Educational Justice -chp4

Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


Chapter 4

Akin, South Carolina, 1500;

Maria looked out the window of her office at Southern Costal Transport and heavy freight. Of her more economic companies, the trucking firms were the big money makers. She smiled as the limo pulled in out front. She could tell by the stance of Anna and Shawna that her granddaughters had done something to upset them.

"I can't wait to hear this one." Maria just chuckled as the two women stormed her office. "I take it that my granddaughters did something that was either very brash, stupid, or both Anna. So which was it?" she never turned away from the window.

"Madam Maria I cannot answer that question. To tell the truth I don't know which way it goes." Anna admitted.
Shawna just snickered.

"Tell me what they did Anna." Maria kept eyes on the parking lot. She knew from the way that Anna was acting that her granddaughters went in hard instead of easy. Anna's explanation of what they did only confirmed her thoughts and feelings.

"So, they confronted the Queen Bees of the student body not ten minutes after entering the school. They weren't even registered yet and have pissed off those who thought they were their betters. Your granddaughters did so on purpose Madam. That made themselves targets straight out of the gate. It was not the way they were taught. They acted nothing like your students. It was as if they abandoned their training all together." Anna knew what the girls were doing. They were acting as bait, not as assassins.

"Good." Was all Maria said.

"WHAT?!" Anna asked in shock.

Once again Shawna snickered.

"Answer me this. Did they confront these Queen Bees as American teenagers or as a pair of Castilian Ladies?" Maria asked turning around finally.

"As if they had stepped right out of the old Spanish Courts, Madam." Anna answered truthfully.

"Then they set the stage for the perfect play. Now tell exactly what they did and how they did it." Maria ordered her longtime friend and employee.

Anna recounted. "We were walking through the hallways towards the main office to enroll them in the school. The two of them were speaking to each other in Russian, flawlessly I might add, to keep what they were saying to themselves. We had just passed a group of girls; the ones they confronted. When a few of those girls made some vulgar comments about Russian students. Kasey stopped and turned to the girl who had called them a pair of whores. Then it was as if a pair of TRUE Castilian Ladies straight out of the old Courts stood before me. Their arrogance and manner were a thing of beauty and ugliness. Even I wanted to smack them I'm afraid to admit."

"So my granddaughters have set their cover and made themselves targets at the same time. This is both a good and bad thing. Good in that their cover is now without doubt and bad as they have secured the position as targets so soon. Shawna, by your amusement, I am assuming you understand what they have done and why?" Maria asked looking back out the window.

Shawna nodded. "They went classic Special Forces and are attempting Force Multiplication. By becoming a problem for everyone's enemy, they endear themselves to the local populace and gain support. I believe they saw an opportunity to advance their operational time frame and took it. The girls may not have fully understood what they were doing, but it is something that Bobby, Tiffany, Rodrick and Lyssa would have done."

"I see. We must trust their judgement, Anna. I am not their only teacher. The girls are learning many different ways to solve problems. As assassins, as spies or as soldiers. One way would be a very direct approach. Another would be from the side. I, too, have been learning that sometimes the way soldiers or spies approach the enemy is preferable." Maria turned away from the window and faced them both again. "Shawna, thank you for bringing down the extra suits for Samantha and Annette. I'll make sure that they'll have the needed supplies for any cover they need to take."

"No offense Madam Maria, but there is no way you could have foreseen something like this. I mean, who in their right mind goes looking for trouble in a high school for shit's sake. I wouldn't have." Shawna admitted. "Its not what we do."

"Thank you Shawna for trying to spare this old woman's feelings, but I missed something very fundamental in law enforcement. I will never again let myself forget or overlook this principle. Crime may not pay, but it does pay the bills. As such; Law Enforcement must always be ready to spend the needed funds to offset their short comings." Maria let the displeasure of her mistake and the conviction to never make the same mistake twice be clear.

As she stood there looking at Maria, Shawna remembered a conversation she had with Lyssa about the older woman before her a few months back. "Shawna never forget that Maria DeMarco comes from one of the oldest criminal families in Europe to ever exist. She will not look at matters the way we do. She will always be a Mafia Donna first and an Operations Officer second. She was the head of one of the most powerful Criminal Organizations in the world. Maria 'the Dove' DeMarco may have retired from the Criminal and world stage, but they still respect and fear her." Shawna now knew what Lyssa was talking about.

"Seeing as you have things well in hand, Madam Maria, I will be heading back North. Have fun with the local yokels, but not too much fun." Shawna smiled and waved as she walked out of Maria's office.

