The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 57

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 57
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Court convenes.

The next day, Clarke Abrams was brought before Judge Granger.

“All rise, the circuit court in and for Pine Meadows County is now in session, The honoravle Steven H. Granger, presiding. Silence is commanded, gentlemen take off your hats. Case number FC-6792, here for initial apearance and bail set

“I will not ask for appearances, because I have a feeling I am going to appoint counsel.Mr. Abrams, you are charged with impersonating an attorney. How do you plead?”

“Not guilty, your honor.”

“I have a report here in front of me that says your license to practice law has been revoked by the Michigan Bar Association’s disciplinary board. Have you been telling others that you are an attorney, especially law enforcement officers?

“No, your honor.”

“Very well, since you are not an attorney, now, this court appoints Gail Marie Simons to represent you. Even though you know the law, Mr. Abrams, you listen to your attorney. We will take up the question of bail when Miss Simons has had an opportunity to talk to the defendant. This court sets a date three weeks from today, on the 2nd of next month. Is that agreeavle to the state?

“Yes, your honor.”

“Very well, the defendant is remanded until then. Next case.”

Clarke Abrams was placed back in the holding cell and Mr. Williamson was brought before judge Grange“ State vs. Fred Williamson, case number FC-6793, felony criminal trespass and terrorizing minor girls.”

“How do you plead, Mr. Williamson?” Inquired judge Granger.

“Not Guilty, your honor.”

“Are you able to afford your own attorney, sir.”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Very well, bail is set at $500,000.00 cash bail. Next case.”

Fred Williamson said he could pay his bail immmediately, and was taken to the sheriff’s business window on the second floor. Mr. Williamson paid his bail by money transfer, authorizing payment to be made to the Pine County sheriff. In an hour, the funds were transferred, and Mr. Williamson was allowed to leave.

Mr. Williamson, however, did not go straight to his house. He hailed a taxi and went directly to a tavern, known to the police as a bar that caters to the criminal element. The taxi pulled to the front of the bar, and Fred Williamson paid the fare. He went in to the bar, and ordered a scotch and soda. He sat down at a table where he could see the entire bar.

He casually looked around while he sipped on his drink. About an hour later, he found who he was looking for. When he saw them, he motioned for the bartender to come and refresh his drink.

“Jim, would you please tell Dick snd Della I would like them to join me for a drink/”

“Okay, Fred, I’ll send them right over.”

Richard (Dick) MacConnell and Della McGreer were a team of assassins for hire. They didn’t care who they had to kill, as long as they got paid. Fred Williamson invited them to his table to talk business.

“Hey Fred,” Richard MacConnell said with a smile, as he greeted his long time friend. In fact, these two had even done a little prison time together. Della McGreer was blonde, with a perfect figure. She had a pearl white smile, and a seemingly harmless bearing. She was, however, a very dangerous weapon.

Della McGreer was an expert in firearms, use of a knife, and knew a martial arts craft called Tai Chi. Even without a weapon she was a walking weapon.

“Dick, hi Della. I invited you both over to talk a little business.”

“Just tell us the description of your victim and where to find that victim, and we will take care of him or her.”

“I’m sure that you two have heard of the Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows.”

“Yeah, Fred, we have heard of her. Della was telling me just last week that she would love to see what this cop knows.”

“That’s good. She has a fiancée by the name of Jim O’Donnell. He is a state trooper assigned to the Pine Meadows barracks. These two are always within a few miles away from each other, even when they are in their respective squad cars. I have $150,000.00 to start with. If you require more, just let me know. From now on, we don’t meet face to face. It’s too risky. We will talk by phone, and I will meet you somewhere safe. This place is too hot for us.”

“Della and I agree, Fred. No cell phones, either. Let us go and get the money, and we will be on our way to Pine Meadows. Where exactly is Pine Meadows?”

