We Never Break A Promise Chapter 7

We Never Break A Promise 7
Warm Hearted
Proofed and edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Fiona, with Ged's arm around her, watched Willow sleep in the huge, four poster bed with loving smiles on their faces. Then Fiona said, "We have our baby back with us and the cursed promise that kept her from us was destroyed with that school of hers."

The Willow's Grandfather replied, "Yes, but she cannot stay here. We need to get her to a Wizards academy as soon as possible, but we'll have to stay here. You know there are spies everywhere and they are watching our every move. The only safe place for her is at an academy.

You saw how she was still sparking with residue Magic when they carried her sleeping, off the plane. It had to have been over five hours since she expelled her Wild Magic. Fortunately the warrens on the academies would keep her Wild Magic from erupting again.

I'm a little overwhelmed that she was able to release that much Wild Magic only one day after her Indwelling. Even the legends of the most powerful Merlins of the Old Order pale in comparison. I fully agree with Wee Lo's assessment of Willow, that being the child of two very powerful Arch Mages. That having her parents magic, along with the Magic of that despot Wren's, focused on her through that amulet as a baby.

Then, she grew up in constant emotional pain, physical struggle, the sense of being hopelessly alone and unloved, finally almost beaten to death as an object of hate and disgust. You well know that even a little emotional pain for a child Wizard will increase their ability to draw Magic. So how many times will all that Willow went through multiply her drawing ability? I have no idea.”

“That brings us to two questions. First, what was the target of all that Wild Magic and second, how far was it felt? You know we felt it very strong here 800 miles away, so how far did that ripple in the magic travel?"

Far from the peaceful scene of the grandparents watching their
granddaughter sleep, one of Ged's questions was being answered. When the Witches poked a hole in the portal, to push Wee Lo through it, the portal fabric was still weak enough to let some of Willow's Wild Magic through. So it sent ripples not only through the realm of the Fae, but also the home of the Demons. The ripple was strong enough to alert the residents of both that some new, very powerful being was the cause.

In the Realm of Chaos, the Physical Laws were always in flux, so light, darkness, solid, fluid, gaseous, void, mass, motion and rest were always mixing and churning. It was like a nightmarish lava lamp. The only natural residents were Demons, but they had Familiars there as a prized delicacy.

Zehgp was there in his normal, constantly changing, natural forms being bombarded with questions, acquisitions and challenges. This was the normal forum of the Demon's counsel. No order was the order, but Zehgp understood he was in trouble. He had made a deal to oversee the demise of a certain wizard child. A job in which he has failed because all those he enlisted to do it are now dead.

Demons hold their deals sacred because that is the only way they can keep their supply of Familiars flowing. They would have to revert back to feeding solely off a subsistence diet of offal that leaks through from other realms. Demon food is made of chaotic emotions like panicked fear, confusion and demented rage. Familiars are the only beings that have these emotions that can survive in their realm.

So Demons make deals that will eventually be paid with the ownership of a Familiar. The biggest deal ever made was to shut the Fae portal. Demons have tremendous power, but it hurts them to use it to do a designed task when its in another realm. Piwet made the supreme sacrifice of being locked for a set time as one being long enough to shut the portal.

Shutting the portal was a huge, involved task which took the hideous task of creating something... the Power Amulet. The Power Amulet pulled all the Fairies back to their home realm and closed the portal behind them. Only the most powerful Fae could cross it again.

Piwet had to make a deal with a weak evil Wizard to do it from the Earth side. The Wizard wanted the Amulet because it's design could steal magic from Wizards, giving that power to the Wizard holding it.

The Wizard, Loki, used The Amulet for a century after the portal was closed, to kill off all but the last Merlin. Loki was finally killed and the last Merlin took the Amulet to study it and to keep it safe.

The Wizards discovered that, after the closing of The Portal, something strange was taking place. They discovered that without the large amount of Fae magic in the world, no new Exemplar Wizards were born.

The last Merlin knew that cracking the code of The Amulet was vital. So he worked on nothing else and he locked himself away to do it. The Exemplar succeeded and discovered how an Exemplar working alone could reopen the portal, but reopening it would close the Demon's portal forever. The last Merlin liked that side effect greatly, but before he could carry out the plan he was killed. As he died he locked all his knowledge and skill in the amulet. The last Merlin's last act sealed the amulet so that only another Exemplar Wizard could unlock it.

