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Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 8

Aiken Equestrian Girls School: 1700…

Chantel, Alexis, Savanah, and Mary Sue were fuming as they entered the dining hall. First they had been humiliated by those two Spicks. Next, Chantel’s sister Adeline showed up and read them the riot act. Then Mrs. Farley tells them that they needed to handle the two Spicks in-house. Something about the team needing to re-assert themselves. But the biggest kick to their egos; was the team turning their backs on the two of them. As they ate with the rest of the team their attention was drawn to the Faculty table.

They could all tell that Mrs. Farley was beyond pissed off about something. What that was they were too far away to tell. Whatever it was though must have been big or the RI for the Varsity team was really raising a fuss.

“Bethany, you were in the office before dinner. What happened?” Mary Sue asked her team mate.

“I don’t know, really. Just that those two new teachers, you know the ones; well they came in a half hour before last period and went straight into Mrs. Scarlet’s office. Then just before the last bell, they come out and Mrs. Scarlet is all kinds of pissed off. I did overhear Mrs. Scarlet talking about getting with Mrs. Farley over something.” Cathy Beachman was many things, but a spy wasn’t one of them.

“Oh, for the love of Christ! Can’t you do anything?” sighed Alex.

“Shut your hole Alex.” Snapped Chantel. Looking over at Cathy, Chantel asked. “Did they call Mrs. Farley from the office?”

“No. All three just walked out of the main office and headed here. Why?”

“Damn. That means Mrs. Farley has been caught off guard. Whatever they were talking about could mean more trouble for us. By that I mean, the team as a whole.” Mary Sue’s words could not have been more prophetic if they had been spoken by Moses himself.

“Good evening ladies.” Scarlet Boatwright said as she walked up to the table. Behind her were all the Riding Instructors there, except for Mrs. Farley. “I am afraid that I have some unfortunate news for you. Mrs. Farley has been removed from her position as Head Riding Instructor here at AEGS.”

“Excuse me Mrs. Scarlet, but why was she removed? Don’t you mean she was fired?” Alex asked in snide manner.

“Alex that is none of your concern. All you need to know; is that Mrs. Farley is no longer employed at this school. Oh and by the way; Alex, Chantel, Mary Sue, Cathy, Savanah, Bethany. You six are, as of now, on academic probation. What that means for you is; that you cannot compete until your grade point averages improve. I am sorry ladies, but a two point oh is not good enough anymore. From now on, ALL team members must carry the required three point oh or better to compete. As for your coaches; I would like to introduce them for you. For the Varsity team is now under Mrs. Gorman, the Junior Varsity is under both Mrs. Rally, and Mrs. West.” Seeing the very shocked and angry faces Scarlet smiled. "That'll be all."

For a while now she had her suspicions as to who the bullies were in her school and who was covering for them. Until now, she lacked the needed evidence to take them down. None of the students would come forward and report who the bullies were. Then little over an hour ago; a video of the Varsity team, trying to intimidate the Carmen girls, showed up in her email.

That was not the only video either. Along with the Varsity team video, was a video of Mrs. Farley threatening Mrs. Gorman with her job. The more she watched those two videos, the madder Scarlet became. She just knew that whoever was sending her these videos worked for Maria. Now she had more than enough evidence to put the bullies down.

“Also. Seeing as how there now four current Varsity team members in the school's infirmary, due to clumsiness I'm told, and four who are on academic probation; the try-outs for replacements will be held tomorrow afternoon, instead of this weekend. Oh, and Alex, Savanah, your own positions are OPEN as well. Your lack of academic performance shows that you fail to understand that being on the teams is a privilege.” Scarlet knew that she was driving a wedge in the teams. One that would help pull them down. “Enjoy your dinner girls then I suggest you hit the books.”

As Scarlet walked away, followed by the Riding Instructors, the Lipizzan Girls were shocked and pissed. Their place in the ranks of the student body was at risk. There was a real threat to them and it was from two directions. The Headmistress and those two new students.

Across the dining hall; Kasey and Kristine sat giggling. It was all they could do to keep from laughing out right. Kendra, seeing the two giggling, pulled out her note-pad and wrote out a message to Kasey.

