Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 23

Synopsis; Baby Jennie spies on Tammy and Bonnie while they are playing naughty games in Bonnie's bedrooom.

Chapter 23. Bonnie and Tammy

"I'm glad you dropped down that video before your mum came in and saw it," I heard Tammy giggle. When I opened the bathroom door a fraction of an inch, I saw Bonnie sitting at her desk with her back to me, in front of her computer in the near corner. I didn't notice the video camera sitting on the desk's top shelf, the huge black lens facing the queen-size bed in the centre of the room like an all-seeing eye. I could hear what sounded like someone being painfully spanked coming from the tinny stereo speakers. The sound of each blow was immediately followed by a familiar, high-pitched squeal of pain. I wondered what video they were watching, but then Tammy commented; "That was so hot; watching you spank that sissy baby in real life! But it's like, pretty exciting to watch the replay, too. You know?"

Tammy was standing on my cousin's left side, leaning over her shoulder with her left hand resting on the whitewood desk. Her cute baby doll frock was short to begin with, but when she carelessly bent over from the hips, the flounced hem at the back rode up even higher. I could clearly see her white cotton panties stretched tautly over her curvy little bottom cheeks, and I quietly gasped in delight. There seemed to be a darker, half-moon patch rising from the thick crotch to cover the bottom few inches of her seat. As I watched, I spotted two of Tammy's slender fingers delving between her silky-smooth thighs, and she discretely pressed the damp gusset of her panties into the core of her womanhood with a quiet contented sigh.

Before I could identify it, Bonnie used the mouse to close the video they had been watching. When she abruptly spun around in the office chair and whirled to face Tammy, the beautiful blonde guiltily snatched her fingers from her panty crotch and stumbled back in alarm. "You're a very naughty little girl," I heard Bonnie scold her petite girlfriend, although it didn't sound like her heart was in it. I could almost hear the smile in my cousin's teasing tone as she rose from the swivel chair.
"Who, me? Why Mama?" Tammy insouciantly inquired, as Bonnie stepped past her to sit on the end of her queen-size bed. She disappointingly disappeared from my field of view, and I used the hand that wasn't pressed against my crotch to push open the bathroom door a fraction wider.

"You came over too early," I heard Bonnie complain.
"But Mama," Tammy protested, a look of total innocence on her gorgeous heart-shaped face. "You told me to come over around lunchtime, and it's that now." She moved her right hand to her face and discretely sniffed her fingertips, and I noticed her secretive pleased smile before she stepped closer to my seated cousin.
Bonnie snorted, "I said, 'after lunch.' It's only midday! My mum booked the removalists for twelve noon, you know, and I was pretty sure they'd be packed up and gone in like, half an hour. But you arrived a little early… and dressed like that!" I released the knob and silently pushed open the bathroom door another inch, thankful the hinges were well oiled. "You look like a gorgeous two-year-old, all ready to go to Sunday School!" Bonnie’s condescending tone and description merely made Tammy giggle in delight. The bathroom door began to silently swing open all by itself, and I fearfully clutched the doorknob again, lest my presence be betrayed. I prayed that neither girl was glancing in my direction, and when I caught sight of the two teenagers, my unspoken prayer had been answered.

Bonnie was sitting on the end of her bed, and Tammy was standing directly in front of her, their bare knees touching. The beautiful smiling teens were staring at each other's faces, and fortunately for me, they only had eyes for each other. The pretty petite blonde had the tip of her right index finger pressed between her pursed pink lips, and she was sucking the glossy pink nail as she endearingly twisted her hips from side to side like a small child. I wondered what Tammy’s finger tasted like? I knew where it had recently been! Her short flared baby doll frock twirled high around her hips to show off her high-waisted cotton panties. When I looked at the reflection in the floor-to-ceiling, built-in wardrobe mirrors lining the far wall, I could see there was a big picture of a daisy printed right over her puffy pudenda.

"But Mama," Tammy whined, sounding like the petulant two-year-old she appeared to be. "I thought you'd like my new outfit? I bought it especially to wear for you! And I had to come over early! I wanted to show you my new dress, and my new shoes and socks, and- and- and I needed to go pee-pee," she finished in an excited rush, before drawing in a much-needed breath. "Look," Tammy exclaimed, as she boldly raised the front of her juvenile dress with her left hand to display her thick cotton underwear. "I already wet my pants a little bit, Mama. See?" She patted her damp crotch in indication, and then drew her right hand away and leant her slender hips closer in blatant invitation.

Bonnie didn't need to be asked twice, and she leaned forward and stared intently at the gorgeous blonde's panty crotch mere inches from her nose. I heard my cousin loudly sniff Tammy’s groin a couple of times, and then she grinned. She pressed her thick fingers between her girlfriend's silken spread thighs, before she covered the yellow-and-white flower decorating the front of Tammy's damp cotton panties with the heel of her hand. Then those naughty fingers slid lower under the moist gusset, before boldly pushing the bunched wet material inside the excited blonde's already-dilated opening.

When Tammy moaned quietly at the intimate caress and spread her knees wider, my cousin chuckled and commented; "Oh my, Baby Tammy! Your pretty flower is all wet! Aww! You've wet your panties, haven't you? Perhaps Mama should put you in a nappy straight away, little girl?" Bonnie suggested with a sly teasing smile, her huge golden eyes wide with delicious anticipation.

