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Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 7

Aiken Equestrian Girls School 12:30;

Annette sat quietly in the teachers' lounge on the second floor, going over her lesson plans for the afternoon when laptop signaled her that she had a message waiting for her. Believing it was a message from the girls, Annette opened her browser. Looking through her accounts Annette was surprised to find that they were empty then on a whim she went to her old contract server. And there it was, waiting her. A full contract waiting for the White Tulip.

A quick click of the mouse and Annette was reading the contract. The more Annette read, the more she had to fight to keep from giggling. Unable to help herself Annette forwarded the email to first Sam, then the boys, and finally her mother. Just for giggles she tagged the email. As she sat there waiting for their replies, Annette reread the email and her comment.

We have a problem that your rather special skills are well suited for. For the sum of 1.5 million dollars would you be willing to handle our problem? The removal of one Maria DeMarco, current head and CEO of Southern Coast Transit. We have few conditions; first, no body can be found. Second, there can be no witnesses. Third, the contract must be fulfilled by no later than the first of next week. If you are unable to take the contract due to prior obligations could you please forward this offer to The Dove for consideration?
Malcom Henley

Annette’s question to the rest of the team followed just a few lines below.
Do you think mama would be upset if I took the contract?

On the other end of the school Sam was using the other teachers' lounge when her laptop pinged. Opening her browser Sam found Annette had forwarded an email to her. Opening the email Sam started reading. When she got halfway through Sam couldn't help it and started laughing. With swift and sure fingers, Sam sent her answering email.

Highly doubt that momma will be too happy sis if you take this contract. Besides, it will really put a damper on Sunday Family Dinners.

Bobby and Hunter had were going over their schedules for the rest of the afternoon when Hunter's laptop signaled they had an incoming email from one of the girls. After opening his browser Hunter went straight to his email. Seeing that it was from Annette, he opened it. Just like Sam, the two men broke out laughing. For their reply the two men just had to have fun at Annette's expense.

We don't know about taking the contract, but it would be a fun conversation at family get-togethers. We can talk about 'the one that got away'.

Even as Maria opened the email from her daughter, she knew that something was up. The fact that Annette was sending her an email during class time meant it was important. As Maria read the email she started chuckling that soon broke into almost hysterical laughter. Her laughter got the attention of Anna in the other room.

Anna leaned in. "Maria? What on earth has you acting like a giddy schoolgirl?"

Maria could only point at the screen of her laptop in answer to that question. As Anna read the email she broke out in her own fits of laughter. The two older ladies just couldn't help themselves. It was just too funny for them to think of. Maria just had to forward this email to Paul and the others on Ram's Rock Island, but not before sending a reply to her daughter.

I know how much this contract would improve your standing in the community, but I really must advise against taking it. As it would make dinners very uncomfortable. As for what your father would say; I shudder at the thought.

In a nondescript building in Washington D.C.;

Paul Dannigan was curious as to why Maria would be forwarding him an email from The White Tulip. His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the email. As he read the email and the replies, Paul began to laugh just as all the others had in the Black Badge team. He just had to reply just as the team had.

Daughter as much as I love you; I am afraid that I would have to spank that cute bottom of yours if you take this contract. It would also make our working relationship more than awkward. However; if you must insist on action, I would sanction a personal duel: nerf guns at ten paces and may the best win.

Hearing her boss laughing drew Madison's attention. She knew for a fact that the Major was normally a subdued man. So hearing him laughing at this time of the day was unusual to say the least. Even more so when there was a mission underway like now.

"Major, what has you in such a good mood?" Madison asked.

Dannigan just turned his screen for her to see the email and pointed. Walking over, Madison read the email and joined her boss in the joke. In all their planning Paul and the Black Badge team had not expect this turn of events. For Paul it was truly the Fog of War and Murphy's Law at work.

Aiken Equestrian Girls School;

Kasey, Kristine, and the other six girls that were called out at breakfast had just entered the stables for their first riding lesson. All eight looked to where Chantel Henley stood. And kept their disgust from showing. The two had already discussed a possible plan. Now that they had seen her, Kasey nodded to Kristine to implement it. Discreetly, Kristine concealed her phone by crossing her arms and began to record.

