Mark's Wish 1

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Mark’s Wish…

Quatford, Connecticut, in 1982, was mostly a rural town, but it was becoming a bedroom community for Hartford, Connecticut and Worcester, Massachusetts. The town, founded in 1697, was mostly farms with a few industries. The town, situated on the Powntuxet River, had a thriving downtown and a few small industries. In 1957, the town oldest industry, Powntuxet Powder, a gunpower factory, closed down, then in 1972, Jesop Textiles which was founded in 1735, closed, then in 1975, the town last links to the colonial era, Quatford Leather, Ilsbey Shoes and Binson Bricks closed. In 1977, the Powntuxet River, which been in business since 1897 closed down, when the bridge over the Powntuxet River was condemned. The state bought the railroad’s right of way between the towns of Shiplake and North Kettuck, a distance of 26 miles.

In a raised ranch on Bent Road, Mark Keyworth was crying. He was unhappy, he knew he can’t be as good in football as his two older brothers, but he don’t care. He loves watching figure skating and gymnastics instead of football and baseball.

He knew his dad, Mike, who was a Vietnam veteran, and his two older brothers, 13 year old Mike and 11 year old Myles was disappointed with him. He wish he could do figure skating or do gymnastics, but his dad said no.

Mark’s mom, Maria, and his sister, 10 year old MaryEllen, was there to protect him. He didn’t know that his mom and sister had a surprise for him, it wasn’t going to be at Christmas, but after, when his dad, Mike and Myles will be snowmobiling in Vermont. His dad wanted Mark to go with them, but Maria told Mike that he is too young.

Mike told his wife that he needs to be a man and for her to stop coddling him. Maria, who have a gay brother, was a little more liberal, than her husband, so she said, “Don’t try to force him, Mike. Let him be what he wants to be.”

Mike said, “I just don’t want him to be like your brother, Maria. I know Mark will be attacked if he is gay. When we were in Maine this past summer we heard about the attack on Charlie Howard. What happened if he gets attacked by teens?”

Maria looked at her husband of 16 years and said, “Love, we can’t let him be depressed. My brother was like that, but I hope Mark will be happy.”

A few minutes later, Mike knew he can’t win the argument, so he went to the basement where his woodshop is. Down in the basement besides his woodshop was a 20 foot by 15 foot H shaped HO scale model railroad layout. He saw Mike and Myles operating the trains, so he joined his son.

While Mike went downstairs, Maria went upstairs to talk to MaryEllen. MaryEllen is taking ballet and she will be dancing in ‘The Nutcracker”. Maria wanted everybody to be at the ballet, but Mike really didn’t want to, but even Mike said that everyone will watch.

Maria knocked on MaryEllen’s door and then when MaryEllen said, “Come in”, she opened the door. She looked at her daughter and said, “Mike will be staying home. I think he will love it. Dad, might be against it, but he will be in Vermont.”

MaryEllen looked at her mom and said, “I just hope he’ll love it. I just hope dad will let him be happy. I wish we could give it to him on Christmas.”

Maria said, “Honey, so do I. We might give it to him when the boys leave for snowmobiling. He will love it, I think.”

MaryEllen said, “I hope his Christmas will be special, Mommy.” Marion agreed with her, as she thought, ‘I hope Mark will be happy.’

A few days later, they went to see MaryEllen dancing in ‘The Nutcracker’, but Mike and Myles did joke at the boys doing ballet and their dad joking about them, too. Mark was impressed at them dancing. Mark thought it was wonderful and wish he would do it. He was listening to his brothers and dad make fun of the boys who was in ballet, until Maria said, “Those boys are nice. They really did nice and they aren’t gay.”

When they got home, Mark was upset, so he ran upstairs to his room and Mike said, “The sissy is upset. I wonder if he is in love with one of those fags at ballet.”

Maria said, “That is enough, Mark Randy Keyworth, Junior. Just being a ballet dancer doesn’t mean you are gay. It it’s good for sports, too.” To her surprise, even Mike told his sons to shut up.

A few days later, it was Christmas. MaryEllen got a few new stuffed animals, a couple of dresses and a new books, Mike and Myles got new model railroad accessories, books on cars and trains and clothes, while Mark got some clothes, books on space and a locomotive that was painted white, grey, purple and pink, a custom painted locomotive. Mark also got an envelope that had ‘Do not open until tonight’. Mark loved his presents, but his dad didn’t like the custom painted locomotive colors on the locomotive.

Mark was getting upset, when his dad thought the locomotive shouldn’t have been painted with those colors, yet Marion defended the colors, since it was his favorite colors. Mark was getting upset, so he went to his room and got on the bed.

