My Brother, is my She-Male Twin 4

As word got to the Hays family about Carol Shaw being caught and will be going away for a long time and that a new case worked will look into the reason they where split apart. It was more of an internal navigation into why Shaw did what she did and why. What they found shocked them to the core.

It said Carol Shaw was not who she said she was. Her name was Carol Wigfall was her adopted name given to her by the people that took her in after the mystery death of her parents. Clancy Wiggans wanted to married her but backed out when he found out. He told her we can work together at anytime you need some major pull.

The trial for both Shaw and Wigging would start soon but not in the same state. The crimes against her in South Carolina where the worst of them all and would be the biggest trial in the state next to the church shooting over a year ago. She knew she was done and couldn’t run she had her chance but chose to be dumb.

As the days went by Kay-Kay was on edge she knew Shaw had more people working for her and they needed to be stopped. Sydney and Eve knew their faces but knew if they stayed with the Finn Clan they would be safe. Kay-Kay and the Hays knew they would be safe with the Davis Clan.

Ricardo spent several hours on the phone speaking with the South Carolina social services and was demanding an investigation into their operations and treatment of children with issues like the girls.
The next call he made was to the FBI. He was seeking information from the girls about Shaw.

He agreed to cooperate but only with the Boston office. The South Carolina office was furious and threatened Ricardo. Which he cut off quickly he said grinning “so it's the hard way. You can expect a federal investigation now.” With all the internal memos saying that he was not one to be trifled with and it was agreed to.

He finally called Mr. Jack Hays down in Bristol, Tennessee. Ricardo had set up a meeting in the Boston office with little trouble. Ricardo explained who he was and what he was calling about. Jack immediately asked about the girls' well-being. Ricardo said “they are doing well”. Then he said “they also asked about their sister Kay-Kay”.

Jack asked Ricardo if he could call back in 10 minutes so he can talk to his wife about the girls. After hanging up with Ricardo from the first call Jack Hays broke the news to the family who were happy, with Kay-Kay being ecstatic.

After speaking to Jack again he asked “if you can, please come up here. We have a place you can stay at and the kids can get reacquainted. Jack quickly agreed, telling them his family would drive up first thing in the morning.

Kay-Kay asked if Stanley and Sydney Lee where really living as girls. Jack nodded and happily told her “their foster parents are good people and only want what is best for them, even giving them up to us to be their parents.”

(Back in Winnisimmet)

Carol Shaw pleaded innocent at her hearing. Judge Matthews took great pleasure in telling her lawyer “your client impersonated a social services worker after being terminated for her crimes in another state.

Judge Matthews said “she’s facing at least 10 counts and you have the gall to ask for bail?” Shaw was furious at this point and started cussing loudly. Judge Matthews smirked as he reminded her “you are in an open session of court and what you said is recorded by court record and can and will be used against you at trial.

The South Carolina social services office was on the defensive and the Columbia FBI office was under heavy scrutiny by the Department of Justice. They feared the worst and started looking into how someone like Shaw was still able to work as a social worker

While Shaw's drama was playing out Ricardo and Alex got the girls ready for their appearance in front of Judge Perez.” Judge Perez said “I would also like to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Hays and their children”. Then she said “if I’m satisfied and all records check out I'll grant not only the transfer the girls I'll grant the inevitable adoption.” The girls were happy to have heard the news and were pleasantly surprised at the quick adoption.

The Hays family arrived earlier than expected in mid-afternoon. They where shocked that they weren’t pulled over along the major highways. They drove over the speed limit to cut down on time. Their kids were quiet the whole journey, with Kay-Kay focusing on the upcoming reunion and her brother and sister trying to take in the sights.

Mrs. Hays admitted saying “we were apprehensive about allowing the Stanly Sydney to live as female but they look so natural.” Ricardo softly said “they are headstrong and know what they are inside.”

Mrs. Hays asked about the girls' health issues. Ricardo went on to explain saying “after what they went through with that Shaw woman they are never going father children but with some surgery they could look and live like a women except for being unable to menstruate.

Jack cringed at hearing the word surgery and once Ricardo explained further he had to agree that it was best for the girls. Then Alex said “we are setting up a settlement fund for the girls, all three of them. They are going to be multi-millionaires so you won't have to worry about school issues”.

Kay-Kay Eve and Sydney will get a private education along with your son and daughter via a scholarship indirect from their sisters. They are proud that the girls were willing to give up living here to go with Kay-Kay even if they never saw them again.

The doorbell rang and Kay-Kay answered it. She immediately recognized Donald and Amy, hugging and crying at both. Donald had to move Kay-Kay to the side so they could enter with Amy following close behind.

Donald said “you haven't changed one bit, you still climb all over me.” Amy being cheeky added “you should be used to girls walking all over you” Kay-Kay giggled at Amy’s comment about Donald.

Donald then slapped his face saying why you little. Amy took off running to talk with the girls giggling saying “he can be a push over at times”. Donald sat down with the adults and said “Amy and I have dropped the Lee family name.

Jack could hardly disagree with Donald. Donald boldly said “Kay-Kay got lucky by being put with you. Colby and Felicia would have killed Kay-Kay if they knew what she was doing with Stanley/Eve and Sydney.

Jack and his wife happily admitted “the girls are doing better than I thought”. His wife added “and Kay-Kay has never been so energetic and happy”. Jack then said “I think this might be what they all needed”.