"So Madam Maria, how shall we proceed?" Anna asked her employer and longtime friend with a sly smile.

"Why Anna; if I didn't know better, I would swear that you are looking forward to this little ruckus." Maria answered with her own smile.

Anna smiled. "It has been sometime that I have had the pleasure of walking the night with you Dove. Shall we let the children know why you're still the head of this Family?"

"Yes my old friend, I believe we shall." The two women started to laugh at the old joke. It was a laughter that had not been heard in decades. The last time it had been heard two whole Organizations were wiped out before daylight the next day.

Girls' dorms, Akin Equestrian Girls School;

"Alright young ladies, this will be your room while you're with us. Now remember, you cannot hang anything on the walls with nails or thumb tacks. You have two hours to get settled in before the evening meal. Remember to be in the line by no later than five-thirty p.m. If you're not in line by then, you'll have to wait until morning. Those are THE RULES ladies. I would suggest that you read the handbook you were given by the office. Seeing as how you're sisters, the main office has decided against MY better judgement, to place the two of you in the same room." The Dorm-mother droned on totally oblivious to the two teens.

If she had turned around and even glanced at Kasey and Kristine she would not like what she would see on their faces. It was taking all of Kasey's and Kristine's willpower to keep from killing the woman. With well practiced control, the two teens schooled their faces to show nothing more than blank emotion when the Dorm-mother finally turned to face them.

She droned on. "Now as I was saying; you girls need to get your bags unpacked and settled in. I will be back in one hour, to inspect your room. I expect you to have your beds made and at least half of your clothing put away. You have until eight this evening to have all of your bags unpacked. At that time I will collect them and store them with everyone else's. I don't know what type of home life you had before coming here, and don't care. There are no personal maids or other domestic servants here. You clean your own rooms and do your own laundry girls. We don't cater or spoil the young ladies that are enrolled at this school. I expect you to take care of your own room, at the set standard. Lights out is at ten p.m., I expect that this will not be a problem. I don't want to find you wandering the halls after curfew. I catch you; it will be a week's detention, mucking out the stables. Now that you have the ground rules, I'll leave you to take care of your chores. And ladies, I meant what I said about breaking the rules of this dorm. You break them; you will face the consequences."

Kasey and Kristine just smiled malevolently at the Dorm-mother as she left. Once the two girls were alone, they got to work. They first popped open the attache cases and took out the scanners. Quickly they searched for electronics, finding none. It was safe to talk. They made their beds and quickly unpacked their bags. As they worked, they discussed how they were going to deal with the Dorm-mother.

"Miss Langley is going to be all over us sis. We're going to have to be careful, in more ways than one." Kristine pointed out first, making it a point to speak in Spanish and pointing at the door and motioning someone could be outside listening.

"I know that sis. However, we got a bigger problem on our hands. She wants to store our bags somewhere else. Somewhere that we cannot get to easily. There goes our hardened lockboxes and all our PPWs." Kasey said, using Spanish, before pulling the bedspread up on her bed. "We need to find a way to hide those here in the room somehow."

Kristine having already started to unpack the bag in question looked at the lockbox. After going over to the door and making sure it was locked and bracing a chair under the knob, Kristine returned to her bag. Opening the lockbox she noticed that it was secured by four gullwing speed screws. Opening her attaché case, Kristine found what she was looking for. With nothing more than a smile, a tension bar, pick, and a little hard work Kristine lifted the hardened lockbox from her bag. Kasey seeing what her younger sister was doing; quickly followed suit. Once both girls had the lockboxes separated from their bags, they smiled at each other.

"Ange, I have to say that you're getting to be a bigger thief than I am. What made you think of using the lock-picks?" Kasey asked.

"To be honest Justi, it was the only thing I could think of. It was like what uncle Hunter is always telling us, you know. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. There are no problems, only solutions. I think the best place we can store the lockboxes is under the floorboards of the lockers." Kristine said and pointed.

Kasey thought about what Kristine said then smiled. "That was smart thinking sis. However, we need a better place to store the lockboxes than under the locker floorboards. Let me look at something." Getting down on the floor Kasey looked under the bed and then sat back on her heels. "The box spring is missing the felt cover. Give me your lockbox."

After placing both lockboxes in the underside of the box spring Kasey stood up. "Alright that is taken care of, now we just got to ensure their security. Get one of the button cams out and tack it the far corner of the room sis. I'll take care of the booby-trap on the lockboxes. Oh and set up a mic too."

