I saw Santa Kissing Who? Me? NO WAY!

Some gifts keep giving...

I Saw Santa Kissing Who? 


By Jerrie526
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

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Authors Note: Please forgive the passive voice this is written in. I tried to put this story into words and have not had any thought as to actual dialogue. I felt that I had to get the feelings out and do this in a first person internal narrative. It was one of those things that I felt that it had to be to get the emotions of the story across. I feel this was a good effort and exercise for me. Lately, I had been writing too much depression into my stories and I felt that it would be better to put a bit more positive into one. Thank you for reading this. ~Jerrie.
Editor's Note: This story was supposed to go up Christmas week but I forgot about it, partly due to a health emergency in my family. I'm very sorry. - Erin

I Saw Santa Kissing Who? Me? NO WAY!
It was an old cliché night as in an old story. It was Christmas Eve, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring and not even a mouse. Actually, that is not really true. I was stirring since I had nothing better to do with my time except to watch a new DVD I treated myself to earlier in the day. Because I was single and had no family to speak of, it was a typical night for me. No one around except for myself.

Half bored and knowing that I had nothing better to look forward to, I put the DVD in the player and pressed the start button when it appeared. It was a movie I had not seen in years and while some called it a “Chick Flick”, I called it something else. Another reason to cry over lost love. You see, I was young and married one time but my wife died tragically of cancer, just like Tom Hanks’ character in the movie did. We never had children because she died within six months of us getting married. It was too tragic for me and I never married again. I was twenty-two at the time of her death and now I am forty-four. Double the age I was and twenty-two years more miserable. My friends always told me, “Jason, you need to go out more often. We hate to see you alone and miserable so much.” To which, I would just tell them to mind their own business as I knew what I was doing.

I dwelled in my misery like I dwelled in my house. I worked as much as I could and that was to have a reason to stay out of the house we were given as a Wedding present by my parents. Since to them, it was a small thing. Being a small three bedroom house, it was hugely empty even for one of my age. You would have thought that it would be full of memorabilia from the past but I felt that anything from my wife would serve me no better than to make me more miserable so I gave everything back to her parents and let them do as they willed with it. I didn’t care what they did with it and as far as I knew, they threw it all away. I kept a picture of her on the wall to serve as a reminder as to what I lost.

The movie progressed well and I tried to lose myself in Tom Hanks’ misery instead of my own. Eventually, I fell asleep with the tears in my eyes while sitting in the chair.

Next thing I knew, I heard a HUGE clatter inside the house. I heard a small exclamation that the owner of tried to keep low, but I still heard it. I heard a slight rustling in the other room that served as my bedroom. Who was rummaging around in my room? I leapt to my feet to go confront the burglar that was invading my private reflections.

Silently, I went towards my bedroom. I was barely into the hallway that led to that area of the house, when the person appeared right in front of me. Much to my surprise, the figure was rather round but what shocked me even more was the bright red suit it was wearing. Trimmed with white fur and a matching stocking cap. It was none other than St. Nick or Santa Claus himself! He put a finger to his lips to silence the shout that I had brewing in my throat. Surprised, I uttered nothing. He silently came toward me and I backed away into the living room, not really trusting my eyes to what I was seeing.

The strange thing about him, was that he had no bag of toys over his shoulder nor a bag of any sort present. I made a decision to run to the phone and call 9-1-1 because I thought I was about to be murdered by some whacko who got his jollies dressing up as Santa Claus to commit his crimes. Before I could get to the phone, he shouted “Stop! I will not harm you. I have a special gift for you.”

That scared me even worse and I doubled my efforts to get to the phone. All of a sudden, my feet stopped moving and my legs felt like they were frozen in place. My upper body could still move but the rest of me refused to respond to my brain. Santa came closer to me, shaking his head.

When he finally stood in front of me, he said, “It is a shame to see the world in such states that people are afraid of anyone who might come into their house unannounced. I said I meant you no harm and I still mean it. You deserve a special gift because you have had a terrible life since your wife died. While it is of your own makings, the tragic loss of your wife, who you loved more than life itself, gave it its life. I would like to remedy that.”

I just stood there not really knowing what to do or even say. My jaw was practically hanging on my chest because of what he said. While I made no secret of my wife’s death, I did not advertise it to total strangers. There was NO WAY he could have known about my wife unless he was the real thing.

He continued, “Before I give you the gift, I have to show you something.” There was a twinkle in his eye that showed the merriment he was known for. He reached up to his face with his hands and somehow, don’t ask me how, pulled his face apart to reveal inside. The face presented to me was that of a woman! And a very good looking one too! She pulled the rest of the fat man’s face away from hers so that I could see her completely. She looked to be about twenty-five or –six, had huge expressive eyes of sea blue. Her hair was a medium brunette color, her lips were what could only be described as utterly kissable. Her complexion was probably the one that the definition of peaches and cream came from. Tiny shell like ears nearly hidden in the waves of her hair. The face of an incredible angel had been hidden away inside the face of Santa Claus!