Piwet knew all this, but kept it only to himself and looked for the Amulet for over 1,500 years. If he found it he would hide it. He couldn't destroy it because would take more power than any demon had, but Piwet was happy to collect his reward, even though he might have caused a potential catastrophe.

Demons cannot use their power together. One Demon can only have one target and the more power it takes the longer the Demon has to stay in a non-chaotic form which is extreme torture. So Piwet was greatly rewarded for his pain.

For closing the portal The Familiars would give Piwet any Familiars that were found guilty of a capital crime by the Familiar High Council. Piwet randomly received a large number Familiars that he would sell to other Demons. Piwet was the Warren Buffet of the Demons now, but other Demons still could get Familiars in private deals.

The only reason a Familiar would make that sort of deal was the
possibility of being rewarded greatly. So the Demon's reputation of never breaking or cheating in a deal was all important. If a Demon did that, no Familiar would trust them enough to put themselves in such peril. So Zehgp was being judged for doing the unthinkable.

Zehgp had to think fast or he could end up being a clock on Earth and the thought of accurately marking time in perfect order for all time terrified him. So he spoke up. "The Familiar at stake in the bargain is dead. There can be no payment so the contract is voided.

All I have to do is return what was given, The Amulet is in escrow until the bargain was completed. Since that Wizard is dead with no children, I just need to find the closest relative and by virtue of returning it, the transaction will be voided."

They answered, "Your solution is very twisted and convoluted, but legal. You did well Zehgp, but Piwet screamed, "We can not do that!" The counsel knew by that outburst that there was a secret that they needed to know and questioned Piwet. Not wanting the Amulet to fall back into the Wizards hands, Piwet confessed.

Val Morgen, a thin, small statured young man was sitting alone at a small table in a beautifully landscaped, small walled garden, finishing his breakfast. He was wearing only a robe and leather slides. Val, although being small framed, was still very handsome and had a look of aristocracy about him.

If anyone had the dubious pleasure of knowing Val they would know there wasn't a thing weak about the small man. Val was young, but very powerful and had a great family heritage that he was proud of which it helped him rise to the top so quickly. At the young age of 22, Val was already the second highest Witch in the High Coven.

Val was destined for greatness because he not only had power and the name, but he was always heartless when taking what he wanted. Val's other important attributes were his great talent for methodical, meticulous planning and his great ability to exploit any weakness in others for his own ends. Just like his great ancestor who had killed the last Merlin. So he was Dianna Hobs' worst enemy, one who had caused her many sleepless nights.

They both had tried to kill or remove the other a few times, but Val was much stronger than Dianna so she failed and Val's attempts failed because of the powerful alliances that Dianna had formed in the High Coven over the years. In their battle of youth and power against age and experience they were too evenly matched and had to call an uneasy truce for the time being.

Val and Dianna butted heads regularly in meetings because of their opposite views as to what the direction the Dark Witch community should take. Dianna wanted to reclaim past greatness at all costs but Val took the stand that the constant conflict with the Wizards was a shameful waste of resources.

Val truly felt that it would be much more beneficial to have a détente with the Wizards and not go for the big kill. His plan was to diversify the Dark Witches resources and use the synergy of many small wins to produce a much larger cumulative reward in time. This long range thinking was new to the Dark Witches, but many of younger, powerful Witches liked it. So all in all, Val was an unusual type of Witch.

If all Val's wisdom and patience were not enough to make him unusual, he also had Jack, his Familiar. Jack was a rare Will-O-Wisp Familiar. Will-O-Wisps were one of the few magical creatures native to Earth. There were only three Familiar Will-O-Wisps in existence and only one in service on Earth at the moment, Val's Familiar, Jack. Will-O-Wisps are very different than other familiars for three main reasons.

First, Will-O- Wisps only select Male Witches to join with. Second, being Magical beings in the non-Familiar form, Will-O-Wisps have much more Magic than other or mundane Familiars. Last, is in how they feed off their Witches and that's why they only choose Male Witches.

Will-O-Wisp Familiars don't grow nipples on their Witches which male Witches find embarrassing at first. Will-O-Wisps, being primarily spiritual beings, enter a female host and, if needs warrant it they can take control of any Mortal or weaker Witch female. They feed off the life force in their Witches cum when the Witch climaxes in the host female. Witches have ever complained about feeding their Will-O-Wisp Familiar.

At the small table, Val was drinking his morning coffee and going through his mail, throwing away unopened invitations from husband seeking Witches. He was the most allegeable bachelor in the Witch community, but Val didn't want some status seeking Witch, debutant wife.