What makes you laugh so hard?

“Oh, the Dressage team has just found out that they are not the end all be all. That and more than half of their team is no longer eligible to compete due to poor grades from the looks of things.” Kasey told them all with a smile.

“I would say that the new teachers are putting a real cramp in their night and social lives. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that someone was out to get them.” The smirk on Kristine’s face got them all to laughing.

Kendra was scribbling away on her note pad.

Why would the new teachers do that? Don’t they realize they will get targeted by the Gilroy or Henley thugs?

Kasey and Kristine both read the note and smiled at Kendra.

“Kendra, is it?” Kasey asked her and smiled when Kendra nodded her head yes. “Those new teachers are not ones to be easily frightened. They spend that last few years overseas working for your U.S. Department of Defense. They have been the teachers for many of your military’s dependent families. They are used to facing terrorist threats, communist revolutionaries, and all manner of thugs. If these Henley or Gilroy thugs want to try those teachers; they will be in for a very unpleasant surprise.”

“Si. One that could be harmful to their health.” Giggled Kristine.

Lisa seeing that the two new girls were answering questions scribbled out one of her own. Once she had it written out she showed it to Kristine. As Kristine read the note she felt a chill run down her back, but kept the smile on her face. Tearing the page from Lisa’s note pad Kristine wrote out her reply and handed the pad back to Lisa. For her part, Lisa just nodded her head and smiled.

With the message delivered, Lisa tore up the page with the note. She had gotten what she could out of Kristine, for now. What the poor girl didn’t know was that Kristine was far deadly than she or Kasey appeared. That they were, in fact, trying to get the Gilroy’s and Henley’s to come after them. So, when Kristine asked out loud what she had just told her not to do, Lisa damned near shit her panties.

“Is there any way for us to go off campus? I don’t know about you girls, but I would love to have a slice of American pizza.” Kristine said.

“You guys like pizza?” asked Susan.

“Oh yes. We got our first real taste of pizza when grandpa took us to New York, New York. It is nothing like what you get in Italy though. The Italians in Italy don’t make pizza the way it is done here in America.” Kasey knew that Kristine was up to something. What that was Kasey didn’t know, but she was going to back her sister’s play. No matter how crazy.

The four former slaves all started shaking their heads 'no'. Kristine smiled at them. She knew that it was time to get these four girls reintroduced to the outside world. They had been in secured locations, or on the school campus, for too long. They needed to realize that they could live in the outside world.

“Kendra, I promise you that we will be perfectly safe. We will call our Guardian Miss Anna, and have her escort us. She is a fully trained NATO Security Officer and is more than able to protect us all.” Kristine played up Anna to the others. She knew she had to. She needed to help these four girls.

It took Kasey and Kristine a little more discussion, but they were able to convince Kendra, Lisa, Alexi, and Marybeth to agree. So, it was a little after 1800 that all six girls were signing out in the main office. As the girls were leaving in a taxi van on the side; Chantel, Mary Sue, and Alex watched from their room. It didn’t take them long to figure out that this was a chance for them to get some payback. Chantel had her phone out calling her mother.

“Chantel, honey, so nice of you to call.” Grace Henley answered.

Chantel told her immediately. “Hi mom, look I’ve been having problems with some new girls and those freaks.”

“Then handle it on campus like always dear. Get the team together and educate these new girls on the way things are. As for the freaks, just threaten them with returning them to their owners.” Grace replied.

“Mom that’s the problem. I have already gone that route and it didn’t work! There is something about those new girls that doesn’t add up. They don’t frighten like everybody else. It's like they're soldiers, or something like that.” Chantel huffed to her mother.

Grace paused a moment. “Chantel, at any time, did either of these new girls say something about their parents or grandparents being some type of military?”

“One of them said that their grandfather was a Colonel and something about their father being some kind of officer. Why?” Chantel asked, as if it should make a difference.

“Chantel. They are Military brats. They will know how to fight and protect themselves. Which members of the team did you send to educate those girls?” Chantel quickly gave the needed names, causing Grace to sigh. “I see. I take it that your team is now short four members?”

