Halloween 1 - Getting what is deserved

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Halloween - Getting what is deserved

Not all that happens on Halloween turns out as expected, just deserved in more ways than one


Halloween has arrived; the pale light of day fades through a brief twilight to the darkness of night.

The mists and fogs so frequent around this time of year start to form along the banks of rivers and streams, in forest glades and corpses, on hills and in glens.

Hidden from prying eyes Witches, Warlocks, Ghosts, Spectres, Druids and Pagans gather to complete their plans made for this one evening punishments for those who deserve them for their actions towards others over the last year; for even longer in the case of one well deserving individual, Mr. Oliver Brandon. Deserving, but not in a good way.

Rewards for those whose actions are to help others, asking nothing for themselves, giving and not taking. Mr. Samuel Anderson is one of these individuals. Samuel also had an inner want and desire for himself. Oliver Brandon did not care about others, but Oliver and Samuel walked different paths that would join this Halloween

All of us have heard about these kinds of people, either from daytime TV or in our newspapers and on the internet 24-hour news feeds channels. Usually obtaining money from vulnerable persons, charging inflated costs for poor work, dodgy driveways, replacing guttering and downpipes, and roof repairs that were not necessary.

Well he did this one time too many; Mrs. Granger was his latest victim, who just happened to be a White Witch, very active with the local coven

Samuel Anderson - Sam to his friends; he did not answer to ‘Mr. Anderson’, telling everyone “that was my father” - worked here and there, mostly odd jobs such as gardening, shopping, little things that mean a lot to certain others.

The reward? A warm smile, a thank you, a cup of tea, someone to listen to their chatter, sometimes to share some company. Sam’s inner desire, however, was that he wanted to be a girl and enjoy all that being female can be.

Sam was in the house making tea for Mrs. Granger when Brandon came to collect his money. Brandon was a bully and made threats to Mrs. Granger. Sam knew he could not confront Brandon himself and, after comforting Mrs. Granger, he called her daughter to let her know what had happened that day.


This evening was the accumulation of their plans to get back at Mr. Brandon. The Coven was all gathered around the fire in the mist covered glade, walking around and chanting softly. Hearing foots steps in the mist they stopped and turned towards the sound. Walking towards them was a very distressed Brandon, held on either side by Mrs. Granger and her daughter also, a member of the Coven. Samuel was also with the group though he was free to move on his own

Having caught him in a trap of their own, under the lure of some work required, they managed to get him to give back most of the money gained and would give it back pro rata to his victims; they had managed, with some effort, to obtain his laptop with all the details required to locate his victims. Upon arriving at the Coven, Brandon was moved into the center with his back to the fire.


The chief White Witch steps forward and raises her hand to request silence from the Coven.

“At this time of the year our two worlds are more closely linked than at any other. Our Spells are stronger and changes can be made permanent if desired.” Looking around the Coven, eyes meet - eyes all set with determination.

“Tonight, as midnight approaches, our plans come together to issue judgment to Brandon on the errors of his ways and issue our decision.” Turning to face Brandon, his fear as to what might be about to happen clear for all to see.

“Brandon, you have used your ways to better yourself at others’ expense; no more shall you take advantage. We here are a White Witch Coven, here to do right and protect others. Fear not what we have decided, as it is to teach you the errors of your ways.

“We have made this potion for you to drink and drink it you will. The potion will change you into an elderly woman with little means. You will remember who you were and what you have done to deserve this change. Also with the change of gender you will have a new first name - it will be Olive.

“We know you will look at this - as a punishment, Olive, and you will see it as such. In a way, it is, although depending on how you behave over the next year it need not be permanent. We will be look after you in a way that suits your income and status and will have members of our Coven keeping an eye on your attitude. Now, it is almost midnight and we have another task to perform. Samuel, please step forward and take the place of Olive.

“Samuel, you have always put others before yourself, never asking anything. Sharing your smiles, helping with shopping, indeed doing many things that make others feel wanted and noticed. Your recent help with catching Olive has not gone unnoticed and we are aware of your desire to be a girl or more accurately, a woman. We have another potion here that will help your desire come true, if you wish to take it.

“This potion is powerful and will not only change you, all around you will change. You will remember that you were a woman. All your memories will remain, only they will be as a girl growing up to be the caring woman that your male self is now.”

Samuel starts to cry and wonders how they knew of his desire and remembers when you want something so badly it is hard to hide it from those around you. Samuel is more than delighted to take the potion offered by the Coven. Drinking it, he feels the changes to his body begin and at the stroke of midnight Samuel is no longer male. The Coven step forward and each and every one gives her a hug and a kiss. Finally, the chief witch steps forward.

“Welcome to Womanhood, Samantha.”

Feeling whole and complete, Sam smiles eyes running with tears thanks them all for given him his heart’s desire.

Halloween finally gives Sam her reward and Olive her punishment.

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