Tammy covered the bigger girl's hand with both her smaller ones, wantonly pressing Bonnie's thick fingers deeper inside her moist cleft as she squealed, "Oh yes! Yes please, Mama!" After a lingering caress, Bonnie gently pried her fingers loose from her girlfriend's grasp. With an indulgent smile, she stood to tower over the tiny jiggling blonde. The statuesque teenager stepped to the side of the bed, before kneeling to remove the huge brown suitcase concealed underneath. She had her back to me, and I thought Bonnie's big curvaceous bum under her baggy shortalls looked much plumper than usual, for some reason. And while my cousin normally had voluptuous, wide, child-bearing hips, they seemed even broader today. "I've been trying to hold it for ages, Mama," Tammy confessed with a wicked smile, pressing her cupped fingers over her damp groin while performing her little potty-dance.

"Seeing as you've already wet those pants a bit - you naughty little girl - you can just leave them on," Bonnie informed her willing charge with mock-severity. I noticed Tammy closed her eyes and shuddered at the stern admonition. My grinning cousin spread a plain white cotton, plastic-backed change mat on the queen-size bed. "Come on," she urged the beautiful blonde, patting the centre of the rustling mat in invitation. "Lie down here on your back for Mama, Baby Tammy." The gorgeous little teenager climbed onto the change mat with a cheeky grin, and she gathered the hem of her flounced pink baby doll frock up around her small bust before she lay back.

I caught a glimpse of the bottom of her push-up bra, and it was all shiny white lace, with a dainty pink satin rosebud stitched between the stiff padded cups. The huge baby-pink satin bow decorating Tammy's dress collar covered her face for a few annoying seconds, until she sputtered in irritation and impatiently pushed it out of the way. Bonnie removed her petite friend's gleaming Maryjanes first, and when she raised one slender calf to unbuckle the classic black patent shoe, I could clearly see the dark wet stain anointing the thick white cotton crotch stretched tautly between Tammy's smooth sculpted thighs. There was a growing dark-yellow, half-moon patch either side of the damp gusset, and I thought I caught a glint of moisture in the bright sunlit bedroom.

As soon as Tammy's shiny black shoes had been cast aside, Bonnie softly ordered, "Lift your bum, darling." She slid a thick pink terrycloth nappy under the smaller girl's damp panty bottom, and made sure it was positioned correctly before ordering her to drop. The hourglass-shaped nappy looked identical to the one Tammy had worn to the park with me the other day, made from two thick layers of absorbent, double-sided terry-towelling, with another two oval layers of soaker pads sewn into the wide crotch. Bonnie swiftly pulled the front flap up between Tammy's wide-splayed thighs, regrettably covering her delectable damp panty crotch with the multiple layers of fluffy pink towelling, and then she drew one side flap around and pinned it in place. After the second pin had been clasped in the other side, Bonnie released the first pin, and then tugged the nappy even tighter around the smaller girl's tiny waist. "There," my cousin grunted in satisfaction, after she refastened the first pin yet again. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband and gave the diaper a firm tug, to check how securely she'd pinned it.

"Gosh Mama!" Tammy whined a trifle sulkily. "It's a bit tight."
"Well, we don't want baby's nappy falling down when it's wet! Do we, sweetheart?" Bonnie responded with a saucy smile, as she noisily shook some translucent pink plastic pilchers inside-out. I felt another weird thrill of excitement when I realised they were identical to the baby panties I’d been wearing earlier this morning. It was almost like Baby Tammy was wearing my used panties! I knew I'd love to try on some of her worn panties! "Mama knows what a heavy wetter you are, darling. Mama knows best." Bonnie fed her hands through the waistband and poked one out each leg hole, then grasped Tammy's sock-covered toes. In moments the crackling plastic panties were whisked up her raised legs and turned the right way out, and then Bonnie commanded, “Lift your bum, darling.” As soon as the smaller girl obeyed, my cousin tugged the wetproof pilchers over her girlfriend's huge pink diaper package, making sure the elasticised waistband covered the absorbent cloth front and back. "And down, baby," Bonnie smoothly ordered, her full pink-painted lips drawn back in a pleased smile.

When Tammy's big padded bum noisily dropped onto the crackling change mat, she giggled happily. Bonnie forced the beaming girl's tanned thighs wide before tucking the tight elastic leg bands safely up underneath the bulging crotch of her fluffy pink nappy. Satisfied the wetproof panties wouldn't leak, my buxom cousin grinned down at her petite diapered friend, and patted the taut plastic panty crotch stretched between Tammy's wide-splayed thighs. Bonnie's swatting fingers made that erotic crisp smacking sound, causing my sensitive swollen clittie to automatically grow stiffer inside the confines of my own deliciously damp diaper. "Oh Mama," Tammy sighed in pleasure, wiggling her little feet in the air like a happy baby, making the delicate white lace frills around her slender ankles tremble attractively. I sighed at the wonderful sight, cupping my hand over my warm wet nappy and pressing my hot stiff clittie harder against my tummy. She asked, "Mama?"

"Yes, Baby Tammy?" Bonnie responded in a playful inquiring tone, her patting fingers continuing to caress her girlfriend's sensitive damp vulva through the thick fluffy nappy and rustling baby panties. "What is it, darling? Tell Mama," she crooned tenderly.
"Oh Mama, that was so nice… You know? When you changed my wet nappy the other day," Tammy hesitantly began, maintaining her innocent, sweet, little-girl tone. She let her legs drop and placed the soles of her feet together on the change mat, drew her heels up towards her padded crotch, and spread her slender brown thighs as wide as she could. She batted her long black lashes at her grinning girlfriend and pouted so prettily, Bonnie had to laugh.