“No. More, Momma! It seems the new teachers have placed me, Alex, Mary Sue, Cathy, Savanah, and Bethany, all on academic probation. Momma, they’re tearing the Varsity team apart. Before you ask, Mrs. Farley has been fired by the Headmistress. Look mom, I don’t know what is going on around here, but I have a feeling that someone is trying to derail your plans for the school. Those new girls and the freaks could hold the answers to what's going on.” Chantel suggested.

Grace Henley agreed. “I’ll arrange for David Longmire to have a talk with them. Do you know if and when they’ll be off-campus?”

Chantel almost smiled and laughed at her success. “They just left here in a Yellow cab, ten minutes ago. If he moves quick; he can pick them up at the corner of Vine and Main. Will that be enough time?”

“I don’t know. In fact, go ahead and call David yourself. He should be able to tell you if he can do anything. What is it you want him to do?” Grace asked.

“I need for him and his buddies to put the hurt on the spicks and the freaks. And I mean put the hurt on them bad.” Chantel stated.

Grace informed her. “That could cost a good deal of money Chantel. Are you sure it will be worth it? You know how I feel about throwing good money after bad.”

“Momma, I know how you feel, but it needs to be done. These girls are making a mockery of the Varsity team and those of us who are their betters. They just cannot accept that we are the ones in power here.” Chantel whined.

“Very well dear, I can see that until this is taken care of, you won’t get back to business. Get it done, call David now. Use the Beckerman account to pay for it. I am sure that David is going to charge you heavily for the short notice. Goodnight dear.” The line went dead in Chantel’s ear. Chantel knew that she didn’t have long and quickly dialed the number for David Longmire.

“Longmire.” Was all the voice said on the other end of the phone.

Chantel announced herself. “David, this is Chantel Henley.”

“No fucking names. What do you want?” Longmire growled.

Chantel didn't waste time. “There is a taxicab headed for Vine and Main. Inside are six students from AEGS. Put the beat-down on all of them. Can you do it?”

David asked. “How long since they left the school?”

“Um… fifteen minutes at most.” Chantel waited for almost five minutes before the voice spoke again.

“Ten grand and it well happen.” David Longmire quoted.

Chantel relaxed. “Done. How do you want paid?”

“Use the drop box, on fifth, at the UPS store. Number eight-three-seven. No later than tomorrow afternoon, at one o’clock. You don’t pay; this will be the last time we do business. And I come after you. Do you understand, little girl?” David said flatly

Chantel almost succumbed to the urge to nod. “Sure. I understand. Can you take care of another problem as well?”

“Depends.” Longmire said, starting to sound annoyed.

Chantel ignored the tone. “A pair of teachers. Just scare them for now. Let them know that they don’t run the school and aren’t as safe as they think. That they need to toe the line and just let things go the way they should. Can you do that?”

Longmire answered. “For another ten grand; we can take care of that for you.”

“Done.” Chantel said fast.

“Remember what I said about stiffing me girl.” David Longmire snarled.

For one of the few times in her life, Chantel Henley was afraid. There was something about this man’s voice that drove an icy spear through her soul. She knew that this man would kill her. Chantel didn’t get a chance to answer the man as the phone went dead in her ear. David had hung up on her.

Looking over at the other girls in her room, Chantel smiled. “Well, those cunts will soon be getting what they deserve. And those two bitches will understand that we are the ones in charge around here.”

“Are you sure about this Chantel? I mean, I can see going after the spicks, but you sicced those goons on the teachers.” Alex said to her older sister.

“Don’t worry Alex. I know what I am doing here. Those two teachers may have worked with a bunch of military brats, but they have never dealt with real thugs. David Longmire’s crew knows how to hurt someone. The word will get out and soon, everything will be back on track by this time next week.” Chantel Henley knew that her little plan would work. It had to.

Rosewood Apartment Complex, Akin, SC 1815…

Sam’s laptop signaled a warning to the rest of the team. Sam had the tracking program for the girls. The program was set to notify the team whenever the teens left the school grounds. It didn’t take Sam and the others long to realize that the teens were heading for the nearest pizza joint. Sam and Annette quickly left to follow the girls in the F-150.