As Kasey was setting an improvised dye pack to the two lockboxes, Kristine placed a button cam that would cover the whole room then one of the mics. After ensuring their security as much as they could, the girls took a few button-cams and bugs and left their room. As they walked down the hallway to the nearest restroom, they placed two button cams in the hall itself covering both directions. Once in the restroom, they place a button cam and pin mic in the air-conditioning vent. It would cover the door and the vanity area. The mic would cover any conversation in the room, including the showers.

After returning to their room the two teens, began to plan out where they needed to place more of their surveillance equipment. The handbook had come with a fold-out map and a small page map that could be carried until familiar. They both agreed that the classrooms would be a waste of assets, along with the hallways of the main building as they were already covered by security cameras. It was the restrooms and teachers' lounges that needed to be covered first. After that it would be halls and individual rooms in the dorms.

"Justi, I know that the Major told us to give Kendra and the others a wide berth for now. But do you think that we can get one of our button cams to cover their floor?" Kristine felt bad that her friend had been targeted the way she had been, and wanted to do something about it.

"I figured that you would want to do something Ange, but we follow orders, for now. We keep our distance; make ourselves the biggest target in the school. We make the bullies come to us. Then we set them to rights with a life-altering beat-down. That might be the better way to help them. Oh, and as far as I am concerned, broken bones are NOT off the list. I know what Prima Lyssa and the other adults told us about keeping our cover. The problem is, they all grew up in a different time. The only way we're going to change the minds of some of these princesses, is to send them to the hospital. For now though, we need to find out who the leak is. That is our primary operation goal. The bullies are secondary. Helping your friend Kendra is not worth blowing our cover for now. However, we do this the way I'm thinking we should, we get a chance to help them on the side. You know, indirectly." Kasey could tell by the look on Kristine's face that she did not like the idea of leaving Kendra on her own, but it had to be done.

Kristine nodded with a sigh. "Okay Justi, we'll do it your way. What I want to know is; how the bullies are getting away with this shit? Did you clock the number of cameras in the hallways of the main building? Then there is those classroom cameras. I counted at least two in each room we were shown. The only place that I can figure out where the bullshit is going down; is the dorms. Only that doesn't make any sense, not with the dorm mothers being on each floor like they are and watching."

"Sis you're forgetting about the stables, gym, dance studios, the track field, and the show rings for their dressage, breaking, and jumping competitions. Not to mention all the changing rooms for those different classes and sports. Then you add in the fact that one out of ten of these girls live here year round. More than ten percent of the student body is emotionally vulnerable and prime targets for bullies. It wouldn't take much either to bully any of these kids. In some ways this is not much different from Juvie jail." Kasey pointed out.

Kristine gawked at her. "Damn sis, you really have looked at this from the point of view of the bully. How did you get this cold?"

"Sis, I love you, but your background never really put you in the crosshairs of a bully. The schools you went to had security measures in place to stop them. The ones I went to were poor and filled with some of the most deadly gangs in the city. Then you add in the usual jocks and other dipshits, you learn fast where to avoid to keep your hide in one piece." Kasey had never really talked about where she grown up before joining the DeMarco family. The fact that she was now telling Kristine about part of her past, had the younger teen's attention.

Kristine sighed. "Okay. Seeing how you have more experience in this area, I'll follow your lead sis. So, how do we go about finding these areas?"

"We won't have to find them, sis. When we get to dinner just follow my lead. We're going to find a table of outcasts. Once we do that, we sit down at their table and let them tell us where to avoid. As for finding the outcast table, that will be EASY. They'll be off to one side, by themselves. The 'beautiful people' will be in towards the center of the room. The closer to the center, the more popular they'll be and most likely our bullies. What we need to do is get with the outcasts and make sure we become the targets for the bullies." Kasey explained.

"Okay, I understand the whole being bait bit sis. What I want to know; is why we're going in so heavy?" Kristine asked.

"When we first arrived sis, I was all for following Grandpa's plan of staying out of the spotlight. That changed with those bitches in the hallway. They're going to be the first ones to come at us. They have to come after us or they lose all credibility. Papa and Prima Lyssa would do something like this. Probably Uncle Hunter, Miss Tiffany and Mister Rodrick too. After we put them in their place, their so called betters are going to have to come at us. Sooner or later one of them is going to make a mistake. Then we really go in hard, heavy, and put them down. Now did you see the one girl in the office working the desk as a receptionist?" Kasey recalled.

