Aunt and Cousin

(Since I will be typing it a lot in this DP = Disney princess)

The car drove away as seven-year-old Jimmy started walking towards a clean white wooden door to a very modern looking house. Although the house was very modern looking it was quiet small. He walked up and rang a doorbell and waited for a response. Very soon after the door opened and a young women stood there. It was his aunt, she was 29 and had beautiful black hair that stopped at her shoulders and was quite fit.

“Jimmy” she said then knelt down and gave him a large hug which he returned.

Jimmy had only met her a a lot of times and had stayed over at there place quite often, though the last time he had stayed over was a nearly 8 months ago now. He also knew she had a daughter around the same age as him and he got along with extremely well.

“Hi auntie” he said then she ushered him in.

He walked in and looked around at the house. The colour layout was mainly black and white but it looked beautiful. The room was a huge as it held the living room and the kitchen. One thing he noticed straight away was the a what looked like a babies’ playmat with a Disney princess pattern to it.

Jimmy looked in awe at the placed her would be staying for the next two weeks. He felt an embrace from behind and saw aunt Lyra hugging him.

“It’s so nice you’re here Jimmy sweetie, Paige was so excited to hear that you’d be staying here, as was I” she walked around in front of him and kneeled down to his level.

“So was I aunty” I smiled back “I’m happy to stay here too, can I see Paige?” he asked.

“Oh yes yes of course” she stood up, just go down the hall to your left and it’s the second door on the right, it has princesses on the door, I’ll be in the room next to it doing some work soon” she pointed in the direction.

“Thank you auntie” I smiled and grabbed my bag and walked down the hall.

As I walked down the hall I was filling with excitement, I always enjoyed playing with Paige, she was so much fun. I came to a door that had ‘PAIGES ROOM’ on it with pink wooden blocks and a Disney princess sticker on it, Paige still loves Disney princesses, I can’t complain as I do as well.

I didn’t bother knocking and instead opened the door right open. In the room Paige was on the ground and playing with dolls. She was wearing a pair of Disney princess satin boxers and a DP tank top. She was 8 years old, and like her mother had pale skin and black hair and was in good shape for her age and was completely flat on her chest. Paige saw Jimmy standing there and instantly jumped up and embraced him.

“Jimmy” she said as they hugged.

“Hey Paige” I closed my eyes and welcomed the hug.

She pulled away but kept her hands on my shoulders.

“How have you been?’ she asked.

“I’ve been ok, though I’ve been really looking forward to the week I get to spend here” I smiled and sat down, she copied and did the same.

“Me to, it’s going to be so fun” she threw up her arms in joy.

“Um, but Paige, why are you only in your underwear?’ I asked and she quickly blushed.

“Oh, I must have forgotten to get dress, I was playing with my dolls. You don’t mind do you?” she asked.

I really didn’t mind. I always considered Paige my closest and best friend, we had so much fun together, more fun than I had with my male friends. When I hanged out with her we always did girl and boy things, though more girlish than boy but I didn’t mind.

“Anyway, mummy said you could sleep in my room while you stay here” she said, that was something I wasn’t aware of though.

“Really, usually I stay in the guest room” I didn’t mind. Sure the guest room was warm and large, but Paige’s room was nicer.

Her room was that of a usual 8-year-old girls, purple walls, plenty of princess and fairy pictures along with a large double bed with a DP duvet on it.

“Yep, since it’s school holidays she doesn’t mind us talking, just as long as we don’t stay up too late” she clapped her hands and had a wide smile, as did I.

We kept talking and catching up, we ended up playing with her DP and Barbie dolls, something I always seem to do when I was with her. I enjoyed it so much and I loved choosing outfits for the characters. One thing I noticed about her room that was different from the last time I was there was a large piece of furniture covered in what looked like a large pastel pink blanket. I decided to not ask about it and maybe ask Aunty later.

Finally, we heard a knock on the door.

“You two having fun?” she walked in and saw us on the ground playing dolls and smiled.

“Yep aunty, thanks again for letting me stay here” I said.

“I also told him about him sleeping in my room” Paige spoke up.

“Oh you’re right, sorry Jimmy I forgot to tell you, you were just so excited to see Mrs underwear over here” she looked over to Paige “You might want to get dressed sweetie”.

“I will in a bit mummy” she said and stood up and walked over to her chest of drawers.

“Ok, well come to the kitchen when you have, I’ll have some snacks ready” she closed the door behind her.

“What do you think Jimmy?” she turned around and I could see her naked front.

The bit caught me off guard. She was holding up two different pairs of panties, clearly for me to choose for her. I did my best to look away from her but ended up looking at the underwear she was holding. One was bright pink with dark pink stars on it with Belle pictured on the front with frills around the leg holes. The other was bright blue with white swirls on it with Elsa on the front.

“Um, the Elsa one looks pretty” I said and pointed to it.

“Hmm ok then” she began undressing.

I quickly turned around, not really wanting to see my cousin naked. I was slightly confused by all that, she had never asked him that kind of question before, and he’d never seen her just laze around in nothing but her underwear before, was she feeling more comfortable around him.

“Ok, you can turn around again” she said.

I did so and she was wearing the blue panties along with a matching tank top. She was pulling on some white tights and had a soft red shirt on her bed. She got dressed and grabbed my hand to take me to the kitchen.

“Come on” she attempted to drag me with her.

“Hang on, I wanna unpack some stuff first” I said.

“Oh alright” she turned around to me and looked at her clothing, the tights looked really cute.

She went on without me, leaving the door open. I made my way over to my bag when I noticed the pair of boxers Paige had been wearing earlier was laying on it. I picked them and realized how nice they felt.