As they drove through Akin, they watched their rear-view mirrors. The years of training were too ingrained for them to not watch for tails. As Sam navigated through the streets, Annette called out the location of the girls. At one of the intersections, Sam spotted a possible problem. Alice Farley was just ahead of them and headed in the same direction as they were.

“Annette, keep an eye on the brown four-door.” Sam said.

Annette looked up. “What’s up sis?”

Sam nodded in the direction. “Farley. That's what’s up Annette. That is her car and she is heading in the same direction we are. If she sees Gemini and the others off campus, things could get dicey before we can intervene.”

“You’re right about that. Did you see the Intel Gemini was able to get from that bug in her old office? Our dear Alice was none too happy about receiving her dismissal today. I think she would have attacked Scarlet if we had not been there.” Annette reminded.

Samantha agreed. “Oh, I know she would have. That woman was close to coming unhinged Annette. I think she may be out looking for Gemini and any other student that is not part of the Varsity Dressage team.”

“You don’t think she’ll do something stupid; like try to kidnap a student, do you?” Annette asked.

“In truth, I don’t know sis. Let’s just say I have a bad feeling about the woman.” Sam didn’t want Annette to know that she was going off gut instincts.

They kept an eye on the woman, as they drove through the town. Soon they realized that Alice would pass by the same place as Gemini. They both began to worry as they passed one of the local pizza parlors just as the girls were getting out of taxicab van.

Annette noticed that there were six other girls with Gemini and pointed this out to Sam. “Gemini has company Sam. I count six in total. From the looks of them they are all students at the school. You don’t think they’re trying to help some of the other students overcome issues, do you?”

“I wouldn’t put it past them Annette. They did say that they wanted to try to help some of them to become stronger and better people. Oh shit. Farley just turned around. It looks like she is going to pull in at the pizza joint where the girls are. Do you think we should step in, before things get out of hand?”

“No, just pull in and then we’ll wait to see if Farley makes a move. If she tries something, it will have to be out of sight. These small-town people really take a DISLIKE to someone hurting kids.” Annette had a sly smile about one of her more memorable contracts. It had been to take care of a local thug that was working for the Cartels outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The man had been raping the children of the local town. The problem was; no one could pin the crimes on the man. So, she had taken the contract to put him down. The local police never found his body, but the rapes had stopped the day he disappeared. “Besides, I would love to see Kasey or Kristine hand that woman her ass on a silver platter.”

“You do know that our girls will hand her, her ass on a silver platter with a full service for eight, don’t you?” Sam asked her sister wife with a smile.

Sam followed Annette’s lead and parked their F-150 at the far end of the parking lot. They both sat waiting to see what Farley was going to do when their attention was draw by a commotion at the door to the pizza parlor. There Kasey and Kristine were fighting with two unknown men.

Across the parking lot of Billy’s Big Pizza Barn…

David Longmire and Mark Elise watched the taxi with their targets pull into Billy’s Big Pizza Barn. They had been able to pick up the taxi with their targets just past where the Henley cunt had told them. They knew that they would be paid for putting the beat-down on these kids. To them it was just business, nothing personal; just the way they liked it. David’s other four men were right now looking for the two teachers they needed to put the fear of God in. Not that it mattered. His men had been hired by old man Henley to ensure that any new teachers got the message to leave town. That no one was to help the Boatwright’s, unless they wanted to get hurt.

This was just a little side job for one of the brats. Normally, David Longmire wasn’t one to get his hands dirty, but that Henley brat was paying enough for him to get out of the office and help his man Mark Else. David Longmire liked being able to sit back and direct others. David felt that he was close to being like one of those big-time mob bosses. His idols had always been the Crime Bosses of the twenty’s, thirty’s, and later the sixty’s and early seventy’s. He even ran his crew how one of his idols would. Sure, this was supposed to be a strong-arm intimidation job, but David changed his mind when he saw the eight girls from AEGS. None of the girls had a bodyguard with them.

From the way that two of them were dressed, they were old money. The other six were dressed nicely, but not like the first two he had spotted. From the looks of them, he could do more than just scare the little bitches. He could make some real money off them. He was positive that someone would pay big money for their return, if they were kidnapped.

