Mares Tales 16

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Mare's Tales - Chapter 16 – by: Beverly Taff

The morning alarm served only to tell us the time. We were all awake
after a poor night's sleep as the work ahead dwelt upon our minds.
Veronica shuddered nervously as I lifted her onto her wheel chair.

"Last time for all this I hope Bev?"

"Fingers crossed Vee. Are you sure you want to go through with it?"

I hugged her as a nervous tear trickled down her cheek and she

"To tell the truth Bev, I think even death would be better than living
like this for the rest of my life."

She waggled her useless stumps to emphasise her feelings and I stared
sadly into her lovely eyes. I could understand her feelings, but I had
never heard her express them so strongly. Jenny yes, but never Vee.

Dr James entered and stared at the scene. She understood immediately
what was going on and gently patted Vee reassuringly.

"Don't worry my pet. I've been through hundreds of operations. I won't
let you come to any harm."

I had to admit. Dr James gave me confidence as well. I gently gripped
her hand and squeezed as she smiled at us both. She was a good surgeon
to have on your side.

We gathered in the breakfast room and sat down to eat. We ate lightly
as we knew that a call of nature during an important part of the
operation could be serious. We also felt sorry for Vee who was denied
any food.

After a very introspective meal we made our way to the theatre
laboratory. The final acid test of all our work and theories had at
last arrived and we all kissed and hugged Veronica.

Veronica urgently pressed us with her stumps and finally caressed Juno
the horse who was already genetically a part of her. Horse and girl
were then anaesthetised and the operation began.

The task of detaching and isolating the relevant parts prior to
reattachment and realignment took most of the morning. By noon we had
made the crucial relocation of Juno's brain inside Veronica's pelvic

Her digestive tract had been rearranged and redirected to join Juno's.
Juno's anus was sealed up and her colon was relocated in Veronica's
anus to allow Veronica to control defecation. This was an important
cultural aspect that allowed Veronica to use our toilet facilities like
a lady. The same equation applied to urination. The urine would exit
from Veronica's uthrea but in much larger volumes. This was Veronica's
express wish to prevent 'shitting in the street'. Veronica had every
intention of sharing our house and bed like a normal girl. This was a
crucial factor if Veronica was to live amongst us and she had every
intention of doing so.

By lunch Veronica's torso was properly located via Juno's neck to
Juno's body. The attachment allowed all the graceful flexibility of a
horse's neck to give Veronica and Juno full mobility. The afternoon was
spent primarily with my microsurgical work as we virtually 'rewired'
the whole of Veronica's lower torso and thigh stumps to be
interconnected with Juno's forelimbs.

Juno's sexual sensory nerves were interspliced with Veronica's so that
both could enjoy either forms of intercourse separately or hopefully
simultaneously. Doctor James proved excellent at this juncture having
been inside Veronica once before. This was to prove our most successful
modification but more of that later. Veronica enjoyed complete control
of the motor nerves but the sensory systems were interconnected so that
Juno, who would be conscious, could share all sensations such sight,
hearing, touch and taste with Veronica.

This arrangement proved to be dramatic. Jacky had grown several lengths
of genetically engineered spinal chord so that the relevant splices and
connections could be made. For example a connection was spliced from
Veronicas active optic nerves to Juno's brain now relocated deep in
Veronica's empty abdominal cavity. Thus Juno shared Veronica's sight.

The same length of spinal chord was used to make many
'interconnections' between Juno's cortex and Veronica's to see if the
two shared consciousness and thoughts. The final part of the operation
was to interconnect the various organs and to enlarge the windpipe.
This was essential to allow enough oxygen to supply both respiration
systems and it required some considerable cosmetic work to fit the
enlarged trachea into Veronica's neck. Fortunately Juno's splendid mane
of soft 'human' hair made the slight thickening of the human neck
invisible but the larger windpipe made Veronica's voice sound huskier
and sexier. The gullet proved no problem. The omnivorous human diet
ensured that they enjoyed sufficient nutrition by change of diet to
high protein and high calorific foods. Veronica would be able to guzzle
and scoff all the 'junk' food she wanted without gaining any weight,
lucky girl.

In the small hours of the morning, we finally completed our task. We
had been working in fits and starts with no break for over twenty hours
and were now exhausted. Dot had been magnificent as she attended to our
physical needs while we pushed on with the surgery. She even
volunteered to watch over Veronica, as she remained unconscious during
the following hours. We collapsed onto our bed and slept solidly until

There had been no emergencies during the morning and Dot arrived to
draw the curtains as the sun streamed through the south windows.

