Truth's Purity: Chapter 7

Truth's Purity


A man wakes up in the body of a younger girl and finds out she's been kidnapped by a woman who wants simultaneously help her and profit from her at the same time.


I'm going to post the last couple of chapters left up here before I forget. I'm not sure if I'll continue it after chapter eight though, it's leading to more of a sexual-focused aspect and I'm not really interested in that at the moment. This story wasn't really meant to be an erotica in the first place, kind of. It was going to be about someone learning to accept their sexuality and their desires and not be ashamed of them, in the backdrop of a brothel-style place. The sexual stuff came secondary to the emotions, but I'm not sure I can really balance it anymore and whatever mood I was in when I started this has faded somewhat. Writing sexual stuff doesn't come off right in my head at the moment.
If you want the last chapter let me know :) And maybe there'll be more, after chapter 8 there will be another chapter that'll be mostly devoid of sexual stuff. It'll have less sexual content than this one has, anyway. And maybe the spark will come back anyway, who knows.
I don't.

Chapter 7

Laine was sitting on the side of the bed facing the wall, and a wide grin lit her face when she looked up from her phone and saw me. I grimaced and gritted my teeth, but continued walking until I was out of the bathroom. It shut behind me with a soft “thunk” and Laine slipped her phone into her pocket.

‘Come here.’ She said softly and gestured in front of her. ‘Let me get a good look at you.’

I went to where she’d gestured and shivered. Our heads were on the same level and her eyes were staring hungrily at my body, drinking in every last detail. I turned red and took half a step back, but resisted the impulse to cover my genitals. It was unlikely Laine would let me do so and I was terrified of her hitting me again. I was shaking and tried to hide it by crossing my arms, but that felt weird so I put them on my hips but that didn’t feel any better so I held them together at my waist but that felt weird too so I pu-

‘Relax.’ Laine said softly and leant forward, resting her arms on her legs. Her hair fell over her face and drenched it in shadows. ‘You’re moving around too much. Just keep your hands at your side.’

‘O-okay.’ I said and did so, feeling stupid. My legs began shaking even more and I almost fell over.

‘You’re terrified, aren’t you?’ she asked with a smile, her brown eyes staring intently. ‘Do I scare you that much?’

‘No.’ I lied and stomped my leg on the ground to make the stupid thing stop shaking.

‘Then come closer.’

I took a tiny step forward and she smiled crookedly.

‘Closer than that.’

I took another tiny step forward. And then another, just in case.

She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. ‘Too slow.’

‘I’m j-’ I began but, quick as a snake, she grabbed my uninjured arm and jerked me forward so that I fell onto her lap with my legs on either side of her, my knees resting on the bed. It happened too fast for me to do anything other than gasp and I reflectively grabbed onto her shoulder with my hands, staring at her in horror. Her face was inches away from mine and her hands had moved to the sides of my chest to hold me steady, making it impossible to get off. My heart was thumping painfully in my chest and I could feel myself shaking even worse than before. Was she going to hurt me for not moving towards her fast enough?

‘That’s better.’ she purred and I felt her warm breath on my face. She slowly ran her hands down the sides of my chest and onto my hips, and then squeezed them. Her hands were probably as soft as my skin was and her long fingers had a stupid amount of strength in them. They felt good and I let out an involuntary squeak that made her grin. ‘You liked that, didn’t you?’

‘No.’ I gasped. ‘Please don’t touch me the-ah! S-stop!’

I gasped as she slowly ran her hands up and down my sides, smiling at me as she did so. ‘I can’t believe how smooth your skin is. It feels fucking amazing, Anna. Have you felt it?’

‘W-I?’ I blurted, the question taking me completely by surprise.

‘You haven’t felt your skin?’

‘Why would I have?’ I asked shakily and she continued to caress my sides.

‘Oh my god. You really are innocent, aren’t you?’ she laughed in delight. ‘Ohh! Fuck you’re perfect! I’m so happy I found you.’ She pulled me against her and squashed me into a hug, her larger boobs squashing up against mine and making it difficult to breath. I tried to push myself out of it with my good hand but it was as futile as every other escape attempt I’d made recently.

After about ten seconds she released me and I leant back and gulped in some air, my head feeling slightly dizzy. ‘Uhm…’

Before I could recover she twisted around, shoved me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I screamed and tried to sit up but she slammed me back down with her hands and rested her forehead against mine.

‘What are you doing?’ I said breathlessly, still trying to catch my breath.