Val thought, 'I know it would help my reputation with the High Coven if I had heirs. Dianna has her brats... three of her four are in school in Europe, but her oldest, a spoiled slut of a Witch, is my age. That little pampered party girl even tried to make a play for me. When I do take a wife she will be something special, completely loyal to me and have the skills to really help me.'

Then Val was hit with a powerful wave of blue Wizards Magic. He wasn't hurt, but it had him on his feet with his defenses up. He magically scanned the area, ready to engage a powerful Wizard in a death struggle. He was only slightly relieved when he found there was no close threat.

He picked up his phone and called one of his staff Witches and she said she felt it too. She was already having Val's team call other Witches in different locations to try to find the source. Then she said what Val already knew, "This can't be good."

Val had only two personal staff minions in his residence to care for his needs. He had a large staff, but he would rather have them working in the field rather than getting in his way. That's why he had a very nice, but very small residence in New Orleans.

Val got dressed and started making phone calls. After two hours he found out that eight of the members of the the High Coven were called away by Dianna Hobs on some secret mission that no one had any information on. Val sat with a worried look on his face and was seriously considering calling Dianna to see if she was in any mood to share information.

Val finally decided that what had happened was important enough to call his rival and see what she was willing to share. As he reached for his phone it rang, showing Dianna's private number. Val answered it immediately and said "This is Val Morgen."

A Man's voice responded, "Hello Mr. Morgen. This is Nick Cunningham, Ms. Hobs personal assistant. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm calling you on a matter that could be beneficial for you and I feel it requires quick resolution on your part. May I continue?"

Val didn't hesitate and answered, "Yes Nick, please continue."

Nick continued, "Ms. Hobs has been unaccounted for three hours and her minions, a few minutes ago, started to resign. Since the meaning of this occurrence was obvious to me I convinced the most valuable staff to stay and made very minor preparations, then I called you.

To better explain the situation I need to speak to you face to face. There is much I need to tell you, but this is as far as I dare to share over the phone. I was the last person to see Ms. Hobs that we know of, and that was shortly before the disturbance I'm sure you know about. Through the reports I have gathered, the center of that disturbance was at the last known location of Ms. Hobs.

When Ms. Hobs' absence becomes generally known there may be
complications in defining who is truly in charge of the Organization. I feel you're the most likely candidate, but there are others who may disagree with me.

I feel if you come here now Sir, and take charge of the administrative staff, it will be a forgone conclusion that you're in control. I know how messy situations like this can get if the leadership doesn't act with strength and expediency. So Sir, will you be coming here to take control or can you suggest some other course of action?"

Val, impressed with Nick on many levels answered, "Yes Nick. I will be coming as soon as I can get a flight out to Charlotte."

Nick answered, sounding truly pleased, "Excellent Sir. I'd hoped you would be coming so I took the liberty of booking a First Class window seat on the 3PM Delta direct flight from Louis Armstrong to Charlotte. That should arrive at approximately 5:34pm our time. If all is suitable Sir, I will meet you at the airport?”

Val, pleased said, "Yes that's fine and you can fully brief me then."

Nick responded, "Yes Sir, certainly. Do you require anything else Sir?"

Val said, "That is all until we meet."

Nick said, "Very good Sir, I will be waiting for you. Good Bye Sir and have a good flight."

Val, hanging up, thought of Nick, "Most Witches think Nick is a minion kiss ass, but I know different. The way he presents himself is a crafty smokescreen. He is actually a very skilled, Mid-Ranked Witch and his Familiar is a chameleon, which is unusual but not as unique as mine.

"Nick was very loyal to Dianna and he could not be bribed to betray her. I know of a case of a powerful Witch that had him kidnapped and planned to torture information out of him about Dianna. The Witch that had him kidnapped received a package the day after Nick was kidnapped, filled with her minions cut up into neat little pieces with a note from Nick saying just, "Bon Voyage Miss" She went missing the next day.

So Nick is certain Dianna is dead and he has done very well in assessing the situation. He respects my abilities. Nick is a year younger than me, but he is better at his job than a lot of older Witches have been, so my age isn't a factor to him. Therefore he knows that if I don't take control quickly, there will be a lot of wasteful infighting that will just delay the same result of me ending up in charge.