"We thought we told you freaks that you were to skip this class." Chantel looked over at Kasey and Kristine. "As for you two sluts, you need to understand your place here. You keep thinking that you're better than you are, you'll get hurt. This is your only warning. I suggest you take it." Chantel said angrily.

Kasey nudged Kristine who looked over at her big sister. "Well Ange, do you think we should take their little warning?"

"Personally Justi, I believe that they should just, oh what is the word? You know, go mate with themselves." Kristine said airily.

Kasey corrected her casually. "The word you are looking for little sister is 'fuck' or 'screw'. And the phrase is 'they can go fuck themselves'. We really must work on your local sayings Ange."

Chantel Henley was close to losing her mind. No one dared to talk like that to her or about her. The very thought that these outsiders would be the ones to dare to do so was beyond her comprehension.

"Oh look Justi! I think we broke her." Kristine cracked. "We really must stop doing this, the other students are here."

Before Kasey could reply to Kristine's wise ass comment Chantel screamed in rage and went to smack Kristine. Kasey grabbed Chantel's wrist in mid-swing then applied torque. Kasey smiled at the look of shock and momentary fear.

Pulling the girl in close Kasey snarled. "Listen up perra. You attack my hermana, you get hurt. You get hurt, I become happy. Understand coño?"

"GET YOUT FILTHY WETBACK HANDS OFF ME; YOU WORTHLESS SPICK!" Chantel recovered her senses and tried to use her other hand to smack Kasey in the face.

"That was another mistake perra. Now your ass I claim." Kasey used her leverage to flip Chantel onto her back and reapply torque. Before Kasey could start the beating, the voice of an adult ended things.

"What is going on in here?" all the girls turned to see the Riding Instructor walking into the stables. "Miss Henley I don't know what you're doing here, but I KNOW that you have classes on the other side of the campus. I suggest that you get there. NOW."

Chantel demanded. "Miss Gorman! I want to lodge a complaint against this student. She struck me without provocation. I want her expelled."

"Maestro. This girl was just leaving and her foot slip. I was only trying to help her up. I guess American girls are a bit touchy if they are clumsy." Kasey said then smiled sweetly, gave one last cinch and let go. "See to yourself as you like, Chica. I will not offer help again."

"Miss Henley, if I were you, I would quit while I was ahead. As it stands; there are eight students that would disagree with you. Now I suggest you run along." Chantel wanted to scream at the RI, but knew that to do so would endanger her position on the Dressage Team.

"This ain't over losers. I'll be seeing you later." Chantel walked off as if there was nothing the two new girls could do to her.

"Sis, you know that cunt is going to come back with her little posse after class right?" Kristine was watching Chantel walk away with a wary eye. "This could get very nasty after class. I figure we'll have at least eight to nine hostiles. The kicker is, they have the advantage of knowing the terrain."

"I doubt that we'll have to worry about that sis. Sure, they'll have numbers and know the terrain, but we have the advantage. We have the training and surprise on our side. So with that being said and all things considered, when they come at us, it might be an equal fight. But I doubt it." Kasey knew that she and Kristine did have the greater advantage. Unlike Kristine, Kasey had dealt with bullies of this type before. "Just keep your head and remember your training."

"Just what are you and your sister talking about, Miss Carmen?" the Instructor asked Kasey. "Please remember, that we frown on our students using foreign languages outside of the prevalent classes."

Both smiled at the Instructor. "Yes, ma'am."

"Thank you girls. Now if the eight of you will follow me; we'll begin with your introduction in the Equestrian Arts." As Miss Gorman turned and walked further into the stabiles. All the girls quickly moved to follow her.

As they walked Kristine had a question on her mind and decided to ask it. "Excuse me Miss Gorman, but why is riding a horse called an Equestrian Art?"

"Miss Carmen you have asked a very valid question. Just as ballet, Jazz, and other forms of dance; Dressage is a dance. Only it is the dance between rider and horse. Each must perform their part in the delicate choreography know as Dressage. The same could be said of all forms of riding. The Hunt seat, Breaking, steeplechase or vaulting, sidesaddle, not to mention the uniquely American Western Saddle are but just a few forms of horseback riding. They are a type of ballet that must start with the basics. Just as you have taken the beginners class for ballet, you will start with the beginners' class here. That being said, we will start you all off with the English hunt seat."