Her eyes shone through the black waterfall of hair that was raining down on me and a cruel smile broke her face. ‘What do you think?’
‘I don-ah! Ahh!’ She put her hands on my boobs and gave them both a squeeze, then began pushing down on them. Pleasure spasmed through my body along with burning warmth and I couldn’t speak, for a moment, losing myself in the feeling. She continued to explore my breasts, rubbing her hands heavily across them and squeezing tightly every now and them.

‘S-stop, stop…’ I finally managed to gasp out, breathing heavily. My face was flushed with arousal and I was aware that I’d stopped shaking and was instead twitching slightly, as if warm sparks were showering all over my body. There was a not unpleasant cold feeling running through my stomach and my penis was flooding with warmth.

‘Does it feel good?’ she asked and I gritted my teeth.

I’d never felt as good as I felt right now, but fuck me if I was going to admit it. ‘No!’

‘Hah.’ She breathed and squeezed tightly, forcing a pleasured gasp out of me. ‘You might be able to lie but your body can’t. It’s never felt this good before, I can tell. And I can make it feel so much better, especially with how sensitive it is. Do you want me to?’

I stared up at her, still breathing heavily. Did…did I want her to? I’d never…ever felt this amazing before and I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure consuming my body. This was fine, wasn’t it? She wasn’t hurting me, and she wasn’t touching my penis or anything, she was just…squeezing my boobs…

That I shouldn’t have.

Because I was a boy, not a girl. This shouldn’t be happening. I shouldn’t have boobs! This was wrong!

‘No!’ I gasped and struggled my way through the ocean of please. ‘No! I’m a boy! I’m not….this isn’t good, this isn’t…I shouldn’t have boobs, this isn’t supposed to….not uhm…it’s not right, I’m a boy! I’m not a girl!’

‘Owh, munckin. You’re so wrong.’ Lain sighed and gently caressed my breasts, her fingers running over my nipples. A new wave of pleasure rippled through me and weird, whimpering squeak escaped my lips. ‘How can you say you’re not a girl when you make sounds like that?’
‘I’m not a girl!’ I made the weird whimpering sound again as she pinched my nipples, only louder. Oh my god…that felt way too good. What the hell…

‘Ohh, I hope you keep…’ She began but trailed off with a frown and I heard the sound of the bathroom wall opening. To my immense relief she slipped off of me and turned around to look at Tegan, who was exiting the bathroom. I crawled to the other side of the bed, uncomfortably aware of how erect my penis had become. I glanced down at it and saw that it wasn’t fully erect, but it was still large enough to make me feel sick and all of the pleasure drained out of my body, replaced by a deep shame. I’d nearly lost myself in the pleasure of Laine touching my chest. Laine, the woman who’d kidnapped me and fucking spanked me. There was no way I should have felt that good because of her.

I felt nauseous and leant forward, squashing my penis between my thighs and hiding it from view. God that thing made me sick.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.’ Tegan said from behind me and I heard the wall click shut.

‘Hah…it’s probably good that you did.’ Laine said and I squawked in surprise as she put an arm around my stomach and pulled me back onto her lap. ‘I was getting a bit carried away, wasn’t I little lamb?’

‘Yes!’ I huffed and squirmed about on her lap.

‘Did you find her a dress to wear?’

‘Oh! Yes, I did!’ Laine placed me to her side, got up and went over to the foot of the bed, where she’d placed a dress and some underwear. I crawled over warily and she held the dress up with a bright smiled. It was rosy pink with a small white V-neck collar that had a red heart in the middle, and its short sleeves ended in white folded cuffs. The flowing skirt had a white bottom as well, folded up like the cuffs, and there were two long diagonal slits in the side that were completely white and led into the bottom white line. ‘What do you think?’

I reached out and felt the fabric, finding it to be soft and light, but relatively thick. It felt silky too but not like the nightdresses had. It was…nicer somehow. Probably because it was thicker I guess, I don’t know, but I really liked how it felt. Not enough to want to actually wear it though.

‘I want to tend to her hand before she gets dressed.’ Tegan said and came over with the white box that I’d glimpsed before, and I saw now that it was a first aid kit.

‘You brought that up with you.’ I said slowly and an unpleasant thought popped into my head. ‘Did you already know I’d hurt my hand?’

‘Yep.’ Tegan said as she opened the kit and took out a roll of bandage along with a silvery-grey tube.

‘How d-’

‘Cameras.’ She picked up my right arm and unscrewed the top of the tube while Laine watched in silence. ‘There are cameras covering every part of the room, even in the wardrobe and bathroom.’

