Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day Chapter 2


As the five girls piled into the car along with two(!) full boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts, six cell phones began receiving texts. It didn't take long for Marti to read her's [she only got one!]. With a face palm, she said "I'm so dead!"

While the other girls were reading their texts, Kiera [having muted the sound on her Macbook] continued watching her latest YouTube video with a satisfying smirk on her face. When the video ended, she looked up and said "Guys, we have to get to my place FAST! We left Marty's clothes on the floor in my bedroom. My mother is home by now. If she goes into my bedroom before we get there, I'll be grounded for life!"

"Looking up from her cell phone, Elizabeth said "No problem. Everybody buckle up! Next stop Kiera's." Elizabeth put her cell phone in her purse and pulled out the keys. As she pulled out, Kiera closed her MacBook [without checking the hit count] and pulled out her cell phone.

After reading her texts, Crissie said "I'm getting texts asking about the pirate chick!"

"Me too!"

"Same here!"

"This is even better, I've got multiple requests for a date with the {sultry voice} HOT Pirate Chick!"

"I'm dead!"

"What are we going to do?"

"Don't ask me Crissie! The rest of the [varsity] cheerleaders are really pissed at me for running around with a "tramp" and "a cheerleaders from another [high] school"!"

"TWO MILLION HITS! We are totally screwed!"

"You don't have to scream Kiera?"

" I posted a YouTube video of Marti's transformation into the Pirate Chick. Over two million people have seen it!"

{Four Voices} "WHAT?"

{One whine} I'm sooooo dead."

"How could you?"

"What where you thinking?"

"What do we do now?"

{One whine} I'm sooooo dead."

{one whine} I'm sooooo dead."

{five voices} Shut up!"

"This is all you fault Crissie."


"It was your idea."

"Kiera posted the video."

"Like the rest of you didn't take pictures too!"

"NO WAY! I pinky swore! I didn't take a single picture. I'm totally innocent!"

"I hope you all realize that I'm going to die tomorrow at school."

{five voices} "Shut up!"

"So what are we going to do now?"

"The first thing we have to do is grap Marty's clothes before Kiera's mother finds them."

"What's the plan?"

"Let's leave Marti in the car. We can take one box of the Krispie Kremes into the kitchen and Lizzie can ask Kiera's mom for a plate to put a half dozen donuts on for Kiera's family. While Lizzie distracts Kiera's mom, the rest of us can rush upstairs grab Marty's clothes and make a quick getaway."

"No good! I'll have to help Marti get her boobs off. Let's have Marti come upstairs while Elizabeth distracts my mother. I can help her get the boobs off. You really need help the first time trying to get them off. After we de-boob Marti, I'll join Elizabeth in distracting my mom while the rest of you sneak Marti out."

Wow! That's a great plan. Let's do it!"

"I'm in!"

"Me too!

{five voices} "One for all, All for One!"

{whine} " I'm gonna die!"

{five voices} "Shut up!"

When they got to Kiera's place, the plotters quickly put the plan into action. After Elizabeth exited the vehicle, she was handed one of the boxes of Krispy Kremes and the gallant musketeers set out to save the distraught Princess of Roland...

Kiera entered first and said " I'm home. I brought some friends with me."

Her mother calling from the kitchen replied "would your friends like to stay for dinner?"

"Thanks mom but Elizabeth has to drop off Judy and Steph before taking Crissie home. There going out for dinner tonight." With a nod from Kiera, Elizabeth moved into the kitchen to distract Kiera's mother while everyone else quickly climbed the stairs and fled into Kiera's bedroom.

Elizabeth quickly blocked the exit to the kitchen and asked for a large plate before Kiera's mother could see the others rush upstairs. Elizabeth would keep Kiera's mom detained until the musketeer's mission was completed!

Once in her room, Kiera quickly removed Marti's petticoat, dress and bra.
Almost naked in front of Kiera, the distraught princess of Roland remembered that her boobs were attached with sealing wax and if they were forceably removed, she could die...

"I don't think this is a good idea. I don't want to die!"