“You cross the state line, and turn left at the first controlled intersection. Then you go straight for about twenty five miles. At the first state highway that you see, turn left. Then you go straight for ten miles, and you will come in to the town of Pine Meadows. Sheriff’s sergeant Naomi Petersen is very easy to find.”

“Alright, Fred, we will take care of this so-called Dragon Lady. Her fiancé, too, if he gets in the way. No one will know what happened, until about an hour after it is all over.”

They arrived at Fred Williamson’s real estate office, and they all went inside. Dick and Della didn’t worry about being recognized, because they were just a couple looking to buy a house. Fred told them to look at the pictures of houses for sale, and he would be right back. Fred went in a door marked “Private” and went right to his safe. He took out the money for Dick and Della, and went back out in the customer area.

“I’m giving you this money in this envelope so people will think you have a contract or literature to buy a house. Keep me informed.”

“You bet we will, Fred. We’re on our way. We will let you know how it goes.” They all shook hands, and Dick and Della were on their way to Pine Meadows.

Chapter 2 - In Pine Meadows County.

In the court room, judge Granger was talking to Dr. Pervert.

“Dr. Arthur Reginald Poole, this court has received a report from the state hospital that says you are of sound mind. This court will set a date for trial. Since both the prosecutor and defense counsel are present, we can set a date right now. Is that agreeable to both sides?” Both attorneys said it was. “Very well. The next date that is available to the court is February 26th, six weeks from today. Is this agreeable to both parties? Both attorneys said it was.

While court was in session, the village of Pine Meadows was unaware of the danger that was about to befall them. Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer would be testing their abilities, with the last victim being told to tell the Dragon Lady to Meet Della alone at a certain place.

When Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer were hired to do a job, they wasted no time getting to where they had to go, unless they had to take a plane, and then they would take the earliest flight available. These two have been known to take two separate flights, so as not to draw attention to themselves, if they suspected the auroirt was being watched.

But, today, they would drive, being as their destination was just across the state line. They mapped out the route they would take. As they looked at the map, they noticed that there were back roads they could take that would be less time and distance to Pine Meadows.

It was three hours after they started, that they pulled in to the village of Pine Meadows. One thing that Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer always could count on; the people were just steadfastly in to their own business, that they didn’t have time to involve themselves in other problems involving other people, police officers included.

The two assassins parked in front of the hotel Twin Pines on the outskirts of the town. This was, compared to hotels around the country, very posh, but inexpensive. That was, I guess, because it was really the only hotel in town. For one hundred and twenty five dollars per night, you got a room with two double beds, one large bathroom with a walk in shower and a bathtub, a toilet complete with bidet and a full size mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. It also had a double sink in the bathroom. There was a sofa, a desk, and two spacious closets.

The village of Pine Meadows got a lot of business in their hotel from the truckers that passed through. Occasionally, there would be the tourists or vacationers that passed through on their way to whereever, so the Twin Pines Hotel was doing a thriving business.

It was twelve twenty when Richard and Della rented two rooms; one for each of them. This would throw off any suspicion that they were a couple. The two rooms did have adjoining doors. Sometimes, families would request a room with adjoining doors.

Richard and Della unpacked their small travel bags, and then went to a restaurant to eat. This was a reconnaissance ploy. Della sat at some point in the restaurant so she could see the whole restaurant. Richard did likewise. As Della was looking around the restaurant, she saw a female Pine Meadows County deputy sheriff sergeant.

Della watched the deputy. She knew when she heard the deputy’s name said by one of the patrons. Naomi Petersen was unaware that she was being watched. Della watched Naomi for a few more minutes, and then got up to pay her bill, by way of Richard’s table.

“I found her, Dick. She is two booths away from the counter and she is in uniform.”

:That’s good, Della. We will meet back at the hotel. Thank you, and get a few photos of her. This way we can send them back to Fred for confirmation. You gotta love the internet. Alright, Della, I will leave, and you go to the ladies room.”

