighed, “Everything has been straightened out now… But Madame wants to see you tomorrow morning at ten o’clock sharp!”

“Yes mother,” Michelle looked down with tears falling from her eyes.

“Now off to bed this instance young lady!” Wendy ordered.

Hayley stood in her Mistress’s boudoir reflecting on her day, she had got her present for Annabelle and in doing so had left Michelle with Madame Gabrielle a little longer than she should have done.

Wendy had already indicated her disapproval at what she had done and although Michelle had acted of her own free will, Hayley was responsible for Michelle when Wendy was not about and especially at the mall.

Wendy closed the door and walked commandingly over to her petite shemale wife, then looking her up and down she slapped Hayley across the face.

“You are becoming a very irresponsible housewife Hayley Anne Robinson!” Wendy spoke softly but in a very angered tone. “First you attract a man to you and then you leave my daughter to wander around the shopping mall instigating all manners of troubles!”

“I’m very sorry Mistress… I will make sure that it never happens again!” Hayley bit her tongue as the sting of her Mistress’s slap kicked in.

“You’re so right it won’t happen again and as a punishment I am going to stop you from seeing that man ever again!” Wendy held up Hayley’s reddened face up by her chin. “He’s obviously a distraction to your thoughts!”

“Yes Mistress I understand,” Hayley began to cry, she so wanted to see Mr McKinley again.

“Now get undressed and into bed!” Wendy stroked Hayley’s face where she had slapped her.

As morning arrived Hayley had one consolation to look forward too for the day and that was another day wearing a skirt, for once again her Mistress’s love bites had encased her tiny breasts and even her neck.

Inserting the douche hose into her bottom, she began to wonder whether or not her very sexually aroused shemale love hole would ever feel a real man’s cock sliding in and out of it.

Chapter Fifty Nine


“Bradley sweetheart!” Grace gently shook him from his slumber.

“Err… Wha… Where… Jean?” his vision finally restored itself. “Where am I?”

“You’re in my bedroom Bradley!” Grace ran her fingers lightly across his forehead.


“Yes sweetheart, my bedroom!”

“But?” he looked puzzled, as he saw that he was in a chair in the middle of her bedroom.

“Shhh… My sweet… All will be revealed have patience,” Grace moved around to face him.

Bradley could not believe his eyes as the woman he had not even held a full conversation with, was now standing before him in a milky white silk dressing gown.

“Do you feel more relaxed now?” Grace smiled as she leant over him and kissed his forehead, giving him a full view of her delicately balanced breasts beneath her matching night-dress.

“I err?” Bradley tried to put everything together in his mind, but the woman’s perfume was so overpowering he was finding it hard to recall how he had even arrived here.

“Bradley do you remember the question I asked you about your work?” Grace whispered in his ear as she bit his lobe very sexily.

“Yes!” he answered as his groin began to react to this very beautiful blonde woman’s very tantalising touches.

“Well I… I Know where you work, how hard you work, the hours you do… In fact I know more about you than you probably do yourself!” she then knelt down between his feet and began to pull off his shoes.

Brad suddenly began to worry about Jean, just as he always did, but this strange woman seemed to make him feel so at ease.

“Don’t worry about Jean, she’ll be fine and from now on so will you,” Grace removed his other shoe and then began to take of his socks. “All those days of worrying about paying the mortgage and working long hours are over my sweet!”

“But… How?” he tried to hide his increasing bulge in his trousers.

“You’re going to be living here with me until the apartments being built you passed on the way here are finished,” Grace knelt up a little higher and then moved her hands straight to the belt on his trousers.

“But I can’t afford?” his mind was trying to find the strength to throw this woman aside and run as quickly as possible out of her bedroom.

“It’s always about you isn’t it Bradley,” Grace nodded as she pressed the palm of her hand onto his bulge and began massaging it. “Jean must hate listening to how hard your life is?”

Bradley wanted to tell the woman to fuck off, but the way she was rubbing his crotch and the fragrance she wore was like a barrier to his own actions.

“Now then let’s get back to your new life Bradley,” Grace began as she unclipped his belt with her other hand and unzipped his fly. “I guess your mind is screaming out for you to run away from this hmmm?”

“Yes it is!”

“Well Bradley, it’s like this… from now on Jean will wear the trousers in your marriage, do you understand?”

Brad wanted to reply by telling her that there was no way Jean would ever run their lives, it had always been him, ever since they had met at college. With the result of their first night of passion resulting in both of them having to leave college and bring up a baby.

It had been his decision then and ever since then it had been him who made the decisions in their life.

“It must’ve been hard for you to accept the fact that Jean’s Aunt left her fifty grand?” Grace began to work his trousers down over his boxers.

“Yes it was!” he suddenly found himself replying even though he had no intention of answering her.

“Lift your bottom up so I can get these off!” Grace ordered him.

Brad instantly did as she asked much to his own surprise.

“And what a waste it was to spend it on Ross’s schooling… That’s what you thought then and still think now isn’t it?” Grace now slipped his trousers free of his legs.

“Yes… I do!”

“And I thought you made all the decisions?” Grace laughed as she pushed him back in the chair.

Brad had decided that enough was enough so with all the strength he could muster, he ignored the erection in his shorts and went to stand up. However for some strange reason his body did not want to do what he wanted.