Nick knows how things work and knows I couldn't take control quickly without going there or he would just come here to me with his help and information. Nick is smart, but he is badly shaken with the information. He knows he wants me there, on site, right now to start fixing it. So this must be major bad and I do need to get there now.

Val was impressed that Nick knew that, when he would fly, he always required a window seat so Jack could remain invisible, forming himself to the window. Jack interrupted Val's grading of Nicks skills and said, in their telepathic language, "I love North Carolina."

Val Smirked and retorted, "Yeah, you just hope we can go to the Brown Mountain Will-O-Wisp breeding grounds so you can get you a piece of mist."

Jack answered, "Like you don't enjoy feeding me more than any Witch I ever had, you Whore Hound"

Jack and Val were a very good match and they enjoyed each other more than most Familiar, Witch partners do. Jack was more like Val's Wing Man than his Familiar. Val was truly going to be one of the great Witches and win a place in history.

Jack then said, "We will be landing in 45 minutes and I should feed before we land so I will be at my best. Do you see any flavors you like?"

Val scanned the occupants of first class and first thought he liked the flight attendant, but then he spotted a young small woman sleeping on the shoulder of a young handsome man. Val nodded his head toward the sleeping woman.

Jack left the window and quickly darted into the young woman. She woke up instantly, unbuckled her seat belt, rose and walked to the restrooms, leaving behind her still sleeping partner. Val rose then and walked to the rest rooms.

Val entered the restroom that the women had just entered, unnoticed by the other passengers and turned the handle to "Occupied." There, waiting for him on her knees, was the young woman. She immediately unzipped Val's pants, removed his cock and worked it hard with her hand and her mouth.

Once Val was erect she expertly gave Val a quick blow-job, drinking in every drop of his cum and licked him clean. Val enjoyed it as always and Jack was well fed. Jack received no erotic pleasure from the act though. To him it was just feeding.

Val dried his cock on a paper towel. Putting his cock back he zipped up and opened the door, checking if anyone was watching. Certain he would be unobserved he exited and returned to his seat.

Then the young woman repaired her hair and makeup quickly and returned to her still sleeping partner, sitting down carefully so as not to wake him. Then Jack darted back to the window well fed and the young woman fell back to sleep on the man's shoulder.

A few minutes later the flight landed and the new Mrs. Harvey, returning from her South American honeymoon, woke up with a strange yet familiar taste in her mouth. As Val passed her carrying Jack in his carry on, he smiled at her. At Val's smile she proudly flashed her new wedding ring at him and Val smirked.

As Val entered the arrival area of the Charlotte Airport, a man who he recognized as Dianna's personal assistant Nick, came up to him and addressed him.

"Mr. Morgen. I'm Nick, the late Ms. Hobs personal assistant. If you will give me your luggage claim I'll have the driver load them in the car. I took the liberty to have our household limo here to transport you to where you would like to go. Does that suit you Sir, or would you prefer some other means of travel?"

Val answered, "No, that is suitable. Here is my claims check."

Nick answered, "Very good sir and sir I hope that you do not hold any ill feeling towards me for any past actions of mine or those of my former employer."

Val answered, "No Nick. I have no ill feeling towards you. You were just serving your former Mistress. Nick you aren't a minion are you?" Val asked, knowing the answer, but as a test.

Nick smiled and said, "No sir I'm a Witch. My personality and gifts were perfectly suited for my Familiar, which is a Chameleon. I'm just a Mid- Level ranked Witch, but if I may risk sounding boastful, I'm perfect for my profession as personal assistant. Sir, the car is ready if you are ready to leave."

Val said, "Yes, I would like to go to the last known location of Dianna before she disappeared. Nick, you can fill me in on what you know she was involved in on the way there."

Nick answered, "Very good Sir. This way."

Nick Followed Val to the car, talking in hushed tones on his phone as they walked to the car. Nick let Val enter the limo first as the driver Charles held the door and Nick followed. Once in the car, Nick gave a very detailed, condensed account of all he knew, which was a lot since he was there for most of it. Val listened silently and looked very concerned at the recounting of the energy waves... the small one that came first and the very large one a day later that he felt 640 miles away.

Then Val asked, "When you left Dianna, Leigh Wright, the eight Witches and ten Familiars at the school to take out this Willow and Wee Lo of Fairy Circle, how long was it before the Magic blast?"

Nick answered, "Less than ten minutes."

Val then asked, "Then how long before the Mortal explosion?" Nick then said, "At the scheduled time, which was less than fifteen minutes later."