"Nothing to report Miss Beverly. The life support monitors are all
reading normally and the respiration and heartbeats are as you said
they should be."

"Thanks Dot," I replied as I threw on an overall and stumbled down to
the lab.

Veronica was lying exactly as we had left her in a special moulded
cradle applying equal pressure and support to all parts of her newly
extended body. I carefully checked the support systems and waited for
my friends. They arrived in dribs and drabs and we carefully checked
every aspect of our patient. Dr James spoke first.

"Well Beverly. Now is as good a time as ever."

I made one last check of the various systems and slowly reduced the
dosage. The effects took some time to wear off and we all nervously
busied ourselves with unnecessary checks and tests while impatiently
awaiting Veronica's awakening.

Suddenly Veronica let out a low guttural moan followed by a short
grunt. I turned up the painkiller dosage and watched nervously. Her
head moved slightly then stopped and she gave another, softer moan.

We all watched, paralysed with nervous anticipation of the next event.
We didn't have to wait long. There was a slight twitch of a forelimb
and Veronica frowned with pain. Her head twitched slightly again and I
wiped her forehead with a sterile damp tissue. Her lips moved but no
sound came out.

"Don't try to move anything. If you can understand me then blink

We all watched anxiously for several seconds before she blinked slowly.
All of us hugged each other and patted each other on the back. I
returned to Veronica and replaced the eye bandages.

"That's excellent my love. Can you move your jaw?"

The tubes in her mouth twitched as she tried to react and we all
squeezed each other again as the tension eased. I did not want her to
try anything else in case she damaged something. She had done plenty
for the first day's recovery and I didn't want any unnecessary

"I'm going to send you under again, there's no point in keeping you
awake. Sleep is the best thing right now."

With these words I upped the anaesthetic and sent her back to sleep.

For the following month, careful control of anaesthetic, painkillers
and drip-feeding was to be the order of the day as we closely monitored
her progress night and day. Every day her conscious periods were
lengthened until on the fifteenth day she spoke her first word. Her
voice box had been badly scarred and took this long to recover
properly. Up till then I had only been getting simple bodily responses
now we could get some proper coherent replies. As anticipated, her
voice was a slightly deeper but it made her sound very husky and sexy.

"Hello Vee. Don't talk if it hurts. If you can't answer, just twitch
your hoof."

A small flash of pained awareness flickered across her face.

"Do you have to call it a hoof? Why can't you call it a foot."

"Sorry darling; foot then. Where is the most pain?"

"In my eyes and throat," she whispered huskily.

"Well, we still recognise your voice but it is a little deeper."

Veronica winced as she tried to shift and sit up.

"Lie still love. You've still got a long way to go. About another
fortnight yet."

For the next fortnight we kept her sedated for the bulk of the time
with increased consciousness each day to check her responses and
general comfort. Eventually the day came when the big tests were to be
done. We all attended in rare excitement as we quietly approached
Veronica. Carefully we switched off the anaesthetic and awaited her
awakening. Veronica started to twitch as she awoke. I gently spoke to
her after removing the last tube from her mouth.

"How are you feeling today love?"

"O.K.," she mumbled. "This is the day isn't it?"

"Yes! Are you ready?"


"Right, I'll undo the straps then I want you to try and move your
forelegs. Go on."

Gently, both forelegs bent and flexed as Veronica experimented
carefully with her strange new limbs.

"Mmmmm," she sighed, "They're just like my old legs. The toes seem
funny though."

"I have to remind you Veronica. You've have no toes now," I replied.

"Oh no! Of course not," she giggled, "I'm dying to see them."

"All in good time. Can you move your back legs?"

There was an agonising delay before a back leg slowly flexed and
stretched. Veronica giggled as the second rear leg slowly stretched

"Gosh. It's funny, they seem so- so-, and I don't know how to describe
it. They're like my own legs but sort of remote. Are they moving?"

"Yes," I reassured her. "They seem remote because the control passes
through Juno's cortex. Do you want to try them on the floor?"

"Oooh, yes, but they feel wobbly. You'll have to hold me."

Gently we eased Veronica upright and carefully tucked a large sling
under her new horse belly. She giggled and twitched as we carefully
cradled her upright.