Grace pulled his penis free of his shorts and ran her long nail along the underside of it.

“There that’s much better Bradley!” she purred as her pupils dilated and fixed on the tip of his erect penis. “How cute it’s gotta be all of six inches?”

“Yes it is,” Bradley suddenly found himself answering the woman.

“Would you like me to kiss it?” Grace purred as she pouted her lips and looked up at him from between his open legs and she could see that that the inner voice she had released was now battling its way to the front.

“Yes!” he replied trying desperately to gain control of himself.

Grace then planted a kiss on the head of his penis and with her hands pulled back his foreskin.

“Would you like me to suck your balls?” she smiled up at him.

“Oh yes!”

“Well you’ll have to do something for me first!” she began to stroke the shaft of his cock.

“Yes,” Bradley’s groin responded for him. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well I don’t really like pubic growth on my men, so I must insist on removing it!” Grace slowly caressed his cock.

Bradley was now in the palm of Grace’s hand and his male sexual desires were now totally in control of his thoughts.

“Come on sweetheart lets get all that ugly hair of off your body!” Grace let go of his cock and stood up. “Follow me!”

Bradley followed like a sheep as Grace took him to her bathroom.

“I see you already planned for this?” Bradley’s male ego continued to push him forward.

“Of course!” Grace moved up to him and kissed his mouth.

Brad tried to grab a hold of her waist and pull her to him, but Grace was experienced and soon had his hands reaching for the buttons of his shirt. Then reaching over to the vanity unit she opened up a large tub of cream, which she aptly began to rub it into his legs.

“Whoa girl what’re ya’doing?” he suddenly stopped undressing as the cream began burn his skin.

“I told you I don’t like my men hairy, so if you want me to suck your balls and give you the greatest blow job you’ll ever have, then you’ll do what I tell you!”

Bradley’s cock began to bounce up and down with anticipation, his mind was now totally geared on having sex with this beautiful blonde woman and all rational thought had gone from his head.

The burning sensations increased as her hands moulded the cream into his groin and then up around his bottom and into the crevice of his arse. Then when she had finished applying the cream to his lower body she completely covered the rest of his body in it, right up to his neck.

Grace then walked over to the full fragrant bath and dipped her hand into it.

Bradley’s body felt like it was on fire and further more his erection was beginning to subside as the cream began to burn his more extra sensitive areas.

Quickly he stepped into the bath and although the water was lukewarm it immediately cooled his burning body.

“That’s it sweetheart!” Grace’s voice soothed him into the water. “You soak there for ten minutes and get all that nasty man hair off your body!”

Bradley tried to find some reason in why he was letting this woman remove all of his body hair, but every time a voice inside him told him that it was what he wanted. As he soaked in the very feminine fragrant water he tried to recall how he had ended up in this woman’s bedroom and every time he thought about his wife Jean, he started to feel sorry for her. Then with his wife in his thoughts he pondered on what this woman had said about his concern for working all those hours.

Just then she returned.

“Bradley sweetheart what are you thinking about?” she deliberately asked him.

“Wow!” was all he could think about as he clasped eyes on her and as he did his cock began to grow.

“Are you dreaming of me?”

Bradley tried to focus on something else, but every time he looked at this woman something told him that he should: no must do everything she asked of him.

Grace smiled as she saw his cock rise to her presence and this made her smile and as she motioned for him to get up and towel himself off, her own body shivered as she felt a familiar tug in her panties.

Michelle had caused a lot of potential problems when she had petticoated this man’s son, but since she had and none of what they were doing to them had been planned, Grace had decided to have a little fun of her own.

Gabrielle had informed her first, which Grace was rather pleased with, especially when she was such a close friend of her Ladyship, but unknown to Gabrielle, Grace had secretly been placing subliminal commands into her subconscious to reveal to her any interesting developments that came her way.

So now any news that Gabby heard first Grace would always get to hear next.

It had been a long time since Grace had found another man attractive and although she had had relationships with Trisha and some other females, she had only ever had sex with one man and that was Ivan.

When Grace read the report on the Schuler family and she saw that Bradley had never been unfaithful she could not help looking at his picture and thinking about him.

He was basically the same type of man she had once been, shy concerned and gentle but he had one bad trait and that was his need to overpower his wife. The report kept mentioning that although he showed the utmost care for her, he loved to control her in every way possible and it was evident that it was his own jealousy that drove him to it..

The array of pictures Grace had scanned through this afternoon showed how mentally tortured Jean was, she never wore makeup and she always wore clothes that would never attract attention. Grace knew that Bradley was responsible for this and the more she considered it she realised that Michelle’s foolish behaviour had in fact saved Bradley from becoming a ‘would be’ wife beater.

The truth serum had worked fine on Jean at the salon, she was allowed to reveal all of her pent up frustrations at being such a weak woman and allowing her husband to control her from day one of their relationship.

She revealed every intimate detail about their sexual behaviour and how Bradley always commanded that area of her life too.

Grace looked carefully at Bradley’s picture and as she determined what the Schuler’s fate should be, she decided that she would have a little fun of her own, after all Ivan always got to screw her Ladyship’s new recruits, so today she would.

As Bradley towelled himself dry, he could not believe how different he felt without his body hair.