David nodded to them. “Mark; how much do you think we could pull in by holding those eight little cunts for ransom?”

“Damn boss. This was supposed to be a simple intimidation job. I wasn’t thinking about something like that. But now that you bring it up, let me think.” Of all the men who worked for David, Mark Elise was the smartest and most adaptable. “We could make an easy twenty to twenty-five k per kid. Well for most of them. Those two up front look an easy hundred grand a piece. Only, how are we going to nab ‘em? I mean, we don't exactly have a box van with us. We might get two or three in back, but that's all.” Mark hooked a thumb over his shoulder to the backseat.

“Mark, you’re thinking too small buddy. Don’t you get it? All eight of those little cunts go to AEGS. That means they are ALL trust fund babies. There’s at least eight mill getting ready to walk into that pizza joint. We just need to nab one or two and the families of the others will cough up the rest. Just to make sure the little darlings get returned safe and sound.” It took David explaining his idea to Mark, for the man to understand.

Mark whistled low. “Damn boss, you really do think on more than just one level. Okay, which two do we grab? The ones up front or the two in back?”

“We go at them from both the front and back. This way none of them will run. We threaten the ones in front and back at the same time. The rest will do what they’re told and we get them all. And before you bitch, we just make them all sit in back. Hell, we got us an Explorer here. More than enough room for them all.” David looked out the window and watched as the girls exited the taxi. “Pull in around back and park, after you drop me off in front of the door.”

Mark followed orders and did exactly that. But instead of pulling around back, he parked in the first space that was available past the rear doors. They had the eight girls between them, it was a perfect two-press. This was going to be one of the easiest snatch jobs they had ever performed. All they had to do, was show these pampered little princesses their guns and they would do whatever they were told. To Mark; it couldn’t have been a better set-up or deal.

Kasey and Kristine were the first to exit the taxi. It took them a few seconds, but they were able to get the rest of the girls out of the cab. They could tell that the other girls were still scared. They were getting over their fears though. Kristine had shown the former slaves how to use the text to voice app on their smart phones. Now the girls were able to ‘talk’ with their new friends, instead of passing notes. Sarah and Susan had quickly gotten over the idea that Kasey and Kristine were just being their ‘friends’ to be ‘cool or rebellious’.

Kasey spotted the local thug before the others did. She knew the type and what to look for in people. Kasey slowly slipped her hand into her purse. With practiced ease, she slid her hand inside of her shock glove. It was not as easy as it sounds, but she and Kristine had practiced the move with their grandmother every day for a month. Kristine seeing that her sister was going for one of her PPW’s, reached behind her to her waist. Placing her hand on the collapsible baton, Kristine moved to take up a position at the rear of their little group.

The man in front of Kasey was the first to make his move. He stepped in front of Kasey and coat flashed the semi-automatic pistol in his waist band. “Do what you’re told and no one gets hurt girls.”

Kristine turned and looked behind them. Just as she figured; there was a second man behind them. He too, did the coat flash showing a semi-automatic pistol, only his pistol was down the front of his pants next to his crotch. “Do like the man said girly or I will put one in your head.”

Kasey and Kristine just smiled malevolently. They finally had someone that they didn’t have to hold back on. Someone that they could vent, their pent-up anger and frustration, on. In short, someone they could really pound the piss out of, and not get chewed out for. There would be no holding back for the teenage operators. For that was what they were now. Yes; they were still learning, training, but their mentors had confidence in their abilities to handle the current assignment.

“Justi, I have a semi-automatic, high speed, castration waiting to happen back here. What about you?” The fact that Kristine was using Italian made Kasey's smile even more feral.

“Oh, I have someone who at least wants to have children in the future. However, I doubt he has much thought of keeping his right leg. That Glock will blow a big hole in his Posterior branch obturator artery.” Kasey had just pointed out one of the major dangers of carrying a firearm inside the waist band of a person’s pants. If it is in the wrong spot, an accidental discharge could cause loss of life or limb. Bullets are funny things. They’re blind and without conscience. They don’t care who they hurt or kill.