Eventually she was resting like a horse with all four legs tucked under
her belly and her human torso upright as she tested her newfound
freedom. Gracefully and slowly she carefully twisted around to check
the freedom of her upper torso where it attached to Juno's neck.

"Oh yeees. This is terrific. There's no pain at all. Look, I can sit
upright without anybody helping me. Oh come on, can I try standing?"

We all looked at each other and smiled as Veronica's human torso gently
flexed then arched like a horse's neck. There could be no doubt that
the operation so far was successful.

"O.K. Vee," I started again, "We're going to lower your hind legs to
the floor so that you can test them. Get ready."

"Go ahead. I'm ready. This is fantastic."

Carefully we hoisted Veronica up and slowly slid her backwards off the
cradle. Her back legs were now hanging down whilst her forelegs were
still tucked under her on the cradle.

"Right. Try and rest your legs on the floor."

Cautiously Veronica extended a delicate hoof to the ground and touched
the tiled floor. The hoof connected with a soft 'click' and Veronica
smiled as she gently tapped the floor with her hoof. She then extended
her other hoof and repeated the activity.

"Oooh, ha, ahah!" she squeaked.

"What's wrong?" I demanded nervously.

"Pins and needles."

We all visibly relaxed as Dr James spoke.

"Well, that's a good sign anyway, take your time Veronica."

"Oooh! Gosh. I just had a strange thought. I- Gosh no! It wasn't my
thought. I just got a funny reaction from the pins and needles. There
it's gone now. Shall we try and put the weight on my legs.

As if to emphasise her words she gently paddled her hooves on the

"Yikes!" squeaked Vee, "There's that funny reaction again. I feel as if
I want to gallop but I cant. I- I- My God! It- It's Juno. She's trying
to run away but she can't. She's terrified. Oh my gosh, the poor

"Try and calm her down Vee. Try and talk to her."

"I am you silly fool," snapped Vee, "It's just that she's absolutely

Vee spent several minutes making soothing noises as she 'talked' to the
horse inside her pelvis. She had no way of knowing if she was making
any contact for a few moments as the horse literally panicked and tried
to bolt. Eventually Vee smiled and confirmed her success.

"Ah that's better. She's calming down. I can feel and sense her calming

"Good," I said, "Have you got complete control of the back legs?"

Veronica slowly paddled her rear legs on the floor and confirmed that
she had complete control. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well we can try the front legs now. Can you lift them up?"

"Yes, the sling's under my tummy."

We slid the supporting cradle out from under her flanks and gently led
her forelegs to the floor. Cautiously, Vee extended her hooves and
tentatively placed them on the floor. She winced a little but kept them
there as she spoke.

"Ouch! The pins and needles are worse and there's some pain in my

There was pause as she carefully lifted her hooves again. She returned
them to the floor and smiled.

"Ahh! That's better. My toes feel normal again. I can move them."

I was worried and looked at Dr James. Veronica seemed to have a
'phantom limb syndrome. Dr James bit her lip before talking.

"Are your 'toes' hurting Veronica?"

"No Dr James. They feel just like normal feet. Shall I try and put some
weight on them."

"If you're happy about them, then we'll have a go. I'm lowering the
pulley now, let me know if you're in pain."

There was a low squeak as the pulley wheel descended slowly and
Veronica carefully tested her stance.

"That's O.K. You can lower some more. They're not hurting."

Dr James lowered some more and the pulley ropes became slack. Veronica
was now standing on all four legs unaided. We all cheered as I
unfastened the sling. Veronica twitched as my hands fiddled under her

"Oooh! That's nice. Oh! Gosh Mmm. Juno likes that as well. She's
trying to walk and she's confused because she can feel her legs
standing but she can't move them. Wait a minute while I calm her

Veronica made some more soothing noises and eventually her lips smiled
as she managed to calm Juno.

"There, that's better. She's still a bit frightened because she can't
see. Am I free to walk?"

"Yes. Do you want to try a few steps?"

"I'd prefer the eye bandages to come off first."

"Ah we have to be careful there. When those come off Juno will be able
to see in full colour. Heaven knows what that'll do to her sanity she
might go completely wild. We'll wait a bit before exposing her to
colour vision. It would be like a phsycadelic shock to her system. And
you need to be in complete control of all the motor systems. I think it
best that you get control of the body first."