“Wow, they feel really smooth” I ran my thumbs over the nice fabric “And they look pretty nice” I added.

“Having fun?’ a voice asked.

I jumped and dropped the underwear back onto my bag. I turn around and see my aunty leaning against the door frame with a smug smile on her face.

“Oh um, I was just moving them off my bag” it was half true.

“Really? You really seemed to have been admiring them, would you like to try a pair?” she walked in and picked up the boxers, it sounded like she was joking.

“No” I denied it.

She giggled “Alright sweetie, now go have some snacks, Paige is waiting”.

I walked out the room and into the kitchen. Paige was sitting at the counter on a stood eating some crackers and cheese.

“You get it all unpacked?” she smiled and gave me a plate of food to snack on.

“Mmhmm” I said with a mouthful of food.

She giggled and I did soon after. A minute later Aunty walked into the kitchen and spoke to us.

“Alright darlings, I’m going to do some work, you guys stay in here and watch some tv, ok” she smiled.

“Ok mommy” Paige said and finished her food.

“Yes mo- I mean aunty” I blushed hard.

“It’s ok sweetie, you can call me mommy as well” she ruffled my hair.

I nodded.
Paige and I ended up sitting on the floor in front of the living room tv on a pink baby mat, watching a show she really liked called Sofia the First. I ended up really liking it. Her mommy had managed to get a lot of the episodes for her, along with every princess film on blu ray.
As the time ticked on the afternoon heat got to us and Paige began stripping her tights off.

“Paige, what are you doing” I looked away.

“It’s hot and these tights aren’t helping” she pulled them off, leaving her with just her tank top and panties on.

“But I’m right here” I pointed out.

“So, you saw me in my boxers earlier” she shrugged. “You should copy me, it’s warm in here” she got up and began looking at the blu rays.

She was right, until now I was wearing track pants along with a t shirt, and it was really warm. In the end I decided, why not and began taking my pants off. Underneath I was just wearing my typical black underwear. I sat cross legged next to Paige and began watching Snow White. Next to us we had our drinks managed to drink a lot before the end.

The film was nearly finished when I felt the need to pee. I didn’t want to leave yet as I wanted to finish it, the idea of just asking Paige to pause it didn’t even cross my mind. I held on for the last 15 minutes, when the credits started I was desperate to go.
I got up to go, but Paige was faster.

“I need to potty” she said and quickly took off to the bathroom.

I screamed on the inside and tried with all my might to hold on, but I failed. I felt and heard the pee rush out of me and onto the tiled floor underneath me. It was a lot and a tiny pool formed under me and dribbled down my leg.
I started to cry a little, I hadn’t had an accident it years. It was at this moment Aunty walked to where we were, she instantly saw the liquid around me.

“Oh no, Jimmy, did you have an accident?” she knelt down to my eye level with a loving smile, she wasn’t angry or anything.

I nodded and wiped away the tears, but they came out faster than I could wipe them away.

She hugged me and rubbed my back “It’s ok baby, shush shush” she whispered in my ear.

Aunty knocked on the door “Honey, open the door, Jimmy had an accident” she announced, my grew red; I didn’t want Paige to know about this.

The door opened and Paige saw the mess I was in “Jimmy what happened?’ she asked.

“Jimmy here wet himself, I’m going to give him a wash ok, come on” she patted Paige on the back and all three of us went in.

Soon a bath was running and Aunty told me to strip. I stood there and waited for them to leave, but the didn’t budge.

“Jimmy dear, we aren’t leaving” she laughed a little “I’ve seen it all before and Paige won’t mind”.

I slowly began taking my shirt off then ghosted over my underwear. Taking a breath, I pulled down my underwear and quickly covered my privates. This in turn caused the two girls to laugh.

“Oh sweetie, it’s ok, really” Aunty moved over to me and gently moved my hands out of the way, showing off my privates to her and Paige.
“Oh, you’re a bit small aren’t you honey” Aunty cooed to him over his shoulder.

After she had had her fun with her daughter giggling the whole way she finished the bath and motioned for me to hop in.

“Paige why don’t you hop in as well since it’s full?” Aunty looked over to her.

“Ok Mommy” Paige in one motion stripped off her tank top and dropped her panties and stood stark naked.

“Really, I’m fine as it is now” I covered my eyes to not see her naked.

I heard her get in the bath and moved to me “Come on Jimmy, it’s not so bad, it’s alright to see each other naked” Aunty said and I felt a tap on my hands over my eyes. I move them and I’m instantly greeted by the sight of Paige in front of me, a smile on her face.

“Alright, you two wash up, I’ll be back in a bit with some new cloths for Jimmy” Aunty smiled and left the room.
Paige leaned over and grabbed a wash cloth and dunked it in the bath to wet it. I got a look at her bottom as she did so and I had to avert my eyes.

“Hey Jimmy” Paige said.

“Yea, what’s up?’ I looked at her, trying hard to not look below her neck.

“Let’s wash each other’s back” she gave a huge smile.

I at first was against it, then realised that if we did I wouldn’t have to look at her “Ok” I said and turned around.

I heard her moving closer and began gently washing my back. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Soon though I felt her hand move down with the cloth and I felt the cloth rub on my bottom. I jumped up a little and gave her a shock by accident.

“I-I can wash myself there ok” I said and she giggled.

The rest of the bath went on uneventful, with me washing just her back and then cleaning of my privates, after having to tell Paige that I can do it myself. The two of us hoped out and I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist, Paige did the same and wrapped a towel around herself, but like me and only around the waist.

As she got dressed I saw the pile of clothing Aunty had laid out for me. A white top and black shorts, the thing that caught me off guard was the underwear, it was the pair of boxers that Paige was wearing earlier today.

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