For the next half hour Gorman went over each part of the saddle and its individual purpose. This was followed by their first lesson in how to mount and ride using the hunt seat. At the end the girls had spent just over forty minutes on the back of a horse. When Gorman called and end to their first lesson all of the students were starting to feel the saddle.

During their time in the saddle though Gorman gave each student individual pointers and corrected what errors she saw. Once they had dismounted, Gorman showed them how to stable the horses and take care of their individual needs. All eight girls were fast learning that there was more to horses than just feeding and riding them. Gorman was giving them all the hands-on approach to the care and feeding of horses. As she went from stall to stall, Gorman spent a few minutes with each girl explaining what they needed to do. It was during this time that Kasey and Kristine saw their chance to talk with the twins. Susan and Sarah were slightly surprised that the two foreign exchange students would talk with them.

"Susan, can you explain why that Chantel girl has a hate for you and your sister?" Kasey asked of the twin in the stall next to her.

Susan sighed and looked down. "It's because we're both second-chance cases."

"What is a 'second-chance case'?" Kasey pretended to not understand.

Susan looked embarrassed. "We're both on probation. We both have long juvie records. We get caught breaking the law again, we go back to Juvie. Juvenile Hall. That's the kids' jail. Only this time, it will be until we're eighteen and then it's off to the adult prison. So we kind of need to stay out of the Lipizzan Girls' way. The only reason we were able to take this class today was because you and your sister were here. Miss Gorman may not like the Varsity Dressage team, but she can only do so much."

"Why has the Headmistress not step in?" Kristine asked. Both were doing their best to maintain the cover.

Sarah answered. "Because Mrs. Gorman's boss, Mrs. Farley, covers for the teams is why. Every time someone tries to go to the Headmistress about the teams, they get a visit from the bitch is why. Farley protects them like they were her own kids. It doesn't matter what they do; Farley just gets things turned around, so that the one complaining sounds like the trouble maker."

"OH! It is like those movies; where the Rugby team are the bullies?" Kasey asked only to be greeted by giggles from Susan and Sarah. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Sis I think you mean Football team. Is that the correct sport?" Kristine said.

"No I am sure it is Rugby, not Football, Ange. Football doesn't have the same following as Rugby here in the States." Kasey's intentional use of the wrong sport had the desired effect in diverting the twins' curiosity.

"Excuse me Justina, but I believe the sport you are referring to as Rugby, is in fact American Football. Remember that here in America; we refer to European style football as soccer, and rugby as Australian Rules football." Sarah was quick to point out for both sisters.

"Oh, there is a difference? I will remember that. I keep forgetting that what we call Football you call soccer. Thank you Sarah." Kasey gave the girl a smile as she thanked her. "To us it’s just boys beating each other over a ball. So silly."

"Anyway, you are right about how things are here with the Dressage Teams. They are exactly like those teams in the movies, in part anyways. They aren't the only ones either. The Drill and Rifle teams over at SRMA, our brother school, are just as bad." Susan pointed out to the teens. "And if you want to stay out of trouble when we leave here, just say you're sorry to Chantel Henley and the rest of the team."

Kasey smiled. "Now why would we do that?"

"Si. Why should we apologize to a bunch of Cretins? Do you know who WE are?" Kristine could see that the twins were afraid of the Lipizzan girls and needed to play up their cover more. "Our family has NEVER run from a fight. The Carmen name is one of the most revered Military Families in all of Spain. Why, if our grandfather even THOUGHT we had run from a pack of Revolutionary Anarchists, we would find our bottoms on fire! Let alone, a bunch of little school piggy’s."

"Bullies Ange, not piggy’s, BULLIES. Remember what Anna told you about using the wrong term. Pigs are what they call firemen and bullies are the criminals in schools." Kasey knew that she was still using the terms wrong, on propose. The more Kasey used the wrong words the more Susan and Sarah laughed. "What's so funny?"

By entertaining them and showing strength, they would gain trust and confidence, therefore making them allies and assets.

“Not so much funny, but will I have to say this is wrong on so many levels it was funny, Justina. You see you called firemen, pigs. We don’t call firemen pigs. We only use that term for the police.” Sarah said with a smile.