"O.K.," shrugged Veronica.

Her naked breasts bounced as she shrugged and I felt a twitch of
anticipation. I stood watching her as she carefully extended a leg.

"Does it feel natural?" I asked.

"Hmm! Yee-ess," replied Vee uncertainly. "It's funny having four legs
though, I'll have to get used to the rhythm. It's not like swinging
arms and legs in synchrony."

"Well take your time."

Cautiously Veronica moved a hind limb and her whole weight shifted
uncertainly. She braced herself and regained her balance before trying
again. She was exactly like a newborn foal testing its legs. Carefully
she wobbled and swayed as she moved slowly forward towards me. A couple
of times she nearly fell and we had to lean against her. I couldn't
help surreptitiously fingering the fabulous soft velvety texture of her
coat as we carefully supported her progress.

Eventually after about half an hour she was walking about unaided. I
slowly led her out of the labs and onto the lawns outside the house.
She stamped her hooves as she stepped onto the grass and laughed out

"Ha! This is better. I can get a proper grip. Oh yes! It feels

She took a few more steps and gave a little kick of excitement. It was
obvious that Veronica had control. As she started to trot for a few
paces I turned to Dr James.

"Shall we remove the eye bandages?"

"I should think so Bev. She's in complete control."

I called to Veronica and she trotted towards my voice.

"Do you want to take the eye bandages off?"

"Stupid question Bev, of course I do."

"Right. Be prepared for any reaction from Juno. This will be the
biggest shock to her system. God knows what it will do to her."

"Oh don't be so paranoid Bev. At the moment, Juno is as calm and happy
as a sand baby. She loves the feel of the grass and she seems to
consider me to be a very helpful member of her herd."

I carefully reached out and unwrapped the coils of bandage until only
the eye pads were left. Slowly I removed the pads and Veronica blinked

"Owh. The light's strong. Wow! Juno's going tonto! Whooa girl, steady."

Dr James handed me some very dark glasses.

"Put these on her."

I slipped the glasses over Veronica's ears and she gazed about her.

"Ahh. That's better," Veronica sighed, "She's calming down. She can't
get used to the view. She wants the blinkers off."

"That's your binocular vision. She's used to seeing all around her
head. Your sight will be the strangest thing to her."

Veronica peered down her own back and admired her new body. Suddenly
she became aware of her 'nakedness' and tried to cross her legs. This
immediately caused her to loose her balance and she leant against me.
Her soft breasts pressed against mine and I felt her nipples hardening
with embarrassed pleasure through my thin overall. I felt a distinct
twitch inside my panties. Veronica felt the twitch as well and a sly
smirk rested on her lips.

"Ready to try some food?" I asked trying to keep my mind on the task in

"Ready for anything," she replied.

I smiled at the double meaning and went towards the house. Veronica
followed and we entered the dining room through the double French

Dot wheeled in a huge birthday cake and placed it on the sideboard.

"If you get any tummy pains let me know immediately," I cautioned Vee
as she sidled towards the food.

After a few careful experimental mouthfuls Veronica announced that she
and Juno could taste and feel the food. She also felt it settling in
her tummy. This seemed to be the final accolade and we gathered around
her in happy mood. We all took turns at 'Feeding Vee' for she seemed to
have a voracious appetite. It wasn't long before the cake was

As the last crumbs disappeared I studied Veronica. Her new body was
stunning and every thing had turned out as we'd hoped. Her long soft
blond hair cascaded over her shoulders and swept in long silky tresses
down to her golden withers. Veronica caught me admiring her new body
and smiled knowingly. I smiled back and reached out to stroke her back.
She sidled up to me and we kissed each other passionately.

"Not yet," she whispered. She knew the suspense was killing me.

"O.K.," I replied impatiently, "Now what about Juno's reactions?"

"Well it's a bit like clairvoyance. Her 'messages' didn't make sense at
first but she is beginning to use my brain to help her formulate her
needs. I hesitate to call them thoughts yet. The colour binocular
vision frightens her but my calm acceptance of it reassures her. Her
neck was sore but it's better now and her strange new hearing puzzles
her. Things are becoming clearer by the minute as we communicate and I
respond to her 'questions'. Uhhmm- we'd both like a drink of water

I lifted a large pitcher of water to Veronica's lips. She swallowed it
in two gulps and requested another, which she demolished with equal
ease. In all she drank about a gallon before she was satisfied but her
equine stomach it handled it with ease. I stared at her and giggled
nervously. Whilst her food needs were not greatly increased, her water
needs were strictly equine.