Richard got up and paid his bill, then left to get his car. He drove back to the hotel to wait for Della. Della, on her way to the rest room, snapped a few pictures of Naomi with her camera phone. She went out the back door, and straight to her rental car. Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer always rented separate cars when they were on an assignment. Richard would rent from one company, and Della from yet another.

Della drove back to the hotel, and when she got in to her room, she immediately knocked on Richard’s adjoining door. She knocked once, then twice and once again. Richard let her in and Della showed him the photos of Naomi Petersen, the Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows County.

“Naomi, did you see that lady take a couple of pictures of you?”

“Yes, Sharon, I did. I also took a couple of her, too. When I get back to the department, I am going to run the photos and see if she is in the system. I am willing to bet she is.”

“Be careful, Naomi,” Janice Peyton implored.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Richard and Della are talking about the strategy they were going to use in getting the Pine Meadows Dragon Lady.

“Dick,” Della was saying, “I think it’s time we set out following this so-called dragon lady. If you want me to be honest, I don’t think she has a strong muscle anywhere in her body. She is short, doesn’t look like she weighs anything, And she had four young girls with her. She may be related to the girls, because she called them all by name. One even called her sis.”

“Then she is probably related. Let’s follow her like we have done in the past with other assignments. I want to know where she lives, who her next of kin is. What are her assignments at the sheriff’s department. There is no hurry, Della. We have the money and when this is over, we will be getting the same amount, making our fee very large, indeed.”

“Dick, we could actually find partners and go dancing. I understand they have square dances here every other weekend. This weekend, they are having another one.”

“That sounds good to me. If dragon lady should show up, I will ask her if she wants to dance, and then maybe go for a ride. When she accepts, we have her, right where we want her. Then I will kill her and we can bury the body.”

“Why don’t we just shoot her from a distance and be done with it?”

“Because, Della, Frank likes his jobs clean and without too much of a mess. If we did like you suggest, it would be nessy and this town would be closed to incoming as well as outgoing traffic. No, Della, we do this like all of our other assignments. Besides, a wonan with her reputation could never turn down a challenge.”

“I’d be willing to bet, you’re right, Dick.”

Of course, neither of these two assassins knew anything about Naomi Petersen. While Naomi treated her suspects with respect and it was never said that Naomi Petersen was a hard nose, she also was wary of strangers bearing gifts. Naomi survived in her field of work because she was careful. Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer had a big surprise coming. After all, Naomi Petersen was just bragging about what she could do. Right?

As Richard and Della made their plans, Naomi was running a facial recognition at the sheriff’s department. In a matter of minutes, Della McGreer’s photo came up with her name, birthdaye, prison sentences, and vehicle likes and dislikes. It said she was always in the company of one Richard MacConnell, but not necessarily together. In other words, like in the restaurant, when they were sitting at different tables, keeping an eye on different vantage points.

While Dick and Della were making their plans, Naomi was sending Della’s and Richard’s photo to every officer in the the county. But, because Dick and Della hadn’t committed any crimes, the state police, Pine Meadows County sheriff and the local constables could not arrest them. The authorities could keep an eye on them though.

Jim O’Donnell stopped by the sheriff’s department to ask Naomi out to dinner and a movie afterwards.

“Jim,” Naomi addressed her fiancé. “I saw a woman taking pictures at the truck stop with her camera phone. So, I took a couple of her. Take a look who she is.”

Jim O’Donnell looked at the photo that came from the fax machine. He read the information under the photo of Della McGreer.

“Assassin for hire!” Jim O’Donnell exclaimed. “What do they want here? I only hope they are passing through.”

“Jim, see where it says expert in Tai Chi? That is my style of martial arts. No, Jim, I don’t think they’re just passing through. I think they’re here to try and take me out. I sent the photos of Della McGreer and Richard (Dick) MacConell to every officer in the county. But, little did Della McGreer knows I saw her taking pictures.”

“You’re going to need ‘round the clock supervisory protection. Remember, you have others living in youe house. Let’s go and alert the undersheriff.”