Yet even more surprising was his attraction to this blonde woman, for her very presence seemed to excite him and with his fully erect penis now glistening and standing before him, he could only think of one thing.

“That’s better sweetheart, come here!” Grace motioned with her index finger.

Bradley obeyed her command.

Grace took a hold of his penis and stroked it and then moved him into the bedroom.

Pushing him onto the bed Grace could not wait any longer.

Bradley felt a strange wave wash over him as this blonde woman, who he seemed, compelled to obey, pushed back his penis and sucked in his soft scrotum. Precum tipped his penis as her mouth and her tongue teased his genitals into submission.

Lost in her fragrance and touch Bradley sank warmly into the soft bed and submitted to the woman.

Slowly but surely her mouth made it’s way up his fully erect shaft until her lips were now covering the tip of his cock, whereupon the woman began to nibble on it with her teeth.

Then as he lifted his head up he watched as she engulfed all of his manliness in her pretty mouth.

Thoughts of how he had always had to force Jean into doing that for him plagued his mind and for some unknown reason he started to feel guilty about making her do such a thing.

However those thoughts suddenly vanished as he began to feel the full force of this woman’s clever moves.

“Oh yes!” he sighed as the familiar build to ejaculation gripped him and as the woman tenderly rubbed his tight sac, with her long nails occasionally grazing his skin, he thrust his cock forward and emptied the contents of his balls into her mouth.

Grace was ready and as she took in his load she moved off of his cock and threw herself onto Bradley and kissed him passionately.

The woman sprung up so fast Bradley had no time to wallow in his climax and before he had time to enjoy his release, he was now being force-fed his own white salty cum.

“You like the taste of it don’t you?” Grace whispered between kisses as she licked and spread his sperm around his mouth.

“Yes!” he suddenly found himself agree.

“You know I do admire you for staying so loyal to Jean,” Grace pulled her lips away from his mouth. “And it’s because of this, that what I’m gong to do to you… You will… Well in a way you will never ever be unfaithful to her!”

Bradley could not understand what the woman was talking about, how an earth could she possibly class having sex with him as not being unfaithful?

“Stand up!” she ordered him as she pulled away from him.

Instantly he did as he was told.

With her eyes locked carefully on Bradley’s she slipped her lightly sperm stained dressing gown from her shoulders and then with her elegantly polished nails tipped the thin spaghetti straps of her long silk night dress off the hollows of her neck.

Like falling cream the silk slid down her body and revealed her erected nipples and beautifully sculptured 36c breasts, Bradley’s eyes widened as he took in the beauty of the lightly tanned blonde stunners body. Her hips flared enticingly from her thin waist and supported the only clothing she had on a pretty pair of matching lace silk panties.

“Kneel before me!” she ordered him.

“Yes!” he replied mesmerised by her.

“Remove my panties!”

Brad did as he was told and instantly he placed his hands on her hips taking note of the small tips of butterfly’s wings just visible from the top of her panties.

“Slowly!” she ordered him.

Once again Brad did as he was told and slowly eased the waistband off her hips and then gently began to pull them across her thighs. However as he became excited at the prospect of his reward beneath them, the sight that greeted him caused him stop.


“Of course sweetheart, don’t be afraid, it won’t bite you,” Grace giggled as she saw the shock on his face.

Brad’s mind was awash with confusion, his male voice was telling him enough was enough and it was time he left with Jean. Then suddenly as his mind reflected on Jean it all came back to him.

“What’s going on?” he looked up at the beautiful creature staring down at him.

“Oh Bradley… You and your family’s life is going to be different from now on… Stand up!” she sighed warmly and spoke softly. “Jean has lived by your rules for so long and all she’s ever been rewarded with is a constant reminder of how hard you have to work and how little money you earn!”

Bradley stood up, still trying to figure out why he was so calm about being naked in a room with a pretty woman who had the same anatomy inside her panties as he did.

“Tomorrow I will take care of your mortgage and all of you, Jean and your two sons belongings. You will never have to worry about silly things such as money again!”

The offer sounded great, but Brad was puzzled as to why and it showed on his face.

“Oh sweetheart don’t pain yourself in trying to figure out why I’m doing this for you… Because it’s not for you… It’s for Jean!” Grace stroked his confused face.

“Jean?” he replied his mind totally transfixed by this strange creature’s word.

“Jean has done everything you’ve asked of her, but that jealousy you have of her you can let it all go now!”


“Oh you probably saw it as a way of control over her, but making her hide her beauty because of your own insecurity has scarred her mentally… And now I’ve freed her of your control,” Grace explained a little more. “She can become pretty, beautiful and free from worrying about what you might say or think!”

“I… Err… Well I?” Brad tried to find a reply to this woman’s allegations, but something was happening to him, he felt different and the more she spoke the more his own questions seemed ridiculous.

“Bradley, stop trying to find an excuse to stop this progression with your life… I’m going to rid you of all that shyness and self doubt about yourself… Look how your body is responding to me!” she pointed down at his very erect penis.

Bradley could not understand how his body could deceive him, especially as his mind was not even focused on anything other than the position he was in.

“See how I control you now?” Grace moved up to him, her five foot six frame the perfect height to match his.

“Take hold of mine!” she smiled and moved her eyes down to her groin.

Brad looked down at the sight of his erect cock and the strangely deformed woman’s and as hard as his male voice tried to fight her command he moved his hand onto her semi-erect cock.