Kristine nodded. "Sure. What about her?"

"She is most likely one of the insiders. She'll have already made copies of our papers. I figure she'll be passing them off to whoever is the Queen bitch around here, just before or just after diner." Kasey informed her sister.

Kristine shook her head. "Damn sis, we really need to work on your trust issues."

"WHAT do you mean MY trust issues? You're no better than I am. I'M not the ONE walking around with socks filled with QUARTERS stuck in her bra." Kasey argued back and for effect, poked at the side with the improvised weapon.

Both teens started laughing at Kasey's joke. Kristine and Kasey had started the Chrysalis program like Shawna, Krystel, and Tiffany, but like Mindy, were going at a slightly slower pace. Neither girl had problems passing, but they weren't quite done yet. For them they would take two years to go from start to finish. The problem that Kristine had was, she didn't have the same headstart in development that Kasey did and like all young girls her age with an older sister, she stuffed her bras.

Kasey finally said. "The adults would say that we're in enemy territory; so we shouldn't trust anybody, but us."

"You're right, they would. Come on sis. It is almost time for dinner. And unlike you, I need to eat something." Kristine smiled and headed for the door.

"Just what does that mean little sister?" Kasey growled. "Are you saying that I am fat or something?"

"Not at all my dear elder sister. Only now that you mention it, you could stand to lose a pound or two." Kristine giggled.

The two teens laughed as they walked down the hallway. It didn't take them long to find one of the first bully traps. Like most multi-story buildings, the dorms of AEGS had stairwells along with elevators. Most of the students used the stairs as the elevators were 'reserved' for the 'pretty people'. The penciled in graffiti let the two teenage operators know what was going on.

To those who were not part of the 'in crowd' the elevators were off-limits. That is unless, you wanted a beat down. This pissed Kasey and Kristine off more than anything else so far. Not only was the graffiti in plain sight, but one or more of the Dorm-mothers had to be allowing it to go on.

"Let it go for now sis. We'll deal with them, once they have shown themselves as the cowards that they are." Kasey told her kid sister softly in English.

"But Sis, one of the Dorm-mothers has to be in on this mess, for them to be getting away with this. We both know that. The question is why the Dorm-mothers are letting it happen?" Kristine hissed back.

"The answer is simple sis. They KNOW who the bullies are and they are afraid of them, or their families. It is that simple." Kasey had dealt with this type of bullshit before and knew the signs. "Our bullies are the daughters of some rich asshole who is pulling the strings."

"So we now know who and what to look for. Did you get a text off to Nonnina? We could really do with any information she could give us." Kristine knew that their grandmother would have something for them by now.

"And we need to watch it from here. Too many ears are about little sister." By switching back to Spanish, Kasey let Kristine know what needed to be done and how they needed to act.

"Yes sister, I understand. Have you heard back from grandmother yet?" Kristine asked in Spanish.

"Not yet, but then I doubt that it will be long before she gets back to us. I figure she'll contact us after dinner time. She is more than likely trying to get Mamas, along with Papa and Uncle, up to speed on the local politics. That might be where our main target is." Kasey looked up as the shy girl from the hallway passed them by. "Hola Señorita allí. ¿Tienes unos inutos?"

The girl's eyebrows shot up at being spoken to then asked. "Excuse me, but do you think you could repeat that, in English?"

"Oh! Sorry about that. I have been talking with my sister and I forgot to speak English. But could you help us find the dining hall, please?" Kasey asked the girl.

"Oh. Yeah sure, but when we get there; you need to act like you don't know me, okay? You don't want the Lipizzan Team marking you as an outcast." There was real sadness in the girl's voice. A sadness that both Kasey and Kristine picked up on fast.

"Oh? You have REAL Lipizzaner horses here?" Kristine asked excitedly. She knew that the school couldn't afford those rare horses.

"Oh, no, they're just American Whites, but that is the name the Varsity Dressage team call themselves. Only the really rich and popular girls get on the Dressage team. As they're the only who can afford it." The shy girl answered them. Letting them know who their real target was.

"So can you tell us your name? I mean it seems rude to keep calling you 'hey you' or 'hey girl'." Kasey said making the girl smile.

"Oh, yeah. I guess that was rude of me. I'm Lisa Conroy. So what's your names?" Lisa held out her hand to Kasey.