The two walked down the hall from the bureau of identification to the office of James T. McRandall, Pine Meadows county undersheriff. Naomi showed the undersheriff the photos and explained why she took them.

“Then I will have to have ‘round the clock protection for you and your family. I am also going to call the colonel of the Pine Meadows state police barracks and get ‘round the clock protection for the girls home. Anybody who lives with you, is friends with you and who you do business with.

“These two, Naomi, are not amateurs, they are hard core professionals. If they are after you, and we must assume they are, we must provide you with ‘round the clock supervisory protection.”

“I appreciate that sir. It says in the info we got from the NCIC that she is an expert in Tai Chi; but, so am I. She just might want to challenge me in a no holds barred competition. Which I will accept. It also may be that that is where they may try to kill me. If we can take them alive, maybe we can find out who paid them.”

“Alright, Naomi, let’s play this one by ear. Jim, until this thing is resolved, I want Naomi to patrol with you. I will set it up with Capitol City Post.”

“That would be all right with me, sir, two sets of eyes are better than one. Besides, we can back each other up when the time comes. Remember, sir, that Naomi was my partner when she first came to Pine Meadows..”

“I remember that. Naomi. I want you to go about you patrol area with Jim. Just remember, too, that Jim has to go through his area. This way you both will have a busy day. Do either of you have any questions?” Naomi and Jim both said no. “Alright, you both can use Naomi’s squad. This way they won’t suspect anything until they’re right on top of the squad. These two may also have a police scanner, so it is imperative that you don’t do anything different.”

“Yes, sir,” both officers said.

“That is all I have, you two may resume patrol.”

State trooper James O’Donnell and Pine Meadows deputy sheriff sergeant, Naomi Petersen, resumed their normal patrol. Only this time, they were patrolling together. But, at the hotel where Richard MacConnell and Della McGreer were staying, there was another meeting of sorts.

“Della,” Richard MacConnell started saying. “Are you sure this cop didn’t see you take any pictures?”

“I’m positive, Dick. She didn’t even have a cell phone in her hand. I think she will be very surprised at what is coming her way.”

“Okay, we will proceed as we have in past assignments. Seeing that this the first cop were contracted to get, nothing can go wrong.”

“I know, Dick. I will be very careful.”

What the duo did not know is, the state police and the Pine Meadows county sheriff was already aware of their presence in the county. Naomi was calling the two hotels in town, and found where the duo was staying. The Pine Meadows county sheriff ordered a squad to watch them, surreptitiously, of course. It was now up to Pine Meadows county law enforcement to stop a heinous crime from being committed.

Just on the chance that the pair of assassins were wanted, Naomi ran their pitures through the NCIC one more time. She waited for a bit and then things started coming up. There were no warrants, but there were circumstances where both assassins were in the same town when someone of importance was killed. Nothing could be proven, but the NCIC originally came up with two prison terms for Richard MacConnell, but none for Della McGreer.

“Well, Della, I say let’s start putting this plan in to action. You keep an eye on the truck stop, I will keep an eye on the sheriff’s building. She can’t be on patrol very long before this dragon lady has to take a break.”

“I’ll sit off to the side of the restaurant at the truck stop. When she stops for a break, I will challenge her. Then, I will bring her to you, and you can finish her off.”

“I’m not too sure challenging her this soon is a good idea. Let’s recon her patrol area. Let’s find the most remote spot we can, and then you can challenge her and I will handle what is left.”

The pair had never completed a contract by directly facing their target. They did what they had to do from a distance, with high powered rifles. This time, however, they were going to personally face the victim of their contract. Was this wise? Maybe not, but that is what they were going to do. That is only because Della wanted to challenge Naomi to an open, no holds barred, hand to hand competition. They had no idea that Naomi Petersen taught rookie deputy sheriff’s in hand to hand Tai Chi.