"Relax, I've done this a hundred times. I promise you it won't hurt a bit."

Grabbing her left breast, Kiera began to pull on it [hard]. The terrified Princess of Roland felt herself being pulled forward...

"Judy, hold her still so I can get her boobs off!"

Judy quickly grabbed Marti.

"Hold her tightly so she can't move!"

Kiera again grabbed Marti's left breast and began to pull it off. Marti could feel the pressure as her chest (firmly) attached to her boobs was pulled out. She could see her boob stretch.

{whine} "Please! I don't want to die!"

Four girls watched with open mouths as Kiera pulled on Marti's breast. As the breast stretched in a most unnatural way, a horrified Crissie cried "Please don't kill my brother."

{whine} "I'm going to die."

Just as it looked like Kiera was going to literally rip off Marti's permanently attached breast, there was a "pop" as the boob was renched free from Marti's chest. Expecting blood to come pouring out of Marty's chest as the "Alien Burst out from her chest", the girls were relieved to see Marty's chest still intact with no blood in sight. Just a dirty white sticky residue was left where her boob had been.

"There now, scaredy cat. That didn't hurt a bit and there won't be a scar. You'll just have to scrape off the remaining glue. When you're done, it will be a little red for an hour or so but tomorrow you won't be able to tell you had boobs. Now let's get the other boob off."

{weakly} "Okay."

With no resistance from Marty, removing the right breast went much smoother.

"Judy, get a wet towel from my bathroom. Steph, take the breast forms into the bathroom, run hot water over the backs, and use your hand to push the glue off the back of the forms."

While the two girls performed their tasks, Crissie helped her brother to sit on the bed.

"What do we do now?"

"We wipe as much of the glue of her chest, put her bra back on, replace the Brest forms, get her dressed, fix her makeup and we all walk out as if nothing was amiss."

"What about his clothes?"

"You can borrow my backpack. Stuff his clothes and shoes inside. No one will know Marty was ever here."

"What if your 'rents see the video?"

"Not to worry, they are internet clueless."

Five minutes later, Kiera's visitors left without her mother seeing Marti. Before they left, Kiera's mother offered Elizabeth a plate so that Steph could have her share of the remaining donuts. The offer was gratefully accepted. After dropping off Judy and Steph, Elizabeth, Crissie, Marti and the remaining five Krispy Kreme arrived at home. Unfortunately, both 'rents were already home.

Knowing that their parents were easygoing (and quite forgiving), they decided to [mostly] fess up in regards to the day's events. Everything was going well until dad asked the critical question "Why did Marty dress as a girl pirate instead of one of the girls?" While Elizabeth and Marty looked like two deers staring into headlights, the quick thinking Crissie blurted out. "We needed costumes for Halloween next month. We couldn't find anything suitable for me and Lizzie at the costume shop, but the girl pirate costume was perfect for Marty! We needed a girl pirate costume anyway to get the free donuts!"

"I saw it on the evening news. The deal was a dozen donuts for coming in dressed as a pirate, not coming in dressed as a GIRL pirate."

"Are you sure? We heard you had to dress as a girl pirate!"

"Alright, I'll let it slide. However, Elizabeth did you ask your mother before allowing Marty to have his ears pierced?"

"No sir."

"Elizabeth, I'm deeply disappointed in you. You are responsible for your brother and sister. You're grounded for a week."

"Mom! That's not fair."

"If it was my decision, you would be grounded for two weeks. Which do you prefer?"

"One week please?"

"Alright directly home after school. Eleven pm curfew after the game on Friday. Ten pm curfew Saturday and Sunday."

"Yes mother."


Next Day at School:

Kiera was waiting when Elizabeth, Crissie, and Marty got out of the car...

"Hi Lizzie. How did it go?"

"I'm grounded for a week."

"What about Crissie?"

{sigh} "Nothing."

"That's not fair."

"Tell me about it. You okay?"

"The 'rents saw the video. My aunt called them after dinner and told them about the video."

"That doesn't sound good."

"I'm grounded for two weeks but I think I talked them out of calling your parents."