"Justina Carmen and this is my younger sister, Angeles." Kasey answered, highly accented, with with a smile of her own. "Now can you tell us why someone as sweet as you is avoiding the bitch squad?"

"H-How did you know that?" Lisa asked with wide eyes.

"When we first saw you this afternoon Lisa, you were doing your best to act like a part of the furniture. And just now, you told us both to stay away from you once we were in the dining hall. Look, I can tell this is upsetting you, but just answer the question; so we don't make the same mistakes please?" Kristine told Lisa.

"Well, I just don't know. I first came to this school last year. My father and mother wanted me somewhere safe and out of the way. It is for the best that I'm here. This way, they can do their jobs in the State Department. They're both members of the Ambassador to Germany's staff." Those last three words triggered Kasey's and Kristine's full attention.

"Did you say that your parents are part of the American State Department, in an American Embassy?" Kasey smiled at her. "Wow, you're like us! Only our Grandfather is at the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C."

"Um, yeah. But all that did, was get me the attention of the Lipizzan Teams. Those bitches hate anyone that even comes close to out shining them. If they can't twist you to their way of thinking, they'll make your life here a living hell. Before you ask why no one goes to the Dorm-mothers or the teachers about them, the answer is simple. The number one and two sluts for the team are Chantel Henley and Mary Sue Gilroy, with their younger sisters coming up behind them. All the teachers are afraid of them. They can do whatever they want and nobody says a damned word to them." The more Lisa tells them the more that Kasey and Kristine put two and two together.

They share a hidden smile and slight nod. "So the best thing we can do is; keep our head down and try to be invisible. Is that what you're telling us?"

Lisa nodded. "In a nutshell, that is EXACTLY what I'm telling you. Look, you really don't want to be seen with me. If the Team sees you hanging around with me and the other Outcasts, they'll target you too."

Lisa really thought she was helping the two new girls. What she didn't know was HOW she really was helping the teens. As they walked into the dining hall Kasey and Kristine stayed with her as they entered the serving line.

"Okay. If you want to be stupid, don't say I didn't warn you." Lisa told them with a smile.

"Lisa we don't need their approval. Or anyone else's for that matter. They want to come at us, then that is just fine. It won't be the first time we have had to deal with the Alpha bitch crowd. As for these Lipizzan Girls; they're nothing but the newest patch of sluts we've dealt with." There was a note of defiance in Kasey's voice that let those around her know what she felt about the Dressage Team.

The whispering was ramped up and her words spread quickly.

Lisa looked at Kasey in awe. "Where are you guys from?"

Kristine had been waiting for just this moment and knew when to strike.

"Oh wow, we never really introduced ourselves. My sister and I are the granddaughters of Colonel Carmen. Military Attaché to the Spanish Ambassador to the United States. As for home, that is Molina de Aragon, in the Castilian region of Spain. It was once known as the home for the Kings of the Spanish Courts. We are what you Americans call an 'old money' and military family." Kristine proclaimed proudly in heavy accent, practically singing.

Kristine had no sooner finished that, the whispers were going wild. Not only were the new girls actually defying the Varsity Dressage Team, they were acting like a pair of Royal Ladies. This was so not good in the eyes of most of the student body. Kasey and Kristine could see it in the eyes of those closest to them. They knew that word would soon reach the Varsity team and all would be put in motion for them.

Across the hall sat a group of fifteen girls dressed in white blouses, tan jodhpurs, and knee high riding boots. In short they were the Varsity squad for the Dressage team. Mary Sue Gilroy was biting her cheek to hold her tongue. However, her younger sister Alex was pissed off.

"That's them sis. Those are the sluts that got in my face this afternoon." Alex snarled.

"Shut up Alex. You were the one to open your mouth in front of an adult. Now we need to deal with your mistake. How many times has mother and father told you about making an ass of yourself in public." After chastising her younger sister Mary Sue turned to Chantel. "Chantel, you work the office tomorrow morning. Get me their schedules. We need to know when and where they'll be by lunch time. We need time to plan their beat down. I won't have a pair of foreign sluts making us look bad." Looking back over at her sister and her three friends. "And you four better make sure that they don't walk away from the beating. Break their damned legs and make sure that they walk with a limp from now on. It will send a message to the rest of the school."

"What message is that Mary Sue?" asked Chantel knowing exactly what it was. She too, knew that they had to nip this in the bud, before it got out of hand. They had been slowly working towards controlling the school for the past year and were not about to let all their hard work go to shit.