On his bed, he cried and thought to himself, ‘Why, do they hate me? I hate being a boy. Why can’t boys do things girls do. I wish I was a girl.’

Downstairs, Maria and MaryEllen both looked at Mike, Mike and Myles and just shook their heads. MaryEllen said to Mike and Myles and said, “You both are troublemakers. In my class, two of my friends would love to get to know you, but their brothers are in class, so I tell them that they don’t want you, since you hate dancers. The boys got more guts than you got. Sometimes you are more immature than Mark is.”

Mike, Senior looked at MaryEllen and said, “You are correct that some boys can do both. I’m not sure if Mark won’t be bullied.” He then looked at Mike and Myles and said, “You boys should not kid Mark.”

After they had dinner, Mike and the boys started up to Vermont, so Maria looked at Mark and said, “Do you want to have fun this week? I think you do. MaryEllen will you get his cloth from your closet and meet us in his room.” Maria looked at Mark and said, “Let’s go honey, we got to get you ready to be happy.”

Maria took Mark up to his room as MaryEllen went to her room to get some presents and Mark’s new clothes. She got the clothes and then went to Mark’s room. As MaryEllen was getting Mark’s clothes, Maria said, “Mark, I hope you like your new presents. Daddy doesn’t know about it, but I think you’ll be happier. Let’s get you undressed and meet me in the bathroom.” Maria left his room and went to fill the bathtub.

Mark was confused, but he did as told. He took off his clothes, then went to the bathroom and saw his mom there. He said, “I am taking a bath?” He smiled as he like to take baths, but his brothers and his dad told him that boys take showers.

Maria had him step in and let him play, while she went to get more Christmas presents for Mark. Maria and MaryEllen placed Mark’s new presents under the tree, then went upstairs, so MaryEllen got into a dress she got, while Maria bathed Mark.

While he was relaxing in the tub, he was smelling the perfumed water. His mom came in and said, “Are you enjoying the bath? Let’s get you washed and dressed.” She started to wash him then dried him off and they went to Mark’s room. Maria said, “I hope you’ll love your other presents, honey. Daddy doesn’t know about them. Your outfit is on your bed.” She opened the door to Mark’s room.

On Mark’s bed was a light blue silk dress, so Mark looked at his mom. ‘I’m going to be a sissy?’ he thought to himself. He said, “Mom, MaryEllen’s dress is on my bed.”

Maria said, “No, your dress is on your bed, honey. I believe you want to try being a girl, so MaryEllen and I decided if you like it. We can’t tell daddy, okay?”

Mark said, “MaryEllen knows? I wish I could do ballet, mommy. They are so beautiful.” He went over to the dress and felt it. “It’s mine?”

Maria smiled and said, “Yes, it is yours. I’ll make you into a cute girl and if you like it, you and MaryEllen can be my daughters this week.” She took Mark’s new light blue panties and opened them so Mark can step into them. Maria then put on Mark’s camisole, stockings and then Mark’s dress. Maria then put on the blue dress on Mark. She then looked at Mark and said, “You are so beautiful, Mark and I didn’t do your hair, yet. Let’s show your sister.”

Maria opened the door and led Mark out. They went to MaryEllen’s room and knocked and MaryEllen, who was dressed in the same dress but in a lilac color, opened the door. “Hello, sis,” MaryEllen said, “You are beautiful, sis. Mom, she needs her hair styled.”

Maria smiled and said, “Yes, she does. You are right, honey, she is beautiful, but I didn’t show her herself, yet. Want to help me style, your sister’s hair?” MaryEllen nodded that she wants to, so soon, at MaryEllen’s vanity, they styled Mark’s hair, then Maria said, “Want to see how beautiful you are?”

Mark looked at them and nodded, so MaryEllen turned her chair around and said, “We look like sisters. Mommy, she’s not a Mark.”

Maria said, “If Mark was a born a girl, she would have been named Marion. I think she’ll be Marion this week. Do you like your name, honey?”

Marion, nee Mark, looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Marion is a nice name, mommy. I am beautiful?”

MaryEllen said, “Mommy, Marion should open her presents. I think she’ll love them.”

Maria said, “You are correct, honey. Marion, want to open your Christmas presents? We knew we will have a little girl visiting us.”

Marion said, “Yes, mommy.” They left MaryEllen’s room and went to the living room to open Marion’s Christmas presents. Marion got a few dresses, dolls and make up, but Marion said, “Daddy will be upset, so we have to put your dresses into MaryEllen’s closet. Do you like your presents, Marion?”

Marion nodded, so MaryEllen and Marion played with their new dolls for the rest of the day. When it was time to go to sleep, Marion was put into her new nightgown.

In the morning, Maria woke up her girls...

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