"OH." Kasey and Kristine both feigned comprehension and nodded their heads.

They had sold their foreign exchange students cover perfectly. Now they just had to insure that they showed the other students that the Lipizzan Girls were nothing more than petty, over-indulged, spoiled little girls. More importantly, that those girls were just as vulnerable as anybody else was.

“Look, we like you guys, but you really need to keep a low profile with the Lipizzan Girls. Just stay with us when we leave here. We’ll go straight to the main office and withdraw just like they want. We do that and they’ll leave us alone. That is all they want any way. It’s not like we’re ever going to be better than them. Sure we’ll get into a good college or university but we’ll never be as good as those bitches.” The more Susan talked about how the other students felt when it came to the Varsity Dressage team the madder Kasey and Kristine felt. “Look I can see that you guys are pissed, but that is just the way things are here in the States. They got money and we’re just lucky street kids.”

“Are there any points between here and the main office where they would try to get us separated from each other or come after us as a group?” Kristine aske of the twins. The other four listened as Kasey and Kristine talked with the twins. They could tell that the ‘new girls’ were more than they appeared.

“Well, yes. It’s the breezeway between building one and three. Why?” Sarah asked in confusion. “Aren’t you going with us to withdraw?”

“Oh we figure that after earlier, the Varsity Team is going to make an appearance. Just let things happen and say nothing. Just leave those Lipizzan cunts to us. Oh we’re going to the main building, but we’re not going to withdraw from any classes. No, we’re going there and filing a complaint against them.” Kasey told them all. “As for what happens in the breezeway, you didn’t see anything.”

Even though Kendra and the other former slaves couldn’t say anything about the ‘new girls’ they smiled and nodded their heads. When Susan went to argue Kendra put her hand on her shoulder and shook her head no. Then pointed to Kasey and Kristine making the trust them sign.

Kasey leaned in and whispered. "Trust us. We can hurt them in ways they won't believe."

“Okay ladies let’s have a look at those stalls.” The girls all went quiet and waited for Gorman to inspect their work. When Mrs. Gorman had inspected each stall and horse she was proud to find that all were up to standard or better. “Very good ladies. Now you have an hour before dinner go get cleaned up and rub this salve into your muscles. Trust me, it works far better than Ben-gay or Icy-Hot.”

Mrs. Gorman knew that these new students would be 'feeling the saddle', as the saying went, later that night. As the girls were leaving Mrs. Gorman noticed that the two foreign exchange students broke off and took a different route than the other girls. It was as if they were setting themselves apart from the others, on purpose. With this thought in her mind, she started to follow them. She was stopped by the stable office door opening and her boss stepping out.

“Mrs. Gorman, a word.” The woman said.

Mrs. Gorman just sighed and headed for the office. “What is it now Mrs. Farley?”

“I saw what happened earlier with Chantel. I also saw that you were going to interfere with what is about to happen. Those girls need to understand their places in the world. The Varsity team will make sure that they understand this fact. As for the others, they need a reminder of their position here at the school. Remember, you’re only here at MY sufferance. You forget that I can fire you and not have to go to our dear Mrs. Scarlet. Unlike YOU, that old woman needs me here to help keep up the school’s accreditation. REMEMBER Gorman, as of right now; there are only seven teachers in this school that carry the needed accreditation to keep the doors open, and you’re not one of them. As for the other six they are ALL indebted to me or the families of the richer students here. Our Headmistress may have hers, but she alone can’t keep the doors open. You would do well to remember this fact. Now let MY girls handle these little shits.” Farley’s arrogance let Gorman know that she was the one in power. Gorman knew that she had to abide by the Horse Mistress’s orders. At least for now.

“Yes, ma’am. Will that be all?” Karin Gorman fought to keep her tone even.

“Yes I believe it will. You have been properly schooled as to the way things are now. You can go.” Alice Farley may not have the money of her old friend Patricia Gilroy, but she would always be loyal to the woman. After all; Tricia had kept their high school love affair secret for more than thirty years.

Karin stopped at the door and looked back. "You might want to reconsider about positions on the team. I have a feeling what you want to happen, won't go the way you think it will."

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" Alice Farley glared.

Karin shrugged and walked away. "Just a feeling."

