Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day Chapter 3


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When Stephanie and Judy heard Crissie describe Marti's new Halloween costume they immediately forgot what happened on September 19th [International Talk Like A Pirate Day or Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day in Crissie's World]. Both raised a cup. When Crissie joined in, all three spontaneously shouted (as if they were staring in a movie...) "All for One and One for All, united we stand divided we fall!"

"Roland [high school] Colors?"

"No, our Princess Pink she will be!"

"Aurora always was your favorite"


"Do you think we can pull it off?"

"Oh yeah! There are tons of websites and how to videos."

"Let's do it!"

"What about Kiera and your sister?"

"We will need both. Let's try Kiera first. We definitely need her help and she's always been willing to join in."

"Sounds like a plan"

Having not learned their lesson from the last time, Crissie was able to ensnare Kiera and her BFF... Meanwhile, life went on for the unsuspecting Marty. Surprisingly, he didn't die at school after his pirating adventure. In fact, he found himself with new friends (and brooding enemies who waited for a opportunity to destroy the bitch of Roland).

As Halloween approached, Marty did not notice the increasing stares and secret conversations about Marti's next adventure (stoked by Crissie's leaked rumors).

The first dress was completed on the fifteenth of October, but the Princess's Musketeers were not satisfied with her gown. It was insufficiently bouffant for a Princess of Royal Blood! The second gown was completed two days before Halloween. When the gown was completed, the Musketeers realized they had a problem. How could their Princess sit in such a bouffant gown. Kiera quickly searched the Internet and found a solution. The Musketeers would put a stool under her dress in order for the Princess to sit down.

The night before Halloween, the Plan was complete. Her gown and undergarments prepared. Her breasts cleaned and prepared. Her Musketeers Uniforms prepared. Her Royal stool stowed in her carriage. All that remained was to inform the Princess...

Crissie knew how to get Marti to accept her next challenge. She didn't have a chance. Her fate was sealed (as if she were a document awaiting the sealing wax) the minute Crissie's eyes began to gleam.

The next morning, two cars entered the empty student parking lot (students never arrived that early). The Five Musketeers quickly emerged from the vehicles. While one carried the Princess's gown securely covered in a blanket, a second carried the Royal Stool. The remaining Musketeers carefully guarded a cloaked figure. The party quickly moved to the closest girls restroom where a guard was placed at the door.

When students began to arrive, the strangely clad guard at the restroom door attracted attention. When two girls attempted to enter, they were politely told that the restroom was temporarily closed. Intimidated by the Senior, the two girls moved towards another restroom wondering what was going on??? Soon, a crowd appeared and began milling around in sight of the restroom door. Finally, the curiosity of the crowd was satisfied as the door was opened and the Princess emerged surrounded by her escort.

There were gasps of amazement as the crowd rushed to pull out their cell phones. Before them was the most amazing thing they had ever seen! Within a minute cell phones all over Roland Heights were being pulled out so that people could see the selfies and read the texts about the Princess of Roland and her amazing gown - A GOWN OF BALLOONS! She was beautiful! Her Gown was breathtaking! A beaming Crissie thought "Best Halloween EVER!"

The Princess's Musketeers escorted the Princess to her first period. Entering the classroom first, Crissie shouted "Her Royal Highness the Princess of Roland High!" Following the Princess, Judy and Stephanie quickly moved forward, removed Martie's chair, pulled the desk behind back about four feet and placed the Royal Stool. Marti moved next to the stool. When Judy pulled up the back of her dress, Stephanie pushed the Royal Stool under the dress. Marti carefully sat down with the grace of a Princess (they had practiced sitting down in the restroom). The (bemused) teacher tried his best to conduct the class normally (with little success - there was considerable distraction from people walking by the (open) classroom door and peering in for a glimpse of the Princess). The teacher considered having the door closed, but decided to just soldier through the class.

When the bell rang, Marti waited patiently until Judy and Stephanie arrived to assist her to stand up and leave the classroom. Meanwhile Brad and his minions ditched their next class and hurried to the gym to ambush Marty. Instead of escorting Marti to the gym, they headed to the library (Elizabeth had arraigned for Marti to be excused from PE).

Once they figured out that Marty wasn't going to PE, Brad, Thing One and Thing Two quickly left the gym (avoiding the teachers). Outside, They ran into a pair of senior girls who had also waited to get Marty. A quick conference, a few texts and a plan was hatched to get Marty at lunch. Over the next two hours, a series of texts and covert conversations cemented the alliance. Based upon surveillance of The Princess's movements, everything was in place to separate Marti from the Musketeers. Unbeknownst to his fellow conspirators, Brad was armed with a large switchblade...

