Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 72 (Final)

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Gene's Story
or How I Gained a Cousin

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen to change your life and the way you look at things


The days went by like minutes and soon it was time to pack. We were originally going to hire a limo, but Steve insisted he would chauffeur us to the airport and pick us up when we arrived home. What a sweetheart!

I packed two sundresses, a skirt, several different colored tops, and two pairs of jeans. To go with them I added black low heel pumps, cross-trainers, and I'd wear a pair of boat moccasins on the plane. I figured there would be a laundromat, so this would be enough for two weeks. I couldn't wait to see what the fashion plate would pack.

Ginny surprised me, she packed almost the same amount as me! Her colors were brighter, her skirts were tighter, but three pairs of loose jeans made sense. We could buy what we wanted, or forgot.

Tina and Kevin came by to wish us luck, thank goodness on different days. Tina still didn't know the whole story. She thought we were going to Australia to visit relatives.

Our itinerary was taken care of by the clinic once we reached Los Angeles. We would fly on South West airlines from Boston to LA. Once in LA we would fly Thai Airlines in their Royal Silk business class; this would allow us to sleep reclined. We would be met at the airport in Bangkok and taken to the clinic and hospital. The hotel was a three minute walk away.

That evening I don't know who was more nervous, Ginny or me! I was pacing back and forth, reading my book for a few minutes and then putting it down. Ginny was glued to the television channel surfing with the best of them.

We ate a light supper, Caesar salad and a thick Progresso chicken soup. We headed for bed about 10pm knowing we needed to leave at 6am to have our clearances done before our flight boarded.

At 5.45am I heard a horn blow outside. Fearing I'd see a red pickup truck, I peaked outside. To my surprise, it was a black BMW four door sedan, with Steve standing beside it, wearing a huge watermelon grin on his face.

“Were you expecting a dirty job truck?” he shouted, waking half the people in the condo complex. “I'm no smuck you know.”

I carried the suitcases while Ginny locked up, both of us laughing.

Steve put them in the trunk, while I got in front and Ginny hopped into the huge back seat.

Steve drove off, heading for the departures terminal at Logan Airport.

“I bet you can't believe this day has come, can you Ellen?” he said.

I gave his arm a slap and said, ”Quiet, or I'll describe the procedure!”

“No, not that, I'll be good.” he laughed.

“I know what he meant Ellen. This has been a dream of mine since I was in the 8th grade Steve; I still have to pinch myself from time to time,” said Ginny.

At this time of the day, traffic was relatively light, and we pulled up in front of Southwest Airlines check-in in record time. Then we went through the TSA scanning. I breezed through, but Ginny was held up for a full check.

OMG! She's using the phony passport. I held my breath, she went through!

I turned and walked slowly toward the lounge, allowing Ginny to catch up.

We sat together, “Ginny that was the phony passport Steve had made-up.”

With that she fainted. I woke her with a small capsule of ammonia the clerk gave me.

“She's okay,” I said, “First term pregnant, and no breakfast.”

You should of seen the look Ginny gave me.

For the rest of the flight to Los Angeles, she was the 'fragile pregnant girl', what service!

It was even funnier when, after landing the flight attendant asked if Ginny would like a wheel chair. After that, I kept teasing her about her weight.

Soon we heard an announcement from Thai Airlines calling us to pick up the white courtesy phone.

Ginny trotted over to a boarding counter for the phone; soon her head was nodding up and down. I heard her say “Okay, we'll stay here and wait for you.”

I walked over and asked what was going on. She shrugged, “A golf cart will be here to pick us up, and get our luggage, then drive us across the terminal to Thai Air.”

“Wow what great service. They must have a connection with the Phuket Hospital.”

In no time, we saw a golf cart with revolving yellow lights coming towards us.

A smiling young Asian man stopped and helped us onto the cart, Ginny in the front seat. I handed him our luggage tickets, and whoosh, off we went!

In five minutes he found our luggage, put it on the bed behind me and headed for the far side of the terminal building. If we had had to walk, it would taken us at least forty-five minutes. The cart cut that down to fifteen minutes of sight- seeing.

The driver assisted us with checking our luggage again and process our tickets and seat assignments.

In no time the Thai Airlines 780 began boarding, and we were shown to our “Royal Silk” business class seats. These were like First Class seats on other flights. They converted into beds, no sleeping in a crowded seat for us!

The flight attendants went though their routines with the seat belt and the oxygen mask, and pointed out the special seats with jet-slides.

Soon we lifted off, heading for Bangkok. Now Ginny was nervous, constantly chewing gum, and tapping her foot. I felt so bad for her, I didn't tease her; instead I suggested she have a nap, while I watched a movie.

In a few hours the attendants came by asking what we would like for dinner. I chose roast chicken, Ginny chose a shrimp dish. After talking awhile we both went to sleep for the rest of the flight.

In no time we landed and taxied to the terminal. As we deplaned, a beautifully dressed young woman ran up to us and said she was here to manage Ginny's journey for the next week.

We were driven to the clinic where a dozen forms were placed in front of us to read and sign. Ginny was told the next day would be spent having tests and interviews, and if things were alright, surgery the following day. This had our heads spinning, they certainly wasted no time. As we left, we were told a car would pick us up at the hotel at 8am local time.

The original car and driver brought us to our hotel room, where all our things had been put away. Ginny changed and washed off her make-up first, this allowed me to take my time a bit.

“These folks don't fool around do they?” Ginny said “From the plane to the clinic to bed in no time.”

It was next morning but it seemed like ten minutes had gone by when the room phone rang, saying our ride had arrived. Whisked to the clinic offices first, the assistant and Ginny talked prices and procedures and Ginny wrote out a check for $30,000 like it was for a rent payment.

I was glad I brought my Kindle Fire to read; Ginny disappeared for two hours having tests and measurements done. I had dozed off a bit when she returned and said “Lunch time, we'll go to the cafeteria here.”

It was a Burger King! We ordered Whoppers with cheese and fries. I went to the Ladies and then found a table, while Ginny picked up our tray.

After we finished eating I asked if she was done for the day, but she said no, she still hadn't met with the surgeon yet, and would like company.

I gave her a hug and said “Lets go.”

We returned to the receptionist's desk to find a beautiful nurse waiting for us. She led us to the doctor's office, and took Ginny's weight and blood pressure, just like home!

We met with Doctor Phuket who gave Ginny her time-table for the next week.

At 7am she had to check-in with Surgery. Her operation was scheduled for 9am; hopefully, she would be awake by noon, and would be moved to Recovery. At this time, she could have company and a little water. The next day, some of the bandages could come off, and the rest was up to her recovery.

Doctor Phuket gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying, “Don't worry, I've done this hundreds of times, you'll be fine.”

We walked back to the hotel, deciding to eat there, then hit the hay. We both got Chicken Divan with green beans and roast new potatoes. As soon as we finished we returned to our room.

This time we really looked at it. Beautiful wall paper, handsome furniture, and Oriental carpeting. Definitely not a Motel 6!

I went with Ginny in the morning to hold her hand until she entered surgery. She was given an intravenous drip in the back of her hand, and something to relax her was injected into it.

A nurse in scrubs came for her, and she was wheeled away, after I gave her hand a big squeeze. I decided to stay in the lounge area to wait.

“Hello Ginny,” said the surgeon. “Can you slide across onto the table? Great! We are starting the anesthesia now. I want you to count down from ten, soon............................”

This is the end of Gene's journey into womanhood. Ellen and Ginny will return. Karen.

This story wouldn't have been possible with out the help and guidance of Bronwen Welsh

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