It will be interesting to see who the victor will be. My money is on Naomi. So, Della and Richard left the hotel, not realizing the trouble they were bringing on themselves.

“County squad 300 resuming patrol with squad 356 in my vehicle.”

“10-4 county 300.”

The two officers patrolled their areas together, and Naomi noticed that where ever they went, there was a car following them. Naomi acted like there was an emergency, and flipped on her emergency lights and sped down the road. She stopped about a half of a mile from where they were. Della followed them, Seeing thier emergency wasn’t far.

When she got to the patrol car, the emergency lights were still on. Della crept up on the squad, ready for anything.

“Della McGreer, I’m deputy sheriff sergeant Naomi Petersen. This is my partner for the night, State trooper James O’Donnell. We would like you to come back to the sheriff’s headquarters with us, to answer a few questions.”

“I’m not answering your qustions, because I did nothing wrong.”

“You think we can use that last part, Jim,” Naomi asked her partner.

“Maybe. I’m just wondering how we can fit it into our report.”

“Report What kind of report?” Della asked the two officers.

“Well, we have to write a report every time we have contact like this, with anyone. I think you either voluntarily come with us or we will place you under arrest for obstructing an officer. It is your choice.”

Della made her first mistake, and did a martial arts move much like karate.

“Come on, Dragon Lady, I know I can beat your brains out of your head. I know Tai Chi, too, you know.”

“Uhm, sure you do. With moves like that I’m scared.” Naomi had Della in handcuffs before Della even knew what hit her.

“Della McGreer, you are under arrest for obstructing an officer and threatening the life of a peace officer. Let’s go. Don’t worry about your car, we will tow it to our impound.”

“No skin off my nose, bitch. It’s a rental.”

“Good, we will call the rental company to come and pick it up.”

“Go to hell, bitch.”

“By the way Ms. McGreer, you didn’t come here to challenge me to a martial arts duel. Did you?”

“There is a three hundred thousand dollar contract on your head bitch. You may have gotten to me, but there will ne others.”

“Ms. McGreer, the reason I took you down so quickly, is because you weren't ready. A martial artist is always ready for the unexpected. You weren’t ready. Don’t try picking the lock on the handcuffs as you won’t be able to reach the lock. They are made of tungsten steel, so don’t try to break out of them.”

Jim O'Donnell and Naomi Petersen took Della McGreer back to the sheriff’s station headquarters. They booked her on misdemeanor obstructing an officer and felony threatening a peace officer with bodily harm. Now, their concern was with Richard MacConnell.

Like Della McGreer, Richard MacConnell was not wanted for anything. But, he was in Pine Meadows county where the rules he knew about police being on the take were not being done in Pine Meadows county.

“Squad 300 resuming patrol. With state squad 356.”

“10-4 squad 300,” the dispatcher answered.

Naomi was very watchful as she drove through hers and Jim O’
Donnell’s patrol area. She spied a car following them for about two miles.

“Jim, there is a white Ford Mustang following us. It has been with us for two miles. I have never seen this car before.”

‘Head for the truck stop, Naomi. Let’s see if our friend follows us there.”

Naomi drove another two miles to the truck stop. Eve Reinhardt was working as they pulled in to the auto arking lot, and pulled in to a spot right by the window where they could see the lot. The white Ford Mustang pulled in to a space three cars from where the squad was parked.

Richard MacConnell got out of the white Ford Mustang and went in to the restaurant. As he walked in, he had one hand in his coat pocket. He walked up to Naomi and Jim’s booth.

“I’ve been contracted to kill you both. Now stand up you so-called dragon lady, and let’s see what you can do with a loaded .357 magnum pointed at you from my coat pocket.

Naomi moved so quickly, Richard MacConnell never knew what hit him. Jim O’Donnell searched him and found the .357 magnum.