As she let me take in her beauty, she started putting the face of Santa back into place. She never spoke a word while uncovered. Santa stood in front of me, whole as he was before. Beard and all. If I had been surprised before, I was even more so now. My lower jaw rested completely on the floor. He/she eased my mouth shut with the twinkle of merriment in his eyes. He knew he had my total attention now.

He then continued to talk, “Your gift is one that has been deserved for a long time. You will get a new life which will be better than the one you have now. You will be married and happy with children to raise as you see fit. You will be their guidance through life and your spouse will look to you with total love for the rest of your life. You can be assured of the longest time possible to be together and share your love. While you will remember your life from before, it will fade to the point it will seem like a bad dream. Now, I must ask if you would like to receive this gift.” He looked expectantly at me.

My mind was in a whirl. A new life? Love again? Children? I missed out on so much, like he had said. I found myself agreeing to accept the gift and I received a smile back from him.

“Now remember what you saw before,” he advised me. “This is not going to feel right to you but just keep the picture of the face you saw a minute ago in your mind. Just think about it. The gift will be given to you in a moment.” He stepped forward, put both his hands to the sides of my head and drew me forward. Seeing the bearded face coming closer to me, I tried to resist. Our lips met in a kiss. Somewhere in the distance, I heard a gasp as someone drew a breath in surprise. I was thinking about the face I had seen earlier and trying to imaging that that was what was kissing me. Would I have the person that face belonged to as my wife? I would certainly hope so since it would be so very nice to have that person as my spouse. The kiss lingered for quite a while. I started getting dizzy and the kiss ended. I could move my feet and legs again and I staggered back to my favorite chair and collapsed into it. The dizziness picked up. I passed out.


As I awoke slowly the next morning, I could hear what sounded like young children squealing in the house. The patter of little feet as they ran to my bedroom brought the awareness of the previous night. Shouts of “Momma, Daddy! You should see what Santa brought us!” I had not opened my eyes yet. I was smiling at the sound of the children. I felt bounce on the bed of the children climbing up onto the bed. More little shouts of “Come on Momma! Come on Daddy! Get up. Santa left you things too!”

A small body settled next to me and wrapped its arms around me. The little voice that came in my ears next startled me. “Wake up mommy, you have to help us open our presents. Wake up mommy, please?”

My eyes flew open and took in the scene around me. The room was differently decorated and as I turned my head to look at the child next to me, I felt a tugging of my scalp as my hair got caught under my shoulder. I had not had long hair before but now it seemed I did. But why did the little girl next to me call me mommy? I shifted and released my hair. A weight moved on my chest. I turned toward the little angel who was hugging me. She looked like a tiny version of the woman I saw wearing the suit of Santa Claus. Across from her was a little boy who looked to be a bit older and he was shaking the MAN on the other side of the bed. Things started adding up and I sat up quickly. The little girl was nearly thrown off me but instinctively, I grabbed her to keep her from falling off the bed.

There was a mirror on the door to the closet that showed the truth to me. The woman from inside the face of Santa was shown in the reflection. Her movements were echoes of my own. She was wearing an ivory colored satin night gown that displayed as well as hid the assets that were visible on her chest. The reflection was one that would be welcome in my bed any time but I was that reflection! Why would Santa make me that woman instead of letting me be married to her? I would never know that answer to that, or so I thought.

The man on the other side of the bed arose to the ministrations of the smaller copy of himself. He got up from the bed and groggily made his way to what could only be the bathroom. With a word, he shooed the boy away with the promise that he would be ready in a minute. I was feeling some internal pressure myself but I felt hesitant to do anything about it. The little boy joined his younger sister near me and they were both trying to get me up off the bed with pleas of “Come on Momma! You have to see what Santa left us!!”

I had to smile at their persistence. Both of them were so cute and my heart felt a tremendous surge of love for them both. “Alright you two, Momma’s up. Let her go to the bathroom and she will be right with you.” I had to do a double take over what I had just said. Had I accepted this change too quickly? I did not feel uncomfortable as I was but things were a tiny bit off from what I had been used to. In all, things felt ‘normal’ to me. I could still remember everything that I had been prior to last night but yet at the same time, I remembered things that I had no way of knowing. I remembered that my name was Janica Mathews and my husband’s name was Roger and my two children were named Jason (Jason?? That was my old name!) and Trina. The boy was six years old and his sister was five.

I even remembered Roger and my wedding as well as giving birth to the children. My parents, (my real parents!) were still alive and as a bonus, they were younger than they had been the last time I had seen them. My siblings were all there still, having never died. It seemed that Santa had given me a great gift. I had my family back, I had a loving husband and I had two darling children that I loved with all my heart. I sat back down on the bed and swept the kids into my arms and started crying hard. I cried out the relief I felt over being part of a family again as well as having what had been denied me so many years ago. The children were a bit perplexed as to why I was crying but they left me alone but held on to me since they were trying to comfort me as best as their little hearts could under the circumstances.