Across campus in the breezeway between buildings one and three. Chantel Henley, Mary Sue Gilroy and the rest of the Varsity Dressage team were waiting for the eight beginners to show up. When it was just the twins and former slaves who walked into the breezeway, the team members were confused.

“Where’re those two wetbacks?” Mary Sue snapped. When neither of the twins answered her, she grabbed the one closest to her. “Look you little juvie skank; I asked you a question. Now where are those two Mexican whores?”

“Right behind you, puta. Now you want to let our friend go?” Kasey didn’t even try to hide her scorn or contempt for the Dressage team. All twelve members of the Varsity Dressage team turned to face the two teens. “You cunts didn’t really think that we would just walk headlong into a trap did you?”

“Who the HELL do you think you are?!” screamed Chantel.

“Oh just the people who are going to put you stupid cows in their place. We're your BETTERS, of course.” Kristine told them with a smile.

Chantel snarled and looked over at four of the biggest members of the team. “Stacy, Michel, Tiffany, Carmen; put these upstarts in their place. No! Put them in the hospital!”

As the four girls advanced on Kasey and Kristine, the two smiled. For the past two days; the teens had silently waited and plotted this moment. Kasey more than Kristine had been waiting for this moment. As the teenage members of the Black Badge team moved forward to face off against the Dressage team members, Kristine thought to remind Kasey to take it easy on them. So using Italian Kristine whispered to Kasey. “Remember sis, nothing permanent.”

Oh I remember sister dear. Kidneys, hips, thighs, knees, and lower back. I will hold back, just as much as you do.” Kasey had faced her fair share of alpha assholes before running away from her former life. As a poor kid going to one of the higher end schools in Dayton, Ohio; Kasey was faced with class discrimination. More than once she had been ganged up on by the school alpha bullies.

When the six girls clashed it was not pretty. Kasey faced off against the bigger two girls of the four team members. Kristine seeing this, started to giggle. When all four team members stopped, Kristine really giggled. “Do you four really believe that two on one odds are fair? Justi, they actually believe that they have the advantage!”

Kristine’s taunt had the desired effect as all four girls rushed her and Kasey. Kristine struck first; drawing first blood by dislodging one knee with a side kick and causing involuntary bladder release with a kidney strike. Not to be out done; Kasey dropped her two with a kick to the hip joint, followed by a loud pop, and a body-throw followed by an arm-bar. To further get the point across, Kasey twisted until the shoulder popped. The screams of the four girls sent chills down the spines of the Dressage team. The last eight members of the team had never faced such viciousness.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!” screamed Mary Sue.

“Oh just someone who has no use for degenerates and low lives. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot who I’m talking too. Let me dumb it down for you fat, ignorant cows. We are the granddaughters of Colonel Rodrigo Carmen; Attaché to the Spanish Consulate, Washington, D.C. Our family has faced down everyone from Communist Revolutionists, to Franco Socialists. You, and your little club here, are nothing to the likes of our family. As for what we are, it is simple. Someone you’ll NEVER be.” The scorn and haughty attitude Kasey used were perfect for a Castilian Lady.

“WHY YOU LITTLE CUNT! NO ONE TALKS TO ME THAT WAY!” Chantel rushed Kasey only to find her world view suddenly changing. The next thing she knew was pain as her shoulder was wrenched. Looking up from the ground; she saw the face of the younger sister with a cruel smile. The look on the girl’s face sent an icy dagger of fear through her chest. At that moment in time, Chantel faced her own mortality for the first time.

“We warned you to walk away. We tried to be civilized about this. We went out of our way to give you a chance to rethink your attitude. We tried to follow our grandfather’s wishes. To become proper ladies and not just another pair of Army brats. We promised our grandfather to behave ourselves and not use the training our father passed onto us. We just wanted to go to school and make friends. But you just HAD to push it.” Kristine was past the point of caring, just as Kasey was.

Now she knew what Kasey meant earlier. These girls only understood one thing; brute force. Something that Kristine had firsthand knowledge of. She had been the victim of that very brute force attitude by her step-mother.