“That’s it sweetheart now pull yours and mine together,” she sighed sexily.

Brad once again did as he was told and placed his against hers and held them together.

“Kiss Me!”

Brad drew in closer and met her kiss, the taste of his own sex still on her lips and on her breath.

Grace pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and met his and together they rolled their tongues in unison.

Pulling away slightly Grace then looked down at his hand still holding both of their cocks.

“Your hands are so soft and feminine Bradley aren’t they?” she rubbed her nose against his as she moved in for another kiss.

“Yes Madame!” Bradley suddenly replied, leaving a trailing voice within him, asking him why he had responded to her as he did.

“Sit on the bed!” Grace then ordered him.

Bradley let go of her sex and did as he was asked.

“Go on take it in your mouth!” she then prompted him. “It’s your turn!”

Bradley’s male voice screamed from the edge of the void it was now perched upon, desperately trying to regain some sort of control over what used to be its territory, but a new and more confident voice had taken over.

Brad sucked in Grace’s shemale sex and as he did his own cock erupted once again.

“Oh Bradley see what all those years of living and working as a man have denied you, but don’t you worry I will see to it that from now on the only problems you’ll ever have to be concerned about are a broken nail or snag in your stockings!” Grace ran her fingers through his hair as he buried his face into her shemale groin.

Grace was now completely in control of Brad and as she revelled in the sensitivity of his mouth across her cockette and her soft balls, she decided it was time to please herself.

“Bradley sweetheart,” she breathed sexily. “Get on the bed and lay on your back!”

Brad did as he was told and as Grace watched his fully erect penis, her own small cock finally reached its fullness, although rather than rigid it bounced around as she joined Bradley on the bed.

Brad was still trying to find a reason as to why he found this deformed female so alluring and as he lay back on the bed, he could not believe that he was about to have full sexual intercourse with her.

“Oh Bradley your gonna enjoy being like me!” Grace smiled as she pinned him down and sucked in one of his small nipples.

Brad was trying to find a reply to her strange remark, but as her teeth sank into his nipples he found it hard to concentrate on anything other than her strangely beautiful body.

“Grace moved her bottom back and with expert ease shrouded Brad’s cock in her shemale sex.

“Oh my god!” Brad sighed as he felt his cock penetrate her.

“Hmmmm my sweetheart, it feels soooooo good!” Grace shivered as she sat up, her own cockette now bobbing up and down on Brad’s lower abdomen. “Ooooooh Bradley yes that’s good meet my moves!”

Brad could just not believe his eyes, he was having sex with a ravishing blonde beauty who had a cock between her legs just like him.

Rocking back and forth, Grace continued the pace and as she did, she grabbed a hold of her own cock and began to rub it into submission, pulling it one way and then the other. Then she moved forward and sank her mouth onto his.

Oh Bradley fuck me sweetheart… Fuck me!” she bit his lip as Brad began to increase his rhythm.

Sweat was now pouring of both of them as their connection continued then as Brad began to sense the familiar feeling of ejaculation, Grace’s penis erupted across his stomach.

“Oh Brad yesssssss!” she instantly threw herself back and grabbed a hold of her cockette and helped its contents to explode all over Bradley’s abdomen.

Then rubbing her hands in her gooey white mess she placed her fingers in his mouth.

“Here sweetheart taste Madame’s offering!”

Brad lapped up the shemale’s sperm as he continued to ram his cock upwards into her, while his ever diminishing male voice tried to understand how he could so easily accept what she had just done to him.

“Do you like the taste of it sweetheart?” Grace asked.

“Yes Madame… I do!” he replied with absolute conviction.

“Good then you can clean me up!”

The next thing Bradley knew was that his cock was now pumping away at nothing more than air for her small and flaccid cock was suddenly back in his mouth again.

“Don’t worry my sweetheart when you’ve earned my trust I will let you come inside me!” Grace caressed his forehead as he licked so excitedly on her wet cockette.

New thoughts began to caress his mind as he suckled and swallowed her cream and any thoughts as to why he was doing it had now evaporated, his mind was now hers to control and whatever she desired of him he would do.

“Now sleep my Princess!” Grace smiled warmly as she kissed Bradley’s forehead, her command instantly sending him to sleep on her bed. “Tomorrow a whole new life will begin for you and your family.”

Chapter Sixty


Mr Warren Tyler was Bradley Schuler’s boss and was once again reminding him how useless he was at his job.

“EVALUATIONS!” Mr Tyler kept shouting at him. “I know how much you need this job Schuler and let me tell you your work is below par… VERY BELOW PAR!”

Brad wanted to answer him back, but he knew that would push him into doing what was obviously going to be the inevitable and sack him.

Evaluations haunted Brad every time they came up, twelve years he had worked for this company and although his shyness had thwarted him in every opportunity to progress his career, he remained loyal to Mr Bagley and Mr Gower the owners of the company.

Yet technology was always changing and Brad found it hard to compete with the younger and more versatile members of staff who kept coming through.

Warren Tyler was such a person, he had began working in dispatch seven years ago and soon made his way up the ladder.

Brad had applied for Mr Gadd’s position, when he had been moved up to a more higher position, but Warren Tyler’s more influential knowledge and ability to adapt to a challenge, got him the job over Brad.