Val then asked, "No one has seen Dianna or any of the Witches or Familiars since then?"

Nick answered, "No. Neither do we have any information on Willow or the Fairy."

Val summarized out loud, "So none of our people have been seen and we are fairly sure they are dead, but the magic I felt in that wave wasn't Fae Magic and a hundred Fae Folk could not generate that big a blast. So Dianna was right. This Willow will be a very powerful Wizard. She was wrong however in thinking she must be killed before her Awakening at all cost. Now she is dead and she left me a big mess to deal with."

Nick hesitantly said, "Mr. Morgen, this may not be the time for me to offer this so please forgive me, but I do know all of Ms. Hobs contacts and resources and I'm sure I could be a great help to you in your important work. I also know you presently do not have a personal assistant, and I respectfully offer my services in this capacity."

Val looked at Nick and smilingly said, "No, I do not have a personal assistant at the moment. I haven't found the right one yet, but Nick, some of my requirements for a PA aren't in your skill sets. I'm sure we can find some other position on my staff that your skill will be of great benefit to me."

Nick hid how revolted he was at the offer to be some underling gofer and he respectfully asked, "Sir, not to press, but if I could gather the skills you require, would you give me an interview for the job?"

Val laughed and said, "Ok Nick old boy. If you can show me that you can meet the my requirements I will not only give you an interview, I will hire you without the standard 90 probationary condition."

Nick, smiling said, "Thank you Sir."

Then the limo came to a stop and Charles, the driver said, "Sir we are here at the school."

Val said, "Good. Nick, while I examine the site, which may take some time, I need you to find me a companion for supper tonight. I want her to be no more than 5'2”, With a very good shape, pretty face and young. Can you do that?"

Nick replied, "Sir, if I may touch your hand I can get a clearer picture of what you want."

Val answered, "Nick you're a Reader too? You just impress me more and more. Yes, you may touch my hand."

Nick had plans to read more than what kind of woman Val wanted to entertain. He was going to read all Val's likes and dislikes and what were the "special skills" he was looking for in a personal assistant. Nick touched his hand and his mind filled with all Val's likes and dislikes and a link was established so Nick would know what Val wanted every minute of every day.

Val exited the car with Jack looking at the large hole that was once Mariposa Park High School. Nick told Charles, who was a low level Witch, to wait outside the car until Mr. Morgen was ready to leave. Nick pushed the button that put up the screen that prevented the anyone from seeing in the back of the Limo.

Unseen, Nick's chameleon Familiar Annie, came out from Nick's inside jacket pocket and rested on Nick's shoulder. Annie then said over their telepathic link,

"Nick, I guess, considering what Mr. Morgen wants in a personal assistant, you will take the offer to be a member of his staff."

Nick, sounding revolted, slowly said, "I will not Annie. I can't be some mid management flunky. The idea revolts me, but it would be an insult if I refused it and it wouldn't be good to insult the new Head of the High Coven."

Annie responded, "As I see it you don't have any other option. You knew that Mr. Morgen was going to be the head of the High Coven anyhow and he has a reputation of dealing very nastily with anyone that helps his rivals."

Nick knew of only one option. It was a very drastic and distasteful one to him, but being just a second rate underling was much more distasteful. So the tall, very handsome Witch decided to put aside the revulsion he had and gamble it all. If he did win, his rewards would be more than he ever could have hoped for before.

Nick took Annie in his hand and held her up to his face and asked, "Annie, can you do it?"

Annie answered, "Yes, I can do it in just a few minutes, but you know if I follow all the requirements, you may not ever be able to return to the way you are now or even want to."

Nick said, "Yes Annie, I understand completely. Mr. Morgen wants his personal assistant's actions to be real and he would spot any fakery. I also know he considers this position more as an audition for another position that comes with greater rewards and power."

Annie then warned, "Yes, but that new position will come with
responsibilities that will totally and forever make the change I make to you permanent. Now I've said all this, are you still willing to go through with this?"

Nick said, "Yes. Do it quickly so we will be finished before he returns."

Val and Jack inspected the site and they quickly found the center of the blast site. Val used a shadow magic spell that takes some time to work. Once he had completed the involved spell he went into a trance-like state, standing there stiffly facing the place where Willow had been held prisoner.