“Angeles, let her go.” Kasey placed her hand on Kristine’s shoulder. “There is no need to cause more harm than necessary.” Kasey waited for Kristine to let go of Chantel before saying or doing anything else. Once Kristine stepped away from Chantel, Kasey leaned over her. “Understand something 'princesa'. We could have killed you, and your friends, and the only thing that could happen; is our expulsion. Maybe. Both my sister and I have what is known as Diplomatic Immunity, galapago. All the police, and even your Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, can do is demand we be sent home. By home we mean to SPAIN, not Mexico. Not that we would HAVE to go. Understand me now, this is your LAST chance. Next time we put you yappy little dogs down. For good.”

As the five girls lay there Kasey and Kristine looked over at the rest of the Varsity dressage team. “This is over, your friends need a doctor. Take some advice. We were never here, and they had an accident. Otherwise it will all come out in the wash. Your attack on us and our response. It will ALL come out.”

With that Kasey, Kristine, and the others walked pass the Varsity Dressage team. They all stood there in shock as the freaks, outcasts, and foreigners just walked away; all unharmed. The minds of the Dressage team just couldn’t wrap around the fact that there was someone here now that could hurt them and walk away. They were supposed to be untouchable not these nobodies, but that was how it was and there was nothing they could do.

“You bitches are going to regret this shit! When Mrs. Farley hears about this; you’ll be on your way to Juvie Hall, where you all belong.” Chantel spat out at their retreating backs. Which caused Kasey and Kristine to stop. They never looked back or turned around. However, their reply reached the ears of every member of the Dressage team.

“Drop it, or die. You push us and we push back, harder than you can. As for your dear Mrs. Farley; she is not as indispensable as you, or she, believe. Let it go or it will get deadly.” Kasey growled. "This is OUR kind of fun."

The cold harshness of Kasey’s voice left no doubt that it was not a threat. The fact that neither Kristine nor Kasey had turned around at the threat from the Dressage team made the other six girls look at them in wonder. Here were two outsiders that weren’t afraid of the alpha bitches. For some reason this made them want to be just as fearless. This one confrontation would have far reaching consequences for the alpha bitches and the Dressage team. None noticed Kasey stopped at a distance away and retrieve her cellphone.

Chantel had just pulled herself to her feet when Adaline Gilroy walked up. “I told you idiots to keep things nice and quiet. No! You go and start acting like a pack of over-indulged rich cunts! I told you to let a few of the second-chance cases on to the team. Everything I told you not to do; you’ve done! And WHY? Because you THOUGHT it was what mommy and daddy would want you to do! Damn it Chantel! FOUR YEARS! Wasted, because you couldn’t keep your ego under control.”

“What the hell are you talking about Adie?” Chantel was truly confused by her sister’s words. Wasn’t she doing what her mother wanted, destroying the creditably of Scarlet Boatwright and the other teachers. Making it hard for the juvie rejects and other freaks.

“God! You are all a bunch of dumbasses! You went and listened to those fuck-nut brothers of ours’, again. Now everything that mother and Miss Grace have been working on, for that past four years in secret, is now in danger of being exposed. Don’t you get it?! Bradly, Thomas and Stephen may have our dear little daddies’ objectives in mind, but NOT our mothers'. Why do you think I have been toeing the line like a ‘good little girl’? Who do you think REALLY runs the family businesses? It sure as hell isn’t our fathers. They only think that. Now pull your collective heads out of your asses and fix this mess.” Adaline turned to walk away, but not before giving her sister and the Dressage team a warning. “OH and by the way 'ladies'. That is an order, not a request. Fail; and it will be YOU in those South American and Middle Eastern whorehouses, not them.”

They all knew the threat that Adaline tossed over her shoulder, as she departed, was not an idle one. More than one woman had disappeared when she was a threat to the Henley or Gilroy families. Only to be found in some brothel, in another country. Months, sometimes years, later.

“How do we fix this?” asked Cathy Beachman.

“I don’t know Cathy, but we better get it done. For right now, we drop our beef with those two wetbacks. We quit rocking the boat with the other girls trying to get on the team. We play things nice and close to the vest. We go back to what we’re good at, blackmail. As for what the boys want us to do; the answer is simple. From now on, they’re on their own. They want to screw the pooch, they do it on their own. I don’t know what Adaline was doing here, but I am damned sure not going to buck her warning.” Looking at Chantel and Mary Sue, Bethany Cartwright made sure that they understood as well. “As for you two; get your little sisters under control and do it now. I don’t know what your mothers’ plans are, but you better find out fast. Because If you think you’re immune to that threat, think again. They’ll send your asses there as fast as they would one of us.”