David was getting tired of the two girls talking, instead of doing what they were told. They should have been shaking in fear, like the other six. Didn’t they understand that he was the one in charge here? To get his point across; David pulled his pistol out, but kept it close to his body. “Shut the fuck up and turn around cunts. We’re all going to take a nice little ride. If your parents do what they’re told; you’ll all be home in time for dinner tomorrow.”

“Now Ange!” Kasey smiled, then with lightning quick reflexes, grabbed his wrist and pivoted; pulling him forward and pushing his hand up. The glove's Taser feature crackled against his skin. On impulse, David felt his trigger finger spasm, pulling the trigger several times.

"¡SECUESTRADOR! ¡SECUESTRADOR DE AYUDA! ASESINOS!" Kristine yelled out then struck the man in front of her with her baton. The blow to the man’s diaphragm and follow up strike to his shoulder drove him to his knees. Kasey, not one to past up a chance for self-gratification, followed her attack with a kick that David Beckham would applaud, had it not been to the man's genitals.

Kendra, Lisa, Alexi, and Marybeth were afraid at first. For the last two years, all they had known was intimidation, fear and pain. Now though, they saw their new friends begin to put the beat-down on the two men. It was then that they realized that they didn’t need to live in fear. That they could have real and full lives. All they had to do, was step up and grab hold. Here and now, they would do just that, starting with these two men. These men who had dared to threatened them and their friends with kidnapping and death.

For Sarah and Susan; the fact that these two white girls were sticking up for them and protecting them, was like they were back with their old gang. Only now, these were real sisters and real friends. People that truly cared if they succeeded in life and not become just another gang whore. For the two former gang members; that was all they needed to join in on the beat down. They were going to make sure that no one would ever treat them again like they were worthless, like these two men had. Sarah and Susan didn’t know the whole story with Angeles and Justina, but they didn’t care. Those two white girls had earned their respect and were their friends and sisters now.

Along the sidewalk, a young kid's voice yelled out. "STRANGER DANGER!"

There were several people that had, at first been shocked at the gunshots, recovered quickly and jumped in to attack the dazed, groaning, gun-wielding men as they sank to the pavement. Most of the people who came to help the girls were men, but after a few minutes decided that they needed to save the two men from the eight very enraged teenage girls. As they were separating the girls from the two men, one of the witnesses commented on the damage they had done.

“Damn, looks like the girls just cleaned up the gene pool a little. Those two won’t be contributing to the furthering of the human race that’s for sure.” One man said as he pointed to the wet spot in one man’s crotch.

“Shit! Is that blood or piss?” asked another man.

“I think its blood, but I ain’t going to be the one to find out. I say we wait for the cops and EMT’s to figure that one out. Hey is that a gun in the fucker’s pants?” the man pointed out to everyone. When Mark started to reach for his weapon, the man stomped down on his hand breaking it. “Don’t be stupid, buddy-boy. I just might let the girls finish what they started.”

David Longmire couldn’t believe what had happened. This was so supposed to be a simple beat down on a bunch of uppity rich cunts. Sure, he was the one to change things, but still those girls shouldn’t have been able to take out him and his best muscle. He still couldn't figure out what went wrong. Everything was going the way it should have, until that little bitch started running her mouth in Italian. They were talking like they grew up speaking the language, like they were real la Cosa Nostra Princesses or something. The last thing David Longmire remembered seeing before the kick to his balls was the look of pure delight on the one girl’s face. Kasey was finally pulled off the out-cold man.

“Young lady, please let the cops handle this. The poor man is damned near dead from the beating you and your friends gave.” Kasey let the old man pull her off the would-be kidnapper. “Do you know why they would try to attack you girls?”

“Si Señor. Somos las nietas de Carmen coronel agregado militar al consulado español en Washington DC.” Kasey began tell the old man.

“Justina, please calm down. You need to use English for everyone please.” Sarah said from behind them.

“Oh sorry. Yes sir, our grandfather is Colonel Carmen, military attaché to the Spanish Consulate in Washington DC. These men are most likely Communist Revolutionists or Red Column terrorists, no? They most likely followed us from the school, hoping to kidnap my sister and I. They believe that our grandfather would pay them to release us. Unfortunately for them; Spain does not deal with kidnappers and terrorists. It is our mistake for not calling for our Guardian. If Mrs. Anna were here, they would not have tried such a bold and stupid action.”