Val saw the past images and heard the specters' conversations and was intensely interested on the events as they transpired. Val saw the staged altercation with Leigh. Then how the ten Witches pushed the Fairy through the portal. Then he witnessed Willows Wild Magic blast them into oblivion and the young Wizard pulling the fire alarm and leaving. Val then saw
the minion, still under the control of the dead young Witch's spell, blow up the school.

Val, awakening from the trance, shook his head and said to Jack, "Dianna was so stupid, but why am I even surprised? She always acted heavy handedly and reactionary with no ability for long range planning. She really screwed the pooch on dealing with this Willow.”

Dianna knew, even without such a powerful Wizard as this Willow will turn out to be, that the Wizards have a slight edge over us. Open confrontation would not go well for us and war is always an expensive waste. She would have done much better if she would have made overtures of peace with the Wizards by declaring this Willow under the High Coven's Protection.

If Dianna had done that we could have secretly strengthened our position for the inevitable return of the Old Order. The smart Witches always knew that the Old Order would return one day. It was just our misfortune that it will return our life time. but we did alright in the time of the Old Order. We just had to work harder for it."

Jack agreed, saying, "I was around then and I kind of liked it. With all the magic beings here I had a lot of fun leading dimwits into quicksand thinking they were chasing a Leprechaun to his pot of gold."

Val, walking back to the limo, quickly summarized what his immediate plans were to Jack,

"Well, for now we don't need to think what we we'll do if the Old Order returns. We just need to figure out what we need to do now so we can come out of this situation with some skin left. First, we need to contact what is left of the High Coven and tell them the of the jeopardized position Dianna's rash actions left us in. So lets get to Dianna's old home and get started."

While Val and Jack were inspecting the blast site, Nick and Annie were busy. Nick learned, in reading Val, what his "special requirements" were for his personal assistant and they required Nick to drastically change.

Val Morgen wanted a personal assistant to be his perfect woman. Val wanted a young, very petite, five foot tall woman with an angelically innocent, beautiful face. She was to have thick, wavy, long blonde hair, pouty full lips and large, sapphire blue eyes.

Her shape should be athletic, but still curvy with a tiny waist and a firm teardrop shaped butt. Her perky breasts needed to be B cups that looked larger on her small frame. She also was to have soft very fair skin and smooth thighs that were to have a heart shaped gap at the top. Her voice would sound slightly high, but lyrical.

Her mannerisms and body movements would always be fluidly graceful and she would carry herself like royalty. She would always act as a perfect lady in a very old fashion proper way. She would a meticulous, detailed manager who could intimidate subordinates with almost sadistic pleasure.

She would have the skills to run his home to his standards of perfection, taking charge of all his meals and the rest of his domestic needs. In addition she would be the perfect event planner, while being his perfect companion at dinners and parties.

Val's personal assistant would instinctively know what he wanted and do it without being told. She would never act prideful about knowing though and would always respectfully verify with him what she has already implemented. In addition, her personality would also adapt to what he wanted her to be for any situation.

Her knowledge of his desires would also include what he wanted sexually from her. She would then either submit to his advances, or take charge when he wanted, to perform whatever he desired. She would truly enjoy him fucking her and always react naturally in the way he desired. She could go from softly moaning, to screaming like a sex starved, nymphomaniac slut. All her reactions had to be for real and she had to be truly
feeling that amount of pleasure.

During the nine minutes it took Annie to transform Nick, Annie had put Nick to sleep so he would not feel the pain of his body being ripped apart and remade into Val's prefect woman. Nick was now truly the embodiment of Val's dream girl, right down to her DNA.

Annie said, "Nick, wake up. It's done."

Nick's long eyelashes fluttered as she opened large, beautiful, sapphire blue eyes. Nick then felt all the knowledge of Val's feeling rush into her. She could not read his thoughts, but she knew what he wanted from her.

Nick could tell Val was still thinking of her as a man because he had no idea of how she had changed. She took a few minutes and inspected her new form as she had felt that her body had changed and she knew she was truly a healthy young woman. She knew that Val would want sex very soon after seeing her, knowing that what he really wanted was a wife to bear him heirs. He'd want to test drive the potential candidate for a time first. He didn't want children right away, so Nick magically tied her new tubes, rendering her infertile until the time was right for her to conceive.

She saw she was dressed to Val's preferences and as she moved, she noticed she felt quite different. Everything was much larger and heavier. She could not sit all the way back and have her feet touch the floor. She saw she sat with her knees together now without thinking, though she knew she didn't have the time to waste considering her changes, so she picked up her new phone and started doing her job.