Mary Sue, Savanah Gilroy, along with Chantel, and Alex Henley stood there in shock as the rest of the Dressage Team walked off. They couldn’t believe that they were being abandoned by the team. It didn’t fit into their nice little world. They were the top dogs here, weren’t they?

“I will make them all pay, for turning their backs on us.” She growled out. For Chantel it was the final insult.

“Drop it Chantel.” Began Mary Sue only to be smacked in the mouth.

“You will do as you’re told Mary Sue. As for those bitches; WE still run the school, not my sister. As for what my dear mommy wants? Fuck her!”

“Sis, you really can’t be thinking about going against mom?” Alex couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her sister.

“Alex, you can either fall in line and do as you’re told or you can run off to mommy. Understand something though. You do that and I will destroy you, just like I am going to do with those traitors.” Chantel knew she was on thin ice, but if she didn’t get her sister under her thumb; all her plans were done for.

“Sure sis, I get it. I’ll do whatever you want, just keep me out of the crosshairs. Besides, if you can put Adie in her place; all the better.” The spit in Alex’s voice left no doubt about whose side she was on.

Savanah River Military Academy…

Jimbo Stills, Marcus McAvoy, Stoney McFeeters, David Finley, Joshua Long, and Walker Lange entered the old study hall as they had been ordered to by Gunny. The six of them knew that something up, but what that was no one had a clue. All they knew was that Gunny stopped each of them, throughout the day, and told them to report to the old study hall after classes. All six young men were, at one time, hardcore gang members from different gangs in the Greater Columbia area. The fact that they could all now stand in the same room, without trying to kill each other, was a testament to the school.

“Hey Josh. You got any idea why Gunny asked us all here?” asked Marcus.

“Damned if I know Ratchet. All the Gunny said when I asked him was, that G-Shine needed to repay our debt to the school.” Joshua Long answered. “What about you man?”

“Almost the same thing bro, to the word. He just said that the Kings have a debt of honor and he was collecting.” Looking around the room Marcus started putting two and two together. “Let me guess. The Gunny told everyone here the same thing. That our old gangs owed the school and it was time for us to pay up.”

Everyone there and nodded their heads 'yes'. It finally clicked in the others heads as the words of Gunny made sense to them now. However, it was Jimbo Stills that put their thoughts into words.

“We got G-Shine, Two-oh-Three, Triple-K, Black-Rails, Five-Corners, Two-Notch and Forest Park all here in one room. Six of the meanest gangs in the Eight-oh-Three. Whatever the Gunny wants; we give it to him. How many of our bro’s has this school, and AEGS, saved from the joints? Hell, we all know that this is our last chance. How many of the others, that came through here, were last-chancers? We don’t know, only the Gunny knows that. Like I said; we owe, we pay. If the price for one more coming through this school is me doing time, than I’m fine with that. Anyone who wants to bail; do it now, before the Gunny shows.”

“Gunnery Sergeant Hightower won’t be joining us, gentlemen.” Bobby’s voice and words entered the room before he and Hunter did. Even before they could step foot into the room, all six cadets were coming to attention. Bobby stopped the order of attention before any of them could call it out. “At ease, gentlemen!”

Hunter and Bobby both smiled as the six young men relaxed, but didn’t shift from the At-easy position. The one up front, closest to Hunter, spoke up first. “Sergeant First Class Taugh, can you tell us why we’re here?”

“Gentlemen; of all the students, currently enrolled, at Savanah River Military. YOU all stand the most to lose. That also means you’re the ones with the most to GAIN, by a change in the status quo. Now that change can happen, or you can just let things stand the way they are. You want that change, talk with us and we’ll give the tools to take back YOUR school. Personally; I got a twenty, that says you bunch don’t have what it takes to be more than a bunch of gang-bangers.”

Hunter’s little speech had the desired effect. It pissed off the former gang members. The two deputies had worked the anti-gang taskforces, in more than one city. They knew which buttons to push and how to push them. Bobby looked at the six young men and smiled.