My heart sunk and I stared around the room trying to see one, but nothing obvious caught my eye. Of course there’d be cameras watching me, I should have realised that yesterday. I’d been kidnapped, my right to privacy was pretty much dead at this point.

‘Is someone watching me all the time?’

‘No. Everything is recorded and archived, and we have a girl who works in the camera room and monitors everything, but she’s got other things to watch besides you.’ Tegan squeezed out a greyish liquid onto my knuckles and gently rubbed in it. It burnt but not badly enough to make me cry out, and after a couple of seconds Tegan had completely rubbed it into my skin and I couldn’t feel it anymore. ‘We’re not watching you twenty-four seven, don’t worry.’

‘We do check on you before we enter though.’ Laine grinned. ‘So don’t try anything sneaky, okay? You’ll just embarrass yourself.’

I flushed and turned away from her, feeling stupid. My attempt at escaping before hadn’t even had the smallest chance of success.

Tegan began wrapping the bandage around my hand, starting from my knuckles and going down to my elbow. She smiled at me as she did so and I smiled back. My hand was feeling better already; the liquid had made the cuts on my hand numb and the tightness of the bandage was putting feeling back into my arm again.

‘There we go! All done!’ she said as she secured the bandage with two metal clips connected by an elastic band. ‘How does it feel?’

‘Much better! Thank you.’ I said and she beamed at me. ‘I w-oh.’ Laine had appeared in front of me with a similar mug to the day before, only smaller, and pushed it into my good hand. ‘Oh…is this the same thing from last night?’

‘Yep. It’s your special drink to make you strong and healthy.’ Laine beamed and then her eyes darkened. ‘Now hurry up and drink it so we can get you dressed and out of here. ’

I licked my licks distastefully and raised the mug to my lips, then, deciding to not prolong the moment, gulped it all down in one go. I managed not to cough any of it up this time as well, mainly because the amount was smaller this time and I already knew what it tasted like, and also because it was lukewarm instead of hot. Once it was down I made a disgusted sound and shoved the mug back into Laine’s hand, who smiled and put it on the desk with all the pens.

‘Good girl!’ Tegan said and patted me on the head. ‘Now let’s lets you dressed and make you pretty.’

I felt Laine’s eyes staring at me as I followed Tegan to end of the bed and shivered, but made sure not to look at her.

‘Right. Have you ever worn a bra before?’ Tegan asked as she picked up the one Laine had chosen, a white slightly padded one with a silk bow in the middle.

‘Of course not!’ I snapped uncomfortably. I really didn’t want to put that thing on.

‘Really? You’ve never tried on any of your sister’s clothes before? Or your mothers?’ Tegan asked in surprise.

I crinkled my nose in disgust. ‘No. I’ve never be able to fit into mums clothes, even if I wanted to, which I never did! She’s morbidly obese, so much so that I’m surprised I…’

I trailed off and clenched my hands into fists. I didn’t want to think about her. And Tegan apparently had a gigantic file on me that she’d memorized anyway, she didn’t need me to talk about mum.

‘What about your sisters clothes then?’ Laine said from behind me, not unkindly.

I twitched guiltily. ‘W-well, yes but, not her underwear.’

‘Not even once? Just to see what it felt like?’ Laine asked.

‘No! I…’ I began, and then grimaced. ‘Well, yes! But only once, and I was ten at the time. It was after I broke my leg, I pretended that it was still broken for a week after it’d healed so I had the house to myself during the day, and I…explored the house.’

‘You “explored” the house, huh?’ Laine’s eyes glittered with amusement. ‘Which included your sisters room?’

‘Well she never let me in there so I was really curious about it!’ I snapped. ‘That’s normal, isn’t it? I just wanted to see what it looked like from the inside, and I ended up getting a bit carried away.’

‘I’d hardly call dressing up in her underwear getti-’

‘I thought you wanted me to get dressed as quickly as possible.’ I interrupted shakily, really not wanting to talk about this anymore. I’d blocked out the memories of that day for most of my life and I didn’t want to relive it, ever. I wasn’t even sure why I’d even started talking about it.

Laine stared at me and seemed to fight with herself for a moment before grimacing. ‘Yes. We can talk about this later. I want to get today started as soon as possible.’

‘Alright.’ Tegan said and tapped me so I turned around to face her. ‘Hold your arms up.’ I did so and she slipped the bra over my hands and onto my chest, and then clipped it closed at the back. I tried not to show how embarrassed I was but that failed as soon as Tegan put her hands in the cups and lifted my boobs up.

‘What!’ I spluttered and backed up into her.

