Old friend, New love - 7


As I brought up netflix to select a movie for us. He said, “You know my attention will be on you not on any movie. If you are interested, I would very much like to make you a well fucked woman, tonight.”

I wasn’t ready for this. I had no intention of going any farther, than we had already gone. Yet, the proposal had an unexpected allure. I was wanting to go further, but not that far.

“I’m not ready to do that. Despite the way I came on, like a nympho in heat, yours is the first cock I have ever sucked. And I am a virgin as to having a real live cock inside me the way you propose. I may choose to give you my virginity at some future time, but I want to treat it as a special gift to you. If we did it tonight, it would feel like treating it as a stigma, to be gotten rid of at the first opportunity.” He was nodding tacit agreement. So I continued “But, I would love to sleep with you, and cuddle and pleasure each other, and pillow talk about our confusion, and our relationship.”

“Wow, you continue to surprise me in great ways. Actually your proposal seems very much better, to me, than mine. I have one condition.”


“That we do it in my bed. I don’t want to explain a rocking RV, to the neighbors.”

“ That’s fine. I have a negotiable request.”


“Can we both wear feminine sleepwear?”

“I like that. Let’s go.”

So much for a movie.

And now

“I’ll change to something more comfortable, and be over in a few minutes.”

“That will be fine.” as he embraced me, and gave me a kiss that sent electricity through my whole body.

“Would you mind if I left the wig?”

“All I want is you. You don’t have to bring anything else.” was delivered with another, slightly less earth shattering kiss.

Finally we parted. Kevin going to the house.

I was left with my thoughts. Was I making a mistake? Would things get awkward again, when it wasn’t clear who was taking what role? All I knew, was that I desperately wanted to be held by and to hold this person. I was deeper in passionate need, than I ever expected to ever be again, in my life. I really had little choice, but to rush over and find out if things would continue to proceed as well, as they were going.

I quickly undressed, and removed wig and jewelry. Then washed to remove makeup. I put on the red waltz length, silk chemise, I had bought the day before (more for self relief after the date, than having foreseen actual developments), I slipped into my fuzzy pick scuffs, threw on a robe and rushed over to the house, despite the protrusion, that had arisen upon removal of the thong.

At the door, I was greeted by Kate. I say Kate because she was in a pale yellow baby doll nightie (sans bottoms as she was also protruding). e embraced for yet another earth shattering kiss. I was tempted to carry her off to her bed, but it was quicker and safer, scurrying there together. An hour of gentle love making. embraces and kisses, suckling each other (high and low), multiple orgasms for both of us followed. In the passion, a wonderful thing happened. They found themselves thinking only of pleasing their lover, not playing some predescribed role. Worrying about who was what, or what they were supposed to do was lost, to their complete devotion to trying to pleasure each other.

Finally when we had exhausted each other and lay contented wrapped together. I ventured “Can I ask you a question?”


“Why did you ask for the date between Kevin and Chrissie?”

“When I asked you to the dance, it really was for safety and convenience. But as we spent more time together, I began to feel a romantic attraction. Over the years, I had seen lots of women, who were fine with crossdressing, until it was their significant other. Then it suddenly became relationship threatening, it became an emotional issue about their self identity. I didn’t think I would have a problem, but I thought putting Kevin and Chrissie together, might uncover latent emotional issues for either of us.”

“Did you find any?”

“Yes, and it turned out to be a huge plus. Kevin always felt unworthy of Barbara, and I was always afraid I was depriving her of the more manly, virile lover she deserved. But with you, I knew you were attracted to Kate, more than Kevin. And somehow that removed some pressure to be aggressive and made me more comfortable in the male role. I found myself really wanting your virginity, rather than worrying about underperforming. What about you? Did you learn anything?”

“Alot. I almost ruined, the best blowjob of my life, worrying what you might want in return. When you asked for the date, I was confused as to why, but I wanted to please you, and I didn’t know how to say no. It kept me awake, thinking about it, but I finally decided that this was Chrissie’s chance to explore interacting with a man. I trusted you and felt safe with you. I can’t think of another man I can say that about. I decided to do all I could, to reciprocate, what I had come to view as Kate’s act of love. I was afraid you wouldn’t find me attractive, and that the hormones would make it difficult to turn you on, thus the aggressive, OTT Chrissie you saw.”

“I found you very attractive, and your look alone, turned me on almost immediately. It surprised me, but I enjoyed the OTT behavior also.”

“I noticed, men are much easier to read than women. I was surprised, a version of me, that I didn't even know existed, emerged. I was suddenly having fun, playing with you, and teasing you. Romance had always been this confusing high stakes game, but from the other side, with the power of yes or no, it was suddenly fun. I was afraid that I might never be able to love, someone with a penis. But that didn’t turn out to be much of a problem. Though I will admit to thinking of pleasing Kate and her nice big clit.”

“Would you love me more, if I had a vagina?”

“I can’t imagine loving anyone, more than the wonderful human being, that I have in my arms right now. I love you, just the way you are.”

“And I love you, just the way you are!”


Thus, Chrissie/Chris and Kate/Kevin gave each other the ultimate gift, loving each other, just the way they were. This couldn’t be called selfless, because both felt they were receiving much more than they were giving.

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