Old friend, New love - 6

I slept surprisingly well, not waking till 9 AM. I put on some sweats and fixed myself bacon and eggs, thinking I would probably skip lunch. I had only agreed to the Chrissie/Kevin date because Kate had asked, and I didn’t know how to gracefully say no. But as it approached I found myself in almost eager anticipation. Even though I knew Kate was behind the Kevin facade, I planned on using this as an opportunity to explore Chrissie one on one with a man (an area I had never felt comfortable or confident enough to even consider). I planned on trying to return Kate’s kind concern for my feelings, and in the process prove to myself I wasn’t homophobic. I felt like a teen preparing for a first date, and indeed, it was Chrissie’s first date with a man.

I collected some toiletries and went over to Kate’s with the key she had left me. The motorhome had a nice shower, but I felt this occasion called for a nice bubble bath. I relaxed in the hot bath, letting my mind wander. It drifted to how I wanted to be sexy and turn Kevin on, to facilitate reciprocation. I wasn’t sure how much Kate’s hormones impacted this, so I decided to not take it as a personal failure if things didn’t go as planned.

After about 30 min. I added some hot water and began shaving my whole body. I had been shaving my legs, underarms,and chest for Chrissies visits. I redid these, but I added ams and a best attempt at back. I even trimmed the genital area a little. I got out and dried off, feeling a little extra naked. I spent about 40 min. Cleaning Kate’s tub, surprised at the amount of hair I left behind. I then returned to the motorhome to continue my preparation.

I started with a quick shower to wash my hair. Yes I had just taken a bath, and I would be wearing a wig, but I wanted to be clean. Then I gave myself a manicure and pedicure. I didn’t remember the difficulty folding my body to do the pedicure. But the last pedicure, I was much younger, and had a supportive wife, who enjoyed exchanging pedicures.

Next I put on my new beige thong gaff. This might take more getting used to, than I expected, but it did a good job of hiding what it was supposed to hide. Unfortunately, it didn’t hide the developing beer belly. I considered using a corset or waist cincher, but decided to opt for comfort and mobility. Next came my 36C beige, front hook, underwire bra. While it was tight, this helped create the desired effect. Pushing my manboobs up and in, and inserting my trusty old silicone enhances, gave me a pretty convincing profile and cleavage.

Then came a close shave of face and neck. I had been doing this for visits with Kate, but for some reason it seemed more difficult to achieve the closeness I desired. I finally gave up, hoping the makeup would cover what remained.

The motorhome came with a vanity in the bedroom. I hadn’t thought I would use it, as such, but it was proving very useful. I started with some white, under my eyes to give a more open appearance, and on the sides of my nose to make it look smaller. Next came, foundation over my full face and neck and exposed parts of my chest. A little rose rouge on my cheeks, then powder, to set it all. I outline my cleavage with a darker shade of powder to create an illusion of more depth. I applied a purple eye shadow, then a lavender, then a white. I was not very confident in this selection, but after blending I decided it looked ok. Then a black liquid eyeliner at the base of upper and lower lashes. I thought, I had done a nice job with the liner, even the finicky extensions outside the eyes. Adding waterproof mascara finished the eyes. I admired my work, thinking they certainly looked feminine, and at least to my Chis part alluring. I outlined my lips in a deep red and and filled them in a brighter red. I looked and thought I had done a good job, but went back and tweezed my brows and used a dark pencil to give a more feminine shape.

It was only 1:00. I was nearly ready. Yet had over 5 hours till I expected Kevin. I got on the web and did some reading.

A little before 5:00, I went to the kitchen, turned the oven on. I then washed the Idaho potatoes, I had chosen yesterday, salted them and wrapped them in aluminum foil. Then put them into the oven.

Next it was time put on the wig. I brushed it out. put it on, secured it with a few bobby pins, and brushed it some more. A little primping, and I felt. It was ready.

Now it was time to get dressed. First was a new pair of shear to the waist panty hose. Though to a large extent, crossdressing had lost a lot of it’s erotic effect on me, the nylon on my freshly shaved legs still had an effect. For a while the thong became even more uncomfortable. The dress was a red mini that appeared to be covered in little squares of reflective red tinsel. It reminded me of what the eye candy on the Letterman show often wore. It had about 1-½ inch shoulder straps with a square cut bodice, low enough to show a little cleavage. It was gathered below the bust, for about 4 inches. From there the skirt flared out gently. It had been “one size fits most”, and was intended as a mini. On my 5’ 10” male frame it was really too short, if I bent over I would be flashing ass cleavage. But it fit tonight’s objective. I put it on and adjusted my bra straps. I didn’t have a full length mirror, but I felt like a “hot babe”.