“Martin, you can just stop your questions right there. These girls are students at AEGS. Problem students at that, you can just ignore anything they have told you, as it is most likely a lie.” Everyone turned to look over to see who was talking. Much to Kasey and Kristine’s frustration it was Alice Farley.

the man shook his head. “Now Mrs. Farley, you weren’t here to see what happened.”

“Martin, you old goat, I know exactly what happened here! One of these second-chance juvenile delinquents propositioned one of the two men and when the gentleman refused to accept her offer, she attacked the man. Nothing more and nothing less than that. All of these girls have mile long criminal records for prostitution and drug abuse. None of them are even supposed to be off the school grounds.” Alice spat angrily.

Alice Farley had seen her chance to get even with the two exchange students and the four freaks the moment the fight broke out. The fact that the two juvenile delinquents had joined in, just made things that much easier and sweeter for her. She knew that her dismissal wasn’t widely known yet. If she played her cards right she could have these eight up on charges and throw a little mud in that whore, Boatwright’s, face at the time. All she had to do was wait for the police.

“Martin if I were you, I would just hold those eight here. When the police show up, they can save the County a whole lot of money and place these eight delinquents on the bus to Columbia. I told Scarlet that she was wasting her time, and the schools, with trying to rehabilitate a bunch of ungrateful welfare brats, street whores and illegal wetbacks. Did she listen to me? No. She just knew that she could give these rejects a better place in life.”

“Oh, shut up Alice!” everyone turned to look at who had interrupted Alice Farley in her diatribe. From across the parking lot came two very beautiful women in their late twenties, with long black hair and olive skin. The shorter of the two was the one to interrupt Farley. “Why can’t you just get over the fact that you were FIRED because of your own stupidity?! These girls had nothing to do with you being canned by Mrs. Scarlet. You’re just trying to smear them and Mrs. Scarlet. Good lord, I have never met a pettier, self-absorbed, two-faced, back-stabbing bitch.”

The more Samantha ripped into Farley, the madder the woman became. When Samantha flat-out accused her of being a petty bitch Alice Farley looked like she had swallowed a bug. Kasey and Kristine were doing their best not to laugh. The other girls were having the same problem. All they knew, was the two new teachers were sticking up for them, by putting the former Head Riding Instructor down.

“YOU BITCH!” Alice Farley had finally snapped. She charged the women that had dared to challenge her authority at AEGS. The women that had talked that fat cow Scarlet into firing her. These two women were one of the reasons she and the Lipizzan Girls were no longer top of the food chain at AEGS. She would have her pound of flesh now, not later.

Sam stood there waiting. She and Annette had been pushing Alice Farley’s buttons for the past two days. Today had been the crowning glory in their campaign against Farley and the Varsity Dressage team. Sam knew that her outing Alice’s dismissal, to the old man and the rest of the people, would drive the woman over the edge. Sam was right of course, but she had years of experience reading people during interrogations and knew the signs. Alice’s scream cut through the air, as she charged the upstart whores that cost her, her job.

Unfortunately for Alice, she never saw the left-jab or right upper-cut that greeted her arrival. Neither Sam, nor Annette, pulled their punches. The problem was, they both landed at the same time for Alice. In all their training; the two women had never practiced the move, but it was perfectly executed. Alice Farley would wake up, in the Akin County Jail, a few hours later. Unfortunately for Alice; her actions had been recorded by over eight different smart phones.

Phones that belonged to the local teenage boys and girls, people that Alice had no control over. Phones that had started recording, the moment Kasey yelled to get attention and started putting the beat-down on the two men. Before the first police patrol cruiser showed up, those videos were being posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media website out there. The tag line for most of the postings read; AEGS head horsey-bitch gets hers.

“Excuse me ladies, but would you care to introduce yourselves?” asked Martin.

“Um… sir these are Mrs. Everbrite and Mrs. Taugh. They are teachers for our school.” Sarah told the man.