Brad did see the implications this would have on him six months later and as much as Brad tried to shake of his paranoia, he was sure that Mr Tyler wanted him out of the job because he saw him as a threat.

In truth Warren Tyler wanted to make cuts in his budget so he could claim more benefits for himself and Brad’s need for overtime where cutting into this plan. The work load was there and Brad was the only one willing to do that extra bit, but Warren was shrewd and over the past three months had purposefully doubled his load in an effort to get him to stop or better more leave.

Then by a chance mishap in a dry run of installing a new database system, Warren saw his chance. A new system that he had already learned about was being installed and he knew Brad would never be able to keep up with the others working on the project.

So unbeknown to any of the workforce Warren had patched up the system to make a live run instead of running it in safety mode.

Brad walked straight into it as the system went live and all of the companies databases came to halt.

Brad received his warnings apologetically and told them that he would devote his spare time to getting the system up and running, that was until Warren came up with a solution, for Warren had made sure that none of the important data had been erased.

Warren smiled warmly to himself as his plan achieved its goal. Brad was now one warning away from a dismissal and with the companies new evaluation now coming up, he knew that this month would be Brad Schuler’s last month at Bagley & Gower Ltd.

Needles to say Warren Tyler’s plans had nothing to do with a certain incident that took place at Rubies Shopping Mall the day before Brad’s evaluation and when Brad’s wife Jean phoned to say that her husband had resigned, Warren could not have been more happier.

“EVALUATIONS!” Brad called out as the vision of Warren Tyler’s face faded from his mind.

“What?” a startled looking Joan appeared from Madame Grace’s bathroom door.

“Oh I’m sorry!” Brad looked over at the startled maid. “I was dreaming sorry!”

“That’s Ok, I’ll inform Madame that you are awake.

“Whatever was going through your mind young lady!” Grace enquired with a rather serious scowl on her face.

“I’m terribly sorry Madame!” Michelle curtseyed before her.

“Then I guess I’m correct in assuming that you will never do anything like that again?”

“Yes Madame!” Michelle curtseyed again.

“All I will say is you were lucky that the boy’s parents had already been screened by her Ladyship’s people!” Grace changed her stance on Michelle’s unusual behaviour. “Why did you do it anyway?”

Michelle looked up at Madame Grace and the same glint in her eye that she had had back in the mall re-appeared. “I want to be like you when I grow up Madame, I’ve heard my Mother and my sister discussing how you can easily change a person into someone else… Well I thought that I’d have a try!”

Grace smiled as she looked at the very pretty girl standing before her.

“Have you ever discussed this with other people at school?”

“No Madame definitely not!” Michelle crouched into a curtsey.

“Hmmm… That’s a very interesting reply!” Grace pondered on how Michelle could have possibly imagined that she would grow up to be like her and then she wondered what other things the girls at the prep school thought about.

“You do know that Ross will now have to return to school in a girls uniform?”

“Oh yes Madame I do!” she curtseyed again.

“Well the next time you decide that a boy should be petticoated… Ask my permission is that clear!” Grace’s smile turned back into a scowl.

“Oh yes Madame I will!”

Grace watched the pretty brown haired girl waltz off, she knew that she should have been more severe with her, but considering the fun she was having with the boy’s father she let her go with just a light grilling. Yet more intriguing was the fact that the girl had adapted a desire to control and be just like her.

Just then Joan appeared.

“Madame!” Joan curtseyed. “Your guest has woken!”

“Thank you Joan!” Grace looked at the clock on the wall with a broad smile, for he had arisen at the exact time she had programmed him to.

Walking into her bedroom she saw Bradley sitting upright in her bed.

“Good morning Princess!” she called out to him.

“Err… Yeah… Err Good morning,” he held his head in his hands as he tried to figure out exactly where he was. “I’m sorry, but where is Jean?”

“You’ll see her at the breakfast table don’t worry your pretty little head about her!” Grace moved over to the bathroom door. “Come on Princess you’ve got a long day ahead of you so lets get you freshened up!”

All recollections of his boss disappeared as his mind bowed to the suggestions of this blonde woman who for some reason he now thought of as Madame.

“Yes Madame,” he answered gathering his thoughts on her command.

“Joan has run the bath for you so cover yourself in that cream again like last night and make sure you rub it deep into your groin and bottom!” Grace ordered him. “I will return in half an hour so quickly get to it!”

Brad did as he was told and this time he made sure that he rubbed the cream deep into the areas Madame had mentioned. Half an hour later Brad was clean and smooth all over and to make things even better the maid had left a bottle of perfume on the chair next to the pink towel.

Without a thought to how odd it would be, Brad applied the perfume around his neck, his wrists and across his smooth hairless genitalia.

As promised Grace reappeared and beckoned him over to her rather luxurious walk in dressing room and when she took him inside she carefully monitored his expressions as he glanced around at her huge selection of dresses skirts, suits and shoes.

“Here!” she handed him a pair of silky laced white panties. “Put these on!”

Brad looked at the garment and his expression was enough to query as to the reason why.

“Bradley sweetheart,” Grace placed them in his hand. “You’ve got to get used to being with me!”

Bradley’s mind was once again trying to find a meaning in her answer, his male voice still trying to forge a way past the barrier that kept it trapped.