I added a little jewelry, a ladies watch with barely readable face, a couple unobtrusive rings, a pair of dangly clip on earrings, and a sapphire pendant necklace. As I was perfuming myself, I heard a car in the driveway.

I called Kevin.

“Hello, Chrissie. I’m looking forward to tonight.”

“So am I. I just called to check when you are coming.”

“I will you be ready in about 20 minutes?”

“Yes, that will be great, see you then.”

I ran around, checking the food for our meal, the contents of my purse, and my makeup. As I was strapping on the red sandals with 4 1/2” stiletto heels, I heard footsteps, then Kevin’s voice “Chrissie, are your ready?”

“Just a second.” I finished putting on the shoes. Turned on the stereo, with some low volume orchestral, mood music. And opened the door.


“Wow what?”

“You look great.”

“What were you expecting?” I hadn’t thought about the view he was getting from the ground up the steps of the RV. So I thought I would, take the offensive and have some fun teasing him a little.

“ You look a lot better, than I remember.”

“ Anything wrong with a girl trying to look good for her boyfriend?”

“It’s right, very right.”

“Come on in.”

“Thank you.”

As he came in, I gave him a little peck on the cheek.

“Thank you again. I bought these for you.” a bouquet of carnations in his outstretched hand.

I took them and said “Have a seat” pointing to the loveseat.

“I also brought this.” holding out a wine bottle.

“You can put that on the table, in front of the loveseat.” as I tuned to the kitchen counter and took out a 32 oz. plastic tumbler, for the carnations. I put it on a far corner of the counter as i feared it wouldn’t be very stable. I thought he seems even more nervous than I felt. That may be good.

I retuned with a half full ice bucket and a corkscrew, “Here you can open the wine and put it in the bucket.” I returned to the kitchen area, with maybe a little extra rear end movement. Quickly returning with two wine glasses, I noticed a little tenting in his trousers. This might not be as hard as I thought. “Pour us some wine, while I get the appetiser.”

“Yes ma'am.”

I wanted to reply to this, but decided to let it go, as I couldn’t decide what tact to take. I just gave him a little more wiggle.

I retuned with a bowl of cooked and peeled shrimp, a small dish of cocktail sauce, and a few napkins. I put these on the table. I noted the tenting had grown. I sat next to Kevin. He picked up his wine. I followed suit. And he toasted “To a better friendship.” After a few sips we started on the shrimp. My hand strayed towards his crotch.

“Aren’t you being a little forward?”

“I don’t think so after last weekend.”

“That was Chris and Kate, not Chrissie and Kevin.”

“It’s just different aspects of the same two people.”

“ But, this feels different.”

“It is different. But we are not strangers. We have shared intimate secrets over years, and physical intimacy earlier this week.”

“Ok, but I wasn’t expecting this.”

“I wasn’t expecting what Kate did Saturday. And I reacted about like you are now, But on reflection, I am seeing it as an act of love, and entirely appropriate.”

“Really? I was afraid Kate came on too strong.”

“ That was my initial reaction, But the more I thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed. We had shared intimate secrets over years, Kate and Chrissie had renewed the intimate friendship with their hen sessions. Saturday Chris was developing romantic feelings toward Kate. And it appears Kate was doing the same.”

“Yes, that’s a very good summary. But it’s confusing.”

“For me too. But I see you as the only man, that I have the trust and comfort level, to explore that confusion with.” He leans in and gives Chrissie her first romantic kiss with a man. The thong gets uncomfortable again. And more tenting appears.

I get a naughty idea, and decide to go for it. I hop onto his lap, and start feeding him shrimp. His hardness against my ass is making the thong uncomfortable again. I lean in and try to get a taste of cocktail sauce, from inside his mouth. I feel increased hardness and throbbing at my ass crack.

“I’m feeling, it might be time for some reciprocation from Saturday.”

“If that’s what you want. I’m up for it.”

“I can tell.” As I slide down to the floor. I release his belt and trousers, and pull them with his undershorts to the floor. I am greeted by a nice hard cock glistening precum. It’s on the small side (says she who has no experience with hard cocks, other than her own) maybe 6-½” long and 1-½” diameter. That’s fine by me. I feel a little pride in how easily I got it excited and primed. I spread the precum around the head, remembering how good it felt when Kate did it to me. This was rewarded with a little more growth and hardness, and a strong pulse as I wrap my fingers around the shaft.