"That we are the ones that control this school, the county, and by extension the State. As it stands right now, just one more Electoral College vote and we control the State. How are you doing on the blackmail for the Johansson girl, Monica?" Mary Sue asked.

Monica Mares smiled in a wicked way. "Two to three days more and I'll have everything edited and ready. The little bitch will be in our pocket by sundown. I figure she will be able to get her Daddy to vote the way your parents want Mary Sue. What I don't understand is; why they're so set on owning the schools? What does it benefit them to own these schools?"

"My dear, stupid, cousin think about it. At the end of this year, there will only be Alex and Tara here and that will be for only two more years. How many families send their kids here or across the road? Families of wealth, power, and influence. If we control these schools, we control those kids. By controlling them, we control their families. Control those families and our families will control the South. Control the South and you control the country. We're not like those stupid LOG party dumbasses, running around drawing attention to our cause. We do things the right way and work in the shadows. That is all you need to know Monica."

Rosewood Apartment Complex, Akin, SC 1745…

The two pickups pulled in one behind the other. Samantha and Annette were the first to exit their truck. Bobby and Hunter quickly followed not far behind them. The two women smiled at the men. For Sam and Annette, seeing the boys in uniform that just turned the girls on, especially Bobby. As they walked up the stairs to the two apartments they all paired up in teams of two to keep their covers.

Bobby with Sam and Annette with Hunter. When they were in front of their respective apartments the women looked at each other.

"Let's get together for dinner later Annette. We can compare notes on our schools and the classes we're all teaching. Sound good to you Hunter?" Samantha asked.

"Yeah, sure thing Samantha. I know that Bobby and I had some real meat-heads in our classes today." Hunter said loud enough for the neighbors to hear. They all knew that somewhere in this complex were the thugs that were targeting the teachers of the two schools. Looking up and down the breezeway Bobby flashed the hand sign for them being under surveillance. It didn't take the four deputies long to spot the poorly hidden cameras and pin mikes. Once inside their apartments the deputies double-checked each room to make sure there were no cameras or mikes.

When they found none they knew they were safe to a point. With this in mind they decided to keep up the teacher covers. A half hour later, Hunter and Annette knocked on the door to Sam and Bobby's apartment. Once they were let in, they let the talk turn to what they saw in the school. Only they did it as four teachers. When Anna showed up with the spare clothes for Sam and Annette, they greeted her like an old friend. Once the clothing had been delivered, Anna said her goodbyes but left them with a note for where they could contact Maria.

Once they were alone again, the team opened one of the laptops and went into the secure operations mode. There they found an email from Maria. In it was a list of addresses for safe houses, bolt holes and fall-backs. They also noticed that Kasey and Kimberly had also received the same list. This made the four Deputies smile. They now knew for certain that the teen members of their team were in play. They also found an invitation to a party over at Southern Costal Transport.

It didn't take them long to get changed and get on their way to SCT. They used both trucks for the drive over. On the way, they opened the radio link between the two trucks. Hunter was the first to comment.

"Okay, what the hell is going on? We weren't even in the apartments twenty-four hours and their already covered. I know I had one of those fucking little wannabe Ewing bastards in my American History Class. Did any of you have the same?" Hunter asked.

Sam answered. "Both Annette and I had their sisters at one point today. What about you Bobby?"

"Yeah. I had a few of them as well. It doesn't make any sense to me guys. With the amount of money the Gilroy and Henley families supposedly have, those kids should be going to one of those upper-echelon schools down in Charleston. Not out here in the sticks. It just doesn't add up guys." Bobby remarked.

"OH SHIT Bobby, it DOES add up now! Until a few years ago, most of these kids WOULD be in one of those uppity schools. However, when Mama helped out both schools after the market crash, the standards went WAY up. They went so far up, that AEGS and SRMA are now the Premier Boarding Schools in South Carolina. Anybody, who is anybody, is going to send their kids here. It was something Mama went out of her way to make SURE happened! She wanted these schools to be the top schools in the Carolinas. Now if you have money, or power, you send your child to one of those two schools. Holy shit! I think I just figured out what is going on here people!" Annette told them all then shut up quickly.

"Well? Don't keep us in suspense Annette. Fill us in already." Sam snapped.

"Just wait until we get to the SCT offices, sis. I'm sure that Mama wants to know this as well, along with the Major. I have a feeling this is reaching further than just county level. If I'm right; this goes all the way to the Statehouse and Governor's seat. I wouldn't put it past these people to be using the children of those schools." Annette said.

