Old friend, New love - 4

Saturday came. Chris took Kate out to brunch at a breakfast buffet. We then went for a walk in a nearby forest preserve. Even though we were both dressed in jeans and tennis shoes, she looked quite feminine, even with minimal makeup. We held hands, and strolled through the woods. Enjoying the quiet. I thought to myself that Kate would have relatively little trouble, emerging into the real world.

She broke the silence, “Are you worried about tonight?”

“Only about making a fool of myself on the dance floor. After this morning with you, I don't expect any problems over you.”

“ About half the people there know about Kevin and Kate and Barbara. Most are fine with it. But there are always a few jerks. I think being with you will help minimize problems. But be ready to keep your cool, despite a few snide comments. And don't get all macho and try to defend my honor. I don't want any fights breaking out.”

“Thanks for the warning. I'll try to keep things under control.”

We squeezed each other's hand, as a show of mutual support.

After a nice walk we returned to Kate's car (she was driving as it was more practical than the motorhome). After we were in the car, she surprised me by leaning over and giving me a peck on the cheek. I was further surprised, at how warm that made me feel.

A little at loss, on how to respond, I said “Thank you I really enjoyed being with you this morning.” And then returned the kiss.

We returned to Kate's to get ready for the dance.

I wore a white short sleeve polo shirt under a navy cardigan, with black Docker slacks, black socks, and black loafers.

When I saw Kate, I felt under dressed. She wore a burgundy print peasant style dress. The neckline was cut low enough to show an alluring cleavage. The hemline was asymmetrical, going from 12” below her knee on her right to 4” above the knee on the left. Her shoes were a brown 2 1/2” Cuban heel with an ankle strap. Her shapely legs were encased in smokey black nylons. Her auburn hair gleamed as it brushed her shoulders. It was held away from her face with silver combs. She wore heavier makeup than I was used to. She had gone for the smokey eye look with dramatic eye liner and charcoal eye shadow blending into a burgundy matching her dress. She had emphasized her brows with a pencil, making them look even more feminine than usual. Her lips were drawn fuller than normal in a deep plum. Her skin appeared flawless and natural. But I knew there was much artistry in the shadings and application. The overall effect was to make her eyes and lips pop, and her other features daintier and more feminine. She was very attractive, with a hint of exotic. She seemed very self assured and confident to me. I envied that.

She said “You look very handsome tonight.”

“Little does it matter, all eyes will be on you. You are very lovely, and very enticing tonight.”

“ I'm ready if you are.”

“I'm as ready as I'm going to get. So let’s go.”

She drove her car. I could get to like being chauffeured. It was only about 4 miles. The strip mall had a Little Caesar's Pizza, a dollar store, a Subway, a couple vacant stores, and the dance club, which I guessed had been a drug store, before the chains had moved to larger stand alone buildings with drive thrus. Even though we were still early, the parking for the dance club and one of the vacant stores were already full and the second vacant stores lot was filling. She parked, I quickly got out and hurried around the car, to open her door, and help her out. I shut her door, and she locked it with the button on her key fob, and put the keys in her purse. I took her hand and walked her to the club. When we got in the door, it seemed everyone knew Kate, everyone wanted to how Kate was doing, with the loss of Barbara, and who her new friend was. I was introduced as an old friend who had moved away and was visiting.

The club had hardwood flooring, which looked like it might have been salvaged from a bowling alley. The back right corner, had the men's and ladies rooms. The back wall had a row of love-seats. The couples that occupied them, had set up TV trays. The left wall had a mismatched collection of restaurant booths. The right side, had a flea market collection of tables for 2, 4 ,6 ,8, or 12 with chairs.
The right front was a kitchen area, which had some long folding tables outside it. Just outside the kitchen area were a motel ice machine and a pair of vending machines, one with water and juices and one with soft drinks.

When the hellos and introduction were over, Kate led us to a table for two. As we passed two young couples, one of the guys remarked “I see our tranny has a new boyfriend” loudly. I was immediately irate, but thinking of Kate's warning, I avoided eye contact, and followed her to the table. When we sat down, I noticed a big bouncer type Kate had introduced me to, was talking to the the couples that had made the comment.

“It looks like your friends have your back.”

"They don't want any trouble. I see the comment irritated you, but you handled yourself well.”

“I thought of your warning and decided they weren't worth the hassle.”

“Well, you handled yourself very well, and I’m proud of you. If you ask at the kitchen they will give you a couple of plastic wine glasses. And you can get a bucket of ice, the buckets are next to the ice machine.” I did as suggested. Kate produced a corkscrew from her purse, and we were soon sipping wine. Music was playing (mostly big band) but only one or two couples were dancing. A number of new arrivals came to check on Kate, and get introduced to me.

It wasn't long, before they started putting paper plates plastic knives, fork and spoons, napkins and finally food on the long tables. The DJ announced the food was ready and started people in line, starting with the large tables. Our turn came quickly. The main course was beef stroganoff over noodles, there was tossed salad with a choice of dressing, green beans, a dinner roll and a dixie cup of chocolate or vanilla pudding. The plates were heavy duty. All in all, I thought it was a very nice, low budget meal.