“Excuse me. I need my purse.” I had strategically placed it near the dinner table, not expecting things to go so fast.

Returning with it. I had already found the strawberry flavored condom.” Don’t want to upset Kate’s therapist.” I returned to massaging around the head, to regain a little lost ground from my purse trip. Shortly, it was ready and I rolled the condom on. I feared I might have trouble sucking the cock (thought the flavored condoms might help), but I found myself really wanting to return the pleasure I had been given. I was gratified, when it stiffened and jumped when I touched the head with my tongue. The response was similar when I wet my lips and clamped them over the head. As I pumped the base of the shaft with my hand, I slid my clamped lips over the end on the shaft, and caressed the head with my tongue. My mind thought of pleasuring Kate, even thinking what a nice hard clit. Rather than being repulsed, I was enjoying this. It didn’t take Kevin long to spasm and ejackulate. His glazed euphoric look, further rewarded my efforts. As he deflated, I removed the condom. and cleaned him with a tissue, as Kate had done for Chris.

I returned to the seat next to him, as he refastened his trousers and belt. He then gave me another soft romantic kiss. Reminding me how uncomfortable thongs can be. We returned to eating, feeding each other the shrimp. Both with a glow, but not knowing what to say. When I finished my glass, he asked “ Ready for a refill?”

“Yes, but you can bring the wine and glasses over to the table, while I get dinner going.” As I walked to the kitchen, I noticed he was still enjoying the rear view. I took the broccoli from the refrigerator, half filled a pan with water, salted the water, turned a burner on and put the pan on the burner, and added the broccoli.

“How do you like your steak?”

“Medium rare. Pink nor red.”

I took the bacon wrapped fillets from the refrigerator, added a little salt and pepper, and put one on my Foreman grill, plugging it in. I took my butter dish and small dishes of sour cream and grated cheddar cheese, and a shaker of bacon bits to the table. He had also brought the remaining shrimp and cocktail sauce. After taking another shrimp, I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“What was that for?”

“For being more thoughtful than the average man. And why does it have to be for anything?"

“It doesn’t. And it was very nice. Thank you.”

I took our dinner plates back to the kitchen. I turned off the oven, and put the potatoes on the plates, I took a knife and fork and cut into the steak. It was mostly pink. I moved it onto a plate and put the other steak on the grill. The broccoli was beginning to boil. I turned off the burner and put a serving of broccoli on Kevin’s plate, and brought it out to Kevin. “I’ll be right with you. My steak is still cooking. Check your steak, I can put it back on if it’s not done enough.”

“Looks perfect. Just like you.”

I blushed a little. And gave him a little extra wiggle on the way back to the kitchen. I tested the steak. There was a little red, but I’d rather err on that side, especially with such a good cut of meat. So I unplugged the grill, and put my broccoli and then the steak on the plate. Then returned to the table with my food.

“Beautiful and a great cook too!”

“The beauty took most of the day, and I carefully selected a meal that took very little culinary skill.”

“And modest too.”

Being at a loss for words. I took his hand and gave it a little squeeze. The evening was going well. We both seemed to enjoy the meal and the company. For dessert I brought out two cups of prepackaged chocolate mousse and presented it “in memory of our first date.” That brought a smile.

“A true romantic.”

I said we could leave the dishes, but he insisted on helping. I let him wash, as I knew where to put things as I dried.

As I brought up netflix to select a movie for us. He said, “You know my attention will be on you not on any movie. If you are interested, I would very much like to make you a well fucked woman, tonight.”

I wasn’t ready for this. I had no intention of going any farther, than we had already gone. Yet, the proposal had an unexpected allure. I was wanting to go further, but not that far.

“I’m not ready to do that. Despite the way I came on, like a nympho in heat, yours is the first cock I have ever sucked. And I am a virgin as to having a real live cock inside me the way you propose. I may choose to give you my virginity at some future time, but I want to treat it as a special gift to you. If we did it tonight, it would feel like treating it as a stigma, to be gotten rid of at the first opportunity.” He was nodding tacit agreement. So I continued “But, I would love to sleep with you, and cuddle and pleasure each other, and pillow talk about our confusion, and our relationship.”

“Wow, you continue to surprise me in great ways. Actually your proposal seems very much better, to me, than mine. I have one condition.”


“That we do it in my bed. I don’t want to explain a rocking RV, to the neighbors.”

“ That’s fine. I have a negotiable request.”


“Can we both wear feminine sleepwear?”

“I like that. Let’s go.”

So much for a movie.

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