Changing Dynamics - 3

It is strange the things a person will do for love.

I would have never believed anyone if they told me I would be playing bondage and submission games with my wife. Of course, I doubt I would have believed that she would enjoy dressing me up as her “lesbian” lover and calling me her wife either.

The last few weeks have flown by, as Andrea has been quite forceful in pushing the game agenda forward. I don’t even want to think about the places she has been shopping to find the “right” attire for both of us. Our sex lives have improved to the point where we are having as much sex as we did when we were in that shiny, new relationship phase (possibly more). For the most part the game has been good, kinky fun…and being able to dress freely and in such sexy outfits without enduring any judgment or criticism is like a drug I never want to stop taking.

On the other hand, sometimes I find the game a bit difficult. Andrea is wholeheartedly dedicated to playing the game and sinks into the role in ways I never imagined. I have difficulty sometimes going into, or staying in character (especially to the level Andrea insists). Andrea believes a Mistress should be very demanding, and should see it as a necessity to punish her slave’s littlest infractions. A slave needs to be put in her place and kept there is her motto. Sometimes I could see a frustrated look in her eyes when I didn’t quite meet up to her level of expectations for my role.

I honestly did my best, pushing myself to conform to the rules of the game, but sometimes I would hesitate a bit too long. Or on occasion, I would try to talk to her normally, which would always piss her off because I was “breaking the fantasy”. In her eyes when I was dressed, we were Mistress Simone and Petra…not Andrea and Mark. And to her, Mistress Simone and Petra did not and should not ever pretend, even in conversation, to be equals. Mistress commanded and Pet complied. Period. End of story.

I remember it clearly, it was a Thursday evening, after a particularly epic failure on my part, Andrea finally let loose her temper on me. “If you aren’t going to play right then take off that damn outfit!” she screamed at me livid. Then she put on some appropriate clothing and stormed out of the house. I was saddened and confused, waiting up half the night for her to return home…but she never did.

She called me at work the next day, and apologized for her outburst. I started to tell her maybe we should give the game a rest for a bit, but she immediately rejected that and said she had a plan to make things better. I reluctantly agreed that I would let her take charge for the weekend and do whatever she wanted. She even promised that if I was good we would have more and better sex than what we had been enjoying over the last month.

When Andrea explained her idea to me, I found it both troubling and slightly arousing. Apparently when she was younger she had undergone hypnosis for weight loss, and it had worked very well for her. She wanted us to do what she called reciprocal hypnosis sessions. Meaning we would take turns hypnotizing each other every night as part of the warm up for the game. We would give each other suggestions that would make the role-play more exciting and the sex more enjoyable.

While finding the idea of hypnosis rather ridiculous, the pleading look in her eyes was enough to convince me to let her try it. She smiled at me and promised I would never regret trusting her. Sometimes I wonder if even at that point she was planning to betray me, or if it was at least partly my own fault due to some badly worded post hypnotic suggestion I gave her. The only thing I know for certain is that the hypnosis sessions were a huge factor in the way our lives have turned out.

So here I am sitting uncomfortably on the couch, I am still not 100% sold on the hypnosis angle. Scattered on the coffee table are several books about hypnosis and how to use it. Andrea directs me to close my eyes and just relax…just breathe deeply and relax.

“Going down deeper with every breath…enjoy drifting down…listening to the sound of my voice…”

Andrea goes on and on in a slow, comforting voice and I find myself relaxing more deeply than I can ever remember relaxing before. I can hear every thing she is saying, but I am just so relaxed it just seems to drift through my mind without any real weight.

“Every time you put on one of your special outfits you will remember just how special you are, and easily slip into your role. Its so easy to put on your new persona even as you transform yourself physically into your most beautiful self…”

She went on for a bit and I could feel the words taking hold as she would pause occasionally and remind me to keep breathing…keep relaxing…and to go deeper down. On a few occasions, she would say something that would irritate or bother me…some suggestion or command that just didn’t work for me. When she began to talk about the roles of the mistress and servant, and how the servant should enjoy being treated I found myself tensing up. To me, the game was a fun diversion, but I really didn’t want to believe or act the way she was suggesting. She obviously sensed my agitation and began taking things in a new direction.

“Just relaxing and breathing…you can choose to accept the suggestions I give you and make them a part of your inner self, or you can just let those ideas float around in your mind until you are ready to accept them…everything you want to accept now you will accept now, and anything else will just float away in your mind until you are ready to accept them deep down inside.”

And she drew me back down, even deeper than before. Her words were so relaxing and she repeatedly told me to enjoy the experience of hypnosis. Enjoy being hypnotized because it is perfectly safe…She even had me create a huge safe with a combination lock on it to store all my objections and reasons for resisting in…And once I had filled it with my doubts and fears and objections, she had me lock it and push it as far back in my mind as it would go so it would be kept safe until I need it again.

And then she just started repeating the same themes over and over…

“Enjoy the feeling of being hypnotized.”

“Enjoy the sound of my voice.”

“Relax more and more.”

“You always enjoy having sex with me.”

“Oral sex is especially exciting and fulfilling.”

“You love the rush of power you get when you perform oral sex on others.”

“You love how wonderful it feels to have someone please you orally.”

“Relax, going down…relax and enjoy the experience.”

And things went on like that while I floated in relaxation…a warm pleasant tingling filling my body…as my wife took me to a place in my mind I never even imagined was there.

“And when I reach the number 5 you will open your eyes, wide awake…feeling wonderful…and eager to explore any new feelings or ideas you have received. You will find, as you wake up that much of this session feels just like a dream…and like a dream you can just let it drift away and just remember what you need to remember. Just let things drift away as you wake up and the suggestions take root so deep you don’t even notice them.

5. Coming back up to yourself, slowly rising as the dream drifts away.
4. Feeling more and more awake as your body starts to awaken.
3. Gently moving your arms and legs as you come closer to awakening.
2. Almost awake…almost ready to open your eyes
1. Open your eyes…feeling wonderful”

I opened my eyes and truly felt more alive than I had in years. My beautiful wife was looking at me smiling, and to my eyes she looked so much more beautiful than I had ever seen her (I vaguely remember her saying something about that…and try to grab on that suggestion.) Before I had a chance to really think on that, or to consider any of the other suggestions she had made, she promptly unzipped my pants and winked at me.

“I did promise you many blow jobs and much sex, didn’t I?”

Then she proceeded to give me an epic blow job that had me panting and moaning in pleasure. All thoughts of hypnosis, post hypnotic commands and anything remotely related to resisting her grand plan just melted away as she showed me just how talented she could be when motivated.

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