Old friend, New love - 2

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3. Chrissie returns

After the phone call, I couldn't get Chrissie out of my mind. I had come to use her mostly as a masturbating tool. The prospect of getting out of the closet, seemed to bring out the old urges and compulsions. They seemed stronger and more compelling than I remembered them. After a night with very little sleep, I went to my storage locker and loaded a cardboard movers wardrobe and two large boxes of Chrissie's things into the motor home. The next two days were spent sorting trough these. Few of the mostly 30 year old clothes would be of any use. I had put on weight (probably one of the reasons I was no longer comfortable presenting as Chrissie ) and most of the clothes would never fit me again. Also much of it was dated. I hadn't realized how many pairs of pointy toed stilettos I owned. I had memories of being pretty confident in heels, but trying them on again felt wobbly and insecure.

It was becoming clear that I would have no peace until Crissie scheduled a visit with Kate. So I called Kevin and scheduled a visit in two weeks. I would drive north on Monday, spend Monday night in a Walmart parking lot, then arrive at Kevin's Tuesday afternoon, transform into Crissie in his driveway, in the motor home and have a hen party with Kate that evening.

I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. I had to buy new cosmetics, foundation, powder, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, rouge, nail polish (and acrylic nails), even perfume, and practice with them. I had forgotten how involved the transformation was, and realized that it wasn't so much social concerns, but depression and the resulting lack of energy to do the transformation that had put me back in the closet. I washed my wig. I had many wigs, but the shoulder length brunette that Grace had finally convinced me was most flattering, had pretty much become Chrissie's standard, and I was pretty sure that is how Kate would remember Chrissie.

The choice on clothes was not as easy as the hair. While I managed to put together a few outfits that might work from the old clothes, I also did some shopping for new outfits. Back when we had known each other at the tri-S meetings heels and dresses had been pretty standard, even then real women were seldom seen that way except for formal parties, church, and a few jobs. We used to say you could pick out the GG's because they were the one in flats and pants. From what I saw of the TV scene on the internet, this had changed somewhat. The focus had shifted from providing a safe place to express our alternate persona, to helping us be comfortable owning that persona. Nowadays that often included blending into and being comfortable in the larger society.

Finally the time to visit Kate came.

The trip went uneventfully, and with a little help from the GPS I pulled into Kevin's driveway about 2PM Tuesday. He quickly came out to greet me. I gave him a quick tour of the motor home and offered him a beer. He protested that I was his guest and I should come into the house. I countered that Chrissie was Kate's guest and she had hardly let me get any sleep since the invitation. He relented and I opened a beer for each of us, and we sat to talk.

“This is a nice set up, how are you enjoying it?”

“It's still pretty new for me. I was on the maiden voyage when I reconnected with you. But so far I am finding it quite comfortable and enjoyable.”

“If I did something like that, my first thoughts would be adventures for Kate.”

“Until you reawakened her, Chrissie was pretty dormant. But she is anxious to get out of the closet now.”

“I'll get going then. How long does Chrissie need to get ready?”

“Good question, I'm not really sure, don't have much recent experience. It's 2:30 now why don't we shoot for 4:00. I'll give you a call when I'm ready.”

“Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing Chrissie again.”

“Not as much as she is looking forward to getting out of the closet.”

“OK then see you in a bit.”

With that Kevin returned to his house.

I began with a close shave. I had shaved my legs, underarms and chest the night before. Next I put on the nails. This was not the most practical approach, but helped put me in a feminine state of mind. Next the “very red” (that was the label on the bottle) polish, not the current fashion, but my archaic notion of sexy. I admired the nails as they dried and began to feel the tension relief that had once made dressing nearly addictive.

Next came a pair of pink nylon bikini panties. They were tight enough to be an effective gaff, yet the lace trim and little bow added to the delightful feminine feeling. Then came my 36B front hook, nude, under wire bra. This was from the old clothes and had been my favorite. My silicone enhancers had survived the storage in good shape and were added. Pulling in the loose flesh on my chest created a natural cleavage. This had been harder to obtain in my younger days. After I pulled on a new fresh from the package pair of control top panty hose I was ready to start on my face. The start was the Merle Norman Beige foundation, that Grace had found for me so many years ago. Next came a little blush and then powder to set the foundation, followed by white and sky blue eye shadow and black liquid eye liner, then mascara. The lipstick was very red, not the current fashion, but that of the Chrissie, Kate would remember. Putting the wig on, combing it and looking in the mirror at Chrissie. I'm not sure how much self delusion was involved, but I thought I looked pretty good.

I put on the ivory colored silk blouse and a white pleated skirt that came just above my knees. For shoes I settled on white skimmer flats. I checked the clock, 3:35. I added a bracelet watch, a silver heart locket, silver dangle earings, and an emerald ring. I checked everything in the mirror, combed my hair, decided all was OK. I called Kate at 3:45 and she said she was ready for me and to come over. I remembered to put on some white linen perfume, and left the closet.

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