As Kiera and Eliza left their classroom, they were intercepted by two seniors who tried to delay them long enough for Brad to get The SKANK. In a hurry to join The Princess for lunch, Kiera and Eliza begged off and tried to move around the other two seniors. Both were grabbed by the other girls. Realizing they were being deliberately delayed, both Kiera and Eliza pushed the other girls away and quickly hurried towards the lunch area. One of the other girls banged into a row of lockers and stopped. The second girl landed against a bystander. Undeterred, she took off after Eliza. Pushing the bystanders aside she quickly caught up with Eliza and grabbed her by the hair knocking off Eliza's stylish hat. Both girls fell to the floor. Kiera turned around and saw what was happening. She kicked the girl who had pulled her BFF's hair who cried out and released her hold on Eliza. Kiera helped Eliza stand up. Kiera asked her BFF "Are you Okay?" Not answering, Eliza took off for the lunch area. Kiera turned to face the girl crying on the ground and snarled "If you get up, I'll smash your face!" When the girl on the ground just continued to cry, Kiera turned and followed Eliza...

When Judy left her classroom to join the group for lunch, she was also accosted. Judy ignored the girl and proceeded on her way. Her assailant tried grabbing Judy's hair. Big mistake! With her martial arts training, as soon as she felt her hair being pulled, Judy instinctively wheeled and drove her elbow into the head of her assailant. The unfortunate girl immediately dropped to the ground - stunned. Judy didn't even turn around to look at the girl. Realizing what was happening, she took off running...

The girls detailed to stop Crissie and Stephanie missed their target! Having prearranged hall passes, Crissie and Stephanie had already picked up The Princess and seated her at their regular table. When Stephanie left Crissie and The Princess to pick up their lunches, Brad (waiting for his opportunity) quickly moved forward with Thing One and Thing Two. Thing One grabbed and held Crissie while Brad and Think Two pulled up Marty to his feet. Yelling "Hold the Trannie!", Brad released his hold and pulled out his switch blade. Opening the blade, Brad began to pop balloons with the knife...

Turning to see what the commotion was about, Stephanie realized what was happening. She pushed her way out of line and rushed towards Marti...

After popping some of the balloons the gown began to slip down Marti's chest, exposing his bra and his breasts. Stunned at the sight in front of him, Brad yelled "FUCK, the Trannie has TITS!" Terrified, Marti froze as Brad began to slash with the knife ripping Marti's gown to the waist. Glancing down at Marti's tits and his now visible panties, Brad screamed "Fuck this Bitch! I'm gonna make her suck me off!" Not thinking, Brad tried to grab Marti's head and pull him down. At this point, Marti finally reacted! Marti screamed at the top of his lungs "RAPE!" and tried to twist himself loose. Brad's knife entered Marti's body near his groin. In shock from the intense pain, Marti collapsed into unconsciousness. As his body slumped, the knive drove deeper into Marti up to the hilt...

Turning the corner, Judy saw the blood spurt from Marti's body as Brad's knive drove into Marti. Enraged, she ran straight towards Brad...

When Thing One saw the knife enter Marti's body and the blood pour out as Marti collapsed, he immediately let go of Crissie, shouted "Fuck this!", turned and started to run - right into the arms of the first teacher on the scene...

Seeing the pool of blood on the ground, Thing Two let go of Marti, turned and fled. He didn't get far. He ran into the Varsity Quarterback's fist. Putting his foot on the chest of the now unconscious Thing Two, he said (to his friend) "Get Tank."

Brad released his hold on the knife. He watched as Marti collapsed and a pool of blood began to form. Deciding it was time to get out of Dodge, he took off running. He took three steps before running into Judy's knee. Brad immediately collapsed. Judy began kicking him repeatedly as hard as she could...

As soon as she was released, Crissie ran to Marti, crying. She put both her hands on Marti desperately trying to stop the blood flowing from the now unconscious Marti...

Stephanie reached the scene and quickly pulled out her cell phone, dialing 911.

"Operator 13. What is your emergency?"

"PLEASE HELP! Marti has just been stabbed!"

"Who am I talking to?"

"PLEASE HELP US! There's blood everywhere. I think Marti's dying!"

''Where are you and who am I speaking to?"

"Roland High School. Please help Marti!"

"Roland High School in Roland Heights?"


"Do you know who stabbed her?"


"Can you describe the victim? What is she wearing?"