"If they do, I'm going to be grounded forever."

"I don't think they will, they are just very concerned about me having a boy in my room without permission. They are very protective."

"Well, let's go. I just hope things don't blow up here at Roland."

"Crissie, keep a close eye on Marty."

" Don't worry. Judy and Steph will help me make sure Marty isn't harassed."

"Marty, be careful. Come to me if anyone hassles you."

As Crissie and Marty walked into the campus, they didn't see two girls staring at them (One with pure hatred).

"Look! There's the SKANK Bitch that wants Tank."

"That's Crissie. She's just a sophomore."

"Not her! The SKANK transvestite bitch next to her."

"You got to be kidding! That's her brother."

"She's no brother! That's the hot Pirate Chick."

"Are you high or what? I heard the Pirate Chick was a real hottie. That's a frosh punk."

"I saw the video. Her sisters and some snobby cheerleaders dressed her up good."

"I swear, you get crazier every day."

The other girl pulls out her cell phone and with a few taps pulls up the video...

"Here, check out the SKANK yourself."

While the first girl watches the video, her companion says "I heard yesterday a group of sophomore punks started to hassle the bitch when Tank showed up and said "Hands off she's mine"."

"Are you shitting me? Tank's GAY?"

"It's not gay if she's got tits! And she sure has tits in that dammed video."


"Hey Steph? Where's Judy?"

"She's with the coach. I think the other cheerleaders complained about her pinky swear at lunch yesterday."

"Well, I'm sure the coach will be okay after she talks with Judy."

"I hope you're right, Crissie."


"Look there she is the Pirate Chick!"


"Over there next to the cheerleader."

"That's Crissie."

"No, the guy next to Crissie."

"I saw the selfies of the Pirate Chick. She was a girl!"

"That's her! Didn't you see the video!"

"What video?"

"You haven't seen it yet?"


"Here I'll show you."


When Crissie left Marty outside the door to his first period class he felt a chill as he walked into the classroom. Immediately after entering the room, Marty was swarmed he was surrounded by six girls and bombarded by a slew of questions. By the time he was able to squeak out a yes to the first question, he was pulled into the corner where the questions flew at him. He managed to get out three answers before the room began to fill with students. One of the boys shouted "Hey Marty, get a room!" Just as the teacher walked in. When the gaggle in the corner ignored the presence of the teacher, he walked to his desk, dropped his briefcase, turned and said loudly "Would you like to come up here and share with the rest of us MARTY?"

"No Sir!"

Silence reined as all of the students quickly took their seats [the bell hadn't even rung yet!]. The rest of the period went normally, however, the teacher noted that the number of students texting in class was far higher than normal. The teacher just ignored it.


Marty had second period PE. Elizabeth meet him at the door when he left his first period class she walked with him until in front of the gym. She noted that a lot of the other students appeared to be staring at Marty. She was concerned, but couldn't follow him into the gym. When he entered the gym, two bullies decided to confront Marty. They changed there mind, when one of their friends said "Don't even think about it. His new girlfriend is a cheerleader. You mess with him and the football players will kick your ass! Three sophomore punks tried to mess with Marty yesterday and Tank threatened to rip off their balls! That kid is untouchable!"


Marty joined Crissie for lunch at their normal table. Judy and Steph were already there. They asked Marty if anyone had harassed him. Marty said no, but a lot of people are staring at me and a lot of girls keep asking me about yesterday. After Marty told them things were okay, Crissie asked Judy how things went with her meeting with the coach. Judy told them the coach was unhappy but she was still on the team. She was warned no more PDA in the lunchroom. Everyone (including Marty) laughed at the "no PDA rule."


Some of the teachers in the teachers lounge started talking about what was going on with Marty while they ate. One of the English teachers overheard the conversation and walked over to the table while she pulled out her cell phone. Within minutes, every teacher in the lounge had seen both the video and the selfies...


On October third, Crissie, Judy, and Steph were having lunch at there normal table. Judy asked "What do we want to do for Halloween?"

Crissie's eyes lit up and she said, "I have a great costume idea for Marty!"


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