"Well you're joint metabolism is obviously working well. Just don't get
caught short."

Veronica smiled and giggled before stepping through the French windows

"I think I'll go for a gallop. I feel absolutely fabulous."

As she trotted off across the grounds we all watched through the
windows. Cynthia, Jacky, Jenny and I all hugged each other as we wept
openly through joy and relief that the experiment had been so
successful. Jenny wiggled her torso and giggled as she watched
Veronica's antics.

"Oh I'm so glad for Vee and I can't wait to be cured as well."

She wriggled and squirmed so much in anticipation that she upset her
wheel chair and fell backwards with a bump. She cursed as we helped her
back into it.

"That won't ever happen again. Just think; I'll be free of this rotten
stinking chair forever. Oh I'm so glad for Vee and her freedom."

Jenny's response removed the last lingering doubts as we turned to
watch Vee again. She had now perfected a full gallop. Her hair/mane and
tail flowed out behind her like a banner as her legs thundered out a
frantic rhythm of freedom. Her breasts started to bounce uncontrollably
and she suddenly stopped with a squeak of pain.

Veronica had forgotten that her breasts were well formed and full. They
had developed quite nicely during her years of immobility and this was
the first time she had ever run with them in their ripe adult form.
The sudden bouncing had hurt them and she returned self-consciously to
have her breasts massaged.

"Oooh! Ouch that hurt. I'll have to wear a bra."

As I gently rubbed her breasts Jenny carefully circled Vee and
inspected every aspect of her new body. I could see the tension and
excitement building up in Jenny as she anticipated her turn under the
knife. I gently loaded Vee's breasts into a new bra then she and Jenny
took off down the drive. As we prepared for dinner we caught the lovely
sight of Vee and Jenny whooping happily as they accompanied each other
along the paths of the grounds. When they returned we had to help Jenny
up one of the few sets of steps that had not been 'ramped' by the
builders. Vee enjoyed the heady freedom of leaping up the steps three
at a time.

"I won't have to worry about steps for much longer either," beamed
Jenny as she made her way to the dining table.

We smiled our agreement as Dot fitted the special clip-on cutlery to
Veronica's arm stumps. Veronica ate voraciously and sidled up to the
sideboard to refill her plate whilst we were only half way through the
first helping. Cynthia, Jacky and I smiled as we noted Vee's huge

"My gosh Vee, you're eating like a horse," I laughed.

"I don't care how I eat. I'm free! I'm freeee! Whoopee!'

As her exclamations died down Dot turned to study the remains of dinner

"More work for me though. I'll have to cook ten times as much if Miss
Jennifer eats as much once she's been 'cured'. "

"Jenny will need a nose bag if we can't cure the arm problem," chided

"I'd walk around with a dustbin tied to my face provided I could WALK!"
riposted Jenny.

The remainder of the meal passed in high spirits as we toasted and
relished the success of Veronica's operation. After dinner we conducted
a few last tests on Vee and then discussed Jenny's operation. It was a
very pleased and happy bunch of friends that went to bed that night.
Veronica was not allowed to sleep with us yet. We had no way of knowing
if Juno could control the limbs while Jenny slept. If she kicked out in
her sleep she could injure one of us.

The following morning Dr James returned to Miss Lane's academy under a
strict vow of silence. She was to return to assist at Jenny's op.

Poor Vee had to sleep for a few more days in the laboratory bed until
she had developed a complete and trusting relationship with Juno. It
was a happy time for us all though as she developed a more intimate
association with Juno through sharing different experiences, pains and
sensations through their intimately connected brains.

The expressions on Veronica's face became daily more beatific as she
shared her body and feelings intimately with Juno. After nearly six
weeks recovering, Veronica was more than ready to share her life with

It was Veronica who decided when she was finally ready to rejoin her
friends. She came romping through the French doors after a wild gallop
around the grounds and burst upon us with all the enthusiasm of a
child. Her hooves clattered noisily on the wooden floor as she threw
herself down on one of the large specially designed settees that had
been bought after her successful operation.