“Child, you go to that fancy school of Mrs. Scarlet’s?” Asked an old black man in the back of the crowd. When Sarah nodded her head, he smiled. “Good lord a-mighty. Never thought I’d see the day, when one of our children would be going to one of those fancy Equestrian Schools.” The old man turned to face Sam and Annette. “I take it ladies that these are some of your students?”

“Yes sir. They are. And who might you be?” Annette answered the old man with a pleasant smile.

“He’s Reverend Pringle Miss. Now the question is; why were you here, ladies?” Martin asked. “Your school is on the other side of town.”

“Oh, that is simple sir. We had overheard that Billy’s Big Pizza Barn has the best deep dish pizza in the area. Well our husbands had late classes over at SRMA and we didn’t really feel like cooking.” Sam was explaining only to have Martin start laughing and finish for her.

“So, you decided to try out our local cuisine. Well, it is a good thing you did. Now we just have to sort out these young ladies’ problem.” Martin pointed over at the police cruiser pulling into the parking lot. “That should be either Dale or Junior. They’ll want to talk with the young ladies about those weapons. I hope you understand, they can’t be carrying those things?”

Sam and Annette started to laugh. “Mr. Martin I doubt that the officer will be able to say anything about those weapons. In fact, the Carmen girls could have done far more damage to the two criminals than just give them a beating.”

Annette smiled over at the teenage members of their team. “Condesas, I do hope that you have your Diplomatic Credentials with you?”

Kasey and Kristine smiled as they reached into their purses and pulled out the aforementioned documentation.

“Si, Mrs. Taugh. We know that we are not to leave the school without them. Why are we in trouble?” Kasey said with a blank look.

“Si. All we did was defend ourselves and our friends against these ruffians.” To drive the point home, Kristine kicked Mark in the shin one more time with her heel, making him yelp like a dog.

“Angeles Carmen, you will behave like a young lady right now, or I will be forced to call you Guardian.” Annette threatened.

“Sí a señora, Mrs. Taugh.” Both Kasey and Kristine said at the same time.

“And girls I really must insist on you only using English.” Annette admonished the two of them.

“Yes ma’am, we will remember. It is just that Angeles and me are afraid of la policía.” Kasey smiled at Annette.

“You have done nothing wrong girls. They will just need to see that you are allowed those weapons for self-protection as Diplomates. Nothing more, I promise you.” Sam gave the teens a reassuring smile. Then looked over at the other six girls. “Now ladies you will be polite and answer the officer’s questions truthfully. Once we have done that we will get our pizza’s and head home. Understand?”

They all answered in the positive. Kendra was almost about to fall to pieces with joy. Finally, she recognized the voice. The woman that assured her that Preston Carstairs was dead, Blue Two. She stared at her intently until Samantha gave her full attention and slightly dipped in a curtsey with a smile. Sam simply winked in reply as did Annette.

“I must say ladies, you AEGS teachers really know how to get young girls to behave like proper ladies.” Martin couldn’t believe the way the teenagers were acting around these two women.

“We TRY our best Mr. Martin to instill proper lady-like behavior in all of our students at AEGS. It is part of our curriculum.” Annette said to the man just as the young police officer walked up.

“Martin, do you want to tell me why David Longmire and Mark Else look like they have been put through a wash, rinse, dry, taunt, humiliate, beat and repeat cycle?” asked the young patrolman. “No wait, just start at the beginning. Whatever, or whoever, put these two in this much pain must be long gone by now.”

“Nope Junior, they’re still here. These eight young ladies were attacked by David and Mark, right here in front of Big Barn. I would suggest that you call for two ambulances though. From the looks of the boys, they’re going to need medical attention before you haul their asses off to the pokey.” When the officer looked over at the eight teenage girls, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He looked down at Alice Farley for his next question. “Okay what happened to the lady? who put her down?”

Martin Lockheed never did like the overbearing Riding Instructor and her high-handed ways. “She tripped.”

"I think she was in with those fellas." A guy said.

One of the teens called out. "hash-tag; KIDNAPPERS GET SCHOOLED!"

Laughter rippled through the crowd. Before the officer could say anything, phones began to chime, like popcorn going off in a microwave.

----- To Be Continued -----

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