“Taugh, old buddy, I think you made them mad. In fact, I would say; that if they were given half a chance, they would slit your throat.”

Hunter knew that the next part held little danger to the two deputies. Pulling out a folding knife with a six-inch blade, Hunter walked up the biggest of the six. “Well youngster, is my friend right? Do you think you can kill me?”

The fact that Hunter was handing a knife to a known knife fighter, was all part of their plan. “Well? Don’t just stand there boy. Try and kill me. No, better yet; you get one good cut in, the rest of you can all go home. With CLEAN records. Don’t ask us how we’ll do it, but it will be done.”

Hunter smiled as Stoney McFeeters took the knife and flipped it open. “Okay Sergeant, you’re on. One cut and we all get a clean slate right?” Hunter just nodded. “Fine. It’s your funeral.”

Stoney lunged hard at Hunter. Only to find himself being flipped and the knife taken away.

“No, no. That is not the way to hold a knife. Here let me show you?” Hunter picked the boy up and placed the knife in Stoney’s hand the correct way, with the blade against the boy’s forearm. “Now this way; you can get both a slash and thrust this way. Now, come at me like you really mean it.”

For the next fifteen minutes, Hunter played with the gang-banger while giving him tips and pointers on how to use a knife. As the boy tired, Hunter and Bobby both showed why they were real soldiers. It didn’t take much time before the six former gang members realized they wouldn’t be able to touch Hunter or Bobby. They just didn’t have the training. Finally Bobby called a halt to the exercise.

“Alright Hunter; enough.” Hunter backed away from Stoney who stood there huffing and puffing. “Gentlemen; the reason why you six have been asked here, is so that we can give you the needed skills to survive a cold-blooded battlefield. A place where it will be kill or be killed. A battlefield that will leave you all with no choice, but to win or lose all. In short gentlemen, that battlefield is your school.” Bobby walked around Hunter to stand in front of the other five cadets.

“What in the world are you talking about, Sergeant Everbrite?” asked McFeeters.

“Straight to the point; I like that Cadet McFeeters. As for what we’re talking about, it is simple. In this school; there are a group of over-indulged fuck-sticks. Said fuck-sticks have been undermining your Student Council's authority. We also believe many of the teachers as well. They have been going out of their way to make things harder for the other second-chance kids in this school. Kids your Gunny, and the Old Man, have gone out of their way to try and give you all a better start in life to. Now we cannot as teachers get directly involved, because of politics and other bullshit. However; you six can.” Hunter explained to them all.

“Yeah and when it comes down, we get the shaft. You walk away; nice and clean. We, on the other hand, get sent back to juvie and then the pen. Not a lot to look forward to. Either way it goes, we get fucked. So, no dice Sergeant First Class. Don’t you get it? We get this one chance and one chance only. No way are we going to put that in danger by screwing with the Drill and Rifle teams.” Walker Lang felt that their position should be pointed out to the two Sergeants.

“Cadet Walker, do you know what Special Forces do?” Bobby asked him. When the cadet gave him a blank look, he scanned the others to find that same look of confusion on all their faces. “Special Forces are what is known as a Force Multipliers. We go in where others won’t and turn the local populace against the assholes in power. We train them in covert warfare. We teach them how to free themselves, and those they care about, from their oppressors. The SF motto in Latin is De oppresso liber. In English that means to liberate the oppressed. Right now, Sergeant Taugh and myself are looking for six hard-charging, ass-kicking, name-taking, no-holds-barred cadets to free this school from their oppressors. Do you gentlemen think you’re up to the job?”

“Oh. And if you’re worried about the Old Man, and Gunny, kicking you out for putting a bunch of rich cocksuckers in their places; don’t. You see, you’re all going to be acting, ON ORDERS.” Hunter told them.

“Um… Sergeant. Whose orders would those be?” asked David Finely.

Hunter smiled and pulled out six pieces of paper and handed them out. As the boys read the orders, none of them realized that the orders were real. Only they had been written long before all of them had been born and by a commander long dead. The catch was; those orders were, still to this day, being followed. The six boys huddled in the back and talked amongst themselves. After coming to a decision, they all turned to Hunter and Bobby.

Stoney stepped forward and spoke for the group. “Okay Sergeants, we’re in. What do we do now?”

----- to be continued -----

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