Once again Bradley did what he was told and stepped into the garment and slid them up his smooth legs and over his genitals. Instantly the sensation of the material against his smooth skin caused his groin to suddenly move.

“Oh Bradley you like wearing them don’t you?” Grace deliberately asked, knowing full well that her chosen actions and words were releasing the triggers she had placed last night in his subconscious.

“Yes Madame… I err… I Do!” he replied rather perplexed at why he did enjoy wearing such a feminine piece of clothing.

Bradley’s wavering male voice was desperate to take control, it could not understand what was happening and why reason seemed to be so hard to find as a strange cloud gradually enveloped him.

Grace was pleased with the work she had done on Bradley, sure she could have changed him completely when she had him under the drugs, but Bradley was different from all the other men she had transformed.

“Ok Bradley sweetheart, Joan has brought your trousers, you may wear them but I want you to wear this top!” she handed him a sleeveless white lycra top.

Brad took hold of the top, he knew that it was not a man’s top for the texture of it was very soft and even more obvious was its roll neck.

Putting the top on he then put on the trousers that had brought him to where he was now.

“Err Madame… Where are my socks and shoes?”

“Oh I want you to get used to wearing shoes without socks, and these shoes would look absolutely ridiculous with them!” she pulled out a pair of navy open toed court shoes with a one inch heel.

“But Madame?” Bradley began to question her decision.

“Bradley did you or didn’t you enjoy our time together last night?”

“Yes Madame I did!”

“Now do you want to have more fun with me tonight?”

“Yes I do Madame!” Bradley suddenly felt fear at the thought of not pleasing her. “I really do!” he suddenly found his eyes welling up.

“Well… If you do what I ask we will make love all night!”

“Yes Madame,” Bradley felt foolish at nearly crying in front of her.

“Good now get theses shoes on and we can go down to breakfast, Jean will join us too I’m sure!”

Grace watched the poor confused man slip on the shoes and with the white top clinging to his torso tightly, she decided to finish off his look with an embroidered white long sleeved silk see-through jacket that fell to his waist.

Walking out of the bedroom Grace grabbed a hold of Bradley’s hand and led him along the corridor and down the spiral stairway.

“Breakfast is served Madame,” Joan met them at the bottom and curtseyed.

“Thank you Joan,” Grace smiled as she led her latest project into the dinning room.

Grace pulled a chair out for Bradley to take a seat.

Bradley’s male voice felt ridiculous at what he was doing, he wanted to do nothing other than grab a hold of Jean and Ross and leave this strange woman and go to the authorities. For deep down he knew that whatever it was she was doing had to be illegal, however once again at every corner he turned this unusual mist that blocked any efforts to restore sanity to his situation met him.

Grace sat next to him and began to ask him how he felt at being dressed so oddly, knowing full well that his response would send his inner male hysterical, and from the look on his face she knew that the conflict within him was raging.

Just then Jean appeared.

Brad’s face went from confusion to horror.

Jean was wearing a white see-through negligee and six inch fluffy white pumps, never in their entire relationship had Brad seen her dressed as she was for her body was on full view for everyone to see.

“Jean!” Grace nodded to her.

“Madame!” Jean smiled and gave Grace a little curtsey.

Then from behind the image of his wife a huge blonde man wearing a white t-shirt and jeans appeared.

Instantly Brad’s mind shifted to the image of the horror he had witnessed last night, for this man was fucking his wife and she was enjoying it.

Just then Grace interrupted his thoughts.

“Princess, this is Ivan my husband!” she introduced him.

Ivan replied by smiling and then wrapping his arms around Jean and kissing her neck, then in full view of Bradley he moved his large hands onto her breasts and tweaked her instantly engorging nipples.

“Don’t they make a lovely couple?” Grace clasped Brad’s hand warmly.

Then Ivan moved his hand down into Jean’s thick brown thatch and with a big grin and his eyes fixed on Brad he moved his fingers deeper and parted her lips, which instantly elicited a groan of pleasure from Jean.

“Jean how was my husband?” Grace added to Brad’s humiliation.

“Oh Madame he is so huge… I… Hmmmm… I’d like it in me now… Oh!” she sighed rolling her eyes to the ceiling as Ivan’s finger now toyed with her clitoris.

“But what about Bradley here?” Grace enquired squeezing his hand.

“Oh he’ll never satisfy me again,” she shivered as Ivan’s hands moved back up to cup her small breasts.

“Did you here that Princess… Your wife says you’ll never satisfy her again?” Grace then moved her hand onto his leg and then onto his groin. “But I can see the thought of my husband’s cock pleasing your wife excites you Bradley?”

“Yes Madame it does!” Bradley suddenly replied as his cock began twitch.

“Jean, I fully understand that everything you do has to meet with Bradley’s approval, so you had better ask him, while you’ve got the chance!”

“Oh yes Madame, thank you!” she regained a little composure. “Bradley sweetheart, Ivan will want me on a regular basis, especially now that we’re living here with them, and,” she turned and kissed his mouth. “Well I thought that it would be more easier for Ivan, if he slept with me until we move in to one of those apartments across the road… Is that OK?”

Bradley’s mind wanted nothing more than to scream his disapproval, how can she just throw him out of her bed and let a man she had only met yesterday share her bed for god knows how long.