"Yes baby,” Bonnie chuckled. “You were such a wet little girl for Mama after our trip to the park, weren't you?"
"Yes Mama. And- and when you changed my wet nappy, and like, cleaned me up-"
"My little girl got all excited when Mama had to clean her wet little kitten, didn't she?" Bonnie interrupted her with a gentle teasing grin, her fingers pressing harder into the crotch of Tammy's thick nappy.
"Yes Mama," Tammy admitted, her cheeks blushing warmly, although her big brown eyes were glowing with lust. "I did!"

Bonnie's fingers were no longer patting the plastic panties covering her girlfriend's crotch. They were delving into a narrow furrow created in the soft fluffy nappy by her insistent rubbing actions. Tammy's bowed knees began to sway in time to the increasingly forceful caresses. "Did my little girl like it, when Mama made sure her pretty little kitten was kissing-sweet clean?"
"Oh yes Mama, yes!" Tammy gasped, her pelvis beginning to rock as she greedily thrust her diapered crotch against her girlfriend's probing fingers. "That was the best!"
"That's good," purred Bonnie, smiling seductively and pressing even harder.

She leaned over the gorgeous blonde and her huge hanging teats poked out either side of the bib of her baggy shortalls. The laden bra cups under her t-shirt slid erotically over the smaller girl's exposed, flat brown stomach, till they bumped against Tammy's padded brassiere. Bonnie gave her girlfriend's sweet mouth the softest of kisses, their pursed lips barely touching. Then the kiss turned passionate, their mouths opening wide as Bonnie gently forced her searching tongue between the smaller girl's pretty pink lips. After a minute she drew her face back, and almost breathed her next words into Tammy's waiting open mouth. "I'm glad my little baby girl liked that; because today, it's Tammy's turn to look after Mama!" She grabbed the petite girl's hands and unexpectedly tugged her to her feet, and the gorgeous diapered blonde frowned at having her own session of pleasure rudely interrupted.

Tammy stood with her tiny stockinged feet splayed childishly wide due to the bulk of cloth trapped between her smooth brown thighs. Her big padded bum inside the puffy pink baby panties looked adorable, especially poking out so blatantly beneath the hem of her too-short baby doll frock. I rubbed my fingers harder over the slithering nylon front of my pink rumba panties, where I could feel the bulge of my throbbing erection even through the many damp layers. I caressed my stiff clittie through the soggy warmth that sweetly swaddled me, almost breathless with excitement. Like Tammy, I watched intently from my place of concealment as Bonnie unfastened the metal clips securing the shoulder straps to the bib of her loose shortie overalls. The high bib front dropped to reveal her massive bosom bulging out the front of her baggy white t-shirt. The candy-striped shortalls slowly slid down her voluptuous frame, but caught around her wide womanly hips. Bonnie grimaced in annoyance and then impatiently pushed them down, to reveal a sagging pink terry nappy contained inside a pair of frosty white plastic panties.

"Mama! You're wearing a nappy!" Tammy cried, clapping her little hands together and bouncing up and down on the spot in delight. "And you're wet, too!"
"Yes baby," Bonnie agreed with a lascivious smile, as she carelessly kicked aside the candy-striped shortalls with one bare foot. She raised the hem of her baggy white t-shirt to show off her wet diapered condition, and crisply patted her soggy crotch through the noisy plastic panties. "Mama has a wet nappy, and she needs her little girl to change her."
"Ooo Mama! I'm wetting my nappy, too!" The gorgeous blonde squealed in excitement, and cupped one hand under the crotch of her shiny pink baby panties. She shuffled closer and removed her naughty paw, so Bonnie could reach across and feel her nappy crotch growing heavier, too. As my diapered cousin eagerly cupped her palm under the peeing girl's plastic-sheathed groin, the beautiful blonde simultaneously slid her hand between Bonnie's plump spread thighs. Tammy looked radiant as she pressed her fingers into the warm folds of Bonnie's saggy wet nappy. The two seventeen-year-olds stood there unmoving for a few moments, frozen like diapered statues in a beautiful erotic tableau.

Tammy gave a high girlish giggle and exclaimed, "Gosh Mama! Your nappy is saturated! How many wee-wees did you do in it?"
"I already did two big wetties in my nappy this morning," Bonnie shyly confessed, smiling down at her tiny interrogator, who was assessing the warm wet weight between her splayed thighs.
Tammy hefted the sagging crotch in her cupped palm in estimation. "Only two wee-wees? They must have been big ones," Tammy guessed, squeezing her friend's soggy crotch experimentally, her big brown eyes wide.

"They were!" Bonnie confirmed, trying not to look pleased with herself - and failing miserably. "That's why I need you to change me real soon, you know? I want to wet again soon, but I don't want to like, leak everywhere. Ooo! I can feel your nappy getting all warm between your legs, Tammy!"
"Mmmm! Doesn't it feel wonderful!" Tammy moaned, and she shuddered with arousal when Bonnie pressed the warm wet cloth more firmly against her sensitive gushing urethra.
"It sure does," Bonnie fervently agreed, and she removed her hand from her girlfriend's warming nappy crotch with obvious reluctance. "Come on, baby. I really need that nappy change." The voluptuous babe clambered backwards onto the bed, arranging herself so that she was lying with her saggy wet bottom right in the middle of the protective change mat.

"Mama, I need you to take off your top and your bra, first," Tammy bossily insisted. Bonnie looked slightly puzzled by the smaller girl's firm tone, but obediently sat up. She removed her baggy white t-shirt to reveal an enormous, plain-white cotton brassiere. "Come on. Your bra, too," Tammy urged, unsuccessfully trying to suppress a grin.
My cousin frowned momentarily as she somewhat reluctantly reached behind her back with both hands, to unfasten the many rear clasps of her enormous E-cup bra. Her actions made her huge bosom thrust out proudly, and I began to salivate heavily, like one of Pavlov's trained dogs. "Why do you want me to remove my bra, sweetie?" Bonnie coyly inquired, even as she slid the wide shoulder straps down her arms. Her enormous tanned bosoms flopped and swayed heavily when released from the confines of her underwire support bra, and my eyes were drawn to the succulent russet buds crinkling erect in excitement, even as I watched.

