Morning after the Night Before - Part 3

We continue with the changes to Olive and Samantha

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“The halo had a pinkish glow and in the glow and I was able to observe who you are” Elizabeth added. “We mentioned last night not to look on this as a punishment and as a learning opportunity, and given what we just chatted about, I’m hoping you will take the opportunity to the woman you feel is your true self.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth,” Olive said,” I in fact, have seen this to be a punishment - looking back on my life it is. I’ve been thinking about how to get out of this predicament I have created for myself, and you are correct - I should look at this as a chance to learn”. Elizabeth just smiled at the observation.

Olive just sat and let her mind wander. She felt comfortable as a woman and this did not anger her as she felt right within herself. This was a surprise in itself - or was it? As a child (s)he was inquisitive; like all of us at that early age we learn by trying and touching and the touching led to the discovery of the softness of women’s lingerie compared to the apparent roughness of male underwear and clothing.

Discovery and delight changed from touching to wearing, and now she was realizing there was nothing wrong with wanting to wear that kind of underwear.


Robert and Samantha had left the house and walked towards the nearest bus stop to get into town. Each was eyeing each other up wondering where to start a conversation. Catching a shy look each started to say something at the same time. They giggled at this with Robert saying, “You first”.

“Well, was just about to say, thanks for coming into town with me”, her eyes glancing down at the ground.

“It’s my pleasure” Robert replied, looking anywhere but at Samantha. “I can see you’re as shy as I am.” Both blushed at the comment. Finally, the bus came into sight and as they boarded, Robert paid for them both.

The journey took around an hour, spent mostly in silence looking out the windows watching the passing scenery, with fleeting glances at each other due their shyness. When they arrived at the bus station it was almost lunch time; both felt hungry so they agreed to go for something to eat first.


Olive looked up at Elizabeth and shared with her the thoughts running around in her head.

“When I was at school I was still drawn to the softness of ladies’ lingerie, and being an only child I could only get some of my mum’s older items which I had hidden in the house.” Elizabeth sat and said nothing allowing Olive to open up and continue.

“Well, I could not chat to mum about this, I just couldn’t. So, for some reason I become scared that I would be discovered wearing the panties, by my classmates or even the school nurse. I ended up being a bully to protect my secret and picking on the girls more that the boys – it was easier for me to do that”, her dropping voice to a whisper. Eventually I was taking some of their lunch money to buy my own panties.”

For a moment, the room was silent as Olive remembered those times with regret and sadness. With a heavy sigh and a deep breath continued in a shaky voice.

“I was a loner at school – I still am but it’s all of my own making. It continued when I left school, always wanting to get money for no real effort.” She glanced over to Elizabeth.

“So, here I am today, talking with you as a woman, still on my own” with tears forming in the corner of her eyes.


Over lunch Samantha and Robert relaxed more with their shyness easing slightly.

“Thank you for lunch, Robert, t was very enjoyable. Now I suppose we’d better go and get this replacement charger to power the laptop,” Samantha said as they left the food outlet.

“I suppose we should” replied Robert.

It did not take much time to find a branch of one of the major high street chains that
specialise in electronic products and the item was soon obtained. It was a lovely day and neither of them felt any rush to get back to Mrs Granger’s home so they decided to take a walk and get to know each other better. Each felt something about the other, despite only having met that day.

They walked into the park and looked for somewhere to sit in quiet and chat but all the benches were occupied. Just outside a bar on the edge of the park a bench became available when two women got up as they approached.

They heard one of the women say, “I must get some rest as I’m tired after the train journey, I’ll give you a call later so we can get together”

“Okay, Hun, later,” the other woman replied.

As the women air kissed and parted Samantha sat down, glancing at one of the women in recognition. She patted the space beside her for Robert to join her.

“Robert, how much has your mum told to you about me?” Samantha asked.

“Well, when we first met at Gran’s, Mum did say ‘this is the girl told you about’, so I know a lot, although to be honest you’re not a girl, you’re a woman and an attractive one as well,” he replied. Samantha blushed at that. She somehow felt drawn to Robert; looking at him she believed he felt the same way regarding her.

“So, you know I was a male until yesterday and now I am a woman.” Robert just nodded his head in agreement.

“I need to tell you about some of that male life and just want you to listen, please. You see, I always had the desire to be a woman from an early age and I was a crossdresser. I used a dressing service in this area and I recognized one of those women who vacated this bench when we arrived.”

“It’s a small world,” laughed Robert a little nervously. Samantha laughed too and continued.

“She helped me dress as a woman, but unfortunately more to stand out rather than blend in. Like many males who dress I first went for the sexy stuff, you know, short skirts, high heels, stockings and so on. The thing is, when I went out, I soon felt it seemed like I was looking to sell something that I wasn’t - her style just was not my style. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely woman in her own way, it’s just she likes to hunt men whereas I just want to be a woman and do normal daily things as women do. Anyway, I learned a lot about being a woman, mostly how to be one in every way and a little of how not to act. A small world, you said - it was a surprise to see her again just now and I can’t even remember her name. It was another life, more like a dream now, which I suppose it sort of is now that I am actually a woman.”

Robert just sat quietly, only he had moved a little closer. Taking Samantha’s hand, he leaned forward and gave her a peck on the cheek, allowing her to know she had his support.

“That was another life and now you have this new one, Sammy” he said looking deeply into her eyes.

“Sammy… I like that, Robert, you can call me that from now on,” she replied with a shy giggle and a sparkle in her eye. Robert stood up, still holding her hand.

“Thank you for being open and honest with me, Sammy,” he said. “Now I think it’s time we made our way back to Gran’s with that charger”


To be continued

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