“Mr. Richard MacConnell, you are under arrest for attempted murder of a police officer, two counts.” Jim O’Donnell then counted the patrons in the restaurant. “You are also under arrest for endangering safety by comduct regardless of life twenty two counts. That is how many patrons are in the restaurant besides sergeant Petersen and myself. Now, sir, if you will just wait while we call for a backup squad to help us take you in. We kind of were expecting you to make your move, but you will find out about that when your preliminary hearing comes up. Our backup is here, come on, sir, you’re going to join your coconspirator in our grey iron hotel.”

They took Richard to the county jail and booked him on multiple charges. He was fingerprinted and photographed, then escorted to a cell. The cell was in a block of eight cells. When the other prisoners saw him coming, they teased him unmercifully.

“Hey, sweetheart. Watcha in for?”

“Killing assholes like you.”

Don’t sell Richard short. He may use a gun or other form of long distance weapon in his contracts, but he could hold his own in a fist fight. The man he was talking to, didn’t take kindly to being threatened.

“You wait ‘til they open these cells in the morning. I’m gonna make you sorry you ever said that.”

“What’s your name, loud mouth?” Inquired Richard MacConnell.

“Jim Duncan Roberts, what’s yours, pipsqueak?”

“Richard MacConnell.”

Jim Roberts all of a sudden was not so smart mouthed. Everyone who has been convicted of a crime, knew about Della McGreer and Richard MacConnell.

“Where’s your partner, what’s her name?” Another prisoner said.

“Della McGreer is her name, and she was arrested by the very person we were contracted after. Then they got me, and said they were expecting me. But nobody in law enforcement knew we were here.”

“You’re in Pine Meadows now. They don’t do things here that others do in the big city. This is mostly a rural county with the Village of Pine Meadows being the county seat. Judge Granger you will not like, because he has a habit of giving convicted felons the maximum sentence prescribed by law. What did they charge you with?”

“Attempted murder of a police officer and twenty two counts of endangering safety by conduct regardless of life.”

“Well, Richard, if you are convicted, you will be sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison, and endangering safety carries a maximum of fifteen years. You do the math. You will never get out of prison. When you heard you were going up against law enforcement here, you should have declined the contract.”

“If we did that, there wouldn’t be a con in this entire world that would trust us. No, big Jim, we had to accept the contract. Besides, this isn’t the first bust I have had.”

“No, but if you are convicted here, it will be your last, because Judge Granger will give you a sentence that will keep you in prison for the rest of your life. What was your partner charged with?”

“I’m not sure, big Jim. All they will tell me is that she was arrested.”

“You said the Dragon Lady herself arrested you. Did she also arrest your partner”

“I’m not sure about that either, big Jim. All I know is, we are both in jail here in Pine Meadows county.”

“That is bad, Dick, really bad. You better pay attention when you have your preliminary hearing. Remember they can bring their evidence to the hearing. If the evidence is overwhelming, your attorney will ask you to change your plea. You must never do that here, because either way you are convicted, you will get the same amount of time.”

Just then, the cell block deputy came in.

“MacConnell, front and center.” Richard went over by the bars. “Here is a paper reconstructing the information and complaint against you. My suggestion is to get a good attorney.” Richard MacConnell read the revised complaint.

“How do you like that. They have me charged with attempting to use a concealed weapon, i.e. one blue steel, .357 magnum revolver, while still concealed to do bodily harm to sheriff’s deputy seargeant, Naomi Petersen and state trooper James O’Donnell, who at the time arresting the defendant for threatening bodily harm to a peace office, 2 counts.”

“I told, you, Dick, they don’t play in this county. They go by the letter of the law.”

“this sucks, big Jim. On most of our contracts we could the time as to how many minutes we had, between the time the cop went through, until he would come around again. Up until now, we have been very lucky. But, I have never been convicted of a felony. I have done a little time for misdemeanor crap.”

“Richard, you have either been set up, or you were part of a sting that said they were looking to see if you would make your move.”

But, that is impossible. The authorities here didn’t know we were even here, let alone our names. But, when they arrested me, they called me by my name. How could that be?”