Jackson was happy to be in boy mode and sat back and let the three sisters get to know each other better. While Tabitha and Starla felt left out until they got Jackson to let his girl side out. Jack and Janice Hays said “not now that can wait till we get home”. Jackson knew that Sydney and Eve would have to meet Jackie at some point.

The next morning Mike helped Sydney and Eve pack up their belongings. As their dads were out on patrol supplementing the regular officers as they played “fireworks or gunshots” all day and night. Mike didn’t mind one bit helping the girls get packed.

Thursday the Hays family saw Judge Perez. She interviewed Jack and his wife separately and then interviewed the children individually and together to get their take on the situation.

Amy and Donald were there in support of their cousins. Surprised to the connection between the kids Judge Perez let it go. She also understood why they were severing ties to the family while the girls were doing the same for their old life.

After what seemed like hours the family stood in front of Judge Perez as the kids where hugging each other tight as she announced her decision. She just smiled and announced “I believe what is best for the girls are for them to go and live with the Hays family.

With the blessing of the appointed foster fathers and the agreement by all members of the Hays family it is my decision that Stanley and Sydney Lee be adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hays. I also announce that Stanley and Sydney be legally recognized as Eve and Sydney Hays, gender female.”

The girls hugged their new parents then their siblings as tears flowed from all. They tearfully said “thank you” as they left the courtroom. The family packed their bags and thanked Gabby, Alex, and Ricardo for the hospitality.

Eve and Sydney said their final goodbyes to Donald and Amy. It was a long drive back to Bristol Tennessee. When they arrived home they received a phone call from John Finn.

John was telling them that they were booked on a plane to California for Monday so the girls could undergo their surgery. The girls' original appointments were just swapped with the unfortunate patients due to illnesses.

Their surgeon saw a way of getting all of it done at once while helping two more people who had a coincidental issue. The girls were in tears hearing that, Sydney and Eve would be getting their dream come true. Jack himself was in tears seeing the girls so happy and feeling complete.

His wife consoled him as he shed those built up tears. He was the type that didn’t cry much except for when his grandma died. It was the girls' issues had been eating at him for days since he knew about them.

Kay-Kay and the others were feeling a bit left out but Jack comforted them by explaining “it wasn't just for your sisters, we are all going and Mr. Finn insisted that you enjoy yourselves while your sisters recuperate.

The news came that Carol Shaw was found guilty on all counts was given 199 years for her crimes that’s equal to four life terms. The judge told her that she would be going to Alaska to serve her time. The worst part was where she was going could only be gotten to was by a bush plane.

She would also have no contact to the outside world. She was also ordered to pay close to 4.5 million dollars. With all her accounts frozen at the time she was arrested the money went to the three girls. Carol Shaw was order to also pay a million to Mr. Davis

Clancy Wiggans was better off but had to face the music as well. He was sent to prison for life on his crimes he had to also pay out 1.5 million dollars to the girls. Plus another million to Mr. Davis

The total was 6 million dollars was to be given to the girls. That was a total of 2 million each. The state of South Carolina matched that just so they could close the book on the girls. The office that Shaw worked at after she was fired paid another 3 million to the girls. That gave Eve, Kay-Kay and Sydney a total of 5 million dollars each.

The girls wanted to share with their brother and sister but they said that it would be better served for something later on It was later that the Jack and Janice Hays found out that Jackson and Tabitha also got 5 million dollars each. Starla was the only one not to get money all because she had the trust fund set up by her birth parents. Starla Hays was Jack and Janice’s god-daughter and had lived with them since she was five. She loved Tabitha and Jackson.

School was not to kind on Tabitha and Jackson but Starla stood up for them. She knew the school was about to give them the boot and she knew they all would have to go to a new school. The school was in South Carolina and it catered to kids like her brother Jackson.

So that Sunday they got packed up for at least three weeks and set out for the airport to go to California on Monday. The Hays got to board first because they had kids. The flight would take two plus hours and was all paid for by John Finn.

Jo and Phyllis met the Hays family at LAX airport to go to the place that they where staying for the next few weeks. LA County was beautiful at this time of year and so was the weather. LA had sites like Disneyland, The Famous Hollywood Sign and Beverley Hills.

Janice wanted to see what saw on TV growing up, up close was a dream came true. The girls wanted to be Disney Princesses for a day. Jackson was board out of his mind he had no one who wanted to do what he wanted to do and that was to dress up as Jackie but knew that wasn’t an option. Starla just wanted to have some time by herself. She was 15 after all.

Starla was Jackson’s only hope to have a good time. SO they went to Disneyland with Kay-Kay and Tabitha. Eve and Sydney wanted to go to Disneyland with Kay-Kay and Tabitha but knew they had to be at the hospital the next morning to have their surgeries.

Jack said we have five weeks here so they will have time to enjoy the trip and the sites here. With that said they got settled for the night because they had to be at the hospital the next morning.

It took about five hours for each surgery and another two hours before Eve and Sydney could be seen by their parents. It was another two days before Kay-Kay, Jackson, Starla and Tabitha could visit. Kay-Kay and Tabitha had gifts for their sisters.

The gift was Minnie Mouse ears with their names on them. What was so funny was Jackson had his on as well with his girls name instead of Jackson. He forgot to wear the Mickey Mouse ears with Jackson on them. Eve and Sydney wanted to know who Jackie was. Their father said “I’ll explain when we get home in a few days. Well home for the time we are here”.

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