Roger came out of the bathroom to see this sight. He looked on us with puzzlement, not knowing what I was crying about. He caught my eye and cocked an eyebrow in question. I could not tell him what it was about but I did say it was a mother thing. He could only shake his head in wonderment. I dried my tears, stood up, grabbed the house coat lying near me and went into the bathroom for my turn. After I was finished, using the memories that I had now, I went back out to join my husband and children. We went out to the living room to be confronted with a moderate tree with a HUGE amount of presents underneath it. I glanced at Roger and he looked like he was in awe of it himself. I could only smile to myself. My memories or the night before as Janica told me that we had put a lot of presents under the tree but not nearly as many as there were there. Santa Claus had indeed been there and left a bunch of presents for us. I even noticed an envelope resting on one of the branches of the tree that had ‘Janica’ written on it. I walked over to it and picked it up. I quickly opened it up and inside it was a photo of my current self and Santa Claus kissing underneath the mistletoe. Puzzled, I flipped it over to see if there was a date on it. No date but it did say, ‘Good luck in your life. Santa’.

Roger and the kids wanted to see what I was holding and Jason suddenly piped up with “Now I know why we have all the presents. Mommy found Santa and gave him a kiss. He liked her so well that he had to give us more.”

Trina, not to be outdone, said, “Yeah, and I saw her kiss him too! He was so nice to her. But I din’t want to let them know I saw. I thought it was Daddy playing Santa’s helper.”

Roger was the one that was silent for a moment before looking me in the eye. “Don’t tell me you saw Santa last night. Please?” He seemed totally incredulous over the possibility.

I tried to figure out what I could say but nothing I said would be believable so I felt that the near truth would work. “Well, yes, I did see him. He said that he had a special gift for me and that I would see it in the morning. So far, I am not sure that the picture is the special gift so I think we need to start opening our presents. Honey, would you do the honors in handing them out? Please?”

Roger got down on his knees and started sorting through the mass of packages and handing them out one at a time to each recipient. There seemed to be a never ending supply of them but eventually, the mass was gone and each person had a pile of different things in front of them. The children had the lion’s share of gifts but that is the whole purpose of Christmas. It gets them interested in the religious aspect of things and hopefully makes them want to learn a bit more about why we celebrate Christmas.

The rest of the morning was spent in close togetherness with me mostly learning a bit more about my new family. Around 11:00 the doorbell rang and I got up to see who it was, since Roger was playing with Jason on one of the games he received. When I opened the door, my parents were standing there looking at me with smiles on their faces. Even though I knew they were still alive now, the shock of seeing them caused me to burst out crying again. This time in joy at seeing their faces and hearing their voices. After all, they had been dead for fifteen years ever since the drunk driver hit and killed them when they were going to see the new baby my youngest sister had just given birth to. I just stood there crying and holding on to them for dear life.

To me, the sun had come out from behind the clouds or I had come out from a hole in the ground. It had been so long since I had been able to think clearly and now that I was able to do so, I realized how deeply in depression I had been. It was the brightest light I had seen in so long and the heavens seemed to have opened up for me.

The rest of the day saw all of my siblings as well as Roger’s family coming over to visit with us. All of them brought food courses with them and we had a grand and glorious feast. I truly enjoyed myself for the first time in years.

As the day wound down and everyone seemed to filter out of the house on their way home, it finally came back down to me and the other three of my new family. The kids were tired but they seemed happy after being able to play with their cousins. I gave them each a bath that brought things closer to the point that I would rather die than to see anything happen to them. I thought to myself, ‘Please God, let that other life really have been a bad dream. I do not think I could survive any longer with that life.’

Once I was able to put the kids to bed, I was able to spend time with Roger before we went to bed. I was so happy to be with someone, I wound up clinging to him as if he was a life preserver. I cuddled so tightly to him, he once asked me if I was feeling ok.

My answer to him was that I was feeling fine and that I had never felt better. We eventually wound up kissing and I felt myself growing warm with arousal. We stopped our cuddling and made our way to the bedroom we shared, after making sure that the house was secure.

I felt some trepidation as to going to bed with a man but my new memories kept me from going berserk trying to get away from him. After we were in bed, I prepared myself for welcoming him into my body as well as my life. I surrendered myself to him totally. The sex we had that night was not just sex, it was love. I went to sleep that night with the glow of several orgasms permeating my body as well as the feeling of love that I had for my man. If I woke in the morning and found that this day had been a dream, I would probably survive but I would more than likely go out and see if I could find a partner to share the rest of my life with. Exhausted, I finally fell to sleep and dreamed many happy dreams that night.

Morning came at its appointed time and I found a weight on my bed pulling me into the middle of it. Opening my eyes, I found a small female figure lying between me and my husband. Next to her was my son. They had managed to squeeze between Roger and I during the night and fell asleep that way. I had received my answer at last. This was not a dream but reality. The other miserable existence had been the dream. I could finally get on with my life and live it to the fullest.

So, the next time I see Santa, I will have to make sure that I thank him for my wonderful gift. It has been three weeks since that wonderful visit from St. Nick and life could not be better. I finally found out what my most special gift was. The love making that Roger and I shared Christmas night has blessed us with a new life. I just found out I am pregnant and I am so happy that I could just cry. I won’t but Roger will be so surprised when he gets home from work. Life could not be better.

The End

Note: TG Magical Transformation Christmas Rated-M
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