"I'm going to change your nappy, so that means for the moment - I'm in charge," Tammy tartly announced, although it sounded like she was trying to convince herself, rather than my domineering chestnut-haired cousin. Bonnie merely smiled indulgently as she tossed aside the massive bra and lay back. Each melon-sized breast shifted to either side of her chest. I realised I was drooling heavily around the amber rubber teat of my dum-dums at the sight of those delectable, thimble-sized caps. A trickle of warm spittle dribbled unheeded down my chin, before finally dripping down my front. Lucky I was wearing a bibbie! "Besides," Tammy confessed, her big brown eyes sparkling with mischief, as she reached over to gently pinch one of those tasty russet nipples with the tips of her glossy pink fingernails. "I love your big titties, Mama. I want to have a little suck on your juicy nips later too, you know?"

Bonnie inhaled sharply at the possessive intimate touch and after a few moments, she brushed the cheeky grinning girl's hand aside. She cupped her sagging bare breasts with her large hands and pressed them together to form a massive inviting cleavage, while squeezing both russet caps between her thumbs and forefingers until they visibly swelled. The buxom brunette grinned at her tiny friend's delighted open-mouthed response, and then spread her feet and raised her bum so Tammy could tug down her glistening white plastic panties.

The gorgeous blonde carelessly tossed the dripping baby pants on the floor, and turned back to her bigger charge with a tender smile. "Gosh, it's a good thing you have like, a wetproof change mat underneath you," Tammy teased, as she unfastened the pink-capped baby pins holding Bonnie's nappy together. "You're so drenched, you would have left a wet patch on your bedspread, you know?" She slowly lowered the heavy front of Bonnie's saturated pink nappy, like she was trying to make the moment last. Her gasp of surprise made me want to see, too, but from my hiding place in the bathroom, I couldn't quite see the object of Tammy's reverent fascination until she let the nappy front drop. "Oh Mama! Your… your kitten! You haven't got any hair down there!" I stood on tippy-toes, and managed to catch a glimpse of Bonnie's hairless, puffy, pouting pink nether lips, before my cousin delicately covered her baby-smooth front bottom with one large hand.

"Yes baby," Bonnie murmured shyly in reply. For a moment I thought my beautiful cousin looked embarrassed, but I must have been mistaken. "After my mum caught me trimming April's bush all those years ago, she said she would solve that little problem for us, once and for all. She took us to the beauticians, and had both our pubes permanently removed using laser electrolysis. So no more fur down there – forever!"
Tammy gently removed the bigger girl's hand and replaced it with one of her own. "Oh Mama! Your hairless little kitten looks so sweet!" She stroked the puffy feminine mound with an adoring, feather-light touch. "And it feels so baby-smooth! I wonder if I should try-"
"Now, now, Baby Tammy! Your pubic muff is so blonde and fine, I wouldn't think you'd ever need to tidy it up. You have the prettiest little kitten, baby," Bonnie reassured the pouting blonde teenager. "I wouldn't change it for the world!"

Tammy leaned her face in closer to the hairless juncture of Bonnie's smooth fleshy thighs and inhaled loudly. "No, Mama. Yours is so sweet, and it smells all wonderfully wet and pissy…" I thought Tammy would have been revolted by the overpowering ammonia smell, seeing my cousin was still lying atop her soggy wet nappy. But it looked like Tammy was trying to press her button nose right into the humid crevice where damp flesh met saturated cloth. "Mmm, Mama!" I didn't see Tammy's tiny pink tongue dart between the moist folds of my cousin's pungent vagina, but I heard Bonnie's sharp intake of breath at the delicate fluttering caress and saw her visibly shudder.

"Don't you want to clean me up first?" Bonnie hesitantly suggested, but I could clearly detect the arousal in her shaky voice. Then despite her words, her knees drew up and her fleshy brown thighs flopped wider apart in blatant invitation. She moaned lustily, "Ooo Tammy!"
"No Mama," Tammy cheekily insisted, although her words were partially muffled by Bonnie's plump womanly thighs. "I want to clean you up with my tongue, first. Like a Mumma cat cleans up her kittens," she purred between long languid licks.
"Oh Tammy! What a good little girl you're being for Mama! Ooo!"

I realised my hand was already delving inside my warm wet nappy, and I grabbed my hard little clittie and stroked it in feverish arousal. My knees were bent and my wide-splayed legs were trembling with excitement. There was more room inside my tightly-pinned nappy, now that it was all soggy and wet, like Bonnie's. I was grateful for the extra play room inside the humid warmth as I began to furiously pump my rock-hard tool. I rubbed my clenched fist up and down the slippery wet shaft, quivering with arousal and biting my dummy teat in an attempt to quieten my ragged breathing. Tammy climbed onto the bed between Bonnie's splayed legs, kneeling with her face buried in her girlfriend's glistening hairless crotch. Her big diapered bum poked out temptingly at me, and she waggled her damp padded rear from side to side as she greedily licked Bonnie's puffy pink slit.

Tammy abruptly knelt up, and I could see from the frustrated expression on her beautiful face reflected in the mirror, that something wasn't right. "This bow is in the way," she complained, plucking at the elaborate satin bow decorating the collar of her juvenile frock. She grabbed the wide-flared hem and tugged the silky cotton baby doll gown over her head, revealing her pretty white push-up bra with the delicate lace-covered cups. She cast her frock aside, and the heavy plastic-sheathed padding around her hips and bum merely exaggerated the delicacy of the slender waistline above.