When Val and Jack returned to the limo, Charles opened the door and Val started to enter, but was stopped short by what he saw. In place of Nick he saw a young, petite, beautiful blonde dressed in a dark blue, well fitting, skirted business suit.

She was very sexy, not slutty and her innocent big blue eyes were looking at him with a perfect smile with gleaming white teeth. She had very long, blonde, thick wavy hair pulled back and clipped, perfect pink, medium length nails with matching lip stick. She had a scooped collar, white blouse that showed a little cleavage and a heavy, gold linked necklace with matching dome pierced earrings.

Val looked at her and questioningly said, "Nick?"

The vision said, "Yes Sir. I hope you had a productive visit."

Val, standing there staring at the young woman and still trying to take in what had happened answered, "Yes it was."

Then he silently told Jack, "Check her out and see if she is for real."

Jack darted from Val's side inside the "new Nick" and just as quickly returned. Jack then said to Val, "Damn! Val, she is real down to her DNA and she has magically tied her tubes. So she thinks you will want to fuck your new personal assistant and not knock her up."

Val thought it was very erotic that this beautiful girl who is now much smaller and weaker than him, was the big buff man who towered over him when he picked him up at the airport less than three hours ago and answered Jack, "She's right."

Nick felt a new, warm butterfly feeling in her lower abdomen and knew it was the spell that made her new body mirror the level of sexual arousal that Val was feeling towards her. Then Nick knew exactly what Val wanted her to do. Nick said, "Charles, you may stand in front of the car and take a smoke break, but stand far enough away so we can not smell the smoke."

As Val was getting comfortable in his seat Nick asked, "Is that alright Sir?"

Val looked at Nick and said "Yes. Shut the door Charles. Ms. Cunningham will call you when we are ready to leave."

Charles answered, "Yes Sir, Thank you."

When the door shut Nick slid over next to Val and unzipped his pants, taking out his nearly hard cock and stroking it gently, doing exactly what Val wanted without a word. Nick felt her body react in concert with Val's. When Val's cock became rock hard and ready, she felt her new pussy flower, dripping wet and demanding to be filled.

She then kicked her dark blue, 4" heeled, red soled pumps off her stocking covered feet. Then she knelt on the seat facing Val and pulled up her skirt, revealing a garter belt holding up her silk stockings and no panties. No panties with a garter belt was just what Val loves a woman to wear. She paused for a second, giving Val a look at her wet, lightly haired pussy with her vaginal lips open, revealing a slick, pink slit.

Nick unbuckled Val's belt and undid his pants, and Val leaned up for her to pull them down to his feet. Nick then mounted Val resting most her weight with one hand on the back of the seat next to his head. With her other hand she took his very hard cock and guided it in her very ready, flowering pussy. Nick with her knees on the seat straddling Val, started pressing his cock up in her. Nick felt her new, very empty feeling, pleasurably filled by Val's hard, smooth cock.

Nick started pumping faster and faster and she loved the feeling of his cock filling her hot, wet, empty canal. The pleasure built in her quickly and soon she was out of control, lost in orgasmic bless and moaning like a $5,000 whore just like Val wanted. She had orgasm after orgasm, moaning and screaming and it was all for real.

Val, thinking how good Nick was, thought as he felt his climax building, "I think we will both enjoy Nick in this new position. That statement works on many levels. OH FUCK! I'm CUMMING HARD!"

Finishing up, Nick carefully dismounted Val so as not to disturb his apparent closed eyes bliss. She opened the center console and took out a wet wipe, cleaned herself and took a paper towel from the dispenser next to the wipes and patted dry. Then she pulled her skirt down and smoothed it. She then slid her shoes back on and fixed her makeup and hair. She looked fresh as ever very quickly.

Still, it took all her will not to just lay there in the seat in the huge afterglow she had. She saw Val open his eyes and look at her and smile. So she carefully cleaned him and replaced his underwear and pants back, all zipped and buckled.

Then she asked, "Are you ready to leave Sir?"

Val nodded and Nick took her phone, texting Charles

"Would you like to go to the late Ms. Hobs' local residence, or somewhere else, Sir?"

Val, smiling real big at the perfectly professional way Nick was now behaving only a few minutes after she was screaming in sloppy wet orgasms she could not have possibly faked. Val Said, "The late Ms. Hobs place will be fine.'

Val thought, "I'm really impressed. Nick so far seems perfect. Only time will tell, but I can't keep calling her Nick. I always thought Nikki was a cute name and she really does look like my idea of a Nikki."