"Who is wearing the Pink gown? Brad or Marti?"


"Is Marti a girl or a boy?"


"Stay on the line. I'm going to get you some help now don't hang up. Stay with me."

"Dispatch. This is 911 Operator 13. I have a Code 3 at Roland High School lunchroom Roland Heights. We have a stabbing victim. Victim is loosing a large amount of blood. Victim is a High School Freshman named Marti. Victim is wearing a pink gown. 911 caller is confused about the gender of the victim. Perp is a male student. Perp has been disabled and is currently being assaulted by a bystander. "

"Hello? Are you still with me? What is your name?"

A female teacher moved in front of Elizabeth and grabbed her.

"Stop right now, Elizabeth. We don't allow students to fight at Roland High School."

As Kiera caught up, the teacher yelled "You too Kiera."

"We were attacked by those bitches! They were trying to delay us so they can get Marti."

"We will discuss this in the office."

"We can discuss it later, I have to get to my brother."

"She's telling the truth Mrs. Gage."

Tank stopped when a girl grabbed his arm. "Tank, wait we need to talk."

Tank stopped and looked at the girl. "I'm not interested Linda."

Just then another football player turned the corner and spied Tank. "Tom wants you in the lunchroom. Someone just stabbed Marti."

"Forget about that SKANK bitch! Let's talk about the prom."

Pushing the girl away, Tank said harshly "If it came down to a choice between you and Marti, I'd ask Marti to go to the prom, you disgusting whore!"


"Let's go."

When Tank turned the corner, he heard Mr. De Soto yell "JUDY STOP!"

Hurling forward, Tank pushed through the crowd until he could see Mr. De Soto holding onto a struggling Thing One while still trying to get Judy to stop kicking Brad who was moaning on the ground. Quickly moving behind Judy, Tank reached out and grabbed Judy picking her up off the ground. Still trying to kick Brad, she yelled at Tank "LET ME GO! THAT BASTARD KILLED MARTI!"

Many students were milling around. Sirens could be heard. Crissie was crying while desperately trying to stanch the flow of blood. Stephanie sat next to Crissie also crying while desperately clutching her cell phone. She couldn't hear the 911 operator trying to go her attention. Tom stood over Thing Two with one foot still firmly on his chest. Tank was unable to calm Judy down. She was still struggling to kick Brad but unable to break Tank's hold on her.

Suddenly, two paramedics and four cops ran into the lunch area followed by the Assistant Principal. One of the cops quickly moved next to Tom (the Varsity Quarterback) and cuffed suspect #1 on the ground. A second cop moved next to Mr. De Soto and quickly cuffed suspect #2 while Mr. De Soto continued to yell "Judy stop!" The third cop moved next to Tank and said "Let the girl go son."

"Sir I think that is a really bad idea. One of her best friends was just killed by that bastard. If I let her go she'll try to kill him."

Mr. De Soto cried out "He's right officer! Give her a chance to calm down."

A girl turned the corner and yelled at Elizabeth "Brad just stabbed Marti in the lunchroom. I think he killed him."

Elizabeth slamed Mrs. Gage against the lockers and screamed "FUCK YOU!" She and Eliza immediately started running towards the lunchroom...

The paramedics took a brief look at Brad and without stopping moved to begin treating Marti...

The fourth cop moved next to Stephanie and got down on his knees. He gently touched the shoulder of the crying girl desperately clutching her cell phone and asked her "Are you the one that called 911?"

Stephanie nodded and continued to cry...

The cop put his hand on her phone and said "Please give me your phone."

Stephanie released her hand from the phone. The cop quickly stood up and said into the phone " Sergeant Stoker here. We will need two ambulances and additional police backup. Request two vehicles with women officers and at least two detectives "

"911 operator 13. Officer Stoker requests two ambulances, two additional vehicles with women officers and two detectives."

"Thank you operator 13. You can terminate 911 call after requesting additional backup."

Paramedic Early tried to pull Crissie away so he could begin to treat Marti. The distraught girl refused to move away crying "I HAVE TO STOP THE BLEEDING!" Calling Sergeant Stoker over, Paramedic Early asked him to "Get her away so we can treat the victim."

The Sergeant grabbed Crissie and pulled her away. She despatately tried to get back to Marti crying "I HAVE TO STOP THE BLEEDING."

Elizabeth entered the lunchroom just in time to see a cop dragging her sister away coated with fresh blood while she cried "LET ME GO!"

Furious, Elizabeth launched herself on the back of the Sergeant screaming "LET HER GO YOU FUCKING BASTARD!"

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