She sat with her rear legs tucked underneath her rump whilst her
forelegs stretched out onto the floor as she lounged lengthways along
the settee. Her human back was cradled in the corner of the settee and
her breasts wobbled enticingly as she shuffled delicately backwards
onto the settee to get comfortable. She caught me gazing at her well-
filled bra and she smiled provocatively as she demurely crossed her
forelegs. I realised I was staring and turned my head away with
embarrassment. Jacky caught my eye and smiled knowingly as she spoke.

"I think that you had better start putting some clothes on Vee. You've
been wandering around here without panties for long enough now."

Veronica was already conscious of her nudity but had ignored her
condition because she hadn't felt threatened by us. A mixture of
confused expressions crossed her face as she looked at us with a
puzzled frown. She unconsciously crossed her stumps over her bra and
squeezed her forelegs tighter together.

"We- well I had thought about it but I thought you wouldn't mind. What
am I going to wear?"

As she spoke, Dot walked in. She picked up the last few words and
smirked before departing again. Jacky and I exchanged puzzled looks as
we heard Dot rummaging around in her sewing room. She was an expert
seamstress and returned triumphantly with a largish Lycra garment that
seemed to be all legs and arms. She flourished it in front of Vee and
then measured it against her body. It became immediately apparent
that is was a Lycra all in one unitard for a centaur.

"Is this what I think it is?" queried Vee.

"Yes, I took your measurements whilst you were under sedation and
knocked it up for you in my spare time."

"How do I get into it?" demanded Veronica suspiciously.

"It's simple. Lift up your back legs and step backwards into it. It'll
stretch to cover everything. I'll guide it over your rump and flanks
and it will stretch easily enough for your forelegs to step into it.
Then we simply draw the front part over your human torso where it will
fit like a human unitard. Come on, step back."

Dot held the unitard like a rolled up sack as Veronica carefully lifted
one hind leg and then the other. We watched as Dot deftly slid the
unitard along Veronicas flanks and stretched the second pair of legs
over Vee's forelegs. She then slid the remainder of the unitard easily
up to Veronica's breasts and slid the shoulder straps over her stumps.
She then returned to Veronica's rump and fiddled with a small hole to
pull Veronicas long blond tail out. With a few deft strokes of a brush
from her apron pocket she had Vee's tail, mane and hair gleaming and
flowing like shimmering cascades of champagne. The unitard was a
rainbow of colours and perfectly complemented Veronica's beautiful
hair. Veronica looked up and down her body then swished her silky blond
tail with evident satisfaction

We stood and gaped in amazement at the effect and then applauded Dot's
efforts loudly. Veronica gazed excitedly over her body as the Lycra
unitard stretched and slithered over her soft flowing curves. It fitted
her better than a glove and she twitched sensuously as the garment
gently caressed and moulded the curves and folds of her body. Veronica
stretched lissolmly and took a few experimental steps around the room.

Her full rounded breasts wobbled slightly under the bodice and the
outlines of her other more private adornments were secretively
suggested in the figure hugging creases of the Lycra.

"Mmmm! This is lovely, it feels ever so soft and clingy but how will I
go to the loo?"

"That's easy," smiled Dot.

She deftly slipped her hands between Veronica's forelegs and unpopped
some cleverly concealed poppers in the gusset. Vee's human pussy and
anus were now freely exposed and she unconsciously pressed forward
against Dot's knowing fingers as they lingered a little longer than
necessary. A soft smile settled on Dot's lips as she slyly tested the
texture of Veronica's pussy lips. These were still similar to human
pussy lips but were covered in the soft golden velvety coat instead of
coarser human pubic hair. It was one of the more interesting variations
and Veronica's cunt certainly looked a picture with its beautiful
golden velvety lips tucked into the cleft of her cunny.

Dot quickly refastened the poppers and Veronica gasped a little squeak
of frustration as Dot stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"I wasn't sure whether to use poppers or hook and eyes. I decided that
poppers were best because it only takes a short tug to release them.
This means that Vee can go to the loo without assistance and will only
need help to refasten them.

I could even use a Velcro strip if you like Vee. Which would you

Veronica stepped up to the table edge and gently pressed her girl's
pussy against the corner. This snagged the front flap of the gusset and
the poppers sprang free. Vee looked down triumphantly.

"This'll do nicely. I think I'll go and practice right now. Bev, will
you come with me in case there are any problems?"

I followed Veronica down the hall and she pushed the bathroom doors
open with her hips. When we were both in the bathroom she turned a
little self-consciously towards me and hooked her gusset over the bath
tap. It popped free and the tails flipped back. She then backed away
and turned to the loo.