They all shut down their radios and drove in silence. This was one time they had to gather more Intel before going further. Annette may have a gut feeling, but gut feelings aren't enough for a warrant. They may no longer need them, but they would always be deputies and would not go after someone without probable cause. To get that, they needed Intel and evidence.

Maria met the four of them at the doors to SCT and showed them inside. There she introduced the two teams to the other schools' heads. The men to Scarlet and the girls to the Colonel. As they walked around the room, the four deputies noticed there were more than a few of the local business owners in attendance to Maria's little party. When asked how the two couples rated an invitation, Maria decided to play the hand of opportunity.

"Oh they've worked under a family friend for the past few years. When Thomas asked me to look for teacher positions for the Sergeants and their wives I just had to talk with Scarlet and Charles. I just knew that they would be able help them out." Maria made sure that every last owner knew who they were and were they came from. Towards eight o'clock the party ended and after seeing her guests off Maria ushered the four deputies into her private office. Once there, she set about taking care of her real business. "Report."

"Yes ma'am. At zero-seven-thirty this morning, Deputy DeMarco and I entered into undercover operations at the Akin Equestrian Girls School. At some time during the afternoon hours, the Gemini assets arrived at AEGS. As it stands now, we have yet to ascertain who the primary players within the schools' student body are. However, deputy DeMarco has a possible scenario behind the attacks on the schools." Sam started off for them all.

"Both Deputy Taugh and myself have found that there is a strong contingent of local Ewing wannabes at the SRMA. Also, these same Ewings have sisters at AEGS. Madam Maria, it is mine and Deputy Taugh's belief that Deputy DeMarco has the best explanation so far for these attacks." Bobby had no sooner finished than Hunter took up the briefing.

"Ma'am, we have also come to the belief that the Major needs to be appraised of the situation. Once you hear Deputy DeMarco's theory, you'll understand ma'am. It really does make the most sense so far. And I am afraid it also has more extenuating consequences than any of us thought for these two schools." Hunter had been thinking about what Annette had said during the drive over to the party.

"Alright Deputy DeMarco, what has your fellow deputies so pissed off?" Maria asked her daughter.

"Ma'am, you really need to get the Major on the line first. I don't want to try explaining this twice. Once you have heard me out, you'll understand." Annette didn't want to play the mommy card, just yet. She wanted Maria to trust her more than anything else on this. She wanted Maria to see that all her training was paying off.

Maria nodded her head and dialed the secure phone number that Paul had given her. After placing the call on speaker Maria sat back and waited. She didn't have to wait long as Paul answered the phone on the second ring. "Dannigan, go."

"Major, I have the Black Badges with me in my private office. There has been a development in the case already. One that Deputy DeMarco is insistent that she explains." Maria let the pride she felt at her team fill her voice.

"Well DeMarco, I'm waiting." Paul's gruff voice and manner didn't put Annette or the others off.

"Sir. It was Deputies Everbrite and Taugh that gave me a possible scenario for why the schools have been targeted. Both schools are, at this time, the top boarding schools in all of South Carolina. Until a few years ago, most of these kids would be in one of those uppity Charleston boarding schools. However, when mama helped out both schools after the market crash, the standards went way up. They went so far up, that AEGS and SRMA are now the Premier Boarding Schools in South Carolina. Anybody, who is anybody, is going to send their kids here. It was something mama went out of her way to make sure happened. She wanted these schools to be the top schools in the Carolinas. Now if you have money, or power, you send your child to one of those two schools. Those are families of wealth, power and influence. If they control these schools, they control those children. By controlling the students, they control their families. Control those families and they have control of South Carolina. Control South Carolina you control the South. Control the South and you pretty much control the country. They're not like those stupid LOG party dumbasses running around waves flags with a full band to a bullshit cause. They want to work in the background, pulling the old puppet master routine. Even more so than when Vassago was trying to pull that after the fall of the LOG. That or they want to be king makers. As for proof Sir, I am afraid that is going to take more time." Annette finished.

Paul asked her to explain. "How is it you came to this conclusion Deputy DeMarco?"

"Sir, as Deputies Taugh and Everbrite pointed out, they both have a few of the local Ewings in their classes. Well, Deputy Justice and I both, also have a pair of Ewing princesses in our classes as well. Like I said before, it is the schools that they ultimately want. With their children on the inside, acting as bullies and spies, the parents can work towards forcing a sale of the two schools. It is my belief that there are two families behind all the problems in this area, but again I lack evidence to prove my point. All I have is conjecture and well Sir, I don't know how to say this other than, it FEELS right." Annette blushed when she finished. The fact that she was embarrassed admitting this fact in front of her mother did not go unnoticed by the other deputies.