“That’s fine with me!” Bradley found himself replying, much to his amazement.

“Oh Princess that’s so wonderful, I’ll get Joan to prepare a separate room for you, perhaps the one next door to them… Then you’d be able to hear Ivan pleasing your wife!” Grace smiled warmly as she rubbed his groin harder.

“Oh yes Madame I would love that very much!”

Bradley’s inner voice endured another twenty minutes of this woman’s husband groping his wife, while the woman kept his groin continually active with her hand.

‘What’s happening to us!’ his voice screamed in silence as Ivan took the groping further, admittedly aided by Jean as she had released his huge member from his boxers.

Ivan pulled Jean up onto his lap and slid his cock into her and fucked Jean right in front of him.

“Right hurry up you two… Princess and Ross have a busy schedule for today… And besides you’ll be able to fuck each other tonight!” Grace suddenly stood up interrupting the two lovers’ flow.

“Yes… Sorry Madame!” Ivan pulled a very disappointed looking Jean from his lap.

“Now Princess go out into the reception hall and wait for Ross!” Grace ordered Bradley.

“Yes Madame!” he replied, his inner voice wondering why she kept calling him Princess.

Bradley’s male voice felt ridiculous as his son walked into the hall and saw him dressed the way he was.

“Hello Princess!” Ross smiled at his father.

‘Please Ross… Please don’t let them take you too!’ Bradley’s male voice screamed within him.

“Hello Master Ross!” he suddenly answered.

Ross, who before yesterday had always portrayed the look of a sulky, bored teenage boy, stood happily by his father and when Ivan appeared ready he grabbed a hold of his father’s hand and eagerly pulled him along behind.

“Oh Princess… Kelly has told me all about this place… She says it’s the bestest’ in the mall!”

Sitting in the limo Bradley felt even more foolish as his son still held onto his hand and began to chatter away about how nice Kelly was and how nice Madame was to let him play in her dolls room.

Passing the scaffolding of the building site, Bradley caught one last glimpse of his old car, for two large overweight workmen were actually dismantling it and from what he could make out were burying it in the ground besides the building.

An hour later Bradley was at the mall.

His son was still chattering away and rather disturbingly for Brad’s male voice, Ross was talking about how cute this boy was and how cute that boy was. Yet to further his male inner voice’s embarrassment, Ivan walked him and Ross through the mall and to make things worse the sight of the way he was dressed drew attention from people passing him by.

“He must be gay!” one voice echoed around him.

Finally they reached their destination and to Brad’s horror it was a beauty salon and from the amount of people entering it, a busy one too.

Walking in Ross remarked how excited he was and as the door closed behind them Bradley’s male inner voice felt that his old life had closed with it.

‘Where did I go wrong?” it now sobbed silently, ‘Why can’t I fight what’s happening?’

“Ah there you are!” a blonde woman wearing a white overall and black slacks approached them.

“Hello Mistress Wendy!” Ross acknowledged the woman.

“Hello again Ross!” she smiled down at the boy. “And this must be the creature that has Madame in a fluster?”

“Yes Wendy this is her Princess!” Ivan replied for Brad.

“Ok… Annabelle!” she called out to her daughter, “I want you to make a start on Ross’s hair and when Celia has finished with Mrs Preece she’ll take over. Now then lets get you to Suki!”

Brad felt all the women in the salon’s eyes focused on him and as he followed behind the blonde owner of the salon he missed the adulation his young son was getting from some of the other staff.

Taking him into a private room at the back of the salon Wendy introduced Brad to a very pretty Asian looking girl, who wore the same white overall as all the other workers, except that she wore her one as a dress.

Brad could not help noticing how smooth and tanned her legs were and could not believe that his mind was now wondering if he would ever have legs like hers, especially as she was about the same height as him.

“Hello I’m Suki!” she introduced herself warmly.

“Err… I… Well?” he did not know what to say.

“Relax sweetheart, I know all about you… Jean told me so much about you during our little chat yesterday! Now take off your clothes and get up on that table!” she pointed over to an examination table on the far side.

Bradley began to nervously undress and as he removed his trousers Suki smiled.

“Oh they are nice!” she remarked at his white laced panties.

“Thank you,” he replied as he pulled off his white lycra top.

Standing naked in just the panties he began to make his way over to the table.

“Excuse me… But they’ll have to come off as well!” Suki pointed at his panties.

“But?” he tried to find a way to indicate his embarrassment at revealing his cleanly shaven genitalia to her.

Then as he stood looking for an answer Suki undone two buttons at the hem of her uniform and parted it to reveal her own white laced panties, then slipping her finger into them she pulled them aside and showed Bradley her true gender.

Bradley could not help admiring her small smooth penis and perched just above it a rather cute butterfly tattoo.

“You see… You’ve got nothing that I haven’t got!” she smiled as she tucked herself back in. “Now then I want you to lay on your back while I get the machine ready!”

Nervously Brad removed his panties and did as he was told.

Suki rolled the strange apparatus over to the table and plugged it in then moving over to a flat screen monitor she keyed in some code and pulled it into place over the base of Brad’s spine.

“Now this is very similar to needles so it will sting, but unlike those normal ones it does not blister up and it will only take a few minutes!” Suki explained.

Then before Brad had a chance to ask what the machine was what felt like a million needles poking and prodding him drew a pattern across the arc of his back.