Val looked at his new employee and said, "You're Nikki Cunningham now."

Nikki answered with a smile "Very good Sir."

After arriving at the house, Nikki introduced Val to the staff and remaining minions. They all were silently surprised at the personal assistant's new appearance. Then Val took control of all of Dianna's old minions so they all served him now. Then Nikki showed Val the house. As Nick she had already had the servants redecorate Dianna's old bedroom to be a suitable man's room. By the time they got to Val's bedroom, all his things were unpacked and placed as per Nikki's instructions.

Then Nikki asked, "This is your bedroom if it meets with your approval?"

Val said, "Yes, it will be fine."

Then Nikki questioned, "My bedroom adjoins this one through that door, but I will move if you wish Sir."

Val said, "No, that will be fine, but just bathe and dress there. You will sleep in my bed until I tell you otherwise."

Nikki proudly answered, "Yes sir, as you wish."

Seeing the obvious pride it generated in her at him telling her that she was to sleep with him made Val very pleased in his new personal assistant/mistress. The he gave her instructions of what meeting he wanted set up for the morning. Then he told her, after she had finished her tasks, to dress for dinner and that were going out.

She smiled broadly and said, "Yes Sir!"

Willow woke up feeling refreshed, but she was starving. She opened her eyes and was surprised to see she was in a strange bedroom. Wee Lo was sleeping on the pillow beside her in the four posted, king size bed that she woke up in. Then she saw her Grandmother sleeping in a chair at the side of the bed. Willow softly said, "Grandmother?"

Instantly Fiona and Wee Lo woke up and Fiona said, "Willow, are you alright?"

Willow answered, "Yes Grandmother. I feel very good actually, but I'm starving."

Wee Lo flew in the air and did a loop-the-loop, so happy she sprinkled Fairy dust and shouted, "YES!"

Fiona laughed and said, "We will feed you right away and I will tell your Grandfather and the rest that you're doing very well. Are you up to a visit from them?"

Willow Smiled and said, "I would love to see them all, especially if they are bringing food."

Fiona answered, "I'll tell them. They will be very pleased. Would pancakes, bacon, juice and hot tea be good?"

Willow's mouth watered and said, "That sounds good, as long there is a lot of each."

Soon Willow had a tray filled with a mansized breakfast in front of her and her loving family around her. She told the story about what happened at the school the day before between bites. Willow wolfed down eight strips of bacon, five pancakes and a pint of juice.

She was surprised she couldn't eat more, as starved as she felt, but she was now full at the end of her tale about her confrontation with the Witches. Willow leaned back smiling contently while she enjoyed her family and sipped the hot tea. Then Wee Lo made a off color remark about how sexy Aaron would look with wings and four inches tall . At the comment Willow laughed and blew tea through her nose and they all laughed.

Then Erin asked, "Willow, are you really doing well as you seem? You're not hiding anything from us are you?"

Willow looking puzzled said, "Yes, I'm fine except I need a shower and a gag for my for my bimbo Godmother. Why did you ask Erin? Should something be wrong with me?"

Then Aaron unveiled the elephant in the room, saying, "Willow, you just produced a massive ball of Wizard's fire which destroyed ten powerful Witches with their Familiars and two of their minions.

Then you saved the student body and Faculty of your school and still had enough strength to make it home on your own. That would upset most Wizards twice your age, but you act like it wasn't anyhing. So YES, we are worried about you."

Willow was silent a moment then she said, "In my whole life until I met Erin and started working at the bookstore, I was always the target of undeserved abuse. I was moved from one bad foster home to another. In some of those homes the abuse was just verbal, but in others there was physical abuse along with verbal.

In school it was no different, so the only way I could survive was to use what I had to protect myself. That's why I used my brain and worked so hard to excel in my grades so they couldn't say I was dumb. I used my brain that I developed and learned to use the size and strength I had as Eric to defend myself.

I got so tried of all the unjust and undeserved pain that others took so much pleasure in inflicting on me. So when Leigh and Ms. Bishop cornered me and told me how they planed not just to kill me, but also blame me as Eric for killing everyone at school, I guess I did what I always did. I instinctively used what I had to fight back and I don't feel bad for doing it. They were evil and they had no concern that they were going to kill so many just to hurt me. So I'm glad I disintegrated them."

Wee Lo Jumped and did another loop and shouted, "THATS MY GIRL!"

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