“Who called you by name?” Inquired Jim Roberts.

That damn dragon lady.”

“Then they either knew you were here or were on the way here.”

“You don’t think Fred Williamson set us up.”

“No, Richard, I don’t. But, if you were arrested by an officer you never met before now, you can bet they had your pictures and prints.”

“What the hell kind of place is this, big Jim?”

“It is a law abiding community, Richard. The residents here live by the letter of the law. The only arrests they make on the residents here are all misdemeanors. So, if they called you by name, that means they knew who you were when you hit tnown.”

"Big Jim, that would be impossible. Della took dragon lady’s picture at the truck stop, and she was watching her all the time, so this dragon lady didn’t even know she being photographed.”

“Well, Dick, they somehow knew who you two were.”

"MacConnell,” the block deputy said. “Do you want to call an attorney?”

“Yes, I do. I want to call my attorney in Detroit. Don’t worry, I can pay for the call and my attorney is licensed to practice law in this state as well as Michigan.”

“Alright, come on and make your call.”

The deputy let Richard out by the desk area to make his call. Richard dialed the number and the receptionist asnswered.

“Yes, this Is Richard MacConnell, I have been arrested in Pine Meadows county on various felony charges, and I need to speak to Mr. Dinsworthy.” Richard was asked to wait as the attorney was on another call. Richard said he would wait. About five minutes later, Franklin J. Dinsworthy, Jr., answered Richard’s call.

“Hello Richard. What can I do for you?”

“Frank, I’ve been arrested in Pine Meadows on various different felony charges, two of which are attempted murder cases. They said I tried to kill a deputy sheriff and a state trooper. Their names? I don’t know exactly, but the bitch is who they call the dragon lady. The state trooper never introduced himself.”

“Richard, you were arrested by deputy sheriff sergeant, Naomi Petersen, who trains rookie deputies in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. She is an expert in the martial arts they call Tai Chi. I wil, represent you, but it will be double my usual fee. Don’t worry, I can get you off and I will tell you about it when I see you tomorrow. They won’t go ahead with any preliminary hearing until you have talked with me.”

“When will I see you?”

“I will be there day after tomorrow. I have court in Saginaw tomorrow morning and another hearing here in Detroit tomorrow afternoon. I may come down there tomorrow evening and just ask a few questions. Where in Pine Meadows were you arrested?”

“I don’t know, some truck stop.”

“Richard Pine Meadows county has only one truck stop. I will be there tomorrow evening and I will see you when I get there and again the next morning. I will talk to the district attorney and see what evidence they have.”

“Frank, They also arrested Della. Will you take her case, too? I will pay you whatever you want for a fee. I am good for it.”

“Alright, Richard, but you had better stay out of Pine Meadows after this is all over. I can get an acquittal if the evidence against you is very thin.”

“Believe me, Frank, it is very thin.”

“Alright, Richard, I will see you tomorrow evening, and the day after tomorrow in the morning. Take care.” Both parties hung up.

“Did you get a good attorney?” Asked the tier deputy.

“Yes, I did. I got the best damn lawyer in Detroit. If not the upper midwest.”

Richard went back to his cell. Now that he had an attorney, he was going to let his counselor do all the talking for him. When he got back to his cell. It was dinner time, and he took his tray to his cell to eat. Jim Roberts came to his cell.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Come ahead. I have a lot of thinking to do. I called my attorney in Detroit. He will be here tomorrow evening. He will me see me then and again day after tomorrow in the morning. He has court all day tomorrow.”

:Do you know what kind of evidence they have against you?”

“No, big Jim, I really don’t.”

“It has to be thin, then, very thin. A good lawyer can get an acquittal by destroying the state’s charges.”

“We will see, big Jim; we will see.

Next Chapter: Ricard MacConnell and Della McGreer see their lawyer, Franklin J. Dinsworthy of Detroit, Michigan.


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