"Take your cheater bra off, too, sweetie," Bonnie urged the kneeling girl with an indulgent smile. "Mama wants to see your cute little titties, too." Despite a flickering frown of annoyance, Tammy reached behind her back with both hands and obediently unhooked her lace-lavished bra. She slid her last grown-up garment from her lithe young frame with a joyous laugh. Her perky little breasts hardly dropped at all when she removed the heavily-padded bra, although I noticed her tiny pink nipples were like hard little pencil erasers, already crinkled erect with excitement. "That's better," cooed Bonnie approvingly, before giggling cheekily and pointing between her spread legs. "Now get that little tongue of yours back inside Mama's kitten where it belongs, little girl."

Tammy eagerly pressed her face between Bonnie's plump womanly thighs once more, beginning with a series of long slow licks that must have started at my cousin’s wrinkled pink botty-hole. She teased the retracting outer labia further open with her agile tongue, relishing the sweet nectar inside for a minute or two, before slithering wetly all the way to the top of the shivering teen's hairless nether lips. Bonnie's hands jerked spastically into the air, her long fingers splayed wide, and she gave a sharp cry of pleasure when the gorgeous blonde's pointed pink tongue gently circled her sweet spot. One hand dropped to rest on top of Tammy's honey-blonde hair, and it looked like my brunette cousin was trying to resist the temptation to press the smaller girl's face deeper into the juncture of her broad womanly thighs. "Oh yes, Tammy! Mmm! Oh yeah! Lick me there…. Ooo!" Bonnie moaned, "Oh yeah, honey! That's it. Just touch my clit with the tip of your tongue. Unh, ohhh! Oh yeah." Bonnie's voluptuous frame twitched and shuddered, and then her throaty voice took on a more pleading tone. "Oh baby! Gently! Ooo! Gently… Lick it gently… Gently, baby…. Ohhh! Oh God!"

Bonnie let her other hand fall onto Tammy's bobbing head, and she grabbed the kneeling girl's short honey-blonde pigtails as though to direct her tongue more precisely. She used the pigtails like reins on a familiar, well-ridden pony, deftly steering the gorgeous blonde's movements to increase her pleasure. I watched Tammy slide her left hand between the supine girl's inner thighs, but I couldn't see her gently pry open Bonnie’s swollen inner labia with one glossy pink fingernail, to reveal the rosy pink flesh inside glistening moistly with arousal. The kneeling teen slowly wiggled her stiffened index finger all the way inside Bonnie's slippery wet kitten, while delicately strumming her girlfriend’s erect clitoris with the tip of her tiny pink tongue. "Yes, baby, yes!" My buxom cousin bit her bottom lip and tossed back her head, her eyelids clenched tightly shut. She writhed on the bed, moaning in the heat of passion. "Oh baby! That's so good… So good…. Oh God!"

Without breaking stride, Tammy slid her petite right hand along her own flat brown tummy, easing it inside the snug elastic waistband of her translucent pink baby panties. With visible difficulty, she wormed her tiny fingers inside her own tightly-pinned cloth nappy. I wondered if her nappy was wet enough yet to make it looser around her waist, like mine. Tammy pressed her knees as far apart on the mattress as she could, forcing my cousin's much longer legs even wider at the same time. The beautiful kneeling blonde's wet nappy and glistening baby panties were drawn more snugly against her pissy crotch by her actions. I could clearly detect her naughty fingers busily dancing inside, making the soggy pink material visibly wiggle and stretch beneath the translucent pink plastic covering. Both girls were moaning with excitement, although Tammy's higher-pitched squeaks were mostly muffled by my cousin's pissy wet pussy lips.

"Oh baby! Don't stop! Don't stop, Baby Tammy," Bonnie pleaded throatily. "I think you're gonna make your Mama cum! Oh! Oh! Ohhh!" Tammy slid a second wiggling digit inside Bonnie's steamy wet opening, and orally attacked her girlfriend's erect clitoris with renewed vigour. The buxom beauty screamed with unrestrained pleasure, and her head began to thrash from side to side. Her silken chestnut pigtails flew across the pink satin bedcover as the throes of an orgasm swept through her voluptuous frame. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh Godogodogodogod!" Her shuddering and moaning continued unabated for at least a minute, and I watched those huge swollen titties wiggle like delicious jellies on a plate. Her hard russet nipples were almost the size of the end joint of my thumb, and I so desperately wanted to pop one in my mouth and suck and suck and suck… Then it looked like Bonnie was trying to force the tiny blonde's face away from her dripping vulva.

"Oh no! No more! Stop, Tammy. Please stop?" Bonnie begged sincerely, her breathless voice shaky. She used her grip on the honey-blonde pigtails to drag the smaller girl's face away from her suddenly-too-sensitive crotch. "Ohhhh!" My cousin's moan sounded deep and satisfied when Tammy's dancing fingers noisily plopped free of her sopping vagina. When the tiny blonde lifted her smiling face, in the mirror I could see there were shiny juices covering her lips, cheeks and chin. "Oh Tammy," After a deep shuddering intake of breath, Bonnie sighed contentedly. "That was wonderful!"
"Mama, your kitten is so wet! It was like the juices squirted out of you when you did your cummie," Tammy giggled happily. She licked her fingers clean, sticking them all the into her mouth, up to the knuckles and noisily sucking them clean, I noticed that her naughty right hand was still playing inside the crotch of her warm wet nappy, as was mine. Her cute padded bum bobbed up and down in time to the increasingly rapid movements of her nimble fingers.