‘I’m making it fit properly so it’s comfortable.’ Tegan said and adjusted the bra for a moment, then slipped her hands out. ‘How does that feel?’

My face burned as I looked down at my chest, seeing the bra fitted comfortably against my boobs. I tentatively touched them and then jerked my hand away. It felt weird and embarrassing, worse than being just naked. I wanted to rip it off and refuse to put it back on, but the thought of what Laine would do to me if I did that sent a fearful chill down my spine, so I instead just looked up at Tegan. ‘It feels fine. It’s…comfortable.’

‘It’s not too tight?’ Tegan asked and I shook my head. ‘Good! Now for your panties.’

I stiffened but didn’t resist as she gently lifted my right leg up and put it through a pair of white panties, then did the same with my left leg and slipped them up. Once again though, she did something unexpected by tucking my genitals underneath me and securing them there with the panties, which she pulled up so tight it was almost painful.

‘Agh!’ I squeaked and glared at her. ‘Why’d you do that?’

‘You don’t want a lump showing through the dress, do you?’ she asked and I blinked.

‘Oh! Eew! No!’ I said in disgust as I imagined myself in the dress with a lump between my legs. The image made me wince and I tried to push it out of my head. Fuck. Fuck. I didn’t even want to wear the stupid dress, let alone have my penis showing underneath it.

I trembled and began to slip the panties off, my disgust at the whole situation increasing. I couldn’t do this. This was insane, I shouldn’t even have let Tegan put the bra on me, what had I been thinking?

Lain grabbed my arm as I began to undress, and I flinched and spun around to face her.

‘If you take those off then I’ll be forced to discipline you again.’ She said darkly. ‘And you don’t want that now, do you?’

I stared up at her with wide eyes, shaking even more. ‘I don’t, but…I don’t want to wear a dress! Please, can’t you understand how I feel? This is humiliating. I’m a boy! I can’t wear a dress! I should have breasts, or hips like this or…or this whole body! I don’t even want a penis! It’s dis-’

I cut myself off, my eyes widening even more. I didn’t want a penis. It was the only thing connecting me to my old body and I hated it, despised it, found it the most disgusting thing about this whole situation.

And I hated it just as strongly now as I had when I’d been a man, refusing to touch it and only look at it when I had to.

Would I be happier if I had a vagina?


My arms dropped to my side and I just stared ahead, my brain jarring. Laine smiled sadly and let go of my arm.

‘I do understand how you feel, Anna.’ Laine said in lighter tone. ‘And one day you will too. Now, are you going to let Tegan finish dressing you?’ I nodded mutely and she patted me on the head with a smile. ‘Good little lamb.’

She stepped away and Tegan took her place, holding up the dress and unzipping it at the back. She turned it around and lowered it for me to step into, which I did so, then slipped my arms into the sleeves as she pulled it up. It fit almost perfectly and when she zipped it up a comfortable wave of warmth spread through me. I’d never worn something that fit me so perfectly and didn’t feel uncomfortable at the same time.

It felt good. The inside layer of the dress was a soft silk similar to the nightdress from before, but once again slightly thicker, although not as thick as the outside layer. The dress was heavier than I would have expected because of the outside layer’s thickness but that just made it feel more comfortable, like I was being gently hugged. The skirt ended just above my knees and when I moved it brushed against my legs, creating a feeling that I really enjoyed for some reason. It kind of felt like hands caressing my legs…

‘You look amazing.’ Laine breathed when Tegan turned me around to face her. ‘I knew that dress would look good on you. How does it feel?’

‘It feels alright.’ I said and ran my hands up and down my sides, enjoying how that felt. The fabric felt amazing pushed up against my skin and against my hands. My boobs felt nice too, hugged by the thick silk and slightly pushed together. It felt kind of like Laine was touching them again…

I felt my cheeks turning red and forced myself to stop feeling the dress. It wasn’t supposed to feel this good, it was a dress. I felt more comfortable in it than I did in just the bra and panties though, and a large part of me just wanted to accept the feeling and move on.
My head was still struggling with the realisation that maybe I might not want a penis, as well as all of the fear and shame from the last couple of hours, and it didn’t seem all that bad an idea to just lose myself in the pleasure I was feeling at the moment and deal with the complicated emotional stuff later. It just felt good; it wasn’t like I was getting turned on or anything like I had when Laine had played with my boobs. It was just comfortable, and after what I’d been through I deserved to feel a little comfort, didn’t I? So what if it was because of a dress, it wasn’t like…

It wasn’t like I’d never worn a dress before.

What was the harm?

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