Suki watched the tattoo machine closely as it drew a pattern of small red roses around a scroll and then in true Gaelic fashion intertwined into a stem that settled nicely above the top of his bottom. Then when the pattern had finished the machine moved back to the scroll and inserted the words Princess.

“Over you go!” she tapped his bottom as she pulled the machine away from him. “This one is compulsory I’m afraid… Her Ladyship insists all her girls are branded with this sweet little tattoo.”

Instantly the machine went to work and within a minute Bradley was looking at a pretty small butterfly tattoo, perched just to the right and above his penis.

“There you go just like me!” she pulled the machine away from him and began to enter a new set of codes into the machine.

Bradley’s trapped male voice screamed in horror as the beauty salon assistant then asked him to part his legs and put them in the stirrups that had just raised. He wanted no more than to smash this weird female in the face and run as fast as he could, however his body was no longer under his control and like a good patient he did what the girl asked.

“Now then this part of the procedure is going to make sure that you never grow any more of that ugly pubic hair down here or on your face, except for a tiny patch just above here!” she pointed to the tip of the base of his cock. “ I had mine removed completely and besides a lot of men love to see it that way too!”

Before Bradley had time to answer the machine went to work.

However the pain was different than the last time, for this time it felt like tiny hot pokers as it carefully searched for and removed all of the pubic follicles that he would never ever need again from his scrotum, anal area, testicles and around his pubic bone.

As the girl placed the machine over his face and positioned it into place. Bradley could not see anything other than the specially designed dual laser heads of the machine as it darted from left to right in very small and precise moves removing his facial hair.

For Suki this was the ideal time to finish off her work on him until he was under the hair dryer. Going over to a locked cabinet she pulled out syringe and a small gun like syringe. Taking out a small green bottle she filled the syringe with the liquid and then moved back to her assignment.

Brad was helpless as the machine and his inability to move to his male voices own free will wanted to scream out in pain as the salon assistant jabbed a needle into both of his nipples.

“Oh I’ve been waiting to use this and her Ladyship has given me permission to be the first to use it outside of the health farm!” Suki pressed the gun like object into his hipbone and fired it. “Just got to do the other hip and then we can get you looking pretty!”

Pulling the machine away Suki pressed an intercom and asked for two assistants to come and fetch their new client.

Brad stood up his face and scrotum tingling with a burning sensation while his hips felt rather sore. Then before he had a chance to look at his nipples for any signs of the injections she had given him, two blonde girls dressed just like Suki waltzed in giggling at him.

“Hello Princess!” they giggled in unison. “I’m Lucy!”

“And I’m Claire!” the other one held out a pink flowery apron and indicated for him to put his arms into it, while the other one got him to slip his toes into a pair of flip shoes.

“Oh I love the tattoo Princess!” Lucy remarked as she tied the apron behind him.

Then before Brad knew what was happening he had been taken back out into the salon, with his appearance instantly causing a disturbance.

Brad’s male voice desperately looked for his son and wondered what horrors they had done to him too, but the salon was full of staff all rushing around attending other clients.

“Now sit down here Princess, Lucy and me are going to do your nails while Carmine does your hair!” Claire helped the bewildered half feminised man into a chair.

Then before he knew where to look a pretty brunette pulled his head back and smiled.

“Hi I’m Carmine… I used to be a mechanic that’s why they call me Carmine!” she giggled.

“Toot! Toot! Carmine!” the two blondes joked as they looked up at their colleague.

“Oh just ignore those two… Now then lets see what I can do with this mess!”

An hour and a half later Bradley found himself being taken to a hair dryer that was positioned behind a partition that separated him from the rest of the salon.

“Oh I like watching men going into this part, their outlook on life is always changed after this!” Carmine walked him into the area and positioned his new hairstyle under the dryer.

Bradley wanted to see his hair but the absence of mirrors stopped him from even getting a glimpse.

“I remember when I went under the hair dryer! Oh sure I tried to fight it… After all I used to be a macho car mechanic who loved the ladies!”

“Yes and you liked to rip your clients off with fictitious engine reports didn’t you!” Claire walked over as she set up a tray next to him.

Brad looked in the direction of the Blonde as from behind he spotted what looked a lot like a young boy wearing make up.

“Oh this is Wayne he is my apprentice during the holidays … He lives with Madame Grace too!” Claire introduced the slender young man, “I believe your son is friends with Wayne’s sister Kelly?”

Brad could not respond his male voice was in complete shock that a young boy would so openly wear make up and want to work his holidays in a salon.

“Hello Princess!” Wayne smiled down at him. “I really love working here!”

“Can I finish my story?” Carmine intervened.

“Oh of course, Princess would love to hear it wouldn’t you?”

Bradley could not comprehend much of Carmine’s story and wondered why she chose now to be so talkative towards him when she had not uttered more than an introduction to him while she did his hair.

Besides as she settled him under the dryer the warm air stifled her voice.

As the warm flush air blew over and around Bradley’s head he suddenly felt very sleepy and within moments was fast asleep.

Bradley’s male voice tried desperately to fight the compulsion to sleep, but as his body relaxed and his mind soothed the mist that surrounded his male voice grew bigger and clearer, forming the essence of the new dominant voice that would be Bradley Schuler.


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