"Mmm," Bonnie languidly agreed, softly patting the kneeling girl's head in an appreciative fond gesture. "Sometimes when Mama does a particularly violent cummie, her juices squirt out everywhere!" She slowly drew in and then released another deep shuddering breath. Her eyelids were half-closed and her satisfied smile looked so sexy! "That's one of the reasons I like to wear a nappy when I masturbate, sometimes. It saves on the clean-up, afterwards, you know?"
"Oh Mama, some of your juices even squirted into my mouth when you did your cummie," Tammy informed her satiated lover with a cheeky grin.
"Did they, sweetie? And what did my Baby Tammy do, when Mama's juices squirted into her mouth?"

The 'naughty-little-girl' expression on Tammy's gorgeous face was breathtaking to behold. Despite her innocent wide brown eyes and her high arched eyebrows, there was a wicked twist to her full smiling mouth. "I did drink them down, Mama!" she confessed with a self-satisfied smile, and then she deliberately licked her shiny wet lips from corner to corner. "I did swallow Mama's juices all down," she giggled like a mischievous two-year-old.

Bonne lifted her head from the mattress so she could stare down at the beautiful girl kneeling subserviently between her gaping thighs. She pressed her palms to Tammy's rosy-pink cheeks, still wet and slimy with her love juices. "Did you, baby? Did you drink down all of Mama's juices?"
"Yes Mama," Tammy proudly boasted, and she opened her pretty mouth wide and impulsively poked out her pale-pink tongue, like a cheeky toddler proving there was nothing left.
"That's so naughty!" Bonnie admonished her, although her pleased smile said something else entirely.

"Yes Mama," Tammy freely admitted, and the dancing rhythm of her fingers inside her damp nappy crotch instantly became more urgent. Suddenly her tiny voice sounded more baby-like. "I'm a naughty little baby, Mama."
"Yes you are, Baby Tammy," Bonnie readily agreed, her sly teasing tone sounding highly erotic to my ears. "You're Mama’s naughty little baby."
"Oh Mama! Yes Mama!" Tammy fingered herself more frantically and gasped, "I'm a naughty baby girl!"

“Me too,” I whispered from my place of concealment, as I fondled my rock-hard clittie.
"Yes you are," Bonnie purred in a tender loving tone. "You’re Mama's naughty baby girl!"
"Ohh Mama! Mama?"
"Yes darling? What is it, my naughty baby girl?"
"Mama! Oh! I think- Ohh! Mama, I think I need to do a poo-poo!"

Bonnie used her elbows to thrust her upper body aright, till she was mostly sitting up on her bed, staring down in horror at the half-naked blonde still kneeling between her splayed legs. "What?" Bonnie demanded, sounding alarmed. "No, no, Tammy! You can't! My mum will be back in like half an hour!"
Tammy simply plunged her face between my cousin's spread thighs by way of response. I couldn't tell if she was pressing her cum-stained lips against my cousin's dripping vagina once more, or if she had buried her face in the pissy wet nappy still bunched under Bonnie's plump curvaceous bottom.

"I can't help it, Mama!" Tammy moaned, or at least, that's what I thought I heard her say. My eyes were riveted to the bobbing rear of Tammy’s wet pink nappy, where the first bulge of a fresh turd was starting to make an appearance. She babbled in high-pitched baby talk, "I'm a bad baby, Mama! I need to do a poo-poo, and I'm doing it in my nappy!" Tammy took a deep breath and held it, and then released it with an explosive cry. I heard a straining, high-pitched fart, which only seemed to confirm her next announcement. "Oh Mama! I'm a dirty bad baby, and I'm doing poo-poos in my nappy!"

Abruptly Tammy stopped speaking and started grunting. It was probably just as well she couldn't see the disgusted frown marring my beautiful cousin's perfectly made-up face. All I could hear were wet farting noises emanating from Tammy's bulging baby panties, before the tiny blonde squeaked and shuddered to a muffled climactic release. “Mama! Mama! Poo-poo! Poo-poo!” she squealed, her face still crammed between Bonnie's splayed thighs. My hand was whipping up and down the pulsating length of my slippery wet shaft inside my soggy nappy, and I knew I was close to cumming too.

My wide-splayed knees began to tremble as I squatted even lower. I reached between my legs with my free hand and rubbed my cupped palm against the slippery nylon cover of my frilly rumba panties. I pressed my warm wet nappy more firmly against my bottom and tried to muffle my excited grunts, as I struggled to poop my nappy in sympathy with the beautiful blonde teenager deliberately soiling her diaper in front of me. A few tiny firm turds thrillingly squirted out of my straining poo-poo hole, to nestle moistly in my warm wet botty crack. At the same time, jolt after jolt of bad baby juice began to spurt from the tip of my swollen clittie. I almost collapsed to my knees from the intensity of my orgasm, and bit harder on my dum-dums to muffle my helpless excited grunts.

"Oh Tammy," Bonnie muttered disdainfully, in that familiar maternal tone of long-suffering. The tall teen swung one long leg over the smaller girl's prostrate body. For one amazing moment I could see my sneering cousin's gaping wet vagina in all its hairless glory; all the way inside her, it seemed to me. I marvelled at the glistening rosy-pink flesh usually hidden from the world inside her swollen labia, before she slid from the bed to stand on shaky legs. Her majestic breasts swayed heavily with her every tiny movement, trembling and sagging from their own weight. She stood naked and proud behind the kneeling girl on the bed, her large right hand softly smacking the distinct bulge poking out the tautly-stretched seat of her girlfriend's baby panties.