"Madam Maria, do you have any local Intel that would contradict Deputy DeMarco's theory?" Paul already knew, deep in his own gut, that Annette was right in her belief.

"Major, as much as I want to refute my daughter's theory, I am afraid that she is correct. Thanks to a local contractor, I was able to obtain information on two power-broker families in the area. It seems that the Gilroy and Henley families have been working to secure their places in the history of the South, for far longer than I care to contemplate. It seems that those two families have their fingers in more than a few pies. The one that has my attention the most; is their political ambitions. For what I have been able to cobble together so far; they are the power behind the city councils of two major cities in this county alone. I have also found that the M.O. of these families fits with the current attacks on both schools. Unless either undercover team is pulled; I believe we can expect at least one, possibly two, professional hitters to arrive in the next three to four days. That is, if they don't arrange for one team or the other to have an accident." Maria had no sooner finished than Paul was asking the next question on everyone's mind.

"Madam Maria, who would be the most likely hitters for that area?" Dannigan asked.

"The Campbell brothers out of Miami, David Stanley from Atlanta, Stewart Wright in Atlantic City, Susan Morrel also from Atlantic City, Annette DeMarco from Toledo. But of course, that hitter is no longer an option." Everyone laughed at that comment. "Billy Wong with the Golden Dragon Tong, as it stands; those are the only ones that I can think of right now."

"You forgot about a few Madam." Annette pointed out. "There are the Baker Street Sisters; Kathy and Katy Loamier, Joey 'Blue' Bellany, Sue Delarosa, and Benny 'Hanna' Fukoyahma. That is the total list of freelance hitters for the Eastern Seaboard Major. If they pull from the Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, or Pacific coast there is no telling who they'll go for. At present, there are forty freelancers west of the Mississippi that are perfect at these types of jobs that I can think of."

Dannigan was silent for a long moment then asked. "Deputy DeMarco, is it your professional opinion that the Gilroy and Henley families could go outside of the suggested area?"

"Yes sir. It very well could happen that way. I wouldn't put it past them to step outside the local talent pool. I can't explain why again sir, but there is something about two of my students that put me on edge sir. They are both members of the two families in question." Annette admitted.

"Names." Maria ordered.

"Chantel Henley and Mary Sue Gilroy." Annette answered her mother quickly.

"Have you sent this information on to Gemini yet Deputy?" Paul asked.

"No Sir, not yet. Before you ask why, the reason is simple. They need time to secure their network connection in their room. Until I receive an email from them, telling me they're secure, I don't plan on trying to contact them through anything other than text." Annette replied.

"Very good Deputy DeMarco. In fact, that is a wise choice. Next question for you DeMarco, just how far do you think the shit has spread?" Dannigan asked.

Annette answered hesitantly. "At present Sir, it is my belief that they haven't gone much further than local, and State levels. However, with the upcoming POTUS elections and more than a few key state Congressional and Senate seats; that may change. Sir I believe that the Madam found this problem in time, but to be honest, we might not know for a few weeks."

"Damn! Shut this shit down Maria, FAST. I don't care how you do it, just get it DONE. Deputies; when you contact Gemini, inform them that their ROE's have changed. They get confronted by either a Gilroy or Henley, they are cleared for broken bones. On school grounds, or off, it no longer matters. They are targets in what has to be a target rich field for these Ewing wannabes. Make sure they understand the position they're in Deputies, this is no longer a simple case of a few bullies in some school. I have the very unsettling feeling, that these children are deadlier than we first believed. Their mission is no longer just to find that damned leak." The big Spook growled.

About that time Maria's laptop chimed, signaling her that she had an incoming email. "Hold one Major. That is an email from Gemini." Maria quickly opened the email and read it. She had only gotten halfway before she started swearing in Italian. Only Annette, Sam, and Paul were able to keep up with the old woman's swearing.

"I take it that the girls have already found something to piss you off Maria, my dear?" Paul's question had everyone laughing but Maria's answer put a stop to any laughter.

"They have been able to figure out who is most likely the leak." When everyone was looking at her Maria just frowned. "They figure it is one of the Dorm-mothers who blew the cover for the ex-slaves."

"OH SHIT!" Was the unanimous reply.

To be continued.

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