The School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies 5

The local news had gotten wind of an attack on a school that was considered one of the safest in the county. The district told the reporter “we didn’t what the special school the in first place”. So just to keep the parents happy the school district told all the kids of all the schools to stay at home until they were told it was safe to go back.

It was around Noon when a shock wave hit hard and when the news came on we all saw the carnage. It was the school that sat out side the gates. It would take years to rebuild the school but with the right pull and with several contractors working on it. It would only take a few weeks and if everything was in place it would be a safer school and that’s what was needed.

A gate was placed along the main road that had a camera that would allow a bus to enter the grounds. The fence that went along the school grounds was reinforced so it couldn’t be crashed.
It was state of the art and would make the school safer.

A new key card system was put in at the main gate. Students had to show to get on to the school grounds. New students had to get a special ID to enter the grounds along with their parents. It was for the safety of the other students that where already at the school.

(In the Jail and Court Room)

Carol Shaw was still in county lockup awaiting the word of her transfer to a federal prison in remote Alaska. Even if she tried to escape she would end up freezing to death. She would rather freeze in the prison than out in the open.
It was almost time to see the Judge for her latest crimes. The charges are murder for the officer, cruelty to the school mascot and a weapons charge with the bomb.

It was her smile that gave her away that she had planed this and more charges were brought up on her. She was already facing the needle but as the new charge was read to her she knew she couldn’t lie. So she said she was the master mind behind it and would do it again and again so do what you want to me I’ll find a way to level the school again and as many times as it takes to rid the world of the sick freaks.

Judge Beverly Glen said I may be new to the bench, but I know when I hear bullshit coming from someone’s mouth. The school that you leveled is a special school that takes in students that no other school will deal with. Plus you had killed an animal that was the mascot of the school.

Carol Shaw said “I’d kill any pet they have at the school. I don’t care if the animal is big enough to kill me”.

Judge Glen-Shaw said to her “you will be moved as of today not only that you will be given special treatment”. Judge Glen thought of what type it would be. She knew that part of the school’s dress code is diapers. The special treatment she was thinking would not only sham her, but would make her think.

Right before she banged her gavel.She heard what sounded like a wet fart and it came from the direction of Carol Shaw. At that time Judge Glen-Shaw said “Miss Carol Shaw did you just mess yourself if so I order that you be put into diapers till her death. She will have to live like a baby till then as well”.

Carol Shaw knew she messed up big time at this point and knew that her phone calls out had just been taken away. She was taken into a room and told to strip by a nurse to be diapered. Once she was diapered she was told to dress once again and taken to see Judge Glen.

Judge Glen-Shaw just smiled hearing Carol walk crinkling with each step with her head hung in shame. In a sweet voice of an aunt Beverly said “Carol look up at me sweetie”. Carol looked up and saw her long lost aunt and was shocked to how beautiful she was. Beverly Glen-Shaw said “I will be taking you home with me to Alaska.”

(Back at the Neighborhood)

News of Carol Shaw shocked everyone even the kids. Oh the kids got a laugh out of it but knew it was for Shaw’s own good. The major shock was several offshore accounts were found in Carol Shaw’s name and that money went to the school for the rebuild. The funny thing was the money enough money for the school and all the things needed for the classrooms.

There was still money left over for a new pet that would be sent home with one lucky student and that would be the mascot’s new home away from the school. New uniforms for the cheer squad would be in that money. The basketball, softball and soccer uniforms were going to be replaced with the money.

Carol Shaw was now screw a cousin she never knew had just sent her to her death and vowed to get revenge. Unknown to Carol Shaw she said the wrong thing. Judge Glen-Shaw heard and added more time and made it known to push things along faster.

Calls where mad to let the Davis Clan know Carol Shaw wouldn’t be seeing the light of day for a long time.
Being the middle of winter in Alaska so there would only be like one hour of day light until like July. Even in the middle of summer it would be cold.

The School would be open by the end of summer with all the funding and a special foundation would be set up for the fallen officer. It was unknown to the rest of the town but the officer was looking the school over the past year to see if it would fit his trans-daughter. He had a look on his face that said how nice the staff was at the school.

He had just moved into a nice home and it was in the connecting neighborhood. And with the growth of the school a third neighborhood was started all thanks to the Quill fallout.

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