"You're a naughty little girl, Tammy! I'm not going to clean you up, you know," Bonnie informed her girlfriend in a much sharper tone. The smacks grew firmer and louder, despite the fact that my cousin's left hand was now cupped over her own swollen damp pussy lips. "You know I don't like dealing with poopy nappies." I tried to control my ragged breathing, and removed my hand from inside my wet nappy with a shuddering sigh. I wiped my palm mostly clean of bad baby juice on the relatively-dry outside front of my nappy, before quietly sliding my hand out of my rustling baby panties.

"Yes Mama, I know," Tammy reluctantly panted, her pretty face still buried in the saturated crotch of Bonnie's well-used nappy. She couldn't see Bonnie's fingers dancing in the childishly hairless slit between her plump womanly thighs, although I recognised the familiar circling movements of those large thick fingers.
"No, little Tammy is going to have to take off her own dirty nappy in the shower outside, in the cabana near the pool. She can rinse it out and clean up out there, so she doesn't stink up the whole house. You're a bad, stinky baby girl!" Despite her harsh words, I saw Bonnie slip one fat finger deep inside her juicy wet opening, and she shuddered as she gathered some fresh lubricant on her fingertip to rub around her erect love-button.

"Yes Mama. I'm bad," Tammy freely conceded, although her muffled voice sounded even more excited. "I'm a naughty, dirty baby." She was speaking just like a naughty little girl, too. I wondered why she didn't withdraw her mouth from the pissy wet nappy bunched around her face. I didn't realise how much she enjoyed burying her nose in the soggy aromatic warmth. I perversely sniffed the combination of baby powder, bad baby juice, and my wee-wees I could detect lingering on my damp hand, revelling in the naughty erotic aromas before wiping dry my sticky fingers with my lace-edged terry bib.

"Yes you are! You're a very naughty, dirty baby girl," Bonnie sternly chastised her, and this time, she sounded like she actually meant it. She began to smack the poo-poo bulge poking out her kneeling girlfriend's panties with even more force, abandoning her masturbatory pleasure to hold out her left hand for balance. Tammy appeared to arch her slender back in response, provocatively sticking out her messy wet bottom for her buxom lover's sadistic attention. She even stuck out her unoccupied left hand near her head, bracing her elbow against the crackling change mat covering the mattress, to prevent her slender body being driven along the bed by the force of the blows. I watched her sniff the hand curled under her nose, visibly relishing the scent of her girlfriend's juicy kitten she could still detect on her glistening fingers.

The loud 'thwack-thwack-thwack' of Bonnie's broad palm striking the damp, tautly-stretched plastic panties was like an erotic symphony to my sensitive ears. I trembled at the rush of mixed emotions the familiar menacing sound invoked. I knew this was my chance to silently creep away, but there was no way I could drag my wide blue eyes from the fascinating scene confronting me. Instead I clutched my warm wet nappy front more firmly against my sensitive clittie, and was startled to find it growing stiffer again already.

"Oh Mama, I was bad! I did a big smelly poo-poo in my nappy," Tammy moaned, sounding like a naughty toddler who deserved much more than a severe scolding. ‘I’m a naughty bad baby!” Despite the guilt and shame I could detect in her tiny muffled voice, her padded bottom perversely rose to meet every firm swat. I noticed her pressing her tiny titties into the cooling wet nappy lying underneath her, too, which made her slender back arch further and her dirty wet bottom poke out more invitingly. Then those fingers that had recently been buried deep inside Bonnie's wet kitten, slipped between Tammy’s perfect pink pouting lips. The naughty baby began sucking off the tasty pussy juice lingering on her fingers, like a hungry toddler slurping on her favourite dummy teat.

I recognised Bonnie's shark-like smile of appreciation for her girlfriend's submissive posturing. "Yes, you naughty baby. You did a nasty big poo-poo in your nap-naps. You're a dirty, bad little girl!" Bonnie's words were stern, and her tone no longer sounded playful. The pace of the spanks slowed, but the sound of each hard smack increased dramatically. "If I had my paddle here, I'd really give your dirty bad bottom a good hard thrashing," she threatened darkly.
"Oh Mama! Yeth Mama!" Tammy defiantly agreed around the sloppy fingers buried in her mouth. My clittie was stiff and hard again inside my wonderfully warm wet nappy, and I rubbed the slithering front of my pink rumba panties over my sensitive swollen erection in mounting excitement.

The slow deliberate smacks on Tammy's bobbing panty bottom grew louder and heavier still, until Bonnie was seriously spanking her beautiful blonde girlfriend's thickly padded bum, each bare-handed blow landing right over the kneeling girl's dirty poo-poo hole - or perhaps an inch lower. I watched entranced as Bonnie's huge tanned tits flopped heavily with every full-bodied swing of her long muscular arm. She growled between each solid spank, "You're a - SMACK! - naughty - SMACK! - dirty - SMACK! - bad - SMACK! - baby!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Oh yeth, Mama! Yeth! I'm a naughty, dirty bad baby!" Tammy squealed like a penitent schoolgirl, right on the edge of climaxing. The hand inside her poopy wet nappies moved faster and faster, the circling fingers dancing a dervish on her sensitive little clittie. She took a deep breath and held it, and then grunted with effort as she tried to push out more poo-poos, revelling in the decadent taboo acts she was performing in front of her dominant girlfriend. I likewise squatted in my place of concealment and tried to push out some more poo-poos as well, squeezing my stiff clittie through the soggy wet warmth that sweetly cocooned my throbbing hardness.