"This is going to be a little awkward until I get the hang of it. I'll
have to sit facing the wall the opposite way to normal."

She giggled as she gently bent her knees and manoeuvred her pussy and
bum onto the toilet seat. With her rear rump stuck up in the air and
her forebum squatting on the pan, she looked faintly ridiculous as a
torrent of liquid thundered into the pan. It was he first time any of
us had witnessed her on the toilet since the operation and the sheer
volume of urine was amusing. I tried not to smile at the noise. She
turned her head backwards to watch me over her withers and she smiled
as she saw the joke.

"Don't laugh Bev, it all works properly even if it is a little
unorthodox. At least there is no splashing on the floor."

Another giggle escaped my lips and Veronica tittered as the torrent
died. She lifted herself off the seat and swished her tail with evident
satisfaction at her efforts. Still giggling, I took some tissues and
gently wiped her pussy dry.

"What are you laughing at now?" demanded Vee.

"Oh nothing important. It's just that your multicoloured rump looked so
tempting as you squatted your front end down. Its just taking me a
little time to get used to the new you."

As I fiddled with her poppers she squirmed slightly and gently kissed
my forehead.

"By the way," I asked, "has there been any communication with Juno
about all this?"

"Oh yes," Tittered veronica. "She cannot understand why I'm so self
conscious about nudity. She feels like Eve before she ate the apple. We
give each other some very interesting insights into our personalities.
It's very exciting and the thoughts we exchange are tremendously
stimulating. We have lots of fun experimenting with our mutual
sensations. I've even tried to picture my orgasms for her but she says
she'll never understand unless I have one and share it with her. She
says she does enjoy some sort of an orgasm but we'll have to wait until
she comes into season.

She says it's very hard to resist a stallion when she's 'in heat' and
she has got a favourite in the stable. She likes his smell and strength
but she's shy about telling me which one it is. She's warned me that he
bites though and I must be careful about my shoulders and breasts if he
tries to mate with us. She really loves the sensations we share in my
breasts and she can't wait for you to screw me so that she can share my
orgasm. I must add that it's been several weeks since I made love and
I'm horny as hell. When can we try out our new body?"

I smiled coquettishly and put my fingers to my lips.

"Do you feel up to having it now?" I whispered.

"Mmmm, you bet. My scars aren't hurting at all now. Do you think it's
safe to try?"

"There's only one way to find out. Are you ready to tackle the stairs
to the bedroom or d'you want the lift?"

"I'd love to tackle the main stairs. They're not at all steep and the
steps are wide. The steps up to the French windows are easy so it'll be
great to climb a set of stairs under my own steam after all these

I slowly opened the door and we both peered around the corner. The
hallway was clear and there was no sound. Veronica carefully stepped
onto the carpet runner then we quietly slipped along the hall and up
the main stairs. We silently opened the bedroom door and peered
inside. Nobody was there. They were all downstairs talking.

The huge bed, which would easily take six of us, was neatly made with
tight hospital corners that indicated Dot's handiwork. Veronica turned
to me

"How are we going to do this? Am I allowed up onto the bed?"

"Of course you are my love. You're still one of us; just a little bit
bigger, that's all."

I slipped my skirt off and fiddled with the poppers of my body-blouse
before sitting down to undo my suspenders. I patted the bed beside me
and smiled invitingly to Vee. Carefully, she lifted her front knees and
slid onto the satin sheets. Her Lycra unitard slithered sexily on the
satin sheets and Vee sighed with delight.

I slipped my hands under the shoulder straps of the bodice and gently
peeled her unitard down her torso to release her breasts. As they
bounced free I gently cupped them and slowly sucked each nipple into my
mouth. Vee gasped as I slowly rolled the unitard down her forelegs to
free them. Finally I peeled it back along her flanks and left it
scrunched up around her rump.

Returning my attentions to my own underwear I unclipped my bra and
allowed my own desperately aching nipples the freedom they had been
demanding as my breasts wobbled free. I knelt on the bed to remove my
knickers as our breasts gently rubbed together and Veronica pressed her
torso against mine.

I reached around her 'waist' to where her bum used to be and massaged
the soft rounded withers with their smooth velvety coat. Her withers
felt as soft as her bum used to feel because of the fatty human tissue
under Juno's coat and I gently rubbed my fingers in her silky smooth
velvety coat.

