Tragedy of the Spirit Part 18 Birthday, friends and school for summer.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 18 Birthday, Friends and School for the Summer.

I guess you can sasy up til now my life was pretty dull. I had school. I had a Boyfriend. I had my limited social interaction. As the christmas holidays passed and new years came and went. I looked forward to exams in late January. Yes you are probably wondering why I would be looking forward to them. Well, it is like this, I set myself a promise. I wanted to accomplish for myself a set of priorities and standards. I needs to pass all these classes. I was in no means failing those courses I was attending. I had a B average. Not bad for a girl off the farm and rightly so off the streets.

My days and weeks passed til the exam dates and well just for the reocod here that I passed all my exams with high 80's and two 95's. I studied my butt off here all the while maintaining a relationship with jason. Jenn of course worked her butt off and found a relationship as well. Me on the otherhand, well life became routine. School almost became my second home . I spent alot of time there. I went and spent alot of time in the library. That is where I met Nancy and Jess. Nancy was short, about 5 foot nothing, Jess on the other hand was 6 feet 2 and played basketball. Nancy on the other hand was a geek, she was so technical. She love music, and computers. Me, I thought yeah whatever, i would never get into any extracurriculat activities. Besides my life was full enuff. I generally considered both girls my freinds by the time my birthday arrived in early May. I not only enjoyed talking with Nanc and jess, we often went for after school coffee and tea. Neither girl was in any of my classes. I guess it never really donned on me that I would have only just a few people. I was not very popular at al. Sure the guys gawked at me al the time, the girls were extremely jelous of my long legs and hair. I got over that attention quickly.

My birthday appraoched and I just didn't worry about it. I figured why, it was insignificant when I was at home and just another day of the week when I was working the corners. I knew jenn had something planned. I just was not quite sure what was going on. I concentrated on my semester of classes. I was swamped with homework every night as I piled on extra classes that semester. I was taking the rest of my grade 9 courses as well as 4 of my grade 10 classes. Needless to say I was over worked. Jason and I well had moved on a while a ago and well I guess I was independent as I could ever be. I arrived home from the library that may 2nd with my book bag weighted down with books and my purse. I was exausted. I told Jen I was going to lay down for a hour as I was in some pain. My chest hurt and I was a bit nausious. She jsut nodded . About 90 minutes later she knocked on my door and asked me if I could come out and talk to her for a few moments. I said that I would be right out. When I erenterd the kitchen area where Jenn was, there were others ther sitting at the table and they jumped up and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELLISSA". I cringed at the noise and started to cry as I sank to the floor. They rushed over to comfort me and after I got myself cleaned up we actually enjoyed a somewhat nice time. I celebrated my 19th birthday. I recieved a few short skirts and tops and heels ( my trademark apparel). We had some tea and cake (chocolate). The night was good. we did alot of talking. Jenn was there as was her freind Ashley from her work, Jenn's Boyfreind Stan and Ashley's Boyfreind Keith. Just a quiet night chatting and celebrating. To Me the night meant alot. On the one hand, i was celebrating it with Jenn, whom meant the world to me. Secondly it was a milestone, as I was no longer trapped in adolesence. I was legal to drink and get my drivers license if I so chose to do (legal age was 16 for drivers licenses). I knew I was over due with the drivers thing. I really just did not concern myself with that. I guess it was well after 3 when everyone left and I had said my goodbyes. I definitely thanks Jenn for her surprise on me. We hugged, and off to bed we went.

May passed into June and I passed all my classes and without a drum beat missing I entered my summer with school work. Not summer school, actual class work that I had gained permission from the school to take home and get ahead. I finished the school year with a B+ average. I was needless to say impressed. Jenn continued to work her job and was promoted to assistant manager. I was extremely proud of her and she decided to take some university classes at night stating in September. The summer dragged on and I accomplished enuff of my courses to give myself some weekends to pamper myself. It was on of those weekends that I would for ever remember and take me back to those night and days of abuse.........


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