SMACK! SMACK! "Dirty baby! SMACK! Bad Baby Tammy! SMACK!" Bonnie loudly chastised her prostrate friend with each vicious spank, although her huge golden eyes were glowing with desire. The chestnut-haired Amazon heard the tell-tale-grunts and recognised the straining movement of the kneeling big baby. SMACK! "Look at you! Still doing it!" Bonnie cried in horrified amazement. SMACK! "You're still pooping your panties like a hopeless little baby." SMACK! SMACK! The smacks immediately grew faster and harder still, which didn't seem to deter Tammy one bit. The loud noises covered my own noisy, dummy-muffled grunts of effort, as I wickedly strained to fill my nappies with more hot poo-poos, too. "What a bad little girl! Imagine filling your panties with hot squishy poo-poos like a hopeless big baby. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! What a dirty - SMACK - bad - SMACK - little - SMACK - baby - SMACK - girl - SMACK - you - SMACK - are!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Tammy withdrew the fingers from her mouth, ignoring the shiny stream of drool trailing from her lips to her fingertips as she squealed, "Yes Mama! Yes! I'm a dirty, bad little baby! Oh Mama! Mama! Mama!" When the gorgeous little blonde climaxed this time, her orgasm seemed to overtake every particle of her being. All her muscles contracted as one, then momentarily released, before spastically contracting and releasing again and again. She pressed her pretty mouth into the sodden nappy wrapped around her face and shrieked in absolute ecstasy, her little breasts bouncing on the pissy wet wad bunched beneath her torso. The plastic-backed change mat crackled loudly as her tiny stockinged feet thrashed with the intensity of her release. I rubbed my hand up and down over the rustling front of my slippery nylon-covered baby panties, caressing my sensitive pulsating clittie, jealously wondering if I could possibly cum again so soon.

Bonnie maintained her dominant role by finishing with a savage flurry of blows to the plastic-sheathed posterior bouncing above the bed, chastising her recalcitrant charge all the while. "Dirty girl! SMACK! Bad girl! SMACK! Dirty, poopy baby! SMACK! SMACK! Mama is disgusted with you! SMACK! Bad baby! SMACK! Bad baby girl! SMACK! Naughty! SMACK! What a naughty, wicked, dirty little girl!" SMACK! SMACK! The intensity and pace of the blows slowly diminished as her diatribe quietened, until Bonnie was merely patting the remains of the hot messy lump trapped inside the shuddering girl's heavily-soiled underwear. "There, there, baby. There, there," she cooed much more forgivingly.
The petite blonde's excited moans and uncontrollable twitches gradually drew to a shuddering halt, and she finally raised her gorgeous glistening face from the pissy wet nappy and gave a loud contented sigh. "Oh Mama! That was the best!" Tammy gushed, and she wiped cheeks and chin that were still shiny from a combination of Bonnie's wee-wee and her pussy juices.

I suspected the girls would need to clean up soon, and so I reached for the doorhandle and quietly closed the door. My right hand was still clutching the throbbing wet hardness tenting out the front of my frilly rumba panties, and it didn't want to let go. I fearfully backed out of the pink-tiled bathroom in my noiseless pink sneakers, my wide eyes glued to the door to Bonnie's room. As soon as I toddled out past April's bedroom door, I turned and ran - well, waddled quickly - down the hallway towards the front door, as fast as my little legs and my thick wet nappies would allow me. I barely noticed the rush of soothing warmth around my genitals until I stumbled and fell forward onto my hands and knees. I continued crawling as that seemed safest, and shuffled around the corner towards the garage on all fours with a sigh of relief. I collected the jingling pink patent baby bracelets and my baby bottle, thankful it hadn't fallen over or left a green stain on Aunty Cath's expensive beige carpet.

When I reached the garage doorway I clumsily clambered to my feet, staggering across the concrete floor towards the highchair where I knew I belonged. I spat out my dum-dums and sucked hard on the bottle teat, suddenly aware of my raging thirst. A few scant drops of spearmint-flavoured water rewarded my desperate efforts. I shoved the bottle and my pink patent baby bracelets on the wide padded seat first, resting against the solid chair back so they wouldn't fall. Then I unlocked and raised the heavy hinged tray aside, and clawed my way up onto the high seat, and swung around panting with effort. I ignored the lovely warm mushy feeling spreading so exquisitely across my tender botty cheeks, and sat back so I could lower the wide steel tray. It crashed into position so loudly, I feared the noise would alert the girls. I urgently fiddled behind my back and located my bottle and the humiliating punishment bracelets, and then dumped them on the tray. But thirst overcame caution, and I stuck the clear silicone nipple between my pursed lips first, and I sucked for all I was worth.

I sat back holding my baby bottle in both hands, tilting the base high in an effort to suck out the green water a bit faster. I thought about the spectacular erotic scene I had just witnessed, and my sensitive clittie automatically grew stiffer inside the soggy warmth of my poopy wet diaper. When I had drained about half the contents of my huge bottle, it was light enough to easily hold with one hand. I reached down inside the tray with my free right hand. There was plenty of room, and I pressed my palm over the stiffie poking out the front of my drenched diaper. The outer nylon layer slid easily over the rustling thick plastic panties beneath, making a delightful swishing sound. The fresh load of pee-pee I had recently delivered made my nappy all warm again in front, and squishy wet warmth cushioned my bottom, too. I rubbed my stiff clittie harder as I wriggled about in my deliciously-damp, heavily-loaded nappy, perversely enjoying the sensation of my fresh sticky excrement pressing moistly against my sensitive poo-poo hole, my right hand dancing up and down over the tenting front of my pink rumba panties.

To be continued in chapter 24.

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