Halloween 2 - All Saints’ Day and Beyond

Halloween - All Saints’ Day and Beyond

Authors Note: Halloween Getting what is Deserved I had intended to be a one-off standalone story.

Feedback and comments posted or emailed have encouraged me to at least consider continuing the story of Olive and Samantha.

Thank you all for the constructive comments, I do appreciate all the feedback received

Thanks also to Cressar for his time in editing, commenting and tweaking this story

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Halloween - All Saints Day and Beyond

The Witching Hour had come with the first chime of midnight from the clock on the Church tower and as the single chime marking one am fades into silence, it has gone.

Before the chimes started the Coven had changed two lives; originally male now they
are female.

All Saints’ Day is one day where the saints of many faiths are invited to come forth to protect the world and seek out any remaining spectres, ghouls and malevolent entities
that have lingered after Halloween.

The Coven stay around to ensure the fire they have gathered around for this year`s Halloween gathering is dying out and will not restart. Walking away from the fire site Samantha is all laughter and giggles with her change to a woman. Her heart’s desire
has come true and she is content for the moment.

Olive on the other hand is disgusted after losing her manhood and all her ill-gotten wealth. The punishment is hard as she remembers who she was although most around her only
see the elderly woman the potion made her into.

The coven is a White Witch coven, only working together for the good of all. Getting together they had worked out the details of the Halloween gathering, not just the conversion of Oliver and Samuel, but also how to support them and help them adjust to their changed genders.

Although the potion helped Samuel transition into Samantha with people only remembering her as a woman, she still must learn to be one.

The late winter sun starts to peak above the horizon and the coven turn to walk away
from their forest gathering place. Olive with her transition requires help and sits in a wheelchair, now an elderly lady, a little frail and feeling rather faint after the recent
changes in her life.

Samantha, still over the moon with her transition, turns to the group and holds her hand up indicating she has something to say.

"My friends, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me this evening," her face full of smiles and eyes running with tears. "I was so unhappy living as Samuel and now I am Samantha, the woman I always felt myself to be, I feel reborn. I love being Samantha and want my friends to call me Sam or Sammy, as I learn the ups and downs of being a woman. Thank you one and all"

The whole group now return to Mrs Granger’s home for some hot beverages to take
away the chill of the new day.

Sammy, as is her way, pops into the kitchen to start organizing a light breakfast for everyone, nothing changed either as male and now female Sammy still wants to do
good and help others.

When all are settled with some breakfast Mrs Granger’s daughter Helen asks for some
quiet and turns to speak to Olive.

"Olive we are not here to punish you, just to teach you the error of your ways," she smiles. "I know you don’t see it that way now, but we here will look after you and will observe you, and help you be a better person"

"Being an elderly lady as you are is only temporary as the changes we observe will allow you to become younger as a reward for your improvement towards others. Remember, we are a White Coven and work towards the good of all, and there is an opportunity here for
you to become Oliver again"

Turning to look at Sammy she says, "Sammy, we will also help you in your discovery of being a woman. Your heart’s desire to be a woman is one thing - being that woman is something different, and we are all here to help and support you on this wonderful journey. Welcome, both, to All Saints’ Day and beyond.”

To be continued

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