Brothers Tell All 4 a New Start

The five families had chosen where they where going. The James family was planning on Winnisimmet but chose to stick with the Bell and Rowland families. The Saxton and Ho families where going to Maine but chose South Carolina as well.

They checked out the school and it was one of the best for kids that are special. They wanted to get a better look at it and look at the apartment building next to it that was to be a group home. The families knew that they needed more room than the apartments had but wanted to be a part of a real loving neighborhood.

As they found the place the school was a true work of art. The four floor building had all the things the kids would need and then some. The sign out front said the schools name. It was named after a former school teacher that taught special need students.

(A look into the past somewhere in North Carolina)

This teacher was the first to deal with a cross dressing student. She was also the first teacher to deal with a teen baby. She set the class straight and said that I won’t stand for anyone picking on another student. Her word was law in her class. Parents tried to get the school to fire her but the school board stood by her and said if you do you’ll have big trouble on your hands. They asked if the name Finn mean anything to them.

Miss Jackie Finn was known as a teacher that got the kids to learn. Her class had the highest grades of all the classes in the school. The kids that had her loved her it was that she knew how to make the class fun.

It was a class trip that the trouble had started but it was stopped right before it started. She had to change one of the kids. She knew the young man and knew that she had a job to do. She took him by the hand and to the ladies room no one said a thing until a lady started yelling and cussing.

Jackie Finn told the lady the boy had injuries to his bladder and bowls. The lady just didn’t care one bit saying he is too old to be in diapers. Other teaches came and told the lady to calm down and stop the fowl langue because of the younger kids in the group.

The lady was outraged and said she’d fix her one way or another. The school got a call from a Mrs. Janson saying that a teacher slapped her son. The school asked for the teachers name and was told it was Jackie Finn. The school said they would look in to it and get back to her. It was two days later that the truth came out that it was a lie.

Gale Janson was linked to the Quill boys that fell last year after they tried to go after the Davis Clan. They where also linked to the nasty Carol Shaw. They knew the Quill boys all four of them would be in prison for a number of years. Carol Shaw faced a lot tougher fate in the courts. Debbie Janson was Carol Shaw’s boss but after the first bust Debbie Janson quit and turned the files over to the state. One file was missing from the list of files turned over.

Debbie Janson didn’t know that Carol Shaw stole the files from her before they got to the person that took her place. Three names popped into her head and their names where Kay-Kay, Stanly and Sydney Lee-Masters. The kids had just lost their parents weeks before they where adopted by two women. Then the mysterious death of the two women was all over the news within weeks of the adoptions and the three girls went missing.

(Back to the present)

Gale Janson knew not to mess with the Davis Clan or she could face time. Debbie was so upset when her son had a near fatal accident that caused her son to lose his manhood. When she finally saw what Jackie Finn was doing all those years ago. A fund was set up in honor of Jackie Finn.

As the families got settled in they were shown how safe the school was. The only way in was by a name tags that all the board, principals, teachers and kids had. No one from the outside could get in without a card.

That was the first stage to get in the next was an ID check where a camera cross checked the photo ID via a computer. The ID was scanned and a picture was taken of the card holder and if it matched they got in fully.

The school was safe to safe some say but that helped the kids from people that didn’t truly understand their needs. The next thing they where shown was the computer lab well one of them and how to activate and deactivate the computers. They where shocked to see that all the work to child does at school was saved on the card if it was a week long project.

The next thing was the science lab it was just like the computer lab but you swiped you ID card as you enter the class and told what to get out. So the card tells the teacher what level the student is on and what they need to work on.

The final stop was for a list of what can and can’t be worn to school. The dress code for girls and boys was about the same but it allowed the boys to dress as girls if they wanted. Diapers where also a part of the dress code but only if they where needed.

The next morning my sister had a wild and it was that Jessie, me, her and Lu-Lu walking in town that afternoon to go to the movies. She asked Jessie if she’d like to see me in a dress. Of course Jessie said yes I’d love to and I’d even help buy it if he wears it while we are out at the movies. Lu-Lu then dares me to do it she knew I’d do a dare if the reward was sweet enough. My reward would be my sister would pay my way into the movies if I bought my own panties.

The panties where the same size my cousin wore so I knew they would fit. Yes I tried on my cousins panties before. I did as they asked and they went to find the right dress while Lu-Lu went to find me a bra to wear. Well she bought it funny thing was we are the same size in that area. Yes I tried on one of Lu-Lu’s bras before. Once the dress and bra was bought they asked if I could use to wash room to change. We walked to the lady’s wash room and went in and found a stall big enough for two people. I knew I’d needed some help with the bra and the dress.

Carol Shaw wanted revenge and didn’t know how to go about it. All Carol said “I hope all the freaks are in the school when it goes down”. She was being transferred to a prison in Alaska where there was no TV or phones except for the prison officials.

When a school in SC was leveled only one person was at the school at the time of the blast. Officer Hank Hooks saw the truck and told the driver no one was to be on school grounds that’s when the blast happened. The driver was also killed but had no ID of any kind. Except for the name of a man named Kim Sun Do from the rental place. The Yakuza where gloating of the attack.

The school’s mascot was also at the school at the time a sweet Chihuahua that would nip at your ankle when hungry. Her name was Starr Bright she stayed in one classroom and mainly stayed by Jamie but would walk to others in the classroom. So it was a sad day for the kids losing a beloved pet.

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