Morning after the Night Before - Part 2

Morning After the Night Before - Part Two

After the transformations of Halloween, we continue to observe the changes to Samantha and Olive

Thanks once again to Cressar for taking the time to review, tweak and Edit the story the changes are subtitle and allow the story to flow more smoothly. Any miss read through errors of the story are all down to myself,


“Unfortunately,” Olive continued, “I appear to have misplaced the charger.” Helen just looked and laughed with Olive.

“Sometimes the obvious is just under your nose,” she said. “Here I am, a White Witch who can work on potions, yet the everyday so often eludes me. Wonder if it’s time to hang up the Witch Hat” she added with a giggle.

Needing the charger, Helen asked Samantha to pop into the town to purchase a replacement. Helen knew the railway station would be busy in town with the Autumn Rugby internationals, as the local Tourist Board had worked with the Hotels in the area to offer some discounted package rates to help boost the local economy already in recession.

Samantha was going up the town as a woman for the first time rather than as a transvestite and Helen decided she needed someone to go with her. This person just happened to be her son; some of this had been planned, although a day in town had not been on the agenda this early. Helen messaged her son to come over to his Gran’s.

“Samantha,” Helen voiced to get her attention, “while we get you ready to go to the town, my son will be joining us soon to be your companion for the day”

“Sounds interesting,” Samantha replied shyly.


Meanwhile Olive was sitting in her wheelchair trying to understand her new body and the differences between it and her former male one. Although the potion Olive drank changed her body inside she still had all his male memories. For some reason, Olive began to feel content with the changes; it was like this is who she should have been, whole and complete. Nothing to do with the potion, something had just turned on a light that had previously been off. With that thought coming forth Olive was instantly around 10 years younger than when the transformation occurred.

Mrs Granger was aware of the change and, catching a look in her eyes, smiled and nodded with a silent understanding.


Robert Cornwall knocked the front door and came in to the house. He looked around the room, went to his Gran and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi Gran, where’s Mum?”

“Just behind you” he heard his Mum say as she entered the room.

“Hi Mum, got your message,” he said, smiling.

“So, I see,” his Mum smiled in return. “Robert, this is the lady we were chatting to you about the other day.”

Stepping further into the room Samantha was standing behind her dressed to go into the town, wearing a short knee length pleated mauve skirt, matching loose top and, over her arm, a double-breasted raincoat. Wearing comfortable inch and half court shoes, she looked as if she was ready to do some retail therapy inside of just going for a replacement laptop battery charger.

Robert stepped forward to greet Samantha, both catching each others eyes, both felt a sharp intake of breath and a racing of their heartbeats.

“Pleased to meet you, Samantha” Robert said, a bit short of breath at the image in front of him.”

“Likewise, “replied Sam in a soft whisper.

“We’ll be away, then” Robert said to his Mum and Gran. “See you later in the day.” Leaving the house, they shyly reached out and took each others hands. Helen turned to her Mum.

“Been a busy night and morning and I need some sleep. See you shortly, maybe you both should get some sleep as well”

- - -

Mrs Granger watched the couple walk away and turned to Olive.

“Not much we can do until they get back with the charger, and get the names off your laptop. How are you getting on? Truthfully, Olive.” Looking up, Olive took her time to form the correct reply.

“Truthfully? I should be upset and angry… yet I am not. For some reason, this just feels right to me”. Mrs Granger, smiled at her.

“I thought there was something special about you the first time we met - you had a glow around you like a halo. I am also a White Witch like my daughter and this runs in the female side of our family, none of the males have this gift. Your halo had a pinkish glow and in that glow, I was able to observe who you are.”

“We mentioned last night not to look on this as a punishment,” she continued, “but as a learning opportunity, and given what we just chatted about, I feel you might just take the opportunity to become the woman you feel is your true self.”

What happens next to Olive? How will Samantha and Robert get on?

To be continued...

Thanks for all the feedback received on this story encouraging me to carry on with the lives of Olive and Samantha.

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