Veronica made soft crooning sounds as she manoeuvred her front pussy
onto my bursting penis. Finally she was firmly lodged on my cock and I
gently thrust into her. It wasn't quite right and I couldn't get all my
cock home so I whispered in her ear.

"Are you able to get your rear legs completely on the bed?"

"I'll try," she whispered back.

Her rear legs were a little more awkward than her forelegs as she
lifted one then the other onto the bed. I leant backwards as she gently
slid me along the satin sheets whilst simultaneously embedding my organ
deeper into her girl pussy. She eased her front end up so that I could
reposition my legs. I was now lying on my back with her cunny embedded
firmly on my cock. All four of her legs were tidily folded under her
and she was neatly positioned over me without crushing me. She then
bent her torso forward and lay along me like any couple making love
with the lady on top.

At first, she shared her experiences and sensations with both Juno and
me as she happily rocked back and forth with my rigid organ probing her
buried clitty. At one stage I felt as though Juno had learned to talk
and was using Veronicas voice to express her delight. This caused me to
fantasise as my organ became impossibly stiff and Veronica took control
again as she sensed my excitement.

"What was it like talking to Juno?"

"Was tha- I- it was her then."

"Uh huh," chuckled Vee as she squeezed my desperate organ.

"It's weird, very weird," I gasped.

"Well that's what it's like all the time for me and her. She and I are
going to have to concentrate hard if we are to enjoy this. For her it's
like a virgin's first night without the pain. Don't be surprised if I
lose control and let out a whinny or snort or something when we come.
Now lets get to it."

With that, Veronica upped the tempo and I responded in our tried and
tested way by pushing harder to tantalise her hidden clitty with my

It wasn't long before we were sharing a 'three-way' mutual orgasm and,
true to her word, Veronica let out a loud neigh as she and Juno pounded
away to an orgasm on my desperate organ.

She collapsed upon me as shivers rippled down her flanks and her tail
swished wildly as it tickled my toes sticking out from under her rump.
I wiggled my toes and they pressed against her pony pussy through the
unitard. Veronica wriggled and ordered me to stop through her
stentorian breaths down her enlarged windpipe. As she recovered from
her orgasm she whispered.

"That end isn't ready yet. Juno's not 'in heat'."

I gently pressed my toes against the soft folds of her pony pussy under
the Lycra and Vee shifted nervously.

"Stoppi," she urged as she wriggled again.

The wriggling caused her to frot her girl clitty against my still hard
organ and she gasped confusedly as both cunnies were stimulated.

"Oh, Ah! Stoppit, please I- Ahhh! No Ohh Nooo- Oooh Aaah! Yaaahh."

I Gently pressed my breasts against hers and she erupted into a second
orgasm as she and Juno reacted to the dual stimulation. Veronica's
voracious human libido had proved to be more powerful than Juno's
seasonal cycle and they orgasmed the second time through Juno's clitty.

This time it was Veronicas turn to be confused and virginal as the new
and strange sensations surged through her core. She suddenly squealed
with ecstasy and emitted a cry of confusion as the orgasm swept up
Juno's spine and rumbled through the dying sensations of her earlier
human orgasm. Poor Veronica's frame squirmed and twisted as the
maelstrom of pleasure dragged the breaths into both pairs of lungs and
she collapsed onto my breasts exhausted.

I felt both hearts pounding away as the blood pulsed in Veronica's neck
and her nipples throbbed hard against my own organ stops. This second
orgasm left her completely drained and she collapsed into a total feint
on my breasts.

I lay sleepily enjoying her soft breasts resting against mine. There
was little weight for her horse part was fully supported by her folded
legs. Her lithe trunk was as flexible as a horse's neck and well
supported by Juno's powerful neck muscles. I savoured the delicate
pressure of Veronicas breasts pressed against mine, as we lay
satiated on the soft satin sheets.

Eventually Veronica let out a strange little snicker as she recovered
and whispered in my ear.

"Juno thinks it was fantastic. She wants to try again."

"Well you tell Juno that she'll have to wait a while. It'll be some
time before I'm ready again," I panted.

I gently opened my legs and gripped Veronica's silky golden flanks as I
wrapped them around her. She gently rolled onto her side and locked her
lips onto mine. Thus embraced, we fell into a deep sleep.

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