We enjoyed each other’s company. Although the morning walk had been mostly quiet, we had been talking for four days, and the conversation was still flowing easily.

When people finished eating they took their plates to a garbage bin outside the kitchen area. The long tables had been emptied and taken down.

The music had changed to rock. The dance floor began to fill with gyrating bodies.

We finished our meals and I dumped our plates. When I returned, Kate motioned toward the dance floor, and we joined the mass of gyrating bodies.

When a slow number came on, we assumed the classical dance position. Kate leaned into me, more than I expected. To my surprise, my body responded to the smell of her perfume, and the feel of her breasts pressing into me. I was embarrassed, as I knew she could feel that part of me poking her.

When the dance ended. We went back to our table. She took my hand in hers, and said “You shouldn't be embarrassed. I take it, as a very sincere compliment.”

As I struggled to find an answer, one of Kate's friends came and asked her for a dance and she accepted.

He was a much better dancer than me. And I found myself mesmerized at Kate's beauty and grace, on the dance floor.

Kate was very popular, dancing with a dozen different men, including myself. She spent most of the evening dancing. I spent about half my time watching, mostly her. And the rest dancing, mostly with Kate, but also with a few other women.

On one of her few breaks, she asked “How are you doing?”

“I'm enjoying myself, much more than I expected. I haven't ever been the escort of the most beautiful woman at a dance before. And I'm finding, I quite enjoy it.”

“You don't mind me dancing with all the other men?”

“I enjoy watching your beauty and grace, almost as much as feeling you, close to me.”

At this point, she was again swept away to dance.

Later in the evening, they had couples do exhibition dances, like dancing with the stars. To my surprise Kate and the gentleman who had first asked her to dance, did a Latin dance (I think it was a Tango). I was again amazed at her grace and beauty as he lead her through dips and spins. I thought, what a waste, hiding this beautiful woman for fifty years.

On the drive home Kate asked “How was the evening for you?”

"Very enjoyable. You amazed me with your beauty and grace. I was very proud to be your escort. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a dance more.”

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Would you like to come in for coffee, or an after dinner drink?”

“That would be nice. Coffee will do. I am not that much of a drinker, and the half bottle of wine is more than enough for me.”

We got home (am I already calling it home?) and I scurried around, to handle Kate's door and help her out of the car. Kate let us in, and offered me a choice of coffees for her single cup brewer. I chose a hazelnut flavored coffee. She delivered my coffee with a kiss on my cheek.

As she brewed her cup, “I was very happy with you tonight. I was proud to have you as my date”, she hesitated, then continued “I really did feel complimented when you got turned on. But it reminded me of all the girls, who used to do everything they could to turn their date on, and then when they succeeded, ignore it and act as if nothing had happened. I don't want to be like that. So if you would like, I would be happy to assist in re-leaving any tensions I may have brought on.” She brought her coffee to the table, sat next to me, and took a sip. She then took my hand, and laid our clasped hands in my lap. My body involuntarily responded again.

“You don't have to do that.”

“You don't want me to.” she pouted.

“I very much want you to. But you have already given me an evening beyond all expectations.”

“Then do you want a hand job, a blow job, or to just forget it.”

I was a little surprised at how strong and blunt she had come on. But it was making me very hard. I manage a meek “Blow job.”

“Good that was my preference too. Let’s move to the living room and get comfortable.” She took her coffee and purse and led me to the sofa. She set her coffee and purse on the coffee table. I put my coffee down, as she began loosening my belt. Soon my pants and shorts were around my ankles, and she was commanding me to sit. She removed my shoes, pants and shorts, and set them aside. She curled up on the carpet between my legs and removed her shoes, letting out a sigh of relief. She took my hard member in her right hand and slowly spread my pre-cum around the head with her left index finger. The feeling was exquisite, and I was harder than I could remember being, in a long time. Her warm breath sent shivers of anticipation through me. She removed her hands reaching for her purse. “It's not that I don't trust you, but I promised my therapist, safe sex only.” Rummaging through her purse, she pulled out a condom. She opened the package, and placed the condom on my little, but very hard, head. She expertly rolled it down my shaft. The feel of her hand sliding down my shaft, exciting me even more. This was shaping up to be the best blow job of my entire life, when I ruined it by starting to worry what she might want in reciprocation. Despite my mental distraction, my body responded as she began teasing my tip with her tongue. When she clamped her lips around my shaft, and began pumping with both her hand and her lips, it didn't take long for me to explode into the condom. She kept me in her mouth as I slowly deflated, teasing the very sensitive head with her tongue. Eventually she withdrew her head, carefully removed the condom and began cleaning me with tissue from her purse.

“Would you like something for you, in reciprocation?” I ventured.

“No, I think we both have plenty to think about, and it been a long day. Let’s both get some sleep. We can talk more, in the morning.”

I got dressed and parting with a kiss (on the lips, with a little bit of tongue). I returned to the motorhome.

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